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Whale whale whale, what do we have here? I'll tell you what we got. We've got ourselves another installment of Maya Takamori's Epic Advantures! Woohoo, yeah!

Alright here's the haps. After screwing off on my last mission and failing to beat someone up like I said I would, I sorta disgraced my ninja honor, and so because of this I-- wait, what's that? We ninja have no honor, you say? Psh! Until you've taken a shuriken to the knee you can't tell me anything about honor, okay? Yeah, that's right. Real ninja talkin' , sit yo behind down! But as I was saying: because I disgraced my ninja honor, I decided to take a little hiatus from school amd the sisterhood of shadows-- but why, maya, why? Because Cindy Lauper said 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' --that's why. So what am I fixing to get myself into now? Well, I tried my hand at mugging already, so today I'll be trying something slightly different; but before I get into that, I have to update you on my status-- because yes, my digital ninja diary is now linked with several of my social network accounts on the internet-- so yes, that does mean that all of my diary entries starting from today are going to go live-- Yay! Heh, but back to the bigger story, the story of today's blog..

After roaming the rough streets of New York all by myself for the past few weeks I found myself huddling around a barrel fire with some nice slum people when I overheard a couple of them talking about this blonde guy coming into town with a special package. I was like: what, a 'special package'? I wonder what it could be.. so I took it upon myself to investigate Blondie and guess what??? My shenanigans have led me to a Yacht Island-- can you believe that?! An Island-- sitting on top of a Yacht! Wow!

Anywho, there's lots of people here --obviously, since it's a tropical yacht island paradise and what not-- but that won't be a problem because Blondie's the only person besides myself who hasn't touched a drink on this little boat ride. That made it very easy for me to plan my this thing out. See, before tonight's party inside of the yacht island bar, I went ahead and 'spiked the punch'-- with GHB. Now all I have to do is wait for Blondie to come out to the deck so I can make off with that package..

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Az was completely lost, he never been into a luxury yacht and he was a tad confused. He did have information about it in his Mainframe database, yet the whole concept of an artificial island mesmerized him. The Cyborg Courier didn’t know why, maybe he lived in an island or used one of this before he was turned into a one man army. His package was a simple jewel necklace, yet simple to the standards of Nike Deliveries, as this particular piece of jewelry was of incredible value and the hirer of the service was the one who wanted to get it delivered in the Island Yacht to surprise his, hopefully, soon to be wife. The party was raging and the booze moved freely between the attendants, Az was invited to drink but he refused, not only because he was at work, but also as most of the alcoholic beverages usually caused some malfunction to his systems.

A group of people was in complete uproar while watching a boxing match for the lightweight title between a Japanese challenger, Gen Shishioh and the Champion, Jose Ramirez Junior. Asura appreciated a boxing match as anybody, even with his pacifist tendencies, yet he had a job to do, at Midnight he had to move to the upper deck to bring the package to the couple. For that purpose Catherine father lent him an old tuxedo. Thanks to it he was less noticeable as the long sleeves were over his mechanical parts. Yet he felt uncomfortable with it, and wanted to get this over as soon as possible. He started to move to the upper deck while most of the people started to feel prey of the inhuman amount of liquor consumed, or so Asura thought.

Without delay he moved up and got to the upper deck, only to find the couple, a fat businessman and a young woman that had all the signs of being a trophy wife or a gold digger, in the floor with some foam coming out of their mouth. The Cyborg Courier moved near them and used the Bodhi SYS to try to determine what was wrong with them. The Sensorial System told him that it was some kind of toxin. That put Asura on guard and started checking the life signs of everybody on board. All of them were like the two in front of him, except for one individual that was still active, but for some reason the System couldn’t triangulate his or her location. –Whoever you’re come out and help this people!- The Cyborg Courier shouted hoping that the other live sign replied somehow and faced him.

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@kuma_far: "Uhh.. they can't be helped," I said as I exited one of the huts on deck. "I put them all to sleep so we could have a moment alone. Romantic, huh? Seriously, though, you don't have to worry about them, Blondie. They'll be back to drinking their booze and stuffing their jolly fat faces in a few hours." I sassily paced forward a few steps closer to him with a hand on my hip, I was about fifteen feet away, roughly the distance from a free-point line to a basketball hoop on a standard NBA court. "A little birdie told me that you've got something precious on you. I'm here to take it from you. We can do this the easy way, which is you forking it over no hassle, or we can get into some gangster sh-- er.. gangnam stuff." I extended my hand out lazily in front of me and tapped my foot, "your choice, Blondie. So what will it be?"

