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location: amusement park

time: dusk

Tenjin's car topped out at 160 mph, the tires tore up the gravel road. he was headed for the abandoned carnival just north of town. Tenjin was hired by a Anonymous client to take out a cyborg known as Warsman. He knew nothing about him just to make sure he is dead. Why the cyborg was there is a mystery but there was a price on his head so high it was hitting 8 digits so he did'nt care. The park was just ahead and he saw the sign and it read,"prepare for the time of your life!!!!"

This didn't raise Tenjin's moral but he wasn't backing down, no matter what waited for him on the other side of the gates!!!!

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Warsman was busy throwing what seemed to be tennis balls at targets in one of the games, the sheer force of his throws enough to singe the light green fuzz and shatter the targets with terrific ease.

"So, he's finally here, eh?"

Warsman crushed the last tennis ball in his hand, extending his claws on his left hand. He had heard of the immense bounty on his head and more recently of a hunter called Tenjin that was hired to kill him. This filled him with anger and excitement, for he had not had a good fight in some time. Striding to the front gate of the deserted amusement park, the Russian saw the headlights of the vehicle his foe charged at him with. His eyes reflected the light, casting an eerie red glow in contrast to his dark body, which blended in with the dusk-time sky.

"Let's begin, shall we?"

Warsman threw the broken tennis ball over his shoulder and extended his second pair of claws, bracing himself to catch the car's full weight and if not, then he would use the pent-up tension to launch himself at his enemy.

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Tenjin saw the machine through the steel bar gate, he was only 2 miles away before going head to head with the machine. he grabbed his sword from the backseat and dropped the top on his crow-black viper. The speed of which he was going wouldn't stop in time before slamming into the bars. He could here the wind crash against the windshield, it sounded like a rollercoaster. A quarter-mile was left before the battle began, His suit jacket unbuttoned letting his tattoos show and revealing Hanji and Baishin on their holsters. he had plenty of extra clips each extended, he brung six extra plus the ones in the guns. With 15 bullets per clip bringing the total for rounds up to 120 rounds of armor piercing lead. with his sword across his back he put the car in cruise control and kneeled up to prepare for combat. Right before the car hit the gate and tearing through it, he launched himself in the air and went straight for his guns.

"Its go time!!!!!

He spun the gun's trigger guards old west style while the viper going about 100 mph now from the crash headed staright for the cyborg. Tenjin let off a vollet of rounds at the cars gas tank right before it was in front on Warsman, making the car explode!!!!!

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Warsman was impressed by the hunter's agility, but he too was fast. Punching the car in the fender, Warsman sent it midair as the bullet impacted and the fiery explosion took place. The Russian walked through the flames, unafraid of fire unlike the humans, and dug his feet into the loose gravel, tensing his muscles so that the bullets impacted on his torso and fell to the ground useless.

"Bullets cannot harm me, hunter. That's been proven countless times before."

Warsman vanished, taking his place behind the hunter with amazing speed.

"You should've done your homework."

Warsman wheeled around, slashing at whatever lay behind him.

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Tenjin looked in dismay as the goliath struck his car and sent it barreling in the air. the explosion was tremendous he thought right before he backflipped onto the ground and locked his guns back into the holsters. But then he saw a sillohette of what seemed to be a demon, but then it spoke.

"Bullets cannot harm me, hunter. That's been proven countless times before."

then seemed to vanish but Tenjin knew the drill. He instantly reached for his sword along his back and unsheathed it with lightning speed, allowing it it hover along his back. His martial senses detected a movement.

"You should've done your homework." the monster said.

The cyborg had revealed himself and his position and Tenjin parryed the monsters claw and pushed off with great force to send himself back a few yards, to strategize his next move.

He then gazed to his side to see the whole park just waiting to be wrecked. He then pointed his eyes towards the machine and gestured it to give chase. Soon after he ran with great speed towards the tents.

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Warsman was slightly more impressed than before with the hunter's agility, but it wasn't enough for him to be overwhelmed. Blocking the sword-strike with a set of claws, Warsman's feet were dragged through the earth during the power-struggle, making them build up small piles of dirt. Seeing Tenjin run toward the park, and an eye-gesture that said to Warsman "let's trash it while we try to kill each other".

