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The Balance Keeper named Man_of_Forever but known as MOF, walks high over a forest of great splendor. Was it night or was it dusk? Or was it that this place was always this gloomy. His armored boots carried him over a platform in the air that didn’t exist. He had lowered his weight down so far that he seams to levitate above the trees. This is the first time since he stole his MOF-Cycle from Hell, that he decided not to ride it to get around. "I finally get to as the human's say, Stop to smell the roses."  MOF says and that is what indeed he does.

He increases his weight and grabs the corners of his cloak and parachutes down to the ground ever so gracefully. The squirrels scurry around looking for food for the soon approaching winter. The birds fly in formation to the south, not to mention loudly. The undisturbed grass makes a soft crunch as he lands and walks. MOF sees a patch of flowers not far from the riverbank and they almost call to him. He takes his time to get over there and soak in the fresh air from the breeze. 

It was calming in there and almost makes the man that never sleeps want to take a nap under a tree. He finally reaches the flowers and he kneels on one knee. His large blue hands cups a flower then a butterfly which was resting on another peddle flies away. MOF smiles and brings the flower to his nose careful not to detach it from its steam. Suspecting that he is alone, MOF inhales letting the aroma fill his nostrils and satisfy his smell senses. "Now I see what they mean." The Blue Giant says referring to the humans of Earth. Still on one knee and back facing the world he lets the flower go back to its designated spot among the others...

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From the rivers cold depths, A young figure moves though the waters as though she was born within the blue darkness. A wave, more like a whip of blood red hair flicks so close to the surface of the water. She was on her way up, When she felt footsteps of a humanoid viberate though the ground which in turn shot though the water, Her since of touch was so acute that she could feel the slightest touch on any part of her body, which is why she always wore light clothes, if any at all. Indeed Her clothes where trapped over a branch on the same bank as the footsteps where. by the feel of the viberations, It was a man, Tall and larger than most. Keeping her body just under the water, She opened her Emerald green bright eyes and watched as the man nelt before the flowers.

No man should be here unless they are of the natural order, She was, She was alowed for she new the laws of the woods. It was rare indeed to find another, The cloths he wore told her he didnt know. If he stayed, the balance of the woods would be thown off.

A sharp pain in her side reminded her that her time lemit for staying under the water, five hours on the dote, was up. With a kick of her long legs, her head broke the face of the river. the air was cold, So cold to her wet bare skin. She swam to the egde without a sound, Then darted from the water to the tree where her cothes hung waiting. Drapping the light cloth around her chest, she tied it at the side, she did the same to the other cloth, around her waist, tieing it at her side, leaving one leg bare. she had nothing on her feet. the wind blew hard around warning her of the man, she could feel its chill. her dripping red hair was blown back reliving her pointed ears. Taking a small dagger and tieing it with a stip of cloth around her showing leg, She walked out into the clearing, behind the man. Her eyes where half closed, but she could see not just his body, but his energy aswell. "You do not belong here. You are not welcome within these trees! Leave...now." She stated with a clear soft voice. a voice like that of a dreamers, sweet as honeysuckles dripped with morning dew. but as stern as the snap of  a whip.

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MOF doesn’t move as some person walks up behind him. Closing his eyes he lets his hearing and soul senses take over. The lightness of their footstep means they are a woman, a small child, or some kind of stealth warrior. Their soul belonged to nether side of the balance and appeared somewhat in synch with the surrounding forest. It speaks... she speaks. Just from the direction of the voice MOF knows her height. Her voice tender but her words forceful. His eyes shot open when he recognizes the voice, ignoring her words. It was his friend Lillya WildChild, which he called Lily. And lover to his teammate Warrior Guyver X, which he simply called X. He jumps up to his feet and spins around in a very excited manor. He has been through a lot with this girl and has a lot in common with her.

They have been to a planet named Cogan Prime and stopped ferocious monsters and also survived a maniac in a house that was designed for murder. They where both trying to hold up some kind of balance in the world around them. MOF was more design to do it in the far out and strange regions of outer space. Maybe Lily was keeping the balance in this mysterious forest, but of course not limited to these woods. He stretches his arms out about to give the redheaded young lady a hug, but he has too much respect for X to embrace his woman in such a way, so he lowers them back to his sides. The Blue Giant paid no attention to his command to leave and tries to start a conversation.

