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The Hub

Above Ground
Formerly the base used by the Underdogs, this building now stands as a meeting ground for the vigilantes in the city. It was made open for anyone, and has no official owner. It is a hotel above ground, and a military-esque base below.

The City-

Martial City is what happens when New York and Miami mix together.It's got nice Beaches,huge skyscrapers,hundreds of miscellaneous shops,a standard sewer system,and dozens more things to be seen. It's technically part of Nevada, but Nevada's borders have shifted since the disastrous things that have happened to America. It's on a shoreline formerly a part of California. Martial City is something of a playground for heroes and villains alike.


Monster Island-

This strange island,located right off the coast of Martial City,is large and jungle-ish.It has a volcano,though it is no direct threat to us.It's also home to dinosaurs of all kinds,lost in time.Among other things,it also has an average array of Jungle animals,such as snakes,spiders,and several apes and chimps  and such.It is home to poisonous and man-eating plants,cave-dwelling villagers,and a active volcano of course.

The Desert-

The side of the city opposite bordered by the ocean is bordered by desert.The Nevada Desert is vast and as hazardous a desert as any.A roaming pack of werewolves patrol it,and sometimes visit the city.Stone Colossus from relics past are located in it,and attack any they see.Aliens seem to visit here,not all of them friendly either.The most prominent problem is A.W.E. and their experiments.They have many bases out here,and release the creatures they create upon the city from time to time.


The beach is a great party place,and extremely good place to tan(if your into that).The waters are good for surfing,but are home to some dangers.Sharks roam the shallow waters. In the deeper areas of the water,where few go,are where the true dangers lurk.Large and monstrous creatures live there.

Over All Dangers-

Along with the Sea Monsters,Fish People,Lava Men,Sharks,and Dinosaurs,there are plenty of threats in the city.
A.W.E. is a terrorist organization contempt on world Domination,and the Horrendous five were all members of A.W.E. They have several secret bases in the city,and attack the city many times.


The Round Table Society is a international group of villains who base themselves on warriors from all societies,everything from the Zulu Warriors with healing factors to Cyborg Banditios, and Robotic Knights to Magical Arabian Warriors.They rob banks,attack gangs and the city.They are a threat to anyone and everyone,but tend to stay in small groups of three,so not to attract attention. 
 Round Table Society



The Tall Guys Gang is a group of Super Powered Muscle-For-Hire.They base themselves on American Tall Tales.Bunyan wears a giant suit of Robotic Armor(labout 18 feet tall) and wields an Energy axe.Appleseed is a insane Super-Genius, He invented a helmet,which looks like a cooking pot, which can control animals(not humans),plants,and some low-level machines.He is a master Chemist,Biologist,and Engineer.He place a genetic code in his body that allows him to fire bullet-hard seeds from his mouth at high velocity.They grow into whatever he wants.Henry has two liquid-metal arms which can form into anything he wants(.His skin is bullet proof.Pecos is a Modified Assassin droid that 'thinks' it is Pecos Bill.It is super-strong,bullet proof,has an Electrified lasso that it can fire from it's right hand,wields two Revolvers which fire highly explosive round(like miniature missiles),and rides on Super-Strong,Super-Fast,mechanical Horse.When knocked from his horse against his will,the Horse will go into a bloodrage.They are usually hired by bigger baddies. 

There are also standard bank robbers,and low-level street gangs.You can also have your own character's villains pay a visit to the city for you to fight.

Big Johnny-


One of the only heroes located in the City,Big Johnny is a British mutant who looks like a living rock.He is old,likes to drink,and is your standard cursing,drunk British guy.He is sort of a father figure,but not the best one.He will help you when he can. 


 Noob time! Lol, seriously though. The Underdogs team that used to make this city home obviously no longer exists, but the city itself was fun as heck! Anytime you just want to go fight some villains, team up, or rampage, this thread is for you. I'll eventually get to re-editing this thing, I made it when I was super-noobly. Just for fun right now! Some people thought it was a good idea to bring it back (it was pretty popular, for some odd reason O_o).
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cool nicely done

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Longshot materialized from thin air and stepped off the teleporter pad cleverly hidden on one of Martial City's countless rooftops. It had been a long time. Martial City needed his attention. Badly. He jumped down into the streets without a moment to spare. It was time to got to work.

