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Some of the most important wars are the ones that nobody knows about. The War of Ninjeta and the campaigns brought on by The Researcher were only known by a few but the impact that it had on them would last a lifetime.  The same could be said about what the wizard Merlin. He has been dealing with secret wars for the last 2 decades against the witch Morgana Le Fay who has been jumping throughout time using powerful magic trying to change the outcome of events for her benefit. Having this knowledge Merlin would do whatever he could to make things right. With every attempt that Merlin thwarted, Morgana came back again smarter and  stronger with a better plan but Merlin had the opposite effect.
The time was the 17th century and history as we knew it had been changed by the power of the witch Le Fay. The young King Louis XIV was in control of France under the guidance of the crooked Cardinal, his band of assassins that were know to the people as The Musketeers, and other powerful advisers . Instead of being a force for good the Musketeers now blindly served The Cardinal doing his bidding and killing whomever got in the way of his plans. Along with Merlin one young ad very skilled Musketeer who would not succumb to the new regime called  D'Artagnan formed a resistance of statesmen that despised the way things had become thus starting the war. 
Weeks went by and Merlin was regaining his strength and the resistance began to grow but Morgana had thought ahead she would not lose this time around.  Using her power and knowledge of time she transported the most power group of individuals that would embrace her and the Cardinal's intentions The Order of Sancta Camisia. Once they arrived the war turned in their favor. The combat prowess and discipline of the Musketeers and their 3 generals added with the never before seen power of the OSC crippled the resistance leaving almost all of them dead.    Having no choice Merlin used most of remaining strength to teleport those who could oppose the OSC and perhaps make the world right again. 
France 17th century

A large flash encompassed the Veritas team and suddenly they found themselves in a cave. Looking around Kurrent could see an old man laying on the ground that looked about dead, a young man pointing a rapier at him and a small group of people that looked malnourished and scared. "Team......we all here?" Kurrent said aloud to make sure his friends were OK. Before he could say anything else the old man began to speak...
"We do not have much time by now Morgana already knows that I have summoned you. I am called Merlin and I am the one who brought you here. I did so because we need you help the witch Morgana Le Fay. She has brought villains from your time called The Order of Sancta Camisia and together with the Cardinal and his musketeers they have waged a civil war on the country of France. As you all may know this is not the way this is supposed to be, in order to correct this the witch must be killed. This man is  D'Artagnan he is the leader of the resistance he can give you more information. Be aware that my magic is not what it used to be, I may have brought others from your time here as well"
"D'Artagnan  is this all the men you have" the Veritas Leader asked and received a slight nod. Looking around he noticed 15-20 able fighters at best. Before making any rash decision he looked at Sov for counsel and said "what do you thi..." but was stopped by Merlin  "You, your name is Michael Lockhart. You share the same blood as the king, my king. Listen closely you must find it, it is here in France but you must find it. You are linked to it and you are the only one that can wield it. With it in your hands you will have the power to win this war." In an instant the wizards then shimmered away leaving a confused Veritas in a time which was foreign to them. "Well I guess we know what Mike needs to do, as for the rest of us we have to assume that The OSC knows we are here so we have to find these men some food, set up a perimeter and prepare for war"

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 The room sat in silence, The Veritas briefing room was large and had several chairs circled round a table. The room was only used for briefings so their was no pictures on the walls on the table and the chairs, a few high tech monitors here and there but it was for all intent and purpose empty. Mike had been back for a week, Cheive had screamed so loud when she saw her dad that it had taken four hours to pry her off him. MR had punched him then held him, he thanked god for that and he never knew how much power just being held by the person you loved meant until the moment. For the last week his family and extended family had been around him. All glad to have him back, but he needed this moment, this single moment to sit and let his mind take it all in. What he had done to Surreal, the fact that his sister had even touched his wife that way, the cup of coffee left his hand before he knew it, the porcelain cup shattered into a thousand white shards. He felt his throat swell; he had died and almost left all he loved behind, almost lost Cheive. The pain he felt pulling his hear down stung him more then any wound he had ever felt.

Hanging his head, Sovereign Son fell back into the chair, he had beat Surreal to a bloody pulp. He knew as much as she did that she was lucky to be alive, he had almost killed another family member and knew that the only way to insure peace in his life was to kill one of his best friends. How could he not be angry at the world. How could he not want to tell the whole god damn place to f@ck off and let him be, let him know peace with his family? His whole life had been death and disaster, family and friends dying. Now he found himself wondering if it was worth it, the only reason he lived was because of his wife and child, nothing else mattered anymore, nothing. Suddenly a blinding light flashed before his eyes. His whole body moved into action the two semi automatic pistols he carried where already out and pointing at the name holding a rapier to Kurrents neck.

His mind was racing, how the hell did he get here with the rest of the team, the uniform the man was wearing was a 17th century musketeer uniform. The cave was near water, he could hear it echoing down stone to where they stood, MR was here she nodded at him and gave a small wink. “Team......we all here?" Sovereign Son said nothing his mind focusing on escape routes and ways to fight, they all seemed to still have their weapons, if they wanted to they could easily over power then twenty two men that where in the cave, but the old man seemed to familiar some how, all of Mikes instincts told him that he could trust him, the man with the sword on the another hand was a few moments from getting a hollow point placed in his head if he did not remove that blade from Kurrents neck. Kurrent had been one of the only heroes to come looking for Mike’s body and in Mikes mind that spoke volumes about their friendship. Mike was about to issue a warning when the old man spoke as if he could feel the change in the atmosphere as Veritas began to regroup.

"We do not have much time by now Morgana already knows that I have summoned you. I am called Merlin and I am the one who brought you here. I did so because we need you help the witch Morgana Le Fay. She has brought villains from your time called The Order of Sancta Camisia and together with the Cardinal and his musketeers they have waged a civil war on the country of . As you all may know this is not the way this is supposed to be, in order to correct this the witch must be killed. This man is  D'Artagnan he is the leader of the resistance he can give you more information. Be aware that my magic is not what it used to be, I may have brought others from your time here as well"

Mike looked at MR “Oh now it all makes sense” he mouth'd' rolling his eyes and placing his guns in the holsters. D’Artagnan, Merlin, time travel, I’ve gone crazy/ mike thought to himself . "D'Artagnan  is this all the men you have"  Mike moved closer to Kurrent, even with these twenty men and the Veritas , the battle was going to be a hard one. He would need to find out their strengths and weakness. D’Artagnan may be a problem, he had been a good leader to these men and introducing a new form of leadership was going to be hard, but not impossible, they would have to look at the enemies strength, they knew what the OSC could do, but the Cardinal and this witch where new elements, something that they had to gain more information on. Mikes mind was already formulating many different seniors, he knew Kurrent would want some type of plan up and running as soon as possible, they would need bearings and resources Kurrent turned to him what do you thi..." before Kurrent could finish Merlin spoke again "You, your name is Michael Lockhart. You share the same blood as the king, my king. Listen closely you must find it, it is here in but you must find it. You are linked to it and you are the only one that can wield it. With it in your hands you will have the power to win this war." And with that he was gone, Mike reminded himself why he hated magic.

"Well I guess we know what Mike needs to do, as for the rest of us we have to assume that The OSC knows we are here so we have to find these men some food, set up a perimeter and prepare for war" Mike looked at Kurrent . His eyebrow raised “Wait lets just slow down and think about this, so we are going with, that old man was Merlin, this French idiot is D’Artagnan and that im one of the decedents of King Arthur and I needed to find Excalibur…Yeah I got the oh so subtle clues he said, and while im doing that your going to get twenty men, into shape to fight a witch and evil cardinal, a deadly group of assassins and save France?” Kurrent smiled and put an arm on Mikes shoulder “yep” , Mike smiled back “Oh I was just checking.”
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 The thundering sound of horse hoofs rolled over the country side as a small group of riders galloped towards the Palace of Versailles. A luxurious chateau and central power structure of King Louis XIV, having recently relocated from Paris. It now served as a symbol of absolute monarchy of the Ancien Regime. An aristocratic system that characterized French society. After entering through the main gates the hooded riders dismounted with a sense of urgency, their leader flashing a carefully illustrated scroll complete with the royal seal to the guards on duty before being allowed to continue. Each one draped in a black cloak with crimson colored interior and the golden in-crested Fleur-de-lis code or arms adorned along their hilts, belt buckles, and tassels. Brushing past the commoners in the market place among the whisperings, "Assassins."

Inside the overindulgent excessive nature of the King was on full display, as all manner of entertainment paraded around the imperial decor of the Palace. Vanity, gluttony, and greed were the most visible of sins in attendance, but not the only ones. But as the deadly shadows entered the main chamber the festivities abruptly came to a halt, their presence causing an obvious disruption as the music was cut off and the room parted on either side giving the group a clear path to the King. "Ah yes, finally" he said while clasping his hands together. All that was needed to clear the room was a subtle dismissing hand wave before King Louis and the newest arrivals found themselves alone. Out of the five assassins, four took a knee, with the fifth defiantly walking down the center of the royal chamber causing the confident ruler to lose his obnoxious grin. The lone assassin's face was hidden away behind a pure white theatrical mask revealing only her blue eyes and lavishly long lashes, and her hair was completely covered by the oversized hood that hung down just above her field of vision.

As the assassin ascended up the steps, closing the distance between herself and the King, the royal guards began inching closer to their lord in anticipation of the unexpected. However after reaching the feet of King Louis the mysterious figure simply knelt down before speaking, "Father"

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The SUV bumped along the road, speed slamming it against the tarmac as it sped through the traffic on the freeway, Flower could hear men talking, three to be exact but men with a distinct smell that her system could only explain as death. The leather suit she wore creaked as she moved to kick her legs behind her and undo the restraints, freeing the gag she flipped her wrists over aiming at Gambler thin silver chain weaved out of her flesh thickening as it did the end curving into a sharp claw she motioned the cable around to Gambler’s restraints slicing through the thick rope before moving to slice through Sophie’s restraints. Stretching an arm up and under both of them, the wires in her arm slinking back into her skin, she pulled her knee back and kicked the trunk door hard, the steel in her leg driving it forward and popping open the trunk. Jumping high and curling into a ball to cover the humans she rolled carefully shifting her body to take the force of the two landing on top of her. Cars shot around them, horns blaring as they swerved to avoid hitting them, Flower rose and opened her mouth, little nanobots ran from her mouth spilling down her in waves they began to spin wire mesh like spiders creating a fine bubble around the three large cage surrounding them all. Tyres squealed behind them as the SUV slammed on its breaks and turned hard, crashing into several cars as the vampires taking chase on the escaped victims. Flower attaching the pair to the edge of the cage, securely fastening them as she moved at high speed, running the ball along the road she sprinted, the cage moving so fast it leapt off the ground and bounced gracefully along the road. Flower sprang around the cage driving it as the vampires gave chase redirecting it to dodge their attacks, one of the vampires grasped against the edge of the cage its pale clawed hand slashing at the wire trying to form a hole, snarling at Flower. Flower turned lying flat on her back she flung her wrists at the vampire the long thick cable whizzing out and swining around the vampires neck looping as she pulled hard on them slicing through the vampire’s neck severing it neatly, dust exploded across them as the vampire died. The nanobots raced to fix the small hole on the outside of the cage; the other vampires howling as Flower raced their round cage along the distant woods escaping.