"How have you been? It’s been a while since we've been in an RPG together..." He often forgets he is the only character that knows the world around them is created by people typing on a computer. "I’m sorry." He laughs a little at his mistake. "It’s been a while since I've seen you. You remember me don’t you?"  He looks down then sees she is barely covered, and then quickly looks forward over her head, trying to not focus on her curvaceous body.
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After he turned, The sent from his body drafted to her on the calming winds. Forever...this was indeed her friend. But that mattered little, To keep the balance, even friends have to be turned away. He paused, looking over her, friendship in his eyes. She wanted to sigh, but no sound came from her parted lips. Carefully, She walked to the side, not turning her back to him, not showing him anything but her face, She circled him, Her feet moved with careful steps, weary and watchful. "Man Of Forever, Aye, I rember you, But you need to leave. If you dont, I will have to make you."

Her eyes flashed a bright green that out greened any thing in the woods around them. The wind came alive once again, blowing as if a storm was on the air. the branches of the tree's danced in a threatening dance to scare anyone that dares enter where they belong not. "I am the balance keeper of the world. both of man and of wild. This is a forbiden place." Her eyes wherent friendly, but wild, no other emotion touched her gaze.

fight me! fight me now!!

the thoughts set like fire to her mind as she stared at him, When in this forbiden place, An energy came over her, Wild and crazed, Deadly and powerful. She was not her normal self, in the city, of the vine, she was herself, calm and sweet, together and friendly, but out here, in her real world, the world she felt more at home than wtihin any building, she was as wild as the tree's, as strong as the waves on the rocky beachs, and as fast as the winds. in this world of green and brown, she had only one friend, herself.

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She mentions the balance, a thing close to MOF's heart and culture. The reason why he does anything and everything. His only reason for living. And even if he doesn’t want to admit it she's right. Every fight he has ever been in once in the CV universe, the environment of the battle was destroyed a little bit if not completely. Whether it was the concrete jungle or a building or a designated arena, they all crumble to the might of the warriors. This place was different. This whole place was alive. It held trees and grass, and animals and insects. And when he actually took the time he could see all the woods different souls glowing like lamps everywhere. It didn’t matter if they where a passing dear or a small blade of grass, it was alive.
"Maybe I should just leave. I don’t have to stay here." He thought but then he started to twitch his nose like he had to sneeze or something. His face begins to scrunch up like he smelled something rank. He squints and looks at Lily like he hated her, his whole life. Just as her eyes glowed florescent his aura flickered. His large hands curled up to make fist. MOF is losing control of himself. He is no longer the Laidback Conqueror but now he is something else, something more psychotic. He tries to front kick the Elf with his armored boots and long leg. All reasoning has left MOF and the only thing on his mind is bringing a end to Lily. But what brought this about is a question not yet answered ...
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Eyes half open, half closed. Half seeing his body, half seeing his energy. Light a hunter, waiting, She waited, then it hit him, so fast and so hard. "This is why this place is forbiden! You feel it in you! a fire burning for pain! for blood! A hate so strong it can shatter this plane! this world and you wouldnt care!" She snapped at him as if it was his fault. She watched, counting the seconds it took for it to move though his body, like a  flood of lava, so hot and rich, drowning out his sinces of thought, his own moral code was gone. blinded by the hate, tormented by the anger. consumed by the rage that the plants and even the water gives off.

There she was, half clothed, dripping with the toxic water, it pumped though her viens like the wind though her hair. faster, harder, stronger, wilder! as if everything she had ever been though was leading up to this, to this time and place, nothing else mattered, it didnt matter that she was about to be attacked by a dear friend of hers, her lovers friend. It didnt matter that this fight, that is about to take place would tear this world apart, What only mattered was causing as much pain to this man, this damned man who dare tresspast against her!

The light grew within her gaze, Sparkles turned to fires lashing fingers, both green and red flooded her eyes. glowing like embers holding onto the flame. She could feel the energy corsing though her body like her own blood, growing, flowing faster and faster like a raging river. She tried as hard as she could to hold on, and she was working, but then, as she new would happen, he attacked her. aiming his armored foot towards her chest, ready to knock her into the tree behind her.

She was as gracefull as any elf, so she just dropped back, her hands felt the cool touch of the grass, she felt the air flow as his foot barely missed her face.She flipped her body around so that she was on her right hand, then using her left leg she kicked at his other knee, the one holding his body upwards.

