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Okay, as many people know alot of posts in the Civil War Rpg where lost during the transfer to 2.0

But I saved quite a few, and most of the important ones (in order)

I'll post them here, with the name of the poster above each one. You can then find your lost post, copy it, and paste it in the Civil War thread. Please do not jump the order. And please, do not post here. If you have questions post them in the Civil War Ooc:

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Akira moved swiftly as the plan was set in motion after Kurrent made sure he was noticed by engaging Gambler.He reached the island and lept from his speedboat without letting stop.He stepped on the sandy shores and rushed into the concrete rubble and thick grass that lay on the old island and made no stops.In a matter of seconds he slipped a switch from his pocket and a series of explosions where set off after Gambler's orders.The Golden Gate Bridge began to creak and the beams began to fall and Alcatraz was imploding.

The Avid Assassin reached the small safehouse and stepped through after a plethora of test and confirmations,when he reached the inside a smirk began to cross his face as he noticed his team,Thee Wildcardz all suiting up for battle and ready.He looked at Risky,then Tenjin,then the rest of team.He said nothing just nodded and moved to the armory at the back of the safe house,inserting weapons into his flat space gauntlets.


Akira reached for small circular disc and distributed them to his team and began to explain.

"These are teleporters,use them whenever you can to move from place to place and get out of different situations.Now Move out!"

It was time.Without looking back to his team he jetted out of the safehouse and began to run to the cliff and jump into the sea,he vanished in a blur of lights after simply saying.


Angelic Reaper

Kat was standing on the bridge with the other group of tourist. They were busy looking over the bridge and down at the bay and across it were was at, were Gambler was to be at. She kept her herself as she felt different spiritual energy surround her, most of them she never felt before while some... felt familiar. She pulled her sunglasses down a bit and looked around, not too far away she spot her good friend from team WAL, Feral Nova, she was walking from the other direction of the bridge listening to her music and bobbling her head up and down. Kat made a small and giggled, she knew Nova couldn't resist brining that ipod of hers. She then looked to the right of her and saw Kurrent walking pass her, she kept her cool as she continued to look around and felt another wave of energy above her, she looked up to see her other good friend, an former WAL member and Co-captain of LOVE, Sha. Kat slipped her sunglasses back as she then saw Kurrent take off in a sprint to the island. This was it the sign she was waiting for, right when she was about to transform into her outfit she felt the ground shake next to her, she looked over to see Sha smash into the ground and as she looked up to see who it was, it was none other than Hayden. The two Ninjans fought with each other until Hayden managed to plunge Sha into the bay. Angel looked over in a panic as she didn't see Sha get out. Before Kat was about to go into the bay to retrieve her friend she heard a loud noise, sounds of rockets.

The rockets came at the bridge and the island with so much speed she almost didn't have a time to react, screams and cries for help was heard all around her as she quickly grabbed a hold of the person in front of her.

"EVERYONE GRAB A HOLD OF SOMEONE, NOW!" Kat yelled out as the tourist group along with about fifty other people on the bay made a huge human chain as she then touched a bus full of students next to her. All of this happed in only a second as she then looked over at Nova.

"Nova! Get Sha!" Kat said as then in a blink of an eye they all disappeared.

A split second later they all appeared on top of a hill looking over the city. All the tourist, extra fifty people and the bus full of children were safe, but the other hundreds of people on the bridge wern't. The rockets smashed into the two bay bridges, causing them shatter upon impact. Kat stood in shock as she saw this, so many people already died for this and this war was just beginning. She then heard screaming of anger, confusion, and sorrow behind her. She turned around to get slapped by a elderly woman. Her face shot over to the left as she took a step back looking down at the ground while holding onto her cheek. She looked up without showing emotion to the people who stood in front of her.

"She's a cape!" One man yelled as he pointed at her.

"She did this!" A woman yelled as she carried her child in her arms. "She killed all those people!"

"I say we kill her!" Another man yelled as he pulled out a pocket knife and stood ready to attack Kat. Until a kid from the bus came out and stood in front of her.

"She saved us!" The teenager yelled as he had his arms out in front of him. "If it weren't for her, we would all be dead." He said as the group of people started to settle down.

"The kids right." The man who Kat told to grab a hold of someone said. "If it weren't for her we wouldn't be standing." **he then turned to look at her.* "I dont know why you helped or who you are, but thank you."

Kat just stood there not saying a word, she simply nod her head as she then teleported out of the area. Within seconds she was now on top of a building looking over the area, she saw smoke still rising from were the two bridges were and the island that Kurrent was suppose to be at was now gone. Kat sighed her eyes filled with sadness as she pulled off her sunglasses and dropped them to the ground. A gust of wind flew past her, her air swaying back and forth as looked down at her right hand, with a flick of her wrist purple aura like energy was formed, she then slowly placed her hand upon her chest and closed her eyes as a wave of the energy covered her entire body, when it faded away was she was now in her fighting outfit, ready to take action. She looked down at the area around her, not sure were to start first. People were screaming running around like mad, people with cellphones and video cameras, and digital cameras were taking picture of what was going on. She didnt know were to start... that is until she saw a man running away from a ' killer'.

"If your not registered then you are to be be arrested!" The killer yelled as he continued to chase after the man.

"Leave me alone please, I have a family!" The man said until he fell to the ground, tripping over some debris on the ground. He looked up in horror as he covered his face, trying to protect himself.

The then grabbed the man by his hair and pulled him up to now be face to face with him. "You are under arrest!" He said as he pulled out some handcuffs.

Angelic Reapers eyes glowed black with anger as she then charged her right hand back up and was gone from the top of the building. She appeared behind the and placed her hand upon his head. The yelled in pain as his body shook violently and passed out from the massive shock wave that went through his body and fell upon the ground. More people screamed in fear as they began to run away from her while others started to take pictures of her.'Ori is going to be pissed...'she thought to herself as she then looked down at the man who was left looked up at Angelic Reaper with gratitude and almost fear.

"T-Thank you." he said as he bowed his head.

"Go." Angelic Reaper said as she then walked over to the bay, she looked out and watched to see any signs of her fellow Resistant teammates and for her friend Feral Nova. "Were are you Nova?" She asked herself as she continued to look around.

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A large red bridge could be seen as he finally arrived in San fransisco, moving close to well known land mark the ninja was stopped dead in his tracks by a 15 foot spike of water that could only be made by an explosion. His nose and mouth filled with the smell and taste of salt as the sea pulled back the water that was sent flying above his head, crashing all around him NeVann became drenched. His soaked jet black hair stuck to his face as he looked around to try the orgin of the blast, feeling something flopping around on his chest he looked down to see a fish had got caught in his chest pocket.

Geez now this shirt is going to smell like fish for a week... but what in the caused that explosion all the way out here?

Grabbing the fish by its tail he tossed back into the ocean, the whistle of something cuting through sky at high speeds rang in his ears. Focusing on the position of the sound NeVann looked up to see a cruise missle headed right for him, with widened eye the speed shinobi reached behind his back and drew a kunai that had a tag tied to it. The tag had a some funny looking writing that was the kanji for "Explosive" with the missel barreling down he reared back and then threw kunai aiming for the nose of the rocket. Intercepting the missle the kunai exploded forcing the missle to detonate, a dark greyish black cloud could be made out in the sky where the two tools met. With his concentration on the missle for a the moment he didn't notice the approaching battleship.

I am Rear Admiral Smith of the Navy and you are in direct violation of the registration act, by you being in violation you have become a threatening force to national security. Now we can do this one of two ways, you can choose to surrender and we will take you in to military custody or you can resist and force us to take you with extreme force.

Laughing to himself NeVann began to walk over to the ship slowly raising his hands as if he was going to the let them take prisoner, as he hands made it above his head has fist cluched only leaving his middle finger extened as he gave the Navial ship the bird before yelling out.

This is what I think of your stupid law!

All hands perpare to attack the the supper, I repeat prepare to attack the super. Take him down full force!

