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A shuttle that had landed in front of peak towers to pick up the enforcers was now exiting the atmosphere, loaded with it's crew of pro-registration metahumans who had volunteered to help the peacekeepers in this expedition that could potentially save humanity from future alien invasion, breaking free of the cradle of earth's gravity as if it were nothing more than kleenex holding it down to earth while it zoomed out into the increasingly crowded space above Earth.

Of the series of Peacekeeper ships kept around in orbit around the earth and growing number of orbital defense platforms, one particular cluster of ships was gathering at a geosynchronus point over peak tower, awaiting a few more ships still planet side waiting to pick up some volunteers and add to the supplies for the journey, in case they needed to stay at their destination for a particularly long time. In space, the native satellites and space stations of earth were dwarfed in every way by the burgeoning defense fleet around the earth, which milled about like a swarm of bees.

The most important of these was the Battlecruiser Spirit of Liberty, an eight kilometer long, hardy vessel with powerful shielding and weaponry, a vessel whose spacefolding technology allowed it to be substantially larger on the inside, and was the centerpiece of a fleet of several hundred ships, including a carrier that was twice the size, the Forward unto Victory, and the battleship Pillar of Democracy, which was one and a half times larger, though the spirit was the designated flagship as it's commander preferred it for it's maneuverability.

As the shuttle neared the Spirit of Liberty and prepared to dock with the imposing vessel, a bright light flashed above the earth as an orbital habitat dropped out of hyperspace, assuming an extreme high earth orbit to provide some extremely distant civilian presence around the earth, perhaps as an embassy or tourist processing point, perhaps to show to the earth the advances in science the peacekeepers had made.

"Welcome aboard the APKCSS Spirit of Liberty!" A holographic image of a talking purple labradour barked out. "I am Beneficus, the A.I of this vessel, allow me to introduce you to the exploratory fleet. Here, we take safety as our utmost precaution. Hence why we are deploying military instead of scientific vessels" The dog reported, panting out happily as the PA system went out across the entire fleet, stationed in low earth orbit as it was.

"Some of our ships are still planet side to pick up some volunteers and stock up on supplies, but I assure you that our departure will be made reasonably quickly." Beneficus cheerily reported in an odd midwestern accent, kind of rough and growly. "In the mean time, do feel free to explore this battlecruiser and make yourself comfortable as we make the preparations for a hyperspace jump to the edge of the milky way galaxy before charging up for a transgalactic jump to the great attractor!" Beneficus barked out before his hologram blinked out and reported elsewhere.

Then came the medal studdened form of the wisened Admiral Horatio Guido, the swarthy italian man seeming a bit on the short side, but his clean white uniform and peaked officer's cap left no doubt about his authority. "Ah, welcome aboard my ship, I see you've already met some of our groundside operatives such as Carol, Henderson, El Cid, and Ericson!" He clapped excitedly, enthused about these earth dwellers being aboard his ship.

"I'm Admiral Guido, and I am the commanding officer of this fleet! I've made quite a name for myself as a naval officer, and must say I'm quite honored to meet some people from earth!" He cheerily reported, going out to shake the hands of those gathered there, an eager grin on his perhaps too perfect teeth. Come to think of it, the entirety of the ship was immaculately clean.

But down on earth, a group of shuttles that had landed were still accepting volunteers from across NATO aligned nations, the Peacekeeper guards not really paying them much attention other than having them sign some electronic documents on a tablet, having no real experience with earth dwelling humans. Other canny individuals would be able to sneak in to get a quick way into space and see what the peacekeepers were all about, or perhaps follow Stark and see what he's up to, or maybe just get into space the cheap and easy way.

Soon all the players would be ready, and the stage would be set for the first act in the greatest drama the cosmos had ever known.

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Albert Donner arrived on set with his Teknophage endoskeletal armor, a series of cybiotic parts that will overlay his human 'suit'. The function is simple, it hampers his full capacities as he tends to have massive cravings in space and in that it masks the presence of his true powers. It can be waved off as super technology, when fully exposed it looks scrawny yet mean. In hindsight this endoskeleton has been tested on China, and it worked wonders on the population. He memorized the information from the conference they had on the Stark Building, him and the rest of the enforcers are enthusiastic in this venture. For many of his allies it is an opportunity to explore new wonders of technology, for the man-monster it is a throwback to more flexible times. Even the idea made him salivate, it has been a while since he lets loose out in the cosmic ocean. The texture of alien flesh melting inside his mouth. Sometimes he helps clean space junk such as satellites and debris for conversion, as in constructing objects that can be summoned or called out at later times. Most would include furniture, that or torture devices.

