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Some 800 hundred years ago in a world of magic and mystery, 12, disciples of Magic were forced into exile after being hunted throughout the world by Inquisitors and Knights of the Templar. These twelve Could not meet anywhere in creation. They took it upon themselves, on their last meeting ever in the world of man, to create a place outside of creation. A sanctuary. Throughout their lives each would meet up together, and build on this small room until it became a house, and then a building, and then a mansion. they would have a pint, talk of times old, and enjoy all the facets of luxury they had fit themselves over the years in this otherworldly estate. Any time they felt a longing to see one another, the door would appear and they would be transported to relaxation. But these men lived on earth, and as so lived as men.

They had children, who had children, and so forth. In the past 200 years, the world started to change. Men with magnificent abilities and power flew,crawled, and faught among them, gods of the modern day. The families of the long gone twelve, decided to turn the bar in the middle of Nowhere into a sanctuary for all, as it was meant to be millennia ago. The place with no place, dubbed Medius Terra- Middle Ground.Santuary to the worthy.


I noticed alot of bar pages and saw a park one, but none of these really help us jump out of continuity as much as I'd like. This bar IC is a nexus where time stands still and is on another plain of existance. For an idea of what I mean reference the Oblivion Bar in DCU-http://www.comicvine.com/oblivion-bar/34-50030/

Only Rule

CAN NOT be used as a battle tactic, i.e. jumping to Meduis Terra, then back to the fight behind somebody or anything of that nature.

Time is Fluid At Medius Terra.

Example: If your character is in an rpg then that means the you in the bar currently being seen by a friend who is not in said rpg, will want to know how your here. the you in the bar is a younger you, who came in before he left for said rpg. while the rpg is transpiring now, this young version didn't even leave to know of it yet.


Fights are welcome, there is an arena in the back of middle ground forged with magic and is unbreakable. Only after one submits or passes out can they both leave the arena.


casual conversation of course is encouraged. there is a bar with any alcohol you want, a pool, a room that is whatever you personally hoped it would be is upstairs and down the hall. There is much more in the estate, all you have to do is look around (and make it up as you go.)

If you have any questions PM me, Or ask Abode, the built-in butler. I won't be modding this, really. It's pretty much free run, just don't get carried away and find a nuclear missile silo or something.

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The Contessa enjoys herself, as she sits inside Medius Terra. She sups on fish & chips, while washing it down with a red table wine.She is enjoying the room, and this strange place that there is much to learn about at another time.

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Created as an artificial intelligence by the original twelve, Abode has been apart of this place since it's birth. He was not created to be sarcastic or snarky, but 800 years of catering to overzealous magicians got the best of him, and he developed an attitude from time to time.

Abode is the single and only butler you'll need. he can call other patrons for you and give them a door in, as well as serve drinks, direct you through the estate, and provide conversation if you are truly lonely enough to talk to a wall.

A figure of a man materializes in the center of the lounge, dressed like a 12th century nobleman. it Glances around the room with disdain at the newest patrons to MediusTerra.Greetings, I am Abode. My fathers had the compassion enough to go off and die somewhere and leave me with silence and peace.Luckily... I get to meet and serve yet another generation of pretentious know-it-all ruffians. goody. Should You need me, merely reply to me by name and I will asisst in anyway I can, or feel like. Good day.The Man turns into smoke and disperses into the entirety of the house.

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The Contessa found the charismatic toy's humor dry and unpleasent, much like the 12th century noblemen themselves. She finds a lovely patch of sofa area in a empty secluded study nook and relaxes her body upon its firm surface.

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The mysterious man walks in. His skin is dark but his eyes are a vibrant red. He has on a black cloak and a black fedora. He tops off the look with black pants and black boots. He walks over to the bar and analyzes the room

Nice place.He says under his breath. But there's no one here who can get a man a god damn drink

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@Cage_2913_69: As the newcomer walks in Abode hears his new guest complaining about the service. He materializes in front of him holding a notepad and quill. "Evening...sir. It sounds as though your not content, I assume this is based on the strange behavior of not having someone leap at your beckon call. " A second version of the same ghost like man appears at the bar, wearing a red bow tie, a white collared shirt, and a black band on his left arm. "Please address my other self for any refreshment or nourishment inquiries. Fell free to contact me again should you have need of a genie to answer your every question, Good day." He clicks his heels and snaps his fingers, dissapearing into the floor boards in white wisps.

((in the future just @reply to ABODE))

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@Surkit: Sometimes I forget you were nonfiction :O
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@Clara Mass: I forget about it all the time :P

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You were more mysterious than o.o
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@Clara Mass: lol I was mad random.

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How have I never seen this?

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@Ren_: Because a novice wrote it :P

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@Ren_: lol Appreciate it. I should make another like it, the oblivion bar is a tight concept