The roar of fighter jet engines bounced and traveled across the ocean as they were preped to take off, make a set of hand seal NeVann just smirkedas a large collect of water join together on the side of the ship Suiton: Suiryûdan no Jutsu, "Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique" the current took the form of a dragon, opening its mouth wide it crashed down on the jets right as the left for the sky dragging them down to the deep turning their plains into metal coffins.

Lock on to his location and fire missles at will!

wanting to play for a little bit longer the shinobi just one more set of seals that seemd to have did nothing, then going into an attack position he stood and watched missle after countless missle leave the ship and begin to desent upon him. His brown eyes moved from side to side trying to count the number of missle that were launched, with both hands behind his back a surge of electric energy began to build up taking the shape of needles. Raining down wave after wave of missles fall, thrusting his arms forward NeVann lunged the needles at the first wave. As each one connected with a rocket the flowing electrical current fried the guidance chip sending them wirling about. Only knowing about what was going on above the Navial forces never thought that he would be attacking from below as well, the hand seals that he made before was to creat water clones under the ship. Five clones each with there left hand reached out, each hand created a small swirling baall that inturn made a vortext. As the rotation grew fast the vortexes grew larger beofr meeting up and forming one giant wirl pool under the ship that began to suck it under.

Abandenship! Abandenship!

Unable to hold a striaght face anylong the amused ninja just laughed, watching the missles take out each other and the battleship being dragged to the ocean floor. Eye close he didn't notice that one of the missle thrown off course had sslamed in the ship all he heard was a large explosion. Done with his fun he turned and looked up here he saw another WAL member.

Kenobi, get down here you crazy jedi. So what brings you to the bay?

As the jedi desented downward to talk to the NeVann their converstation was cut before it started by the screaming sound of a B2 jet flying over head. Then with in second the two watched as one of the worlds great land marks was swiped from the face of the earth, the vibrations of the bombing carried through the currents so far that even NeVann could feel the shift under his feet.




The ground shook a little as the bombs droped,and the people ran around in a crazed frenzy,some of them run in to magnum,but they bouced off.

"Tim.....chhh.....Tim it's starting".General cut in on the comlink."I see that".Magnum answered as he look around at the chaos."You know objective track down the president and protect at all cost." Genral Franlikn ordered

Magnum made his way trough they chaos."Where is he general" ? Magnum asked "He may on route to his aircraft carrier." The General answered "What if he is already on it ?" Magnum asked,"Then your going have to make sure it stays afloat." General barked.

"Affirmative sir." Magnum repiled."Deadly force is authorized,kill anything that get in your way." the general said."failure is not a option you understand..."

"Affirmative sir." Magnum answered.the comlink went dead.he may his way to find the aircraft carrier.


Acer stood on the edge of San Francisco looking over at the large prison that was nicknamed the rock Alcatraz an escapable fortress an island hell and the location of where it would all come to a end some would live while others would die it’s the way of war lives had to be sacrificed for either the greater good or the greater bad it wasn’t liked by many but someone had to fight to show people that they were free and had there own right there own choices in the world and that the threat that was the president would be seen for the man he is and be wiped out but he wasn’t the only threat there were others he wasn’t the only one behind this he had his HFC and they all posed just as big of a threat than Gambler himself. Acer stood side by side with Kurrent knowing he was going for the crafty Cajun himself while Acer would take the fight to any other villains who stood in the resistance way knowing he may have to fight his fellow heroes Acer well he would see what he would do if that came to pass.

Many people stood watching from the city over looking where the president would make his speech many smiling at the man who had become an icon a living legend among the people all completely unaware of the man behind the mask. All looking just to catch a glimpse of the man Acer disguised blending in with his fellow man keeping his head down not clapping or cheering his eyes and mind fixed on the job at hand. More people stood on the island hell waiting for the speech waiting for the devil himself.

The security was tight and was on full alert many police and cape killers patrolled not just the city but the bridge and of course the island itself sharpshooters keeping watch from all corners of the large prison hell even sentinels hovered over the vast water they had learned from the attack on the Whitehouse upping security to a vast level this would prove difficult but since when was fighting Gambler and the HFC an easy job. Acer began to breath in the fresh sea air his lungs filled with it as he let it all back out he needed to steady himself get control over body and mind he was shaking a little it was a mixture of fear and excitement he was scared for hid friends but exited at the battle at hand.

Then a large roar could be heard as the president arrived the cheers echoed and thundered as all began stomping like drones like they were nothing more than zombies as Gambler began to make his speech. Acer looked over at his friend and team mate and could see there was just as much anger in his eyes as there was his own. The speech was short but it received a standing ovation as the Cajun headed back to his helicopter. Acer looked over and noticed Kurrent was gone looking to see where he was he noticed he was surfing along the rails of the bridge the man that shot at him all missed.

That guy gets all the attention damn show off

They all seemed to have there attention on the electrical ace this gave the alchemic ace a way to the island Acer ran and jumped of the island creating a platform of floating sand using chakra to stick to it he took off to the island lifting his arms back his hood blew off as the jacket hovered and moved like a leaf as the men began shooting at him but to no avail as every shot was met with sand as hard as steel the bullets not coming close to the alchemic ace. Acer noticed Kurrents move even catching a glimpse of Morte who had perfectly infiltrated Gamblers security. Acer had nearly got over to the island when he noticed the wave coming straight for him.

Pausing for a moment Acer went higher up to avoid the large wall of water. Acer had managed to get to the island and was quickly attacked by cape killers. Spinning in a perfect 360 degree motion Acer released a series of kunai at the men taking them all down. Then the next thing that could be heard was the sound of the bombs all coming down to take out the island and all who stood on it people screamed and panicked at the sight it was like hell was in the sky and it had just been unleashed and no one would know it was all Gamblers doing knowing the bombs were coming down to fast and knowing he couldn’t save the people his only option was to save himself creating a dome of sand around himself the bombs hit as the island rumbled and echoed Acer was safe due to his shield but the blast was so great it threw him into the water and as he came up all he could see was the destruction of Alcatraz as flames raised high in the air.

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Obi Wan

Obi Wan Kenobi had now been flying non-stop for 4 hours 46 minutes and 42 seconds. He had not rested because he wanted to get to as soon as possible, he had some unfinished business to deal with. As he neared the city he was able to catch a glimpse of some of the city's icons, most notably the bridge. As he neared the beach and slowed down a little something caught his attention. About 200 yards away, huge clouds of smoke came up and covered the sun with their darkness. As he approached the clouds of smoke, he could clearly make out a battleship and across it, seemingly standing on the water was one of his best friends and teammate from WAL, Uchiha NeVann.

Okay, I now he's good but he can't take that ship all by himself.

Kenobi picked up speed, eager to assist his teammate against the hulking monster that was the battleship. As he got closer and closer, Kenobi began the flow of anti-matter to his hands, ready to rain down giant blobs of the black, all-consuming substance on the ship. Putting his hands together and pointing them towards the battleship, the jedi yelled...

Okay this is itONE...TWO..THR..

The young jedi stopped his attack as he saw the battleship going down and being sucked into the ocean by a giant whirlpool. Kenobi promptly stopped the flow of anti-matter knowing that it was no longer needed, and blinked a couple times in utter amazement. Whoa... Kenobi said amazed by NeVann's powerful attack. Kenobi snapped out of it as he heard his name.

Kenobi, get down here you crazy jedi. So what brings you to the bay?

Obi Wan looked down at Uchiha. Did that just happen? Kenobi shook his head and processed what the ninja had just asked him. Obi Wan Kenobi made his way down towards Uchiha NeVann and then stopped, hoisting himself up with his own telekineses inches over the salty, cold water. As his lips and tongue began to form the words he had been looking for, he was interrupted by a large boom overhead. Quickly looking up the young jedi saw a fleet of majestic B2 Bombers speeding toward . A few seconds later, the silence was broken with a series of deafening explosions and both Kenobi and NeVann saw as the , once proud monument and symbol of , came crashing down. A wave of vibration rushed through the jedi's body, and a wave of disbleif rushes simulaneously through his min. Kenobi looked over to Uchiha in shock. Dude, let's get going. Something serious sh!t just went down. We need to get to The Rock. Kenobi ascended quickly and then looked down at Uchiha, realizing the ninja could not fly. With a smirk on his face he said, Race you, ninja man... Kenobi thrust his body forward as he felt a powerful propel him to his destination. As the young Jedi got closer to where was supposed to be he realized just how bad this had been. From high up in the sky he saw that the , in ruins, and had been wiped off the map. Oh, damn...this guys gonna pay. Kenobi made his way down towards where the 's Bridge entrance used to be.


