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Mack smiles at his new friend. "Its all about the experience." Mack looks down at the lovely plate. "The place setting is beautiful... I would guess it is from Osaka?" he says with an inquisitive look upon his face, as the girl nods approvingly. She even smiles, feeling like she is truly appreciated. Then Mack points his sticks to a piece of sushi that is resting along the creases of her ribs. "Try the spicy tuna... It is heavenly." he suggests to Pyro.

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"Umkay" Pyro leaned over, smiling at the woman imagining what it must be like to have people literally eat off of you, strange. Yet possibly exciting, so simple. He took the tuna, the moment it entered his mouth the spicy flavors enveloped his taste-buds with a delightful sensation, he grinned "Woah, Nice" His eyes widened in awe of the flavor, looking down towards the woman and back towards Mack. "So Mack, what's your profession?" He asked innocently.

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"Loners Nightclub...never came here.Shame on me."Engineer thought while he entered the pub.He hardly ever went out for a drink.Always busy fixing something,killing someone or upgrading his creations,but now he had free time,he would enjoy the best way he could:drinking.

Walking into the club,he slowly walks towards the balcony.He sat down near a strange boy,talking with the barman.Not that he minded it,but he really felt strange the sudden personality change of the barman.

Ordering for a beer,he observed that the boy seemed to be younger than he should to be at the bar.He was started to feel troubled by having a kid by his side,he really felt in the urge of doing something.

"Listen,boy,aren't you supposed to be in your house or something?"

He sips before staring the kid.

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Sipping on the drink he purchased; Jordan’s expression immediately changed in disgust."What the hell man taste like, foreign fanta !"He cried out loud and observed the large glass he just drunk out of. No matter he begun to keep drinking as the bartender still under his telekinesis wandered the bar muttering over and over,"Hail Samasara, Hail Samasara."Noticing the state he put the tenant in; he sighed and threw his right palm over his forehead and eyes and snapped his left fingers together.

In that moment, the bartender snapped back to reality saliva pouring out of his mouth and all. He panicked and darted out of the nightclub. Jordan simply laughed and willingly chugged on the drink he said he didn't like in the first place. He kept drinking and sat alone at the bar counter top until a voice called out to him. Turning in its direction, his eyes met those of who seemed to be an engineer of some sort. The attire the man carried amused Jordan; but he didn't talk about it because anyone could easily remark on what he looks like. After the engineer finished his statement Jordan quickly responded,"I’m eighteen bro what are you the feds?"sipping the now half empty glass of alcohol staring into the goggles of the engineer.

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Mack decides it is time to free a piece of sashimi from its perch, the woman seems to be in a trance as his sticks roll there way along her mounds in order to retrieve his delectable selection. "I am a runner... I run jobs for clients... The jobs vary from case to case... I am not picky, as long as I am aloud to run the way I like." Mack glances to where his choice was once located on the girl, and smiles. Takes a drink of soju in order to clean his palette. "And you... What kind of work does Pyro do?"

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@pro_nelson: Dell laughed when the barman rushed out of the nightclub.He took a deep sip.

"Don't lie to me,young man,I know you aren't by the way you drink.But don't worry,I won't tell anyone.Got into alcohol when I was 15,never stopped.Just be careful,you may be changing your life.Alcolism destroy families,friendships and everything you built in your whole life.Luckily,never happened to me.So,is it your first time?"

Finishing his beer,he ordered another one to the new barman that had just arrived.

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Unfortunately, the man knew right away he lied about his age. Jordan figured as much but he didn't argue back because the man seemed to be atleast a decade older than he was. Sighing he then clear his throat, "Ok bro you got me; just don’t get me kicked out of here I don’t want to explain to my mom about this man."Folding his arms in his lap he looked at the empty glass and called over the new tenant to serve him. Turning back around to face him; Jordan now knew the identity of the engineer. Grabbingthe glass of alcohol taking a small sip, "So hows it goin Dell?"Jordan knew that his immediate knowledge of the mans name would surprise him. Placing the glass back on it's coaster he awaited a response...

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Dell reclined his chair,so it could give him a more comfortable position.Sipping again,he felt a little bit surprised the kid knew his name,but as he is a mercenary,he was used to that.

