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The City Of Metropolis,Busy Busy Busy That Is All That Ever Goes Through The Citizens Minds.The City Was At A Peaceful State As Black Adam Was Watching Over Them In The Watchtower Awaiting For A Villain To Appear And Cause Havok

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ElusiveStorm had never walked through the streets of Metropolis until now, he had to admit that that he never had seen so many people within a city of this size except for the Arcryn Civil war many years ago. But that was in the past, and now he was searching for a particular human who knew ElusiveStorm's dark plans for the future. After finally finding the particular person, he followed the human from a distance to avoid suspicion and find his place of residence.

Nearly two hours of following the human, and the blackmailing weakling finally entered his apartment and went to rest. ElusiveStorm decided to perch himself on the roof of a nearby building to prepare his attack. He knew one of his kinetic blasts would destroy not only the apartment but could possible spark an explosion and set the building into a blazing fire, but it was the cost to prevent a major conflict within the globe and star another war between humans and Arcryns.

His right hand started glowing with a purple aura, he was ready to fire the blast until he saw a little girl looking through the window of the building and watching him. A tear started to run down ElusiveStorm's cheek, his the purple aura had faded and he sat on the ledge staring back at the little girl.

"I cant do this"

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Before Elusive Storms Energy Aura Went Away The Computers Of The watchtower Would Pick Up The Energy Signal Tracing It Back To Metropolis

"Damn What Is It Now?"

Adam Would Then Hurl Toward The City At The Speed Of Mach 500 Arriving there In Mere Seconds Looking For The Energy Signiture And Sees Storm Upon A Roof Top,He Would Hover To Him

"Who Are You And What Brings You To Metropolis?"

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"Black Adam! What a suprize, my name is Logan Szautner or known to many in the world as ElusiveStorm. I have been tracking some human who has "evidence" of my future crimes which sounds odd but i must find this evidence and destroy it. I am also the leader of the kinetic race of mutants known as the Arcryns and Commander of the Arcryn military the Arcryn OutRiders who reside the the Sudan Hotlands State"

ElusiveStorm had heard much about this eternal being and studied all the information of Black adam before arriving in metropilis knowing that it would be him that ElusiveStorm would meet because of a potential attack made by the young Arcryn.

He then stood up and walked straight to the god, with his orange eyes blazing and his humorus attitude faded into seriousness.

"I will leave for now big guy, but i will get that evidence if it means the death of a human"

ElusiveStorm retreated into the shadows of the dark streets and headed towards the downtown section of Metropolis.

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Adam Would Fold His Arms And Would Smirk At His Statements About Him Returning To Kill This Human To Get Some Evidence

"You Will Try...I Will Be Here To stop You"

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ElusiveStorm had heard the remark from the God and got really annoyed, he sneaked by the building and his hand started to glow once more, he didnt think of the little girl while his anger was fueling his actions. He let loose a massive kinetic blast which not only destroyed the buildings foundations but the blast made its way to the eletical and gas room in which a massive explosion erupted destroying the building and two others nearby.

"Stop me Eh?"

Before he could add another word the Backlash wave of the explosion kocked ElusiveStorm into a wall redering him unconscious.

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As The Buildings Were Destroyed From The Blast Adam Would Catch A Bit Of The Blast But It Did Not Hurt Him,But As He Turns To See The City, It Was Partially In Flames,He Could Not Believe What Elusive Storm Did And Began To Get Pissed..He Could Hear People Scream Throughout The City Which Fueled His Anger Even More

He Would Then Fly Around The Burning Buildings increasing His Speeds While Creating A Vortex Of Winds To Blow The Flames Away And Render The Building To A Normal State,Nothing But Ashes Remain But Something Catches Adam's Attention As He Was Now Searching For Storm....He Turns To See Storms Body And Smirks At His Unconcious Body

Hovering To It Now He Would Draw Nearer To The Body...Now Reaching It He Would Think Of All The People Storm Killed With That Reackless Attack And Would Pick Him Up By The Neck,Now Dangling In His Grasp He Would Then Attempt To Drive His Hand Through Storms Gut Trying To Make A Hole In His Stomach


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Davian ran towards the powerful god, his Battle-Hammer in one hand, a scroll in the other. The scroll contained the true accusations of ElusiveStorm, he couldnt believe what ElusiveStorm had caused.

