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The rain pours down slamming down on the tombstones. A large tombstone sits in the middle of the large graveyard with a quote reading "We live for this moment" anda large hand scraps a long talon from the middle to the very top of its surface. A Large man sits crouched down atop the slab of rock with a large grin. The rain bouncing of his metallic/scaly skin his eyes glow red in the darkness. His head lifts to the air an sniffs

"Such a pity such a beautiful young thing shall need to cross me in battle. But what must be done must be done." Almost talking to himself he cocks his head staring to a darkened patch of the graveyard. Danging one of his hands over the tombstone his wings unravel from around his waist their magnificent beauty an terrifying image a ode to the graveyard itself

"You know woman they called me the Angel of Death in some places. Where my scourge has set they saw me as a being of sheer terror an dubbed me an angel of sorts." Looking to his newfound wings "Guess the name kinda works now dont it." The large man leaps down from the tombstone an downs a spin stopping right in front of the tombstone an sends a earth shaking kick into the middle of the tombstone. It crumbles into tiny granite seconds after his foot connects. "So little one you goingt o attempt at hiding in the dark or do you not know I can see in the dark?"
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The rain kept coming down like a heavy curtain that told of the end of the show. But tonight it would not tell of an end but of a beginning. At least not so fast. The stage was set and Risky was on her way confront one of the most dangerous beings on earth. Her informants had told her the massive monster she was looking for was on that graveyard tonight. It would end here. Too long had he sown fear and despair into the heart of men and hero alike. She didn't know how to beat him, she simply had taken her heaviest artillery and trusted in her luck. And if this wouldn't worj she still had something up her sleeve. Although she hoped she wouldn't need it...

Heavy iron gates opened infront of her as moved from a ghost's hand. Lightning raked across the sky as she entered and let her slender trained figure appear as a shadow as black as the heart of the villain she was about to face. Her long duster flapped in the storm and tore through the air dramatically like it wanted to esape the upcoming fight while she still wore it. Every step the feeling of menace got bigger as she approached the huge winged being sitting on a gravestone in the middle of the gothic graveyard. Amidst many statues that looked like him he was the dark archangel himself in the midst of his army. May a thousand artists have worked a thousand years on a statue it could not be as impressive as the entity she was about to face in a few seconds. His name echoed through her mind like the horrible memory of a bad dream. Darkchild... Her knees trembled now at the pure thought of confronting him but who else would do it? he was too powerful, to feared for anyone other than a madman to confront. And that was indeed what Risky was: A madwoman.

Slowly Darkchild rose and his massive stature seemed to cover the moon itself, absorbing all light that was and casting a shadow onto the land that sucked up all life and warmth equally and left nothing but darkness. His vibrant dark voice seemed to sound forth in her bones and her stomach, even going as far as even shaking her soul.  From within her another dark entity called for its freedom, ready to mess with its counterpart as it heard its words, to make once and for all clear who the mightier one was but with an epic feat of will she forced this being back into the basket where her nightmares looked out for ideas. Before she could deal with those nightmares she would have to deal with the living one infront of her that spoke to:

"You know woman they called me the Angel of Death in some places. Where my scourge has set they saw me as a being of sheer terror an dubbed me an angel of sorts. Guess the name kinda works now dont it."

The strength that he showed after this shook her to the core as he smashed the giant tombstone that he was sitting on only few moments ago with no effort. It reminded her of a man squsihing a bug, so easy did it look. Pieces of stone and debris flew into the darkness around them like paper ripped apart by a child. The rain that kept splattering down unimpressed from the coal black sky soaked the remaining stone in seconds, forming small puddles that looked like blood in the darkness. Soon there would be not this fake but real blood would cover the earth, perhaps even flow in rivers. Risky was afraid it might be hers. One again his unearthly voice thundered towards her:

"So little one you goingt o attempt at hiding in the dark or do you not know I can see in the dark?"

There was one long pause untill Risky replied in which she shortly spoke a silent Hebrew prayer, just in the case of, and gulepd one last time. Then it was her turn to answer:

"Yeah, big old one. Time to bring some light into the darkness!"

That being said she let herslef fall back over her shoulder, rolled off, grabbed her two cal.50 desert eagles which she had perosnally loaded with armor piercing rounds and gave off two shots from each that were directed towards his big wide steely shimmering chest. The game was on and the stakes were high. She could only hope old friend sister fate had given the better cards to her...
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"Yeah, big old one. Time to bring some light into the darkness!" she said as she began her move

"Old? What the hell you little bi-"then from the darkness came four slugs soaring through the night air. Each made contact slamming into his chest, blood splattered from the wounds. Four great holes appear in his chest, he looks down and then at her in the darkness. Waving his hand from side to side "Tsk tsk tsk Little one, you should do a little bit more homework on your wouldbee foes. Always helps if you know their strengths." Darkchild walks into the darkness his wounds healing immediatly and the bullet fragments falling to the ground. He dissapears into the darkness. "My my a woman in such tight cloths, might give a man the wrong idea. An idea that all she loves is a good thrash everynow an then." From the darkness a ball of concentrated darkness flies out soaring towards Risky. As the ball closes in its sucked back into the darkness, Darkchild repeats this five more times before his laughter echoes through the graveyard.

And Soon he makes his appearance from the darkness, appearing right behind Risky two swords in his hands. In his right a creation of Final arrows dark arts a sword of eternal darkness, and in his other  his own Sword of Darkness "Ello love, lets not let this go on much longer huh. Lets get to the nitty gritty." He swings both swords down towards the ground then pulls them up fast aiming for Riskys chest.
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With a loudly yelled "YAHOOOOO!!!" Risky watched her bullets impact on the winged evil. She was not naive enough to believe those shots were enough to take this behemoth out of the game but together with her first taunt it would farther enrage her. His blood sprayed from the wounds and formed a red mist for a precious short moment before it fell to the ground in ruby red drops. Wounds that are dealt by Cal.50 ammunition are not pretty and neither were these. Parts of his interior, of the dark twisted things that onece used to be organs lurked within Darkchild could be seen and for a second Risky allowed herself to smile. The pain had to be immense. His reaction, however, was not to be expected. This was not the Darkchild of all, this was a new mastermind of evil and in better control of himself. The archive of the Zero Squad and all the storied that Ronin had told her were not the truth any more with someone even more twisted, even more cruel like Final Arrow in his head. It was indeed possible that she had taken to big a risk this time...

A finger as thick as a little child's arm was waved towards her as the evil incarnate reacted to her assault. The old would have stormed towards her and tried to beat her to a gory mess but this time he spoke while the threatening gesture hung in the air. Waterfalls of rain ran down from his head and became crimson as they passed his wounded chest, creating big puddles of blood to his feet like she had prophetically foreseen at the beginning of their battle while she watched his silvery jaw move and spit out words of defiance.

"Tsk tsk tsk Little one, you should do a little bit more homework on your wouldbee foes. Always helps if you know their strengths. My my a woman in such tight cloths, might give a man the wrong idea. An idea that all she loves is a good thrash everynow an then."

His step into darkness that he let his words follow brought terrifying results. She could not see it but the clear sharp sound of lead falling on soil told her enhightened senses what she needed to know. The bullets had left his body and had fell to the ground.Where had he gone? What was he up to? The adrenaline level in her body rose another time and whispered of the sweet promises of power that she would have if she would let her whole system be flooded by the sweet addiction. Thundering through her veins it sang nevertheless sweetly in her ears "Let me free, let me free..." but she refused to give up. Not so fast, not now. She had been a warrior all of her life and she would not give up now. A nasty crackling threw her back into reality. With widely opened eyes she noticed a black orb of darkness flying towards her, hypnotic patterns playing on it's surface like waves. Aeon old energies of malevolent origins were concentrated in this circular display of the power that was at Darkchild's command. Hoping sternly she would be able to dodge this Risky adjusted her feet firmly to the ground. Things around her were already moving slower due to the hightened level of adrenaline in her body but this projectile was still fast even to her eyes. To add to the misery Risky believed this thing would follow her if she dodged. Even her luck had hard times against a seeking missile. If she dodged in the last moment it would be hard for the thing to follow her and if she managed to redirect it aginst a wall she might even be able to stop it completely. Sweat ran down her pretty face as she concentrated on the task at hand and readied for the dodge and counted down. Three... two... one.. WHAT?

The missile that had stil threatened her only one second ago was suddenly gone. What was played here? From the side came another orb that diappeared as fast as the first. And another. And another. And another. Risky nearly went mad from all those games. Frustration was usually her weapon and she hated it when it was used against her.

"What game do we play here? Show yourself and don't act like a chicken?"

Her question was never answered or better to say it was answered by action. Suddenly appearing from darkness Darkchild lashed out at her with the two gigantic black swords that he held in hand. Only her luck and improved reflexes let her evade this attack as she made a salto forwards. The blades drove deep into the ground and produced black lightnings but that did not hinder her opponent as he ripped them out with his enormous stregth and swung it in a wide bow at her again. This time she was not as lucky. The vertical swing hit her in the chest. Luckily she was coming up at that time and the wound was not very deep but as long as her regeneration was nothing more than a slightly enhanced healinng it would continue to affect her. A sharp stinging pain struck her and forced her to the knees. Towering above her was the dark shilouette of the evil incarnate. If she wanted to survive she had to git teeth and think back to her training. All his taunts were good for one thing: They reminded her of his greatest weakness.

In a sudden explosion of activity, near to slightly superhuman speed Risky jumped. Not backwards but forwards, towards her deadly enemy. While she jumped she turned around to land on her back and slid on the rain wet ground. Her course of sliding brought her under him and between his legs. From there he seemed to tower even higher. But Risky didn't care. She just shot upwards towards his family planning center. No matter if she had hit or not, this would cause a distraction that she intended to use. Forcing herslf up under the almost unbearable pain of her chest wound she got back to her feet and ran to the little chaple in the middle of the graveyard. Only god knew if she would make it...

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His blades slammed into the ground, and he felt the rush of battle course through his veins. This woman sleek, tiny and beautiful moved with grace and he loved it. The way her body moved brought back memories of past battles. Yet with a tiny an slender opponent their came a price, their flexibility and she showed him hers. As she slid between his legs he felt the pain as the bullets exited their chambers into his groin. The pain wasnt unbearable but they did their damage. His manhood hung from the large hole created from the bullets, pieces of it fell to the ground as he roared in pain.

Relaxing himself he turned to her, she slid to the middle of the grave yard. Not showing the growing pain that has stationed itself in his groin he smiles "
Nothing a few days worth of growing, yet I do hate when you women go for the jewels. You would be surprised that those are the most difficult to grow back, plus the pain almost unbearable after the third day." The swords in his grasp absorb back into his body. And he stares at her, the cut in her chest still dripping with blood yet she stared at him not flinching. She waited for his next attack and he wouldnt disappoint her with doing so but first as Arrow would do with any opponent he would toy with her. Her body told him more than any search into her head would do, she was terrified of what he had become. He knew that the details upon his recent transformation hadnt been collected or known to anyone, hell he doesnt even know how to explain it but he would show her true fear. Instead of attacking he walks towards her an speaks

"My pale little child, your eyes tell me that Im not what you expected. I can just fathom the GRAND amount of detail your Zero diaries hadnt had on information for me. Hell even doing research on both of us wouldnt work. Two twisted entities in one body that would even scare me." creeping slowly towards her his tentacles slowly loosened their grip around his waist waiting for their chance. "I can give you one point of advice on yours truly, expect that tonight will be the most difficult of your life. And even if you do survive the night, the following days in my base tied to a table as I cut you open will most surely kill you. Also dont think that my arrogance will get to me, Ive learned from my old tactics that it got the best of me and most of the time lead to my battles being more difficult than they needed to be."