"I'm nice,never been so busy before,enjoying all the free time I have now.And you,kid,what's your name?"

Sipping again,the liquid dripped on his throath with ease,he was already an experient drinker.Actually,withouth his healing,he would probably be on a rehabilitation clinic for a long time.

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Hesitating for a moment, Jordan debated himself on whether or not he should give out his real name or not. He picked up the glass and took another sip quickly putting it back down on its coaster. He observed Dell and was able to read out much of his psyche; he didn't reveal what he learned and kept it to himself. Extending his hand out,"Jordan, Jordan’s my name."hoping the engineer would comply with his attempted handshake.

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Engineer wonders what the boy was doing while he was observing him.It was getting strange.As Dell had no knowledge about Jordan's powers,he had no way to find out.He holds the boy's hand and gives a firm handshake.

"Nice to meet you,Jordan.So,how did you got pass of the security?I mean,those guys shouldn't let you pass at any cost.Also..." Dell giggles before completing the sentence ".....what the hell you did to the barman?That was hilarious."

Dell lifted his glasses,placing them on the helmet.Wearing those glasses was really annoying,but he used them so much,he didn't even felt his irritated skin anymore.

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Sipping from the cup once more Jordan’s glass was half empty,"I put him in a men-."Before Jordan could make the mistake of admitting to his powers he stopped himself. Laughing awkwardly and rubbing his head, "Well ya know I just uh…Scared him."His laugh quieted down and he picked up the glass once more. Jordan knew with that small incident he left Dell a lot of leeway for questions. He finished drinking his second glass looking around the club once more trying to avoid this clumsy spill of words. Bringing up his right hand signaling to any bartender with his middle and index finger,"Uh can I get another one anybody?!"

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Now finishing another cup of beer,Dell waited a little before ordering another drink.Jordan was hiding something from him,and that he knew for sure,not that he cared.He took a penny out of his pocket and made it float around him,as a distraction.

"First time I entered a bar was frightening the securities too,but I had a gun.You don't seem to have a gun.Really,kiddo,don't lie to me,what could I possibly do to you?According to what I know,you aren't even in this bar."

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@demolitionguy: (There ya go, lazy mano :P)

Respectfully honoring his unacquainted teammate's request with characteristic politeness, the perpetually dapper, Louis Vuitton clad Catalan sets foot inside the usually congested Loners Nightclub. Effortlessly exuding charisma of atmospheric flair, Don Andres' aristocratic steps guide him towards Dell. A faint smile of intrinsic magnetism and friendliness acts as a precursor to his introductory words, "Ah bueno. Andres Knightfall", politely extending his right hand for a firm handshake, "You must be Dell, si?".

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@pro_nelson: @morte_knightfall: (Thanks,not lazy mano =D)

Dell interrupted his talk with Jordan when a sudden figure appeared right behind them,presenting himself as Andres Knightfall.Dell stood in respect of his teammate that had just arrived.Engineer shook his hand firmly.

"Yes,I'm Dell.So,we've finally met,Morte."

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@demolitionguy: (Hehe ;)

Issuing an acknowledging nod, followed by a quickly cast wink, Andres elegantly seats himself, "Tis a pleasure, Senor Dell", prior to further verbal immersion, "And please mi amigo, call me Andres. Morte is a... como se disse, nickname".

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@morte_knightfall: @demolitionguy:

In the midst of an inelegant situation; the moment had quickly dissipated. A gentlemen Jordan had never met caught his immediate attention. It was obvious Dell and this…Morte were associates. The bar tenant had bought him his third glass of alcohol but wasn't interested anymore. What had grabbed his attention more was the cryptic like attitude Morte kept. With the attire and tone of voice Andres kept, Jordan had come to an immediate conclusion; he is the highbrow type. He conceded to the fact Dell and his conversation was over; but he wanted to get some sort of reaction.

Looking past the right side of the two gentlemen Jordan made out a dart board on the other side of the bar he slowly concentrated on one of the darts that had been pierced into the rope fiber. Pulling out the projectile; rectifying its position in mid-air he flicked his index finger and the dart flew in the direction of Morte. The small copper needle would make instant impact with the back of his neck if not noticed.