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Oh it burnt for sure. How could a beautiful flower hold so much poison in its pollen? Its mind altering chemicals entered his nose by his own will. Now it ate at his brain. He was shifting into a more primal version of himself mentally. He lost his sophistication and thought like an animal. Murder, Blood and Destruction where the only things he could process. His target was missed as it fell to the earth on purpose. His leg was kicked out of place but as he fell over his hand hit the ground palm down. He pushes off it and cartwheels onto his feet. He plants his feet on the ground and breaths heavily taking in more of the toxic air.

Most of his physical attacks won’t work on this female for she was very agile and quick. He walks backwards and bites down on his teeth. Simultaneously the ground shoots up at her in the form of spikes from all angles. He wants the spikes to pierce her in her waist so she couldn’t move. He then would hop up and try to round house her in the face. He lands on his feet and back flips. He lands and grabs a passing squirrel. He lifts it up and points at his head. He uses his matter manipulation and causes its skull to burst open. That was his first time he used that power on a living organism. He did it just to show Lily how far 'gone' he was. MOF could see the soul leave the squirrel but he grabs it with his other hand and squeezes it. It is absorbed into his body and he smiles like he tasted it and enjoyed it.
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She was on her hands and her feet, with her fingers touching the ground, twisting in the grass, taking the energy of the very blades that touched her skin. Where she walked, turned to death and ash, killing everything, Taking its living energy into herself, She felt it corse though her, the more energy she took, the stronger she got, but the more wild she became. A growl touched her lips as he walked back, bitting his teeth.

The sun had just set under the moutains sending their world into a darker haze, an enchanting world of dancing shadows, night time calls of creatures that where stured by the corsing of energy of the two humanoids, and glowing hate that shun deeply within the eyes of the fighters.

What was her name? What was his? why where they fighting? did it even matter!? He was there! he was aposing her! in her tertory! He must be made to flee or die!! The thoughts shook like an earth shatter though her body, at the same time, the earth under her feet started to shift, She felt them before the ground even broke, She did a backflip towards the tree just as a spike came for her side, she felt it touch, but it couldnt cut her, for the energy she took from the grass had wraped around her body like an everlasting shield of energy, it looked just as a green tinted mist of air but it could stop any thing from really touching her body, her skin was save, it didnt though stop the force of an attack, she could still be crushed, but with her speed, that was hard to do.  reaching up, She tried to grab a branch of a tree, only to be kicked by his foot, in her cheek, She fell to the ground and felt the blood drip form her lip, She rolled to the side and watched as he grabbed a squirrel, She saw what he did, and the fact he enjoyed it send a fire through the remaning thought of peace.

She reached into the tall grass and took out a bow, Then, touching each end of the bow, a string of energy formed, then she pulled it back, as she aimed nothing at him, She watched him iwth keen eyes, Then an arrow formed, glowing as green as her eyes, Her hair blew back as she took a breath, then relised it, as all elves, she was a great shot with the arrow. But this arrow didnt need to hit him, As it moved though the air, it gathered more energy, forming a shock wave of pure heat that blew every blade of grass, every branch of the tree's, scorning them harshly, it was 10 feet tall, and 6 yards long, enough to knock him back against a tree, it would melt his cloths, and burn his skin like fire.if the arrow of energy hit him, it would go right though his body without leaving a mark, but, it would take nearly all of his living energy away.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm her rasing heart as she did a leap into a tree and watched.

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As she took steps the grass turned from green to a depressing gray. Many people would think she sent death to tiny blades, but MOF could see the soul energy travel from the grass into the woman.  Things became even gloomier as the sun began to descend behind the mountains. MOF was a yellow beckon now but Lily was a green one. She too now has an aura but of a different sort. The spikes crumbled as they try to penetrate her aura. She attempted to grab a branch but MOF successfully roundhouses her in the face. Something that he would normally never put in his mind to do but his mind is not his own. Why were these two creatures so alike? Ms. WildChild pulls out a bow from the greenery, but with no arrows. MOF has a bow as well and coincidently it doesn’t have arrows until the owner pulls the string back.
MOF's arrows would be purple but Lily's is green.

