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@Impero: Evil.

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@Closure: Admit it, you just wanted an excuse to talk to me ;P

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@Impero: Well when my name is discussed...than yes...very much so
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@Closure: Oh yeah, cause I want you dead :)

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@Impero: hehe that's funny but I'm in Shanghai atm ;)  
*he said backing out the thread >.>   <.<
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Clad in a form-fitting Herve Leger dress and Louboutin heels that her inner fashionista had clamored for, Mackenzie Sullivan looked every inch the high society socialite and not one inch the multi-faceted master spy that she was in actuality.

Ensconced safely in the black Chanel purse that was looped over her shoulder by the gold chain was a disk with imperative data on the possible plot involving a biological agent in the Middle East from a start-up terrorist cell. All intel said that it was a non-issue, but it would need to be reviewed by Prophet (Ellie) before that was decided.

Slipping into the high-end bar, she took a seat on one of the bar chairs at the end. Crossing one leg over the other, she leaned her forearm on the bar and caught the bartender's eye, smiling impishly. "A rum and coke, please."

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@Ren_: Stylishly clad in a favored, tieless, dark blue Armani suit, the aristocratic Spaniard sets foot inside the populous bar. With a variety of concealed daggers and bladed projectiles in his being for the simple purpose of self-defense should such a reaction be necessary, Andres seats himself, "I'll have a gin and tonic. Thank you", quickly, he notices a redheaded woman to his left. While fitted into a stunning dress, the Charismatic Catalan found her vibrant red hair to be her most striking feature. Flashing a charming smile, he greets her, "¿Está todo bien?", he pauses, politely extending his hand, "I am Andres. Andres Knightfall".

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@Morte_Knightfall: She caught him in her peripheral vision, taking note of his fit physique and striking good looks. Shifting her weight to provide a more open facade towards him, she smiled, letting the welcoming warmth slip into eyes that were currently grey due to the cosmetic contacts. Slipping into one of many personas in her repertoire, Mac took a small sip of her drink before flipping her slightly wavy hair over one shoulder and flirtatiously tilting her head. "Paige Howarth." Sliding a perfectly manicured hand into his, she grinned, a dimple showing in the corner of her cheek. "It's a pleasure."

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@Ren_: (LOL I cracked up at the fake name)

Gently taking her hand, he plants a polite kiss, an instinctive extension of his upbringing and gentlemanly nature. Steadily, he releases his hold over her delicate hand, "Likewise Ms. Howarth", he winks charmingly. "If I may ask senora, what brings you to London? Your accent, it is unlike that of the locals here", he asks, calmly meeting her pale grey eyes with his mesmeric blue orbs.

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@Morte_Knightfall: (LOL, I need to start keeping a list of her aliases and who they are. She literally NEVER uses her real name. There are two people who know it - Ellie and Evander. Well and her brothers and Brady, but they also don't know what her job is lol)

His charming manner wasn't lost on her and she couldn't squander the thought that it had been the downfall of many a female. Part of the alluring Knightfall charm, she supposed. "A little bit of business, a little bit of pleasure. Trying to keep things from being too boring and London isn't a half bad city to spend some time in." Taking another sip of her drink, she met his eyes, racking her brain for his face and pulling up nothing, much to her own annoyance. Which meant her photographic memory had never caught sight of him before. An unknown Knightfall, a mystery. "And you? The same could be said of yours."

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@Ren_: (You should, otherwise you lose track :P I'm digging the secrecy, that and many other reasons make her my favorite RPG character right now :))

Briefly, his attention is swayed by his arriving drink. Taking a calm sip, he quickly returns his attention to the alluring redhead. "Business? What kind of business my dear? Unless of course, tis not something you're willing to share with a man you met minutes ago", he teased with a charismatic smirk. A chuckle escapes him as she similarly asks about him, "Well you see pelirroja", he continues, "I like to travel the world, see what it has to offer. At times I meet some interesting people", his tantalizing eye contact never wavering, "And London is a little close to home, so why not?", he smiled, "What is your impression of the city?".

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@Morte_Knightfall: (I'll have to continue to live up to that aspiration ;)

"Some of this and some of that. I work in international marketing." Casually she rests an elbow against the mildly scarred wooden surface of the bar, stirring her drink with the stirrer as she did so. Opening up her body language to instill a sense of trust, Mac took another sip of her drink. "It's a beautiful city, full of great shopping...and interesting people." There was a smirk in her words as she spoke.

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@Ren_: (Haha you should be fine, you haven't disappointed yet :)

"International marketing? I see. Do you like that career path, pelirroja?", he asks with an inviting smile, "I myself am a... ¿cómo se dice.. owner of nightclubs", the Catalan Aristocrat paused, taking yet another sip of his drink, "Is it your first time here?", he asks prior to directing his attention to her captivating red hair. A charming smirk manifests as he charismatically apologizes, "Forgive me for staring my dear, but your hair, it is very beautiful".