Humanity has gone a long way, minus the black dossiers of centralized knowledge taken on by shadow societies the rest of the average man rejoiced when they placed the first feet on the moon. He hid behind one of the craters, somewhat anxious to eat them yet he did not. Although Buzz Aldrin did look extremely appetizing and the fact that nobody can hear him scream in space as those photos were taken. Yet he takes a seat and watches man take steps into grazing the stars. His stay on earth was a unique one as that is another cover, being that he is in actuality an anomaly. Created of by self not by some bawdy excuse of a deity worshiped by the hairless apes, manifesting ex nihilo. Eating several religious folk who begged protection from a being which had no claim over him.

Gaea was kind enough to give him a cover, there he was a bogeyman back then when social norms were very rigid. Where several things which are frowned about in this era were acceptable norms, namely the disciplining of minors through corporal punishment. He takes the role and the 'name' of the bogeyman, in an oath that he will work to protect Gaea's honor. Reducing human population so it balances up with nature, now earth is more tech-savy then it used to be. But he still keeps to tradition by keeping numbers stable, visiting places. China, India, America and Indonesia to 'regulate' human waste. So that they do not overpopulate, so far they haven't made the type of technology for sustainability as they constantly rely on greed. At times he actually helps in welfare and making humanity flourish, overpopulating them so their resources choke up. Causing mass scarcities and hatred, fuel for war. Essentially thinning out the human race by kindess, so that they will keep in line.

It is time that they move away, the world holds no more secrets for them to find anymore. Even its secrets are neglected as man pursue banalities. Often things that will get them nowhere in their short existences, he looks at them now as kids who have outgrown their training wheels. Yet they still cling to them. Now he is at the Shuttle as the inside proves to be spacious, the technology gleaming with several boons that can easily update humanity on its technological stasis. Up aboard inside the womb of Liberty, AI in the form of a anthropomorphic canine. Everything settled, even the various military emblems adorned along the patterns inside. Edible professionals, yet who are now guides. The operating procedure seems different at first, as their mission does not seem to be one centered around scientific pursuit. Outside is the world, moving several paces slower than the silent hum in the gyro. Below where it should be.

Exploring the deck as it prepares for lift off, this is not his first time traveling off world in a futuristic craft. However this is his first time traveling with so many friendlies. Also the first time whereas he did not to eat anything out of curiosity. The jumpgates seem functional from an inside glance, and now an interesting man of character appears. A "Horatio Guido" an Italian that reminded him of a famous videogame icon made by a japanese programmer from Kyoto a couple of years back that has earned his star in Hollywood. The Kapitan's hat added that extra check to the list of similarities. The accent however threw away the profiling out of the brig as he spoke normally, a thin accent as he met Albert with the rest of the crew. Ginger from the park, another woman, a spaniard not unlike the man in malaga and somebody else which did not gave any impressions at first.He gave a firm handshake, to a 'human' extent so that he does not give off weird vibes. Holding the naval officer, amazed at how far humanity had gone. From their flatlander ancestors who would wage wars because of dumb papers filled with solar geriatrics into this distinguished man of position. Not a dust he can see, not a particle of dirt he can taste. They are good.

Outside things are happening, the teleport barriers had already been installed overnight. Several buildings surrounding the compound had been bought off as they are now property of Tony Stark. After that invasion the security measures have been adapted up to scale, and as a personal touch Albert electrified the air ducts. Armors are placed on camo as they meld into the workplace, keeping tabs while remaining ubiquitous. Taking notes from the productive discussion. Even to the point if placing in faux escape routes laden with death traps, such as rigged Teleportation pads that turn into disintegration panels upon the faintest touch of the wrong biopatterns. They are not cartoon villains, nor is it a lair that exists on saturday serials. They are Enforcers, the mean business.

Albert began to walk around, heading towards a 'cafetaria'

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He arrived on the ship with the others that joined the mission hoping more will come later on.He walked around in what he calls Sawyer 2.0 which is an upgrade that he did before this mission which is going to help in the coming days of this journey that there were all a part of.He looked at the ship hallways and who was working on this ship.He could not believe this was happening he was going to do this but at least he was going to do this with people he knows and fought with.He notices that people of of a lot of nations and race were coming board the ship.This was something that he did not know is what are the challenges that he and everyone and this journey are go face going to face.

Sawyer looked around at the size of this ship that he going to go though space.He could not believe it that he was going to travel in this ship to fight aliens, what would people think of this moment in the next ten years after this journey is done.Many people have something to fight for his was to fight for his friends and for people who need help.He looked around the Enforcers are here to answer that called to help the people who need help but not on earth, but somewhere out there people need help and the Enforcers are going to answer that call.

Sawyer started to explore the ship a bit more.

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In a new suit that is specifically made to survive space conditions, and tested in battle against over 100 US Military Jets in a virtual reality for a combat testing, it had won, this new suit was virtually the same as Mark Three however the life support systems had been upgraded heavily and the thruster units were heavily modified to allows space-flight and other things that will be a benefit. The power systems inside of the suit could work off solar energy and a miniature particle accelerator inside of his arc reactor giving more energy than nuclear fusion.