The attack that she will do, MOF has done it before also but in a different manor. Lillya fire's it from her bow but MOF has to absorb a soul then blast it through his hands. It doesn’t really affect the victim physically but if it passes through it would mean total shut down. The Universal Balance Keeper was all too familiar with its affects. With the blast being so big the Blue Giant had no way of dodging it, but he always thinks of the next best thing. He remembers the squirrel’s soul he stole and re-channels it. Transforming it into a skin tight force field but due to the size of the creature it only covered his front. That's all he needed. The shockwave comes but MOF stands firm waiting for impact. It collides with the Man of Forever and sends him flying. The squall’s soul took the deadliest part of the hit and was destroyed but MOF took the all of the force.

The Glowing Warrior smashed through tree after tree and soon crashes into the ground. He stands up, his cloak and pants burnt off completely. His black armor glowing red from the heat and his hair and eyebrows singed. His skin did no take much burning do to his indestructibility. MOF was instantly ticked off. MOF takes a few steps and then his MOF-Cycle materializes and he steps on. He draws his sword and rides off at Lillya with super speeds. As he comes to where they started fighting he notices Lily couldn’t be seen. Remembering she tried to grab the tree before he kicked her, he zooms by the tree she is in at slashes the trunk of it. His sword would disintegrate and sever it right away. MOF hops off his bike and whispers "Timber..." as he watches the tree collapse.

He puts his sword back onto his belt and leaps into the sky. He grabs the tree's soul as it floats away and MOF stays in the air by controlling his weight and he waits to see where his teammate’s lover will spring out of next.

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Lya was hidding within the branches of the tree, her hair was almost all dry, leaving it light enough to dance slowly in the dieing days breeze. She was trying to catch her breath as she heard him smash into her tree's. She took each energy before he could suck up their souls. the energy she took went to her sheld that was wraped around her body. Then all sound stopped. it was like she went deaf all of the sudden. Glancing to the right, she closed her eyes and used her pointed ears. She could hear his heart thumbing in his chest. the energy called out to her, as blood did to the vampires. It made her thrist, How she craved to taste his energy. to feel it join her own within her body, the power, the heated lust of power and energy. Licking her lips she noticed that he was getting closer, really fast. Just as she was about to jump from the tree, to grab him and take his energy as her own, She felt the tree under her give a sharp jerk, Then the creaking of the wood as it bent and broke. She gasped so faintly as she looked into his eyes with shock and pain. It was as if at that moment she came back to her own rightful mind. But then the waters caved in around her as the tree and her fell into its icy depth.

no thought could be felt in that icy, watery grave. She was tangled in the branches, pinned against the tree and the sharp rocks at her back. The tree was too much for her to move underwater, So she just closed her eyes, With her hands on the wood, she used the energy she had gathered from the other threes that Her friend crashed into and used that to speed up the decomposing of the wood, till it cracked and floated away as though it was nothing. But this left her drained. She couldnt let him get away with that, He had detoryed this forbiden place! He must pay the price!!

She let her self float there, lost as if in a dream of the dead and living, The waters turned to a bright sparkling green as the energy of every living thing within the waters and on the banks of this mighty river drained from their bodies and floated into hers. She lost it. All the power that she couldnt contorl, she became a slave to the power, to the energy, to the spirit of earth. With a blank face She arose from the water, her cheeks flushed and steam rolled from her now bare body as though she had just took a dip into a boiling hot springs. but it wasnt really steam, it was energy, power, live, hate, love fear and pain, everything that living energy could feel, she was. it was. There was no hate in her face, only a calm look of an angel of death. careing not of the pain she would give, only knowing it was right. it was what needed to be done.

She looked right up at him, right into his eyes, With a small tilt of her head, like a child does to a flame, She raised one hand, open palmed, as if reaching to him for help. Then six orbs of green rose from the water, They rotated around her body before, one by one they aimed at him, driven on by his energy, his heart that pumped energy though his body, they went though tree's burning holes into the bark as though it was naught but air. If he tried to destory one, it would expolode into four more smaller faster orbs.

Energy rolled around her body, flickering eleltic sparks here and there over her naked body. Her hair was blowing around as though she was standing before a blazing fan, yet it was her eyes that stood out, Her eyes of glowing emerald, no thought or emotion shun within her gaze, nothingness, it echoed what was growing iwthin her body, what the energy itself feed off.