She began to slow down as she scanned the area ascertaining their safety and securing a spot to land, the cage shifted and swirled collapsing in on itself as the nanobots raced up her legs and arms disappearing into her eyes, nose and mouth. Gambler and Sophie lay on the wet ground neither having roused from the injection forced upon them by the vampires, their bodies heavy on the wet leaves and soil, Sophie’s head resting against Gamblers stomach. Flower crouched on the ground, her left hand placed on Sophies foot as the small injection took blood from the vein inside the girls foot, Flowers system processed the blood as Flower analysed the poison and looked for a cure.

As she worked a voice behind her halted the process “Goodness me, tis a   strange creature you are precious child” Flower raised her wrists ready and exposed to fight the woman standing behind her but her wrists were instantly bound and flattened to her side as the woman talking raised a hand “now now child, no need to fight thee, I am here to help your friends there” Flower looked back at Gambler and Sophie and spoke “Jean LeBaeau is my Master” The woman laughed as she walked treading softly across the grass, picking up her crimson skirt as she walked, her bare feet digging into the soil as she reached down to gently run a hand across Gamblers forehead with an almost motherly touch “Your master is needed child” The woman known as Morgana Le Fey rose from the ground the air around her sparking  she smiled at Flower “you can come too I think, but we shall leave the girl for now, perhaps we will need more later” Morgana looking to the rising sun smiled as she turned to Flower and winked snapping her fingers the world spun around them.

Smooth marble appeared under Flowers feet as Morgana landed the three of them in the 17 century, looking around Flower’s system glitched, dealing with the shock opening her mouth, Judy Garland’s voice spoke “Toto, where not in Kansas anymore” 

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           A daily night watch was all it needed to make Combyssess relax. Though some may find it scary and frightening, to Kevin it was his day in the hot springs. Kevin stood in a gargoyle statue fifty-flours up looking down to his beloved city, waiting for a crime to be committed. Kevin's eyes were locked onto each detail of the city like a hawk eyes would lock onto it's prey. Kevin wasn't feeling well, he sensed some disturbance in his instincts.  He felt like there was something unusual was about to happen, maybe something that has never happened to him before. Kevin's unusual instincts allows him to predict something unusual and that unusual something's aura felt stronger and stronger. As if it was getting closer to happening. Finally the wind lashed stronger as it caught Kevin off guard, then a blinding white flash appeared from nowhere Kevin was out of balance causing him to plunge down the fifty-fourth  floor, Kevin quickly reached for his grappling gun, but before he could pull the trigger the blinding flash appeared again. A thudding sound was heard and felt by Kevin.
Kevin slowly opened his eyes. But instead of seeing city lights or possibly the ceiling of a Hospital, but he saw a clear bright sky. Kevin was confused but his guard wasn't lowered. Kevin cautiously stood up looking at the surroundings. But all eyes were on him, Kevin quickly realized he was teleported back through time, probably in the 17'th century. People gazed at Kevin silently  then Murmurs could be heard and finally they went back to their daily routines as if nothing happened. Kevin was now even more confused. Then an old man came up to him. and said "Your have a valuable gift young one, addition to your intellect and fighting abilities, you have a small fraction of precognition. This enables you to sense some disturbance which is usually not right. But i have brought you here for more important reasons, my name is Merlin by the way.  The old wizard informed Kevin all he knew and disappeared. 
Kevin after hearing the story was dedicated to fix this problem, as both a fan of the late 17'th century and a hero. Kevin now fully understands why the people didn't panic, they were under a spell which Merlin cast on them, but it was temporary. So Kevin moved quickly out of there sights and to somewhere he can secretly hide. It needed to be functional and secure. Kevin moved through swiftly. For Kevin, this was a challenge for sure, since Kevin is used to moving through the shadows at night, but now he is forced to maneuver through the blistering sunlight without being seen. Kevin jumped and hopped through tough rocky terrain. As he reached the mountain top, there was a big apple tree that provided Shade and food. Kevin stopped, as he walked more slowly towards the bark of the tree.
    Kevin removed his cowl by rolling it backwards towards the back of his head and neck. Kevin was sweating already, he had to think of a way to get his body fluids back. 
A growl was heard nearby. Kevin was curious to know what it was....he slowly crawled towards where he heard the sound. But as he came closer more noises were heard, like cries for help and screams of mercy. Kevin pushed aside the bushes which was covering his view, the sight was shocking, it was a mother and her child being held against their will, probably minutes only before they're fed to the lions. Guards and soldier crowded them. Kevin couldn't take it anymore, nor could he wait any longer, he unrolled his cowl and puts it in his face. Kevin looked like he was going to massacre every single one of those guards. His facial expression could be distinguished by the wrinkles of his cowl. without any hesitation. Kevin lunged down to where the execution was about to take place. 
Kevin in one fluid motion rolled and kicked one of the guards as he stood up, pushing the guard several feet away. the other guards were alerted as they rushed towards Kevin, with their sharp spears ahead of them. Kevin despite being totally out numbered stood courageously. As the soldiers were in his reach Kevin ducked down and threw a Bomb's that were shaped like small pills, that released liquid nitrogen, literally freezing the soldiers in one move. 'Go now."  Kevin ordered the woman and her son, as they walked quickly while thanking Kevin. Kevin then secured the base, and knew this was the place where he was looking for. Kevin now has a base to start saving the 17'th Century.

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 As the Living Legend gradually regained consciousness, he could detect the distinctive idiosyncratic heart beats of several individuals. Unaware of his current surroundings he continued laying on the cold medieval style floor allowing his situational awareness to map out the topography. Appearing to still be unconscious Gambler methodically pin pointed the precise number of living people in the room and the exact distance and time it would take for him to reach, and incapacitate them. Along with the offensive schemes the assassin swiftly located several possible escape routes while calculating the probable success rate for either option. But before he was able to implement any of his cleverly created tactics the cold steel debole of a Rapier pierced his neck. "Dis is him? Dis is dee great assassin who is going to help destroy D'Artagnan and his resistance? HA!" chuckled the arrogantly confident Aramis. True to form his brothers in arms chimed in, "Look at him" mocked Porthos while forcefully using his foot to roll the Cajun over revealing his milk colored eyes. "HAHAHA Dis man is blind LeFay! You went out to get an assassin and came back wit a vagabond." taunted Athos. The ridicule instantly igniting Flower's combat defensive reactionary instincts as she readied herself for battle.

Her agitated posture caused the Musketeers to take notice, thus opening up a small window of opportunity. An opportunity the Aristocratic Assassin was sure to exploit. Operating at the speed of thought the Cajun's photographic reflexes and muscle memory instantaneously performed a no handed kip up catching Porthos of balance. However the acrobatic Musketeer quickly regained his composure as he used his falling momentum to transition into a one handed backwards cartwheel. Without hesitation Athos lunged forward with a swiftly timed coup, his unmatched fencing abilities on full display. As Gambler copied the fluent parry style of ElusiveStorm narrowly avoiding the strike, he smiled, flashing his World famous Cheshire Cat grin. "Your techniques are solid and I must admit, I'm a fan of dee style" he jeered. "Together you three are like Picasso. Creative complex angles and moves." pausing to stylishly flip backwards over Aramis as he attempted to cut the Cajun down from behind. Slowly Gambler rotated end over end through the air allowing his body an extra rotation which enabled him to land a devastating thrust kick to the neck of the deadly Musketeer.

As Aramis fell face first to the ground just inches away from Athos' feet, the self-proclaimed King of Kings contemptuously brushed his shoulder off. "But you see mon ami, I am like Van Gogh. I recreate dee fight into what I want it to be. You three are good, but I am better." Suddenly the room was filled with the sounds of one man clapping. "Very impressive Mr. LeBeau, very impressive indeed." Emerging from the background an elderly man draped in the regal trappings of the Catholic church nonchalantly made his way towards the head of the room and a lavishly decorated throne. "My name is Cardinal Richelieu" he said as he flapped his lengthy robe away from his back before taking a seat. Like a seductive viper the sorceress Morgan LeFay slithered to the Cardinals side, placing her arm around his neck and shoulders before producing a wicked smile of her own. "Mr. LeBeau, we have ushered you and your people here to help us eradicate our opposition. Please forgive the impetuous nature of my associates. I assure you they are a valued asset." explained the Cardinal.

Gambler stood defiantly in the center of the room, his legs startlingly either side of Sophie as she remained unconscious on the floor. Flower stood just off his shoulder anticipating a variety of possible counterattacks should the situation call for it. "So let me understand dis, just so we're clear. You and your.....bitch, have abducted the Order of Sancta Camisia in a bid to solidify your power? And thus changing the nature order of history? Tell me Cardinal? What is in it for us? Leaning forward the Cardinal responded, "Dee World assassin, dee World."

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19th century Europe

Thunder clapped ferociously in the darkness. That mixed with the rain clapping on the metal that now lay strewn across the yard created a defining effect.  Above that sound though something worse rung out in the night. The sound was unlike any the warriors had heard before, screechingly loud like the sound of a bat, but growling deeply like a rabid dog. It was a howl of sorts, the men stood their ground though, then suddenly one of them stood no longer willing to stand idly by.  
"MY BROTHERS! THREE OF OUR CHAMPIONS HAVE ENTERED THE HALLOWED HALLS OF THIS CURSED HOME! AND THREE OF OUR CHAMPIONS HAVE FALLEN TO THE BEAST WITHIN! NO LONGER WILL I STAY MY HAND AND STAND IDLY BY WHILE WE ARE SLAUGHTERED. ANYMAN WHO WILL RISK HIS LIFE AND ENTER THESE HALLS WITH ME, SHALL BE KNOWN AS A HERO!" The man shouted through the howling gale of the storm only to be met with disappointment as none of his men stirred. He felt sick inside, disgusted that these men did nothing, wanted to do nothing. With none but his own blade by his side the man lifted himself and rushed to the door of the mansion that held his dark foe.  As soon as the man entered his stomach turned over again and again, it took every fiber of his self control not to puke his guts out. Flesh hung loosely on the walls and ceiling where the men had been thrown with such ferocity they were buried within the stone only to be pealed out and have the flesh peeled away from their crumbled bones. Blood and other body fluids ran like cheep paint down each wall and like small streams down the dark and otherwise empty halls. The building wreaked of rotting corpses and drying flesh. The young man made his way down the hall and finally reached the door that would lead him to the beast. He heard screams of anguish as he slowly reached for the door handle. Suddenly, like a switch thunder clapped, lighting flashed, and the screams stopped. The young man paused for a second, and only that before pressing the release and tossing the doors inward.  
His jaw dropped along with his blade as his eyes fell upon one of his former brothers in arms.  
"NO! Get ba...." before the man could finish his sentence a flash of light blew through the house, when it cleared the man was gone.  