"Adam! Do not hurt him, he must be taken back to the labs in the Inquisition command. Let me and my men transport him there, we will contain him there and try to find a sirum to contain his powers and rage."

Inquisition soldiers had gathered behind Davian as they were near a transport ready to leave with ElusiveStorm. Davian extended his hand to grab ElusiveStorm, as the inquistion solider drew nearer to grab the deadly mutant from Black Adam.

"Let us handle this and he pay for what he did. And to show a sign of good faith, in this scroll, the true acusations of ElusiveStorm are written and i now hand them to you"

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SoulStorm looked at the badly bruised body of ElusiveStorm and looked back at Black Adam, with confidence and loyalty in his eyes he agreed to the command and boarded the transport helicopter.

"He will be taken care of, and will never see Metropolis again."

The Transport flew away to its destination with speed and would never be seen again.

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Black Adam Would Stop His Assult And Give The Body Of Elusive Storm To The Soldier And Would Walk To Soul Storm

"After You Finish Up With Him See to It That He Is Put Away In A Strong Holding Cell..I Do Not Wish To See Him Terrorizing Metropolis Ever Again"

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Black Adam Would Watch As The Helicopter Flew Away And Would Turn Back To The City

"Look At What He Caused,.....(Sirens)"

Adam Would Hear Sirens Come In And It Was A Fire Rescue Team Which Wasn't Needed Because He Had Already Put Out The Flames But A Second Wave Of Sirens Can Be Heard And Its A Paramedic Team This Time

"Ah...What A Relief..Now I may Go About My Business"

Paramedics Would First Arrive To A Body Of A Little Girl Who Was In The Building Of The Explosion And They Began To Work On Her

Dave:"Oh My God Jerry We Got A Live One"

Jerry:"Alright Perform Regular Precedure...1-2-3 Clear....Try Again 1-2-3 Clear.....


Jerry:"She's Alive,Dave Go Get Me Some Water..."

As Brianna Lives On She Was Cared To And Was Brought Back With Her Mother That Was Actually Out Of The City But Cannot Say The Same For Her Father Who Was Actually Killed In The Blast.

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ElusiveStorm finally woke inside the helicopter as it left Metropolis, he looked to his side and saw another heicopter, which had SoulStorm watching him.


He wasnt secured, he was free to move and as he was fighting the Inquisition soldiers inside the transport, a paramedic had stabbed him with a short blade. Blood started to run out of the wound that came from his back, he then grabbed the blade from the paramedic and slashed the defenceless person's throat. Looking back at SoulStorm, already gunshots were being fired from the second transport trying to take him down.

One of the bullets had penetrated ElusiveStorm's leg and as he fell to his knees, he looked at the blade which was in his hand. It had a glowing purple aura around it, he smiled as he let go of the blade and exploded as it hit the ground. From that explosion the helicopter burned up in flames as it rushed to the ground. ElusiveStorm felt the full impact of the explosion as he was sen sailing to the ground.

He later woke up in a bush, as he got up he started heading back to Metropolis, covered in his own blood."

"Gotta make sure.... evidence is gone... Adam willing to fight.....me"

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Adam Reaches The Watchtower Unknowing Of The Events That Just Passed

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Akira followed behind the helicopter closely,blending in with shadows he watched as Elusive Storm fell from the sky into the bushes.He jumped from the rooftops from wich he watched what had just happened.Running over to Elusive Storm he picked him and threw him up over his shoulder and headed off back into the shadows.