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@Gambler said:

cool nicely done

Stop sweet talking. This was horribly done. I made it after all =P
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@_Punk_: Sometimes I gotta play nice.

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@.Longshot.: The Rumor looks over a rooftop away to see Longhshot, an enemy of his supposed father. With narrowed eyes he dropped the criminal he was holding by the leg to his death and sprinted towards the archer. Quickly enough he was matching his speed perfectly and looked over, "You must be this "Longshot" I have heard about.."

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Spills coffee and nukes the city out of existence "Whoops..." >_>

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@Ravek said:

Spills coffee and nukes the city out of existence "Whoops..." >_>

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@TheRumor: Longshot heard a scream. He heard many screams echoing through this city, but one was closer than the rest. It was cut short as a set of trash cans rattled to the ground over the sound of cracking bones. He heard a heartbeat, footsteps, growing closer. Both charged to a steady, rhythmic beat. Gravel crunched behind him as the stranger landed behind him and spoke. "I suppose I am," he replied, "And you are...?"

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@.Longshot.: Rumor smirked and continued to keep up with the archer with ease, his adrenaline pumping. "You and I haven't met yet, but you have met one of my parents many times.."

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@Clara Mass: Do I know you O_o

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@Ravek: I thought you were someone else's alt...nvm xD

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A C-130 flew over Martial City at a quick pace, the cargo ramp hanging open. At the foot of the ramp was an armored figure, his hand bracing his body against the side. Despite the thunderous howl of the wind around him, he heard the man behind him shout that he was clear. As soon as his body was propelling itself into the sky, his hands pulled a carbine from his back. Three carefully placed shots were let off, and he holstered it again, letting his body slip into the standard diving stance.

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@Clara Mass: Gotcha ;P

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@Ravek : confused xD

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@TheRumor: This was the man responsible for the scream, the man who now lay dead in the alley far behind them, there was no doubting that. But he had taken an interest in Longshot, and he needed to keep him talking. Whatever he wanted, it would be easier to talk it out of him than to beat it out of him. Once he had gotten all the answers, the arrows would fly and the riot cuffs would come out. Until then, he just had to fly casual. "Who might that be?" he asked, leaping effortlessly to the next rooftop.

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@Clara Mass: Name change, 'The Conqueror' was kinda cliche, and I spelled it wrong xD

I made a goof :/

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@.Longshot.: @TheRumor: As if fate intended to interrupt their conversation before answers could be had, the soldier's boots hit a roof ledge just before the vigilante did. Making momentary note, his brain processed a few options in the event he was attacked. At the same time, his body took off running.

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@Ravek said:

@Clara Mass: Name change, 'The Conqueror' was kinda cliche, and I spelled it wrong xD

I made a goof :/

Looks better like this.

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@.Longshot.: "Doesn't matter" Rumor said as he again kept up with Longshot with relative ease, Rumor was a clever man, he knew this guy's game right from the start. But since the assassin had nothing to hide, he let on as if he was not aware of the fast paced interrogation.

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Dave sits on the side of one of the taller buildings, sipping a smoothie with his mask peeked up just enough for his mouth the drink. Long day... blonde psychopaths, ravaging ninjas, I live a loser's life. he thought to himself as he slurped the fruity deliciousness.

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@TheRumor: "If it doesn't matter, then why mention it?" asked the archer. Without warning, he ground to a halt, turning his head away from the stranger. "You hear that? Robbery. Four blocks south. You up for a detour?"

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@.Longshot.: Rumor halted with him and picked up the noise as well. "Police won't arrive for another twenty minutes due to a traffic accident a few blocks down..Lets move.." Rumor grinned and dived off the roof to deploy his red gliding wings, grappling onto the city and releasing with perfect timing to reach up to a block a minute.