Warsman oblidged, nodding his head and gaving chase, kicking up clouds of gravel and sand as he took quickened steps. The Russian laughed; ideas of how sadistic he could be with pieces of the carnival as weapons were filing into his mind. His eyes flashed red in the final gleam of the sun as it settled under the horizon, smiling as the twilight became night. Leaping into the air, Warsman came back down, his legs tensed up, and attempted to crush Tenjin, or at least shatter the ground underneath him and injure him in some way.
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Tenjin could'nt believe the cyborg was keeping up with him, but Tenjin had plans for this machine.But did his eyes decieve him? The leviathan leaped into the air trying to crush him under his enormous wieght. Tenjin smirked and spun around to face warsman and with his sword in his right and his left hand extended towards Warsaman He crouched slightly and launched himself in front of the cyborg and shot a flamethrower while sommersaulting over Warsman. And while he was above him he turned 180 degrees so he could strike the machine all the way down its back with his sword.With a recover into a three point stance Tenjin soon after jumped ontop the tent to his side pushing the soil beneath him a few inches deeper. he decieded then and there to take of his jacket while balancing in between two tents, one leg on each. He ripped off his jacket and tossed it to the wind, leaving just his holsters and his tattoos showing.The sun behind him glistened as it desended to Earth, the giant ferris wheel and a few roller coasters silhouettes darkened the backround.

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Warsman was again surprised by the hunter's resourcefulness, but the flames merely licked his flesh as he put up an X-shaped guard with his arms to block them. The sword came across his forearms, which he had tightened to superhuman levels for just such an occassion. However, just to humor Tenjin, Warsman acted like it hurt. Falling back to earth, he landed on his feet and crouched down as sheets of rock jutted up from underneath him from the force of his fall.

"You're good." He said, eyeing the hunter carefully.

Blood seeped from scratches on his forearms, but Warsman ignored his wounds. Retracting his claws, the Russian stood to his full, menacing height of six feet and eight inches. The Moon began to rise.

"But, hunter, do you realize what you've just gotten yourself into? I am no mere bounty that you can kill in five minutes, while having your fun, and take the money home to wife and children,"

He took a step from the rubble, then another. Soon he was walking slowly to Tenjin's location.

"I am something you can't comprehend no matter how hard you try to. Inside my body is something that even scientists from across the world can't understand,"

He suddenly vanished, leaving an after-image, a image of false light in his wake. He reappeared directly in front of Tenjin in a matter of nano-seconds.

"But we'll come to that soon enough."

Warsman threw his knee at the hunter with lethal force and a punch reinforced with tensed muscle just for good measure.

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"You're good."

Warsman said as his blood red eyes looked straight towards Tenjin.

"But, hunter, do you realize what you've just gotten yourself into? I am no mere bounty that you can kill in five minutes, while having your fun, and take the money home to wife and children,"

Tenjin laughed uncontrollably, a wife a kids he thought!

Tenjin cryed out to Warsman," The moneys going to a house in the Carribean, and a garage full of cars!!!!""But thanks for your concern and by the way, i may not have an metal body and superhuman strength but don't take me lightly....im one of the best!!!"

After that Tenjin releized something, that Warsman was gone!!!!

Before he could defend himself the machine had slammed its knee deep within his stomache and his punch to the face was devasting.It sent Tenjin barreling to the ground, Tenjin could'nt breathe as a line of blood trickled down his chin. He regained his breath and stood to his feet." But those claws of yours would be sweet, when i kill you im going to invest in a pair of those!!!"

Tenjin regained his balance, the blow Warsman hit him with should of killed him, but Tenjin's body was battle hardened. He knew one on one Warsman would make short work of him. But then a lightbulb went over Tenjin's head, he looked at the tents and knew what he must do. He jumped through the air, and set serveral tents ablaze along with many stands creating a sea of fire! Tenjin through his guns and clips at Warsman only carrying his sword, into the bed of fire. They danced into the sky, sparks igniting several other tents and shops, the heat could be felt from outside the park, only thing that would'nt be ingulfed in searing heat was Tenjin and we'll see how Warsman can handle it.

Hidden in the flames, Tenjin waited for the machine to move and with sword in hand he was ready for the machine!!!!