Within minutes Akira was at his base of operations,he poured Whiskey on Elusive Storm to wake him up.

Wake up

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Visions of a time of happiness registered through logan's mind as he saw the day of his wedding. Rachel, his now dead wife never looked so beautiful on that day and he was so nervous, he was the luckiest man on earth and when having his first dance with Rachel as his wife, they thought that their relationship would never end. The scene soon changed to the desolate and ruined country of Iceland, ElusiveStorm with his right hand glowing with kinetic energy is looking at his wife twenty feet away, she looks scared as she sees a monster that used to be her husband fires his kinetic blast into her. She is pushed into a wall here she breaks her neck and falls to the ground dead.

Suddenly he tastes whiskey and finally wakes up suprised and bewildered.

"Where the hell am i... oh Akira, my buddy what happened? Am i in Metropolis?"

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"No..your somewhere safe.Ive been following this Adam guy ever since they came on the seen."

Akira looked at Elusive Storm with his glowing eyes as the red light reflected of his jet black armor,he walked in circles debating on there next move.He summmoned a liquid dagger and there it against the wall,after getting frustrated.

"What's your Plan Logan?"

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ElusiveStorm looked at Akira's eyes, they were so much like his. He grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a swig of the alcohol.

"Well first of all we'll go after Adam but not now if we need to take down this "God" then i need to rest and regain my strength. Second, your eyes, what has happened to them?"
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"My eyes,nothing,long story.Get some rest ill be ack in the morning"

Akira walked to the window here the city lights and cars were going past,he threw over his mask and looked ack at Elusive Storm.

"I suggest you get as ready as you can"

Then Akira lept from the window

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ElusiveStorm grabbed is new friend, the bottle o' whiskey and went to the couch where he crashed and fell asleep. He went back to his dreams of his dead wife but this time, he was the victum of the Arcryn civil war. He was standing alone, weak, feeling like he was betrayed.

"Rachel, dont do this, We are married!" The words came uncontrollably from his mouth, as Rachel shot him continuosly.

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Post Deleted.

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The God of Doom meets Adam as he returns to the Watchtower.

" Nice job handling the situtation, but something new came up. The helicopter carring Elusive Storm was put down, and there's no sign of his body."

Doom ponders there next move as sits down for a meal.

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"Dammit.....We Have To Finish This Once And For All...."

Hands Doom The Plate Of Food And Sits At The Table Thinking Of What Elusive Storms Next Move Will Be

"Doom After You Finish Your Meal We Must Head Back To Metrpolis"

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Doom, happy with his with his meal, finishes moves the plate aside. Adam and Doom fly back to Metropolis to track down Elusive Strom, upon arriving to the site of the crash to look for clues to the whereabouts of Elusive Storm...

"Adam, i picked up on his scent, follow me."

Adam and Doom follow Elusive Storm's trail, hoping to find him quickly so that they could make him pay for his misdeeds.

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As He Would Follow Doom He Would Hope To Find Storm And Finish This Once And For all

"I Hope You Are Leading Me In The Correct Direction"

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A throwing dagger was thrown in front of Doom,intercepting his pursuit of Elusive Storm.He withdrew another and mentally aimed it at Doom's head.

"Of course he's leading you in the wrong direction,hes leading you towards your death Adam"

He looked down on Black Adam from the city top roofs

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ElusiveStorm's restless slumber caused violent reactions to the dream he was trapped in, the couch he layed on started to glow with kinetic energy for Elusievstorm was charging it while unconscious. Shortly after, the couch exploded which ripped apart the safehouse, ElusiveStorm did not wake for when the explosion happened, he was kocked further in unconsciousness. Blood ran from his mouth as he lay on the fragile floor and the scene around him was horrifying, the entire place was torn apart by the explosion.

Logan's heart started to beat slower with every minute passing, he was dieing yet he did not know what happened to him.