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The vigilante and the man with him took off in an opposite direction. Just as they did, Aaron leaped into the air, firing a grappling hook onto a window that had three bullet-holes in it. The hook crashed through the window, shattering it, and had just enough momentum to latch onto the floor. He let the line carry him in through the window, his hand pulling out a sidearm.

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@TheRumor: @AaronMoses8: Longshot dove from the rooftop and fired his arm-mounted grapple line out. It went taut and carried him through the night air, freeing itself from the concrete at precisely the right moment. He landed atop a street light and jumped down to the street, rolling along the top of a truck. He immediately pounced up and fired the grapple again. He and the stranger would be there in a few moments, but Longshot could clearly hear the sound of breaking glass, of combat boots scraping against brick and a heavy body leaning against an old window pane. They were being followed. By whom was inconsequential. That question would be answered as soon as he chose to reveal himself. Until then, Longshot would keep his eyes on the shadows, as well as this stranger who had kept pace with him all this time, ready to do battle with both of them.

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@.Longshot.: A grin spread underneath the mercenary's mask. Whatever the vigilante was doing, his attention was drawn away from Aaron, leaving him to get to work. Breaking left, he ran to an elevator, hitting the button to call the elevator down to him. When the doors open, he slipped an arm inside and pressed the button to go to the ground floor, then pulled his arm out. The doors closed and the elevator descended. Putting each hand in the tiny crack in between the doors, he pried them open, then reached over to call the elevator again.

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@.Longshot.: The robbery was indeed not rookie work, gunned up mercs were busy raiding a bank truck on it's way with cargo filled with gold bars. Rumor wasted no time now that he had a good view of the two carrying the gold to their truck. The assassin pulled out his dull shurikens and tossed them at the automatic weapons of his new enemies. If he was to keep the archer passive, he was to play by his moral code. As the first merc knelt down to grab his fallen gun, Rumor easily drove his boot straight into his jaw, indeed a knock out for sure. This gave the other hired gun to pick up his weapon and point it at the Rumor. Just as he pulled the trigger, the assassin jolted forward and nudged his head to the right in a blur, seamlessly dodging the volley of led. Rumor forced his right palm to the side of the man's gun which caused it to fly out of his hands, followed by a spin and his left elbow to drive into the man's nose. Finally he finished him off with a backflip kick to his mouth and landed perfectly to stand in front of the two knocked out goons. The assassin noticed three more men jump out of the bank truck with knives and batons. "The archer can take these ones..I need to know how he operates.."

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@TheRumor: The stranger had arrived a few brief seconds ahead of Longshot. Those seconds made all the difference. He managed to take out two well armed, and evidently well trained, hired guns. Impressive, and neither of them had fallen victim to lethal force. Impressive. Unfortunate that he was only doing it for Longshot's own comfort. Three more burst out from the back of the armored truck, exactly on cue. Longshot landed between them, immediately driving his knee into the ribs of the first, dodging a knife that slashed just over his head as he flung the winded mercenary headlong into the wall. He took the knife-wielding merc by the arm and twisted his wrist, kicking the knife under the truck. A baton crashed into his side, but his arm locked over it as if it had taken no effect. He wrangled the two thieves together, facing each other, then threw his bow over them, the string catching around the back of one of their heads. He pulled back on the bow and released it, striking the back of the mercenary's head and forcing him to head butt his comrade. They both collapsed to the ground and Longshot slung his bow back over his shoulder.

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The elevator quickly ascended back up, and Aaron stepped out, letting it rush up to greet him. His feet touched the top of the elevator, and he was quickly thrust upwards. Pulling a knife out, he aimed his grapple gun upwards, waiting for the exact moment. It came. He cut the elevator cable just as he was about to reach the top of the shaft and fired the grapple hook upwards. It latched on, and he let it pull him upwards towards his destination.

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@.Longshot.: Rumor walked over and stood beside Longshot with a grin. "Not bad Robin hood.." That was not a term he used often, and so his natural Irish accent broke out for just a moment. "Well that wraps that up.."

