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A pair of crowbars slid between the two large doors attempting to pry it open. Outside them two armored figures struggled to move the large doors open, a hooded figure pushed them aside and with ease slid them open with his hands. The group flooded into a large dark room only the faint light outside slightly illuminated it. The hooded figure walked up to a large computer terminal, he switched it on "WARNING," it read on the screen, "SYNDICATE INACTIVE PROTOCOL 2-R ACTIVATED INPUT PASSWORD" The figure typed on the several keys, "PROTOCOL FULLY ACTIVE WELCOME REAPER," he pulled back his hood and a sinister smile appeared as the room fully illuminated with bright lights. "SYNIDCATE RE-ACTIVATED."

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The Zesus a modern marvel of human engineeering literally a flying fortress. Reaper thought as he sat in the seat of the helicopter, alongside him sat several members of his private army and outside he saw several more helicopters slicing through the New York air. He pulled back a section of his coat viewing his watch around his wrist, "almost time," he whispered to himself. This mission would be the trial run of his New Syndicate he'd managed to create with a help from the old one. But this wasn't the old one this was his team, his missions and if they failed they would deserve what they get.

"Sir we need you up here," the pilot called back to him. Reaper stood up and walked to the cockpit of the helicopter, "their asking about landing clearance." Reaching inside his pocket he removed a small disc and handed it to the pilot, it was inserted into a machine, "roger we're clear to land." The choppers touched down on the main deck of the Zesus outside un-suspecting crewman walked towards the choppers, inside Reaper leaned against the hull of it. With a nod the doors opened and gunfire shot at the suprised Zesus crewman.

With great speed the main deck was taken and troops began to move towards the landing tower. Reaper stood over the edge and looked down at New York City, he pressed his finger against the comm link in his ear. "Begin the operation," he said as chaos errupted behind him.

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Chaos has two sides to it in the end first is disorder, violence and tossing everything out of balance. The other is order the passing of threats and revitalizing the world you dream. Salem's mom had lost sight of the second half a bit. Azrael loved the bloodshed and though she knew of the end game she had no craving for it. Put simply she just wanted ruin and left the rebuilding for others on most ocasions. A message came that a new Syndicate was being formed, Azra knew because she had apart in the previous team. That team was ran by Daggerklutz and was a well organized system that seamed to be going nowhere. It was in the nature of heroes to surpass it. The previous owner was against killing and had no wish for blood to flow from the slowers of progress. Az was hesitant to how the team would fare and after dicussing it with Hex made an offer.. Salem Hexona would work for the team, working as a bridgeway between Tenebra and the Syndicate. Az and Hex knew this other team power hungry might lash out against TI just for more power. By having the daughter of these tyrants in their mist though they would not tartget the team irationally. This is how the witch, an alchemy casting magic playing hellion joined the ranks of the new team,

Introductions Are In Order

Salem glared at the human across from her the young man was the only nonmeta human in the group of five. Sure he was a amazing shot but that didn't sway Azra's opinion of the poor soul before her. Next to him was another man of moderate skill and across from them on either side of her sat two more guards. Both were women, the men had the task of watching Hex. They trusted her as a valuable member of the team but she was also one of the most out of place. A demon mutant who was tied to a group of terrorists and hated humanity. They had right to fear her. She was also one of the few who wanted to ride in the helicopter on her lonesome rather than with a bunch of people from the team. "So what is your plan?" So asked the human, oh how she hated the breed.

"It's simple I kill every human who gets in my way. This is in persuit of taking this base for ourselves." She rolled her eyes, he knew this what was the point of the questioning? The small aircaft came to a landing propellers slowing down. The guards aproached to greet them welcoming and following protocol. So relaxed in this dayly procedure idiot humans, they had this coming. "Don't waste your amunition" Her vectors invisible hands unfolded from her back as she leaned forward the four limbs two meters in length lashing out at the security. Fresh blood splashed across the metal as the hearts were obliterated. The molecules of the limbs sped up to the point they could tear through sheets of metal. Reaching that point they pulled up to break free of the corpses they impaled. The motion in itself riping the bodies in half from the base of the rib cage up. It was time to get to work on the rest of these wretched souls.

"Follow if you want just don't get in my way." With that the pink haired criminal was out of the hellicopter and going to work. The base was massive at least two miles in length, and there was next to thirty seperate floors to the thing. Just short of being in the center was a large tower. From what she gathered it was the bridge. That was her target of choice, the method of how was just a game. Her ruby colored eyes shined before she charged towards the closest guard. Dispatching him was simple one vector knocked his feet from beneath him the blow shattering bone. As the body fell another vector took hold of his head and slamed it down. His head bursting in a spray of blood squashed on impact. Hex wasn't going to sit on the sidelines or play this nicely. Every target before her she wanted to make sertain was six feet under.