A mass amount of hysteria began to plague the island after the attack initiated by Kurrent spurred the resistors to action. Kurrent had knocked out the live broadcasting feed, a devastating tidal wave by mantoid washed out several cape killers alike and another water attack delivered by Mobb Deep’s own White Phantom it seemed that the resistance had gained an early upper hand. That was all until the Most Powerful Man, The Hottness, used his icy breath to halt the crashing wave and rescue the chopper that Gambler was able to escape on.

The whole time Kurrent was locked in mortal combat with a squad of cape killers bent on destroying him. He used his martial arts prowess to handle the squad but these were not your regular cape killers they seemed a lot more advanced. All of those that fought for the Registration did.

Seconds after the Cajun and his security team boarded the helicopter a flock of bomber jets all approached. They flew by at what seemed to be incalculable speed and each dropped off a massive payload. For those that were unable to remove themselves from the island a certain death was what awaited them. As for Kurrent as the explosive rained down all he could do was take cover and think of a way to escape the death trapped island.

The first one hit on the opposite side of the island that Kurrent was on and it caused a massive tremor throughout The Rock destroying the light house in the process. After the first the rest seemed to drop right after the other killing off the very men that Gambler had on his payroll. Kurrent quickly began manipulating his electromagnetic energies to form a cocoon like shield around his body. As the island exploded the impact of one blast near him launched the most Electrifying man across the bay while in his protective force field. Although the force field saved his life the rapid spinning of his body as he sailed across the bay. Plus the impacted landing caused Kurrent to throw up uncontrollably as he landed on the shore.

With his body hunched over as he continued to vomit from the dizzy roller coater style self rescue he saw that had been totally decimated. Then several feet away from him he saw a woman laying in the ground. He got up slowly and made his way towards the woman when he finally realized that it was Sha.

Still in a woozy state he noticed Feral Nova making short work of the cape killers and took the opportunity to try and rescue Sha. He ran to her and tried to regain his bearing’s while keeping an eye on the Sentinals that remained behind to “clean up” the remaining resistors. She didn’t appear to be breathing so Kurrent quickly started to perform CPR on her but that didn’t work. He then charged his hands with the proper “joules” of energy and place one hand under the collar bone on her right side and the other hand underneath her chest near her heart.


He shouted as he tried to revive his teammate and friend but after 3 attempts hope seemed to have been lost. Even with all the devastation going on as Feral continued to handle the men around her he took a second to mourn the loss of the great warrior.

Suddenly the pulling back of the hammer of a 9mm berretta was heard behind him. It was being controlled by one of the Hott Flyers. A jet packed cape killer that was under the command of the Powerful Hottness. He held the gun right at the kneeling Kurrent’s back and condescendingly said….

She had it coming, you all do

The sorrow in the eyes of Kurrent turned into pure anger and was shown off by a bursting jolts of electricity coming out of each of his eyes. In a split second motion with his hand still juiced from the improvised defibrillator. The Excellence of Electrocution spun around with a balled up fist and punched the Hott Flyer in the nose. The straight punch had so much force and anger behind it that his nose instantly broke. The bone of his nose was driven into his brain and instantly killed him.

The Hott Flyer flew backward and that is when Kurrent noticed his jet pack and got an idea. He walked over to him and unbuckled the flying device from his dead body and put it on himself. After a moment to review the throttle and direction he reached for a transmitter and as luck would have it Morte had his communicator on giving off the location of Gambler. Before he took off he looked towards Nova and said….

Get Sha to a safe place and watch out for the Sentinals then he spoke into his com link on open channels to all the Resistance members and said Follow my signal if you want to find me

He took off directly into the air using the recently deceased Hott Flyers jetpack. Despite the patrolling Sentinels towards Morte’s signal more focused then ever. A good friend and teammate was lost in this conflict and what was something that was only for the greater good had just become personal.

Feral Nova

Stephanie continued to walk down the sidewalk of the her smirk still on her face as she continued to bobble her head around to the tune of her music. As she walked a figure caught the corner of her eye, she looked over to see a man with a hood on his head.'Kurrent.'she thought to herself as she then looked over to the right a little more to see her good friend from WAL Angelic Reaper standing with a group of tourist, she looked right back at Nova with a smile on her face. She knew Angel was thinking how funny she was for brining her ipod to the battle. But Nova couldn't help it, she loved listing to music right before a fight, it pumped her up. She then saw Angel look up above to the sky, Nova too looked up to see Sha standing on top of the bridge. If Nova wasn't suppose to be 'undercover' she would have flew up and tackle her friend down to say 'Hi' but this wasnt the time.

'I wonder if I can catch a Warriors game when were done.'she thought to herself as she pulled out her ipod and started t scroll through her music.'Incubus... na... Skillet... na... Madonna... wait a second... "MADONNA?!" Nova blurted out as she glared down at the ground. "Kenobi!" She said in anger as she then felt a wave of heat come over her. She looked up as she saw Kurrent take off like a rocket with his electricity dancing around his body and jumped off the bridge. People yelled out in surprise and fear while some pulled out there cellphones and started taking pictures.

"MOM CAN YOU HEAR ME?! OH MAN, I'M RIGHT WERE THE ACTION IS, I JUST SAW THE LEADER OF THE RESISTANCE-" A man started to yell on his cellphone before being cut off by a woman falling on the ground next to him. "DAMN!" He yelled out as he took off running bumping into Stephanie.

"Watch it! People are trying to walk here!" Stephanie sighed as she looked over at Sha. "Need some help?" She asked with a smile on her face until she saw Hayden come down. Both Sha and Hayden began to fight, throwing punch after kick. Before she knew it Sha was shot out into the ocean, she was about to go after her until she heard a loud 'BOOM' from the distance. She looked up to see the island were Gambler and Kurrent were to be at was now gone. "Awww and I wanted to take a tour of that." she said as she then looked up to see other rockets coming at them who were on the bridge. "Oh crap!" Nova blurted out as she then heard her voice.

"NOVA GET SHA!" She heard Angel as she then saw her teleport a large group of people out of the area. "Nova do this, Nova do that, Nova go save the world..." Nova joked to herself as she looked around. There were still a hundreds of people on the island, and Nova didnt have the power to save all of them. She then looked around and yelled out. "All of you, jump into the bay as far out as you can!" Nova said as she used this as a reason to jump into the bay. Right then people started jumping, one by one they jumped for their lives. Without a second thought Steph pulled her ipod from her ears and threw them to the side and ran to the edge of the bridge, she jumped off and instantly burst into red and yellow flames that left a train behind her as she dove into the bay. As soon as she hit the water it slammed into her fire, causing it to go out almost instantly, but she only used her flames to help push her deeper into the water.

'Sha, Sha, were are you?!'she thought herself as she then turned on her heat seeking vision. She looked around until she saw a faint blur of body heat about five feet away from her. Nova swam as fast as she could, the freezing water starting to get to her as she could feel the wight of her metal starting to make her sink faster. She moved her arms back and forth and kicked with all the force she had, she was only a about a foot away from Sha now, her face blue and almost lifeless. Steph grabbed onto Sha's wrist and pulled her towards her. Nova was starting to lose her breath as her lungs cried out for air. She grunt to herself, bubbles of air floating to the surface. Without a second thought Nova bust into flames once more, collecting the oxygen from the ocean to fuel her fire. It was taking some energy, more than she liked to use but she was able to do it. She made sure that her flames wouldn't harm Sha, they danced around her body but didnt cause a single burn on her. Right before they made their way up an explosion was heard from the surface.'The rockets...'she thought to herself as she took off to the top, she was moving so fast that when she made it out of the bay it didnt even make a wave. She continued to move up into the sky to try and get a better look around her while coughing up water that managed to get into her lungs. She shift Sha's body in her arms, one of her arms were behind her shoulders while the other one was under her legs. She looked down at Sha who was all blue, she knew if she didnt do something Sha would die. She made her way down to the ground and put her fire out as she gently laid Sha upon the ground. People yelled and ran in fear of her while some took pictures. Because of her fire Nova's hair and body were already dry and Sha was too. Nova gently placed her hand upon Sha's chest, she felt a faint heart beat but no air was coming from her lungs.