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-Sorry, but my answer is no Miss, I won’t give you the package as it isn’t destined to you.- Az spoke with resolution, yet in a lower voice and only to himself he whispered. –And Catherine would kill me if I didn’t deliver this one.- Asura placed the package in the inner pocket of the tuxedo, and with two strong tugs he cut off both sleeves releasing his arms, that shined under the boat lights with chrome reflections. –I think you’re going to fight me, right? I don’t want to do this, so I ask you one last time, please stop this I don’t want to hurt anybody.- Az was still alert, but hoped that the young woman in front of him would stop here and flee. The junctions of his exposed cyborg implants shined with a bluish glow, as the Darwin Drive used the Nano-blood to prepare the Cyborg Courier for what it seemed to be an incoming battle

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@kuma_far: A ninja is a master of the art of deception. So when he ripped his sleeves off and revealed a pair of iron arms I was pretty scared but I had to rely on my cunning and deceit, "ooooh, you can rip your shirt off. I'm sooo scared.. not. Check it out, Blondie, my clothes are already ripped; and I didn't even have to rip them." My keikogi isn't actually ripped, it was designed to have these slits in it already but I wasn't about to be upstaged by a boy so yeah I made that up to feel better. I revealed my kusarigama, the one I call 'applicator', and began to explain why HE should have been the one concerned, "See this? It cuts through metal. So your aluminum foil-covered arms don't freighten me," I was bluffing, of course. The ninja ARE masters of DECEPTION, remember? So while my kusarigama WAS able to cut through most metals, I wasn't sure if it'd work against his arms, or anything else of his that was made from metal.

He looked all high-tech-y and blue, I thought it was pretty cool and felt it was a shame that I was going to mess up his pretty features but hey, I was betting that whatever he had in that package of his was even prettier than he was. My first move was to use supido to dash at him faster than the speed of an average bullet and knock him on the head with the blunt end of applicator then sweep him off of his feet with a leg kick and finally push him into the pool. He seemed to be comprised of electronic machinery and though I'm no expert on electronics I do know that my cell phone stops working when I drop it in water.. heh, anyway, there was nobody there to wish me luck so I wished myself luck before commencing what I felt was a clever attack.

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Az was ready for anything, well anything except such unwitty banter. He heard it all, from robots, bio-organic beast, chained demon wolfs and even from some sort of lion knight guy that was sent to fight him by some shadowy organization, but this young girl outdid them all in terms of god awfulness. The Cyborg Courier would have palmed his face if it wasn’t for the weapon she pulled off, and the things she told about it. A quick Bodhi SYS scan confirmed that the weapon was dangerous and that the current opponent had some kind of energy inside of her. Asura couldn’t underestimate her, yet he was starting to get tired, each time he had a package of certain value he had to face the weird and the worst of Earth that wanted to take it, and talking about bizarre things being a Cyborg himself tells a lot about the weirdness he had to face in only months of work. Az was already on guard when Maya did her first move.

In a split second she was already in front of him, using the blunt side of her weapon to attack directly on Asura’s head. The Cyborg Courier senses and reflexes worked in unison to allow him to raise his guard blocking the attack with ease. He was surprised by the strength behind it that managed to move him backwards, leaving friction marks in the deck wooden floor. Maya didn’t stop for a second and aimed to knock Asura down. The Deva Cyborg noticed immediately her intentions, as he pool was right behind him, seemingly the young ninja had the idea that water would cause some sort of malfunction in Az. He decided that it was better for her to be in doubt and as he fell with incredible agility and coordination he grabbed from the ledge of the pool doing a perfect handstand. With the incredible strength granted by his robotic limbs Asura jumped from that position and vaulted over Maya with the tail of his tuxedo flapping with the wind.

As he passed over her, the Cyborg Courier aimed his hands towards her, showing brilliant dots in the open palms and a powerful discharge of energy was projected from them. Az aimed to her feet on purpose and landed facing her back. –That was a warning shot, please stop this nonsense and leave, I promise I wont do anything to you if you just leave after helping the people in the yacht. You should have some sort of antidote to fasten the process right?- Asura raised his right hand aiming with the Discharge node and finished talking –Please just leave and don’t make me use this again, I wont miss next time.-

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Wow. Blondie had some skill. I thought I had him when I bopped him on the head with Applicator. In fact, I managed to move him back some; but after sweeping his feet from under him he managed to grab on to the edge of the pool to keep himself from falling in. Witnessing that reminded me of this guy at school. He's super athletic and strong like almost nobody else; but Blondie was seemingly on or above his level. I have to admit I was pretty concerned then, especially considering the other guy was one of the best fighters at school-- but, I digress. On with the story! Directly from his handstand, Blondie did a flip right over me and ~*Woooo-Pishew!*~ before I could react, clinquant beams seared off the surface of the marble floor near my feet. I turned around to see calescent light gleaming out of several openings in his metallic palm aimed directly at me.

