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Having bought the mixed martial arts promotion following the abrupt disappearance of both Knightfall brothers, combat enthusiast and entrepreneur, Santiago Porthos continues the mission to elevate mixed martial arts to the forefront of globalized sports while offering the sport's followers the cinematic aestheticism of a diverse set of extraordinary abilities boasted by the globe's premier metahuman professional fighters. With it's operations dictated by the ambition of evolving the MFL into the world's largest mixed martial arts promotion with the aggressive ability to compete against the culturally popularized sports entertainment promotions, the MFL hosts rosters of pedigreed combatants of preternatural prowess, that facilitate the promotion's creation of worldwide events.

With its headquarters situated in the fight capital of the world, the architecturally beauteous city of Las Vegas, the MFL has several divisions based on factors such as weight (primarily) as well as muscular strength (measured via tonnage). Striking a television deal, facilitating its intention of appealing to the global sports market, the MFL, in addition to expanding into new markets in the United States, is expanding into Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America, furthering its escalating mainstream-media coverage. Viewers are allowed access to MFL programming on pay-per-view television in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, Canada, and of course, the United States. In the aftermath of a partnership struck with ESPN, MFL programming is primarily found on ESPN, ESPN2, as well the online streaming service ESPN3, while in the United Kingdom, it relies on BT Sport.

With its programming shown in over 170 countries worldwide, the MFL's international expansion is further fortified by its establishment of offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands.

ESPN Partnership

As previously maintained, the MFL and ESPN enjoy a ten year broadcast deal, including ESPN3. The deal includes a maximum of five events on ESPN's main network, and countless other live fight night events.

Several of the preliminary fights prior to MFL pay-per-views and other pertaining programming will be additionally featured by ESPN2. Meanwhile, subsequent programming consisting of live fights, pre-shows and post-shows, countdown shows, and knockout highlights as well as weigh-in specials will be featured as well. An additional programming opportunity manifested as a weekly MFL magazine series. The MFL retains production control over the show, particularly the use of its broadcast team.

ESPN3's primary function in the partnership is to provide an online streaming service that delivers both live streams and replays of MFL events to fans residing in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, the United States.

International Expansion & Media

As per the sport and organization's elevating popularity in the United States, generally MFL events are held in the North American country, however, in order to facilitate the mission of establishing a global appeal for mixed martial arts while simultaneously ensuring the company's success, Santiago has expanded beyond the simple broadcasting of MFL events in other countries, and is commencing the promotion for MFL events to be held in other countries from different continents such as the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico, Australia etc.

Video Games, Action Figures & DVD

Following his purchase of the company, Santiago and video game developer/publisher EA announced a license agreement awarding EA worldwide rights to develop video game titles under the MFL brand. This agreement gifts EA exlusive rights to current and next-generation consoles as well as to handheld and PC titles. The licensing agreement is set to expire in 2019. Subsequently, it was announced that the MFL had signed an exlusive ten-year contract with Hasbro to create action figures for the MFL, with 8 series currently being developed. And finally, every PPV MFL event is set to be released onto DVD, as well as documentaries and feature films about the organization's history.

Match Conduct

  • Following a verbal warning pertaining to perceived inactivity from both fighters, the referee has the absolute right to stop them both and stand them up should a stalemate be reached on the ground.
  • In the case of some sort of pause, be it for medical reasons or others, the referee must resume the bout with both fighters in their positions prior to said pause.

Weight Divisions

The following unveils belonging to those of those citizen of language right she its Armageddon:

Weight ClassesTonnage Strength per Class
Bantamweight (No longer exists)Below one ton
Featherweight (Merged with Lightweight)5+tons
Lightweight (145 pound limit)10+ tons
Welterweight (170 pound limit)20+ tons
Middleweight (Merged with L. Heavyweight)40+ tons
Light Heavyweight (205 pound limit)60+ tons
Heavyweight (265 pound limit)80+ tons
Super Heavyweight (Unlimited)100+ tons

MFL Rules


An eight sided enclosure of appropriate openness, an insistence on serving as octagonal cages, it is a structure with walls of metal chain-link fence coating with black vinyl and a diameter of nearly years, enabling the accommodation of thirty feet of space from point to point. The aforementioned fences are reportedly nearly six feet in height, his foam padding around the top of the fence between each of the eight sections. Additionally, the cage is embellished by two entry-exit gates opposite each other.


With varying lengths of match rounds depending on whether or not the match is for a championship title, or is a fight card's main event fight, in all fights, each round is no longer than the maximum five minutes. Differing from usual generic fights that boast a maximum of three rounds, championship fights last for five rounds. There is a one-minute rest period between rounds.


