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Most individuals would likely be getting familiar with their new home, maybe decorating their room. Not Cessendra she was a fighter through and through. Having been relocated on a island full of dinosaurs she instantly began a remarkable hunt. These mighty creatures rarely ever looked up, at least the one she was hunting. Indeed that breed she targeted was the king and he had nothing to fear. Using her knives to assist the silver haired once crusader scaled the trees with ease. Completing the task she began to travel from branch to branch. Her precision flawless as she traveled the forest to wear she had last seen the prehistoric beast. Halting once there her eyes scanned the surroundings for its trail. Then again the hunt was on for the mighty creature. Nearing it’s location her knives returned to their scabbards as she withdrew the claymore. Powerful legs kicked off the branch as the dragon born flew through the air. Then it came, the wet sound as blood spurted from the wound.

A roar billowed from the T-Rex its bucking head throwing Fang to the ground. Landing she smiled up at the gigantic creature. It was shocked, it’s small mind taken back by how such a little creature had hurt it so. Then it attacked, it’s moves were predictable. “Die” was the loose translation of the following roar. Many animals had atleast some level of intelligence it was less hear though as such it’s words were simple. Her heritage made her aware of the animals language and how to speak it, and with a mighty charge she yelled in turn to the creature. Her own roar rivaling that of the king of dinosaurs.

Two Hours Later

Cessendra and her stallion Dreugen had taken a rather relaxed walk through the island. Very few creatures dared attack the woman and steed considering the carcass they dragged with them. Finally though the pair had entered the yard of their new home. Dreugen would run off as the knight cracked her knuckles and prepared for the dirty job to come. She was going to make bone armor! The excitement added a playful skip to her step what a glorious first day it had already been.

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@cellphonegirl: "I won't doubt you will" Ashley said, forcing a smile; this whole approach to heroism was foreign to her, typically she was out in the streets; defending the people, observing their behaviors and patterns. In this environment she didn't have that; the everyday link to the people. "You can't save lives all the way out here" she said, watching as the dog began to sip from a pound.

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Carlos happily hummed the theme to his favorite song while briskly walking through the inhabited island awaiting to properly acquaint himself within the Vine titans, "My little seniorita, come over here so I can eat ya...I promise I wont beat ya, very hard...I can salsa for you baby, then later whoa maybe, we can get oh really crazy on your poncho waha!" Hoping up and down the wind blowing his scarf all over the place he pulled down his hat over his head as the vicious winds tried to forcefully steal it, no way! This hat had been in his family for generations, no way some natural winds would jack it. Looking up and around the island felt mystical yet serenely natural like no human life had discovered it or at least scavenged it until now. His eyes glistened yellow for a few moments as he gazed upwards at the Tower "Wowa-whiwa" Looking up the young Colombian placed his hands upon his waist smiling obviously excited to meet and greet whoever was inside...he set off with a skip still whistling his song.

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Youngest of the team medal goes to Violet! lol

(I just laughed at this lol)

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@shanana: "ZACHARY STOP YOU MIGHT DRINK ANCIENT TAD POLES" Blair shouted as she pulled Cellular Dog away from the pond. Looking back at Ashley she answered the question. "We'll just use the Vine silly. The Island has this portal system that has us instantly travel. Just think of the Island as a vacation spot."

@dragonfang_: (omg DF is scary as hell)

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@cellphonegirl: ^_^ and to thInk to her that was lIke playIng vIdeo games lol

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Hey VT, Welcome your new team mate

(CPG its me DC)

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@namauqa: I remember characters more well than people think ;P

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@dragonfang_: That's pretty badass! Violet will either hate you or adore you. lol

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@violet_kitten: you stIll need a way here! We could say Fang recruIted you to the team. Start buIldIng on hate/adoratIon now :)

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Hmmmmm I wonder if Rina should join :P

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Alex crawled out from the cave he had taken refuge in upon their arrival. The unearthly smells that had assaulted his senses were familiar now. It was time to get the lay of the land.

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After the instructions of the silver haired warrior, little weapon Lillian had come to the mysterious Luna Island. Walking through the jungle to get to the towe, her little body along with her little patience was having hard time. Even though she had a hard time with breathing she wasn't slowing down, on the contrary, she was getting faster. ''Where... The love*.... Is that.... Tower!?'' She walked, she ran, she stopped and drank some water from the bottle she took out of her hello kitty backpack and she started to run again. Her journey ended with arriving to the tower. No one had mentioned about how hard it was to find the place and no one had said anything about a lovely* jungle. ''Titan my back*, They are all loving* dumbos!'' Ever angry and ever cute Violet stopped to catch a breath as she arrived at the tower. Breathing heavily, she looked at the tower with a better perspective. ''Oh, LOVE!* '' She was pretty short for that most buildings had seemed pretty big to her but standing right here, looking at a tower like this was breathtaking. ''Maybe it's not that bad.'' She muttered to herself and she got inside to the tower with a smiling face.

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@violet_kitten: He spun on his heel as he caught wind of the new scent moving through the jungle. Alex moved through the underbrush naturally, as if he had spent years on the island instead of the few weeks he actually had. Two hundred meters ahead. He caught a flash of purple and pink through the jungle. Who in the world?