Stark boarded the ship as a few people wanted his signature, giving it to them he needed to find his bodyguard and begin a talk, he walked off as he had got Horizon to locate the guard who was heading for the cafe, he walked into the cafe after sighing more signatures, upon finding his friend he sat-down opposite of him @nerx "This should be fun" He said as he calibrated his suit some more for a few reasons.

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@anthony_stark: Albert is found in the cafetaria munching away supplies along with disposable items, plastics, trays and other objects become food for his pica. Noticing the AI signature along with the part of him within the pill he had no difficulty tracking his employer. Yet he continues to eat away, having a time of his life as the space food is better than the norm. As he is eating his caloric glue he looks at a friend, this glue is to fuel up his endosuit's Accelerator Mode. Just something to prepare in the case they are outside of this ship. "It sure is" stuffing two of his fingers in the small pouch as he eats paste.

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@nerx: Stark sat down as he opened up his palm as electronics were made visible, he started making his repulsion unit 10% stronger on his right hand as it had lost balance for some reason, tinkering his spoke "I am exited to test out my new Space suit" His hand closed as the 10% charge was complete, making a fist he felt it already "So, the food looks good!"

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"I would recommend eating the cafeteria food instead dear buddy old pal, this stuff will kill you" he points to his special glue to fuel his suit. Give or take he will be able to withstand this kind of nourishment, but the pill hadn't fully settled in yet. It would be the equivalent of sending an absinthe intravenous to a day old infant. "So have you experimented with the 'pill' yet?" curious to ask on how his ally felt after the enhancement drug. A special form of probiotics, sensing the internal flow of energy.

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@nerx: @anthony_stark:

Sawyer entered the cafeteria and saw two fellow Enforcers talking to each.He maneuvered around the people that are busy eating there food . He sat down next to Albert and said"What do you guys think of this ship , pretty impressive if you asked me ."he asked the fellow Enforcers at the table.

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@shadowswordmaster: @anthony_stark:

"Get over here, the food is great" Albert shouted the moment he saw his fellow enforcer, the one with the good bladework. Seeing as he made no waste of time sitting down next to the gang, "I like the shib.." he has some space goop in his mouth. Chewing down on a tray table. "Why don't ya g't somethin ta eat?"

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@anthony_stark: @nerx:

" I'm good for now."answering Albert.He looked around the room that there were in to see that it was busy."Have any of you guys seen any other Enforcers around the ship yet?"asked the two men at the table.

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@shadowswordmaster: @anthony_stark:

"Honestly, I think I saw Aaron (@formicidae) enter a while ago." Albert continues to stuff his face, now with the seat he is on as the armor has high demands. "What happened to him anyways, last I saw he looked as if somebody shot his daughter"

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"I think he still reacting to past events that's all."he said to Albert."So it looks like I'm not the only one who got a upgrade."he point at the new armor that he has on.

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"Attention passengers, all ships in the fleet are ready, we are preparing for a hyperspace jump in three...two...one..." Beneficus reported as the ships, loaded with volunteers and passengers gathered into their formations, piercing a hole beyond the fabric of space and time itself and charging forth into the twisted maze of hyperspace. Barreling through the mass of hyperspace, the ships easily left the entirety of the solar system behind, distance counters measuring entire light years passing by in seconds.

And then a second hole in the universe was torn open, this time allowing the fleet to stop at the edge of the milky way galaxy, view ports lowering to let the passengers take a look at the whispy clouds of the milky way behind them. "We are now at the edge of the Orion arm, our sun is marked here!" Beneficus barked, the viewport circling the sun with a red scribble, the star looking impossibly tiny, practically invisible until it was magnified thousands of times.

Notably, from here, the starline was entirely different, completely alien from what anyone who had dwelled on earth would be familiar with. The galactic center, usually invisible from the Earth, could be seen as a large glowing bulge in the gently rotating spiral arms of the galaxy, some especially bright stars appearing as little dots of light in the wavy arms made of dust and gas that made their silent journey throughout space.

"We are well over twenty thousand light years away from the earth, so take a good look at it before we skip off into another hyperspace jump!" Beneficus cheerily noted as a few blips appeared on the sensors, but they were ignored; they didn't seem to be all that threatening as the ships once again tore open holes into the coexistent dimension of hyperspace, the vessels seeming to stretch into infinity as they were swallowed by the holes they had created, shooting them out of the boundaries of space and time like a cannon.

Were it not for the interial dampener systems, the sudden acceleration would have likely reduced everyone inside into paste, but now the endless streaks of light of hyperspace surrounded the fleets, the distance counters marking off thousands upon thousands of light years going by every second as they hit a truly ludicrous velocity. The milky way, shown in a map of the observable universe, was represented by it's familiar spiral shape, while the fleet was shown as a series of blue arrows that rocketed away from it and all the galaxies of the local cluster.