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@TheRumor: "Yeah..." the archer whispered, eyeing the stranger in his peripheral vision. "Good work." he said, offering the man his hand. Longshot didn't let on that he had heard him drop the man, or that he planned on following this stranger for the rest of the night. "You never did answer my question... what can I call you?"

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@.Longshot.: "I am but a Rumor..." Rumor grasped his hand firmly and performed a quick scan with the cowl's eye lenses.

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@TheRumor: "Cryptic." the archer replied, subtly taking an x-ray still photo with his eyepice, "But it's a cryptic world we live in." He doubted that the x-ray imaging would penetrate the cowl, that there would be some counter-measure, lead lining or something of the sort, to prevent that, but it was worth a shot.

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@.Longshot.: "And so, archer, I believe this is where we part ways?" Rumor smirked at his potential new ally.

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@TheRumor: "I suppose." he replied, firing his grapple up onto the roof. "See you soon." he whispered as he flew off into the dark.

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@.Longshot.: The Rumor grinned and pressed a button on his wrist, finishing a recording of the voice of the archer. "Track.." He spoke into his wrist computer. Within the next few minutes a small hi tech speeder bike pulled up in front of him. The masked assassin chuckled and sped off through the alley ways.

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Crowman staggered backwards a step, two. He jerked his head to the left, gracelessly spitting a glob of blood at the floor before a monumentally sized fist struck him square in the diaphragm and sent him sailing through the air, smashing into the wall and sliding down, a series of his ribs injured and winded, he was in no state to face his opponent, an enormously mammoth sized zombie-esque being that could only mutter the alphabet over and over along with enraged grunts. After rampaging around one of Martial City's blocks and eventually setting down to targeting civilians, Crowman had jetted in from Brimstöne to put this creature down.


The behemoth raised both fists, his snow-white face contorted with aggression, his surprisingly quick movements sluggish in nature, as if he struggled to come to terms with his strength and speed, like a newborn child tottering around haphazardly. A moment later he launched his boulder-sized hands down at the bloodied being of the Crowman, aiming to smash his bones to dust. The Enigmatic Enforcer left his heap in a split-second, discarding his feeble guise to initiate his strategy, the likes of which involved allowing his enemy to think they had dominion over the situation before revealing his true limitations. He rolled through the legs of the beast, pivoting 360 degrees to lash his arms out at his sides, twin tonfu batons sliding into his gloved palms. Without another moment of hesitation he swung his arms with impossible speed, cracking the solid batons at the back of the giant's knees. It crumpled to the ground, pulling it's head back and howling in affliction. Crowman threw his weapons up in the air, swerving his entire body around, delivering a lethal roundhouse kick to the back of the monster's skull, a resounding snap of bone echoing around the abandoned apartment building's walls. The creature swayed back and forth on it's knees, struggling to cope with the amounts of pain rushing through its being.

"Size doesn't matter when it comes to Justice!"

Without pausing, the spinning figure of the caped Crowman pounced upon the shoulders of the felled beast, catching his airborne batons, plunging both into the eye sockets of the monster, its grey blood spurting in gallons from the wounds as the Vice of Vengeance tore the weapons back out of its face, flipping backwards to land in a crouch, sheathing the batons before turning and calmly exiting the room, the mutilated figure of the behemoth gushing with sickly grey blood left to die a slow, agonizing death.

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Strolls through the streets, his scarlet spandex sparkling with kinetic energy. Civilians make an effort to avoid his path, some from fear, some from agitation. He smiles broadly at all of them, ignoring their rude attitudes and turning the other cheek. He was just checking to see if everything on the streets was alright. So far he hadn't come across any particular trouble.

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The Crimson Vigilante looms over the streets of the Self Destructive city with Adamantium reinforced batons in each hand as he begins his shift. He feels at home in the roofs and skylines that the Urban Acrobat has become accustomed to, So much so that his mind narrows itself as he focuses only on one thing as he drops down and begins leaping with utter grace through the tops.