17th Century France

 The light cleared from the man's eyes only to let them fall upon the stone walls of a cave. He frantically scanned the area only to be baffled yet again. His eyes fell upon strangers to him, their cloths were almost as strange as the ones that wore them. Nothing made sense, then one man called out seeking some sort of team. He mumbled to himself as scanned the room once more. Finally a voice rang out from the crowd, after a few seconds Viktor located him and stayed back listening intently in hopes of discovering what this was, and what witchcraft had brought him to this place with these even stranger people.  
"We do not have much time by now Morgana already knows that I have summoned you. I am called Merlin and I am the one who brought you here. I did so because we need you help the witch Morgana Le Fay. She has brought villains from your time called The Order of Sancta Camisia and together with the Cardinal and his musketeers they have waged a civil war on the country of France. As you all may know this is not the way this is supposed to be, in order to correct this the witch must be killed. This man is  D'Artagnan he is the leader of the resistance he can give you more information. Be aware that my magic is not what it used to be, I may have brought others from your time here as well"      
Then again the voice he heard before answered as a short conversation took place.   "D'Artagnan  is this all the men you have"   "what do you thi..."   You, your name is Michael Lockhart. You share the same blood as the king, my king. Listen closely you must find it, it is here in France but you must find it. You are linked to it and you are the only one that can wield it. With it in your hands you will have the power to win this war.""Well I guess we know what Mike needs to do, as for the rest of us we have to assume that The OSC knows we are here so we have to find these men some food, set up a perimeter and prepare for war"  
"The OSC? war? What is this...." Viktor mumbled as he stood up finally, he had come to the conclusion of following this man that this Merlin had spoke to so respectfully. If nothing else said man would lead Viktor to some much needed answers. 
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An unearthly gorgeous woman with purple hair was sitting in the middle of a cold cement floor inside a huge mansion fit for royalty. Her eyes were closed and the only light in the room was coming from the five lit candles that stood up high on pedestals of pure gold. Complex shapes and symbols were scrawled all over the ground, overlapped by a giant five cornered star. In the middle of the star lay another girl, a simple street rat, barely breathing as her blood slowly trickled on the floor.  
"I have finished summoning the Order of Sancta Camisia. While they get acquainted with the Cardinal and draw their plans I must summon someone else. I expect Merlin to pull all the stops in the upcoming events, which is why I need an ace in the hole. Make sure nobody bothers me in the next couple of hours." She worded to the woman who was second in command of the mansion, someone she herself taught and kept close. This happened almost twelve hours ago, but she was still sitting on the cold uncomfortable floor in the same position without showing any signs of fatigue.  
The Weatherman was flying up higher into the sky, his thoughts still consumed with the woman he had the most pleasant conversation with. Even Death had quited down and didn't seem to hunger for souls as much as it usually did. But then he felt a strange tug in the center of his being, as if a black hole had just opened up inside of him. He couldn't fight it off, so he just followed with it, wondering who was wreckless enough to summon him. 
"Death... I, Morgana Le Fey, have summoned you here to aid me." She greeted him with the soul of a virgin lying on the floor. All five of the candles blew out simultaneously and the bright soul flew out of the girl's body, fluttering like a desperate butterly in the hurricane. Her efforts were ended swiftly by a dark, looming figure that swept across the room towards the enchantress, smearing all of the scribes and runes on the floor, as if to show utmost disrespect. 


 Amongst the darkness his voice sounded powerful, grim and absolutely pissed. The Mortal had simply shut up and let Death take over the reigns of control. He never felt the elemental force so furiously unsettled, as their faces were less than an inch from each other. Morgana did not even flinch. 
"Yes, I dare. I must say, you have changed Death. There's something... different about you. Something foreign. I could get rid of this filthy parasite you carry around in exchange for your services." She spoke about The Mortal. The part that used to be a man, a magician that bound himself to Death in order to achieve immortality. The silence between them seemed to fit the darkess perfectly like a puzzle piece. The Mortal knew Death was actually thinking about it, because he was also thinking about it. 
"Oh, I see. You've grown soft. All these heroes and villains that don't stay dead."
Their faces were still less than an inch apart, but all she could see was an abyss of endless darkness inbetween the lucious hood of his raincoat. 
"It's my job to take their souls to the next world. It's not my job to make sure they stay there." Death replied curtly, as if he had been insulted.

"But I hear they can always use another soul."

From beneath the darkness of the coat appeared a small corned of the giant scythe of Death, its blade reflecting a light that did not exist.  
"We both know you cannot kill on your own. The person's time must come to an end and I'm immortal. You have no jurisdiction over my soul." She sneered like only a vixen of her stature could, trying to make the being in front of her feel less than the dirt and dust that stuck to her shoes.  

"Ahh... But this is where the "filthy parasite" comes into play. I never had free will... but he does."

The Weatherman rose far over her, growing in size and stature, along with the scythe that had now completely emerged, grasped by two withered bony hands, its blade sharp enough to cut the strings of life. 
"I hope you like your first trip to hell, sweetheart."
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 The long midnight silk dress shifted against her skin as she walked, every curve, every bump on her body accentuated. Her arms wrapped around the velvet cloak as she walked towards the Cardinal, watching Gambler and the cyborg as she did, the hood sat low over her head, hiding most of her face from the group. Her crimson lips widening as she watched the Musketeers and Gambler dance, he truly was a master of his craft, she had chosen well. Flower fascinated her, the girl was steadfast loyal to Gambler, the metal in her body driving her forward, Morgana had seen creatures like her before but never quite to this calibre, the witch was impressed, which was a rare occurrence indeed. 

Slipping across the floor, she watched the Cajun from under the hood, admiring his form, his grace, she thought of all the things she could do to keep him contained and her mouth watered. Raising her hand she placed it on the Cardinals shoulder, he backed away immediately after telling Gambler he could have the world. She moved towards Gambler reaching up to pull her hood down, long dark hair flowing down her white skin, her crimson eyes catching the light and seeming to glow. “Jean Le Beau, you are a precious one” smiling at Flower as the girl dropped to a defensive crouch she raised a finger and shook it at her “now now dear, learn from previous encounters, you cannot defeat me” looking back at Gambler she licked her lips “besides, I will not harm your master” Flower did not shift her position but she turned to Gambler for confirmation, with a subtle nod Flower moved back to a standing position as Gambler reached up and took Morgana’s hand kissing it lightly on the back he spoke “Your Cardinal promised me de world Witch, what is it dat you vant from me?” Flashing his smile at her Morgana laughed softly as she slipped past him, brushing herself against him careful to play every angle. Landing in front of the large window she watched the setting sun as she spoke “I need you Cajun, I need you and I need your army, right now as we speak each of your people are being brought here in ways… that work for to stroke their ego” she smiled thinking of her high priestess dealing with the arrogant Weatherman, death may come to her priestess but the girl would manage it, after all this was not the first time she had been killed. “As soon as we have all the details ironed out, I want you to lead a war against my brother, Merlin”

Turning back to them her face hard as she spoke “You see dear Jean, Merlin has been my nemesis for many a year and this time he has gone too far, he has summoned the men and women of Veritas and I believe other teams from your world to try to destroy me” smiling as her face softened “Merlin never did have the brains in the family, my brother is not arrogant, but he has far too much faith in heroes” Watching Flower as she continued “The Cardinal has offered you the world Jean, and I offer you a much greater gift, a gift that few have ever been granted”

Letting her message hang in the air she approached the musketeers and began running a finger along the edge of Porthos blade he smiled at her as he released it and handed it to her, kissing him gently on the cheek she began tossing the blade around in her hand spinning it carefully over her arms, slicing the sword up the length of her arm and down again, the blade began to move at high speed, spinning around her entire body and up again it soon became a blur of flesh and blade. With a slight shift in the air she had the blade at Gamblers neck, his hand up and on her wrist the pair stood there each trapped in a lock Morgana leant forward sliding down the sword as she did moving with his hand she whispered in his ear “I offer you eternal life Cajun, the chance to never age” her breath hot on his cheek she dragged her face back smiling as she watched his face, the arrogant smile never shifting. Flipping backwards the witch landed on her feet carefully lifting the hood over her hair and turning from them all “you have one hour to decide Cajun, I will return once I have attended to another duty, then you must decide what you want to do, your men will all be brought her within the hour, my priestess are gathering them now” With a flash of purple sparks the woman disappeared from the room.

Black wings flapped through the night air, the moon glistening off the feather of the great black bird, the large tree sat barren in the middle of the night a white glint showed the large golden and white owl perched waiting. The Raven landed and where the wings were arms appeared as Morgana changed back to her human form she watched her brother Merlin do the same, the pair sitting on the branch facing the cave below, they watched Veritas running around before Merlin spoke “you cannot win sister, you never could and you never will” Morgana watched the great man Soverign Son as he helped his wife off the floor, the pair catching a shared glance before moving off to help the injured people. “Merlin, we have done this dance for so many years now, do you never tire of needing to try to stop my plans?” the long white hair of the Wizard blew softly in the breeze “I will never stop until you finally die sister” Nodding Morgana raised the hood of her cloak and climbed onto the branch squatting “then it is war” jumping up into the air a great raven swept off into the night air as Merlin jumped to the ground whispering to himself “that it is sister” 

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A figment of the imagination, a swirl of an enigma as it wrapped itself around her. An undying paradox surged through her bones. Unexplainable that was what this was. An occurrence without anything to cause it to occur, there for a paradox wrapped in an enigma once combined. A blinding flash of life was all that was visible, what she had been doing had now became irrelevant no matter how important it might have been to her previously, now it was nothing. For everything was white, consumed by a sun shining glow that soon evaporated like dew upon the peak of a mountain. She felt as if on an ocean as her body seemed to be tossed aside like sea weed upon the pacific waves that bashed against one another in retaliation.

An icy chill soon became the next thing to engulf the young girl as her body came to a full halt as the ocean sensation died. Now, the moaning of the wind as it coerced through the trees was all that was detectable.  Oddly enough no matter how hard she thought the wind was blowing for the sound it resonated was that of a weeping window over both her child and husband, she felt nothing. Her body was still in an artificial state where she could hear but lacked her other senses. Now a dim green glow seemed to haze into vision as she saw some parts of it grow to darker shades. Slowly but surely like the sun rising on a winters morning shapes began to form, as she noticed the many stalks of silhouettes  that became more in sync with her mind.

The transaction between worlds was the never ending question among those with degrees beyond pronunciation. Though for many the transaction is swift and no many notice it, for Laura it was an eternity. Though this teleportation took less than a second, in the mind of this young girl it took a lifetime. And you know the sensation of buzzing as if you had just been electrocuted, that soon fades once everything comes into focus, she felt that continuously. the stinging of lightning hitting her body continuously as the current of energy surged through her made her want to cry out, but when she opened her mouth her words before they even left her were erased as if she never intended to say them.

Wet…water…moisture. It slid down her arms wrapping around her naked body like a mother would to her new born child. The dew drenched blades of grass battered against her body as her arms slid around her shoulders and legs curled into her chest. Her unsteady breathing evoked her to inhale the icy wind that caused her skin the shudder as it beat against it. Her long we locks of hair slithered over her face around her nose as it stuck to her face like a leech in its soggy state. Her eyes were erratic falling upon one moving item to another. Every motion drew her emerald eyes, every noise every feeling caused her timid body to regain its strength.

Her body soon moved as her bare chest pressed against the lush dew drenched ground. Using the palms of her hands she pushed herself upward as her eyes with more precision and an objective searched around her. Knowing she was naked she didn’t get up she didn’t move. Her wet strands of hair slung over the side of her face as eventually she sat up with her arms still around her. “Child…” the voice of an elderly man entered her ears as her eyes shot toward him. She could not see what he was wearing for a forest green cloak covered him, he had a white bearded and in hands held a cloth that he held before himself. For a moment she didn’t know why, until she realized it was to avoid seeing her exposed. “Take this.”