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From the sky, MOF could see his friend turned foe fall into the river and struggle not to drown. The tree was also in the water smothering her but then it crumbled into almost nothing. The last little pieces that did stay floated away. He lowered himself to the ground only to see her rise out of the river back emitting her on kind of energy. She seamed possessed but not with a spirit but with the power. She was naked and if not for his pieces of armor MOF would be as well. They looked eyes but felt no emotion. Then she cocked her head much like MOF used to when he first came to CV. The red headed girl reached out to the white headed man.  

Emerald spheres floated around Lily's palm then flew at the Blue Giant. MOF was a good distance away but when the orbs left her hand, his aura practically jumped forward. It was if his aura was alive and hungered for those strange orbs. MOF relaxes and lets his soul abilities take over. What was coming at him wasn’t just soul energy. No that would be too basic. This was the life of the forest she just absorbed and sent at him. Each orb was more powerful then if MOF was to absorb three men's souls. MOF spreads his arms out accepting the energy balls into his body as they hit.

As soon as his aura latches onto each of the orbs the power flows into MOF. His body instantly turns from blue to a blinding white. He looked like a star in the shape of a humanoid. MOF had never felt anything like this before. Sure he has had thousands of souls in his body before but this was far more pleasurable. It feed him in ways natural food never could. In his body the chemicals where still seeping in deeper and taking over faster.

He may have had the mind of a beast but he wasn’t foolish. She was something like her had never fought before. He couldn’t just go into a brawl and expect anything to happen. One she was too quick and two if he touched her he would lose some of himself to her. He looks around and sees nothing. She had taken the lives of much of the forest to create that attack which means there wasn’t much left in this forbidden place. Then he looks at a rock. He could see no soul within it. Then he realized that the ground and rocks may be the only thing on this planet that wasn’t alive. And MOF could control it.

Using his matter manipulation he lifts the ground up in huge pillars around the beautiful female. Each 20 feet high and 12 feet dense. After those are up and she is most likely trapped he merges them together at the top and at the sides. He has just created a cage with no air ventilation and no exit. He stares at the large construction of pure earth and he waits to she what she will do to try and escape.

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She watched, with half closed eyes as the orbs shot into his body, he took the bait. He took the energy, She could see it corsing through his body. White took over the blue, untill she couldnt stand looking at him, for he was so bright, like that of a star so close in such darkness.

The young elf was now more than just an elf. she was now THE energy, The living world, that pulsed around her, breathing, growing, for her powers now streched farther than the forbiden wood. iIf she staid like this, she could suck up the erengy out of the intire world. She was one iwth the world, one with the energy, Even the energy that he took, the wild forest energy, now she was in him, now she was flowing though his body as though it was her elf body. She found herself around his heart, in his lungs, in his mind, everything was hers now...

The walls came up, walls of dirt, so high and so thick. So rich with dirt, with earth, her beloved earth wraped around her, cooccooning her in this darkness. but it didnt touch her, it didnt come close, She dropped to her knees. watching the bright green light of her dome as it was pressed from the earth. She looked up with her hands cupped together in her lap, She gave a soft whisper, not a plead, but a welcome, slowly she looked down to see a seedling in her hands. air...air came from the leaves, she set her hand on the dome ground and more life apeard, like  a small little oasis in the darkness. no light, but she was the light, she was covered in a glowing green. She closed her eyes, let herself see him, beyond the dark was his/her energy...the life that corsed though his body was calling her name. and she was there..within him..She didnt have to see him, or touch him to hurt him now, for he took what she gave him, which was apart of herself, for living energy was apart of everything, and thus she was apart of everything.She reached up her hand. so she could see it...with eyes closed.

She placed her energy around his heart, felt it beating fast and wild, As she let out a breath, she tightened the energy around his heart, slowly, yet noticably.

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The sweet sensation of the new energy inside MOF turned bitter. No one has ever seen the insides of this blue alien not even himself. But it would be safe to say he doesn’t have any. If he did they would have shut down ages ago from not eating, drinking, breathing, or sleeping. He has never spilled a drop of blood even though he has completely lost body parts in battle. That would mean he has no intestines, no stomach, no kidneys or liver, no lungs and no heart. That’s what makes what happens next all the more shocking. She manipulated her energy to wrap around what would be a heart. Then he grunted and slightly bends forward. He held his stomach area and stares at the ground.

She was in him causing physical pain that he had never felt before. But as his heart (or something like it) was being crushed the chemicals of the forest didn’t want to lose control of the glowing man. He inhales strongly to let in more of the polluted air. And around the heart area a barrier was formed from the chemicals holding back the force of the energy. Now MOF has killed two birds with one stone. He saves himself from being killed by Lillya and now his mind is clear of the chemicals while they guard his heart.

