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A Legacy of Violence

Madripoor, the Jewel of the South Pacific, a lone island in the thousands that make up the Indonesian Archipelago, a prime destination for tourists, businessmen, crime lords, pirates, slavers, and all other manner of scum and villainy. Settled in the Early 1700's by pirates in search of Pacific-based haven from which to pillage the scores of treasure ships bound for Europe from the colonies scattered across the region. For nearly a century the pirates and slavers that called Madripoor home pillaged, murdered and raided from Australia to Vladivostok, Shanghai to Sub-Saharan Africa seemingly unopposed, striking from their secret base on Madripoor. But with innovation, invention and time weighing on the brigands, the days of the pirate coming to a close, the majority of the inhabitants departed the island for parts unknown. For more than a century the island sat in obscurity, it's location known only to a select group of people.

It is unclear exactly when the forces of Imperial Japan occupied Madripoor, it is certain however, that they never left. Sent to construct an airstrip to support the invasion of various other strategic islands in the area but soon forgotten as the Allied island hopping campaign drew more and more forces away from the area. The commander of the 1,000 man occupying force, Major Akido Nagano, upon fulfilling his orders and constructing the airstrip and adjoining facilities, using the locals as forced labor, albeit temporarily, Major Nagano set himself up as the impromptu Governor of Madripoor, utilizing various underworld connections to have hard to obtain goods shipped in for himself and the soldiers he commanded to keep the feed and their morale high for their stay on the Island of Sin. The war drew on, the isolated garrison forced to stand idly by as their countrymen were pushed back to the Japanese Home Islands.

At Wars End, the long isolated garrison was shipped home, Major Nagano, a widower before the war with no family to speak of, chose to remain on the island, overseeing the empire he'd made for himself. After several months, around 300 of the Major's men had returned, finding nothing to return to in Japan.

Discovered by American and British Forces at the end of the War, word of the tropical paradise made it's way across the sea with the returning troops and soon tourism began to blossom on the island paradise, and with it numerous resorts and hotels sprang up on the southern side of the island.

Fast forward and today, Madripoor is one of the richest countries in the world, a hub for trade, business, banking and criminal activity due to it's strict policy of not permitting outside influence within it's territory and incredibly lax views on what is and is not legal.


Madripoor has a little something for everyone, whether it be business or pleasure you seek. Some notable area's across the island include;

  • The Emperor's Palace Casino - A Towering structure comprised of three massive towers, with a large platform spanning the three. Home to over three thousand rooms, eighty shops, four casinos, and various other amenities to make the stay more enjoyable to it's guest. The de facto ruler of Madripoor, Katashi Nagano, Grandson of Akido Nagano, operaters from a luxury penthouse in the central tower.
  • The White Sands Resort - Owned by a corporation based in London, the White Sands provides affordable luxury for the not so elite visitors to Madripoor.
  • The Akido District - The area home to the largest number of native Madripoorian's, the Akido District maintains the natives ties to their age old religions and customs, while providing them with modern comforts. Constructed to house them, fully financed by Major Nagano himself and regularly upgraded, as a way of the thanking the natives that built the island, as well as insuring their continued loyalty.
  • Madripoor International Airport - At the end of the Second World War, the Japanese Air Base sat idle for years until the increased numbers of tourists and advances in modern transportation called for an airport to allow easier access to the island paradise, receiving dozens of flights daily, the four runway airport in statistically one of the busiest in the South Pacific.
  • Madripoor Bay - The primary port, located alongside the airport, numerous container and cruise ships pass through the aptly named 'Black Gate' daily, the narrow opening to the harbor, guarded by the remnants of two coastal fortresses constructed of blackened volcanic stone.
  • The Department of Internal Security - Headquarters of Madripoor's police force, a group comprised of local forces and skilled mercenaries under the employment of the island's leadership, their duties range from policing the streets to 'removing' troublemakers and dissidents.
  • Moon Ko Loi Village - Located on the opposite side of the island's inactive volcano, on the north side of the island, Moon Ko Loi Village is sought after for it's seclusion, tranquility, fishing and naturally occuring hot springs.
  • Westward Beach - One of a handful of stretches of beach, comprised of pure white sand as opposed to volcanic ash. Westward is the closest to the Capital City and therein the most frequented.


  • You can't destroy the island.
  • The islands security forces are top notch, so if you end up in conflict with them, do your best to sell.
  • Anyone is welcome, consider this neutral ground. The Yakuza are the ultimate power on the island at the moment.
  • Most importantly...
Have fun... and enjoy your stay on the Island of Sin.

(This is just the beginning, I plan to add more later on.)

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Now thats whats up. Badass son, badass.

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Another place to die!