One of his tentacles slowly bite down onto his back pulling a sword an holding it behind him. "You need to know one simple thing....I want this battle to last until the rain stops. And if at that time you are still standing I promise your team mates lives will be extended to one hour of torture when I finish taking each of them down." A large smile creeped to his face as the tentacles burst from around his chest grabbing the tombstones around him an slamming down towards Risky, while his arms charged with magnetic energy and he thrusts them forward releasing blasts of magnetic energy. His grin widening as his eyes began to glow  "And just incase you dodge all of this little one. Courtacy of your friend Andferne." A large an wide optic blast bursts from his eyes heading straight towards Risky's chest.

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Her heart raced and pumped blood into her her veins and from there a great amount of it exited from her chestwound. Her now red fingers were not able ot hold back the crimson flood that was coming from the wound but she also knew her blood mixed with the downpouring rain and made everything looking worse than it was. Nevertheless the pure look was horrifying and she felt the weakening from blood loss. The adrenaline made up for some of it but she also knew she would not be able to keep it up for long against an adversary like this. Originally she had expected that her attack on his manhood would enrage and weaken him but the thunderlike scream of pain and agony that she so hoped to hear was kept inside his massive throat. Not even anger showed on his face and this was what terrified her most. This was certainly not the Darkchild she had prepared for. And the things he said only confirmed this. It was more like she heard the vile things in her head, resounding from her skull, than she heard it with her ears:

"My pale little child, your eyes tell me that Im not what you expected. I can just fathom the GRAND amount of detail your Zero diaries hadnt had on information for me. Hell even doing research on both of us wouldnt work. Two twisted entities in one body that would even scare me. I can give you one point of advice on yours truly, expect that tonight will be the most difficult of your life. And even if you do survive the night, the following days in my base tied to a table as I cut you open will most surely kill you. Also dont think that my arrogance will get to me, Ive learned from my old tactics that it got the best of me and most of the time lead to my battles being more difficult than they needed to be."

Then the real horror began. Tentacles began to portrude from his body and lash through the dark midnight air. The name "big old one" that she had used earlier on him seemed to fit right now. With the atrocious tentacles of darkness that sprouted from each angle of his body he really looked like a mythical cthuloid beast risen from sleep to devour everything in its path. Him desecrating the graveyard only added to this impression as he ripped whole tombstones from the wet ground. Chunks of wet soil flew through the air and tainted other graves in an impious display of rage and destruction. Still the rain had not stopped and the earth left ugly smears on the once proud and beautiful marble tombstones. Risky felt tainted from his words as well as he continued to speak: "You need to know one simple thing....I want this battle to last until the rain stops. And if at that time you are still standing I promise your team mates lives will be extended to one hour of torture when I finish taking each of them down."

That was enough! Insulting her was one thing. She had brought this upon herself, this wound, perhaps even her untimely death by the crule hands of the beast known as Darkchild. But threatening her team, her firends that had come together with her in the Zero Squad. Was not acceptable. A cold rage came as substitute for the fiery anger that had ruled over her till now. He wanted to play hard? He could have it! But he might learn that you not always like what you want when you finally get it... The first tombstone flew towards her as his pitchblack tentacle had thrown it and already gripped the next. Risky just stood still. She relied on her timing and most of all her luck to pull this maneuver. As moments before when she had waited for the black orb she waited for the tombstone. In her mind she counted down. Three... two... one.... NOW! With a relieving scream she jumped up and landed on the tombstone. no time to think, just to act. Her strong leg muscles protested as she ejected herself another time on the next tombstone that was hurled towards her. Franitcally jumping she used the flaing tombstones as stairs that lead her towards the dark master and at the same time upwards... to his face. Only one mistake could mean her death as she was hit by at least 1000 pounds of flying stone. Only one wrong step or one second of delay and she would be smashed like an insect by a god. But she knew she could do this, make it. And indeed she made it. Not for the first time she thanked her luck for her precise timing. A last jump brought her high into the dark sky where she hung like a dark star over the head of the sinister monster. In an old reflex her hands found the way to the holster on her right thigh where her old friend, the reliable double-barrelled sawed-off shotgun of her father ested. A short grip brought the weapon to her hand and she fired both armor piercing slugs in his face from the distance of not more than 4 inches. But her reckless assault was not without consequences. he caught her by surprise as he uneashed a devastating optic blast from his eyes from his eyes with the words: "And just incase you dodge all of this little one. Courtacy of your friend Andferne" Risky could not do different than laugh shortly before the beam hit her. She had worked with Andferne for a short time and respected him as a paragorn for a hero for all of her life. His way might not be hers but she respected what he was nad what he did. The only other ecation she was capable of was crossing her arms infront of her face so that the beam would not hit her face and blind her forever. A almost unbearable wave of heat washed over her as the red energ hit her and she could feel how the heat did its work and burned her body down to second degrees at some points. Sure the little armor that she wore protected her so that she only got a severe sunburn there but the unprotected parts of her body suffered from the burns badly. The pure power of the blast was enough to carry her backwards and throw her backwards. She screamed in pain as she landed hard on her back and dirt was applied to her fresh wounds. Her journey across the graveyard came to a sudden stop as she hit something hard. For a short moment she wantd to curse again but then she saw where the blast had taken her. Her luck had kicked in once agin. It had sent her where she had wanted to go anyway before he had reappeared in her way. The graveyard chapel. Eerily laughing she came trembingly back to her feet.  Her words to Darkchild spoke of her joy over the little success.

"Hahaha, you're speaking of research and preparation? Well, there was a reason why I chose this graveyard to confront you. I know you get stronger in the shadows. But what if when there are no shadows at all? Man, I just love my powers..."

After this short speech she pulled the switch on the outsioght of the little chapel that activated the floodlight of the graveyard. Unmerciful white light flooded the whole area and eradicated all shadows. Risky smiled her impious little merc smile (TM). She wanted to see how Darkchilde reacted to that move...
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The sound of the shotgun going off shatters Darkchilds eardrums as it goes off only inches from his face, taking a good chunk of skin with it. His healing ability is being pushed to the max on three areas of his body and its only furthering his eargerness in this battle. Her body again shimmering in the moonlight, yet he knew one thing that she had going for her she had brains and she was using them. As she backed into the chapel her skin simmered, the smell fo burning flesh was already making not feasting upon her corpse right then an there a problem but her sheer beauty was also making it difficult. He smiles as he nears her then a blinding light bursts all around him as the lights in the graveyard came on, the going from pitch black to bright as hell made Darkchild leap into a less lite area.

He leaps onto a tombstone that still stands an resting on top of it like a bird, his legs hanging off it and he just rocks from side to side staring at her. Her body burnt an battered bringing an even larger grin to his face. He watches as her pain causes her body to twitch, licking his lips he smiles at her an speaks as his left hand moves behind him. Droplets of darkness fall from his finger tips "
Well well, arnt we a smart little minx. I can see the very mention of your ZEROs has brought great anger to you. Let it, the anger is the tool. In life when the gods have graced you with limited powers such as your own you must embrace the anger or allow for a change. Yes your powers are something to be marveled at an in my place taken, But I have a proposition for you little leather fetished girl. I know how deeply you love your team and in one case one individual." Darkchild creates a shape out of ice, a little figurine of LstPaladin and holding it out in his hand before tossing it to her. "Such a love can overcome anything right? WRONG, with love comes the unbearable truth that something EVIL will take it. And if you do not agree to what I am about to offer I will be that evil to take it from you." the droplets that fell from his hands begin to make their way to each of the lights slithering on the ground. "Your power of dumb luck along with what I can smell deep inside you is NOTHING compared to what I can give you. Join me, BE with me and I will allow for a fraction of my powers to be yours. The power to twist anything to your liking." Darkchild waves his hand at a tree and it turns into a wolf that runs off into the graveyard  "The Dark arts are something beautiful, reality is at my fingertips and if you allow it will be at yours. But if you decide against this offer an throw it away...then your lover, your team, and everything you ever loved and cheerished will be at my mercy." He leans out from the tombstone and snaps his fingers and the droplets turn into Dark Children an all of them in unison smash the lights an destroy them, blackening the graveyard once again.

He bursts forward off the tombstone stopping in front of Risky "So little one" Leaning down inches from her face "Whats your choice?"
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Burnt and battered that indeed she was. Second degree burns covered her arms and her legs, solely thanks to her fast reflexes was her face not more than a burnt ruin. The pain crept slowly through her whole body but still she refused to give up and forced herself to reamin standing. She could see the effect her simple shots had on the being known as Darkchild and the damage was immense, his body only slowly regenerating from the wounds she had struck him. The holes in his chest were almost gone but still his manhood dangled uselessly from his legs and the wound seemed to be painful. His powers weakened because there were no more shadows to draw from. But even more than this did his face strengthen the feeling of a small triumph deep within her chest. Most of his skin was gone, the pure white bone shone through the darkness around him like the moon and his eye rolled restlessly in his socket like a white marbel spraying the promise of hate and agony into the world. The hate and anger in his face could be clearly seen and a small string of blood flowed from his ear as his ears had been affected by the deafening roar of her shotgun. Sure, she was badly wounded but her attacks had not been without any affect at all. But then he did something that shocked her even more than all the vile threatenings he had poured on her earlier before. At first she was not able to tell what he did but as his perfect white teeth parted his dark and somehow sinful lips she knew what he was doing. He was smiling, grinning even. A sick and twisted evil caricature of the simple sign of enjoyment but nevertheless his own kind of showing his amusement. Despite all the grizzly wounds she had inflicted upon him he was still grinning like a madman. And that alone scared her to death, let the blood in her veins turn to icewater sent the tingling of a million volts through her spine. There, inmidst the floodlight stood he and smiled his diabolical smile, always the perfect mastermind, the puppet master, always one step ahead.

A giant leap shortened the distance between them and like a vulture feasting on a freshly died corpse he landed on a tombstone and pressed his boot imprint forever into the once dignous stone. His black now a bit tattered wings only added to the impression of the avid scavenger as they folded on his back and he moved forth and back in a birdlike manner while his feet dangled from the edge of th tombstone. The desire to inflict further pain and more hideous, even unspokable things was clearly visible as his blood red tongue licked over his fleshy lips. All te time he moved his hands like a master weaver creating and destroying complex patterns between his fingers till finally small drops of darkness fell from his hands behind his back and scurried across the graveyard like giant bugs and sped towards the floodlights. And with one gesture of him the light died. in one last spark shower the floodlights exploded and gave of their dying breath in a fascinating display of fire in the heavy rain. Then there was darkness again and the hope in Risky almost died as well. there was one little rest and that rest was it that refused to just lay down and die. His distorted face partially hidden in darkness again the dark majesty spoke to her, the one he considered as his prey.