Fighter attire requires MFL approval and usually consists of shorts, no conventional foot wear such as shoes are permitted. Shirts (accepted only for female fighters), long pants or gis are disallowed. Light-weight open-fingered gloves with necessary padding around the knuckles are to be worn by fighters as they enable fighters to execute punches with less risk of sustained a hand injury while simultaneously retaining the ability to grapple. A protective cup, mouthguard, and jockstrap are also required. Masks are allowed, provided that they do not have any form of armor that will aid the fighter.


Relying on a ten-point must system, three judges are tasked with the scoring of each round, with the rounds' winner receiving ten points while the loser receives nine points or fewer. The judging criteria is dependent primarily on number of strikes landed versus number of strikes sustained, number of dominant positions, takedown efficiency etc.

Fight Outcomes:

  • Knockout: When a legal strike results in another fighter being forced into unconsciousness.
  • Technical Knockout (TKO): Should the referee feel that the victimized fighter is incapable of continuing due to an inability to properly defend oneself, the fight is said to have been terminated with a technical knockout. This may also be stopped due to a doctor's insisted stoppage e.g should a fighter sustain a deep enough cut etc. Or if the fighter's corner concedes.
  • Submission: When a fighter either taps the mat or his opponent or verbally communicates his defeat or simply voices his pain to a degree that the referee is compelled to stop the fight, it is said to be a submission victory/loss. A technical submission occurs when a fighter fails to tap out and instead loses consciousness.
  • Judge's Decision: Largely dependent on scoring, it may end as a unanimous, majority, split or technical decision. Or at times a unanimous, majority, split, and technical draw.
  • Forfeit: A fighter may willingly end their bout with another fighter for a variety of reasons other than injury.
  • No Contest: This is a situation that occurs when a fighter is incapable of continuing or at the very least, compete effectively due to an unintentional illegal move etc. and an insufficient number of completed rounds to be judged to make an appropriate decision.
  • Disqualification: A decision made should a fighter intentionally perform an illegal move that is considered by the referees or the opponent to be deliberately injurious.

Illegal Actions/Fouls:

  1. Eye-gouging
  2. Inserting fingers into the opponent's mouth
  3. Attacks to the groin
  4. Small joint manipulation
  5. Pulling of the hair
  6. Biting
  7. Head-butting
  8. Inserting a finger into any cut or laceration
  9. Attacking the spine or back of the head
  10. Attacking the throat
  11. Clawing
  12. Intentionally attempting to break bone
  13. Kicking and kneeing the head of a grounded opponent
  14. Stomping a grounded opponent
  15. Spitting
  16. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  17. The use of abusive language
  18. Attacking an opponent during the break between rounds
  19. Attacking an opponent being observed by the referee, corner or cage-side doctor
  20. Attacking an opponent following the end of a round
  21. Ignoring the referee's instructions
  22. Interference by the corner
  23. Feigning injury

Fighter Salaries, Offered Facilities & Roster

MFL Training Camp

Adhering to a system whereby MFL fighters receive no salaries but are instead paid per fight, the amount being largely dependent on the fighters' renown and how well sponsored a particular fighter is, and the event as well. Aside from the money received for the fight, additional bonuses may be acquired upon victory. Spectacular knockouts, premium submissions or exciting fights warrant these described bonuses. Fighters, even the lesser well-known ones, are paid a healthy sum whereas the more famous ones are awarded more ostentatiously. The following are the offered facilities and benefits for MFL fighters:

  • Heavily armed security forces with technologically aggrandized forms of ballistic protection and innovative firearms etc. offer protection to both the fighters and those in attendance. Additional, more technologically adept quantum-centered security forces have been implemented in anticipation of metahuman assaults.
  • Training facilities and camps designed to ensure the continued optimum physical conditioning of MFL fighter should they opt to select the promotion's offered training facilities. Beta-Trion centered technology purposed for the structural fortification and necessary resistance to overwhelming superhuman force renders offered exercise and calisthenics equipment beyond suitable for those of substantial superhuman attributes. Training camps catering to a variety of styles e.g counter-striking, grappling, submission wrestling etc. are offered for the promotion's professional fighters and available to any enthusiastic individual willing to pay the necessary money to partake in the camp's onerous training and sparring sessions.
  • Nutritionists, doctors and other medical staff are readily available for the necessary examination, drug testing etc. of the promotion's fighters. Their prioritized task however, to prevent the probability of injury, to manage an injured fighter's medical recovery, as well as offering nutritional advice regarding the optimum fight diet.
  • Medical facilities pertaining to the aforementioned medical staff consists of technologically innovative equipment for the acceleration of the body's healing process in anticipation of injury. By preventing the unraveling of the telomerase enzyme in human DNA during cellular mitosis, tissue regeneration is substantially accelerated.