But the set of blips seen earlier were no mere anomalies on the sensors. But a large fleet of Hierarchy vessels, saucers, bulbous hooks, wedge shaped prows and other sinisterly shaped ships lay cloaked in waiting as they analyzed the trajectory of the human fleet leaving the galaxy. From within the bridge of one of the command vessels, the large, obsidian mechanical frame of the Deathless commander Orlok the Eternal, the designated fleet master.

"Have we charted their course?" He droned in a tone as deep as the Earth. "Yes fleetlord." An aide reported, the alien's bulbous head flashing with psionic lights. "Then overtake them, our superior superluminal speeds shall allow us to intercept them." He responded bluntly, the hierachy fleet opening a series of hyperspace portals before zipping into their own stream through the dimension, rocketing through it at obscene velocities to hit the projected destination of the human fleet first.

"Carol, are you alright senorita?" El Cid asked, placing a hand on her pauldron and smiling beneath her helmet. "Oh yeah...I'm fine..." She sighed, leaning against the wall. "Venezuela got to you?" He frowned, tilting his head off to the side. "Those people had never seen a Microwave weapon Campeador...or the Particle cannon...or Peacekeeper troops...it wasn't a war, it was kicking over a puppy." She bitterly remarked, clenching her fist briefly.

"I know amiga, it was an honorless affair, but we did what we had to...to make the Earth strong." He sighed, feeling the fleet briefly shudder violently as another set of hyperspace wave fronts rocketed past the fleet. "Madre de dios!" He exclaimed angrily as the ships shook, pushed forward by the wavefront while the unknown signals shot past them. "Beneficus what in the blazes!?!" Carol shouted as the ships leveled back out.

"My apologies, it seems we have been overtaken by another set of...oh no...analyzing the wave quake patterns...ah this is what I was afraid of..." The computer's four legged avatar responded, it's face seeming to droop as it whimpered. "What is it?" Guido questioned, stroking his mustache a bit. "Hierarchy ships, lots of hierarchy ships." Beneficus whined, burying it's face under it's paws as the enemy vessels exited the hyperspace tunnel.

"All hands on deck, prepare for battle! Enemy forces have overtaken us and have prepared intercept positions! I want us ready to overpass them and all ships prepared for a fight! We can't let them take this artifact from us!" Guido commanded as the Frankensteins made their way to the bridge. "Enforcers, make your way to the bridge for briefing!" Guido shouted, his accent reverting to it's native italian as it always did when he was stressed.

Turning around as he was met with the faces of the volunteers and Frankensteins he sighed. "Alright, I need you all to make sure Beneficus makes it down there to analyze the artifact, he's one of the most intelligent A.Is we have ever created, and we need him to be able to start working on studying that data! We must follow the Mengsk protocol, so we can't turn back and let them follow us back to Earth, and reinforcements will be difficult to summon at these distances. So we're going to have to fight. You'll need to make your way to some shuttles and land on the device!" He noted as the ships decelerated, altering their formation into a large crescent to try and overpass the Hierarchy fleet.

Exiting hyperspace, the ships came under almost immediate fire from the gathered hierarchy fleet, heavy weapons shaking the ship as they traded blows with the more advanced Zolkri. The Spirit of Liberty shuddered as it was acquired by the enemy, it's shields taking heavy impact from massive green plasma orbs fired by one of the large saucers, while many peacekeeper ships erupted into flames. However, many of the hierarchy ships were damaged, destroyed, or crippled by the sudden three dimensional assault as the peacekeeper ships bum rushed their way past the hierarchy ships.

Finally, what they were seeking came into view...something...indescripably massive...

A massive artificial ring world with a diameter surpassing that of the entire milky way galaxy. And they were right above it. Almost as if they sensed that they risked harming the hundreds of thousands of light years across structure, the Hierarchy ships stopped firing, and instead launched a wave of boarding pods. "Mother of god..." Carol breathlessly said as she took in the sight of a structure far larger than anything ever had a right to be.

The ring seemed to be partially hidden by a massive cloud of dark dust that had wrapped around it, but now that they were so close to it, it's full glory was now visible. Within the surface of the ring was a carefully designed ecosystem complete with emptied structures made by the mysterious Masari Ecumene, all imaginable biomes existing in what could best be described as an impossibly massive garden built by technological gods.

But even as the peacekeeper fleet managed to damage many more hierachy ships, taking advantage of their lull in firing, the Spirit of Liberty shudded and shook violently as boarding pods slammed into it. Carol, thinking quickly, got out her rifle and took Beneficus' chip out of it's holding pod, placing it on the back of her helmet as the sounds of alien weapons firing filled the halls of the Liberty and many other ships, followed by unearthly cries that could not have come from the throats of anything on earth while Peacekeeper soldiers retaliated in kind.