"Well well, arnt we a smart little minx. I can see the very mention of your ZEROs has brought great anger to you. Let it, the anger is the tool. In life when the gods have graced you with limited powers such as your own you must embrace the anger or allow for a change. Yes your powers are something to be marveled at an in my place taken, But I have a proposition for you little leather fetished girl. I know how deeply you love your team and in one case one individual."

With another grace- and artful gesture she saw a little icefigurine take shape in his hand. At first it was just a simple chunk of ice but as his power over the elements began to reshape it after hsi will it didn't need much time before she could recognize the one that had grown most dearest to her in such a short time. Lst Pladin. The little statue looked like him in every aspect that she had memorized. A real display of art in it's own right. And if the frame had been another she xould as well have appreciated it. But this way it was a not at all hidden threatening about the one she had feelings for. With a small laughter the monster tossed the statue towards her. Risky would have been able to catch it but she didn't trust the master manipulator. Something sure would happen when she finally caught it. So she just let it fall to the ground: this was an act that demanded more self control of her than she would ever have thought. And something happened with the small display of the mighty thundergod as it hit the ground to her feet. It broke into a thousand small glittering ice shards, the oonly thing that was still intact was his head that rolled against the steel cap of her combat boot and looked up to her from artificial eyes that were almost as blue as the eyes of the original. With a shiver she looked up again towards her adversary.

"Such a love can overcome anything right? WRONG, with love comes the unbearable truth that something EVIL will take it. And if you do not agree to what I am about to offer I will be that evil to take it from you. Your power of dumb luck along with what I can smell deep inside you is NOTHING compared to what I can give you. Join me, BE with me and I will allow for a fraction of my powers to be yours. The power to twist anything to your liking."

With this words he waved anoother time with his ahnd, this time towards an old tree that stood in this graveyard for decades. Slowly the plant began to move and twist in itself till an unholy matamorphosis took place. it was like the shaping of the ice Paladin. More and more the tree began to develop forms and outlines of a lupine till there was no sign of the plant anymore and an impressive huge black wolf howled to the moon before he made his way into the darkness.

"The Dark arts are something beautiful, reality is at my fingertips and if you allow it will be at yours. But if you decide against this offer an throw it away...then your lover, your team, and everything you ever loved and cheerished will be at my mercy."

And for a short moment Risky thought. Was it worth all this? The promise of power was not worth anything to her. She had costed ultimate might once and it was not the thing that she wanted. But how were the chances of beating Darkchild? They were nearing zero, he was too strong and too powerful for her. She had finally met the challenge that all of her luck did not enable her to master. But when she agreed now to become his disciple, his zealot, then he would spare the life of her loved ones. She would save them from the pain she had experienced and probably even more hideous tortures. Pains in mind and body, torture so twisted that she couldn't think of them in the darkest part of her mind. Did she really believe her friends were capable of defending against such a monster? Surrender was the only logic option, meant survival not only for her but for everyone that she loved and appreciated. Surrender meant safety. Surrender meant life. Basing her decision on that facts she let out a sigh.

The horrible visage of darkchild hovered in the night infront of her and Risky caught breath one more time, ignored the pain and straightened up to tell the dark master her decision. A decision that she had made and a decision that was the only correct option in that situation. With a stern and unforgiving look she looked in his face and expressed her disgust through that one gaze. And then she fell one of the perhaps hardest decision in her young life.

She spat in his face.

"NO! F*ck you!"
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"No! F@ck you!" her spit trickles down his face, trailing down from the bottom of his nose down to his lips. Fury rages within him, images of her head being ripped from her still warm body pass in front of his eyes. Licking her bones clean of blood an the still warm meat from her body continue through his mind as his tongue wriggles its way out a hole in the side of his jaw and licks the spit from his lips. A look of pleasure washes over his face as his eyes open and stare deep into hers, his smile still wide on his face. He leans in and his hand brushes against her face then with a quick motion he takes a droplet of blood from her chin and licks it off his finger an looks back at her then gazing back to his finger "Had to know what pure moronic behavior tastes like, Alot like fear to be honest." He stands up from leaning down and walks back to the tombstone waving his hand over the ground the undead bursting their hands through the ground, his anger taking its toll on his dark arts. Arrow found it quite funny to keep the on button firmly pressed, Darkchild mutters to himself "Arrow quite it." then the undead limbs fall limp again. And Darkchild turns towards Risky a look as if he has had a thought and he bursts back to her closing the distance within a fraction of a second "I wonder how long it will take for your spit, to cycle through my system. How utterly poetic for me to use your own power to kill your team mates but first your lover." tapping his fingers together he thinks out loud "Maybe using that hammer of his as my own personal toy or hell wearing it on my new belt buckle, yes that would be rather rewarding on my part." He can sense her anger rising and he stretches his hands out to her darkness pours from his finger tips and large Dark Children form and surround her. "Keep her on the ground or in one spot, Im still talking......Now puppet dont interrupt me this kind of tactical thinking takes complete silence." Hearing her thoughts he smiles back to her "Dont worry my love, I dont need to do that to myself Ill have your corpse for that." hinting to what she said to herself within her mind.

Raising his finger as if having another idea
"Oh I had almost forgot about the mongrel, what was his name.....Ronin thats it. Waving his hand in disapproval Nah he wont be difficult, pull the adamantium from his still moving body will do that. But i could do it slowly. BUT." Waving his finger as if tapping it on something invisible "The most delicious thought that goes through my mind is that they will all think you have already died. Yet I shall stick you in one of my voids, and show your ever...last...detail. Of how their end will come, and each will be slow,methodical and utterly disgusting." Laughing outloud this time he almost falls forward laughing, then the humor ridden face turns into a stern and terrifying expression "Lets get down to business. You wont need limbs to watch their deaths." He speeds forward swinging hard with his left fist, as it soars through the air in slow motion his metallic skin appears and adds to the force behind his punch, his knuckles spark as energy is focused in on each knuckle for a truly devestating punch.
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Lightning flashed and was reflected from her opponent's shimmering skin. The rain still poured down on them and created a gross simulacrum of her spit that slowly trickled down his face. She could see how the flesh around the wounds she had inflicted on him crept over the bone and raw flesh that lay open in his visage. Through a hole in his cheek came his disgustingly long tongue and licked off the sign of disgust. Risky already thought she had to throw up. Never before had she fought anything that was so evil, so vile, not even the dreaded Apocalypse himself could reach this.His dark and threatening promises sounded back from her bones into her stomach and let her whole body vibrate in rage. But she didn't listen to them. She had enough work to do to keep herself in control. The vicious helldog inside her barked and called for blood, threw itself against the chains that held it and threatened with the things it would do once it would gain freedom again. She closed her eyes, just a short moment, to regain her compositure, not to snap, not to succumb to the sweet promise of slaughter and nearly infinite power without the hindering restrictions of a morality. Then a soft touch on her face, a touch that was gone as fast as it had appeared, almost to fast for her nerves to really notice but still there. And as she opened her eyes agin she had to breathe out heavy for not to beat the monster to a piece of scrap metal. Like a ruby the blood he had just wiped from her face hung from his finger and disappeared into the deep darkness of his gaping maw. Even though she had thought this was not possible her anger level rose further. His words, as horrible as they might be, lost all meaning to her. A red veil sank down over her field of sight. Deep inside her she could feel...

No, this mustn't be! She forced it back into its cage.

Before she could react she was surrounded by five of Darkchild's shadow minions that tried to grab her. No time to think, just act. Utilizing the rage that boiled inside her Risky thrust her ellbow backwards and felt how she hit the dark being. If it was human its rips would be broken and forced into his heart. The being instead dissolved. Pushing her hand forwards with fingers stretched out aimed for the larynx of the one before hershe ended the sty of that one in the material plane too. Her body was already that much heated up that every blow of hers would be lethal to a normale human. That was why she would have broken the neck of another shadowbeing with an upwards kick. Two bullets to the head took care of the two other ones. But she had no time to realx. Darkchild himself was already rushing towards her, yelling things she could not understand. A menacing energy crackled on his knuckles and spoke of a quick end to this fight. Risky had no intentions of letting it end this way. Like a train the behemoth came towards her, throwing chunks of earth into the air and leaving a trail of destruction in his path. But Risky didn't move. She once again awaited the right moment. For this maneuver timing was essential and she hoped her luck would help her one more time. Out of a sudden the pain was forgotten as another adrenaline rush flooded her system and made everything clear again. Dulled the pain and repaired the damage. Even her chest wound had stopped bleeding. Darkchild came nearer. And nearer. And nearer. And struck. This was the moment Risky had waited for. Stressing her legs once again to the max she jumped into the air almost two meters making a forwards flip over his outstretched arm using her arm that she had placed onto his as a help. In the process of this artistic masterpiece her Desert Eagle thundered once more as she gave off a shot at his ellbow joint. But her attack was not ended at this point. She came down in a crouching position and aimed for his knees with two other shots of her armor piercing ammunition no matter if her first shot had hit. In a triumphant way she came up again with an uppercut towards his chin, yelling out to reveal her plan now that they both stood in the near vincinity of the little graveyard chapel.

"Ha! Now we are on holy ground, b1tch! Lets see how well you take to this!"
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The energy around his knucles cracked as she moved and he followed her movements with his eyes yet for some reason he didnt stop it. His ability to call forth speeds his previous transformations only dreamed of, not even Northstars abilities could keep up with them. He let her movements play out because one thing...he was having fun. Her gun pressed against his elbow and he moved only slightly so that it took off skin rather than his bone completely, the pain was bearable but the next too hit their marks shattering his kneecaps. Then what followed took him completely off guard as her tiny arm swung upwards slamming into his chin. He felt the bones in his lower jaw shatter upon impact and his body flew slamming into the chapel and straight through the wall. He slid to a stop slamming into the pews they wood shatters as his body slams into it, blood trickles down his chin and onto the church floor. The white tiles now covered in a crimson blood, he looks up at the woman and through the darkness the white of his teeth can be seen.

His attempts at standing are futile as his kneecaps haven't healed, and with a grimace he stares at her as the tentacles stroke his face as if asking if he is alright. He nods saying
"Just lift me up an keep me up." Soon the four tentacles are supporting him and as he finally stands the tiles begin to buckle underneath him, he continues his gaze at her and he outstretches his hand without a word and the metal of the chandelier bursts and forms into a ball in his palm. Soon a shape is formed and a large gun forms "Gotta admit fighting Akira those many times did pay off." Without another word the barrel of the gun brightens as a blinding light bursts from it and as soon as it exits from the barrel it forms into a bullet that hurtles towards Risky.Without another moment of hesitation he bursts forward towards her and with a wink his eyes glow bright yellow as he moves in the same way Risky does getting closer and with a whisper sent telepathically "Ones power is always their greatest weakness." he nears her and begins a flurry of punches each targeting a pressure point, and as he finishes his combination of punches he spins leaping into the air swining his limp leg towards her temple using the sheer weight of his leg as a weapon .
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She cried out in pain as her fist hit his chin. Although the steely behemoth was send flying through the air and the chapel wall her hand felt like broken. The pain was without any description. Much like the lightnings raced throug the sky the pain spread through her body and created little forked pathways through her whole arm till she felt like it was disjointed. For a moment she was even forced to her knees. Grasping her bleeding hand she cursed at herself for being so stupid. maybe she was able to send him flying and perhaps, just perhaps even injure him, in hand to hand comabt when she was fully pumped up but the result was the same as when she had struck a massive steel bar. He had played his little game with her and she had fully played along. Originially it was her plan to make him angry and make mistakes. Now she was the one to kneel in the mud with a probably broken rigth hand, broken, battered and burned cursing at her own stupidity. Dust from the small building rose up into the rain heavy air and seemed to form little laughiing faces that were mocking her, her behaviour, her non preparing and the easiness with that she went into that fight.