He is back to the same laidback warrior and with all his sophistication. But when his mind was clogged by the poison he was blind to what was going on. He doesn’t remember anything of the fight and wonders why he is half naked and glowing. “Where did Lily go?” He asks himself out loud. He looks at the dome of earth and realizes he must have done it. To get some kind of glimpse of what happened he lets his RPG Awareness play it back in his head. “She did that? ... I did that?!” Feeling horrible and feeling responsible he looks around the destroyed woods.

Then he walks over to the dome and places his back on it. Then he slides down until he is sitting on the ground. “Lily its me, MOF… well of course but I can think clear once again. And I’m sorry but I cant let you out of there until you calm down. And since we are still in this forbidden forest that wont happen. So I can leave this place and leave you trapped to die. But I couldn’t live with myself and your lover would try to kill me… “ After saying that he starts going over other options in his head then says them out loud. “Or how about I go and get some other characters; X included, and tell them to wear a gas mask. Then we can take you out of this place so you can become whole once again. How does that sound huh?”

He was trying to talk to her as if she was still sane in an attempt to bring he back with out force.

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His words echo'ed through out the dome, muffled naturely by the amount of dirt and root it had to go through. She only halfway heard his words, and halfway understood what they ment, though it was like a differnt laungue she only heard along time ago...

"Leave this place...you trapped to die....your lover... try and kill me...Get...X....Mask..."

was all she alowed herself to hear. She wasnt right, but nor was she wrong, She was still the power, and the power, was her, the energy, the life was her and she it. There was no right or wrong, no good nor evil, only life...trapped to die sounded more threatening than it should of.

'trapped, lets just see how trapped i really am!' She thought as she looked down, knelling down on her new grass, She she reached out to the egde of the dome, there was a seed, so small and longing to grow, she plucked it out of the dirt and nursed it in her hand, giving it the energy shew as still gathering from all around the world. It grew so fast, so bold and strong that she let it shoot out of her energy dome as she held onto a branch after she set it down in the dirt under her feet, it darted right up, pressing so hard against the earth he had in tombed her in, THen BAM!! the large tree bolted right into the skies. Energy flaring around the tree, and around the small elf that stood on a branch. Light so bright she looked like a star, so green and wild she looked more like a goddess of ole'd days when the wrath of a  goddess was true to fear.

He had threatned her, backed her in a corner and threated her life, She could still feel her power, herself within his body, alien and strange.
She had moved her arms, as she did a green light dulled by the earth, danced over the ground, reaching out around his body, at the same time, she rased her other arm, over the other, and a cloud of dust, like that of a dust storm came out of the tree, but it wasnt dust, it was dust, but mostly it was locus, and other flying harmful insects, She moved her fingers downard and upward then roated her hands around in circles, leaving the one on bottom on botton and the one on top, on top, like a twister, and that is what was made.

Should he move, it would move, for it was drawn to him by her energy which was still within his body, making a becon like effect. the earth shifted aswell, water came up, twisting in the dirt, thus quicksand was made, all around, if he went up, they went up, the earth, the sand would fallow, they where called to him by her energy, by his energy,

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After saying a few words to the lady he rests his head on the dome awaiting her response. For a few seconds nothing happened. Maybe she didn’t hear him. Maybe she did and just didn’t want to comply. Then the wall began to shake and MOF hops up and takes a few steps away from the shell of earth. He looks at it wondering what was wrong with it, and then the lid of the dome blew open. He blocks some falling debris then looks up at the giant tree which sprouted out of the prison. He saw her easier than ever because she was glowing bright as well. Strangely he wasn’t surprised because he would've done the same thing. Never give up and always think of a way out. She rotates her hands over each other then it appeared a fog was formed. But then a high pitched hum told MOF what it really was. Plague causing insects. 

They swarm at him and the Blue Giant figures they are drawn to him by the energy, like flies to sweet nectar. As he watched them charge at him from their mother he feels himself sinking into the ground. "This living energy was tasteful while it was new but now it is making me sick. And what do you do when you're sick? You throw up." The Balance Keeper says to Ms. WildChild before he purges himself of the foreign energy. Waiting for the locus-like bugs to be a yard away from him he pivots to the left and re-channels the power within him. MOF doesn’t just still souls and the such. He re-uses them. He sends all of Lily's energy out in a single blast, but where does he send it? Just up and into the dark sky. Just as if the power was still in MOF the insects and quicksand follow the energy out of the battle field.