"I think it would be best for you to go now, I'll make my own way for some shuttles." Guido nodded, heading off, flanked by power armored peacekeeper soldiers as the first of the aliens began to make their way into the bridge, Uggnoy Grunts and Lost ones, short little demented creatures who laid down heavy fire from their plasma weapons, shrieking excitedly as they let loose green orbs of death from their weaponry. Standing to lead them were Dark Eldar warriors, clad in sleek, tight fitting and menacing looking black armor while they let loose poisoned splinters from their rifles and snarled in languages spoken by no one on earth.

"Contact!" Carol shouted as the firefight began.

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"Oh I see that you notice the slight bumps inside my arm, " Albert pulls them in to hide them, "watch this" he extends his hand as the fleshy part was ripped apart from within by mechanical components, a jagged transition as his bones and muscles are torn from within. Now he has to clean away the slimes, but they will come back to him as they began to gravitate towards his shoes. "This is what you call an endosuit, it stays inside"

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@shadowswordmaster: @agent_california: @nerx:

Stark raced through the building as he heard the call for held, he called Carol "On it" Flying past her at Mach one he smashed into one of the invading troops sending them flying backwards into a pile of dead enemy. Spinning around and getting Horizon too lock onto 5 of the invading forces, his shoulder mounted turret opened firing a volley of 5 shots into each enemy, using explosive shots the enemy exploded into little piles of blood, charging forward he punch one invader in the jaw, then another then as he spun he kicked another in the ribs, breaking them all at-once with 40 tons of kicking power.

He turned around to be faced with a giant Plasma bolt smacked into his face, he tumbled backwards as the shock continued, too much of this and his suit would malfunction. He set up a magnetic/gravitational force-field as he pressed up onto himself like a shield as if water was being sprayed against him, he slowly walked forward after hundreds of Plasma cannon rounds smacked against his make-shift defense, Suddenly without warning he stopped the shield and let out a Omni-Beam in a horizontal swing cutting in-half many of the invaders.

Stark had been accessing the damaged and realized that he alone fighting these things would do nothing, their was too many and he was taking damage, he shot outside of the ship and began attempting too detach the transportation pods that were sending the troops in, using his laser one of the pods was taken off before it got a chance to send in all of the troops.

However that was only able to be shot once every-hour, and he was suddenly smashed by a shot from a ship or another vessel that he had not anticipated, he was flying backwards into space spinning out of control, his suit had been made inactive beacuse of this hit and the emergency air supply was running low. Taking over with voice command, he activated the overdrive command in the suit meaning all power would suddenly become active regardless of safety precautions, the suit started up again but in an unstable mode, he shot forward at Mach 10 flying back into the defending ship, taking his place once more as he bundled through a load of enemy's to the location he had first started fighting and Carol had requested help, his suit battered for probably no gain, he had underestimated the enemy.

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@agent_california: @anthony_stark: @shadowswordmaster:

"Attention passengers, all ships in the fleet are ready, we are preparing for a hyperspace jump in three...two...one..."

Albert was anxious with glee as he and his two compatriots made their hop into hyperspace, others are also aboard yet he had not met them yet. As he downs his glue the thing inside of him began to shiver with maddening anticipation. His jaw shakes side side as his tastebuds are overloaded with the sensuous taste of dimensiobal hyperspace. The milky way left for someplace that is apparently more interesting, as they enter the first cone his senses take the outside view at a different pace. Cataloging the colors of space as he sat on the half eaten chair. Popping over through the second membrane of space as time gushed over, the vessel skirting over the edge of the native galaxy as they are about to embark on a different space sector.

"We are now at the edge of the Orion arm, our sun is marked here!"

The ship's canine highlighted the sun with the on-board technology, clear enough for the reprobate to see. Eyes zooming in the pixels (or equivalents thereof) to see several lifeforms and even a certain hidden base moving fast along the corona. The astral bodies are not unlike that of the old world, he might have some fun next time by bringing a person from earth's past to view this spectacle. Perhaps it might give them enough ideas to run their own religion, even better yet drive them past the barriers of sanity to claim the cusp of godhood. Now he feels a bit better, since this can be used to scare people. If a lonely man from providence can write a revolutionary canon in horror imagine what a kid from Brooklyn can do.

"We are well over twenty thousand light years away from the earth, so take a good look at it before we skip off into another hyperspace jump!"