Extending her hand cautiously she rose to her feet and swiftly took the linen and wrapped it around herself.  Now with her bare feet upon the lush soil she looked the elderly man up a down a moment, his age was unknown but she knew he had lived long and through much. “You are not what I expected.” He said as he turned to walk away. Finally finding her tongue she reached her hand to grasp his shoulder and turn him around but he was swift and in return she found her wrist being clasped. “Where is the man I summoned! Where is Emiel Chabot!? “her eyes widened in shock as she broke his grasp and staggered back a moment. Her eyes fell to the ground as she uttered whole heartedly with great pain. “I am his daughter.” She could hear a gasp of the man, as she could feel his eyes upon her.

Rising her head as her eyes made contact with his, deep jade eyes almost identical to that of her fathers. “Who are you?” her tone was harsh and cold as she tightened her fist glaring at him. “Child….you are my descendant.” Silence   filled the two people as Laura’s head was littered with questions, but she remained silent as denial once again made its home in her mind. “Don’t play games with me old fool! Who are you and what do you want with me!?” her voice had risen to an almost snarl but her words were soon followed by the shushing from the man. “Not here…silence child!” With that he turned and walked, though Laura’s intention was to slice off his head she retained control as she followed behind him. Her eyes lingered upon her surroundings, forest lush deep green wood’s surrounded her and all directions.

Eventually they reached what looked like an complex of rubble and stone. A deep sigh escaped her as the thought “What am I doing?” entered her mind as she looked up. The deep entanglement of vines and branches made it almost impossible to tell if it was day or even night for darkness seemed to be the ever lingering tempest. A shaking of the ground and falling of stone turned her eyes upon the man but all she saw now was a tunnel leading into darkness. “Follow child, we sadly do not have time as an asset.” Cautiously and unsure she entered into the darkness. As her feet slid upon the spiralling steps that seemed to go down and never end she could feel the restriction of air. After fully entering she head the closing of what seemed like a door as for a moment she could not see anything…except for candle light that laid beyond her.

Eventually she entered a room stone walls surrounded her as candle sticks were upon every shelve. Books upon books were piled or opened and her eyes were drawn to a wooden desk. And upon that desk was a talisman, now Laura still not knowing where she was instantly recognized that shape. “Mother...” she whispered. For this was the golden pieces of jewellery that her father had given to her on that hideous night at the OSC base. “This was suppose to transport the magician known as Emiel Chabot..instead it was upon your neck…” Hearing the old man’s voice Laura turned to focus her eyes upon him “Where am I.” her voice was calm, she didn’t know what was going on she didn’t need to know, but it had something to do with this man, obviously her mother and do doubt her father.

“Child…I had no intention to bring you here.” he seated himself as he fielded his fingers and bent his head as if exhausted. “I intended to find your father…to protect your father…but instead now he is still in danger.” “What are you talking about” she whispered as she approached the desk. “Your father…contains all the powers within me…no doubt the enemy would find him and use him…Morgana might even chose to use him. That was why before anything I wanted to spirit the man away so that he would not be used…I had no Idea he already had a daughter…” Still having no Idea of what was to happen Laura finally asked the burning question “..Are you telling me that you are Merlin…the man that my father mentioned as…said that he was related too?”

The man instantly looked up with her so fast that she thought she might had angered him. Getting from his seat he approached her, Laura didn’t move. He pushed her against the wall clasping her wrist once more staring her dead in the eyes. The only noise in the atmosphere was her breathing as she awaited his answer. “Yes girl…we are related…which means…that you are in great danger from..." but her mind was locked in its own questions if this was Merlin, and what he was saying so far was true that would mean that in truth she was in the time of king Arthur and "...Morgana.." his hand was now on her neck as he said darkly “Don’t you dare say it…” Swiftly he let her go as she slid to the floor, coughing. Her eyes stared up at him in confusion but in this she realized what was happened. “Am I right to presume…you are the mighty Merlin…the date no doubt is in the 17 century and…you intended to bring my father here to make sure that Morgana didn’t use him to her will?”

Oddly enough Merlin smiled at her nodding his head “Those are the basics little girl…there is much more going on…there is War. Like yourself others have been summoned others from your time along with some allies for Morgana…the OSC..the…” but before he could continue she stopped him “Gambler? “ A coldness suck into the elderly man as he looked upon the child puzzled still. “You know that man?” reluctant she got to her feet and shook her head, running her hands across her shoulders to wipe off the rubble she replied “I serve…I use to serve him.” Tearing his cloak Merlin turned his back toward her as she could feel disappointment as he whispered “So you serve Morgana?”   Unsure of how to reply Laura slid the tips of her fingers through her hair as she said bluntly “I serve no man.” “Morgana is no mere mortal…” Merlin replied.

“You said there was a war.” she eventually spoke “and others from my time are here I need to find…” but before she could finish he turned and bright blue fire consumed his hand as he aimed it toward the exit. “You will go nowhere…the moment you leave this cave…Morgana will know you are here, and find you and use you to her will.” Slightly agitated Laura shouted “I have nothing for her to use!” Before she knew what hit her the force of a hand against her cheek was felt. “You fool! You have your father’s power…my power…your mothers!” The angered voice of the magician almost shook the cave. Laura didn’t turn to receive another glare she didn’t move. “Child! You are my descendant….you have my gifts…and cruces…”

Gasping for air as her chest tightened she slowly walked back keeping her eyes upon Merlin. “No…liar.” she uttered as she then without hesitation raced toward the exit and ran up the steps. Merlin didn’t move he couldn’t. As Laura ran with all her might and the light or darkness of nature became visible she heard the old man’s words “The moment you leave the cave…she’ll know! Child don’t be a fool!” Like breaking through glass, like pushing through thorns that’s how it felt leaving Merlin’s cave. Such an impact that it caused Laura to fall to the ground and soil her emerald cloth that even now was wrapped around her. There was a long pause before the young girl got to her feet, staggering slightly as she regained her balance she turned to look toward the mouth of the cave which now had disappeared.

Within the silence the final words of the mystical man known as Merlin was carried on the wind. “She will find you…and use your power…for her bidding…” 

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 She turned into the darkest raven before she took to the sky, a hint of a smile tugged at Arrows lips as he walked from his hiding place and towards Merlin, he had watched the two exchange there battle pieces before they parted ways. A ripe red apple in his pale hand. “ That it is sister”  he caught the end of Merlin’s words as he grew closer, flicking the apple in the air he caught it again, “Merlin” he said in a silver voice. The ancient wizard span on the spot looking towards Arrow whose lips now sat firmly round the ruby red apple, a echoing crunch escaped as his teeth took a deep bite. “Arrow is that you, it has been years.” Chewing the tender flesh of the apple Arrow nodded before he replied, “Several in fact.” Merlin grew wary as he moved back a few steps and seemed to prepare himself for an attack, he may have been old but he was not an imbecile, “Why have you come here, you have never taken an interest in mine and Morgan’s struggles before, even when I pleaded for your aid.” Arrow took another bite and raised an eyebrow.” It was not my place, she is your responsibility not mine.” Merlin scoffed “And what would you do if she won, how would you stop her when her plans begin to effect your little games.” The apple fell to the floor and Merlin found the cave a little darker then he remembered, he lifted a hand and a bright light came forth. “Do not think that I have forgotten all that you have taught me, old friend.” Arrows cold hand reached round and caught the Wizards wrist “I do not and you would do well to remember what you taught me as well.” Letting go Arrow reappeared in front of Merlin chewing a different apple.

“Why have you come now” Arrow smiled “Because” Arrow took another bite, before continuing. As he did Merlin began to grow impatient “Because?” the wizard asked again. “Because one of you will die this time!” his voice was hollow when he spoke. Merlin knew better then to take those words lightly, he found his core shivering for what seemed like eternity, with a deep sigh he final found his voice “It is the way of the world, we knew it would come to this one day and I am ready if it is to be me. But maybe if I can still reach Morgana” Arrow shook his head and walked over to him and placed a hand on Merlin’s shoulder, “It will never be as it was, you must accept that before destiny plays her hand.” It was almost instantaneously, Arrows flesh became feathers and he let out a soft kaka before he left following Morgana. It did not take long to find her, she knew he was coming how could she not, she would have felt the use of dark magic near Merlin and knew it could not have been her brother. She had taken human form again and stood floating in the midnight air, far above the city where no eyes but those of the stars could see. She was almost part of the night as her dress faded with the darkness around her, two ruby eyes stared back at his own and he smiled. “What are you doing here?”  Her tone was of pure dark silk when she spoke. His body changed back to it’s normal form. Her eyes widened, a night breezes caught a strand of black hair and she pushed it back in place.

“I heard was lovely this century “ he watched as her ruby lips turned to a frown. Arrow adjusted the height he was floating at to match her. “Do not test my patience, you know that does not end well.” His own ruby eyes flared with a dark energy “I am not your brother Morgana remember to whom you speak.”  She waved a dismissive hand at him “The child that only wishes to play games and not with others, I am well aware of who you are,” His smiled returned “Is that what it is, you wish for me to play with you Morgana?” Her lips curled ever so slightly “Why are you here?” she asked again this time with a gentle tone, her shock now replaced with a curiosity, “I have an interest in some of these mortals you wish to use as pawns.”, Her smiled deepened and she crossed her arms, “The Cajun and the Ancestor, yes they both have an air of greatness around them, much like Richard, Do you remember Jerusalem.”  He let out a sigh “Yes there has not been a battle to match it.” She vanished and appeared next to Arrow her face close to his, their lips almost touching, her bodies heat close to his cold soul. “Imagine the world if we worked with each other, the battles we could create.”

She found herself alone in the night sky, his voice but a whisper in her ear, “One of you will die this time” an eerie warning from the former lord of hell.  She never felt the shift in magic when he vanished, it was impossible, how could she not when he was that close. Her smile remained as she recalled the stories of his father, the shadow god. “Demon” she said out loud “It will not be me that falls”. Arrow reappeared elsewhere, Arrow found himself sitting in the Cardinals room, catching Gambler and Flower in a bubble preventing the others from seeing or hearing them. Flower instantly turned sensing the change in the room, Gambler was use to Arrows more dramatically entrances by now and remind looking forward. “Well she is a little bundle of joy isn’t she.” He said with an uplifting voice. “Anyway I have come to quickly tell you that, I can’t stay as much as I love the dress code of this era, I have something more important to attend to. “  Gambler did not even look back  “Then go do dis more important task, you are not needed nor required old friend.” His words where said with a small level of venom, Arrow stood “So be it…. But” he lifted his hand and a dark purple amulet appeared, “If for any reason you require me, smash this, you may only use it once but it will call me from any time world or universe and I have no choice but to answers its call.He threw it and Gambler turned catching it with ease. “Thank you mon ami, for some reason I think I may need it in the days ahead.” Gambler knew there was more to Arrow’s words then he was letting on, but he also knew there must be a good reason why the trickster was not getting involved this time and then Arrow was gone and time returned to it'self as if nothing had happend. 