Novas head shot up as she looked around. "Is anyone a doctor?!" She blurted out. The people who weren't already gone backed away. "Well?!" she yelled out. This time the rest of the people ran taking off like the wind. "Well thanks a bunch citizens of San Fran!" Nova said as she looked down at her friend. "Ok, ok, no problem, just gatta do some.. breathing for her... right?" **Nova said to herself as she tilt Sha's head back and watched as her jaw dropped open. "Ewww...." Nova said as she poked at Sha's face.*** "Common... do you REALLY want ME to do this?" She waited for a second, but no answer Sha still on the ground lifeless on the ground. "Crap..." she said as she then used her left hand to pinch Sha's nose close and used her right hand to tilt her head back, Nova then leaned above Sha's head and opend her mouth and placed her lips over Sha's mouth and breathed into her. She could feel Sha's chest rise up, Nova then stopped for a moment and felt her chest move back down but no water came out. She then picked up her head and tilt her head as she placed it on Sha's chest, there was still a heart beat, a good sighn. She then moved her head back above Sha's head and breathed for her once more. She repeated this about five times until she then leaned back up and looked down at Sha. She wasnt sure if this helped her friend, but she was praying that it did. The one thing she didnt want to happen during this war, was to lose a friend.

"Sha, dont you dare die on me!" Nova said as her head then jerked forward from the force of something. She moved her left hand to the back of her head as she then felt something warm and wet coming from her head, she moved her hand back to see blood running down her fingers. "What?" She turned around only to be shot in the chest this time, her body jerked to the left as she felt a bullet smash into her. She slumped over and tilt her head up. It was those people that called themselves, ''. "Ooohhh fresh meat!" Nova said as she smirked, she rose to her feet as she then saw the man look at her with almost horror.

"Give up now and surrender yourself!" he said as he held onto his gun firmly.

She then reached into her chest and pulled out the bullet. She looked at it and back down at her chest. "I really liked this top..." she then tossed the bullet to the side. She then pulled the bullet out from the back of her head, she didnt make any indication that it caused any pain, because the bullet only penetrated her first layer of skin stopping upon impact with her metal armor inside her.

"I mean it, surrender now and I wont harm you anymore!" He said a little more firmly this time as he stood is ground.

"Do you not know who I am?" Nova said as she glared at the man. "I am the fire goddess of total awesomeness, FERAL NOVA!" Nova yelled out as she burst into flames once more. Her fire danced around her body wildly as she looked back at the man who stumbled back. "Oh, now your scared..." she said as she held out her right hand. As soon as she did the man shot out at her again, this time shooting five bullets at her.

Each of the bullets melted before even reaching her, her flames consuming them, turning them into liquid metal and then into nothing. She laughed as she shook her head. "Since your obviously a newbie, I'll let you live." She said as she began to suck the body heat out of the mean.

The Cape Killer fell to his knees as his skin began to turn blue, his body shook violently trying to heat himself up, Nova kept sucking up his body heat, feeling his energy become one with hers, it felt so good to do this, it was like drinking an energy drink for her, it was refreshing as goosebumps started to run across her body. She did this until the man passed out from lack of body heat, and that was it. She left him alive like she said she would. She then chuckled as she put out her flames and turned to look back down at Sha, to see if her efforts to bring her friend back worked.

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The Knight was shocked to the see the most Electrifying Man arrive with such a..well...electrifying entrance.The two men where on the same teams but different sides and the tension built in that moment with Kurrent destroying the men that tried and failed to guard the President,Longshot simply summoned his Darkhawk and stood between the president and Kurrent despite the fear he had for facing such a man.His forearms crossed and he stood with courage.

Soon it was different as a powerhouse came from the skies and addressed Gambler and escorted them back to the huge bird.The Lost Messiah let them go on their way and let his arm expand upwards and his wings let loose from this armor.He took off at blinding speeds and heard Gambler initiate the explosions,the bombs began to hit and Longshot simply flew through them and above the skies viewing the destruction and a tear fell from his eye.

No!Its not to be like this!

What was going on?Why did this president endanger these people's lives?It was a horrible sight,flames tore through flesh and Longshot was furious.He flew straight to the communication center after flashing his badge and passing through the guards and sentinels,his armor dispersed and he was clad in his trenchcoat and nice dress shirt while his amulet hung from his neck.

He made his way to Gambler with fury in his eyes but kept his knightly composure and spoke with respect to his higher up,a trait he learned from being raised by a queen.

"Sir,with all due respect why risk the lives of innocents?"

Sir Kennedy stood looking at Gambler and let his statement sink in,he could tell some of the operators stopped to stare down the young man and his defiance.Mixed emotions flew by.

Lady Redhead

Gwen? Come in Gwen, over

Gwen lifted the ear piece hanging around her neck and placed it back in her ear

what is it

There is a vampire renegade in the sewers who has just killed a whole force of killers we need you in there... Please

the tremor in the manse voice was audible as he relayed orders too her. This occurred a lot since she became a “contractor” for the CK. Her reputation preceded her and its struck fear in the hearts of the men around her. This was why she stayed out of their way when she hunted


gathering her sword and coat she headed down to the basement of the HFC where a special entrance into the sewers had been created for the vampires that lived in the house. She listened for the coordinates and ran through the winding tunnels her feet making no sound as they leapt around the edge of the water running through

Gwen rounded a corner and the stench of the blood made her nostrils flair and her teeth protruded she slipped into a side passage and peered around the edge, she could see the back of the vampire, dark hair falling over his face as he chewed on the neck of the guard. Gwen knew this vamp and she was not happy about running into him like this

well well fancy meeting you here

she lent up against the wall of the sewer and cocked her head at the young vampire in front of her, god he’s handsome she thought to herself, shame I’m going to have to kill him

what are you doing here Switch? I thought you were registered?

pushing away from the wall she moved towards him, as she did she could feel his essence emanating from him, the boy had a charisma and charm that had caught her long ago but he had a smell that made her stomach flip, calm yourself Gwen you have a job to do here


Still in a state of disblief at what he just witnessed NeVann's body froze like a block of ice, as the blinding light from the explosion finally fade chucks of debris could still be seen hurdling to the sea. He felt Gambler had something to do with it, as the anger began to buikd up in side he heard jedi in a mocking tone say "Race you, ninja man..." shaking his head the rage of left his thoughts. A smirk began to form on his face as he looked up and nodded to the jedi.

Alright and to befair I'll give you a ten second head start. Starting now 10..

NeVann crossed his arms and looked down at his feet as the Kenobi took off heading for where the Golden gate bridge use to stand.

Hmp! flyers they think there so cool... 3.... 2... 1... you wasn't fast enough Kenobi!

Uncrossing his arm the shinobi turned his head to the rubble that was the great bridge, and channeling his energy into his legs NeVann bolted after the jedi. Water blasted into the air behind him as he took off with the force of jet engine, closing in on Kenobi he finally got up to his top speed of 127 mph. As he ran on the surface of the water it split behind him creating a wave twice his hight on each side that fell back to the sea. Finally reaching Kenobi, NeVann leaped high over head as a stream tail of water followed closely befind him. Torquing his body as he summersaulted over his bud the stream of water wraped around his body shimmering do the refraction of light given by the sun, locking eyes with Kenobi while they were both in midair while still twisting he stuck his tongue out teasing the jedi as the slip stream trail that had finally caught up traveling under the two before landing back on top of the water. As he landed on the heels of feet he slid forward a quarter mile before he started running again.