Fighter Roster

  • Nimbleweight: N/A
  • Welterweight: N/A
  • L. Heavyweight: N/A
  • Heavyweight: N/A
  • Super Heavyweight: N/A

MFL Health Program

The MFL 'Health Program' is a comprehensive alcohol, drug, and cardiac screening program initiated several weeks following Santiago's purchase of the MFL. The policy tests for recreational drug use and abuse of prescription medication, including anabolic steroids and muscle relaxers. Under the guidelines of the policy, talent is additionally tested annually for pre-existing or developing cardiac issues. The cardiac evaluations are regulated by New York Cardiology Associates P.C., while the drug testing is handled by Aegis Sciences Corporation. Because of this policy, physicians are able to diagnose performers with heart ailments etc. that would otherwise likely go unnoticed.


(This is an open location thread, anyone is welcome to post here provided it is within reason)

  1. Anyone can apply to be an MFL fighter, part of the production team (announcer, commentator, cutman, matchmaker, ring girl) or any position in the company really. PM me (La_Espada) with info on whatever you wanna do, or show up IC at the company's HQ.
  2. Anyone can attend an event after IC purchasing a ticket etc.
  3. Sparring sessions held by MFL camps and whatnot can be joined by any character.
  4. Fights, tournaments etc. will be organized by MFL staff.
  5. No destruction without approval from me.
  6. Sell the security
  7. Cheating, corruption, drama etc. can be implemented as it is part of the sports world.
  8. Have fun :)
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You have noooo idea how this makes me feel.

I want my fingers in the pie, somehow. Maybe I'll shoot for that announcer gig. Ringside doctor? Freelance journalist? All of them?

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Nice job dude :)

Stops waterboarding you....

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@la_espada: I'll probably throw someone down for this (Not Kurt this time :P) no idea who yet though. Do I gotta PM you or can I just post and you flow with the character and add em to the weight division etc..

Also, you intending to ever do a competition style thing?

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Nice to see this back.

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...the news about how awesome this is. Nice work!

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@anthony_stark: You can just post IC and we can get it moving. The PM alternative is in case people don't want the hassle of an interaction to be a fighter.


@retriever: I laughed for a full minute hehe. Thanks ;)

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I wanna do something with somebody here, I just have no idea what yet.

Amazing job.

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Looks good, nice to see it back.

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Thanks my people ;)

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@la_espada: I'll have a fighter up within the hour then.

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An angelic glow partially permeated through the room the instance Zaniel stepped inside, casually attired in a black T-shirt with his ever so comfortable leather jacket to garnish his zestful features, the Pankration Prodigy waltzed towards the MFL's HQ, awaiting entry and to talk with Santi, the leader of this....Vaguely nostalgic establishment. The entire atmosphere reminded him of his Spartan glory days, and how he had loved Pankration, some say, the MMA of the ancient world.

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Anticipating a booked appointment with a supernaturally gifted Pankration practitioner, Santiago remained seated, sapphire eyes surveying his office's palatial interior, his patrician posture boasting an aristocratic quality, right hand reaching for the glass of Blue Label scotch whisky resting atop his desk to the right. Bringing the cosmopolitan alcoholic beverage to his lips, the Spaniard indulged in a quiet sip prior to instructing his assistant in allowing Zaniel to set foot inside.

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Quietly following the assistant into the Cavalier Cobra's personal HQ, the angels energetic bobbing whilst walking evidenced his restless and highly impatient nature. Silently walking inside, his eyes glowed a ebullient tinge of golden divinity as he set his sights upon Santi. Swiftly walking up, and without asking, planting himself down on a seat opposite with a devilishly bumptious smirk. Years and years of drinking with friends and bedding the whores of Olympus had cultivated a very...Unorthodox Angel. "May I?" His eyes lustfully gazed upon a free glass as a bottle of whiskey helplessly lay atop of the table.

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The corners of his lips partially curled with an edge of entertained sashay at the amusing obnoxiousness of the potential MFL fighter's expected ingress. "Heh, of course". Urbanely pouring Zaniel a glass of Johnnie Walker's Blue Label whisky and congenially sliding the glass across his desk's surface, towards the deistic MMA prospect, Santiago began. "Name. Weight. Height. Powers. Skills. Experience. Shoot", blunt professionalism guiding his words, scintillating, cerulean eyes meeting Zaniel's with austere regalia.

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@la_espada: I'm going to have Devil join the MFL under a false persona, (if it's cool with'chu) will throw down a post tomorrow night.

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"Zaniel. 190lbs...Hrm, 5'9?...Pankration, Spartan training annnd I'm the Angel of Luck," He shrugged, "But don't worry, it won't let me cheat...It'll only mean I won't break my nose when I get knocked out orrrr I won't kill your best fighter when I knock them out" He zestfully grinned, grasping the whiskey and downing it. "How's that?" He said, helping himself to more whiskey.