Albert noticed something was off in the monitors, a small series of high-pitched sounds in such a frequency. Yet it was underwhelming compared to the gateways being established between the hall of dimensions, their vessel sphagettied into the horizon as they enter the cylinders, sucking the entire ship inwards and excreting them out from the rear. Smoother than liquid diarrhea. It is odd that most of the passengers aboard this ship are not reduced into mulch, but then again their tech has been shown before to have an effect over the conventional laws of physics. The monitor showed a giant glowing spiral cookie with and arrow shaped candy atop of it, his mind is wired on food at the moment yet it is a miracle that he can control his appetite. He stretches his human length-arm to cover the spiral from his perspective, with the thought of him holding the cookie. Taking large bites to savor the taste of the sparkles, as his tongue pops each glowing orb in the cookie of light.

The Attack

It seems there was a sort of collision that shook the ship as enemy frigates have appeared in mass numbers in the monitors, Albert extended the armor along his entire body. A spontaneous combustion to reveal his war-gear.

"Hierarchy ships, lots of hierarchy ships."

He switches to quadrupedal locomotion and quickly makes way to the center of conflict, dodging non combat personnel as he assumes several hops across the narrow corridors to maximize speed. Swinging along the pathways as he finally makes it to the bridge, there were four unique individuals donning armor and his boss which zipped in to blast several enemy soldiers with some solid energy beams.

His large talon feet made quick work of the grunts as the are used as stepping blocks under his weight which shattered their skulls or an alien equivalent thereof, moving frantically in a non zig-zag patten to avoid the path of linear weapons as he flanks them from behind the covers and the sides. His hands outstretched makes a perfect mid-ranged weapon as his claws skewer the grunts and Lost ones, pulling them back to satisfy his taste sensors as they crush under his jaws.

He then follows the Italian A.I. to its destination, while keeping it safe.

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@agent_california: @anthony_stark: @nerx:

While walking around the ship looking around see the sights that this ship has to offer.He heard the alarm over head and hearing the ship getting hit by some weapon of shorts.He made his way to the bridge not before seeing some of the crew getting ready for a attack.He kept going until he saw two small strange looking creatures and what looks like each of them are caring what look like weapons.He move at with speed that a normal person wouldn't notice see him.He activated his high energy positron blades that came out of his arm and charge at the two aliens.By the time that they saw him it was to late.He uses his left blade and slash across the aliens face and the right blade across the other aliens neck.He left the two dead aliens bloody and burn form his blades.He deactivated his high energy positron blades back to his arm and made his way to the bridge door and open it.

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Amaranth stood for the freedom of all mutants. Freedom from humans and freedom from alien overlords. Sometimes that required heading out into space and killing the enemies of earth.

And that is what he was doing now.

Standing in the midst of a squad of Kabalite Warriors, blades of hardened air forming across his arms, shards of razor sharp air flying from his hands, and boots tearing through the air. He was a whirlwind of death; each step left another foe dead.

Some died in a spray of gore as his blade covered arms drove through their pale, cruel faces. Some died with a gurgle as a flying blade found their throats or eyes. Some with a wet crunch as his boot crushed their thin armor and caved in their slender chests.

In the space of three heartbeats he had decimated the squad. A stomp of his boot crushed the skull of the final injured survivor.

Blood dripped from his hands and he went in search of more.

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The assault was well under way, with aliens scrounging across the ship, looking for it's databases to find more peacekeeper worlds to assault, preferably the homeworld of humanity to enact the Zolkri's desired purge on one of the most prominent of the Masari touched races. "Find human home yes, yes, Then make it go big boom!" One uggnoy grunt captain explained to his minions as they rifled through the ship. "Guys, they're trying to find the databases that'll let them locate the Earth. Stop those louts unless you want filthy xenos rummaging through our bloody homeworld!" Major henderson snarled before slicing a brutal Talon Breed space pirate in half with a sweep of her SASER.

"Kiss my glowing blue balls human scum!" One Uggnoy shouted before rushing a distracted group of peacekeepers, violently glowing blue plasma grenades in it's hand while a flurry of alien weaponry was unleashed from the violent xenos, the translators passed out to everyone who stepped on the ships kicking in and translating their messages of hate. "Kamikaze grunt! Look ou-" The peacekeeper shouted before the grunt jumped on their sergeant's face and detonated, wiping out the entire squad in a massive blaze of glory, sending tremors throughout the ship.

"Charlie squad just flatlined!" Carol shouted before the alien laughs of the twelve foot Zolkri Grunts filled the room, deep, wet, and raucous. "The scions of the Masari deserve only death!" One shouted before flooring Carol with a burst from it's green plasma shotgun, several of the globs launched hitting Peacekeeper Reservists and instantly skeletonizing them, their flesh flensing off their bones as they were reduced to globs of green gelatinous matter before their very bones were reduced to ash, railgun rounds pattering off their shielding.

"Zolkri Grunt squad! Take it down!" Ericson ordered, laying down covering fire from his assault rifle as more aliens kept on entering the ship in all their ugly forms, the shuttle bay being just behind the blockade of newly arrived aliens, while others rifled through the data storage rooms just one room to the left, looking for the secure cartography stations so that they could launch an assault on the homeworld of humanity some time in the future.