The Man of Forever was no longer glowing white but has reverted to the normal blue with his personal aura. The ground is dry and the area is quiet once again. "Lya, it’s only a matter of time before the chemicals of this forbidden place takes over my mind again. We really don’t have to continue this madness." MOF shouts up to Lily as he fights back the toxins in his system.

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Her body was shaking, The energy was too strong, even for her form, for her form was so small, smaller than normal human woman. Skinny and abit short, Thin and and almost child like, the body wasnt well adapted to such a force of power as the energy. sure she normally used it like a channel for the energy, goign in and out at the right time, but now so much was going in, staying in, and around her, using her like a rod. Infact, She wasnt herself at all anymore. There was no toxins within her, there was hardly any blood at all, it was as though she had been hallowed, sure she still had everything she needed to live, but they wherent working. they had stopped. she wasnt breathing, she wasnt thinking, she hardly was looking at him. Her own power was to be her downfall, Her spirit was fighting it...she had 'counted' the amount of energy already used and new if any more was used, then she would end up killing the world. she would rather die before she killed the world, but being the red head girl she was, stuburn and wild, she didnt like to lose.

Her body gathered up even more energy, using everything within her, and everything around her, She poured it at him, though her hands in a beam of blinding green light, it was large, long and high. fast as energy could go, right at him, sure he could of out ran it, if he could run that fast, sure he could fly, if he could move that fast, The lya in side praid he was fast enough... but even she wasnt fast enough to dogde this... then once it was half way though, she couldnt keep it though her hands anymore, it expolted though her body, her arms, her chest, her legs, her feet, her neck, her face and even her hair. She let out a sceam, Lyas scream, Lillyana felt it burning though her, her soul was being torn apart by the force of this attack. it sent shock waves from her small framing body. not like the ones before, but hoter, stronger, it burned the tree she stood in and turned it to ash within moments, the same with anything for up to six miles around, again, and again, each wave getting weaker.

when the ash settled there was the child like girl, lying on her back, with her long matted hair over her turned face, her left arm over her stomach, and her knees bent so slightly. dirt and mud covered her body like tight clothes, She was barly breathing, at any moment she would die, her soul would be lost forever in the shadows of time. Her heart beat, so faintly, tears staning her eyes..from the open cuts on her arm, she wasnt even bleeding, for there was hardly any blood in her body at all, it had all been cooked away by the amount of energy she was holding. energy wsant just green light of live, but the heat of the energy was always burning her, cooking her body from the inside out, only normaly, she could of healed from it, this time however, it came to fast for her body to even try to heal itself...

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Nothing would bring this girl back to her normal state. She sends her final attack to destroy the man and maybe the last attack of her life. With a harsh yell a flood of the burning energy flushes out of her small body. MOF doesn’t have super speed and he can’t teleport, but he doesn’t need either because he can manipulate time itself. It came so fast that if he waited a second longer his body might not have been able to withstand the burning a second time. Time is frozen and with it, everything else. He stares at the paused energy and whispers "Thank the Balance for that gift." The Blue Giant cant actually fly, all he can do is control how much he weighs and float around. This time he jumps and in a single leap he is over the wall of live energy. Performing a cartwheel in the air he returns time and he watches the energy pass under him.

As he is coming down to the ground he notices Lily is as well. But harder and faster and almost life less. Figuring the last attack was too much for his enemy he still had to save his friend. He increases his weight and nose dives with arms out reaching for her. 10 feet stand between the two and the ground and if MOF doesn’t catch her she is gone for sure. Let’s hope he does. If he can cup her fragile body in his large arms he will summon his MOF-Cycle while in midair. He spreads his legs and he lands square on his one of a kind bike and saves them both from a deadly impact. The motorcycle usually only sits one person but as if alive and sensing another body it stretches out so both the Balance Keeper can fit secure. MOF keeps Lya in front of him so she doesn’t fall off the bike. His head was pounding from fighting back the chemicals but he revs the cycle and flies into the sky.

He cruises over the trees with high speeds on a mission to get them both out and away from the forbidden place. He will get her to the safest place so she and her soul can rest and recuperate. He didn’t look back and he never will....