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Standing next to the bright read post box Cassius looked down at his hands. Clutched in his grasp a bright red envelope, addressed to what was left of his true family. A cry for help from the lost knightfall within him. A man without direction or purpose other than trying to right the wrongs of his life. Pushing the letter through the slot Cassius pauses and turns away hoping that he would be heard and that he would no longer have to be alone.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: Rax, after hours of stalking, finally leaped down from the lamp post up above and dropped down on the renegade Knightfall, his combat knife. He went to land on his shoulder and press the blade against his neck, hissing as he did. "'Ello Knightfall!" He shouted in a cockney accent.

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@Ash_Walmer: Standing perfectly still Cassius eyes moved to the left of his helmets HUD activating its safety protocol a flash of electricity shot across its surface. Knowing the furry little cockney was extremely close to him this would more than likely be enough to stun him Cassius flicked his shoulders back trying to throw the target from his back. Pulling out a pistol as his body moved from underneath his jacket Cassius span wildly making it difficult as he could for anything to grip onto his body armor shouting as he did so " What do you want and who sent you?"

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: Rax took the shocks while moving around his body, laughing like a mad raccoon. He finally flipped off of his target and flipped onto a red post box, pulling out his plasma pistol and pointed it right at him, a grin on his furry face. "Sorry mate, wasn't sent..What I want however is a pretty lengthy topic.." Rax chuckled, ignoring the pain that writhed through his muscles from the shock.

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@Ash_Walmer: "Give me the brief version and why i should be concerned with it" Cassius spoke blankly he wasn't in the right frame of mood for games.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: "Lets talk about Knights..."

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@Ash_Walmer: " Are we gonna talk like this? or do you have a less hostile suggestion"

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: "My gun ain't goin' down unless yours is boy.." Rax held his gun firmly, over a hundred years of skill wielding it.

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@Ash_Walmer: Spinning his pistol back into his holster Cassuis focused on his opponents hand a slight movement would be made in the wrists before his opponent could pull the trigger preparing for the worst case scenario he spoke "So a beer?"

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: Rax's gun was still held up for a few seconds, before he muttered something about a bugger, his plasma pistol whirred down and the lights faded. "Eh what the hell.." He mumbled while hopping off the mail box.

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@Ash_Walmer: Sitting in a nearby bar Cass brough the two drinks and turned to his furry companion " So knights?" sipping at his beer

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: As usual, at least one of the bar patrons gawked at Rax while he faced Cass, talking to his mates about the bloody talking raccoon at the bar. "Your one of them yeah?" He asked while grabbing his pint and started to down it.

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@Ash_Walmer: "a knight? wrong age, wrong time, and wrong personality i'am afraid. Some of my family where along time ago though"

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: Rax takes out his plasma pistol and sets it on the counter after downing the rest of the pint. "Knightfalls, genius.."

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@Ash_Walmer: tapping the underside of the table with his pistol he had pointed at his companion since he had sat back down. "What concern of yours regards to who and what i'am?"

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: "More so what you're apart of, the weakest link, the Knightfall out of the loop. Lets talk about that attack a few months back, the museum incident."

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@Ash_Walmer: "Alot has changed since then, i can see the stupidity and corruption within the Slays and the church that lied to me. It was a simple invade and attack mission. A mission i am now glad to have failed at. As for the weakest link, a man with nothing left to lose and know body to worry for is a far more dangerous animal than an average joe, pardon the pun"

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“Do you think that I fear the world powers? I do not mean, Russia, America and China; I am referring to The Knighfalls, The Red Cardinals, The Keijiko and Warsman. Understand that I have walked this Earth many times before; and saw this degree of power across the world. The last time I was here, Germany wore my colors; people died; more from humanity crimes. I sold Russia an ideal it couldn’t refuse. Spain and Italy were to also follow suit; but one place I couldn’t get was America.”

“Now I see manifesting myself as death was the wrong tactic, you can’t kill the spirit of Americans; but you can make the spirit of America kill itself.”

“It really became apparent to me after thinking about the Civil War, Americans are so prejudice against Americans; that It only seems right to put them against one another. “I am back, as fear this time a common denominator in all people. I don’t need gems, I don’t need religion, or expert martial art skills.

“All I need is a large group of idiots….and an Idea.”
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@Catalina_Liafador: (very nice, may get into the RPG near the end since iam working an in for Cass with the knightfalls first.)

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Dennis sat down at a bench in hyde park, taking his time to plot the next string of Murders that will put the IRA to shame.