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@pro_nelson: Evolutionarily accelerated sensory perception was instantaneous in alerting the Cultured Catalan of an approaching projectile of antagonistic nature. Incipiently detecting muscularly generated electric fields from rapidly moved fingers subsequently followed by the sensory comprehension of subtly shifted airflow simultaneously coupled with peerless directional hearing, the Knightfall Don's speedy movement required nigh-absent effort due to the virtual precognitive nature of alerting sensory awareness. Perfected precision combinationally positioned with preternatural motor control, the Poised Picasso trapped the flung dart in between the tips of his right index and middle finger. "Come now senor, why attack a man you do not know?", calmly turning round to face the unacquainted stranger with intrinsic politeness yet calculating coolness.

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Thousands of mental objects where made into Jordan’s head. But only one phrase truly crossed his mind, "Damn he’s good." He could ponder all night on how Morte was able to perceive the small unnoticeable dart fly towards him, on how he was able to catch the dart with such finesse and an aloof approach to the small attack. But what really caught Jordan’s attention was Morte’s know of him being the one who attacked him. It didn't take much for him to build some discontent, Andres had bested him in this situation without even knowledge of Jordan’s powers or abilities. But he calmly bit the bullet in spite but still compiled some respect for Morte.

Clearing his throat, "I didn’t see ya there."Jordan chuckled trying to dodge a causeless altercation. Extending his right hand out to calm the situation, "My, names Jordan; Morte I assume you have some Spanish decent, soy Panameño."He had done his best to cover up what could be growing tensions. He hoped the man Andres had no animosity towards him.

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@pro_nelson: "Yes you did", Andres responded, composed verbal boldness conveying his words, "The airflow created by your throw and its accuracy, you did see me, senor", the Knightfall Don paused, calmly accepting gestured formality, firmly shaking Jordan's extended hand. "But I have no ill will. You were close, I am Spanish", a faint smile of intrinsic politeness and charismatic appeal meeting Jordan's introductory approach.

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Lowering his hand, the limb swung like that of a descending pendulum. No ill will eh, Jordan’s impression of Morte was…mixed to say the least. He observed him for a longer moment; the kid is in way over his head trying to match up against this guy. He could very well have a private army in the parking lot of the night club for all he knew. Holding his gaze for a moment longer; the eyes of Samasara could only lead Jordan with one thing "Skilled". A man true to his creed and will strike down anyone who defies it.

Finally letting go of eye contact; Jordan rose from the bar stool,"Well, Andres maybe our paths will cross once again. Until then see you around." He hurried out of the bar not giving anyone a single glance to anyone; mumbling under his breath,"Pfft, hell does that guy think he is."Into the night, Jordan like an animal prepared for his sleepless stroll…

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(Attempted revive for this to be the hangout for CVnU street level and low tier characters)

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I will be paying this place a visit as soon as I can so that it makes sense for my character.

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Trip sat at the bar, sipping on a pint he didn't even pay for of course.

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Darwin walked into the nightclub with music booming into his ears. His eyes scanned the nightclub and he walked over to the bar and took a seat. "Bottle of whiskey please!"

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Nostalgia bump

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Good ol' Loners.

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(I remember this place...good times)


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Creed hopped over the counter and slung a wet rag over his shoulder. If no one was going to be the bartender, he might as well make some decent coin doing so.

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Got a lot of good memories in this thread.

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@_creed_: omgosh.. why didn't I catch this response earlier? lol sorry. Well, that's pretty cool. I miss this place.

(sorry for the bold, stupid site made me do it :p)

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Creed downed yet another shot, still standing behind the bar as it's self proclaimed tender.

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Sitting in a quiet, isolated corner of the club, Sheng lounges in the corner cubical. He leaded back, head up against the wall, with his crossed legs propped up on the table. Holding his Acoustic guitar: Sarah, he harmonized with the arpeggio, which his quick fingers played. His fingers swiftly move up and down the light brown guitar, lightly but sternly hitting the steel strings on their way, as his voice moves along with it. Sheng’s mind was completely calm as he played in his section of the club. Which, the section was shielded by the clear wall Tin ‘Data, whom was sitting in the counter behind him.

“You should become a professional guitarist, Sheng. You’re good…” ‘Data stated as he listened to the music the martial artist played. “Not my thing bro…Things become very hectic when theirs money on the line. Which is why, I don’t have anything to do with anything money related” Sheng smiled as his eyes closed. He strummed the guitar slower in a romantic set list.

