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A tall gangly man appeared out of nowhere in a charity event, at first the children laughed as the odd figure is mistaken for a clown. They clapped and cheered until one of their parents realized that they did not book a clown for the event, at the beginning they ignored the figure because the children loved him. That is until the stranger decides to pick one of the older kids and defenestrate the child through a fast food joint window. At that moment people started screaming, pointing and most of them lose their logic. An older man about 5'11 decides to hit the tall man. It was a very dumb decision as he was flung, not thrown but propelled by a punch that sent his body into rag-doll motion as it crashed up to the third floor. Mall cops enter the fray with their pistols, giving warnings, which are adequately responded by a series of whip-like punches that reach from one side of the mall entrance to the other side of the mall exit. Slithering through the air like serpents on the ground before striking with cobra bite precision, his hands do not carry poison but rather they carry malice intended to humiliate the officers by just bruising them enough. Long hands block the exits by knocking their legs off the floor, long hands block the exits by grabbing and throwing people into the other side, what is happening right now is a chef playing with his ingredients as he stir fries his wok of people. Using fists instead of light oil and panicking, effectively searing their flesh with softer punches because he does not intend to kill or caramelizing them with rapid kicks enough to dislocate but not to break their bones as he is holding back, he is doing this while humming ‘Holding out for a hero’ by Bonnie Tyler. Setting them up as easy hostages when the hero arrives, all needing some medical attention but all of them seemingly in good 'enough' shape that they can live without fear of death, although in excruciating pain and humiliation. Just like in a skillet, where the amount of food can be difficult to move, let alone stir-fry, without ingredients falling out of the pan so he keeps them inside the mall to hold out for the hero to rescue them. Heating up the situation while letting one-person leave to tell the authorities. The deeper sides of a wok prevent food from spilling out as his limbs keep them at a distance where they would not dare to leave, because they are within his death perimeter. A zone in which he has absolute power over, as a seasoned wok has a natural nonstick surface that requires less oil (punches) than a skillet so he pull several notches on his strikes.

Fowler starts again in an interval of one minute to continue flailing his long hands, having a ball and seems to be having a good time slapping people around.

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