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Morgana's high priestess did not hesitate when she saw the threat, cussing in an ancient tongue under her breath, not wishing to expend her powers on a fight with Death. Orbs of purple grew out from her hands, formidably crackling with power and instanetously, purple lightning flashed across the room towards The Weatherman. He deflected the lightning with his scythe, sending it crashing into the candle stands that fell apart into a thousand pieces as soon as the spell hit. With a swift wave of his scythe, a sharp and powerful gust of wind was sent towards the enchantress, lifting her off her feet and sending her flying upwards. She gasped as she was pinned against the wall, but kicked off quickly while gaining flight, just in time to dodge two more gusts of wind from the scythe. The wall behind her crackled. She didn't blink, keeping perfect focus on The Weatherman, one hand throwing more purple bolts while the other was making complex gestures and signs in mid air as a purple five corner star materialized around her hand, becoming more prominent and more powerful. The Weatherman's scythe continued to deflect the incoming bolts with ease, he gave off a wicked laugh that echoed all around the gigantic castle, not paying attention as the priestess threw the five cornered star. It enveloped around him, binding him tight, growing and shrinking along with him, not letting him escape. 
"Shremick shakkarra dmontor epitrotor..." She chanted, closing her eyes to focus as The Weatherman thrashed wildly, his cloak flying in all directions as he continued to try to escape. 
"You can't hold me! ARGH!" He roared like an injured wild beast, disappearing into the ground after gathering enough strength to push the star away from himself for a milisecond. The priestess stopped chanting her words, instead spreading her palms and letting out bursts of what looked like purple fireworks to envelop all around her like a protective field. 
"Where are you?" She continued to turn in mid air, her hands folded in defensive signs, preparing for an attack. 


The Weatherman flew out of the darkness of the ceiling, cackling like a deranged lunatic, mad with his own power that he was only beginning to unleash. He slashed at her with the scythe, the tremendous blade of which was almost the size of her. It passed through her and she gasped, her firework cover disappearing, taking the blow for her, leaving her relatively unscathed. The Weatherman disappeared into the ground below, once again covering the room in pitch black darkness. "
"Morgana always said you were a coward Death!" She taunted him fearlessly, adrenaline fueling her already very formidable abilities. 

"Die! DIE! DIE!!!"

His assault was unrelenting this time, flying out from the wall she was facing, his scythe not in his hands, but spinning in front of him in crazy archs. She managed to block the first four slashes by summoning the remaining candle stands, then the table and chairs in the far corner of the room. After there was nothing left to block, she let out a desparate cry while summoning all her energies in a continuous beam of vaporizing energy. The scythe stopped slashing and began to spin, protecting its master by dispelling the powerful beam in all directions, shattering all of the walls. The Weatherman raised his hand into the sky, and as he brought it down he noticed a hint of fear in the priestesses eyes for the first time. A black lightning shot out of the night's sky, breaking through the bricks and mortar of the castle and crashing into her with a deafening bang. 
"Kha... You swore allegiance to Virgin Mary when The Order of Sancta Camisia was born! You cannot betray it!" She stood up off the ground, slightly shaken, her body giving off a slight smoke, taking two unsure steps backwards. She tried to sound powerful and intimdidating, but he could hear tones of pleading in her voice. 

"That I did. I will help Morgana with this, but not because of her squabble with Merlin."

The Weatherman returned to normal height, his human features returning in a flash, his clothes without a synch from the battle that just was. He walked up to her with a wicked smile strethcing across his face from ear to ear, his perfect teeth growing monstrous. 

"But I cannot say no to such a delicious soul if Morgana decided to let me have it."

The Weatherman deflected continuous stream of lightning bolts with effortless flicks of his hands, the prestess was becoming exhausted and her powers were vaning. Tears poured from her eyes, desparation unable to draw enough force to defend herself. 

"Look into the abyss sweetheart... For the abyss look back at you with glee..." 

She fell to her knees and closed her eyes as The Weatherman's coat expanded and covered her over, swallowing her young soul inside it. He flew out of the hole in the ceiling while enjoying the taste of the young priestess, her lifeless body lying on the ground. 
"Play your games, Morgana. I must find Arrow."
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His scarred legs struggled to place its feet in front of the other, rags draped down the once toned and muscled body. There wasn’t much left of the once so proud and honorable man, merely a glimmer of what was once there. A skeleton, representative of his own shattered ideals. The only thing left was the one thing that people close to him knew him for, his impeccable willpower and his tremendous stubbornness. Unwilling to accept the faith that had been placed before him, a hell, in the most literal form of the word. Fumes of sulfur entered his burning lungs, thick black smoke obscured his vision only to be alleviated by the red glow of fire and searing rock behind it. Hell was everything he feared it to be, everyday he was hunted by the very people he himself send to this place. To make matters worse, the very reason he was in this hellish dimension, to right his wrong with the young hero known as Feral Nova was futile. Her demonic side had taken over her mind and left him behind to rot. Days turned into weeks, and weeks quickly turned to months. His only hope was that Kiara Sullivan would take her place back as queen of hell, but he’d rather rot in hell than to see her go back to her demonic roots. Flashes in his sleep of how his life could’ve been drowned out the agonizing screams of peoples suffering for mere moments, but it was enough to keep him going.

In time he grew accustomed to the agonizing feeling of his flesh searing away in the flames of hell. In the beginning it fueled his hatred and anger, but that changed to feelings of hope and determination when he learned how to use the environment to his advantage. Hell was without a ruler, a chance for him to harness the free flowing surrounding demonic energies into his own magical energy. It was at this time that Merlin the renowned sorcerer used his magic in this timeframe to transport several heroes to his own time period. This magic could be felt by any from his own bloodline and as a descendant of Merlin himself, so could Emile. With the harnessed magical energies the young sorcerer did the only thing he could, he released a stream of magical energy within the vortex hoping that Merlin would detect it as his own. Time went on.. what felt like weeks was in reality a mere day. Struggling to keep going after the release of his only magic left he felt a powerful blow strike his lower back slamming his body into the ash covered rock bottom. Skin tore from his hands and chest as it touched the searing rock. As he tried to gain his breath struggling to regain his composure another blow hit him on his upper back. “You really think it was that easy huh?” A male voice resonated from the shadow behind as it pressed his feet harder onto his back crunching his bones. Another kick struck him from the side of his body and flipped him onto his back. “Hell’s not good enough for you.. that’s why I’m here. Think of me as….. a good Samaritan for all the people you send here to rot”. Precise could feel the breath of him touch his ear as his attacker let out a sinister chuckle. Any response to his attacker was made impossible by his clutch around his neck. Suddenly a new sensation came to him, a cold chill in his lower abdomen set apart from the searing heat around him. A steel dagger pierced his flesh and was twisted around as his blood now flowed freely from his wound. The liquid evaporated as soon as it made contact with the hot dry air, the remainder formed red stains on the rocky ash bottom. A soft whisper entered his ear “You killed me once.. and took my son from me.. I might not be able to kill you here but I will make damn sure to torture you every single day of your miserable life”.

Suddenly a bright flash of light emanated to their sides, something so uncommon for this place that it immediately drew the attention of both men. Emile’s attacker was flung backwards against a wall pinning him tightly and unable to move. Within a fit of rage Emile, blinded by his own anger, dashed forward to his attacker and slammed his fist repeatedly into his attackers face. With every blow he was confronted deeper with his own dark past, every punch cut open the skin of his fists and left him with blood dripping from his knuckles. Suddenly an elderly voice echoed throughout the burning cavern ‘EMILE!!”. Just as he wanted to deliver a fatal punch the roar snapped him out of his rage and made him stumble back grabbing his own face out of confusion of his mixed emotions. For several minutes he didn’t know who he was anymore. Only when the voice spoke up again did he remember, the same magical energy he felt a day before. ‘What has become of you.. I came here to find hope and I find only despair”. The tone in the voice of Merlin was something he had grown accustomed to hearing, disappointment. “You’re looking in the wrong place for hope old man..” Precise’s voice had changed from a young man to an older troubled man. “Perhaps. But you’re my descendant. And if anything, you know the difference from good and evil, that’s all I ask of you now.” The old wizards voice was followed by a weak cough revealing his physical state. “You know the stories of me, I gathered as much from your daughter as she ran out my door.”. Precise’s eyes widened as he listened to his words. “Laura?..” his tone turned from surprise to anger “.. if you’ve hurt her.”. “Not to worry, she is fine for now. I didn’t look for her, I came for you. Look at me, I’m weak and frail.. The magical energies are abandoning this body and I’ve yet so much to do. The world is in danger Emile.. your family is in danger. And I can’t stop it. You’re to be my vessel, you’re the only one in our bloodline besides me to have tapped into our power”.

Precise hesitated after hearing his words. “I’m not the man you’re looking for, I’m no hero”. The old wizards laughed at his words. “I never wanted a hero, I need a replacement to end this war. My spirit, knowledge and experiences will merge with your own. And you along with the heroes of your and my time will stop the threat that haunts both our timelines. Or you can wither away while your loved ones die.. your choice”.

The former assassin smirked at the wizard regaining some of his former arrogance. “You do sound like an ancestor of mine.” as he stretched his bleeding hand out towards the sorcerer as a sign of trust. “It seems like Final Arrow was right, between Morgana and me one would die.” These were the last words uttered by the weakened mage as the two spirits merged in an engulfment of yellow light. The last thought of surprise about Final Arrow from Precise merged with the memories of Merlin, the greatest wizard that had ever graced the earth. From the light a new man was born, a man who’s memories were not only filled by grief of what he had done, but a sense of pride of what he had accomplished. As the light faded around him the contours of his body became visible, a muscled man dressed in a vibrant red robe. His face was shrouded in the shadows as he approached the man still pinned against the wall who looked at him in disbelief. With a mere gesture of his hand the man regained full control of his body once more. “You have my apologies and regret for what I’ve done to you and your son. But it wasn’t me who send you to hell, your actions defined your ending up here. Take refuge in the fact that your son is in heaven”.

With these last words the sorcerer became one with the light only to reappear at was once Merlin’s lair. Memories started filling his mind of his time spend here studying the familiar books even though Precise had never visited this place. He remembered the conversation between Final Arrow, Kurrent and even his daughter. As he gazed to his side he finally saw the reflection of his face, an older and wiser face instead of the young impatient face. His long flowing hair made place for a more refined haircut, short black hair with silver streaks on either side. His face decorated with a black goatee. His arrogant smirk smiled back at him in the reflection of the mirror as he slid his hands through his hair. “The start of a new era..”.

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 Morgana's final words had trailed off as she disappeared, her plans needing careful and constant attention or all would be lost. Setting the stage would be a difficult task. Every aspect, every consideration, and every conceivable angle, needed to be prepared for if the legendary sorceress was going to achieve victory and alter the course of human history. With Morgana's absence an uneasy awkwardness descended upon the room with the Musketeers anxiously sizing up the pair of assassins in the center of the Church. Flower was equally apprehensive which was becoming a problem for Gambler as he began to question whether or not he would be able to stop the merciless killer once provoked. Using his arm he began to physically coax the mentally unstable girl behind him, using his body as a barrier to create more separation between her and the Musketeers. He couldnt help but to crack a sheepish grin as he felt the young assassin stubbornly struggle like an overprotective guard dog before finally giving in, her eyes never leaving the Cardinals death dealers.

"Hahaha You have no need to protect dee girl from us mon ami. We won't bite....hard"
chuckled the smug Athos. But his arrogance was soon laid to rest with the Cajun's response. "Oh no Mousquetaire, you misunderstand. I'm not protecting her from you at all." he smirked giving them a glimpse of his World famous Cheshire Cat grin, "Tis you I am protecting from her." The remark bringing a smile to the Cardinal's face. But as the extravagantly dressed man of the cloth began to speak, the entire room slowed to a crawl before eventually freezing in place. Flower and Gambler found themselves encased in an orb displaced in time, receiving an audience with the Shadow Manipulator himself, Final Arrow. Their conversation was short lived but important none the less. With Arrow gone, leaving behind a method of summoning him when the time arose, the King of Kings once again turned his attention to the Cardinal.