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The tents went ablaze, Tenjin leaping into the inferno with little to no fear in his eyes. Warsman, at first, questioned this gesture by the hunter, but soon followed. The hunter was well-prepared for a ground assault, but what about an aerial one?

Leaping through the tent's exterior, the Russian wanted to land directly on top of the hunter. Looking at Tenjin, his eyes flashed angrily.

"This is where you want to die?"

Warsman vanished again, leaving another after-image in his path. He reappeared without sound behind the hunter, throwing lethal blows one-after-another at Tenjin with furious intent labeled on his gaze.

"Dragging me into this hell won't do you any good! It will simply create a bonfire in which to cremate you in!"

Warsman finished his assault with another viscious knee and threw his hand at Tenjin's throat, attempting to grab it in an iron grip.

"And the claws. They're mine."

The Russian extended a set from his right hand and drew his fist back, aiming a punch at the hunter's forehead.

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The mighty russian had fallen right into Tenjin's trap. He knew the cyborg was to knowledgeable to fight head on.

"This is where you want to die?" the behemoth screamed

Tenjin seen this coming a mile away, as the russian vanished behind him. the cyborg threw some fast blows but Tenjin used his sword to block the attacks with fierce speed.

"Dragging me into this hell won't do you any good! It will simply create a bonfire in which to cremate you in!"

The mechanical knee flew again towards tenjin stomach, he sidestepped leting the knee slide by and with the russian reaching to nothing, left him unbalanced and vulnerable to a slice from Tenjin sword.

"And the claws. They're mine." said the mighty machine.

With the heat making the sword red hot tenjin went for a horizontal slash with lightning speed while flipping above the russian and landing behind him, and preforming a thrust for the back of the 6 foot 8inch monster's neck.

"You know i would of split the bounty with you" tenjin spoke softly before attempting the finishing move.

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Warsman smirked, knowing Tenjin had done what he had wanted him to do: expose the katana. Left unbalanced, Warsman caught himself on with his hand, bending backwards, watching the blade sail by his face. Wheeling around, evading the sword by fractions of an inch, the Russian thrust his cranium at the hunter's stomach.

"Share the bounty? With me?! Ha! The bounty's only good if I'm dead. Like I said earlier,"

Warsman reached for the hunter's throat with an open hand.

"You should've done your homework."

The flames darted around him, making his body fiery-hot. He didn't care; he was so close to victory. His eyes flashed red as the moonlight suddenly caught them; his smirk growing into a crazed grin.

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Unknown to tenjin, that Warsman had also anticipated his move and with a gaint headbutt had tenjin buckling.The russian graped him by the throat lifting tenjin in the air,

"Share the bounty? With me?! Ha! The bounty's only good if I'm dead. Like I said earlier,"

"You should've done your homework."

with a crazed grin the monstrosity of man gazed deep in Tenjin's eyes, Tenjin smirked back and attempted a sentence.

"you're good, i'm rather enjoying my self but even a machine of unknown power has joints my friend!!!!"

with a quick slice of his sword, he attacked the cyborg's elbow joint and if released he would drop and attack the back of the machines knees,to buckle Warsman. but if this did'nt work the dual would be over and Tenjin would surely die...this was his last stand.

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The Russian was surprised by the hunter's speed, which dug the sword into his arm. However, he tensed the muscle in his arm just in time to stop it as the blade reached his bone. Tightening further, he shattered it. Looking at the pieces of the blade in his flesh, he looked back at Tenjin, his fingers still digging into the hunter's throat. Narrowing his gaze, he threw the hunter outside, plucking the broken shards of metal from his elbow.

"You have potential. But you still have not shown me what you can really do. I'll get you to fight me at your full power, even if I have to beat it out of your body."

Warsman vanished and reappeared with a fist primed for the hunter's chest. He aimed another fist for Tenjin's face. Seeing the guns and bullets on the ground, he loaded the pistols and tossed them to Tenjin's feet.

"Come. Kill me before I kill you. This is your test, to see if you are worthy of dying by my hands,"

Warsman suddenly appeared behind Tenjin.

"That is if you can live that long."