In his dreams, he layed on the floor with bullet hoels in him and he felt no pain, but he couldnt move. Instead of being scared, rage feuled his being and he lept from the floor, fully healed. He knew this was a dream but he couldnt wake up. He followed along with the dream world as he walked to Rachel and clutched her thoat squeezing it tigher and tigher.

"This will not change on how you truly feel Logan, Rachel is dead and gone because of what you did and even in your dreams, you still find yourself killing her. Move along with your life, she is better now and lives in peace"

EluivseStorm calmed down and let The dream Rachel go, she was right and he knew it all he had to do was to walk away and never look back. Lose all of his feeling about her, she is the past and the p[ast can never be changed. Only the Future.

ElusiveStorm walked away, into the bright light. He never looked back at her, never said anything, he just walked and found himself surrounded by beings that had influenced major roles in his life.

Gambler, Maelstrom, LadyofTheNight16, Akira, Lux, Final Arrow and Midnight Sun.

They all stared at ElusiveStorm, all their eyes blazing orange like his and their hands glowing with kinetic energy the lift them up and point as ElusiveStorm.

They all whispered

"Trial by Fire"

The kinetic blasts which were fired at ElusiveStorm met contact with the kinetic source hidden deep in his chest and the surroundings turned black.

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As Doom and Adam fly toward Elusive Storm's location, a dagger flies in front of Doom halting their search. Another comes towards Doom's head, he catches it and lets it fall to the ground. Doom looks at his attacker and laughs.

"You tought that would stop me."

Doom points Adam in Elusive Storm's direction.

"Don't worry Adam, i'll make quick work him and catch up to you as soon as i can."

Akira tries to block Adam's path, but a burst of yellow light coming at Akira made him change his plans, he then turns to look at Doom.Doom glows a bright yellow, in his right hand appears a large yellow gun. Doom looks to Akira...

"The only one who's going to die is you. But Don't worry, i'll make it quick."

With that Doom opens fire, as Adam flies off in the distance to take care of Elusive Storm.

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SoulStorm and five Dozen Inquisition soldiers have been searching the area of the crash site for ElusiveStorm until a mysterious tip tol them about the actual location of his residence. They started heading in the direction until seeing Black Adam flying towards ElusievStorm's location.

"We cannot allow Adam to kill ElusiveStorm, time to show our true colors. Inquisitors! Fire at Will"

The Inquisitors fired with their bolter rifles at the immortal Black Adam to delay his coarse. SoulStorm ten blinked an eye and two purple spheres shot towards Adam, they exploded into shards of deadly penetration whn they closed in on Adam.

"He was right you know, him and his kind are the good guys out of this feud. Before his attack on those apartment buldings in Metropolis, he was injected with a mind control sirum, something similar to the late wiliam Striker's work. All i had to do is tell ElusiveStorm when and where to attack and against his will he went to fulfill the mission. All he wanted is peace, but i bring him war to balance the powers of earth, we dont want him dead yet or he wont start the war, his "Last Crusae" along with the other Arcryn OutRiders. I'm sorry Adam but somehow you will die by the Inquisition's might"

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The Shards Would Hit Adam Making Him Fall To The Ground,Moments Later He Would Rise To His Feet Relizing There Were None Who Could Do Such A thing Because Akira And Doom Were Fighting And He Hadn't Reached Elusive Storm Yet,It Was Non Other Than Inqusition.

"I Will Rip You All In Half"

Suddenly Theo Adam Began To Take Over And He Began To Look Around With A Evil Grin

"Do Not Run...I Am Going To Tear Your Head From Your Bodies..AHHAHAHAHA"

He Would Then Fly Following Them At The Speed Of Mach 500 Reaching them In Seconds,He Would See A Soldier And Would Grab Him And Hurl Him Into A Building Creating A Small Creator Breaking Every Bone In His Body


He Would Then See Soul Storm Leading The Soldiers.He Flies In Front Of Them Cutting Them Off Smirking At Them All With A Evil Grin Now Becoming Evil He Will Do Whatever He Pleased,Now Folding His Arms He Would Hover To Soul Storm.