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Oooooohhhhhh, badass! Wish you guys the best of luck =D

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"Heh, cocky, bueno", Santiago smirked with politely contained amusement, "You're going to be a fight seller, I see. Trash talking, confidence, skill... hopefully", a joshing shrug adjoined by a tersely showcased minimalist facial expression, the Spaniard paused. Cerulean eyes analytically scanning Zaniel's frame. "Alright". Sliding necessary documentation towards the christened Angel of Luck, Santiago instructed, "Fill in, and sign the documents por favor. After, you'll be officially under an MFL contract".

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Felix entered the arena, cracking his knuckles. He dropped his blade from his back, and it hit the floor with a clang, followed by his coat. He jabbed at the air a few times. He felt like fighting.

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Did you want me to lock the other one?

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@la_espada: If you ever want it unlocked, just lemme know

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@la_espada: Sun Pao would probably pull a Bricktop here and have entire fight cards set in house that were rigged in order to make him a profit. I may get involved here once I collect all my ideas on the subject of his sponcered fighters. Team Pao!

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I'm going to enjoy this :)

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Miranda didn't know if she was right for this kind of thing, her abilities made her particularly gifted for them, but also perhaps contradicting. She could match any class and any foe in theory. Lone thing that was sure however she could gain through the observation alone of those around her. So there she was pearlescent bangs in her face a cut up emerald tank top and black shorts completing the image. Fit to be a fighter, eager to punch the tar out of boys who probably had it coming.

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@zaniel: @la_espada: @proxy_: @sideslash:

Fan Tong struts around the arena flexing his cannons and showcasing what he calls the goods. He makes a point to stop beside all of the other fighters he sees and make this speech. "Hey pal. My name is Fan Tong. And if your not a Wimp Lo, you will face me in the ring."

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LOL nice.

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@la_espada: @sun_pao:

Raising from her sitting position admiring the fights Proxy rose to her feet a few stretches made before concluded with the crack of knuckles. "I'm no fighter yet just an observer, any way we can make this match profitable? I'd enjoy punching you love but that's a service to the public what about me." Miranda enjoying some trash talk while admitting her interest in joining the MLA.

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"Oops I'm sorry I thought you were a dude." Fan Tong quickly retreats his advance through sly talk. This chick looked tough... Too tough for him to handle. He was just trying to have a little fun, not get his butt kicked in public by a girl. I mean if it was another one of the fellas he could play it off cool, but there was no way to play off cool losing a fight to a chick. "I wouldn't feel right about smacking a girl around." He says before he starts to do some push ups, right there on the spot in order to change the subject hopefully.

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The motivated half of me wants to make a fighter.

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Never particularly good with people Miranda was quick to take insult from the remark. No way was she going to be called a guy by anyone let alone some rude dwarf sized ego inflated half wit. The aversive environment only encouraging her further. As Fan started to perform the exorcise Miranda placed her foot on the closest fold up chair. "It's ok I like it rough" her choice of back talk as she kicked the chair towards the man's rib cage. Not particularly strong the action still packed a fair punch. Only made worse by her desire to move closer and place her foot on the back of Fan's head. Seeking to stomp down and shatter his nose. It was dirty fighting admittedly but she didn't care.

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Fan Tong was in the mid pushup when a chair is kicked at him and drills him in the side. He was so focused on his exercises he didn't even see it coming, and he had no clue who had done the deed. "Hey... What's the big idea?" He barks out in pain and anger, as he feels the bottom of someones foot rest upon the back of his head, before pushing him down forcefully into the hard ringside pavement. His face collides with the hard sediment floor with a brutal relentlessness, as blood gushes from both his nose and his mouth. He is knocked out cold.

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@proxy_: "Hey!" Aida shouted from across the room, witnessing her sister in the act but being unable to react in time to stop it. Fishing around in her pocket, she grabbed a pin and subtly pricked herself in the thigh as she ran over. She would be spared the effect of the prod, though, by the use of "Proxy" as a proxy, transferring the acute shock as a means of positive punishment for misconduct. "What the hell was that?" she complained in a harsh whisper as she reached her. "Control yourself, dammit! You're not even a sanctioned fighter yet, and after that, I wouldn't be surprised if you were banned entirely. Think before you act!"

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@ersatz: Either way, I wanna fight you with Zaniel >.>!

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@pyrogram: Will he be knocked in two posts like Pyro was? =P

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@_glacier_: Kurt'll get knocked out as quickly as Nobody gets new powers, like, once a day :P

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@pyrogram: Say what you want, that never erases the fact Kurt was the worst MFL fighter =P (because I never got to write mine lol)