Last one to shore buys winner a coke

He yelled back in a joking tone, as he started to pick back up speed as he reached the shore first. Touching back on land for the first time since he left the pier, he jumped up and down a few times before look in the distance to see kenobi stilled his heading over.

Freeze you little punk! put your hands to your head and slowly drop to your knees we have you surrounded!

The ninja found himself surrounded by over a dozen cape killer that NeVann had blieved to be the cleaning crew checking to see if any supers that was in the area before the bombing that may have survived. Not paying them any attention at first he waited for Kenobi to finally reach his location, this was until he heard their guns lock and charge up.

Once again you super put your hands to your head and slowly drop to your knees, this will be your final warning scum.

Who me? a super? nope I just play one on T.V. Um... do you want my autograph or something?

He joking said to the commanding officer as he cheerfully smiled and turned around to face him, hand laid still next his body as the ocean breeze kicked up swaying his hair to dance to the left before settling back in place as he smile transformered into a smirk.

Why you little punk!

The squad leader yelled out as he drew his hand gun and fired, the bullet slung itself from the barrel slice through air as the echo of the of its take filled the area. Unflinched the shinobi placed both hand at his left side, his right hand on the sheathe and left upon his handle. Quickly raising his sword the vibranium blade deflect bullet in to the neck of one of the other cape killers. Still with a smirk on his face his eyes slowly changed from deep dark brown to a emotionless crimson.

Ok, ok you got me I'm a super. Man I can't pull anything pass you guy, so how much do you get paid for hunting us?

NeVann continued to joke around, until their surrounding force began to move in closer. shaking his head the young ninja jumped high into the sky engulfing himself in the blinding glow of the sun, and as he came down h summersaulted while extending out his left leg and met the crown of the squad leader's head. After delieving that axe motioned kick NeVann landed in a kneeling posision looking down at the as the squad of cape killer looked on shocked.

Now enough joking around if you vaule your worthless lifes I would suggest you leave now, I haven't been in the best of moods...

His voice and demeanor changed complete from it's playful joking manner of just a few seconds ago to a chilling apathetic new one. Hesitantly the cape killers continued to hold their posion still with there guns aimed at NeVann, as one went to check on their leader. Unfortunately for the hunter NeVann decided to take back his words of letting them leave, and met him with a knee to stomach as he raised his sword and dropped the butt of the handle across the back of the cape killers neck knocking him out as he land on the leader's body.

That's his take him down now!

Hearing those words the apathetic shinobi spun his sword and stuck it through the two unconscious bodys. Being rush at he removed his sword from the lifeless bodies and swung it forward aiming blood into the eyes of three of the hunters and then charged at them. Leaping in the air summersaulting again he land in the center of them spin with his sword extended as he removed them from the usage of the guns by slice barrel and chambers of each gun.

Any one can pull a trigger but it takes skill to take ones life with a sword.

Eventhough his wasn't in a joking mood anylonger he did nothing but toy with them, resheathing his sword he went into his attack stance as he was attacked simultaneous. Cover his chest with his left arm while using his right leg, he blocked a set of punches and kicks as he swung back his right right fist catching two of the cape killers on the bridge of their noses Man Kenobi needs to hurry up before he misses all the fun. Then steping in to the inside of one of the men NeVann grab his arm and while pulling forward he leaned his body in fliping the cape killer into a bunch of other ones when a he heard something come over his comlink, It was Kurrent Follow my signal if you want to find me standing upright he went to cup his hands together to yell to kenobi he heard one of the hunter screaming as he chagred at the shinobi. Jumping up and torquing his body clockwise he extended his leg and caught the back od the cape killers head right where the spinal column met the skull driving him to the gound. Then cuping his hands together once more he yelled out.

Hey! put a rush on it, we have to finish these guys off and get going I know you have you com link on and got that message.


Hayden's eyes were stern then they loosened as her best friend and the last royal family member of ninjeta had perished, her best friend was gone and she was to blame...

disregarding Chaos black's words she very skillfully hayden's emotion control had sheilded her from chaos's fear veil she saw people running as missles were heading for the bridge she didnt even bother to run she created a force feild around her self. Then she thought about how the blast would knock her far away so she,extended her arms back and fired a sonic burst while flying allowing her to move out of the way,quicker.

She then watched as Nova and kurrent tried to revive her but hayden knew it was usless. Sha's organs were'nt strong enough to survive being underwater that long. as the sentinels approached Hayden fired an aeroblast at FEral

DIE! as the blast began towards feral it split like a four way intersection then it curved around and all of them convered on feral.

She then flipped up and landed on her hands walked on them towards feral she began to quickly spinning around spining heel kick she leaped behind her and tried to kick her in the back of the neck a technique which would result in paralisis. As her eyes filled with bhate and remorse she wildy began punching as if there was on enemy.

suddenly she just flew away towards where the san andreas fault line was...

hour later when she arrived and with her huge sonic fist she began to punch down on the fault disrupting crust beneath the surface this area was more complex then some people had belived.

hayden remembered learning on ninjeta of the "ring of fire" a flashback occurs to when hayden is on ninjeta ok who can tell me what the ring of fire is

(sha) i can!

(hayden) dont be a know it all!

(teacher) ok sha (sha) The Pacific Ring of Fire is an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions encircling the basin of the . In a 40,000 km horseshoe shape, it is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and/or plate movements. The Ring of Fire has 452 volcanoes and is home to over 75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes. It is sometimes called the circum-Pacific belt or the circum-Pacific seismic belt.

(hayden) meaning if it is disrupted it could cause a chain reaction of eruptions earthquakes and tsunami's all in the same area.

(teacher) good ms miles.

flashback ends

hayden continued to punch at the faultline this war...would be more then a u.s problem....

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Acer looked up at the flames that rose high into the air the smoke from the explosion had moulded into the clear blue sky and made it as dark as the man who had created it the fire even from this distance was searing hot an unbearable heat as the black smoke filled his lungs entering like an unruly ghost train that went its own way choking him and forcing him to cough up blood as the smoke began to make him throw up he took a drink of the salty sea water to wash out his mouth the two mixed was a horrible taste but his throat became clear as he spat the water back out it seemed the explosion had caused more damage than he had initially thought he was in pain all over his sand had stopped him from dying but being in close proximity to the explosion it had done serious damage he could barley move feeling his mid section the touch made him grit his teeth in pain as he realised his ribs were broken and so was his left arm and he was bleeding around the back of his head.

Acer could see his friend and resistance ally Vann taking care of business on a nearby ship full of cape killers that was guarding and patrolling the water keeping guard in case an attack came from the resistance but they stood no chance against a ninja as skilled as Uchiha Nevann. Acer tried to speak out but didn’t have the energy his breathing had become much heavier as the water surrounding him had become filled with his own blood and sick. Acer also noticed his other friends from WAL Obi flying high in the air assisting Vann as the ladies were on shore but were to far away to see what was going on his eyes began to water as things became blurry he was seeing double of everything his brain had took serious damage and he couldn’t tell what was real and what was not and the scorching hot fire didn’t help.

Above all the pain and misery of the people he failed to save was a deep anger a loathing fury at the man who was willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent people and for what a damn title to be the best to take control to have absolute power but there have been many tyrants down the years many conquerors but like all of them new tyrants would come along and as long as one hero stood in this world the light of heaven will always outshine the darkness of hell. The next thing Acer heard and saw was four sentinels that surrounded him each flanked by there own cape killer. Its one of the capes a man just to the right of Acer spoke each pointing a gun at him Sir what do we do should we open fire the youngest of the group spoke unsure of what to do No lets take him in for interrogation a third man spoke with a thick British accent Yeah sentinels knock him out and take him to the chamber

The cape killers flew off as the sentinels came closer to Acer and he tried to fight back tried with all his might to summon his powers but to no avail they weren’t working he was to badly beat up to fight back his eyes began to get heavier as the noise of the screams of so many people echoed around his brain like they had got in his mind and where shouting at him because he didn’t save the people and he could have he had the time and the power to protect them all and he could still hear the sound of fighting of struggling and he couldn’t help but think how he had let the people down and let himself and his team down as his eyes neared closing he was shot in the neck by a tranquilizer as he was finally knocked out as the message from Kurrent came through.

