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Walking down the dark alley, a chime in the distance signals that it is elven o'clock at night. A black cloaked figure turns down the alley, his cloak hugging his body. The air is calm and all is quiet...strange for a busy city. The hooded figure walks slowly and deliberlately, his steps cautious. His senses pick up danger, but he connot hear or see anything wrong. he pulls his long bow off of is back, and nocks an arrow, ready for anything.
Suddenly, a nine-foot-tall machine bursts form the building right next to the figure, and looks around the dark alley.
The machine catches sight of the hooded figure and it's camera zooms in on him.
"Target...The Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms....acquired."  it says, then grabs Disciple and hurls him at the distant clock tower.
"Dammit!" Disciple shouts as he flies through the air. He crashes into the clock tower, the force of the throw sending him through the brick. The machine runs after Disciple and hurls itself toward the remains of the tower.
" A little help would be nice!" he cries to the spectators as he rolls out of the way from the machines landing. he shoulders his bow and draws out two, curved elven hunting knives and parries the blades that replaced the hands of the machine.