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Tenjin was at the mercy of Warsman, but for some odd reason the russian wanted him alive. Through the searing flames he tossed him into the open, as Tenjin tumbled along the ground he was grinding across the earth, pushing it up making him stop. His lungs took a deep breath after being constricted by the mighty cyborg. He slowly rose to his feet his knees buckling slightly until he found his strength to keep balance.

"You have potential. But you still have not shown me what you can really do. I'll get you to fight me at your full power, even if I have to beat it out of your body."

Tenjin was then pummeled by the mighty hands of Warsman and was sent down to the ground once more. He could not take too much more of this punishment but slowly rose to his feet.Warsman then threw him his holster,Tenjin grasped their handles firmly in his hand and pulled their hammers back and the locked in place.

"Come. Kill me before I kill you. This is your test, to see if you are worthy of dying by my hands,"

Tenjin slowly raised his mouth to a smile, he gazed up at Warsman with dead eyes and knew what was coming.Warsman vanished behind him and spoke these words,

"That is if you can live that long." said the cybernetic monster

Tenjin spun the left gun above his head and fired rapidly, while he ejected the clip in the right and slide the gun back into its holster, he emptyed the rounds in his hand and spun himself around putting his right hand in Warsman's face and conjured a short flame in his hand. The bullets ignited like a shotgun they fired all 15. He then moonsaulted back about 10 feet and dropped the empty clips on the soft soil. In the backround was a wall of fire,dancing below the now darkened sky. He slammed the butts of the pistols against new clips and simutaniously cocked them against his legs. He then proceded to fire at the monster, while running backwards towards the giant ferris wheel.

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Warsman's body was full of hot lead, mostly his back, but also parts of his arms and the back of his neck. His face was burned from the flames Tenjin shot at him. Steam poured out of the holes the bullets sank into, giving Warsman a slightly demonic appearance.

Facing Tenjin, his eyes gleaming red in the moonlight, he opened his mouth to let out a cloud of steam, a byproduct of his body having absorbed so much punishment in so little time.

"Is that it?"

Warsman wasn't smiling and his eyes were droopy, a sign that he wasn't enthusiastic about the fight anymore. Taking a step at the hunter, Warsman extended his claws.

"It was my mistake to let you live this long,"

Warsman vanished and attacked from the front, throwing punches at Tenjin with lethal accuracy.

"It was my mistake that you have to suffer this long,"

He vanished again, coming from behind with a viscious elbow that was aimed to the back of the hunter's head. He then continued to throw his claw-reinforced punches.

"It was my mistake that you have to die in a pool of your own blood,"

The Russian vanished a third time, appearing above the hunter and coming back down with a fearsome kick.

"And it was my mistake that you will not get the money you desire,"

Warsman reached out a hand to grab Tenjin's throat again, this time in an attempt to crush it.

"But the thing is, I don't feel regretful about any of my mistakes I've made here tonight. I bathe in the thought of having killed you, Tenjin!!"

Warsman's eyes flickered madly in the growing number of lights that flared up on the ferris wheel. The park was coming to life because of a freak electrical storm, lights and sounds of merry times exploding everywhere around the two.

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"Is that it?"

then Warsman eased closer towards Tenjin then before vanishing, "It was my mistake to let you live this long," said the monster, before reappearing in front of Tenjin and attempted a barrage of punches. Tenjin also grew tired of this cyborg and began to duck and dodge his attacks.

"It was my mistake that you have to suffer this long,"

tenjin did a side-flip to dodge the cyborg's elbow and fired several times at Warsman's face while snaking his way through his deadly claws.

Again the beast vanished with a well aimed kick to Tenjin's back but tenjin his its momentuem to recover into a handspring,"And it was my mistake that you will not get the money you desire,"the cyborg continued before attempting another throat grasp."But the thing is, I don't feel regretful about any of my mistakes I've made here tonight. I bathe in the thought of having killed you, Tenjin!!" but tenjin created a sheild of flames around him to block the enormous hand.

