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A place to go to let loose. This is a nightclub. We have music, booze, dancing, business meetings the works. Have fun

and no this is not like the other threads you can say what you need to say in here as long and you do it in character and make your post like you are in the actual club


In Vine Canon terms. This club is owned by Kurrent and has a safe house for Veritas Inc.  that is accessed through Kurrents office in the club. It is located in Orlando, FL

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Kurrent walked into the club alone. He sat at the bar reflecting on what had just happened in his life. With the sound of Flo Rida's nez song playing and the dance floor packed he turned to the bartender and ordered a double jack and coke then he  looked around the club while sipping his drink.....

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Babs walked in and laughed at him

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He noticed a women checking him out after he realized that it was Batgirlbabs. Kurrent rolled his eyes and thought to himself that chick needs to die but right now the only thing he was  going to kill are these drinks

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Slinger walked into the club looking for information. It had been a while since he had been around, due to that business in space. He needed to try and get a handle on what was happening on earth and figured that the loner club was a good place to start. He walked up  to the bar and noticed the hero Kurrent, the last time he had seen him, they were on opposite sides of the "civil war", he hoped he wouldn't hold it against him now that that business was over. "Hey Kurrent, long time no see,what's been going on around here lately?" The bartender walked by and Slinger ordered a cranberry juice.

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After drinking his double jack fairly quickly Kurrent ordered another....Then he noticed a familiar face, one that he has not seen in a while. Slinger sat next to him and asked   "Hey Kurrent, long time no see,what's been going on around here lately?" Kurrent looked at Slinger surprised then he got his drink. He responded by saying..."You've missed a lot, LAS is now the top villain team, the Zero Squad made a come back and Mobb Deep" he paused and took a drink before finishing his sentence "Mobb Deep went their own seperate ways"

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Walks into the club and heads over to the bar she sat at the bar tapping her feet to the music,and then decided to dance
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While in mid conversation with Slinger Kurrent notices a beautiful women sit on a  bar stool near them. She quickly gets up and goes to the dance floor. The Electric one contemplates following her but decides that he wanted to hear what Slinger had to say first

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"Man, sorry to hear about the Mobb, so are you with Zero Squad now?" Slinger got his drink, tipped the bartender, and stirred it with his straw thinking hard about what to do with himself, "The Avengers are in a shambles too, there are a few people left, but I feel like I've been running around in circles trying to pick up the pieces and pull it back together. I still haven't checked in with the Martial Society, I've been too afraid of what I might find." He took a small sip of his juice, it was never as good as it is on theCape, "I've got to get to the Vatican to report to the Templars soon anyway, might as well make a stop in Greece while I'm in Europe."
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"No im not with the Zero Squad, but Acer I think has joined them" Kurrent replied as the song changed. The dance floor was even more full and when lil' waynes' lollipop came on the track an abundance of women crowded the dance floor. He listened to everything Slinger had to say ane made a distinct mental note. "I might have some business out in Europe soon, I'M reluctant to leave though, with Mobb gone I have nobody to protect my city but then again news of Mobb's Break up has not been too publicized" He drank again, and thought about how Slinger was a man of moral's and how he stuck to his guns reguardless of what people thought about him in the Civil War...He turned towards Slinger and simply nodded while waiting for his response
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Greystone walks into the run down nightclub with only one thing on his mind: Booze. Sitting at the bar, Greystone bobs his head to the music, and waves the bartender over to him. Pointing at a large bottle of Jameson, Greystone's eyes light up as the bartender brings the bottle over to him and an empty Rocks glass.

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"It seems like we can never get ahead, doesn't it?" Slinger did his best not to become to depressed by the thought that no matter how hard the heroes fight, there always seemed to be something on the horizon, some new evil that rears its ugly head, whether it had plans of world domination or just plain destruction. He looked down into his drink, "Some days it's really difficult to get out of bed in the morning man, knowing what we have to face every day." He slammed his cranberry juice back then looked up and smiled at Kurrent, "I guess there never is any rest for the weary, huh?" Slinger spun in his barstool, turning toward the busy dance floor, the people all dancing and having a good time and he pointed to the happy crowd, "That's what it's all about Kurrent, we do this so they can do that, and you know what? It may be a thankless job most of the time, but seeing these people, without a care in the world, that's the 'job well done'." He sat for a minute more, lost in thought, but then abruptly got up, "Well, I best be on my way, the Knighthood frowns upon tardiness. If you're ever in Italy, look me up at the Vatican," Slinger pulled a white business card out of his pocket with nothing but a red cross emblazoned on it and handed it to Kurrent, "this'll get you into the more private areas of the city." He then offered his hand to his fellow hero to shake. "I'm glad to hear that there are still those of us who are raging against the storm."
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Slinger spoke and Kurrent listened very carefully even with the music blaring in the back ground. His words carried a sense of comfort and reassurance that the former Mobb Deep leader desperately needed. When Slinger handed him the card Kurrent placed it in his pocket immediately and when Slinger offered his hand Kurrent whole heartedly acceted the gesture by returning the handshake. When Slinger left Kurrent ordered another drink and when he got it he walked towards the dance floor......