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@_Radar_: He's not entirely sure how he got here, but that seems to be the norm as of late. He finds himself floating in pools of endless darkness, the sound of backwards 'meows' echoing in his ears. Sometimes he believes utterly in one thing. Sometimes another. He's learned to just shrug it off. So here he is, in this odd city, wearing a garish hawaiian shirt that he is absolutely positive he has never seen in his life. Ah well, could be worse. He looks around, and sees a fleet-footed figure moving above, swift as a ghoul hiding in the night. Out of boredom, or curiosity, or whatever motivated him (for even Anton didn't know anymore) he floats upwards, following. If he can catch up, he'll tap the figure on the shoulder. If not, he might just move an obstacle and trip him up a little.

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@Mortality: Radar felt one with the urban environment as the columns of factory smoke, And the smog were inhaled, He noticed as something, Or rather someone attempted to trip him. It caught him off guard as it knocked him to the side almost to the point he fell off, His spine curved in mid air though as he rocketed to the other side just enough to land on his feet. He twirled his batons as he prepared them both with an electrical charge "Alright, Who the hell are you, And more importantly, Where are you?" He said turning to scan the area for his assassilant

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@_Radar_: Mortality watched at the guy almost fell off the building. Whoops. That wasn't quite what he had intended. Pretty good recovery though, looks like Anton wouldn't have to worry about hiding any bodies...or re-animating them, though he had some vague recollection of quitting that job. "Who am I? Well that should be obvious. I'M BATMAN!" he says sarcastically. Though he was a little confused by the 'where' part...either he had the ghost invisibility thing down pat or...uh...maybe this guy couldn't see all that well?

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@Mortality: He just narrowly set his eyes on what appeared to be his attacker as it creeped out of the shadows. He readied his batons as he got into a fighting stance, He didn't seem hostile, But you never know. "I'm givin' you five seconds before I Turn your brains into fried eggs to tell me why the hell you tried to kill me."

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@_Radar_: Mortality examined his fingernails, utterly unconcerned. He had died once, it would take a fair amount of work to kill him again. "Elementary my dear Watson, I didn't try to kill you. It was a harmless prank that may have been...a little less well thought out, and a little less harmless than I thought it would be. Then again, my cousin tried to mess with a TV and ended up sending a girl into subspace or something, so...eh."

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@Mortality: Radar said as he noticed his rather arrogant stature, Not once has he ever encountered someone who did anything simliar to that, And didn't know they would win the fight. He sheathed his batons as he nodded "Alright what do you want? Your not the ghost of christmas past are you?"

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@_Radar_: Anton was glad that he wouldn't have to deal with a brain full of hot tazer. Despite his semi-immortal state, it was not his idea of a good time. He inched slightly closer, so he wouldn't have to yell across the entire city. "Wow, on the first guess! I guess I got a little lost looking for Scrooge I guess you'll have to do...hehehe. Name's Anton, occupation: poltergeist.:

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An singular gunshot pierced through the night, driving home next to the foot of a mugger before he could.. 'liberate' a woman's purse from her. A voice called out, delivering a warning. "Back off, or the next one pierces your skull." A man stepped out of the shadows, a carbine held in his arms, a slightly torn hood concealing his face where the shadows could not. "And believe me, I am not bluffing."

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The two made their way down the surprisingly empty streets of Martial City, the vehicle in which they traveled being one of the few to cruise down the city streets. Dressed somewhat casually in jeans and a button up shirt, never being one to wear a suit if he could help it, he looked over to the passenger, Melissa Hannigan, Director of U.N.M.A. and his date. "So Melissa, what do you like to do when you aren't battling angry metas or sorting through paper work?" Flashing a friendly smile as he watched the road, his eyes occasionally looking in her direction.

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@The_Assassin_: "Good question..." she sighed, thinking it over for a moment. "Hmm... like drinking?"

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@Agent_Hannigan: "Lets just say I used to enjoy it a lot more when could actually get drunk..." he chuckled "Not that I have a problem with downing a few dozen."