He sat, back facing Sheng, with Shadow sitting across from him. The pitch-blackly dressed man watched a holographic screen that lied on the table. As the man watched, Tin ‘Data brought up a series of images on the blue screen. “Hm…interesting…..so, this is a world’s view of what?” Shadow asked as he drunk his big, brown mug of Scotch/Rum. He looked up at the robotic man, “My old planet…this is the post-war images; after the war that my race inflicted upon them.”, Tin ‘Data stated as he watched the club. His force field shielded them from the hyper active music the bumped through the club. The clear force field only blocked sounds, as that was its purpose.

Olli sat next to Theron, on the opposite side of Sheng, against the wall. Theron emptied a full of food into his mouth as he leaned his head against the wall. He called over a waitress as he looked at the magician, whom sat next to him. “What are you doing?” Theron asked in a low tone. He watched Olli carefully as the magician looked deeply into a board. The board was similar to a chess board, but without the chess squares. On top of the board was a set of tiny figures that moved as if they were real beings. A group of the figures looked like highly designed knights and warriors. The rest were a set of beast that combatted the warriors. “Watching a beautiful battle” He stated as he was deeply engulfed into the fight. “Your ‘God Realm’ is full of some really neat things…” he stated, getting Theron’s attention, as the one of the beast fell to two of the knights. “My realm…how are you watching my realm?” the dime-god asked, to get a “Easily…” in return. To this, Theron watched closely as one of the knight’s sword shot a beam of light at a flying beast’s fiery flames.


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Alexander took a seat at the old dusty bar. They say wherever you go, no matter how far, no matter the distance; your home will always be in your heart. Loner's was and always will feel like home to the KO Kid. This is where it all started. It was where the man known today as Alexander Smith, met the real world. It's where he realized what he had missed all his life. Anything was better than be trapped in a cage and being beaten like a wild animal. It still gave the young Smith nightmares, the kind that woke him up at 3 am. There's somethings you never really get over, you just try to live with them day to day. You never really find a way to let it all go, but the taste of jack did get his mind off of it, even if it was for a moment. Alex took a drink, then looked at the familiar mirror across the bar top.

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@fallenprophet: Creed slowly rose up from behind the counter with a large grin on his face, not breaking eye contact while starting to wipe the counter top. "Heeeey buddy. Have a drink, tell me your woes! I am but a pillow for you to cry on friend, I'm even snow white and fluffy!"

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@_creed_: "No one's crying man. Uhh...I'd like a bottle of jack, a coke too." Alexander looked at the very white fellow. Alex had seen it all, it seemed. He'd seen ghosts, demons, men who can fly, women who can use fire, and kids who could transform into animals, but he still had to ask. "What are you?"

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@fallenprophet: Creed was busy grabbing the man's drink and mix, pouring him a double while leaving the bottle beside it, along with the coke."Me? Ahh don't be fooled, just a costume is what you're lookni' at! I do however, don't look so nice underneath!" He pulled off his mask for just a second to show a ghastly ghoulish face before slipping his mask back on."You can tell why I wear this super slick mask.."

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@_creed_: Alexander chuckled a bit. It was funny to him for some reason, he didn't know why. It just was. Alexander looked at the guy again , then asked, "So what are you? I mean the only kinds of people I know that wear a mask are capes, villains, clowns, and robbers. You don't look like much of a clown and well you're working, so robbing isn't it. So what are you?" Alex took a drink, then continued looking at the man.

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@fallenprophet: "Oh trust me duder, I am a clown! Like, THE clown! Except for that crazy killer one..But yeah, I like to be the funny guy and just uhh...Well do whatever I sorta feel like! The other day, I stole a cop cruiser and talked to a holographic archer for all of ten seconds before he forgot I was there.." He nodded while clicking his tongue, wiping down the counter once more. "In example, not even the bartender...Just started doing it and nobody argued."

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@_creed_: "I was actually a bartender here too. It's crazy how all of this works. I started and nobody paid attention. You simply run the place. I made money and then I quit. I thought I was onto bigger and better things. Boy was I wrong." Alex took another drink.