"Shut up you @$$holes!!!" she screamed towards them, tears of pain in her eyes and the dust settled with the rain. The seemingless success of this enabled her to bring up an unbelievable force of will and get back to her feet, her right arm dangling uselessly at her side, more blood soiling the earth as it ran down her side and dripped onto the holy earth of the graveyard once more creating small pools that quickly grew in size. Using her left hand she grabbed her shotgun and entered the building through the massive whole that Darkchylde had created with his body. The accustomed weapon lay heavy in her right hand and calmed her, telling everything would be good again soon and that her dead father was looking down at her with a benevolent smile. On his little girl that made him so proud by picking up his legacy and protecting mankind from a monster. And for one moment, only one short moment, she believed that. But then reality hit her like a hard club and brought her back to her senses. Back to the ugly, painfilled and brutal reality. Her father was not here. Maybe he was looking down on her but that was a thing that did not matter right now. She was here alone and she had to do something. The battle would end soon, one way or the other. No matter the outcome, they were both too done to continue this forever. She hoped her luck would bring it that he was the one to break down first. And a little voice in the back of her head that so much sounded like her own kept whispering that luck would not be enough this time...

Her shiloutte grossly drawn and exaggerated by the lightning that flashed she stepped inside though she felt more like stumbling and screaming in pain. Her healing factor had already given up on the whole thing. It worked hard enough to keep her alive from the many wounds from that she suffered. No hope it could repair the damage to her arm or her burns. For that it was just not strong enough. Ronin's had probably made it, perhaps even Moonshayde's but nnot hers. Ronin would have beat the monster. He could do it. She had disappointed him once more. And probably the last time...

Like a bizarre spider Darkchylde hung before her, his massive weight supported by his four jet black tentacles, a perverse smile on his face. Only some small patches of raw flesh told of the shotgun shot to his head that he had taken only minutes before but his legs hung down just as her arm did. Patches of crimson spoke of both their ways to the midst of the chapel. Now the massive gestalt of Darkchilde towered even higher above her and a victory was farer away then ever. His sinister eyes pierced her on her way to him that was followed by red footsteps compromised of her own blood and the water of the rain outside. And then he did what she had never imagined. Copying the technopathy of her old mentor Akira Overdrive he held out his hand and muttered some words. The words were not of importance to her but the result was. The metal of the chandeliers writhed and wriggled like snakes before it bursted out of its frame making their way towards Darkchild like the shadows he commanded at all times. they formed to a massive hunk of metal that kept revolting and moving till it had formed to something that Risky could recognize: The biggest firearm she had ever seen!

A deafening artificial thunder that even subdued the natural one from the outside roared through the small house of god and a gigantic bullet flew towards Risky with top speed. A terrified scream was only barely kept in her chest as she noticed that it was too fast and too big to be dodged, especially when considering the relative narrowness of the room. Roughly about the size of a bowling ball it covered the distance between them in less than a second. almost no time for Risky to react. Almost. With a mental command she made her molecules dissolve, not really dissolve but rather relocate. She only hope she would be able to teleport dast enough before the bullet hit her. If not she would be dead. It was that simple. The bullet made its way towards her and her whole life seemed to be replayed before her inner eye, from her birth on the militaary station of her father to the present moment. Darkchylde had aimed well. It would directly hit her where her nose connected with the rest of her skull. There would be not much left of her head if anythiing at all. She culd feel how it came nearer. And nearer. And nearer. And nearer. And nearer.I She could feel the touch of it on her skin while she was still teleporting. Seconds grew to eternities. And then...

Suddenly the gigangtic bullet rushed part her, the stream of air from the sonnic speed with that it flew hitting her like a whip. Onyl now did she really hear the sound and new she was alive. A sigh of relief was everything she could let of before she realized the real danger. The first hit met her solar plexus. the second one her shoulder. The third one her hip. others followed to similiar locations. While she had concentrated on teleporting Darkchylde had followed his bullets like an iron train on his disgusting additional extremities and prepared to strike. the force with that he hit her slender body with his fists was so high that it broke several bones. First of all a few rips, then the cracking of several bones echoed through the whole chamber like a death scream. Risky's eyes widened in surprise about the fastness of her opponent and realized he was not just breaking her bones but also hitting her pressure points so tha she would be not able to move after his attack. In slow motion she saw her shotgun, her trusted friend, soar through the room into some dark corner of the room where it produced a sharp metallic sound as iit met the marbel of the floor. In only a matter of seconds he had dealt a dozen hits to vital points and a cold numbness spread through her body like the pain had done so short ago. Numbness and horror. With still widened eyes she looked into Darkchylde's grinning face and spat some blood that hit the floor as one big splash before she fell to the back. With another ugly cracking sound her head hit the marble floor and she didn't know, better to say didn't care, wether it was broken or not. The world around her was moving fast and her mind even faster but she was damned not to let her body respond to her will anymore. Now it was over, she knew it. What would happen to her friends now? To her surprise she noticed that the rain outside had stopped as well...
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Her body flops to the floor, he can sense the last bit of energy exit her body. Yet he isnt done yet, leaning down close to her face he grabs her head with his right arm an lifts her. Licking the blood from her skull he smiles and slams her face down hard into the tiles of the chapel. Before lifting her back up "I can smell that part of you not even your joyous lover knows. That part of you that you keep hidden forever held at bay until nothing more can be done except that." His hand rubs against her chest then digs into her chest lifting her into the air an grabbing her by the neck slamming her into the wall. "You are bringing the beast out in me with all of your slender body in all its glory."Again he licks the blood from her body his long finger digging deep into her fresh wounds before tossing her through the wall of the chapel. The concrete comes down all around him, the chapel falling down around him, then he emerges blasting his way through. Concrete soars through the air an he steps over the fallen pieces.  Now that she is tender an weak his true demonic form comes out as he gets closer to her body his skin pops and tears. The true Genesis part of him comes out an his grotesque body resembling that of a long thought fairy taled creature a troll. His body oozing sweat and other bodily secretions he truly is something that should only be seen in a grave yard. Yet with the dimwitted look an disgusting exterior his intelligence still intact as he taunts Risky as he paces around her. Further fueling her rage, he can sense part of her wants this but also something deep an sinister within her is trying to free itself. And Darkchild will be more than willing to release that sinister part.

Kneeling down the secretions from his body drip down to the ground an drip onto her chest, her uniform almost torn to shreds but not in select places. He smiles holding his just above her body an waving it around her with a smile "
To think that soon your entire body will be mine to use as I see fit. Yes Risky when I win against a woman of your caliber I dont kill you, I let you live so that you will fullfil my insatiable appittie. But dont worry your knight will come an try to save you, and I will end his existance quickly but only for you because I care. He will be kept alive just long enough to watch as my creatures torture and toy with you. Those little children of mine have their own appitites that cannot be quenched with mere mortals. More the metas like yourself. But I do have an idea....maybe that perty one whats her name Prima? yes thats it, maybe Ill have fun with her first. THEN Ill stake you to the wall and force you to watch as I disembowl her and feast on her entrails. Because I must tell you the taste of a beautiful meta-humans organs is something that nears orgasmic. Gives me shudders just thinking of it. MMMMMM tasty." Staring at her rage filled eyes he knows what is coming and a sword forms in his hand and he runs it down her body before turning back into what he normally appears as, something less disgusting an more handsome. Then as his sword reaches her thigh he picks it up an swings it around with glee and walks back sitting on a tombstone waiting with a look of curiousity on his face.
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The world was violently turned around and disappeared as she was smashed in the wall. Not against but in. Chunks of debris flew through the air while her face was forced into the wall and blood sprayed from several wounds. She could feel her nose break as well as her cheek bone but the pain was strangely distant. It was there but somehow it couldn't touch her. Like a thunder in the distance. She could feel every broken bone, every ruptured muscle and every damaged tissue, the pain was unbearable in itself. But somehow all that didn't matter to her. For a short moment she was away, far far away looking at the scene and the monster smashing her body into the walls of the small chapel and using her physical form to desecrate the holy place. She felt his diisgusting long tongue caressing her face, her whole body and his spit travelling down her bruised skin. She felt even more bones break and even some important inner organs get damaged. But more importantly she felt him in her head. He was there, borroughing in her thoughts, turning the bottom to the top and searching for her darkest aspects. But he mustn't get them! And at the same time from the other side of her conscience the old chaindog WAR rose again, alsmost strangling itself with its leash, lusting for blood and battle, eager to test its mettle against this new unknown enemy. Its screams echoed through her head and bade for its freedom, more than that, demanded it to rip the arrogantly smiling face of the monster's skull, use it as toilet paper and throw it in the trash can.

No way! Even iif she died, this horror was not to be unleashed unto the world again. With terror she imagined what it had done the last time. The killing, the death camps. Unimaginable atrocities. Even eradicating a big evil like Darkchild from existence could not justify something like that. So she let him abuse her body with his immense strength, torture her and stick his fingers into her wounds. She could her her own screams in her ears as he smashed her into the floor another time but she needed a moment to realize it were her own screams. So deep was she sunk in her own thoughts, reinforcing the mental dam that held back the flood of violence and blood that she was totally distant to the cruel events happening around her. Her blood covered the floor and she didn't care. The chapel collapsed, a large stone hit her shoulder and broke it, and she didn't care. Her self control was short of breaking and that was what she cared about. Like a mad beast WAR hammered on the door inside her head and she needed all her strength to keep thhat door closed. With the might of the desperate she leaned against that door and kept it tightly and firmly shut. That is until he opened his  gaping maw again and uttered another blasphemy on the holy ground:

" To think that soon your entire body will be mine to use as I see fit. Yes Risky when I win against a woman of your caliber I dont kill you, I let you live so that you will fullfil my insatiable appittie. But dont worry your knight will come an try to save you, and I will end his existance quickly but only for you because I care. He will be kept alive just long enough to watch as my creatures torture and toy with you. Those little children of mine have their own appitites that cannot be quenched with mere mortals. More the metas like yourself. But I do have an idea....maybe that perty one whats her name Prima? yes thats it, maybe Ill have fun with her first. THEN Ill stake you to the wall and force you to watch as I disembowl her and feast on her entrails. Because I must tell you the taste of a beautiful meta-humans organs is something that nears orgasmic. Gives me shudders just thinking of it. MMMMMM tasty."

For almost five neverending minutes of uninterrupted pain he had tossed her around like a ragdoll, taunted her and tortured her on a physical as well as a psychological level. Now that she was leaning against a tombstone, the hard material being the only thing keeping her upright, her breath sounding almost rattling from all the blood in her lungs, her whole body crying out in pain he dared to continue his threats against her friends, her love even. The pain in her eyes, was replaced by something entirely different, a cold flame that burned inside her. One that threw away all morals and restrictions.