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His teeth sunk into the neck of dark eldar as he whips his head to create a circular humanoid whip shield to soak on plasma fire, Albert thanked the designs made by Bolonkin for this wondrous armor. Femtotech sure is a good way to hide his real powers, especially when the properties of AB matter go hand in hand with the various mech updates that he has added to this armor. After soaking lethal light his head lashed down to bite some blue juicy Uggnoy balls. They tasted like grapes when they crunch against his bionic jaws. The armor loved the taste of Grunt testicles, or equivalent thereof.

He had followed the frantic Italian dog, keeping tabs on Beneficus while acting as an offensive barrier to all hostiles that are approaching its proximity. Claws shearing and threshing several soft parts, gaining a decent amount of calories from slain corpses of alien beings. Each of them tastier than the last, long talon arms acting as sporks to scoop up enemy combatants.

Sometimes the corpses at the floors are mixed, in the heat of the battle he did not have time to distinguish between fallen friends and foes. Only the delicious mix of flavors from different alien carcass and their unique weaponry, designs which are reintegrated with his bio-armor. However most of the time he replies in kind with melee weaponry, claws on the hands, claws on the feet and sharp protrusions everywhere in the body which me moves at the pace of a coffee mixer. Having a decent feast, some times taking damage so that Beneficus would be safe. Following the pup as it heads for the enemy artifact, acting as its escort.

Then came the tasty Zolkri...

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Sectoids, Lost Ones, Uggnoy, polite terms for cannon fodder thrown forth by the Hierarchy to soak up bullets for more important warriors and fighters. Snicker snack, one Uggnoy lost it's head following a slash of her claws. BLAM a sectoid's overlarge head exploded from a burst from Ericson's assault rifle. "Keep on moving!" Henderson ordered as the Zolkri Grunts moved forward, advancing by the green fire of their plasma shotguns, creating walls of death to prevent anyone from moving forward.

Green flaming orbs smacked into crates and deploying cover, burning away at them at frightening rates while kinetic beams speared out of their primary optics. "Kill the humans!" One of them roared as the whine of his plasma shotgun shook the facility.

"Give me a second amigos." El cid said. In a blink, he was gone, and then the Zolkri started falling into pieces of cleaved apart flesh, metal, and circuitry and El Cid stood a healthy distance in front of the group, beckoning everyone towards a large drop ship. The acrid smell of agitated particles gave away how he did this, good old fashioned time stopping and judicious usage of Tizonna.

"Everyone get inside, we're abandoning ship!" Ericson ordered, letting a group of Chrono-legionnares port into the dataroom. The whooshing noises of neutron cannons briefly making themselves known. Literally before the next blink could be taken, all the aliens in the dataroom were now floating helplessly in the void of space after having been teleported outside of the ship, while the data rooms were currently being purged with prejudice.

"Dibs on pilot." Cid interjected, moving to the pilot's seat before anyone, even superspeedster carol, could process what he had just said, once again using his mastery over time to pull a fast one.

"God damn it, he's *always* pilot." Henderson grumbled as she filed into the ship, beckoning forth the rest of the group and a series of peacekeeper infantry men.

Other shuttles lay waiting for others on the Spirit of Liberty, while the A.I beneficus, housed in a tiny datachip implanted into Carol's helmet, calmly reported. "Alright I've calculated a safe descent route onto the ring. I would recommend holding onto something and praying to whatever deity you worship that we do not get blasted into atoms by a passing fighter or interceptor. Or if you are capable of maneuvering in space, that you get off your hindquarters and pull escort duty." The A.I managed with surprising amounts of snark.

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The meat was torn by the claws and the weapons devoured to be integrated into the armor, it was a splendid process of acquisition as it is utmost natural in process. The fun part was the whole dodging around the linear beams to get close, once in range he does the same old routine. Capture the center of mass, take down the target whatever it may be and then use superior natural weapon to begin feasting. The teknophage adjusts to each data fed into each systems and metabolizes the change into its body.

The Jade orbs hit some of his allies yet he protected what he can by bobbing his head so that the orbs hit directly at his mouth where their lethality of the plasma is effectively neutralized. A shield of appetite so that his allies can regroup and flank the enemies. His claws move in a flurry that matched the ferocity of his head, forming a wall of blades that have successfully impaled several Dark Eldars. Lithe as they are, this is done with extra precision as he had witnessed some of his own forces thinning. He and his friends @anthony_stark alongside with @shadowswordmaster might be tough but the majority of these men excluding those in the special suits are meatbags.