"I accept dis offer, but I have a couple conditions I need fulfilled if we are to come to an unerstanding. Dee first, and I need you to listen carefully. Any deviation from what I am about to tell you is unacceptable. Dhere is a man who has yet to be born, his name will be Adam Weishaupt and he is very important. You will continually pass dis man's name along to your most trusted, and ONLY your most trusted, bloodline. Now dee important part. On May 1st, 1776 in Ingolstadt Bavaria dis man is going to form dee most influential organization dee World will ever know. Dhere traditions, power, and legacy will secretly shape the course human history and much much more. Wit dis information you can assure your families inclusion in dis secret society dat will one day be known as dee Illuminati. Do you understand what I am saying? I've just given you dee keys dat will gare-un-tee your family will be charter members of an infamous group who's secret nature and very existence will be questioned for centuries as they quietly amass wealth, control, privilege, and superiority. But make no mistake, dhey are real, and dhey pull all dee strings dat make dee puppets dance. All you have to do is make sure my heritage, my bloodline, is included. Dig up whatever LeBeau you find here in France and you make sure dhey make it to dat meeting."
Without hesitation he stepped forward extending his hand, "Do we have a deal? Or do my young apprentice and I kill everyone in dis room right here and now?"

"Magnificent Mr. LeBeau. We have an agreement"
spoke the Cardinal. Dreams, greed, and aspirations twinkling in his eye. "Excellent dhen. Now if you'll excuse us, I think we'll retire for the night and prepare. With your pleasing of course" mocked the Cajun.


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Present 2010

"No But I can fly...." Never have so few words ever fueled more rage within my body as Photons...I hate flying. His shiny hands grip my cloak and he begins to lift off but first I say outloud "You even think of dropping me when were up their...I will end you." He smiles replying "Then ill still drop you." With a smug grin on his face. We lift off the ground and we race after Gambler, the SUVs that took him disappearing quickly into the horizon as we chase after them. Suddenly they were gone, I saw the confusion in Photons eyes as he looks down at me telling me they just disappeared. Suddenly my cloths clung to my body tightly as if they were being pulled against my body by something above...no below...wait from every direction.  "Photon I swear if this is you then..." A flash of white light surges around my body and I am sucked into a bright light as it surrounds my body I feel the grip of Photon disappear just as I do. 

17th Century Present

"Im going to kick your...ass?" Suddenly men clad in cavolier swing blades to my throat as I watch Gambler and the others being spoken to. A man unknown dressed in attire I havnt seen since I read a history book speaks to him as if he was an equal. While others judge him with disgust at his current appearance, a woman strung with a golden mask is also speaking with him and Flower. Flower was like a rabid beast ready to take down anyone who spoke ill of our Lord. I reached for my Gladius and it was where I left it strapped to my back. The men around Gambler would be the main problem if they acted now, the ones around myself would be quick work. Standing up the swords against my neck an body rose with me, I smugly parted the blades as I inched myself slowly closer to Gambler and the man speaking with him hearing just the end of their conversation. 
"All you have to do is make sure my heritage, my bloodline, is included. Dig up whatever LeBeau you find here in France and you make sure dhey make it to dat meeting."      I didnt hear the beginning of the conversation but from what I have heard Gambler is making use of a disadvantage and making it his own. The man he was speaking with nods in agreement to whatever deal they made and Gambler with a brash smug grin speaks to the man as if was his equal. I stood behind Flower as Gambler hid her from those who meant us harm, I touched her shoulder signalling I was ready when she was if something was to go down. We were to be allowed to retire for the night, but I do not trust anyone who teleports me without a moments notice...or who takes my team member away from me. I look around the room searching for Photon, he was an irritating man but he was an OsC and we dont lay down easily. I wanted to know where our comrade was so I leaned into Gambler an whispered " Where is Photon, he didnt arrive with me?"
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 The pain behind the eyes of  D'Artagnan hit Kurrent hard and to add to Sov's joke he was right. These men were tired, out numbered and betrayed. They were once proud Musketeers fighting for the king, doing what they thought was right and they were not influenced by the Cardinal and the witch. It was kind of admirable what they were doing but they definitely needed help. Walking around the cave Kurrent went to Sov Son and spoke "I guess you gotta go do what you were brought here for but I can't sit around here any longer, I don't want to rush you but at dawn we are storming the castle".  
He waited for what Sov had to say with a grin knowing that a remark was coming and after looked over to the resistance leader "D'Artagnan, a word" he said after getting his attention. The two walked to the front of the cave and the Veritas Leader began to speak "Your men need rest, my people and I will take the guard shifts tonight, I need you as best as you can to give me a lay out of the castle and where most likely Morgana will be. I have a theory that if we kill her everything will go back to normal and we will have no recollection of this ever happening, that is how it usually works with magic but either way this has to end, at dawn we storm the castle" 
The look on D'Artagnans face screamed disapproval but he remained silent only nodding his head in agreement. It was crazy but it was the only way, to sneak up on the OSC was ludicrous. They were trained ninja's led by the greatest assassin of them all, playing their game  would be foolish. With that said storming the castle is just as foolish but it took away the ninja's stealth which gave the resistance a fighting chance. 
As the minutes past Kurrent, he put Mistress Redhead in charge and went for a walk to clear his head before the battle and get a lay of the land. As he walked he came across a town not too far from the cave that they were held up in.  He saw a squad of 5 musketeers harassing the towns people asking for taxes. They were doing horrible things to the people beating the men trying to take the women and the kids screams, the screams are what did him in and after watching over cover for a few minutes he had had it. "ENOUGH" screamed the hero as he walked out into the open. The squad of villainous musketeers all turned their attention to him. "This is the business of the Cardinal by decree of the king, those who interfere will be arrested and hanged leave NOW" Looking at the man that spoke Kurrent said with anger in his tone and his eyes sparking lighting "I beg you to come and try to arrest me" 

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Florence, Italy (2010)

Cass was driving through the streets of , wondering what could possibly be at the end destination that the vampire had given her. It had been far too easy to glean that information from him and she knew that there was going to be some sort of trap lying in wait for her there. The fact that she was actually looking forward to it spoke volumes about how bored she was. She blasted the Breaking Benjamin music, tapping out a beat on the wheel. She was fully loaded, with all of her weapons and she was ready for action. She pulled up outside of the location that she was given and took a few minutes to do some recon and scout out the location. It appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. She smiled. How cliched could you get? She had been led to an obvious trap in an abandoned warehouse. What was her life coming to that she was bored enough to do something that was as potentially reckless as this? Oh well.  
She wandered into the abandoned warehouse, weapons at the ready and went through the entire warehouse, clearing one room after another, finding no overt or hidden traps. It was then that she noticed a trapdoor in the floor, leading down to who knew what. It could very well be what she had been looking for this entire time. She surrounded herself with her telekinetic shield, in the event that the trap was something that her healing factor wouldn't be able to handle. She carefully opened it up. It lead to a staircase, which she rapidly and carefully descended. There was a door at the bottom of the staircase, with a slight purple glow emanating from it. Strengthening her shield, Cass went to open the door. She was blinded by the purple light and could feel herself being lifted up and spun around, it was the oddest sensation.  


Somewhere in France (17th Century)

 The blinding purple light vanished and Cass opened her eyes. Her first thought was to wonder where the hell that she was and what the hell had just happened?!? She was standing in an ornate garden with beautiful marble statues. She made her way through the garden and to the building that was nearest to it. She had obviously been transported somewhere, but everything felt so.....rural. It felt like she might be in a different time period, but that wasn't possible, was it? She pulled her sword as she continued walking, she wanted to be prepared for trouble. It was then that she caught sight of him through a window. Cass quickly made her way to the building and headed for the room where she had seen him. She smiled when she got there; it was Jean and Cass couldn't be happier to see him. She walked up to him and saluted. It took her a minute to find the words. "So...... where the hell am I? When the heck am I and what's our course of action?

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 The screams of a child woke Sparrow, his hand was still bleeding from taking down the vampire and the lack of blood had caused the young ninja to pass out as he traveled in time. Pulling out a small scroll from one of his side bags, he began to heal himself, a women’s scream could now be heard. He stood the power from his scroll now back within his own body. The moon provided Sparrow with the shadows he needed, Sparrows mind did not lay to long on where he was or when. He knew his mission and that was all that was important, finding Gambler and Flower where his priority, but in order to do so he would need information. Slipping along the roof tops, Sparrow followed the screams till he came across a small squad of men dressed in what he could only assume where law enforcement uniforms. He had read a book once about four men, but could not recall it’s name, he watched from the shadows. He knew what had to be done, saving these people who give him the information needed to track down his lord, his hand tightened round the blade and then the noise was broken.

"ENOUGH" Sparrows head snapped to the words, it had an American accent and was not the same as the men, it seemed as if the OSC where not the only travelers this day. Sparrow moved to a better position, he had never met Kurrent but had heard much about him from Gambler and a few other members of the OSC, he had remained hidden until now, why and why was he here. Sparrow waited “ This is the business of the Cardinal by decree of the king, those who interfere will be arrested and hanged leave NOW"    That was not the reply Kurrent would have been looking for, Sparrow watched his body movements, he watched as the heroes body seemed to shift the air ever so slightly,  silver sparks escaped from his eyes, Sparrow knew what was coming, "I beg you to come and try to arrest me"  These men worked for the cardinal and where ever the power lay, that is where he would find Gambler, But Sparrow was not going to leave just yet as he watched a sixth guard came out of a house to the left of the five men. In the candle light sparrow saw the sparkle of crimson a young girl lay in a small puddle of blood of her own blood brutally beaten to death, she was no more then nine to ten years old, the same age as Sparrow’s little brother when he had suffered the same fate.

The five men waited for the sixth to join them and let the women go they drew their swords. That was their seconded mistake, the women was a perfect hostage and would have kept Kurrent at bay long enough for them to see what they where dealing with, their first was killing the girl. Sparrows sword flashed in the moon light as he flew from the roof, his left hand had called forth his wires, which now danced across the air. His blade caught the first mans throat a small thin ruby line began to appear as the man fell grasping his neck, three more guards fell to his wires, their blood spurting in the night sky. Sparrows movements where so quick that even the lighting fast rapiers found it hard to catch their target as his katanna took down another two, one guard was left,  Sparrows eyes narrowed at him, with a flick of his wrist the mans blade was cut in two, he kept the point of his blade at the mans neck and used one of his free feet to flick a sword to the women that had been used for their amusement. She looked at Sparrow and his eyes sparkled back “Take it, do not fear him, fear is the only power they have over you.” Picking up the blade the women stood next to Sparrow, “Think of his punishment and make it a fair one, he will not dare harm you while I am here.” Sparrow heard Kurrent move behind him, he did not have long.