That was a warning shot, please stop this nonsense and leave, I promise I wont do anything to you if you just leave after helping the people in the yacht. You should have some sort of antidote to fasten the process right?

We ninja are masters of poisons, and even though GHB and other drugs are actually pretty much poisons, I never learned anything about them. The poisons I studied are meant to kill instantly, not make you fall asleep. "I told you, Blondie, they're fine." I spoke calmly but the truth was I was a bit scared and more importantly I didn't have, or even know how to produce, an antidote. "And you know what? I don't think you're in a position to make any threats. See, I let you off pretty easily with that first move; but now I see you're not bad, so here's the deal. You can think of all these people as my hostages. Keep that in mind cause if I can't beat you into submission, then somebody else is getting hurt around here." With that I performed one of the 81 Sacred Hand Seals and invoked the power of unshinjutsu to go invisible ~*POOF!*~ then dashed around him with supido ~*whish*~ I didn't make more sound than a whisper and I moved about as fast as you can say 'bleh'. Coming up on his back side, I wasted no time and delivered a series of diagonal and horizontal slashes at his arms and mid section with applicator's the sharp side ~whoo-whew-whoo-who!~ Regardless of whether I got him or not, I wanted to create a safe distance between us for me to go ahead and send three supido and electro-ki enhanced kunai at his chestso instantaneously I used shukuchi to teleport to the other side of the pool.You should have been there, Yei, I threw those suckers at a velocity of approximately 2,800 FPS! I know that's nothing to you but to me that's a new personal record!

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Az warning reached deaf ears and the Cyborg sighed upon the impending battle, yet Maya changed the whole atmosphere of the fight by saying a simple yet inexorable truth -And you know what? I don't think you're in a position to make any threats. See, I let you off pretty easily with that first move; but now I see you're not bad, so here's the deal. You can think of all these people as my hostages. Keep that in mind cause if I can't beat you into submission, then somebody else is getting hurt around here..- Asura knew that she wasn’t bluffing and decided upon an appropriate course of action, a decision that he had to fight against the Darwin Drive and his own programming to choose. –Do you worst, I cannot hand you the package, neither allow you to damage the innocents onboard, so I’ll just stand here.- With firm and stoic resolution the Cyborg Courier crossed his arms and prepared to resist the attacks. He knew were the attacks would come from and how he should have defended against them, yet he forced his body to stay still taking the punishment with a void expression in his face.

His arms and chest got slashed dozens of times; even cutting the superficial layers of his Chassis, something the Nano-Blood already started to repair as Maya jumped backwards and launched heavily accelerated kunai against Az body. The electric shock managed to push the Advanced Cyborg to his knee, yet with his arms still crossed over his chest he stood up. The Nano-blood affected by the electric discharge slowed down its frantic repairing speed and most of the wounds over the Deva Chassis were still open and sending sparks of electricity into the air. Asura looked into Maya with serious and grim eyes, glaring into her face with intensity. He was surprised about how low people would go for money, and he was even more surprised that one of the most regular looking people he faced was capable of threatening a boat full of innocent people, just for some jewels.

Even wounded Az stood tall in front of her. –Please stop this nonsense and leave, I will mostly regenerate from anything you throw at me, and I don’t want you to fight you. Not to mention that your advantage with the bystanders will last only until you harm one of them, the moment you do so I’ll go against you with full force.- The Cyborg Courier had badly contained rage easily noticeable in his voice, it was long time since he ever felt rage, in fact he couldn’t even remember feeling some much fury since his rebirth as a bio-mechanical being, he only got pissed while fighting in L.A, but this time his wrath boiled inside him, like magma awaiting to be released.

