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Entry #770

Dear Diary,

Y'know the story. I was a very fragile lady when I first met Jonathan Rafael Addams. A lily pad floating along intrepid waters. And after escaping the tight grasp of Jayden Knightfall, I eventually found sanctuary within the Addams estate. I than taken in by the King of Conquerors, and my life was given purpose yet again. His wicked wife didn't like me very much but the stupid b!tch couldn't appreciate my god given assets. It's probably why I murdered that sad excuse for human flesh, but one can never tell with my mood swings. I did like her hair color though. Scouts honor! Anyhow my dearest diary don't you dare tell Noah of this nifty information. Than again you've never really released my secrets before so scratch out that subliminal threat. I've just been out of it recently. I thought my yellow eyed lover was gone. I sent his scrawny ass into the military and hoped he'd finally pull himself together and get away from this organization. As much as I care for him this business isn't meant for a soft heart, but for some reason he's returned. Five years gone and for some reason he's returned. I need to do something. Need to create an explanation for myself and his father. I don't know what to do.

Entry #800

It's been nearly six months since my true loves return. I didn't expect this. I thought he'd go to France or to Rome. Live a life far more happier than the one he had. A father who didn't care and a mother with a shoulder so cold. Instead he returns expecting reunion, but all he's done is ruin the entirety of my plan. How will the council respect me now? A harlot whose slept with both the prince and the king. Now I will never own the throne. I will never be Queen unless there is a proper mutiny. I do have followers, but none not yet willing to risk their lives for a wretched witch from the west coast. I've tried my hardest. I tried to persuade my disgruntled lover into killing his dearest dad, but he will not. He will not listen to me! Not even my powers work. I've lost him, but I will not hurt him. There must be another----

A jolt of exuberance encompassed her goddess like frame. From nothingness appeared her handsome husband. A man who denies her the crown until she has properly proven herself. Instinctively closing her aged notebook, the brash brunette slid her data collector beneath plush pillows, and stood upright in the presence of greatness. "My love?", she said without a moment's hesitation. "Don't lie to me you stupid little girl. I know you plot against me with my childish son." His words were reality. Did Noah nonchalantly admit to their conversation in Gothic City? That putrid piece of garbage! "Don't talk to me like that. I love you", she placed her hand upon his warm skin and spoke yet again.

"Don't say another word. Whatever the court has told you is a lie. I love you with all my heart. I have always loved you. I've done my very best to prove my undying loyalty. I even got rid of you're wife so we could be together. I've gone to the ends of the Earth to validate my adoration for you. Sweetheart, tell me what I must do to prove myself once and for all". He dismissed her every word. His experience with various women meant many things. For starters the ageless drug lord knew manipulation better than anyone.

"Shut up. You want to prove yourself to me? You want the crown this badly than do what must be done. Kill my son and we can make a family of our own." He left his wife to her devices. He left her alone and looking like a lost soul. She cradled her arms and sang an old show tune. Shaking back and forth the vindictive vixen thought long and hard. "I'll do it", she whispered into the wind, snickering like a demented damsel.

@mr_lebeau @kratesis @ellie_knightfall: Only cause I like attention.

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That was some twisted stuff!

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Good read! :)

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@morte_knightfall: I apologize for being an attention whore just thought you'd like to see Clara :O

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I'm so gucci.