"You want to play? Okay!"

And with that words she tossed the door wide open. A red haze flooded her mind and her field of sight while an seemingly impossible rage took over and filled every fiber of her being. Her snypases fired and unloaded an unimaginable amount of adrenaline into her body pumping her body up far over the maximum that it was originally built for. At the same time certain normally unused regions of her brain were unlocked and suddenly got active. But that was not everything. Bones were reassembled from splinters to never known density and severed muscle tissue reconnected much stronger than before. In one second the whole damage the Dark Master had done in almost half an hour was repaired. No, she was not only repaired, she was improved. A strange mindset began to take hold of her and soon there was only one thing that filled her mind: FIGHTING!!!

Hovering in her naked glory over the stained earth of the graveyard, displaying a perfect white body cleared of the scars that covered it before, one that did not tell of the devastations that were done to it only seconds ago she turned her red glowing gaze towards the being that had dared to mess with her. Soon he would pay for this. In only a matter of a few seconds her hair had grown from the short black style tat she preferred to the long white mane of WAR. Smiling in defiance she reached out a perfectly proportioned arm only to do one insane thing, wave the monster known as Darkchild towards her.

One thing was clear, WAR had returned in all her terrible glory. And the world would soon mourn this...
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The beautiful woman her body limp on the tombstone he watched her pull herself up, then a rush of power burst from her body. He could sense what was coming an screamed at her mentally "Yes let the beast go let the pure rage take ahold an wrap its cold dead fingers around your neck. SHOW ME EVERYTHING!"  The wave of energy that boosts her body almost shoots Darkchild off the tombstone. His hands dig in deep into the tombtstone an he watches her body reassemble itself from the nothinness he left her after his attacks. She stood up her whole aura an way he could read her had changed, he sensed the NEED to fight an kill him. This was the one time he shuddered not out of pleasure or excitement but in one moment he saw something in Risky that could possibly best him. Then the knowledge of her besting him turned into a pleasurable excitement.

Now that she was something different he thought that it would only be polite if he himself stopped lying. He leaps off the tombstone an stares at her new body, an a moment of curiosity runs through his body. He wants to feel what her body has to show him, then after he is done he wants to feel how her skin feels against his body. Then he stares at her an speaks "
Well now look what we have here little one, your body all bright an new. So shiny in the moonlight, but before we begin let me change into something more comfortable." He stares at her as his skin begins to tremble and you can see that something is trying to break free from under his skin. Increasing in size then falling down to a more understandable size his entire body trembles. His tentacles wrap hard around his body an he speaks before his skin pops " You wouldnt believe how much energy it takes out of you putting up a 12 hour ilusion spell. Sometimes I wish I was around Walkingstone more to learn more from her, but twelve hours is enough." His skin bursts an splatters against the tombstone, then his entire form is shown. A man of  6 spans tall and demonic, Genesis has finally completed his assimilation into Darkchilds entire body. Yet its always been hidden from everyone beside DC himself, his voice deepens as he speaks an he smiles a large toothy grin. " Time for a little fun huh War...but lets see what your powers are now in this form huh?" Darkchilds arms burst forward and stop a energy can slightly be seen coming out of his hands in waves as the rubble behind darkchild begins to rumble an shake, before lifting up in the air behind Darkchild. He waves his hands and the rubble soars towards Risky. He follws it by bursting foward at Risky bringing up his arms in an X formation slamming into her, his arms then charge with energy an then the energy is released it hurtles towarsds her hoping to either kill War in one shot or at least shoot her backwards.
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The earth wasa not worthy enough or perhaps not willing enough to carry her so WAR hovered over the bloody soil of the desecrated graveyard. The last clouds of the storm retreated and made room for a red moon to shine down ground that was soaked with the blood of both combatants. Red light played over every curve of her improved body, revealing some parts while hiding some others completely in the shadows. The result was just the more enticing and sinful. She felt great! Finally back, freed from the control of the pitiful being that tried to control her, free to do what she wanted: slaughter, maim and kill. The tone of her own heartbeat sounded like a thosuand war drums in her ears or even the explosion of another Hirsohima bomb. Ancient warsongs seemed to fill the air as she smiled in a sudden fit of amusement. Perfect white teeth parted her ruby red lips as she looked at the hybrid being infront of her. His voice still in her head giving her shouts of encouragement he spoke to her:

"Well now look what we have here little one, your body all bright an new. So shiny in the moonlight, but before we begin let me change into something more comfortable. You wouldnt believe how much energy it takes out of you putting up a 12 hour ilusion spell. Sometimes I wish I was around Walkingstone more to learn more from her, but twelve hours is enough."

With that word his face, his whole body changed like the sky had done only moments before. Bubbling and revolting, like an octopus struggling free of its egg his flesh came of and flew through the air in big chunks splatting against the tombstones and partly destroyed statues of angels around him filling the air with a foul stench of decay and other, even more abnormal fragrances. The location had nothing to do with a place of peace and rest anymore. It had become nothing more than an arena for the two unholy beings in the midst of it that were ready to rip each others heart out and eat it while it still pumped blood infront of the other's face. Now Darkchild's new physical form only served to stress this fact. There they were, the genocidal beast in the body of a stunningly beuatiful woman with white hair and white skin, faking an illusion of innocence, and the demonic beast, a disgusting mixture of human and abyssal creature that at least did not try to hide its nature. No one could have told which was the worse but one was sure: Humanity was the winner when one abomination vanquished the other from earth.

A strange unholy silence lay over the place as the two beings mustered each other. Much like in the beginning the two titans electrified the air between them with their gazes, deciding to let the opponent make the first move. Even the last dying signs of the thunder that had ruled the sky before made a pause here. It was Darkchild who amde the first move. What would have been a deadly shower of stones to her as Risky was not more than a handful of rubble to WAR.  With an arrogant laughter she sweeped the deadly projectiles away. That laughter even grew as she saw that Darkchild had followed the stones with crossed arms to strike her. A move that she had not anticipated. Maybe she was still a little tired from her long sleep. With brutal force, force that would have reduced a normal human to a bloody pulp, he slammed into her and send her flying. Her mad laughter could be heard across the whole graveyard as she was propelled backwards. She might have the strength of all the world, she still had a mass of 140 lbs. Not much when it comes to withstanding an impact but a lot when crashing into the last wall of a little chapel. A big cloud of dust and concrete rose as the last remaining part of the once holy place burried her beneath them. WAR had disappeared as fast as she had appeared. It was as the silence had never been broken by DC and a the wind created a small sanddevil that traveled over the area. It seemed as WAR had been defeated so easily...

With the earcracking noise of breaking stone WAR's fist drove through the heap of stones and she made her way out of her temporary prison. Like the wings of a big black bird of prey her laughter covered the area and told of the fun that she took out of that battle. Louder and louder it grew till it shattered the windows of the houses nearby.

"I am impressed dear Santesino.I hope you don't mind me calling you by your real name... To return that small act of politeness that you gave me: YOu showed me a part of your power and I will show a part of mine."

This being said she teleported right to his right to aim a punch at his face only to repeat that on the oother side and finally appear in his back where she planned to deliver a two handed smash at his back. Her own power that surged through her arms surprised even her, it was at least the tenthfold of speed and stregth of what Risky could have accomplished at the peak of her power. But she was not Risky, she was WAR and Darkchild would soon notice this...
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He watched as her body transformed from the dainty Risky to the still dainty War. And her newfound look didnt irritate didnt amuse him...it aroused him. A woman an fighter such as the one in front of him was something he hadnt seen since the Sullivan woman. And even with the Sullivan woman he didnt have this much fun fighting, this time an this fight was new an in every defintion of the word it was fun. Shes given him everything in this fight, and he can only do the same for her.

His attacks made their mark an she flew hard after his X formation attack, she bellowed in laughter as she flew through the air before slamming hard into debris. He smiled at her waiting for her attack and she did not fail teleporting to myside an unleashing a hard right punch. The attacks connect with vicious force and just as my body is airborne she appears behind me and with both arms slams them into my back. Only amplifying the force that which is struck with, my body flies through the air bouncing off the ground an leaving craters as I leave the ground. I finally stop slammign against a large tombstone with the words "Pity" on it. I look up to the sky an flip off god for his sense of irony, and I stand up brushing myself off. My ears are ringing and my head throbs with pain but I continue, she was fast. My true look would only hinder my speed.

DArkchild then crunches down an bursts up with enough force his body almost doubles in weight for a brief moment and he sinks into the ground. His body changes, not a illusion but his body changes. His demonic an disgusting look transforming into a easier appearance to look at, two large wings now turn into large scally wings. His appearance from the beginning of the battle has changed an is much more handsome. Cracking his neck he smiles "
Much better, I must say War your something new. Maybe I wont torture you for days on end, a quick thrust and turning you into my slave would suit your body just fine." He bursts forward running fulltilt, using his Northstar speed as an added kick an he nears her an leaps into the air coming down with a Seismic punch something he absorbed off Fa Shu slamming it down hard towards her head. As his feet touched the ground he leaped backwards landing on his hands and then pushing HARD off of his hands aiming his legs towards her gut in an attempt to crush her ribs puncturing her lungs.
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The thunder had finally fainted in the distance but was replaced with something more even menacing that echoed even louder over the old graveyard: The sound of two demigods clashing. On the one side there was the dark deity Darkchild, ruler over the dark arts, and on the other side there was the being that inhabitated the mercenary Risky#s body, the ruler of violence and bloodshed, WAR. As her two fists slammed into his back the sheer concussive force of that strike shattered windows in the nearby houses and let children jump up in theri beds, crying from the shock and the nightmares.

Meanwhile the silvery shining bullet that the dark master had become flew over the almost black soil of the resting place and neew no mercy in it's path. Trees, tombstones and statues were reduced to dust and rubble as they stood in the way. The brutal force of the embodyment of war drove him forwards and as he finally landed he rolled over and over, leaving mansized craters in the earth that still glowed with the heat from the friction. Hot vapor rose from his gestalt as he came back to his feet and shook his head in surprise. WAR knew she wouldn't destroy a powerful opponent like this with one blow but it was meant as a warning not to underestimate her and show him a fraction of her power. Still she had not started but that would come soon. With interest she observed his black tentacles lashing through the air in anger and excitement at the same time, urging to rip something apart, to feel warm soft flesh under their slimy secrets and take it apart piece by piece. The threads he uttered were of no consequence to her, just things meant to trouble her and please his ego after the hard strike. Of consequence was just the sweet sound in her ears, her own heart that beat like a frenetic wardrum of old and the blood overrich with adrenaline that evoked a sweet melody in her not unlike to the crescendo of a wild waterfall. The fight, the bloodshed, the massacre, that was all what mattered. Darkchild was just a mean to and end even if he himself didn't know it. Another victim on her kill list that had long proceeded the magical one million limit. Entertaining but not much more. Risky would have reacted on his rantings but she wasn't Risky any more, she was something entirely different, something mightier and something more. Spawned by the Apocalypse itself she was the godess of war that had come down to earth to do her cruel work. Shred, maim and kill. She killed indiscriminate. No matter his form, the steely colossus, the winged demon or the painfully handsome appeareance he chose now with the enticingly blue eyes that could capture every woman in them, the delicate features of the almost angelic face or the dark wings that added a sinister fascination to the whole unnatural mix and let him look like a true fallen Angel, she would kill him and spray his innards over the whole neighbourhood in an unholy testimony to the power of the genocidal monster called WAR.