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@kuma_far: This guy was crazy tough. He didn't even budge when I commenced my awesomeness of an attack! My kusarigama was even able to cut through his metal exterior, but he just stood there and took it! And the worst part was that he somehow managed to repair himself from my attacks. That was really bad;but I'm happy to announce that at least one thing good did come out of it. My electro-ki enhanced kunai forced him on to a knee, and I think they even slowed down his repairs; but even as I seemingly managed to impair his ability to heal he remained undaunted. Feigning confidence, I sauntered around the pool when he threatened me again with aleer of fierce intensity as he spoke. His tone and posture was enough to make my blood curdle.

Please stop this nonsense and leave, I will mostly regenerate from anything you throw at me, and I don’t want you to fight you. Not to mention that your advantage with the bystanders will last only until you harm one of them, the moment you do so I’ll go against you with full force

I almost cringed, but I was told a long time ago that a ninja must never lose composure; and despite the fact that it was clear already that I couldn't possibly face him with brute strength alone; I didn't give up. I did that on my last fight and I wasn't about to go 0-2. At least not without giving more effort. I pondered as I made my way around the swimming pool. I was gonna need to be a bit more tactful. "That sounded a lot like reverse psychology. You're just itching to get serious, aren't you? But you need an excuse to cut loose first, right? Don't fret. I can oblige you."

I uttered a few words under my breath as I removed four more kunai from my keikogi and pointed them at the couple on deck who were still out cold. I flashed my pearly whites at Blondie and started practicing my throwing form to let him know that I wasn't playing around. "I wonder which one would get you tic'd off more?" I asked with a mischievous grin. I know, I was playing a really dangerous game, but I didn't care. Being out here, away from Japan, away from my peers at the institution and being on my own is like a right of passage. Not for school or the shadow discipleship. This is the only way I feel I'll ever get proper recognition from YOU.. Yei. I wanna make you proud of being my elder shadow shimai.

Anyway, enough spilling emotions, heh. I'm just gonna take a few minutes to stretch then come back and write my next entry, okay?

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-Is not reverse psychology….- Asura suddenly moved at a similar speed as Maya Supido could and stopped in between the bystanders and the Ninja. –…Is a warning. - The floor were Az was standing before was broken and dented from his sudden burst of speed. The Cyborg Courier that always was careful not breaking anything suddenly destroyed the floor from just running over it. The Nano-Blood finally re-started its regular cycle of repairs at full speed as the wounds in Asura started to close. –Leave now and I won’t harm you, keep going with this madness and be eliminated.- Asura’s voice grew more cold and mechanical, rather than warm and calm, somehow him stopping the Darwin Drive impulse of self-preservation forced the A.I to find another place to affect thus he was getting increasingly aggressive, may be even homicidal, all to protect him. A couple more attacks and Maya would be facing the real power of a Deva Cyborg, the power that Az so desperately always tried to seal away.

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@kuma_far: With a cold tone and a sober mien, Blondie gave me a third warning.I could tell he was trying extra extra hard to restrain a terrible rage that was obviously escalating inside of him; but in that moment I wasn't afraid anymore. I was getting excited! Finding out what he was like in top form was almost as important to me then as knowing what was in that package he was carrying.

In a heartbeat the irony guy tore across the deck, leaving a few cracks and dents in the finely polished floor of the ship's deck as he burst through. He was in my way but that didn't matter much. Instantaneously I used shukuchi ~*Poof!*~ to circumvent his position and manifest near the portly businessman from a cloud of smoke with a kunai in my hand pressed lightly against one of his greasy neck flaps. A tiny stream of blood trickled down to his tailor-made suit, "check," I said to Blondie with a playful voice and a titter. I still had a feeling I was biting off more than I could chew so rather than wasting too much energy and risking too much injury this early from direct contact with Blondie, I just treated the situation as if it were a game of chess. A really, really high-stakes game of chess where the loser could potentially die, and I was like the losing challenger who somehow remained poised in spite of the critical circumstance she was in. A smirk lodged the corner of my mouth then as I waited for Blondie to make his move.

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-DARWIN DRIVE ON! MELEE MODE REQUESTED! MELEE MODE ACTIVATED!- a clearly robotic voice sounded from Az chest as the blue glow coming from his junctions turned into a scarlet light, so did his eyes that shined brightly in crimson. The DEVA Chassis changed in an instant, expanding the arms legs and chest and shifting its outer look to a more combat oriented. The metallic part, usually chrome grey darkened as the Nano-Blood altered its molecular structure, increasing the Chassis Durability. The Darwin Drive A.I allowed Asura to access the Advanced Martial Arts and Close Combat Program, thus increasing his hand to hand skills almost tenfold. His speed, reaction time, durability and strength were increased, but in exchange his energy projection capabilities were sealed as their power was re-routed to other parts of his Cyborg Chassis.