Acer awoke in a semi dark room lit up only by one old light it was damp and cold and smelled bad like a sewer of human faeces as the walls were old and cracked pipes showing everywhere as blood filled the floor and walls it was wet as puddles of water were located in various locations Acer was aching all over as he realised he was naked standing in the middle of the room hanging from the roof by his hands his feet barley touched the ground as he saw his equipment and clothes on a nearby table and on that same table were tools and next to them stood a man with a surgical outfit on a collar was around his neck that seemed to nullify his powers as the man picked up a drill and turned to Acer and spoke You ready for your interrogation It seemed the pain of the alchemic ace was just beginning his only hope was his com link and the signal it gave off.


After awakening from her unconsciousness, Mantoid stood up. Were am I. Then she heard someone behind her. "Show yourself!" Out stepped Dracula. He informed her that he took her to this place to get away from the action. She told him that she wanted to give the resistance a hand and wash away some of the pro registration people. "Thank you for saving me, but there isn't time to waste, I have friends out there, and after the 'little' stunt that I pulled, I bet that quite a few people are ticked at me."

After being well rested, she recovered all of her stamina. "Time for some energy!" Her hands started sparking with electricity, as her whole body became pure electricity. She flew out of there at great speed.

Whoa! Look at that damage! The location where Mantoid had first started the giant tidal wave had looked like it had been bombed. I wonder who would have done this? Wait... She saw a government helicopter about 1000 feet away. She turned back into human flesh, then turned into a streak of water.

She landed on the helicopter, flowed inside, and re-made herself into human form. She turned back into human flesh. "Hello boys!" She grabbed the pilot and co-pilot and threw them out the side of the chopper. She turned the radio to the resistance's wavelength. "Come in, come in, this is Mantoid, I have hijacked a chopper, number 59328, if you see it, don't blow it up please." A response came through, but not one from the resistance.

Oh great, I just told them what I have done. She flew over the ocean, and ditched the helicopter as it landed and sunk in the waters below. I prefer the water anyday.

She swam for a while until she was approaching land...

Angelic Reaper

Angelic Reaper continued to stand across the bay in the city of were Nova and Sha were to be at. She could still hear people screaming, crying, praying and cursing. She felt angered herself, as well as sadden, sure it may seem the Resistance have the upper hand, but at what cost? She lowered her head and turned back around to face the crowed that was already starting to form behind her, some were taking video of her some pictures while others cursed at her and some questioned her. She simply ignored all of that, she didnt have the time or patients to be around this many people. She then looked up to the sky and flew up slowly the smoke from the attack filled the sky as it covered over the city. She looked around to see if she could find any other familiar faces. In the distance she could see NeVann and Obi by the bay as well as Nova, Sha and from what it looked like Kurrent. AR was about to make her way over there until she felt a presence behind her. She quickly turned around to be met by three men in rocket packs right behind her, each of them wielding a gun.

", you are under arrest by the order of our President!" One of the Hott Flyers said as he pulled out handcuffs while the other two pointed their guns at her.

"I do not wish to fight you, but if you do not leave now... I cannot promise you will live through this." She said as she cupped her hands together. A dark purple aura surrounded her body from head to toe, creating a shield around her body. "I will give you one more chance, leave this city now, go back to your family and do not try to do this again." She said as she glared at the three men.

"Fire!" The leader of the Hott Flyers said as they all began to shoot at AR. The bullets came flying at her, cutting through the air almost not even making a sound. AR smirked the bullets smashed into her energy shield not even making past it, they bounced off and fell back down to the Earth.

She sighed to herself as he shook her head. "Cannot say I didnt give you a chance." and in a blink of an eye she was gone.

"Where did she go!?" One of them blurted while looking around, until he yelled out in pain, a massive wave of electricity shot through his body, and shut down his jet back, sending him crashing down into the Earth below them. Angelic Reaper was then shown, she was behind him and looked down as she watched the man fall to his death. She then smirked as she teleported again.

"Jim!" The leader of the Hott Flyers yelled out as he heard his other man yell out in pain. He turned around to find the second man in the grasp of Angelic Reaper, she was face to face with him, her right hand was upon his chin. Her thumb and fingers opened the mouth of the man as she then opened hers as well, a swirl of light blue almost faint energy came flowing out of the mans mouth and into Angelic Reapers. The man's skin was starting to grow dark, almost a charcoal black color as it began to sink into his body. His eyes widen in fear as he struggled to move, only to find he couldnt, he was slowly starting to wither away at the hands of Angelic Reaper who was sucking away at his spiritual energy, one of the things humans need to live.

The man's head then fell limp forward, a sign that he was no longer living. She smiled as she closed her mouth and then placed her free left hand upon his chest, she closed her eyes as a black aura surrounded her hand, and then before either of them knew it a dark purple ball of aura came out of him. Angelic Reaper smiled as she looked down at it, it was fresh and ready to be taken to the spiritual world. With a blink of her eyes the spirit left from her hands and up into the sky, there it would go into the spiritual realm and be judged.

She then looked at the last man, the leader of the small group that came to attack her. "Do you still wish to fight?" She said as she turned her body around to face him. She smirked at him she could feel a new power surge through her body, she was ready to fight anyone and anything that came in her way.

"Y-you killed them!" he yelled as he held his gun up and yelled, shooting at her at random, not even bothering to take aim.

"Fool." Angelic Reaper said as didnt even move, all the bullets flew pass her as she then rose her right hand in front of her and pointed at his chest. "I'll give you a quick death." She said as with a flick of her wrist she then cut off the mans electrical impulses to his heart.

The man heaved over and yelled in pain as he grabbed onto his chest. He started to breath heavily as his eyes then turned blank, showing emptiness inside. His body then flew off, the jet pack taking him away from were he was with Angelic Reaper. She then looked down upon the ground and saw people pointing and screaming at the dead bodies below her. She knew this was only going to cause more trouble for her, but she didn't care right now, she was busy fighting for what she believe in.

'Follow my signal if you want to find me.'She heard come from her communicator. It was Kurrent, the one leading the resistance. She would have been happy to hear his voice, if it wasnt for the fact it was filled with anger and sorrow. "Something happened...." She said to herself as she then waited for Kurrents signal to be shown.


Kiara sat still as Jean and his entourage moved closer to her. She finally removed her hood and smiled at the President and one of her oldest friends. Her smile only faded as his guards began yelling. She moved to the edge of the seat to see outside. Jean had moved past his men and was facing what was coming, but it seemed in time it was all under control. Slowly she smiled maliciously and moved back to her seat. Her services were not needed at this time.

Jean boarded the helicopter and she gave him a another smile. The Helicopter took off from its spot and she looked out the window upon his next words.

Do it now.

She watched in silence as the bombs were dropped on . The fires where reflected in her eyes. A part of her felt saddened for the innocent civillians that would be lost, put the much bigger part of her laughed at their stupidity. They had brought this upon themselves, and their lives would not be missed.

Dat takes care of dat

Jean's voice brought her out of her musings. She turned to him and laughed, "I do think the message has been given to them. They'll think twice before attacking you so publically now. If they want to save the lives of their precious civillians that is."

Before they landed on the air craft carrier her communicator buzzed in her ear. She asnwered it quietly, only to hear the voice of Esther. They spoke breifly and the call was ended. As they neared the large ship she turned to Jean once more, "Esther will meet us on the Carrier in an hours time. Her departure from the manor was delayed."

The helicopter landed on the ships deck with a small jolt. Jean alighted first, and with the help of Kobayashi, Kiara next. She followed Jean across the deck, never once giving anyone a second glance. She knew there would be talk among those who where not too fond of their new President, about her being with him. But she knew Jean would not care and nor did she.

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News reports where coming in on all channels. The death toll from the recent bombings where staggering and the devastation unimaginable. Everything was going according to plan. With the confirmed death of the Ninjetain warrior Sha, and the capture of the Wal affiliate, Acer, the Resistance seemed to be on the ropes. Small battles had broken out all through setting the city ablaze. The War had begun.