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@Rumble Man: In search of a mediation spot Milo strutted through the park. Upon spotting a rather gentle soul on the bench he stopped for a moment and sat beside him. "You from around here? Name's Milo Archer."

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"Yeah, I just planned an event for the people to enjoy"

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Cassius walks the streets of London, the rain lapping down on his jacket and running across the visor of his helmet. His soul and his mind confused and some what conflicted by a great many things within him. Who was he really now, why did a talking rodent start asking him questions about his past, would the Knightfall's even hear his message. But most of all, the thing that burned at him most. How will i get to Richard Slay.

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Having previously promised to show his beloved telepath a surprise, the Charming Catalan finds himself waiting for her impending arrival. With an arranged luxurious limousine having been meticulously prepared to bring Alexandra to him, Don Andres waits in characteristic patience, standing calmly before the entrance to the performance arts center, the Barbican Center. Clad in a light grey, form-fitting Dolce & Gabbana suit, perfectly complimenting his perfected physique and impeccable sense of style and class, the Spanish gentleman hopes to offer yet another pleasant time for his lover.

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@Morte_Knightfall: Alexandra smiled out the window as she rode in the plush limo. She always loved London, it's history interesting her far more than the more recent past of her the US. But what was really enthralling her mind was the surprise promised by her Catalan lover. The vehicle stopped, the driver stepping out to open the door for the vampire to exit. She stepped out with her characteristic grace.

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@The Psyentist: Smiling pleasantly in instinctive response to the sight of his radiant lover, Andres' inherent gentleman prompted him to approach his elegant love, affectionately taking her by the hand, intertwining his fingers with hers. "Mi amor, looking stunning as usual", he complimented, "So then, are you ready for the surprise, rubia?", he winked charmingly.

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@Morte_Knightfall: ( it best not be Cassius, he doesn't do three ways with blood relatives)

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: (... you said something about blood?)

@Morte_Knightfall: "Always, my dear." The doctor beamed as her hand was taken in his. "I have to keep up with my stylish lover. I'm just fortunate it comes so naturally." She tossed her hair with her free hand. "Lead on, my king."

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@The Psyentist: ( mine is not for you, even if i do owe you a favor. Well not from the tap at least)

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: :'(

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@The Psyentist: ( maybe a doggy bag,but sorry no biting)

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: (Alright man, no worries)

@The Psyentist: "You do a decent job of keeping up", he teased, affectionately pecking her cheek prior to entering the extravagant performance arts center. Leading her towards the lavish classic theater that he had days ago rented out for the day, Don Andres paused before its entrance, "Senoras first", winking playfully.

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@Morte_Knightfall: ( lol that just makes it sound to me like that's what you had planned)

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@Morte_Knightfall: "Hmmm." She watched him under lowered lids as she passed by through the entrance with a clever smile on her red lips. She turned her head gingerly from side to side, taking in the sights, the architecture as much part of the experience as any entertainment therein.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: (Of course not :P)

@The Psyentist: Gently guiding Alexandra to the front row, Andres found himself pleased, having rented the entire theater for the day. The lack of an audience and its illustrious lightning cultivating not only an atmosphere of classy exclusivity, fitting for the stylish couple, but generating an air of privacy and intimacy as well. "Please mi amor", he gestured, pointing towards the seat to his right, vivid red curtains concealing what mysteriously hid behind them from the cleverly concealed stage. "I hope this is to your liking, rubia", smiling charmingly, furthering the aura of suspense and mystery surrounding what was to come.

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@Morte_Knightfall: The psionic mutant raised her eyebrows as she entered the lavish yet empty theatre. Every luxurious velvet seat empty, she was ushered by her lover to her seat at the front row. "Well, we'll just have to see, Andres. I am positively brimming with anticipation." She sat down, brushing her soft locks back with her manicured fingers, returning his smile with one of her own, her flawless white teeth contrasting her bright red lips.

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@The Psyentist: "Good", he smiled, "Because all of this is for you", Don Andres paused, the vibrant red curtains parting, revealing that behind their lavish concealment lied the highly regarded, London Symphony Orchestra. Having paid the classical musical group to perfectly orchestrate a beautiful song of classic, musical brilliance, written and composed specifically for the enchanting Alexandria. Prior to the show's commencement, Andres wrapped an arm over his vampiric lover's shoulder, "The song that they are about to play, querida. It is dedicated to you", he smiled, the private show beginning with Andres' requested song in romantic dedication to Alexandra, while the remainder of the show would be concluded by the orchestra's Classic Rock Countdown symphonies, flawlessly cultivating an atmosphere of unmitigated romance for the star-struck lovers.