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Mykolaiv, Southern Uckraine

A cold breeze came from the river as a freighter slowly started to dock into the shipyard. Most of the southern coast side of the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv was occupied by a gigantic naval factory created at the dawn of the 20 century but upgraded during the Soviet Union years. Mykolaiv served as an important port and shipyard for the U.R.R.S. And its architecture mixed parts of the former imperial Russia with soviet factories and buildings. A splash announced that the anchor was down and that the Dock workers could already start to move the containers out of the ship. A young man, wearing dark blue jeans a white t-shirt and red sneakers descended from the main deck through a wooden plank. He sported short light blond hair, almost white. His eyes had black sclera and golden iris. But that wasn’t the weirdest part, his arms, and under his jeans, his legs, were made of some kind of alloy, making him seem some kind of robot. Yet he was not, Asura, or Az as he liked to be called was a cyborg, once a human enhanced with advanced technology from the shady Brahma Corporations, a rogue laboratory that built the most advanced weapons to sell to the best buyer.

Az thanked the ship captain, that so kindly brought him for free. –Ya don’t need to thank me friend, anybody that saves me and my ship deserves more than a one or two favors.- The captain, a rugged and seasoned sea wolf, of Russian ascend, was talking about an incident 4 weeks ago, in which Az, during another of his deliveries helped him and his crew when a rogue robot built by the Soviet Union started malfunctioning when the ship was transporting him to be disarmed. The young Cyborg Courier fought against it and disables it before anybody or anything got destroyed by the Rampaging Soviet War Machine. – Even so, I really thank you Captain, I’ll come back before you know it, as I’ll need the right back and you are returning after unloading all the cargo right?- The Captain laughed and replied – You really love yer show? Or you are scared of what yer pretty lady boss will do if you get there late?- The sea wolf laughed out loud, and some of his crew did as well, when against common sense Az blushed. –Nothing like that I only want to keep working, I’m still paying the damage of my landing in the city- said the Cyborg while scratching his head.

–Tough luck robo-kiddo, we may stay a day or two, my boys need some rest and some booze, come after you delivered the package and we’re going to show how the men of the sea throw a party!- The Captain said with a wide smile, Az sighed and said his goodbyes, hoping that the drunken sailor won’t get into any fight, something that only would increase his stay here instead of going back home and keep working. And he really was scared of Catherine, his boss. –I’ll be back in a couple of hours, don’t drink too much Captain- With those words the Cyborg left the dockyard picking up some speed, moving through the deserted warehouses that once hosted the Soviet Union Warships and Cruisers. He was carrying a small object a strange looking statue that seemed Chinese in origin, or so Catherine said. The man that asked for the delivery had a really thick Russian accent and seemed travel weary he asked for an express delivery to Ukraine for an Art Collector. Catherine sent Az, since she smell something fishy about the transaction after checking with some contacts in the Art Market that told her the statue wasn’t any kind of Chinese art they knew, or of any kind.

Even so she decided to take the job as the money was good and she didn’t saw any risk in a delivery so simple. Yet she was wrong, as the delivery wasn’t as simple or harmless as she thought it was. The Art Collector waiting for it wasn’t alone, as he and a small group of people in black and red robes waited the artifact. They were the Scarlet Steel Gathering (Alystalbor) a group of mystics created by the Soviet Union to study and investigate the arcane arts. After the fall of the Soviet Union they went into hiding, and planned to complete only one objective, they reached the conclusion that the fall of the Union started with the death of Joseph Stalin, so they decided to bring him back, and not only giving him renewed life but also the power to reconstruct the Union and destroy their enemies. The Artifact was the last part they needed, to say the truth what was hidden inside it was the key ingredient for their elixir, a sacred wine that was said to belong to one of the fabled 8 Immortals of Chinese Mythology Zhang Guo Lao, which according to legends carried powerful necromantic enchantments.

Asura the Cyborg Courier had a strange hunch about the package he was carrying yet he didn’t say anything and mostly dismissed as nothing in his Sensorial System raised any red flags. He wasn’t expecting to find anybody that wanted to prevent the delivery. He was wrong

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The Teen Demon Stood on a roof top facing in-front of the Bionic Courier watching with a pair of high-tech sniper's scope, he "borrowed." He knew what the cyborg was carrying, and he was sure the Courier knew too. A flick of his wrist sent the scope flying to the floor.

Flames burst around him he reappears on the ground roughly seven yards in front of the Cyborg. His large, yellow-scaled form scared and intimidated most civilians. With any luck it would scare this guy as well. "Drop the package before I get angry." The demon waited a mere moment before turning hostile. "F*ck this guy" he mumbled. A jump, kick off a nearby building and a burst of flames later Warren appeared behind Asura, his arm held at the height of his head, gloved in spiked armor of Warp-steel . Kid Devil's arm swung towards the cyborgs lower spine. One of his rules in a fight was "Don't hold back and don't give a damn till you have to." He grabbed for the package. "I don't like wasting time with second-rates" The Teen Demon roared.

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Moving faster than the cars he passed so easily Az ran through the Industrial City streets, avoiding the vehicles with incredible agility and skill. His bionic legs allowed him to make sharp and efficient cuts, allowing him to move at full speed without slowing a bit down when he took turns or he had to make a sudden movement to dodge a car. This is one of the things the Cyborg Courier loved from his job, the rush of running as fast through the streets. He could just go through the rooftops, yet even if he knew it was more dangerous he liked better running in the street to feel his “blood” pumping. There was a more practical reason to this decision, as with his enhancements, that increased his weight, not all rooftops could withstand his weight and he already has fallen into a department during a family dinner, so he didn’t wanted to repeat an event like that, scared that he could hurt someone when he fell through the roof.

As he enjoyed the moment something suddenly changed, in front of him a wall of flames that went from side to side of the street erupted, almost as if a piece of hell appeared in the city and in the middle of the flames a hulking figure with yellow scales and fiery eyes. –Drop the package before I get angry- The Teen Demon said with a guttural voice, barely containing his rage. The Cyborg Courier, still surprised by this encounter took a moment to reply yet his words were cut by the demon mumbling – F*ck this guy- With surprising speed for his size the demon jumped and rebounded of a wall to appear behind Az propelled by a stream of flames. The Bodhi SYS kicked in allowing the Young Cyborg to detect his enemy movements behind him and his Battle Chasis added to his skills allowed him to turn around while moving away from the opponent attack by doing a one handed cartwheel while spinning his body to face Kid Devil.

The other hand firmly clutching the package as his life depended on it, as it did if Catherine knew he managed to blew another delivery by fighting a monster or something alike, he raised his empty palm and tried to talk to the demon-ish being in front of him – Calm down! I cannot give you this package, I’m under a contract to deliver it and I will do so- Az tried his voice and face to be calm and soothing – I don’t want to fight you, but I will if you still try to stop me from moving forward I will have too- The Cyborg started moving slowly with back steps, really hoping not having to fight against the opponent in front of him. The Demon advanced to grab the package while roaring -I don't like wasting time with second-rates- And Az didn’t had any other thing to do than fight at least that was surely what his opponent thought, but the Cyborg was mostly a pacifist, and unless the demon attacked innocents he wouldn’t fight him. This time around he avoided to the side, and rushed up the building running vertically in the wall, hoping to find a rooftop that sustained his weight. Thankfully he did find a strong roof.

From up there he shouted to Kid Devil – Sorry, but as I said I don’t want to fight you! I would stay but I have places to go and packages to deliver- Az bolted through the roofs, hoping to lose the demoniac creature following him