Finally it looked like Santesino ad enough of talking. To her with her heightened awareness the few seconds he had needed to utter his words felt like an eternity. The adrenaline that was constantly released in her body made her able to see hear and do more in a single heartbeat than even most of the superpowered beings could do. Nevertheless Darkchild moved fast as he started his attack, a move that reminded of an attacking cobra in it's deadly cobra. His massive fist raised high in the air he stormed towards her at almost sonic speed attempting to strike her from above. One step to the side and WAR evaded the brutal blow with the elegance of a mungo that dodged the cobra. He was fast, maybe even faster than her but that did not mean she was slow. A sadistic smile appeared on her face as she saw his fist pass through the air only millimeters away from her face. This strike was infact deadly. It promised to be a good fight. Producing a loud sound the fist drove deep into the ground and send even more rocks flying into the air. Although the two combatants moved at nearly untoppable speeds, to each other they moved in slow motion, a deadly destruction dance. While she had foreseen the trick with the attack from above, his horsekick took her by surprise. The cracking of her ribs could be heard over the whole graveyard as his feet met her thorax. As hard as her new body might be, the unbelievable force of that attack was too much, it could even have slammed a mountain to nothing. Another stone angel was killed as she flew right into it and reduced a decades old masterpiece of art into a heap of marble.That only added to her mad laughter. Her ribs healing at an unimaginable pace and ignoring that pain through her constant adrenaline rush she already got out of that pityable remnants and started her own attack.

Propelling herself high in the air as he had done miliseconds ago she aimed for the middle of his back with her naked foot while he was still finishing his kick to break his spine. In an attempt to anger him she would try to grab one of his limbs and swing him around in a wide circle twom or three times before she would let go and see where his random course took him. WAR was aware of the luck that she shared when in Risky's body and knew the result could only be positive for her when she succeeded, no matter where he would land. Only more fun and destruction...
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Their bodies formed an deformed to pain every changing an healing to meet the needs of the battle. His awe for this perfect specimen for war was bordering for love, he loved to find that one true soul or being that could put up a fight. And this time it was a woman who human more than actual hybrid as himself was only heightened his fascination with her beautiful way of fighting. The taste of the luck he had absorbed from her wasnt something he wanted to use on her or against her, using his own prowess to beat her was something he wanted. And her punches an counterattacks made fighting her satisfying to a degree he hadnt felt in quite sometime. The only people  who have shown him this much trouble and grace were Final Arrow and the hero Andferne an with each of them he had only a few things better than them. But in all actuality he had everything over this warrior woman in front of him but she still put him through the ringer with her powers, even the WAR entitiy had flaws yet it was able to strike with enough force to crush many of his bones to paste.

The sneak attack of his kick landed an slammed into her with force he hadnt wanted to use on her, but she recoiled an attacked with the same force he hit her with slamming her foot into the middle of his back his body slammed into the ground as his kick finished. He bounced into the air off the ground and she grabs his arm an spins him around and tosses him his body slams into one of the last remaining angels that stand in the graveyard he bounces from the angel into a tombstone an it crumbles the moment he hits it. It stops him immediately the force of the throw broke his ribcage an the attack she dealt cracked four vertebra's. He lied their with a smile and not speaking he stood up five ribs clearly visible protruding from his chest and his body leaning to the right as his spine was broken. Looking at her blood poured from his wounds an he wiped his right hand in the blood dripping down his body. His blood had turned into a blackness that dripped from his body he spun his arm in the air like spinning a lasso but nothing happened. He looked up into the air an shrugged
"Must be more hurt that I thought. Oh well."

His devious smile overtaking his face and his angelic face covered in black blood that slowly began to spread to the rest of his body covering him. His metallic skin shining in the moonlight he disappeared into the shadows once again. His voice rang from all the shadows at once "I find that a woman like your wait let me rephrase that a WARRIOR like you. Thinks they can withstand anything that is dealt at them. Well then lets have some fun." Soon droplets of blackness began to fall down around Risky/War the blood he had sprayed into the air earlier finally coming down, and from the droplets voids opened an a mass of darkchildren walked out. "Lets see if you really can take what comes at you."The children leaped forth at Risky their razor talons swinging at her.  Darkchild appeared leaning up against a tombstone his body broken he slammed his back into it cracking his back into place "Damn woman....hadnt anticipated her healing would be this fast. Gotta give myself a few moments to heal." As he leaned he knew the children wouldnt be able to take her down but it gave him ample time to heal his ribs an wounds. As he leaned a orb of energy formed in his hand with his other hand he pulled out from the orb the Sword of Darkness Flames "Looks like its going to get close quarters." He waited for her next move, already planning a counter attack in his head.
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Like an evil ragdoll the master of darkness came back to his feet, weirdly hunched to the right, a sight that was unnnerving to behold, even horrible. Like big white fingers his ribs looked out of his chest, ready to grab an unaware foe and pull them inside his strange body. Even his blood looked more like black ooze than real red life juice. Even now, terribly deformed and physically abused, his whole body emanated a fear inducing aura of pure threat, pure maliciousness, that covered more than the simple desecrated graveyard with its darkness, more the whole district. But even more terrifying was his smile that spoke of pure enjoyment, he actually revelled in that bizarre pain. Every lesser being would have been dead by now but if he was killed that easy some hero might have succeeded in that a long time ago. But he was not the dark master for no reason. And his smile testified that. Never would he give up. Never. He would rather die and WAR had previously proven that he was a lot but certainly not easy to kill.

He threw his own black blood into the air, now his taint began to even affect the air but WAR did not care. She was fury unleashed, pure and unmatched rage, wrath incarnate, every second she manifested more and more in the real world, into that body of the woman named Risky, and every second the red veil infront of her eyes got more and more intense. It did not only cover her field of sight but penetrate her whole body. The red force surged through her like the adrenaline had before onyl thousand times as potent. She felt the black ooze raining down again but her own fury drove her forwards. With bare naked hands she tore through the dark children, dismembering them, decapticating, ripping them apart, tearing them limb from limb, smashing their heads with the arms and legs of their brethren. They were nothing more than a simple hindrance. She felt their claws scraatch over her naked white skin cutting inside at some points or simply breaking off at others. Her fury numbed the pain and her wounds closed up almost immediately. She tore thrugh them as trhey were almost nonexistent, a sheet of paper at best. But they were not meant to stop her, just slow her down and in that they succeeded.

Drops of her red blood still running down her perfect white naked body she raced towards him, her flawless marble skin shimmering in the moonlight and speaking of the pleasure she could give a man if she only desired. But there would be no man that would be given this pleasure by WAR. The onyl pleasure that she could give was a quick death. And that she promised to Darkchild too as she unleashed a flurry of blows, strong enough to pulverize steel. he awaited her, still that insane grin on that face and forcing himself back into a normal position. His back gave off a cracking sound that would have shocked a normal human to the core, traumatized him for years. Indeed those two were worthy opponents and when one finally beat the other there would be clear for all times who the greater monster was.
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Her body glisened as the sweat beads dripped down her long slender body, and accompanying the sweat was the blood of his kind mixed in with hers. A smile twitched against Darkchilds face as he started her down. Her naked body moving fast the now dying rain storm drops seemed as if they never touched her, limbs flew through the air as his children were slaughtered like cattle. He watched as they fell one by one, not an ounce of remorse for the creatures he spawned from his very own blood his children were dropping like stones and he cared not for them. For they accomplished their need, an his need was for a build up of power and for his body to adjust to the injuries he had recieved so far in the battle. Cracking his back the noise echoed, an the rain suddenly stopped as if freightened by the noise of such a disgusting feat. He realligned his spine and stood up straight as the war goddess stormed towards him. He leaped back nimbly as she swung right an left a flurry of punches, each dodged punch made contact with what remained around them vaporizing what they connected with with sublty. He knew the last section of their fight would be the crowning an killing strokes that defined who was the better beast of war.

Holding out his hand he caught a fist and bringing up his left arm he blocked the next thrust of her fist. His arm split at the bone but he sneered past the pain an closed his fingers over her fist and pulled his arm back in an attempt at pulling her towards him. As he pulled his right arm back he brought his left outof the block an charged it with a mixture of magnetic an darkness energy forcing the energy into the knuckles of his fist an he slammed it forwards aiming for her chest seeing as her healing ability was only capable if her adreniline was pumping he knew what his next move would be. His attack continued as his body in an instance began to grow his muscles growing larger as a low growl began to turn into a battle cry energy began to crackle around him an he looked deep into her eyes an said one thing "
Thank the muscle heads on this rock for this, your day will come to an end soon."  Screaming loud he let go of her fist for his next attack an pulled his arm back an then swung with all his force aiming for her kidneys, and to be more specific her adrenal gland.
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The red fog got thicker and thicker, se was almost drowning in it. But it was not an uncomfortable drowning. Just letting go of everything. Responsibilities, duties, morals. More and more she dissolved into that red veil and actually became it. Thinking became a triviality. She just acted and it was right. Pieces of Darkchylde's wretched spawns flew around her like a bloody tornado. They screamed unwordly screams in their agony that would have shaken the boldest warrior. But she was no warrior anymore, she was war itself. She was WAR. All the things around her were unimportant as she had a target: The metallic hulking monster named Darkchild. As the adrenaline flowed more and more into her system they disappeared completely. She could not even see anymore when she attacked the malevolent being, she perceived the world in a totally different way for that there were not even words. This fight pushed her to the edge and further. Never before had she been so challenged, her capabilities were truly at a peak. Adrenaline seemed to be the essence her whole being had been made of. Alien and pervers joy filled her as her fists flew like bullets.

Like storm of stone and metal the two clashed and sent shockwaves over the ruined field that once was a graveyard. Not a single tombstone was errect anymore, they had devastated the whole wonderful gothic graveyard in their blind rage. The air made angy swishing sounds as they exchanged blows near sonic speed.  Bones of both of them made cracking sounds reminding of thunder as they met, were broken, healed at an instant only to be broken again. Angry blow followed on angry blow, the two combatants distorted their faces in hate and anger as thy furiously struck at each other. Darkchild showed at least some thought and blocked but WAR showed no such caution. Greedily she sucked in every hit that DC dashed out, revelling in the pain and using it for her own purposes. Then suddenly came the surprise. Swelling in an absurd manner, growing repelling muscles in which the steely veins pumped out, his shoulders almost covering his head, he grabbed her by the hand and thrust her forwards. As before he had found one of her greatest weaknesses. Even with her nearly unlimited strength and her impenetrable skin she weighed not more than 130 lbs. in that tender frame. But that was only the first part of his clever plan. WAR gasped as he hit her in the kidney with organ squahshing might. It was the first real gasp of pain that she had uttered since the beginning of that fight and even created a small vaccuum for a few seconds where the two of them were standing. A short break followed. Like stautes of gods they seemed to stand there, locked in eteranl conflict, the only thing that showed some life was the combined energy that crackeled betewen the dark master's fist and WAR's body like whispers of the nastyness of that blow and the damage that it had dealt. The earth around them was scorched by the lightnings and darkness emissions that flew around. As if to mock them a small wind carried a tumbleweed past them. Then the time set in again. I thad not been more than two seconds but for thgem it was like an eternity. It was WAR who acted first. With a big swing to his head and a mighty ellbow strike at the wrist that held her arm she sought to free herself from him.