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Watches the club from the shadows across the street.......

The Batman waits...
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As the track changed Kurrent looked down at his glass. He was feeling quite a buzz so he walked over to the bar and saw a few people waiting for drinks. shouting loudly "Tequilas shots one me"....and ordered shot for everyone around

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BatgirlBabs said:
"Babs walked in and laughed at him

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Walking in, Drift took a seat at the bar, too lazy to write a paragraph for this.......

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Hands Drifter a drink then gives him a mean look as if he was saying "you try something,m your toast" after downing the shot he looks at pix and says "Stop looking at the glutes dude" and orders him an apple martini

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Drift shot a solem look towards Kurrent, Raising his glasse he toasted to being a sick twisted a$$hole....even though it appeared he was the only one in the room, so he just shook his hand and shrugged walking off to the dancefloor.

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Catches a kid tryin to sneak into Da Club
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walks in and orders a glass of milk
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See's a large man in a red cape order a milk and Drifter doing the sprinkler and thinks to himself as he sips his freshly poured jack and coke What The F***

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The Batman and Superman getting IN DA CLUB!!!
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Get your Poker face on
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Eats a poker chip
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walks in and sits down in the dark corner and starts to listening to music
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Walks to the bar and orders a drink
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This better not be another Awesome Spot :P

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I heard about this place. Looks tight

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Mer-Man said:
"This better not be another Awesome Spot :P"
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He walks to the pokers table and watches the game then he thinks from relief. I´m glad that i´m not one of them.
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Walks in singing in Spanish.

Por que estoy solito! No ahi nadie aqui a mi lado! No abran problemas hoy! De mi ya se an burladO!!! :P
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Aztek walks in and goes to sit at the bar, so he can be alone with his booze...
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Wanders in after ditching the prison clothes and putting on threads his friend had given him. Once again he was in a black jacket over a white beater and old jeans. His top hat was long since destroyed but his dreads were good enough for him. His eyes scanned the bar for anyone who might be a merc or some glory seeking hero.. realizing if they were there he wouldn't notice them he took a seat and listened to the sound of music. Sound.. this was his kind of place. "Can I get a White Russian?" He called out in need of alcohol.

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O_o? uses his web and pulls a Russian man and throws it to pallu lol :P

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Reaching up he snatched the white Russian being careful not to spill it. With a quiet, happy smile he sipped it lightly to get the flavor. "Mmmm.. russianie."

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slowly walks backwards looking shock and afraid then runs off the place.

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Jack walks into the bar, sees Aztek sitting at the bar alone, shoots him in the back five times from the doorway and then when he is satisfied with the bloodied heap falling off the stool he goes to finish Aztek's drink and wash all his problems away with his alcohol.

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Chokes on his drink while watching the violent blood splatter come off of a man on a stool. The laugh that attempted to break free stifled a quiet chuckle instead. "My word.. what a show."

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Kurrent walks in Loners  wearing a pin stripped suit and a light blue shirt underneath with the top button undone. A huge smile was pasted on his face as he walked to the and notice a tall brunette smiling from across the bar.

I'll take a jack and coke and give me one of what ever she is having   he says to the bartender....

After he go his drinks he took a sip of his jack and coke and made his way to the mysterious lady to offer her the drink he had just bought for her
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Light walks in his paws snapping the plywood. He returns to his human form and transforms into a girl. suddenly Kurrent walks in, orders a drink and walks over to him
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Hobbles in on crutches and sits in a booth away from the bar to enjoy a few moments away from the hospital.A waitress steps up next to his table and he forces a smile at her. "A stoli martini...dry." She wrote down his drink order and made her way back to the bar. Aside from his bandages he seemed like the same old Syrus. Five thousand dollar italian suit, russian martini, and the american personality that made him act like he owned the place.
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Lionheart walks into the club and sees a lot of people he doesnt know, but right noe he doesnt care because he has had a long day of training. He walks over to the bar sees blood on the floor and on a man sitting in a stool but again doesnt care. he decides to sit on the other end of the table and asks the bartender for a heinekin and sips it while watching people dance and listening to music.

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Rainy night, Vine City. 9:07 pm

Judge Ethan Thomson walks into the Loners nightclub. He orders a Drink and pull up his left hand sleeve looking at his watch, seems like he is waiting for someone. The nightclub seem to be doing fine seems like business is booming. grabbing two bottles the bartender serves Ethan his drink, Ethan trying to socialize ask how is business to the bartender. Outside the location the rain drops can be seen splashing on the pavement as the clouds began to flash, it would appear like if a storm was coming to Vine city.