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@fallenprophet: "Yeah..I remember you man. Cain? Name? I mean I get I am wearing a different costume but I hing around you guys all the time! I WAS one of the guys!" Creed slammed down on the counter and laughed, finding it funny that Alex doesn't remember the humor that was the merc."Creed? Red and black costume? Me and Cain ran some contracts? We all drank here!?"

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@_creed_: "CREED?!" Alex slammed his own drink down, almost cracking the glass. "How are you man? What are you up to?" Alex began to remember the Loner's. The crew was something that only happens once in a lifetime. You had a looney, a merc, and alcoholic, and that was just Cain. (lol)

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@fallenprophet: Creed didn't hold it against him, simply laughing and leaning back on the counter."It is hard to recognize the dingy mug I got but hey, you're still looking around the same! You talk to Creed lately? Last time we chatted was when we were both hitting on this blond at another bar...Or was it brunette? Ahh well, for all we know he just picked up another healthy STD while playing sex roulette!"

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@_creed_: @fallenprophet: That rather silent beacon among the chaotic dance floor of Loners Nightclub, and that was the sound of the men's room toilet flushing, followed by the unusually tall and black clad figure who stepped out of said bathroom, a hand retightening his belt. This time it was quite different however as he saw the figure of a familiar face, but instead of thinking thoughts of embracing his brother that sat there, the first thing he thought was "Ooh, I should f*ck with em'!"

Immediately taking on the accent of an elderly southern televangelist, The Irish Comedian simply said "Brother Alexander! Hello! I don't know if you have heard, but I have let go of my previous life of sin, meaningless sex, petty violence and crime, soul-destroying drugs and alcohol, and all of that fast food..."

He couldn't keep a straight face as he finally burst out laughing before continuing on to sit next to him "Did I get'cha?"

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@_cain_: Order can only be found through chaos. If you want peace plan for war. If you wish to save something you should be ready to destroy it. All of these lines are common for a particular type of individual. Not the world slayers or the righteous do gooders but the ones with an actual brain. The people who could realize sometimes to achieve good one had to do bad. Sometimes playing the bad guy was the more progressive call. Morality isn’t black and white it’s grey, and true change is brought on by those willing to blur such lines as write and wrong.

Rayne intended to give the same speech to each of the candidates believed appropriate for the task. However each potential associate was to be confronted in a unique individualistic way. After all one can’t intend to charm every snake or lion the same way. Along with her separate approach she also had to be prepared for the undesired response. Some might take to her offer with hostility or an intention to rat her out. To which she was prepared to end their lives in the bloodiest of fashions.

The first target of recruitment was the assassin Cain. The man was well versed in a variety of combat skills and an ideal person for the team. He tended to do anything if the price was right and had a plethora of contacts. The best hired gun is a gun you can use repeatedly Rayne had figured. So dressed in her usual jeans tank top and leather jacket she entered Loners. Where better to find the Drunk Irish then his favorite pub? Unsurprisingly there he was and so beside him was she. Nothing to out of the ordinary to give her away. However an assassin or killer usually could tell when in the company of another. “Cain a pleasure to meet you I don’t believe we’ve yet to cross paths perhaps that’s for the better though. I have a business proposition for you. I implore you to not end up so hammered you fail to recognize a priceless opportunity.”

“No change can be performed by the present hands the most probable victors of presidency are a straight lace, or a man likely to piss the wrong people off. So how do we insure the right future comes into play? My employers solution is to recruit the finest questionable individuals to form a League of Shadows. Wealth to do whatever you wish, allies to insure your wants are delivered. Some may do this for the chance to change the world others for the power gained either is fine with me. The mission pays 5mil just doing it, and another 5mil if successful. On top of that, if one of the team members were to die the earnings would be divided amongst the rest. All that I ask is that if you have questions you be blunt and ask them because I don’t want to f-ck around waiting. And if you disagree that you say so now so I can get to claiming your head rather then be stabbed in the back.” And that was it, would they help her attempt to kill the president or at least come close triggering the nation to be aggressive and progressive? Or would they become her prey an animal to put down before something could be revealed? Would they join the gathering shadows of change, or be one of the first slain by the League.

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Hit-Girl walks in. "Okay ya c*nts, lets see what you can do now"

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