Tenjin gazed into the cyborg's glare and listened to the happy music of the carnival by the pole-mounted speakers.the lights eluminated the area for the flames have died down considerably. Tenjin felt a cool breeze along his back and spoke,

"You broke my sword, beat me to a bloody mess and because of you i blew up my car!, I am tired of this and now im going to go full force on you!!!the money means absolutly nothing to me now....cuz this fight just got personal!!!!" he screamed out.

he threw his guns to the side along with the holsters and engulfed himself in a ring of fire. the wind sent his hair dancing in its path and then he fire a dragon shaped blast of fire that spiraled through the air. Its heat burnt the grass to black dust under its shadow and was headed right for Warsman!!!!!

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The Russian's face was attacked by the bullets, but he didn't really pay much attention to them; they were more like annoying blisters that he would pull out later. Watching Tenjin and hearing his speech about the fight becoming personal, Warsman's smile returned and his eyes became focused.

"It's about time..."

Tenjin engulfed himself in flames and released a strange attack that had the shape of a dragon's head at the tip. The grass below the attack was burned instantly and some booths, decayed with age, caught on fire and danced with the moonbeams as the flames flickered merrily.

Warsman dug his feet into the earth, extending his hands in either direction.

"This is your coup de gras, eh?"

Warsman tensed the muscles in his arms and back, pushing his hands forward to meet the flaming leviathan. It met with his flesh in practically an instant, digging into his hands with the immense heat. Yet Warsman seemed unharmed.

"The less you know, hunter, the more likely your own stupidty is going to kill you!"

The dragon seemed to vanish into Warsman's hands, one segment after another. Steam radiated from the cyborg's hands and body, as the intense heat evaporated most of the moisture on his skin, mainly sweat. He opened his mouth and released a second cloud of steam and reached a scorched finger to his teeth, scraping them like he had just finished a meal.

"That was tasty..."

Warsman, tired of using the same tricks, instead ran at Tenjin, both sets of claws extended to their full, menacing length. His running speed was enough to create a bubble of broken water particles around him. He drew both hands back and aimed for the hunter's chest.

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Tenjin watched in horror as one of his best moves was just absorbed. Tenjin began to laugh uncontrollably.

"You can't be serious, that was my best attack!!!!!".

Warsman leaped into the air with claws fully extended, Tenjin knew what he must do, He must do the unthinkable. He created a large bed of fire, and waited for the machine to get only a few feet away from him and then he did it.

Tenjin dived forward and created a shfire shield to block Warsman's attack. He was mere inches awy from warsman and unleashed a bombardment of fire and flame that rivaled the sun's burning core.

The blaze would most likely kill Tenjin and would incinerate the amusement park to ash.

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Warsman's smile vanished for an instant; but just that, an instant. In midair, he kicked himself to the left with a burst of speed. Coming behind Tenjin, he aimed his claws at the hunter's spine.

"I'll beat you even if I have to tear out your spine to do it!!"

The heat from the miniature sun was unbearable. The park was literally beginning to melt: signs, booths, rides, speakers, and prizes. At one point the popcorn stand erupted into a geyser of popcorn before turning into a speck of charcoal. The Russian's skin was peeling off his body and his eyes were ready to burst. However, he pushed forward and screamed an animalistic battle cry, hoping to unnerve Tenjin enough so that he would lose his concentration and disarm the attack.

Grasses caught on fire and the ferris wheel was hunching over like an old man, its support beams threatening to crack.

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The Russian smirked as the attack struck his body, engulfing it in flames. It was much weaker than the first and it merely singed his flesh, as compared to the infant sun which nearly melted all of the skin from his body.

After a few moments, the flames died down and Warsman reached into the holes where his claws had pierced Tenjin's back. His fingers wrapped around his spine.

"I said I'd defeat you..."

He jerked with furious power.

"Even if I had to tear your spinal cord out..."

By this time he was rabid and crazed, a dark look in his eyes and a mad grin spread wide across his face. His mindset had shifted completely to his violent persona after living through such an ordeal...and it wasn't over for him...
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Tenjin was in full concentration but then Warsman's claws drove deep into his back and ripped out through his stomache. His blood started to soak his pants and it trickled down his jaw and driped down onto his chest. Tenjin pushed off from Warsman's claw and buckled to his knees,but with all the energy left in his body, he spoke these words.

"this is a going away present from me to you!!!!!" and he lauched a final dragon blast only a few feet from Warsman and fell back onto the burnt earth staring at the night sky.

"the money would of been good too though...." and started to chuckle while choking on his own blood.