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@ferro_vida: @violet_kitten: Upon noticing one of her new teammates Blair ran out of the tower with a huge smile on her face. "OH MY GOSH YOU ARE TOTALLY THE MOST CUTEST THING ALIVE!" Giving the little girl a tight hug she introduced herself. "Dragonfang totally told me about you, but she failed to mention that you had the most gorgeous backpack ever! I'm Cellphone Girl by the way, welcome to our Island"

Looking away for a split second she started into the jungle as she was able to hear heavy breathing. "I could give you the most fabulous tour you have yet to see!" Keeping a close eye she waited for whatever was hiding to appear.

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@cellphonegirl: She knew he was here? How? Must have gotten sloppy while he was in the cave. Certainly looked sloppy. Unshaven. Hadn't eaten in longer than he cared to think of. No use trying to get away. He'd have to introduce himself eventually. Alex stepped out from the tree line and into the clearing, cautiously scanning the area as he did. He recognized the excited woman. "H-hello... We met once... Briefly."

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@cellphonegirl: "Oh yeah, island portal system; why didn't I think of that" she responded sarcastically.

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@ferro_vida: "OH EM GEE! I totally thought a Dinosaur would have ate you by now! or that um DragonFang.." Her voice shifts into a whisper "Would have turned you into skeleton armor. Totally cute hobby though!"

@black_solace: "Ashley, you're make me laugh! haha!" Blair giggled out loud. "So, what exactly are your powers?" Her eyes grew wide with excitement when wanting to learn more about her possibly future bff.

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@cellphonegirl: Alex's brow furrowed at the thought. "She does that to people?..."

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@cellphonegirl: "I ironically, am capable of projecting sound" she said, still watching the small dog. She didn't like to use her powers; and much preferred to fight. "I can also phase through solid objects and heal."

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@614azrael: (IT HAS BEEN DEAD ALL DAY! I though we were going to fight :P)

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@cellphonegirl: @ferro_vida: Against the ever friendly team leader's sudden embrace she groaned. ''Unhand me, dumbo!'' Not amused by the attitude she had met with she gave her a wicked smile though on his little face it was also a little cute. ''Last person to call me cute has a head missing, you love*!'' Without changing her mean manner she stretched her legs. ''What? I was invited to a team of heroes not a whorhouse with call girls!''

Violet took out a knife pointing out Blair and then without a thought thrown the knife violently towards the mysterious figure in the jungle. She had no idea about who there but shoot first ask questions later was a helpful way to live for her. ''Who the love* are you?''

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@violet_kitten: Alex casually stepped to the side and let the small blade whiz past him. He waited for the thunk as it embedded itself in one of the trees behind him before responding. "I'm a survivor. If you mean to kill me you're going to have to try harder."

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@ferro_vida: Violet giggled with the movement behind the trees. ''I don't mean to kill you, dumbo! Sneaking around is no good way to make friends.'' Moving with sloppy movements she kept her giggling. ''Come out allready or I'll start shooting!'' Hands over her belt, she stood towards the tree that the man was staying.

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@violet_kitten: Alex sighed. He had a feeling she wasn't kidding. Cautiously, he stepped out into the open. "I'm Alex." He absentmindedly scratched at the scruff on his chin. Right. Interacting with people. This could be a challenge.

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@ferro_vida: Her hands eager to grab her holstered guns she looked at the trees. Feeling down for not being able to shoot something she looked at the person coming out. ''Yeah, well. I am Violet!'' Smiling wickedly with some cute yet uncomfortable glance, she locked onto the boy. ''So... what do you do around here?''

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@violet_kitten: "I..." He took in her petite form. At first glance she didn't look like much of a threat, but she carried herself as well as any of the bounty hunters who had come after him before. This girl was dangerous. "I don't really know how to answer that." After a moment the growling of his stomach broke the silence.

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@black_solace: "Sound too!? OH EM GEE we are both like Twins! well, except I can't phase or heal things." Zachary runs up to her. Kneeling to the grass she raises her hand in front of him and his paw lifts up to touch the palm of her hand. "He just gave me a high five! You should give Ashley one!"

@violet_kitten: Blair was at first frightened by the mini outburst the tiny girl gave. "Awwww you're like a mini DragonFang! The first time I hugged her she almost stabbed me in the heart with a fork! You two could be adorable training together! I could see why she picked you!"

@ferro_vida: "Only if you are on her bad side!" She stared at the ground for a few second as if she was listening to something. "Don't take this the wrong way, but don't you need a Bath?

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@cellphonegirl: He blushed lightly and looked away. "A bath... I can't remember the last time I had one."

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*Able to see the future and I can't even find my way out of this bloody forest* he thought before ripping yet more leaves out of his path. The Oracle's tracking spell was the only thing getting him though what appeared to be an ever expanding maze of trees and plants. Finally after over and hour and a half of trudging though a hell hole of a forest he saw the tower, it was beautiful but he'd have to take a better look round later but for now he just wanted to get out from under the tree.