Using a perfect combo of Bagua and Karate, Asura danced with the Chinese martial art foot work, and thanks to the lack of regular musculature and his digitally regulated strength, he changed instantly from the soft defensive Chinese martial arts once he was behind Maya, moving at just barely under the barrier of sound and changed to Karate, using a powerful and blinding fast Spear Hand blow against her back. He continued his barrage changing to Tiger style Kung Fu and releasing a flurry of punches and to end it all he tried to grab her for a throw. Maya had awaken the slumbering giant, Asura tried to make her leave, but her stubbornness would be the cornerstone of her demise, as not even the Cyborg Courier himself could stop this onslaught, thanks to the automatic nature of the Melee Mode created by the Darwin Drive, removing all emotion to create a ruthless warrior that lacked any doubts about using his incredible strength and amazing speed.

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~*Vvuuvv-woor-woor-woor-woor-woor-woor-woor-jickgisshhh*~ Whoa. Blondie was like a one of those robots from that movie, I forgot what it's called but they were able to shape shift. ~*Vuvvp-vuurvp!*~ The lights on his body changed from a cool, calm blue to a more critical red while his grey-ish-chrome frame got darker.My mischievous smirk faded into to a straight-lipped purse and in my headI was all like, 'what's going on? What is this? Make it stop!' but Blondie had just gone into beast mode so I stopped whining in my head and braced myself for the impending onslaught that I was faced with. Thinking back on that moment, if I wasn't a ninja, but more importantly if I wasn't a ninja who was mentored by the Shadow Princess herself, I wouldn't have been prepared at all. Fortunately, I am a ninja who's been mentored by the Shadow Princess.

First, Blondie opened up with some traditional Bagua. Watching him made me think of my best friend, Mei, and her Ba Shi formations. Heh, I almost laughed, but not cause he looked funny or anything. Just the thought of my best friend is funny to me. Anyway, that smirk I had from before slowly started to manifest on my face again. I thought to myself, 'Yay for Mei!' and responded to his bagua with several variations of the Kuji-kiri; but before I could finish invoking some of the sacred hand seals he bolted behind me in the blink of an eye. ~*UFF!*~ and an awkward cry escaped my mouth as I felt his cold, rigid, steel-like hand drive hard into my back, just shy of my spine. My eyes got really big with confusion then shut tight after the pain was mentally processed. I winced. The impact from Blondie's unrestrained sword-hand strike easily broke my ribs; but his hand could have, and should have, gone right through me just from the sheer speed and momentum behind that karate chop. Praise Kotaro I took the time to implore the ambient ki energy around us to temporarily enhance my physiology and mental aptitude. It didn't help as much as I hoped it would, but it prevented me from dying right there; but despite being able to take that powerful shot, I wasn't ready for the blurry flurry of ferocious fists that followed. ~*pitta-pitta-pitta-pitta-pitta-pitta*~ Each Tiger Palm strike he threw at me came with frightening speed and fluid rapidity. The sound of contact between his seemingly adamantine fists and my soft-tissue body was a lot like the sound of dropping thick and heavy rocks on to a cushy pillow; but Blondie wasn't done there. He reached for me in an attempt to throw me.

The pain had fully registered in my head by then, and time seemed to slow down when he grabbed my shoulders and lifted me over himself. My ninja awareness and reflexes finally kicked in, they were a little late, but better late than never, no? So, with my ki-enhanced cognizance and physiology taking effect I was able to carry on for a while longer in spite of my injuries. While he lifted me, I pulled out two electro-ki enhanced kunai and thrust both at his 'eyes', hoping I could blind him long enough to hit him with some more electro-ki kunai. I landed super lightly on my feet --like a feather-- after being thrown a few meters away then launched six more of em~*few-few-few-few-few-few*~before using shukuchi ~*Poof!*~ to appear behind him with another two electro-ki kunai in my hands, bringing them together in an effort to take his ears out for a while. I teleported on top of the same hut I came out of earlier and coughed up some blood.