As the President and the Queen of Diamonds touched down on the Aircraft Carrier, she smiled before relaying a message from the first lady,

Esther will meet us on the Carrier in an hours time. Her departure from the manor was delayed.

Gambler smiled at the prospect of seeing his queen for the first time in months. She had a calming affect on the Cajun which helped him keep focus and concentrate on the overall goal. But as the King of Kings deboared the chopper his ears quickly picked up the sounds of combat. His own personal bodyguard was in the midst of systematically dismantling his security detail. Gambler used his arm to block Kiara from leaving the chopper. He watched as after was broken down with ease, only one man had such an extensive knowledge of martial arts.

Speaking from the side of his mouth Gambler told the young Queen to leave,

“Take the chopper, once your airborne contact my Queen. DO NOT, allow her to land here. Understand? Go now. Return to the HFC.”

As Morte dropped the last the arrogant Cajun began to clap, his Cheshire Cat smile stretching from ear to ear. From the first time the Living Weapon and the Living Legend crossed paths they both knew they where destined to be bitter enemies. Underneath all his bravado, all his skillz, Gambler knew Morte was the better fighter. In their first confrontation the Cajun had barely survived. Had the assassin not been the hero he was, victory would have been his. In their second meeting Morte had displayed his tactical genius, catching Gambler off guard and using his own trap against him.

Now here they where once again. About to launch into part three of their epic trilogy. The assassin paused for only a second to make his speech,

You have gone too far this time Cajun, we settle this hear and now

His voice commanded respect, if only the Cajun’s pride had any to give. Within a flash the former Death Angel Assassin began his charge. Planting his back foot and taking off, Gambler began his. Crewmen, Pilots, and even Sentinels all formed a large circle around the two killers as they raced towards immortality.

Morte Rapida

Business just started to pick up. As Morte was leading the villainous Jean Lebeau to the roof to board his chopper, he wondered when his friend Kurrent would make a play for the "President". This was the part where things would get tricky for the Ninjan Assassin. He did not want to fight any of his comrades, but he couldn't let them kill the president on national TV. That action would destroy any prospect of showing the true nature of the Cajun, and portray him as a martyr in the public eye. It would not aid in showing the people the truth in hopes of them restoring their trust in the heroes who have always tried to protect them. Since the damaging battle of

the Mobb Deep Affiliate has not kept in communications with anyone. He could not risk his mission by releasing any details regarding his attack preparation. He had to leave both his team and the resistance in the dark producing no "footprints" leading to his intentions. One loose end could uncover his rouge. In the possibility of being recognized, he had to have faith that his peers had the utmost trust in him and would not question his position. This was the one aspect of the strategy that Morte could not control or predict.

Morte accompainied the deceitful President to the roof of the building after he conducted his short speech to the countless reporters. He kept his attention on the surroundings at all times knowing that an attack from the resistance would be happening at any moment. His only worry was that the surrounding area was densely populated with civilians. Tempers were running high and emotions were at an unpredictable level right now. Expect the unexpected was the only mind frame the ninja could afford to be in. While they were moving toward the chopper, a strange looking being approached Gambler. Morte recognized him as Demosapien, he tried to converse with the president -

"Come on Gambler. Do you know what you’re getting yourself into? What shall we do of the resistance? You know there are many who disagree with your plans."

Jean continued to make his way to the helicopter ignoring the beast and struck the demon with a back hand to the face. The assassin noticed the arrogance that Gambler displayed openly to his followers. "He is beginning to lose his focus and let the power he controlled get to his head thought the hero. The display of his true nature to the American people might be a little easier than the tactician originally thought. Gambler was getting cocky and sloppy. As they started to board the chopper, Both Morte and the Cajun noticed a flux of activity causing the sentinels and various security personnel to take defensive positions around the president. The dark hero quickly jumped in with the special agents mimicking their movements around the HFC leader.

"We have a breach in sector 625. IT’S HIM IT’S HIM!! HE’S MOVING TO FAST!" - radio traffic, security

Kurrent was spotted making his way toward the island. As the Electric Ace was closing in on Gamblers position he made eye contact with the assassin. Sure Morte was disguised as a special agent in the presidential security detail, but Kurrent knew exactly who he was. They must have locked eyes for only a split second, but that fraction of time felt like an eternity of speculation and uncertainty. After breaking eye contact in time to not seem suspicious, Kurrent fired an electric blast which narrowly missed the helicopter that the presidential regime was using. At that moment all Morte's fears were laid to rest. The Living Weapon trained this electric warrior for months. He knew what this man's capabilities were like no other. The only way he missed that chopper was as if he wanted to. That was Kurrent's way of letting his teammate know he trusts him. A sigh of relief passed through Morte's mind as the pressure of displaying his true intentions to his fellow resisters was released. He could now concentrate master of manipulation.

Gambler pushed his way through the special agents; he looked as if he wanted to engage the Excellence of Electrocution. Before the Cajun could act on his aggression toward Kurrent, a cape killer tried to get him out of harm’s way. The HFC leader used his shield to almost decapitate the man killing him instantly. He showed no remorse. Much to Morte's surprise this happened in front of thousands of citizen witnesses. Before the act could be broadcast to the millions of viewers, Kurrent used his electrical based abilities to cut the live feeds. The ninja understood that his teammate didn't want the world to see him attack the current president, but at the same time he canceled an opportunity for the world to see the Initiatives leader in his true form. Damn thought Morte. As Gambler positioned his footing to leap toward the electric hero, the surrounding body of water which encompassed the island started to rise causing enormous waves to create a shield like barrier between the president and the heroes bent on ending his tyranny. The powerful being creating this water like phenomenon then exhaled a freezing gust of wind which froze them solid while they were in motion. now looked like it was surrounded by mountains of ice. This gave Gambler and his security detail the opportunity for an easy escape to the aircraft carrier on standby.

The disguised ninja boarded the chopper along with half a dozen other agents as well as Gambler and his first lady Kiara. He sat across from the Cajun and made sure to not make eye contact and seem unimportant. In the Jack of Spades current frame of mind, he didn't even notice "the help". Morte had an encrypted com link with a manual frequency hop capability that included digital transversion for high frequency transmissions (basically it's a com link in which reacts to unequal receiver freqs by adjusting the traveling frequency to communicate with specific transceivers). This com transceiver allowed the silent assassin to record any voice data as well as radio traffic that were operating on the classified set frequencies. This radio and voice data was recorded to a hidden mainframe the assassin kept underground in one of his safe houses located in .

While the chopper was making its way to the heavily secured air craft carrier Morte peaked out the window to see the F-22 Raptor aircraft and multiple Sentinels escorting them. Gambler picked up his communicator and without any hesitation ordered and immediate attack on the historic prison inhabited island. He did not care for the civilians or for his own men still trapped and doomed to the incoming onslaught.

"Dat takes care of dat” smiled Gambler as he turned to Kiara."

The Mobb Deep Affiliate became enraged; he wanted to rip the Cajun's throat out right there while in flight. He restrained himself for the time being. As they landed Morte prepared to rush both Gambler and Kiara. He loosened the buttons on his custom tailored Brioni blazer so it would not restrict his movement. The Former Death Angels Assassin had two Diamente Sai in special leather confinement belts strapped alongside his ribcage. The Brioni blazer was specifically tailored to camouflage the shape of the blades.