"You Will Die Today"

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"No one will die today" The voice was thin and quiet, but sent a message.

Spectrum landed infront of Black Adam,

"You will leave here. Now!"

He charged his hands with bolts of light. That shone like the sun.

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"Fool...I Think Not"

He Smirked And Then Throws A Powerful Punch With Extreme Force In It Torward Spectrums Face Attempting To Hit Him And Knock Him Out

"Get Out Of My Sight"

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Spectrum is gone with a flash of light from infront of Black Adam. The white streak leads up to the air behind the villain.

"Super speed, neat trick, huh?" He smirked.

Lifting his hands he blasted Adam with a powerfull ray of light.

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He Would Be Hit By The Ray Of Light Sending Him Into A Building,He Would Rise To His Feet Begining To Get Pissed And His Muscles As A Result Began To Get Bigger,Unlike Shazam Adam Does Not Need To Refer To The Word"SHAZAM"..He Would Then Fly At The Speed Of Mach 500(Speed Of Light) And Would Be Behind Spectrum And With That A Large Grin Would Come Across The Villains Face

"Yes..It Is But Im Faster"

He Would Then Throw A Speed Blitz Of Punches At Spectrum(Much Like Flashes Skill)

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Spectrum picks up on the villians speed.


Spectrum instictivly begins to block. He too, possessing speed was able to match the villains attack, but not for too long. A swift uppercut tore through spectrums chest leaving a deep gash He fell to the gorund hard.

Picking himself up, he blasted at Adam againn, sluchting to his bleeding chest.

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He Was Blasted Back Again Being Sent Into A Building But This Time The Building Crumbles Upon Him Later He Rises His Suit Torm From The Lightning Symbol On His Chest,Now He Was Even More Pissed "Dammit Why Won't You Just Die!" He Would Then Leap Torward Spectrum Flying Again At The Speed Of Mach 500 Attempting To Tackle Him And Send Him Into Several Buildings In Metropolis
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Spectrum jumped into the air as fast as he could.

The tail end of the sonic boom Adams speed had created spun him around, he hurtled thourgh the air at an enomrus speed crashing into a biulding. He simply bounced off the wall and hit the ground.

Something broke. Maybe a rib, he had no time to think.

Lethal force is enacted He thought.

With that he unsheathed his sword. It was thin, and forged in the sylt of a samurai, but had a broader blade with a slight curve at the point.

He charged at Adam from behind againn, his sword sweeping dowwards towards his knees.

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Adam Would Turn To See Spectrum Coming In Close Range With A Sword And Before It Could Penetrate His Chest He Made A V-Shaped hand Position Catching The Sword,But As A Result It Would Cut His Hands Making Them Bleed...He Would Smile As He Then Bends The Sword Back And It Snaps,He Then Delivers A Powerful Axe Handle Uppercut At Spectrums Jaw Seeing How Close He Was

"Nice,Well Done...I Will Give You Your Proper Burial"

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ElusiveStorm finally found the scene, alot had happened in which mad the Arcryn confused but he found his enemy in the midst of the battle. He started to walk then charge at SoulStorm with amazing fury, he unsheathed his blade and started the swing at the Inquisitor Soldiers. After cutting down three of the soldiers, he grabbed one of them looked straight into his eyes and before the soldier knew what happened it was too late. He was charaged with kinetic energy, a fate that he could not escape and within seconds the soldier blew up taking a few others out. It was now down to the Battle of the Two Storms, ElusiveStorm had been waiting a long time for this ever since SoulStorm surfaced.

"You Soldiers are quite impressive but will never match against mine, The Arcryn OutRiders are the elite military race in the world."

With saying that he extended his kinetically charged right arm and let loose a kinetic blast which headed straight for the Inquisitor.