He remains stationary as his legs are ingrained to the flooring, a turret where his jaws and claws did the work. Medium range offensive and defensive measures to keep enemies at bay, noticing that this may give him plenty of chances to feed. A turret that takes slow movements towards the entrance of the enemies. Seeking to plug the breach with their corpses, both legs dragging a whole pile of unggnoys. Noticing that they had began to move, his eyes are always on the kind AI. Beneficus which must not be compromised at all costs. A canine that happens to be connected to carol, so he turns his attention. Ships began docking off as they depart elsewhere, seemingly into the larger craft as they prepare for a skirmish. Albert hopped off the craft as he punched through their entrant to meet up with one of the ships for escort.

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@anthony_stark: @amaranth_strix: @nerx: @agent_california:

He saw what it looks like a a group of what he knows are called Dark Elder form the files he was given.He saw that there were three of them and one of them had what it looks like a big sword.He saw the two other ones going right at him charging him like mad man.He wait for the two to come closer to him.He pulled out his sword and waited for the peferct monemt to take them down in one strike .Then the moment came , with one strikee one slash with using his robotic strenght slash at the two charging at him they both hit the ground at the same time.He look at the one with the big sword and watch what he did then he saw him going at him with the big sword ready to strike and he did then same but what he did was use his leg boosters to increase the speed of him going to strike.Then when the two strike at each other but he was quicker than the Dark Eldar with the big sword he took him down with a slash across his body.He turn around seein the bodies .

"This is Sawyer to anybody alive on this ship where are you guys at."He use the commucation device that he had on him .He wonder is there still people alive on this ship.

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The wings of Seraphs and Apollos dueled gracefully in the silent void of space, vectored thrusters sending them jittering and jinking in ways that would tear atmosphere bound aircraft apart in a single second as the Hierarchy ships followed the descending shuttles down towards the surface of the colossal ring. But as they got ever nearer, the meticulously designed structures created by the Masari became ever more apparent.

Beautiful canyons, forests, structures, icy fields, vast plains, oceans, and more were spread across the vast ring world, so enormous that one could have the entire lifetime of the universe and only explore the tiniest fraction of all that it had to offer. As they got closer, it became obvious that there was more; living beings and the solemn patrol of automated drones who flitted across the surface of the ringworld, seeming to be on the look out for something, not particularly caring about those descending to invade the surface of the colossal construct.

Passing by a wing of enemy fighters, Cid sent the shuttle into a death spiral that visibly sickened some of the less stout of stomach on the dropship. "We've hit some damn alien turbulence, so please buckle in your seat and try not to puke in this ship, because ai carumba the smell. Euch." Cid said in a tone that was entirely cheerful for heading into a death scenario. Just as he spoke, one of the drop ships next to them exploded into flame as a series of glowing red orbs latched onto it and rapidly leeched it's structural integrity into nothingness.

"Fuckers got Saucers!" One of the peacekeepers exclaimed with a shake of his head. "Can it soldier, we are peacekeepers. Zut alors! Why did I get the cowards brigade" Said a gruff french voice. "Sergeant Jacques, save it for the enemy." Allison shot back as Cid's crazy method of flying sent them into a wild corkscrew, causing at least one soldier to lose his lunch. "What did I say about vomiting?!" Cid complained mockingly as the defensive guns of the shuttle rang to life in a flurry of shots and missiles.

"You're gonna clean that up Monsieur. Or I'm going to beat the Merde out of you!" Jacques growled at the pale soldier while an enemy strikecraft erupted into flames next to them. "Haha, suck it alien scum!" Ericson cheered on while Henderson looked down onto their target world.

Finally, the ships hit the atmosphere of the ring world, a shudder went through them as an envelope of flame engulfed them, encasing them in the warmth of friction as they lurched closer and closer to the surface of the planet. Others went down in rocketing drop pods or simply teleported down onto the surface of the world, racing past the drop ships as explosions blossomed behind the group, the space battle continuing to rage as the capital ships and escorts descended towards the atmosphere of the ring.

Finally hitting the ground, the drop ship steadied itself before lowering the ramp, revealing a land with no sun, but still light as an afternoon through the arcane technosorceries of the Masari. It was tropical, and the calls of animals rung through the humid air. A cacaphony of nature that was then silenced by the roar of jets flying in overhead. "Well Seniors and Senioritas, we've made a safe landing. Thank you for flying Air Cid." the Spaniard joked as he looked over the controls.

However, the enemy was already here; in force. "Move out! We got xeno bogeys all over our arses." Henderson ordered, urging everyone out as enemy troopers rushed forward, a cascade of concussive rounds flying out of Jiralhanae brute shots while Lost ones giggled and fired off their rad-plas guns to send green orbs down range. "Motherfuck! Someone kill those Heavies!" Jacques ordered while firing off his battle rifle, ducking under the storm of enemy return fire and hiding behind an artificial indentation in the ground; wisely not trusting the plantlife for cover. .