“Please” the man begged “I was only following orders” those words sparked a fire in the women, the blade seemed to emanate the scream not the woman, as she dug it deep within the mans privates, his eyes bugled with pain as he felt the blade cut his testicles “A fair punishment, now leave”  the mans blood cry filled the air as the women ran off, Sparrow turned to Kurrent.  Sparrow cleaned the blood from his sword and stepped over the bodies and smiled under his mask, Kurrents eyes still sparked. In his thick accent Sparrow spoke “I will never let a child’s death go unpunished, that I am honor bound just as much as I am to Jean. “ silence filled the air between them, “So what do you wan’t to do now?” 

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   "I guess you gotta go do what you were brought here for but I can't sit around here any longer, I don't want to rush you but at dawn we are storming the castle".  Mike eyes fell onto Kurrent "So your sending your best tatcian away to fight a magical sword, while you go up against the enemy at their strong hold... Yeah I guess thats what I would have done as well." Mike smiled at his old freind, "Look after yourself, remember that Gambler will have his own agenda, it's always smoke and mirriors with him, always look to the left if he is standing to the right." With a smile Sovereign Son walked past Kurrent and headed towards MR, he took her in his arms and kissed her on the fore head. His body tensed one tender blue eye looked her over. The wind blew her crimson hair over her face, hiding her two emerald eyes. Sarah was as smart as she was beautiful, resting his forehead against hers, a strand of moon light between them. "What is it?" she asked her voice so soft and tender that only he could hear. her left hand gentle moved over his left cheek her white gold wedding ring catching eye patch as it went, it snapped back and she brushed away the single tear that had escaped his eye. 

"Mike what is going on." a moment of silence passed "Im not as strong anymore," a look of confusion spilled into the deep sea of emerald that looked back at him, "Mike", he cut her off before she could finish "I don't ever want to lose you again Sarah, im not strong enough to survive if that happens again. It was you and Chevie that brought me back, if I ever lost you..." the slap sounded around the cave, his face stung from the hand print that now throbbed red. she pulled him in deeply kissing him "We are superheroes what could go wrong" she said with a small wink. He let out a laugh and let her go from his embrace "look after yourself Mrs Lockheart." she smiled and turned away from him "Now go find your magical sword god knows we are going to need" and with that his wife walked back into the cave leaving him to stand in the moonlight alone. Merlin had said he was the descendant of King Arthur a man who fought for justice and equality before the world even knew what those words meant and in that battle King Arthur and his court became legends. With a heavy heart Mike left his friends and wife behind with no course in mind apart from what his blood told him.

Mike had been traveling west for six hours, making sure to stay off the roads and in the tree lines, the rain had started about two hours ago and it reminded him why he left Scotland and went to america. "You are not alone" Mikes eyes flashed over the small set of tree's he had sought for shelter while the worst of the rain hit, the darkness played with his eyes, but he had felt nothing, no eyes resting upon him, he was alone "You are not." the voice was a womens, it sounded so far away and yet was still strong. "What is this" he asked, "I am the Lady of the Lake." Mike swore "Of course you are, this day just gets stranger and stranger." the womens laugh was playful and intoxicating "You are Arthur's heir, most men would think they had turned mad when a women spoke in his mind." Mike smiled, the rain now almost blinding him now, "You are close, Merlin told me of you and Morgana and I will help." a small puddle of water in front of him began to swirl , the rain drops followed it in turn, it grew to the size of him, shifting to a solid form, it began taking the shape of an old wooden door, "Enter" her voice called. "What the hell" mike pushed open the door and stepped forth, "Good luck Heir of Arthur." the door splashed shut and vanished into a pool of water once again.

Sovereign Son began looking over where he now stood, the moon light flared over a still lake, tree's seemed to guard the water from outsiders and cast their own ominous reflection into the deep dark. This time he was not alone, it felt as if thousand of eyes lay upon him. He was standing on the alone embankment that lead to the water. a set of tree's behind him blocked his exit and he wondered if he could have escaped but the water began to ripple and from the center emerged a man in chain-mail armor. A red cross sat on a white sash on his that was tied from his waist. The man was hansom and had deep brown eyes that told a story older then he looked, his short raven hair was unnaturally still. On the mans left side sat a sword in it's sheath. he brought up his left hand and brushed the side of his head, Mike caught the site of a red scarf tucked into the chain-mail. " I have been awakened" his voice was empty, as if live had left him long ago, Sovereign son noticed that no water sat on the mans body. "You have come for Excalibur?" the mans voice was a thick English accent Mike nodded and moved as the man began to walk over the water towards him.

"I am the guardian of the sword, it has been my task ever since I was cursed. My name is Lancelot, I betrayed my king and have been forced ever since to protect the sword." Lancelot's head snapped up as his eyes locked with Sovereign Son, "You look...are you the heir" Mike nodded again and watched as Lancelot pulled the blade from his side. from the center of the Lake a silver sword began to rise, a white light seemed to pulse in the center of it as it if it was alive. Mikes body instantly reacted to it, his blood raced and he went to move forward and Lancelot blocked his way. "You must defeat me in order to collect it". It was always the way with magical objects, it was never easy, "I do not wish to hurt you Lancelot, you followed your heart, no man should be punished for that." "And yet I was, by your blood." Mike narrowly dodged the edge of the blade as it dived towards him. pulling out his own katanna Mike looked at Lancelot "I am truly sorry Lancelot." they clashed, each matching the others attacks. Mike refused to go for any type of death attacks and forced himself to pull back from harder attacks. It was not Lancelot's fault they had to fight, he had no wish to kill the man, only to free the sword. 

Lancelot twisted, his broadsword meeting the twisted metal of Sovereign Sons sword, the sparks flashed over the Lake and the moon light. Mike had no choice, he used the force of Lancelot's blow to move to the side. Lancelot fell forward, sovereign son caught his wrist and twisted, the the knights blade fell to the sand and with a further twist, Lancelot found himself on the floor, with a sword at the back of his neck. "finish me." Turning Mike began to walk towards the lake, "You have suffered a enough, but I will not kill a man who has not done anything wrong." Lancelot vanished and and Excalibur appeared in his hand, a flash of power entered his body, everything was heightened, his hearing, his eye sight everything seemed new more powerful and he watched as a women walked from the trees followed by Lancelot. 

"My name is Guinevere" Mike bowed "I am also a guardian of the Lake". "You where both punished?" he asked shocked "No, we both asked for this, we had caused Arthur to much pain. If we did not take up the task, it would be him you faced and not Lancelot and I could not let him live with that burden, so we took it upon ourselves." Lancelot took her hand. "You are a brave warrior and rightful owner of the sword, you passed the test." with a smile he added "Did you really think it was that easy to defeat me?" Guinevere rolled her eyes, "You look just like him" Lancelot got down on one knee and Guinevere followed "Long live the king." they spoke as one and then vanished back into nothing. A flash of light blinded him and he found himself back in the rain and among the tree's, he felt a weight at his side and looked down to find Excalibur in a golden sheath, he felt it's power even now. Where the rain once blinded him he could see as if it was day. "Great now all I need is a lift back to the cave." The ground around him began to break and he watched as several bodies began to drag themselves free from the ground. "Great, wizards, witches, Ladies of the Lake, Musketeers, Guardians of the Lake, and Zombies... " With a smile he drew the sword "Oh yeah and Excalibur, bring it on."      

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  Jean smiled at Dark Huntress as she entered the room, just as he was about to leave, the cardinal gave her a look questioning how she had simply passed his strong holds security.  "So...... where the hell am I? When the heck am I and what's our course of action? ” her voice was direct and strong, Gambler looked towards locking his eyes with hers and was about to speak, when Morgana once again entered the room. The cardinal bowed and excused himself; her black dress seemed to blow in an imaginary wind. Gambler instinctively placed himself in front of the two OSC members before she began to address him. “Jean have you made your choice.” Gambler knew siding with Morgana was suicide, she was too power hungry. First it would be France and then she would not stop till the world bowed before her feet. Her magic was radiating from here; he could feel the unearthly heat she was producing. He needs away to return to his time and also to protect his people, placing both his hands into his pockets he shrugged, “I have pondered your offer, but no, I do not wish for eternal life. I wish for something that any father would wish for. Something I dared not ask of him, he holds to high a price on his favors and I fear you do as well. “Anger flared over her eyes like purple sparks of rage. “Then you will die this night.” Gambler’s lifted his hand from his pocket and the purple amulet that Arrow had left him danced over his fingers “I rather doubt that.”


He let the gem drop as if it was nothing, it flashed a dark grey as it bounced on the ruby carpet and then it shattered, Shadows bellowed into the room, like a thick smoke from a raging fire, Jean smiled once at Morgana before he vanished, He found himself sitting in his office with a glass of brandy on his desk the rest of the OSC would find themselves in their rooms and the members of Kurrents team would find themselves in their head quarters without a leader  . The shadows exploded out of the windows , the glass flew across the courtyard as every light in France was blown out in a single breath. Every hero and villain that had been brought to this time vanished bar two who stood in the darkness facing each other, unaware in the part they would play in the future of man kind. In the Cardinals room, the broken pieces of the amulet was pulsing a vibrant purple and then it stopped the room mimicked the rest of France in pure darkness. Morgana began to glow her own shade of Purple waiting for him to arrive, taking a gulp of air she prepaid herself for the worst. She was not afraid, but she was not stupid, she knew his powers where darker then any other she had faced. Another presence entered the room, it was not him, it felt like her brother but was somehow different. Precise was glowing a light blue as the two focused on each other Precise spoke “Where is he?” she looked round the room waiting. Merlin had given his memories to Precise in order to help his cause but how much information had he truly shared to his new body.


Arrow’s voice was distant; it came from everywhere and nowhere “What games you play children.” Morgana laughed “So you finally admit it…”  the room pulsed once again, his dark energy pouring into it. Precise looked towards Morgana , Merlin opened his mind to his new body. Memories of a childhood long hidden began to flood into him. Of how he use to play with shadows and a pale figure watched over him and his little sister, how those shadows left them to grow on their own and never returned until now. "I admit nothing, but your game is effecting my own plans an I will not allow that." he said in a midnight tone. finally his body began to take shape in front of them a sinister smile upon his darkening face. A purple sphere rippled from Morgana's hand, quickly the shadows rippled instant becoming solid blocking the attack, he was in his element surrounded by shadows, the whole of France was his defense,  if she was to defeat him she would need the help of her brothers new body, but then the room changed "I have not come to fight, I have removed all but two players from the chess board." Morgana lowered her shield and the room began to lighten once again, the candles that had been blown out all round France did the same. He looked at Precise and the wizard kept his defense Arrow did not judge him, he had every right not to trust the shadow warlock.

"What I suggest will save lives as well."  he said looking straight at Precise. "Kurrent and Sparrow now face each other" he lifted a finger and smiled, "They are unaware the fate of your plans lay upon them, think of them as champions. Sparrow fights for Morgana, is he wins I will rewrite time as if her plan had taken place. If Kurrent wins the time line stays the same and everything is returned to normal. The two of you will part ways the winner will retain their memory the loser will lose it.... preventing this from happening again. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR we could battle each other in an epic display of magical knowledge and power, ripping the very fabric of time and space apart  just to gain the edge over the other one." turning he created a bubble that they where trapped in "There will be no interfering, let the two of them battle for the future of mankind and how it should be fought for, by mortals and not by those who watches from the skies. with a twist of his hand they all appeared invisible from those below, Sparrow stood over the dead guards, Kurrent was sparking with energy, his sheer presence lighting the street they stood on. "place your bets people, hero or villain, villain or hero and everything still to play for." Arrow laughed, he knew Morgana would be wishing he had never returned, but he dared not stare at him, Merlin was the one child who never turned down a dark path, the one child who was always strong enough to fight the pull of the blood line. The one he was most proud of bar Rina and now Precise was part of that family, even if he never wanted to be and for the first time Arrow felt pity for a mortal. 