Her palm touched the heavy steel floor beneath them alchemy coming into play. Two yars off a small group of soldiers were impaled. Spikes riping them apart as they sprouted from the metal. Her assault continued in this way, alchemy destroying one human after the next vectors ripping them apart. It was the bloody acts of a woman with no restraints in a place like this. Clearing the distance her vectors slammed into the ground propelling the small light woman upwards to the scafolding. The bridge was right through the windows before her. There were many places in need of puting down from baracks to engines. Someone had to manage the weapon systems the engines all of these were important. Hex had this segment only because as seen she was there in a minute. In an organized team speed and efficiency was a grand combination.

Two of her vectors grabed the two stationary guards by there heads and pulled down. There necks snapped against the railing and speced the floor below in blood. Her other two vectors punched the plexiglass before them. The window reduced to shards which cut and maimed the men and women infront of her. Both her hands went for the sidearms of the guards she had just slain. The guns quickly unholstered and then clips expended. A double tap to the head for anyone but the comander. Of course the comander began to beg, wretched human. "Please, you wouldn't kill me would you." She rolled her eyes in annoyance of course she would. "Please for the love of god I have a child you cant take me from her can you?"

Eyes the color of blood stared at him as Salem crouched in the window just waiting to pounce. "You know I became the strong woman before you by being left alone. Love my mom oh I do but it was her leaving me to find myself that made me care." Slowly she walked up the captain of the Zesus and he began to mutter the word why. A ferral grin was on her face as she looked him in the eyes. "It's simple, your human" a unseen hand pulled on every limb quickly reucing the man to scattered parts across the now blood soaked room. Taping her ear to activate the comm link Salem gave her status report. "Bridge taken Reaper no hostiles remaining."

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The Zesus, Cargo Bay #9
"This is plan of yours is madness!" A young brunette adorned in a lab coat with a black shirt and skirt underneath yelled as her male co-worker began fiddling around with a control panel connected to massive metallic storage crate sealed shut by multiple magnetic locks.
"And what else would you have me do? Go out there and try to reason with her? No. This is the only solution to our current crisis." The male lab worker snapped back.
"Solution? No, this is not a solution, this is simply a case of trading out one walking catastrophe for another. It's not going to stop killing even if it manages to carve that psycho demon bitch into little bits and pieces. It's going to go on a rampage not unlike hers and slaughter every living person who still resides on this ship. What part of that don't you understand?" She asked, but her co-worker's mind was already in another place. After punching in a few codes, the magnetic locks unhinged themselves from the crate and allowed the front panel to fall flat onto the floor. 
A cyclopean glowing red eye peered out from the darkness and scanned its surroundings. It then stepped forth from the shadows, taking on the physical form of a blue and teal armored titan with a motorcycle helmet shaped head that had multiple prongs coming out the sides that were bent upwards towards the ceiling. The rest of its large form was covered in multiple layers of "armor" to help partially absorb the damage inflicted from powerful melee combat blows.
The room went silent as the titan stared down at the two scientists below. "Have you come to fight/oppose/challenge this unit?"
The scientists looked at each other and then back at the titan. "N-No. We...um..."
"Then why has this unit been awakened/re-activated if you do not intend to fight/oppose/challenge this unit?" It asked, cocking its head to the side.
"Because...we were ordered to re-activate you by the one who truly wishes to challenge you! Right Mary?" the male scientist said, jabbing Mary's ribs lightly.
"Right Jack! She's waiting for you on...on the bridge! Yeah, the bridge! You should...should go and meet up with her! She's really anxious to meet and fight you." Mary said.
"REALLY anxious." Jack added.
"This unit must not keep her waiting any longer then." And with that, the hulking titan began its trek towards the bridge.
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The group of cars raced towards the Zesus facility in New York with Ringleader at the lead. He glanced down at his watch "O right on time great." He turned on his com link which gave him vocal accsess to reaper. "Begin the operation," Vincent heard him over the com. That was his signal to block the exits and work his way up to meet up with the others who he had not meet yet. "O goody showtime." Vincent said to himself as he say the building coming into view. He pressed on his walkie talkie. "Ok boys you trusty hench men keep any cops or anyone esle from 'disturbing' our little party upstairs hehehehe." The cars all came to a halt outside the building and Ringleader along with his men climbed out of there cars. "Ok my fine gentlemen you all know what to do." he turned and ran towards the doors laughing evilly.

He kicked in the doors laughing then said. "Hello my friends just here to take what belongs to me and my friends." The guards at the desk quickly drew there guns and pointed then at Ringleader "No buddy your going to turn around and leave." one of them said. "O you fools and your guns." Ringleader said then he acrobatically leaped into the air and shot one of the guards with his demon energy then landing without any trouble. The other guard began to fire his gun but Ringleader quickly rolled out of the way kicked of the wall and shot another bolt killing the other guard. But then his walkie talkie went off. "Uuuu boss the cops are here." "Good boys give then hell." Vincent said these last words barking at the goon on the other end. He then started hearing gunshots coming from above and from outside. He then began to climb up the stairs acrobatically to get to the top hoping he wouldnt be late. He then began laughing as he said to himself "This is going to be fun."