Stumbling back and sin king to a knee she started a short delf diagnosis that did not need more than a few miliseconds. Her kidneys were thoroughly smashed. Normally that would have been of no problem but her adrenalin glands had been damaged as well. No more adrenaline for her. Being able to thinnk logically again already told her she would not be able to hold that form a lot longer and still fight in this intensity. The red fog already began to dissolve where she had planned to loose herself in it. But she was still WAR, not dainty Risky. And as long as she was this monster she would fight to the end. Till Risky took over again. Risky who was already gnawing at the limits of her consciousnees. The only thing that had changed was the way she would win this fight. No change to the result. Her attention shifted to the scale on the outer right of her iris. Perfect. Only one more strike of him. That was all she needed. Her reserves of  adrenaline already dwindling but she still being  on a high level of power she forced herself to the feet again and did the unthinkable. She laughed and stretched out her arms, presenting her whole vulnerable nakedness, her whole white perfect body that aroused him so much, showing him what he would not get to further enrage him and spoke to him with a provoking voice. The second time she had spoken in this  battle:

"What is up, Santesino? Is this  the best that you got? I'm afraid that might not be enough. I'm still standing. Come on, I'll give you a free strike, maybe you can land a decent strike when I am not defending myself. Show me what  you are capable of:"
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Holding onto her wrist like a pitbull with its jaws around something small he didnt let go. The blow to the side of his head was as a hammer slamming into the Notre Dame bell, it sent a shiver of pain throughout his body and his ears rang for a few moments. He didnt let go with her second attack only gripping tighter to her arm, hearing her body work into over time a small evil grin came to his face as he released his hand from her wrist and he leaped backwards. Trembling his body stood watching as she attempted to goad him into an attack, but he was not trembling from fear nor excitement but pure almost uncontrollable rage. The bones in his body cracking as he twitched with anticipation for his body to take over and pummel her into tiny yet beautiful pieces. It was as if Darkchilds more animalistic urges took over as he no longer wished to give her a show and just wanted her sprawled upon the ground blood surrounding her. He bent over as if he was keeling over and expiring his arms catching himself then a snarl came from his mouth and he gave her a long glare, then almost like the snap of a twig his demeanor changed and he was back up on his two feet his head twitching cracking his neck. And he almost was lost into his own mind Arrow an Genesis speaking in unison "We must get rid of this one, she will bring nothing good alive. Your lust for her body will be your downfall fool, let us take control, let us tear her limb from limb." Then Darkchild chimmed in speaking both mentally and physically so that Risky could hear "No I do not want her tore to pieces. And I do not want your control, I shall finish this myself." Pushing the other personalities away Darkchild smirked a almost emotional smile, he could see the change in War was soon going to be finalized. And he wanted to fight this War personality for a few more moments.

Raising his hands up in front of him his palms began to glow a bright yellow as light formed in his palms, his skin began to peel away at his palms and started to continue peeling upwards on his arms. Two five feet wide balls of energy finally stopped growing in his palms, and like a dancer he spun quickly on his feet and as each spin finished he launched the balls of light energy at Risky. Controlling their paths with his hands he moved them quickly almost lightning fast raising them into the air before slamming his hands to the ground and then bringing them upwards, the balls fell towards the ground on either side of Risky before converging quickly towards her. Darkchild didnt move his bodys energy being syphooned in the upper part of his body and it began to seep out from his eyes, then with one loud battle cry of pain an excitement a large wave of energy fired from his eyes aiming at where Risky was. As the attacks finished and not waiting on if she was still alive he told her
"I do not goad easily anymore child, so your body as beautiful as it is will not bring me closer to you."
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She felt his gaze on her body, how he examined every inch of it. Pure lust and hate spoke out of that glowing red orbs, fueling her own rage even farther, forcing the much needed red veil back into her field of sight. What did he allow? She was a godess among not only men but also mutants like him. The living embodiement of war, it's avatar and fleshly shell on this plane of existence. And he dared to look at her, with this lusty grin on his handsome face and not feel fear? She didn't know how long they fought now but she had to admire the consistency with which he had struggled so far. But that wouldn't help him. In the end she would flay him and use his metallic skin as a standart in her oncoming campaign of blood and violence. It would blow in the bloody wind that carried the screams of a million dying humans while she led her army to one glorious slaughter to the next.

Her rage only grew further as he growled at her. Like a feral beast he bent over, fell on all fours and gave of this feral sound, the massive muscles in his neck popping out like ropes and threatening to burst. For a short moment you could see the razor sharp teeth in his mouth and the darkness that lurked within. Like black worms the darkness inside of him wriggled and moved inside his mouth, even lashing out of at times. WAR wanted to grab them and rip them out together with his innards, disembowel him completely. Give in to her own animalistic instincts like he had just did. His gibbering jitter made not any more sense to her than anything else he had said before. Obviously he was talking to himself, showing more of the instability and the madness that he was so infamous for. Through the land the name of Darkchild induced fear in the hearts of righteous man, even a warrior like Risky had felt fear when she had to go against him. And she now understood why. It was not like she felt fear herself, this emotion was completely alien to her, but she had never encountered any living being who could withstand her that long. What she felt was not fear but rather the respect that a mungo felt for the cobra...

But this little game would soon be over. Even if she would turn back into Risky soon it would not change anything. Darkchild would be torn apart by then. Around them the once beautifu gothic graveyard lay as a ruin in the impenetrable darkness of the the starless night, blood of both of them covering the battlefield, a promise to what the future would bring. The silence that had dominated this holy place before had long been gone, sand devils played their game of chasing each other now on the field of the dead, sometimes interrupted by a subconscious manifestation of DC's dark children. All the lamps lay destroyed on the ground, destroyed by the same children that now chased the sand devils inspiteful  jealousy of their freedom. Even the full moon shone down in a bright red to further stress the atmosphere. The red veil crept away further and further even with the shot of rage that DC had granted her seconds ago. Time to take action. But it was the dark master himself who took action first.

Spinning around like a dancer he hurled two energy balls at her. They tried to crush her between them, burn her from two sides, blind her eyes and crack up her skin but WAR wasn't so easy to get. Stretching her perfect body, the red light of the moon playing on every muscle and every exquisite curve she flew upwards and the two perfect globes devoured another in the clash of two suns. She could feel the heat on her white skin, how it longed to burn her and the frustration of not succeeding as they turned on each other in an attempt to destroy something. DC's attempt to beat her did not end there. Aggain his body revolted, with her strange new senses WAR could feel, see and taste how the energy rose in him, distorting him and blowing parts of him out of proportion till it squeezed itself through the narrow corridor of his throat into his eyes who glowed in an even deeper red now. Yelling in an inarticulate fury he unleashed an optic blast at her like he had done at the start of the battle when he had reminded her of Andferne.

It hit her right int he front and all she could do was crossing her arms like she had done then but the result was a completely different one this time. It didn't throw her back this time, she stood firmly in the air like a seraph but it burned her. Points of raw flesh appeared all over her body, ripped open and taking skin with them as well as some muscle here and there.But the result was not half as desatrous as before. More a minor inconveniance. But the clock ticked nevertheless, her adrenaline level sank and the rearrival of Risky came nearer and nearer. The marks on her body already begun to heal while she sank down back to earth and spoke:

"If you don't want to do me the favour of punching me, Santesino, I'll have to do it myself. I hope not all of your women have to do everything themselves."

And that being said she lifted her hand, smiling sarcastically and punched herself in the stomach so hard that she had to bend over and coughed some crimson blood up.

The last empty space on the green scale on her retina was finally filled...

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The womans body had already began to revert to the form of Risky, time was not on her side an she knew that beyond all other things she needed to finish me off quickly. As my attacks slammed into her she smiled and allowed for them to hit. Only blocking when needed, she wanted her Adreniline fully charged if she was to revert back to Risky. The blood pooled around her as the attacks pulled skin from her body an left only muscle and some skin in various places. She was not as torn as the first optic blast at the beginning of the battle had done to her. And after all the attacks she smiled taunting me with words that sounded lustful and vindictive, she knew that these words would get to me or at least one of the people within my mind. And they had and when he spoke up he had rage within his throat.

Genesis crepted out of the dark hole he resided in within my mind, his claws an talons scrapping against my pain causing "pain" as he pulled himself entirely from the abyss of my mind soon Arrow followed. Walking nonchalantly from the depths of my mind, now both stood with me in my mind. We all stared at each other and Arrow spoke "Are you done yet DC you twit. You wanted to see if she still had enough strength to last that attack and she  has. And now she mocks not only you but all of us, now that your way of keeping her alive is done shall we all have our fun now?" 
Speaking to Arrow my voice was raspy and deep " Why cant I just keep her alive, let her live. Theirs a darkness within her heart that needs to be pulled loose so she can be mine. Just look at her body and her volupuous breasts, they must be mine." Genesis snaked his way quickly slapping me like a slave across the face and he barked at me "Stop thinking with your f@#king dick you fool. You know her powers would be a great weapon in our already heavy arsenal. When she is dead you can put your seed in her, but now you must let us out. Let us sink our teeth into her bare body and suck the marrow from her bones." A smile came to my face at the thought I could have my way with her anyway dead or alive. And then I returned to the battle at hand, her body almost limp with fatigue she still stood her ground. Her eyes returning to green which meant she was turning back into Risky if she hadnt already the rest of her body would follow. And the damage that she was inflicted as War would be apparent she would surely die anyway...but lets make sure I thought.

I cracked my neck tilting it to the right and then to the left. A bulge in my throat was visible as if it was moving, then I spoke to her my voice going in an out between the three that resided in my mind "
I try to give the woman I meet the ability to defend themselves to some degrees. But that last attack was more of a test my beautiful an busty love, I wanted to see if my last moves would be allowed. And as it seems they will be."

Darkchild slammed to the ground on all fours, his hands digging deep into the ground as something slippery and slithering began to climb through his throat. Slime dripped from his mouth in clumps as tentacles first showed themselves from his mouth. Darkchild was dry heaving expelling something from deep within his body something monstrous, as he heaved fingers began to reach themselves from his mouth. The power around his body was slapping around into the ground like lightning bolts cracking the ground around him and the remaining trees were cut in two as the power crackled around him. Soon the fingers reached up to his upper jaw and it was shown that they were pushing up on his jaw, the sound of his jaw dislocating was disgusting. Then a second pair of fingers appeared pushing against his lower jaw, as Darkchild lifted his head a pair of eyes bright yellow showed in the deep darkness of Darkchilds mouth. Soon a the top half of what was crawling out of Darkchilds mouth had crawled its way out of its shell, then without saying anything it stepped out of his mouth as if kicking Darkchilds jaw off.

The creature smiled as his body was covered in a hard shell, almost parasitic. It looked at Risky and the creature was nothing but pure demon blood and then it spoke "You are the one they call Risky huh? Its true what he says in their you are much prettier in person rather than to look through that galoots eyes. And speaking of he should be regaining consious from that ordeal any moment.