A man’s shadowy figure can be seen as the light of the neon signs from the nightclub reflects on the dropping water. A blinding flash of lightning can be seen and the man’s soak unusual clothing can be seen clearly for a second, a loud thunder is heard in the place and the figure runs through the rooftop and jumps off to the next building’s fire escape then he jumps over the rail and slides the ladder down to its limit then jump off landing on his feet in the alley while another lightning lights the presence of the agile man.

The judge is still chatting whit the bartender while the strange man then made its way into the back alley of the nightclub, the man takes some distance and runs to the wall taking three steps up it then jumping to another wall then impulse himself back and rolls on he nightclub rooftop. The judge receives a call on his telephone but he can hardly hear because of the music he ask the bartender where is the bathroom. The bartender signals him and he goes running into it to attend his call.

Two men walk into the club and order some drinks while they laugh about a inner joke, one of them check his watch it seem it was the person that Ethan was waiting for. Ethan then walks out the bathroom closing his telephone and notice the two men had arrive he smiles and open his arms hugging the youngest one of the two and giving a handshake to the other. Ethan sit ordering another drink and ask if they wanted a drink but they had already order.   

Using Titanium rappelling wire the man was removing one the windows in the dark side of the nightclub whit a knife, it was impossible that they hear him because of the loud music. After taking out the window the man entered unnoticed . Once setting safe footing on the club he pulled another titanium wire that was connected to the electric box. The lights fade out and the mumbling of the people can be easily heard. The emergency lights turn on but still it is not enough to light the whole club, the bartender tried to calm the clients and dancers. “Don’t  panic people calm down, the generator will start any second.” the power comes back on along whit the music but something was wrong in the dance floor. The bartender look at the floors. The two boys were on the pavement bleeding to death, the bartender grabbed the phone but then he notice that there was a trail of blood lead to the dance floor. The bartender calling 911 he jumps over the bar fallowing the blood trail pushing through the crowd. GASP! "My god!" Judge Ethan was been pulled through the window he had a titanium wire through his back out his chest. The blood did not stop flowing out the body the bartender attended the emergency line all nervous as he order security to go to the back of the club.

The strange figure was using Ethan’s body as a hook not to fall as he got the ground, then he used some pincers to cut the wire and retrieve his knives. The security guards arrive at the back shouting “halt!” at the presence of the figure drawing their guns.
 “You people and your guns.” Red raises his hands “fine you got me.” Or did they? Under his helmet a smirk was flashing out his dental crowns. One of the guards stood back covering the other, the second guard turn Red around and push him to the alley wall and grabbed one of Red’s arms trying to put on he handcuff while reading him the rights. Red then let out a loud laugh and quickly turn around hitting the guard whit a twirling elbow braking the guard’s nose then he turn the guard around using him as a human shield. Grabbing the guard’s gun Red then kick the guard on the back pushing him against the first guard. Then he drops the gun and decides to use two knives instead, he launch a first knife nailing the second guard on the spine and while the first guard tries to grab a aim Red launch his black dragon knife across the guard’s forehead. Both guards drop to the ground. Red walks to the bodies and retrieve the knives and clean them in the guards clothing. Then he grabs a small knife and throws it into the nightclub window leaving a message.

 Code: Red just arrived into town.
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Code: Red
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Looks over at Code Red as he sips his drink and secretly thinks to himself....I like this guys style, but nobody messes up my establishment..... he talks into his watch to the persone on guard duty at the Statue of Liberty (Veritas HQ) and says find out everything on Code: Red

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The music stops and a man walks out onto the stage, a single spotlight on him.

Bow down you lowly dogs, do you think you deserve to see the mistress sing? Do you think you do, then bow your heads and pay attention to the soulful stylings of the Mistress of the night.

The curtain opens too a bare stage with a single large chair in the middle sits MR, in a long black evening gown the band starts and she begins to sing.
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Suddenly his attention went from the masked vigilante to the sultry redhead that was singing one the stage. Her voice caught every mans attention and her sex appeal made it difficult to concentrate. "A glass of champagne please" asked Kurrent to the bartender. After he got the glass he walked it over and put it on the front of the stage....

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Moving around the stage with ease her song swept out across the audience, an enticing ancient song about love lost and death won, she watched the man who owned the place walk over to the stage, placing a single flute of champagne on the polished boards. Her heels clicked across the boards as she slipped over and bent down genlty to smile at him and take the flute, draining it in one gulp as the music lulled. Running her hand across his cheek and giving her him a wink she finished the song with a long note that swept across the room.

Smiling at the audience she slips out the side curtains.
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Darkchild is at the stage at the club belting out lyrics of The Ace of Spades while thouroughly intoxicated