Morte was ready to attack. He no longer needed to hide his identity, Gambler crossed the line and there was proof. The Ninjan Assassin was no longer constrained by the possible backfire from the public. As soon as Jean and Kiara stepped of the helicopter onto the aircraft carrier the aggression from the death dealer was released. The Practitioner of Precision quickly attacked the surrounding armed security detail using tactical Kenpo Kai Japanese striking techniques. Morte began the rapid series of fluid attacks with a shuffle up front kick which landed the ball of his right foot on the chin of its first target splitting the bone causing muscle tissue to dangle out of the gash it created. The unsuspecting cape killer slowly slumped down as he lost consciousness from the powerful blow. While his right leg was still extended the assassin then transitioned his weight from the ball of his left foot he was standing to the heel as he positioned his hips and then whipped the same leg into a standing side kick connecting onto the temple of another bodyguard standing to the right of the hero's position. These two attacks happened so quickly that the other agents couldn't comprehend yet what was going on. The closest agent engaged the assassin with a stiff over hand right. Morte easily dipped laterally allowing the swing to float right by him. Before the man could retract his arm, the elusive warrior executed a left body hook followed by a haymaker of a thai leg kick which instantly shattered the man’s knee. While the ninja dropped his right leg back down he instantaneous re-positioned his weight forward leaning in with a fierce elbow strike to man’s nose causing blood to splatter from all directions. As soon as he completed the intense combination he teleported behind the last agent and performed a right handed two knuckle concussion punch to the man’s spine while grabbing his forehead jerking it backward breaking both his neck and spinal cord. The man fell, dying instantly. Morte then looked his nemesis in the eye -

"You have gone too far this time Cajun, we settle this hear and now." - Morte

The Living Weapon then started closing the distance engaging Gambler with bad intentions.


High above the golden gate bridge where his sister once was Terry watched as his friends tried to revive his sister tears slowly rolled down his glossy body he was sweating from his own flames. Terry had been in England the last 2 months he had been in hiding since the vine villains fell but he was back to stop the Tyranny of gambler. Terry was already dead he was born dead, but sha she was full of life and her death meant that the only living relative he had was now gone. grahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he screamed in pain at the thought of his sister’s death. But he was a Gorick a monster someone who would kill children and not have any remorse for it. It was time to put an end to the pro registration. He dropped down not taking off his hood and greeted feral and AR from his dark cloak a tear could be seen. He heared thumping and mass machinery he turned around to see a sentinel in his face damn his flames rushed him nova strike! he charged at the sentinel and knocked out it’s legs it hit the ground causing an explosion ,but terry simply absorbed the fire. Then men in black suits appeared one had shot terry in the chest he fell to the ground holding his chest damn He fired embers at the men in black lighting them on fire, his wound eventually healed and he rose to his feet I’ll be back he flew at the speed of light towards Los Angeles following the scent of Hayden. He was going to slaughter her like the animal she was. He was going to burn the soul off of her. Terry thought about his many fights he had in his short time. The two that stuck in his mind one was against soul taker how soul trapped him in his own reality exposing his flames to copper oxide putting him out completely. Then it was MOF he had manipulated his flames and turned them into water sucking his being into a whirlpool ending him. It was the evil sha who showed him the power of darkness making him more than just fire. As he arrived at the fault line he summoned his chakram the wheeled spiked weapon came straight from hell he saw Hayden punching at the ground he put his hand behind his back and aimed at her neck.

Feral Nova

Feral Nova stood as she continued to look down at her friend, her eyes started to fill with sorrow as she saw her attempts to bring her back were useless. "S-sha..." She said as her voice began to choke. "Common man... get up!" She said as she was about to start doing compressions on her, until Kurrent came in front of her.

"CLEAR!" He yelled out, his hands were encased in electricity as he pressed his hands against Sha's chest. Her body jumped up from the electrical wave that surged through her body and fell back down on the ground. Kurrent did this about three times, until it was shown as useless. Sha was gone...

Nova's eyes turned red from holding back her tears, until she fell down to her knees she covered her face with her hands and began to cry. She couldn't believe this, Sha was alive only a few moments ago and what was the last thing Nova said to her?'Need some help!?'what kind of crap was that?! If she would have stopped being lazy and joking around all the time she could have helped Sha out and she would still be alive right now. Nova punched the ground out of pure anger, causing her fist to go into the Earth all the way down to her elbow. She was breathing heavily as her face was wet from her tears.

"She had it coming, you all do." A voice said from behind the two fighters. Nova pulled out her fist as she her eyes began to fill with fire. She turned around to see a Hott Flyer behind them, but before Nova could even do something Kurrent already attacked the man taking him out. He then picked up the jet pack that the Hott Flyer was wearing, slipped it on and before he took off he turned to Nova, anger and sorrow filling his eyes just like hers.

"Get Sha to a safe place and watch out for Sentinels." He said as he then took off. "Follow My signal if you want to find " was heard from her communicator as he continued to fly.

Nova looked back down at her deceased friend in disbelieve. "Your not dead, YOUR NOT F@CKEN DEAD!" She said as she got in Sha's face and started yelling at her. "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS?! HOW CAN YOU JUST F@CKEN GO OFF AND DIE!? YOUR NOT EVEN FROM THIS WORLD, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE FOUGHT, DAMN IT SHA!" She yelled frustration, anger, confusion and sadness as she then stood up and tears continued to fall from her eyes. That is until she heard a whirling sound from behind her. She turned to see an aeroblast come at her, from none other than Hayden.

"HAYDEN!" Nova yelled out as she stood up, her voice was filled with anger. She made a fist as she saw the blast split. She didnt care she shot a wave of fire at it, causing the two blast to cancel each other out.

"DIE!" Hayden then yelled as she then landed on the ground hands first and began to twist her body, her legs out as she tried to kick Nova in a spinning kick aiming for the back of Nova's neck. Nova lift her right hand up and blocked the kick to her neck as she growled at Hayden. Her eyes turned from green to fiery red, her tears drying up instantly. She was then kicked in the stomach by Hayden and was sent stumbling back a few feet Nova looked up to see Hayden take off as fast as she came at her.

"I'LL GET YOU HAYDEN! YOUR HEAD IS F@UCKING MINE!" She yelled out as she was going to go after her, only to stop to remember what Kurrent told her. "Get Sha to a safe place." She said as she turned back to see Sha still laying on the ground. Nova slowly walked up to her friend and knelt down besides her, with sorrow in her eyes she gently picked up Sha's cold body. She turned her head to the left as she closed her eyes, trying not to let herself cry again. This war... it was real, people were really going to die... mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends...

Novas body then burst into flames once more, once more she controlled her fire so that her flames wouldnt harm her friend. She took off flying at the speed of sound to the only place she could think of that would be safe to leave Sha, The LOVE HQ. Nova landed in front of what looked like a coffee shop she put out her flames as she walked up to the door and kicked it open, customers jumped up in fright while others looked at her in almost amazement. The workers of the shop simply stood back as everyone watched the woman walk over to the storage room. When she got there she kicked against the wall and then a hidden elevator was shown, as the door opened Nova walked inside it and waited as she kept her eyes fixed in front of her. When the door opened there were scientist working on different weapons, body armor, chemicals, and other things. They all turned and looked at her as she walked through the area, her face was cold and emotionless as she continued to walk till she reached another elevator, she then walked inside that one.

'Name, team number and retinal scan please.'a male computer voice said.

"Feral Nova, 1978." Nova said as she then leaned into the eye scanner.

'Name-clear, Team Number-clear, rentinal scan-clear.'the voice said as the elevator moved once more, this time another twenty feet underground. When the elevator stopped the two were now forty feet underground, the door opened to show the living area for the girl who were team members of team LOVE.

Nova walked out and made her way to the bed rooms were she stood in front of Sha's door. Nova used her elbow to open the door as she stepped in and slowly laid Sha down upon her bed. Nova stood there as best she could without trying to show emotion. Sha was dead... one of her best friends... dead... Before Nova started crying again she turned and walked out of the room, she closed the door behind her and walked pass by a couple of security guards.

"Ms. Nova, is everything alright with Ms. Sha?" One of them asked.

Nova stopped and turned to look at the men. "Do NOT let anyone near Sha's room unless they are a LOVE member." She snapped out at them. "UNDERSTOOD?" She stood there as she watched the two nod there head. Nova then just continued to make her way out of the building. When she walked out of the coffee shop and burst into flames once more, she rose to the air and flew back to San Fransisco. Nova was now over the San Fransisco bay and saw AR not too far away just finishing off some Hott Flyers. She flew over towards her and stopped only about three feet away from her friend.

"Hey..." was all that came out her mouth as she continued to look around the area with an emotionless look even though her emotions inside were filled with rage and ready to kill anyone that came near her. "kill anyone yet?" She said trying to make a joke but... it ended up not coming out that way.