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As Asura raised Maya over his head, the Cunning Kunoichi used a couple of electrical empowered Kunai and pierced Az eyes. The Cyborg Courier reacted instantly throwing her, reducing partially the damage, only having an eye blinded and the other damage, greatly reducing the performance of the visual aspects of the Bodhi SYS. Maya continued her assault by throwing several more as she flew through the air, using her training and grace to land safely. The barrage of Kunai came towards Asura that blocked most of them, two only grazing him, she threw even more after landing this were more accurate and one of them managed to strike the Cyborg Courier in the shoulder. His eyes were already starting to heal at an accelerated rate, as the Nano-Blood was also enhanced during the Melee Mode, when Maya vanished only to appear behind him. After witnessing this technique at least once before the Darwin Drive already built a countermeasure for it so it did for those pesky electro kunai.

In a millisecond the Nano-Blood altered the Deva Chassis, and a couple of strange devices appeared in the shoulder plates, like a music amplifier built in into Asura’s Chassis, this design of red and silver circles let out a field of energy that coated the Cyborg Courier body, amplifying the natural magnetic capabilities of the Chassis, that regularly would only let him magnetize to metallic surfaces for better stability, now were fed by the energy normally used for the Blaster Nodes, thus creating a powerful force field to repel any metallic attack, thus rendering Maya Kunai unable to reach Asura. With the same mechanical precision of the attacks before, the Cyborg Courier vaulted with a backflip over Maya landing behind her and accessing Boxing, releasing a massive onslaught of fist, he started with a jab-cross-jab-cross attack but all of his attacks were lacking effort, the human inside was starting to regain control over the Darwin Drive, as he realized that the A.I would destroy the boat before getting Maya. He took some steps backwards barely controlling his motion functions as if every step was killing him

The evidence spoke for itself, every time he moved using Melee Mode the floor got wrecked, the boat shook and after using the Magnetic Repulsion Shield (or MRS for Short) he destroyed the boat railings and dented the main deck downwards. This had to stop, and with that determination he stopped attacking and shivering, as he fought against the Darwin Drive programming trying to take over, he his hand into the tuxedo ruined vest looking for the package as he talked. –Wai..i..t I..I’ll g…give y..ou..u th.the.. j..ew.ew..el….- He stuttered as he searched the package and grabbed it, fighting the mainframe was taking his toll, he could even feel the A.I trying to etch the its way into his mind almost like a living being. Extending his hand he threw the case and it slid over the ruined main deck until reaching Maya feet. –T..Ta..ke…ke i..it…. a…an…and le..le…lea…ve, I do…don’t k…kn…know ho..how mu…mu...ch t..ti…time I ca…n st…st…stop…. my…my..self…- He knew Catherine would bark at him for this but was worth a material object so much fight? Was it worth so many struggles? He was in his way of destroying this boat and making everybody sink to a watery grave, and he felt that wasn’t right, why he cared more about a piece of metal and mineral when the lifes of other were in risk. And saying that this was his duty didn’t work for him, not anymore. His only hope was that Maya took it and stopped the fight.

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@kuma_far: @kuma_far: Hah! I took one of his eyes out! But.. he was still able to block all of the kunai I launched at him from the air ~*Tink-Tink-Tink*~ I threw some more when I landed, though, and managed to score a hit on his shoulder! My victorious assault was short lived, though. I didn't even have time to celebrate, cause after coming up on him from behind him with my enhanced kunai in my hands, I was denied the chance to thrust them into his mechanical ears when he activated some sort of magnetic field. Before I knew it, he already flipped behind me and started working my broken ribs again with those deadly hands of his. I could tell he was holding back, but that didn't make it any less painful.. "Nngh! Aieehahh!" Blood spilled out of my lips and poured onto my keikogi and splashed onto the marble floor of the luxurious yacht's deck.

Something happened then.

The floor cracked under his feet with every step he took, and the railings on the outer edges of the deck began to bend and crumple from his force field.

Wai..i..t I..I’ll g…give y..ou..u th.the.. j..ew.ew..el….T..Ta..ke…ke i..it…. a…an…and le..le…lea…ve, I do…don’t k…kn…know ho..how mu…mu...ch t..ti…time I ca…n st…st…stop…. my…my..self…-

With my ribs feeling like ground beef, I winced as I hobbled over to retrieve my prize.

I flashed a set of blood-stained teeth at him and forced myself to talk in spite of the excruciating pain I was in, "Smart move, Blondie." It was a fake smile and a pointless victory speech. I didn't feel like I won at all. I put all of those people in jeopardy over.. a jewel. Deep down I couldn't help but feel extremely sheepish.

"Rin! Pyou! Tou! Sha!Kai!Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen!" Reciting the sacred "Nine Syllables" to aggrandize my ninpo power, I wasted no time in getting out of there via a smoky black cloud ~*POOF!*~