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The sinister Strix meditates alone in his luxurious penthouse suite. His legs crossed, violet eyes closed. Muscular chest rising and falling with each slow breath.

Peace was hard for the old crusader to come by and he savored these moments of relaxation. Centuries of fighting for the Cause had made him grateful for any rest he could get.

Madripoor was a restful enough place as missions went.

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Hands clasped behind his back, Katashi looked out over the brightly lit city of sin. Madripoor. A tourist destination and the focal point of the Yakuza's dominance. The streets far below teemed with tourists and locals alike, the lights of dozens of yachts dotting the marina not far from the luxury resort from which he ran the Yakuza's worldwide network of illicit activities. Turning on his heel, the businessman walks back through the open sliding glass door into his bedroom, his 'guest' from earlier fast asleep, silk sheets and shadows concealing curvaceous figure. Allowing her to sleep he makes his way into an adjoining office, pouring himself a glass of Saki as he takes a seat behind the polished wooden desk that had been in his family for generations, going over the latest information from the Paris sect of the Yakuza.

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Milton checks in his bags as he takes his keys from the registry, the White Sands Resort turned out on his search for a southeast hotel. The stars on the record also reenforces that notion of quality, Milton takes the elevator as he awaits the bellboy to bring his bags.

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I'm going to have A NU character up soon, And if I like the way this place works, I may make a NU Cain XD

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This world was sad, all the crimson xenomorph wanted was a fight of worth. Evidence that in her decades of slumber someone devised skills in the art of the blade. So far there was none, in the streets of Vegas though she had heard of the ones running this island and thus had stowed away in the cargo bay of one of the crudest aircrafts she'd ever seen. At the current moment the scarcely clad woman wandered the roof discretely. Alezra's mind hoping to stumple upon a worthy kill, black hair bouncing along her red shoulders so any who did spot her thought she was just a wandering mutant.
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His time for meditation ended. As all things must. Slowly he stood to his full height. A tall man, broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hips he appeared to be fit man in his later years. But he was so much more.

Gathering his brown robes about his waist he walks to a heavy, darkly stained oak chest. Pressing his hand into a DNA scanner, and waiting as the mag-locks disengage. From the chest he takes his matte grey carbon nanofiber armor. Reverently he brushes a spot of dust from it. Donning the garb with practiced care, before clipping an ornate and stylized golden hilt to his belt.

Lastly he took forth a smooth steel briefcase. It was filled with the lubricate of the modern world.. money.

His mission would require it.

[[ Looking to set up a 'Nest' for the Court Arcani here, do you mind if I say he buys a small tower or something? ]]

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It had been three years since his feet graced smooth grains.  A nostalgic feeling he never t-thought his soul would ever emit.  Along the mystic waters of thee gorgeous south pacific does the silent rebel embrace the very nature surrounding him.  A moment he sincerely appreciates.  It had only been days since his escape and now fate called upon his assistance yet again.  Hands clasped behind his neck, Noah smugly smirked at the idea of meeting his target of interest. An impervious fellow with an intricate background. Noah knew this wouldn't be simple.  As of late the world had changed into a game of power.  A secret war t-that required some sort of balance.  Toes curl into the frigid white sand as crystal clear waters coat bare skin.

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@Thunderbolt : As it got around sunset, a woman screaming could be heard off in the distance.

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@Tanner_Brenkov: Throws rock at her head  
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@Tanner_Brenkov: No you mat not! Its Clara Mass >.>
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@Tanner_Brenkov: haha why the surprise?  He said prepared to throw another rock
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@Thunderbolt : Just haven't spoken to you in a while!

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@Thunderbolt : Standing calmly as the water narrowly reaches his feet, the Keijijo Impero is overcome by complete silence, metaphysically harmonizing his chi with that of nature's. Quickly however, he detects the presence of another, interesting. Perhaps this day will not go as peacefully planned.

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@Impero: He hadn't crossed paths with this persona beforehand.  Instead fate persuaded his susceptible ears into following their ever so strong will.  Quietly walking along the white sands of Westward Beach thee violet eyed mystery smirked upon seeing the masterclass warrior known as Impero.  And even though Noah knows of his target's tomorrow, these vision's aren't at all meant to be maliciously abused.  "Good evening" he uttered, tilting his head before prestigious royalty.  Hopefully this interaction would flow as seamlessly as anticipated. 
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@Thunderbolt : There was much on his mind, various important thoughts immersed in the mind of the enigmatic Keijijo Messiah. Multi-colored eyes peer from an expressionless alabaster mask, iconic, even legendary in the world of ancient martial combat. Briefly glancing over to the greeting figure, he remains wordless, apparently disinterested in this potential interaction. He had after all, come here for solitude.