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@ferro_vida: Curious eyes of the little girl looked like searching for something in the face of Alex, as she was listenning to him. ''You are funn...'' Interrupted by the sound of the stomach activity before being able to finish her sentence, she laughed. ''That was funny! Are you hungry or are you hiding something?'' She said in a joyfull mood. ''Are you a titan too? I was invited here to be a titan! So cool, right?''

@cellphonegirl: ''Then don't hug people. Also she did that?! Awesome!'' Her wicked smile and cute face was a perfect combination between cute and frightening. ''I am glad to be a titan though. So will we stay at the tower?'' Her look changed to a curious little girl, leaving all the creepiness aside.

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@violet_kitten: He scratched at the back of his head as he stepped forward. "I haven't eaten in more than a week. Been running adrenaline since I left my cave." He stumbled and fell to his hands and knees. "Didn't realize how tired I was..."

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@ferro_vida: Giving an uncertain look to Alex, she spoke.''You live in a cave? Odd!'' Making some hand gestures rapidly and with excitement. ''We con go hunt a deer! Though I am not sure if there is a deer...''

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@violet_kitten: He shook is head as he rose shakily to his feet. "None that I have smelled." Alex looked back at her. "If I'm being honest I have no idea why I'm here. There was some kind of magic island with monsters on it... Then I was here."

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@cellphonegirl: @ferro_vida: @violet_kitten:

Cessendra was hard at work dissecting the dinosaur she had slain. Bones of the massive figure being pitched into a bowl she’d placed to the side for cleaning. The rest of the large creature was being laid out on the other side, her and Druegen would decide which would be good for cooking. After all a good hunter wouldn’t let anything worthwhile go to waste. As she was cleaning though she could hear the most enthusiastic of voices. It would seam Blair had met the youngest of recruited members. Her alert hearing could also overhear Ferro. Their comments couldn’t help but make her crack up. A ripped out tooth was lingering in the silver haired warriors hand, ichor covering her hands from the works. “Woah hey I don’t use human bones! Gosh guys come on…I mean yeah I stabbed a guy with a femur once but never made any armor with it.” She looked down blushing a bit at her hands. “Sorry shoulda cleaned up abit that don’t help my image huh?”

(sorry for delay >.>)

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One moment he was surrounded by strange creatures ready to kill him, then suddenly they disappeared and he wind up on this strange island. Gabriel did not know how to describe the situation but it had already been some time since the incident had occurred.

The Young Hispanic walked around the natural wildlife trying to piece together what had happened, but his mind was distracted by the fact that he didn't kill anyone or even exploded in some time. Perhaps his new found powers had disappeared. For some reason, Gabriel felt that was unlikely.

He looked at a tree in the distance, the only one that stood out from the rest. He lifted his hands as he aimed for the tree.


He grunted. Nothing. He screamed. Nothing. He spoke words. Nothing.

"Basura. (Garbage)"

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A Nova sighting O_o

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@ardor: Blair stared at the young man that knew not a word of English. She sent a wave to greet him, however for all she knew where he came from that could be an insult.

@dragonfang_: Blair giggled. "DragonFang! how I have missed your company!"

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@cellphonegirl: After a few attempts to see if his powers were active, he noticed one of the teens he met during the island affair. The pink headed teenager waved hello to him, not knowing English that well all the Hispanic did was wave back.

Immediately he fell to one knee as a burning sensation throbbed his chest.


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@ardor: Blair watched him fall to the ground. "hm.." Picking Cellular Dog up she began to play with his paws and move him around like a puppet and waving at the guy with his paws. No one could resist the sight of a cute puppy.

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@cellphonegirl: "Aww I've been missed and here I thought people would run for cover or something. I mean it's not like I meant to attempt fork impalement!" The warrior remarked with a playful slug to Pinky's arm, that was as close to a hug as Fang got to a hug at the moment.

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@cellphonegirl: From the distance, Gabriel saw his teammate playing with the dog as the animal waved hello to him. The young teen frantically waved his arm to signal her to go far.

The burning pressure in his chest built up until it burst. From here he stood a cylinder of fire engulfed him and shot up into the air like a volcano. What was left was the young Hispanic lying in the ground with his clothes burnt from the flames.

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@dragonfang_: ''Oooh! What does it belong to?'' Violet's interest had quickly past to the tooth Dragonfang held. Upon realization of her skipping to greet Dragonfang or even say something she looked at the girls face rather than the held tooth. ''Oh, hi! This place is loveing* awesome! Thanks for the invitation.'' She gigled as she peeked back at the tooth.

@ferro_vida : ''That's awkward. You may visit the tower. they may give you a place.'' She stopped for a second and then continued giggling. ''Or you may go and be a loving* animal's dinner!''

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@dragonfang_: Alex didn't really register the words she was saying. As soon as the young lady stepped into view his eyes focuses on one thing: Her hands were covered in blood. Fresh. New kill. Food. His mouth began to salivate involuntarily. "Sorry, but... Is that meat?"

@violet_kitten He growled as he followed after her. "Excuse he, shorty, but I'm the top of the food chain. Keep it in mind the next time you end up lost in the jungle."