Just then Darkchilds eyes opened and he rose to his feet dusting himself off and he looked to Genesis "
That was by far the most disgusting thing Ive ever had to go through. When you go back in your turning into your parasite form you jackass."  Darkchild looked at Risky and slammed his fist into his chest, and from his body another pulled its way out from his body. Darkchild was creating a dupe of himself. A body for Arrow, and when it was created Arrow smiled creating a ball of darkness and tossing it into the air. With a smile he snapped his fingers and the sky tore open as if a God had unzipped the sky. And he spoke "Out of that disgusting head of yours I can really play. Time for a little Reality that bites, so boys lets make this wench pay for her disgrace to my beautiful face." The sky opened and from it a dozen pillars of energy slammed down onto the ground, then circled around "Arrow" and hovered around him. The beams of energy were as thick as a tree trunk and floated in the air continuously their "tails" reaching up into the sky. Then Genesis smiled flicking his wrists as long 6 inch talons grew out from his hands. He smiled looking at Risky then screamed to Arrow "Lets GO!" and Genesis bursts foward towards Risky at speeds his host would never be ablet o tap into racing towards Risky at blinking speeds. As he neared her he slashed at her throat and chest then in a blink fo the eye he was gone, but when he disappeared Arrow was behind him at a distance of ten feet with a wicked smile on his face as his hands moved then he thrusted them forward. The beams of energy pulled from the Dark Zone themselves plunged forward swooping down at the ground as they soared towards her then soaring up towards her chest.

As Arrow an Genesis attacked Darkchild was charging his body up with his last resort, the last attack he has used only in five previous battles. The energy that sparked his manifestation of his mutant powers...radiation. And like a walking goliath he made is way towards Risky running straight into Arrow. As their bodies collided he reabsorbed Arrow, and continued his run his right arm glowing and continuing to brighten as he neared her his arm was surging with power. He slammed his arm forward and released the contained energy of what lied deep within his body. As his fist neared her bare chest a massive explosion erupted and the white light over took him sending him flying backwards, he didnt know what happen to Risky but he knew she was fatally wounded or dead. As he lied in a pile of rubble Genesis came over to him an smiled turning into his parasite form and slithering down his throat. Finally back as a whole his eyes opened and struggled to one knee watching the cloud of dust that was left after the explosion, his body fatigued from the last attack.
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The power surged through her body. Unbelievable... sweet... unmeasurable... power. It filled her body with lust, filled every vein, every fiber of her being. It nearly bursted out of her tender frame send ittle sparks of lightning into the night air and created a sharp stench of ozon around her. The night itslef bled or at least so it seemed as the blood red moon shone down on the whole unholy scenery bathing everything in an eerie almost unnatural red light. The two titans towered infront of each other, breathing heavily and shedding drop and drop and drop of blood on what had been a graveyard at the beginning of their battle. Blows had been dealt and strikes had been dashed out. Like candy to greedy young toddlers they had been given out and had been received with aroused screams, only furthering the excitement in this fight. Broken jaws, smashed bones, ruptured arteries, damaged organs, ripped muscles and flayed skin were only under the most basic injuries. So far they had given all and they as well as the environment had suffered greatly. This was to end soon. The green scale on her retina told WAR this. She was at her weakest now, but her reserves were fully charged. One moment before she turned back to Risky she was about to strike. Transform DC into nothing more than pretty metal confetti that glistened in the moonlight. All those pretty muscles, this pretty face, the monstrous wings, all this would be gone. Scattered by the wind, taken in all directions of the world. But then something happened  that she had not calculated.


With a disgusting sound Darkchild spat a black oozing ball of... something on the ground. IIt wriggled and writhed throwing chunks of its own vile substance through the air on the ruins of the tombstones. Leaving a black smear trail behind the chunks slid down the stone plattes with the mutilated sentences of blessing and bible verses while the thing grew bigger with every second. Pulsating it expanded and scorched the ground benath leaving nothing more than a black space behin. Earth itself refused to carry this monstrosity and shyed back from its toch. Wherever it touched something this item took on a smell of decay and corruption, plants turned black, wrinkled and died. Even millenia later nothing would grow where its feet had touched the soil. But this was not the worst. Really bad were the sounds as that the dark master himself created as he reurgitated the demon inside him. Convulsing, violating sounds that spoke of the horror as the clawed terror made its way through his swelling throat with claws and fangs, violating it to break free and sticking its tentacles through his mouth. Chitinous armor made scraping sounds on raw flesh. And then the sound of his breaking jaw. Louder than everything else before it seemed it echoed over the once baroque graveyard as his face bones cracked multiple times on different angles. It was blown up to massive proportions like the mouth of an anaconda that swallowed a whole water buffalo. Inside WAR's head Risky could be heard throwing up. A nasty thing to hear a tough mercenary puke, not pretty at all. A true feeling of evil swapped over her as the infernal being finally stood there inn all its dark glory.

It did not stop there. On Darkchild's shoulder a second head appeared, wriggling himself free from its host body. A third arm, a third leg appeared as the unholy union parted. Slowly und clearly but at the same time unbelievable fast a dupe was created. In her currently still altered and hyped state WAR could see the cellular duplication, how every and each cell parted to form a perfect dupe. Cell created tissue, tissue created organs, muscles and sinews which were rapidly covered by skin. In the end two exact copies of Darkchild stood before her. Together with Genesis that made three. Three. The holy number. Like the christian god the dark master had split up himself to bring tripple doom upon mankind. Three of the deadliest beigs ever had untied and parted to end this. Deadly trinity. Even the ever overly self confident WAR suddenly had her doubts. A milisenond of her hesitating was everything was everything that those three needed.

Genesis as the first to emerge was the first to attack as well. Within a blink of an eye it had sprung into action. Faster than everone else could have the right to the demon attacked her with its claws. One slash over the throat, one over the chest. Blood splashed and created a complex pattern of flying rubies in the hot night air. Muscles were torn out and senews disconnnect just like they had been built on her opponent few moments ago. Cruelly the dagger like claws  tore through her hard white marble flesh. But this was not the end of this. Darkness surrounded her all of a sudden as Genesis already leaped back from its fatal attack. Arrow let his shadow arts play freely to destroy her. Never would anyone guess that darkness could burn but it did. Peeled off the flesh from her bones with searing heat and left whole patches of skin burned and smoking. Nothing of the cold one would expect and inside this nearly unbreakable but nevertheless wounded body Risky screamed in agony. Again the worst was still to come.

Using the unbelievable speed of Northstar Santesino, the one and only real Darkchild, charged towards her, his raised fist surrounded by the most deadly of all energies... radiation. It hit the left side of her face with crushing might. Bones deforemd and broke as bacon sized fist met her cheek. Chekbonne, eye socket, teeth, all destroyed making her once beautiful and flawless face a bloody mess. Left eye squished. Tongue hanging out of a devastated jaw. The pure force of the impact send her flying like a comet through the starless night towards the moon. Almost it seemed she could touch it with her bare hand but that was just an illusion. She had failed. Failed utterly. Never again would she reach anything. Blackness of another kind than the one that Final Arrow had unleashed at her gripped her. Slowly her consciousness drifted away. Then her direction of flight turned downwards. Friction heated the air up around her. Wrapped in an aura of flame she raced towards earth like a fallen angel with her wings cut off. Out of a sudden her fall came to an unexpected stop.

Creating a huge explosion of dust and debris she crashed into the ruins of the chapel. The sharp and clear painn brought her back to her senses. A few ribs broken, right arm, pprobably a spine injury. But there was also something worse: The scale had gone to red. Overload! She had to get loose of the energy somehow, no matter what. The pain helped her to focus. Struggling hard she came back to her feet, a shambling abomination herself, limbs hanging uselessly from her body, kept up by pure force of will more than anything else. Her damaged brain sent commands to her legs to bend and jump. And jump she did. Taking the direct way back she draw an elipse on the sky. From deep within her she channeled the enrgy within her and her fist began to glow inn an agry red tone. The air around her began to heat up, singing in high tones as if breaking the sound barrier. Focussing on the body of the reunited Darkchild she flew towards him, ready to strike, ready to give everything that she got. Lash out at him, give him back the power of every single blow that she had received since the beginning of the battle. That was what this scale had been for. To inform her about the amount of power that she had absorbed. And now it was time to let loose all of this. Let loose the power of a thousand Hiroshima bombs. As his lyig body cam nearer and nearer he began to be the centre of the universe. All that mattered. All of her llive had she lived just to destroy him. That was how it was supposed to be. The world was in peace again, once again in order...

With these thoughts Risky took over again. At least she would be the one to kill him. Her bllue eyes narrowed. In a second it would be right. And then the moment had come. Like an eagle she dived down onn him and brought her fist forwards. And hit DC right in the middle of the chest.

All that followed, all that could be seen from a safe distance was a ginat radioactive cloud ascending into the sky in the form of a mushroom. Nothing was left. The whole city of New York was nothing more than a giant bubbling and boiling tarpit that would never cool down again. Forever it would be a monument to the legendary fight that took place here and all the lifes that it had costed. The two opponents would never be forgotten as well.

Darkchild was remembered by all as an epitome of evil. Never before had anyone so viciously and successfully followed the evil path. His name became a legend among heros, neutrals and villains alike, a boogeyman to scare not only little children but also grown men and make them shiver in terror. A pinnacle of evil to the heros, an example to follow for the villains but one thing was common for all of them: All of them were in terror that he might ever return some day.

For Risky... Her reputation was not as flawless as her opponents. Heros called her a young girl, drunken of her own prowess, challenging an evil bigger than she could ever hope to  beat. Her folly had caused the death of millions of New Yorkers. Everytime her name was spoken they spit out at the same time and told their newlings never to  be like that. The villains just saw her as an idiot how got what she had deserved. Only the neutrals asked if her sacrifice might be a good thing. After all it had vanquished the big evil named Darkchild from earth. Three million or more inhabitants of New York might be an acceptable price if one considered the victims that a beast like DC could have killled in the future. Their number could easily have outnumbered the millions if he had not been stopped. But of course those thoughts were never spoken out loud...

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"If I was to tell this world that a human is nothing but a husk for beings such as I to use as we wish, their would be one of these humans or mutants to prove me wrong."

Darkchilds body lay in a pile of skeletal remains, his brain and eyeballs all but remain.

This has been the most devestating battle I have had with someone with such limited powers, yet she was able to prove me wrong in my thoughts. Pity I wasnt able to use her as I wished, but in another life I suppose this act will happen. But not in this one, I misjudged her remaining power and let loose with the combined powers of myself. And they are beginning to curse my name, but maybe after 40 years of life it is best for this creature of evil to die.

Silence is all that is heard in the remains of their battle, her body lies motionless and almost ashes. The light within Darkchilds eyes begins to flicker and soon its out, finally the evil the world has been put through is gone. But evil does not die, his arm twitches and he screams out

"NO!" The last bit of his dark arts surges around his body "This body and life maybe done, but I am forever." His hand reaches deep into his chest, and pulls out his soul. For a brief moment he stares at what lies within his fingertips then a twisted smile. And he thrusts his hand into the air, the soul vanishing and his body going limp.

The soul soars through the skies for a brief moment before spinning and fading out of existance.

1735.....The child is born.