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@Impero: Unresponsive.  Predicted but not entirely expected.  Speaking held no purpose unless the wordings spoken withheld meaning.  There wasn't much he couldn't handle.  His actions alone have served him a plethora of opportunities in a world far more complex than most believe.  An expressionless face simply stares blankly onto this enigmatic mask.  His inability to converse with persons of the same gender rather apparent.  "Mister D-Dorian.." he muttered beneath his breath, still unsure of his target's true identity.  Visions haven't always presented themselves crystal clear.  For all he knew this surname could quite possibly be a code name of some sort.  Nevertheless the puzzling figured stood stoically.  He arrived for a reason.  He came to learn if this was the man, if t-this was the individual he was meant to seek. 
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The infamous pirate warlord drifts near the beaches of Madripoor on a raft that might be considered little more than a plank of wood by observers, with a tattered black sail to denote his harsh journey to the island of sin. The raft has a seat for one, a seat that Zazamell occupied with his arms and legs crossed in a patient fashion. The crucifix-shaped hilt of his feared claymore-sized sword peek out from behind his torso. The man is already six-and-a-half feet tall, further giving shape to the enormity of the blade he carries on his back.

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@Zazamell Grantodo: Striding down the sidewalk of the lovely isle, taking a moment to enjoy the warm sun, the cool breeze and the sights of the ocean. The steel briefcase in his tanned fist full of the money required for his mission.

Spotting the raft, and the man who brings with him a sword of seemingly impossible size. A white eyebrow arches skyward as the ancient mutant pauses his journey.

"Strange." He remarks in his gravely voice.

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Zazamell uncrosses his arms and legs and leans over to a coil of rope tied around a cannonball. With a single hand and a swift motion, Zazamell hurls it towards the shore with about as much difficulty as a baseball. Still sitting quite relaxed, Zazamell pulls himself to shore before disembarking from his lonely vessel. He ascends from his chair and locks eyes with the man higher up on the hill watching him. The pirate warlord's eyes are intimidating, to say the least, and their remarkable resemblance to those of a predatory hawk's undoubtedly has earned this man the epithet of "Hawk-eyes."

"Are there any great swordsmen on this island?"

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@Zazamell Grantodo: The venerable mutant warrior meets his eyes. Amaranth's violet eyes are calm, aeons of war hardening his soul into well tempered steel. Still he takes note of the mans hawk like gaze, and imposing stare. Surely it would rattle the hearts of even strong men.

"I know of one for certain." His voice rumbles down the hill. "But are there two?"

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The legendary pirate warlord braces his hand against the guard of his massive sword and pushes up until the blade slides out of the straps on his back with a crisp noise. Flipping in midair, the sword falls gracefully into Zazamell's other hand as he catches it and points the slightly curved edge toward the man on the hill.

"Indeed there are two. One is a great swordsman. The other is the greatest swordsman in the world."

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@Zazamell Grantodo: Stone faced and deadpan he replies. "The greatest swordsmen in the world?" A touch of humor enters his eyes. "I'm not quite. But thanks for the compliment."

He stands unmoving, the wind gently rustling his white topknot.

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Zazamell sheathes his blade, the characteristic click of the straps settling around the sword's keen edge snapping as he does so - from behind the white-haired man.

"Then perhaps you would do me the honor of dethroning you."

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@Zazamell Grantodo: "Mmmm..." He slowly turns to face the mysterious pirate swordsman. "Of course, be my guest." Setting his metal briefcase down, and taking the golden hilt from his belt.

It springs to life, a blade of pure ionizing radiation. The radiation was stored within the hilt, and given its solid form by the use of psyco-reactive crystal circuitry embedded within the two handed hilt that guided his solidifying mutant powers. Ionizing radiation was selected due to its distinctive properties.. it literally removed electrons from atoms.

Given the form of a wide bladed, single edged sword roughly two meters in length it glowed appeared to be a pale blue shimmering blade, as if it was a sword made from water.

Shifting into a simple guard, the sword held in both hands above his head, an adapted kenjutsu guard.

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Zazamell continues to look at his new opponent with a hard glare, his sharp features denoting no emotion other than silent and threatening observation. He loops the cross-shaped necklace over his head and grasps the shorter end as if it were a knife. He snaps the top end off and reveals a small blade from underneath the miniature sheath. It is no more than three inches long and is ferociously sharp.

"If you will not do your best against me, then I shall not do the same to you. I shall fight with my Kogatana."

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@Zazamell Grantodo: He grunts in his voice like stone. "Now that is just insulting."

His feet shift in the sand as he sinks into his a stable stance, his footwork solidly connecting him with the ground.