Down below Sparrow kept his eyes on Kurrent and pulled his left hand tight around the wires and with Gamblers wicked smile "make your move."

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"He got what he deserved" Kurrent said after witnessing what had happened. He looked at Sparrow eyes still glowing and said something that might have surprised the villain "I'm not going to act like I am mad about that because its what people think a hero should do, he was going to rape her and she made it so he can never hurt her again. It was poetic justice but justice none the less. You on the other hand work for Gambler and that I can't let go..."
Tension filled the air as the two men continued to stare each other down. The man before The Veritas Leader was a pro, he would not be easy to take down. The competitor in Kurrent want to feel him out have a sparring session just to see with this guy was all about but this was not the time or the place. "Good people " shouted the hero "leave this area now". He had to think of the lives of these people if he was going to recruit them to fight a war. There was a bigger picture that he needed to think about and to get the wheels spinning on his plan he needed to eliminate Little Sparrow quickly. 
Suddenly everything went dark and The Hero had no idea what was going but something felt wrong. When the lights came back on it was just he and Sparrow and the people of the village were gone. "What did you do" The Electric Ace said aloud rhetorically while using his electrokenisis to summon one of the rapiers of the murdered musketeers to him.  
With sword in hand Kurrent began to charge at Sparrow. His experience with bladed weapons is limited but it only needed on purpose. Using his speed he zipped in front of him thrusting the rapier down towards Sparrow's left foot in an attempt to ground him. When the rapier hit the ground Kurrent used his momentum and shifted his body weight to propel himself up in a cartwheel motion clearing the height of Sparrow and landing behind him. Immediately after his feet hit the ground he began throwing a thunderous punches towards Sparrow's kidneys to soften him up. Once the forth punch was thrown he used his right hand charged with electricity and launched a straight right towards the part of the body where the neck and back meet. Quickly after, he preformed a back hand spring to make some room and began preparing himself to unload an electric projectile like attack at his enemy.
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  Sparrow listened as the hero spoke, he waited to reply and before he could the world around them feel into darkness. “What Did you do” Kurrent called from the other side of the battle. The people of the village had vanished, someone was using powerful magic. Kurrent never gave him the chance to reply to his words, the onslaught came quickly after the hero had called forth one of the fallen blades. Sparrow followed the Kurrents movements and as he came close he closed his eyes, his mind racing ahead in the battle, Kurrent’s movements where fluid. He would not use the sword; he knew he was no match so he would use it in other ways. The fight was playing out in his head as Kurrent charged at him, from the angle of his right shoulder when he charged just before Sparrow shut his eyes told the young ninja what was about to happen, the sword would be aimed to the ground hoping to pin him down, then it would be followed by a flurry of attacks, before he began using his powers, he would then need space and from his standing… a back hand spring would be his best choice, that is when Sparrow would have struck, but this battle had no meaning to him, but Kurrent saw it as if fighting Gambler himself. Sparrow knew more then one attack would get past his defense and he would need to allow it in order to attack, but he simply kept his eyes closed. 

The sword pierced his foot, the pain ran up the back of his leg and to his mind and he did not move, he did not see Kurrent flip over him, but he felt the change in the air. Next would come the real attacks, the nasty attacks, the ones that would do the real damage. The first one echoed into his body, like a scream of pain, his kidney vibrated in pain and still Sparrow did not falter. Kurrent was faster then Sparrow had thought as the next three punches came with little time between the last, each as strong as the one before it, he felt several ribs break under the strain. The hairs on the back of Sparrows neck began to stand on end as, he felt the electric charge  in the air around him. At first the back of his neck felt warm it trickled down his spine followed by tidal wave of pain. He was lifted of his feet, the rapier tore his foot almost in half as he was pulled from the floor. Finally he hit the ground, his body almost broken; it rolled almost lifeless as it came to a stop. A thick crimson mist escaped from between his lips, as he opened his eyes for the first time since the battle had began. His body was cold; he knew his spine was still intact as he felt the pain ride up it from his torn foot. 

His voice was horse when he spoke, his clothes where torn. His voiced mimicked Kurrents for a moment “ I'm not going to act like I am mad about that because its what people think a hero should do, he was going to rape her and she made it so he can never hurt her again. It was poetic justice but justice none the less. You on the other hand work for Gambler and that I can't let go..."   His chest seemed to sigh “You speak of Justice and then judge me for working for a man who saved my families life and my own. A man who helped raise me after my father had died and I was the last of my clan. “Sparrow looked at the sky above him now; the stars seemed so distant and cold.” A man that has done a great deal of good and evil. I stand by him for I know there is still good in his heart, and you say that because I work for him I must be punished?” Twisting his head, Sparrow looked towards Kurrent.


 “Then so be it, I am a man of honor, give me more punishment for protecting him, for working for him.” Sparrow began dragging his body up, it began to tremble. “Beat the your hate into me, for him I would take it a thousand times more” his clothes where now thick with dirt and blood “I have only ever known pain in my life, I can take whatever you wish, for I am honor bound to Gambler, so yes I work for him, not the OSC but that man who saved me and kept me from the darkness I contain, because you simply can not let your hate go. Come judge me again, with your fist.” Sparrow’s tears now fell from his eyes. “I WILL TAKE YOUR JUDGEMENT FOR MY FAMILY.” Sparrow stood as well as he could and held his arms open waiting for Kurrent. 


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It was amazing to see the loyalty that Sparrow had for Gambler. He took the brutal attack from Kurrent without hesitation to prove himself. It was the first time they had met and it will be the last but the respect that The Hero gained for him was greater then he would have ever imagined. He listened and stayed put not attacking at the opening that Sparrow had left but really taking in what he had to say. Steady he watched as the tears fell from his eyes. The man truly believed in Gambler. In a perfect world The Veritas Leader thought, Sparrow would have been a valuable member to Veritas. His unrivaled skill could have been used to fix all the wrongs in the world but reality was he was Gamblers pupil and although his loyalty to him was greatly shown it would have to pass one more test to make Kurrent a believer.
“I WILL TAKE YOUR JUDGEMENT FOR MY FAMILY.”  said the ninja with arms wide open inviting Kurrent to pummel away at him. Slowly Kurrent began to walk forward toward him stopping just a few feet away where the rapier he had used was still lodged in the ground. Stopping in front of the sword Kurrent put his right hand on the hilt and forcefully pulled it from the ground. He inspected the blade giving it a quick once over acknowledging the point was still sharp. 
 "I truly believe that a man like you and I could have been friends, perhaps in another life we will be but in this one I am who I am, hate and all  and you are who Gambler made you. You see I am a firm believer in Truth because It Never Changes, the truth will always be the truth and the truth is Gambler is a bad man. He might have saved your life but he has ruined millions with your help and that makes you just as bad a him"
With sword in hand Kurrent began to walk toward Sparrow "They say revenge is a dish best served cold but I don't, I say justice is" In a flash Kurrent jolted forward towards Little Sparrow. The man that was honor bound to Gambler was being put to the ultimate test. Will he die for him? It was too late now Kurrent had made his decision and he would live with the consequences. Sparrow's death would cripple Gambler's regime and send a very clear message not only to Gambler but to all the villains that The Electric Ace plays for keeps.  When he was standing in front of him blade ready to be used he stopped, he wanted to look Sparrow in the eye "die well" he whispered and with malice pushed his blade forward towards Sparrows heart. As the rapier cut through the air he charged his hand with electricity which sent it up along the metal of the blade screaming a thunderous roar that was only matched by the intensity of the attack.
They say that respect comes from admiration and fear, and it was time for all to choose how they would view The Veritas Leader. They will either respect him or they will fear him nothing more nothing less!

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 Sparrows hand flew up catching the blade an inch from his chest, the rapier blade came to a stop. Kurrent kept the presser on while looking into Sparrows eyes. “I just wanted you to know one thing, all those people I killed by Gamblers order, where just like that man the women killed, he never once used me as a personal weapon or killer. Everyone that fell by my blade had a deeper darkness in them then himself. He walks a dangerous line between, us look at what the OSC have actually achieved, what evil have they done to date? And yet with the amount of darkness under his command think of what he could have done! You know you in yourself that I could have battle you this day and won. Why did I not, who have I killed that does not fall under your idea of justice. “ he opened his hands and the blade moved forward, it broke his chest and pierced his heart. A spray of blood escaped his mouth and headed towards Kurrent, Sprrow began to fall as he hit the ground he used all of his strength to speak again. “I was a teacher, a student and a warrior, my life has no regrets. But Kurrent you must face your anger before you become too lost in it.” Another cloud of blood escaped his lips. “You miss the bigger picture if you are blinded, today I die a kind and gentle death. A death that I don’t deserve, but maybe in the afterlife we will become those good friends you spoke of no?” those where the last words of little Sparrow, his blood drenched mouth was a gentle smile beneath his dripping mask. His final words where of kindness towards a noble man.

Far above them Arrow turned, Morgana swore a curse as he looked at her. “You knew “ she said in a venomous tone. Arrow smiled and opened the bubble, all to soon did he realize his mistake, Morgana let a thunderous purple bolt escape her hand, Arrow instantly protected Kurrent with a shadow shield, but the bolt was aimed at Sparrow. His body vanished a spark of purple electricity danced over the ground where he had died. Arrows sent Kurrent back to his own time before the hero could reply. Twisting his body to now face his daughter the night sky seemed to come alive behind him. “Enjoy your life daughter.”  Arrow waved his hand tearing the memories from her mind before sending her back to her own time. Turning to Precise Arrow smiled “Congratulations you saved the world and ended a life long feud. I take it you can find your own way home?” With a bow Arrow entered the shadows and was gone. Back in the current time line Arrow sat pondering where she had sent the body of Little Sparrow, his mind racing with what to tell Gambler about his young defender and how he had acted in the battle. It had been several years since Arrow had seen a man of honor that was willing to die for what he believed in. With a dark smile he stood, his body shivering with excitement.

A few moments later he stood in front of two extremely large black doors, they stood as high as the tallest building you could imagine and loomed over anyone who dared to enter them, the heat was already pouring from the other side as Arrow lifted his hand to knock. Before the pale hand even touched, the two doors swung open and Arrow was met with two dark grey eyes and beautiful blonde hair, the beast smile was almost a mimic of Arrows, he lifted two black wings as he walked out the door to greet Arrow. “Well this is a surprise.” Lucifer said with a hint of annoyance, the last time him and Arrow met at the gates of hell, Arrow trapped him within his own body and watched as Arrow went on to take hell for his own and free Gambler. “I did not come to fight, only to ask a question.” Lucifer stopped in front of Arrow “That can be the same thing when it comes to you.” Arrow winked “Im looking for a soul.” “Aren’t we all “. Arrow snorted at the reply, Lucifer rolled his eyes “Who is it? “ “Sparrow.” A confused look entered Lucifer’s face “His soul has not passed here or up there!” Arrow swore what had morgana done, Arrow turned to leave without a word to the lord of hell. “But I do have one soul, a daughter of a friend of your’s.”