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Las Vegas, Nevada at 1500 hours right outside a bar in the Neon Strip of Vegas

Bright neon lights lit up the dark of the cold night with different tourist attractions lighting up the gem of the silver state and cars zooming on the roads while numerous men and women walked in and out of numerous locations. Although life zooms by when your life is devoted to hunting and killing men for money and you end up not really caring. Sebastian was here following a lead on a mob leader who had escaped him mere weeks before by taking a headfirst dive off a cliff and somehow living. Sebastian wasnt here to bring him to justice he was here to hang the mans guts around town like party streamers then get paid for it. Sebastian saw his lead walking down the street someone he had met before and had beaten info out of numerous times. Sebastian leaped down from the roof top he had been crouched on and approached his "contact" without sound.

"Hello Tony"

Sebastian said in a deep tone causing the man to jump backwards Wait please not again! He heard Tony scream it fright. Sebastian punched him straight in the stomach before lifting him up by the shirt with one hand. "Just tell me where your boss is and this will go by quicker" Oh yeah the boss well um hes...
Sebastian hurled the man through a glass window causing him to land headfirst in a small alley and crash into a dumpster shards of glass stuck in numerous parts of his body. Platinum old buddy you know i cant do that how about i just pay you and we go our seprate ways Sebastian heard his victim mutter between muffled coughs of blood.

"Whatever but dont say i didnt give you a chance" Sebastian said before pulling out a handgun and pushing it against the mans head and putting his finger on the trigger. WAIT WAIT I'LL TALK Tony screamed causing Sebastian to whack him across the jaw with his pistol hes hiding out at the MGM grand theater right here in Vegas it should be fairly easy to find him just please DONT KILL ME"Sorry Tony it doesnt work like that i'll be sure to send flowers to your mourning family members"

Sebastian smashed Tony against the brick alley wall and put the pistol to his hear prepped for fireing. "Say Goodbye"
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Lunacyde was perched upon a jutting concrete ledge. The bright neon lights flashed and blinked, machines whirrred and people milled about below. They were really starting to annoy him, the lights that is. He preffered the smooth cold darkness of Boston and New York to the glam and decadence of Vegas. He preffered to lurk in the shadows, to be one with the crisp night air. He preferred the calm, where he could sit and think, and plan out his next moves. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his head. He was here for a reason. He had just taken out a horrile drug lord. The man was responsible for the murders of three innocent children as well as many other less heinous crimes. Luckily the bastard got what was comming to him.

The hit was paid for by a rival mob leader who Lunacyde planned to take out also. He would take the money, kill them and split. However he had three days before he could collect his reward and head back home. He might as well make the best of his time he thought as he gazed out upon the color speckled cityscape. Sin City. Where in the world would be a better place to find some sinners? He would collect thier filty souls...every last one of them...and he would take them to justice...the only true justice...the lords justice.

Lunacyde stood up from his perch pacing intently along the concrete ledge. Just then he noticed a dark figure moving on a lower rooftop. The figure seemed to be a man, rather well built, and moving suddenly. The man appeared to jump form the roof landing effortlessly on the sidewalk below. Lunacyde sprang across the rooftop to quickly gain a better vantage point of this mysterious stranger. From high above he see's the strange man start violently attacking a random man on the sidewalk. Thier tussle brings them into a dark back alley, perfect terrain for Lunacyde. As the mysterious stranger gradually beats the man to a bloody pulp Lunacyde seizes the moment to quietly descend upon the fueding duo. Through the man's screams and pleads for mercy they do not notice a silent stalker, lurking closer than one would suspect.

"Say Goodbye" the strangers voice was cold as steel, without human emotion. Suddenly from the shadows erupted a dark cloaked figure, a shadow of a man, Lunacyde. From his belt he quickly produced two throwing knives. Within a split second both were flying through the air. One caught the aggressor's gun wrist causing him to scream in pain and momentarily drop his weapon. The other hit its mark striking him in the knee, to cut down on his mobility. Lunacyde was now on top of the mysterious attacker. The man's skill and agility was quite impressive., especially considering the knife lodged in his leg....it had been a long time since Lunacyde had tangled with such a worthy adversary...perhaps he should have brought a little more weaponry tonight...

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Sebastian's finger was milliseconds away from crashing down upon the trigger of the gun right before a sharp object pierced his wrist causing the gun to drop to the floor with a loud clatter before Sebastian could respond he felt a sharp pressure on his knee. Both his knee and wrist had been struck by the basic throwing knife a minor annoyance at the most. Sebastian quickly ripped the knife out of his skin causing smalls beads of blood to fly to the ground and then discarding the two knives. "Who the hell are you" Sebastian said out loud before quickly breaking both of Tony's legs "You stay" Sebastian said to him before turning to the man who had probably come in the defense of what he thought was an innocent man.

Judging by the "heroes" stance Sebastian could only guess he was a boxer but also a marksmen possibly with many other traits. "I see what your trying to get at with that stance but let me teach you a little something about mine its called Krav Maga illegal to teach in most parts of the world" Sebastian would move quickly sending a karate chop to the mans ribs but only as a small distraction as quickly afterwards he would move side to side to attempt to dodge any sudden counter attack before attempting a uppercut punch on the hero while still trying to follow the main rule of Krav Maga

Kill or Take down your opponent as fast as possible.

With his attack finished Sebastian rolled backwards landing gracefully and pulling out his two dual katanas. The Swords were legendary having slayed many men and being able to cut through nearly everything on earth and being able to be near unbreakable they were defnitly the most deadly weapon in Sebastians arsenal and a mere glance at the blade sends the message "dont f#ck around with me"  Sebastian twirled both blades an a arc before lunging in a spiral at his enemy ending with a roll that brought Sebastians left hand blade flying straight forward in an attempt to impale the man. Regardless of the outcome Sebastian would then bring his right hand blade flying across the mans chest and with one final move sent a crane kick flying directly at the mans face.

Lighting cracked in the sky letting forward a barrage of rain followed by thunder with Tony still huddled in the corner of the alley way weeping like a child. Using his foot Sebastian stepped on one of the discarded throwing knives and propelled it backwards with such force it cut through Tonys neck causing blood to flow all around and Tony to gurgle before falling to the ground dead.

"Good Riddance" Sebastian laughed attempting to further taunt the hero.

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Lunacyde moved fluidly side to side. He hoped to read his brutal opponents style before further engaging him in battle. This stranger certainly fought with passion and vigor. Lunacyde could feel the sensation of his body healing from the jackhammer blows that were landed on him. Usually he could avoid most of his opponents blows, but this man was one of the greatest fighters he had ever seen. Lunacyde was able to parry a couple of attacks, but was hammered by a strike to the ribs. 

After his strike the man quickly fell back in a somersault clutching two katanas, brandishing them with in a taunting manner. Thier silvery forms gleamed under the frosted moon. Katanas it seemed were a popular choice of blade as he too possesed a pair.

These were no ordinary katanas though. They were his first creation as a weaponsmith under the tuteledge of Shadow Lilly. They were forged and hammered and worked over for many days and nights until finally they were perfect. Thier balance was impeccable, thier cutting edge clean, sharp, and crisp. The swords were formed in a three step proces creating three distinctive layers and affording the swords superior hardness, flexibility, sharpness and durability. Shadow Lilly had shown him an ancient mystical technique to make the blades as light as air and as hard as diamonds. The katana were his favorite weapons...and he was nothing short of a master with them...this would be an interesting fight.