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@Impero: "And I know you know his envy for your...Temp..." Ivan was referring to the most recent Impero, Quintus. "Your really playing this close to the chest mate, you know that it's only going to piss that little bugger inside Milo right off.." Ivan pulled out another cigarette and lit it up.

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@The_Puzzler: "More hot water please", his attention briefly directed towards the waitress prior to focusing on Ivan. "Ah yes, that. They've fought once. Nearly fought again had I not been there. He envies him, childish sentiments from a grown man", while he was genuinely fond of Milo as both a protege and a friend, he much preferred Quintus due to the Knightfall's sense of maturity and cool approach. "I play my cards carefully. While the fox isn't anywhere near the threat that Zenku was, it isn't something I'm willing to risk. I have to remove that thing from the boy's chakra-points", while a practical plan was in development, intricacy and time would be required, this was no simple matter, even for one as metaphysically knowledgeable as the Impero. "Take this", he said, placing a distinct necklace on the table, "It suppresses the fox's influence. When you're nearby, it'll weaken the monster without either of them knowing it".

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@Impero: Ivan takes it as soon as it is placed on the counter, stuffing it in his trench coat. "Cheers mate.." He mumbled while taking a drag, standing up and patting Ishin on the shoulder while walking off. "I need to be alone, think..See you around Ishin.." Ivan waved while not looking and walked out of the pub.

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@Uncommon: The stare the old man's minions gave Frank slightly irritated him, he fiercely but calmly looked at three of the seven assassins that was present in the room before smirking. "You should give them something better to wear, you know, to distinguish them from the waiters in this building."

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@The_Puzzler: With a simple nod, he wordlessly bid farewell to an old companion.

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@agent ace said:

@Uncommon: The stare the old man's minions gave Frank slightly irritated him, he fiercely but calmly looked at three of the seven assassins that was present in the room before smirking. "You should give them something better to wear, you know, to distinguish them from the waiters in this building."

"Guests wouldn't feel very welcome in a hotel where the staff are obviously killers, now would they?" Hudson finishes his martini and then makes his way to the underground training area. "When your ready bring your own pistol please."

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@Uncommon: "They look a lot more like hairdressers than they are killers" Frank replied as he followed his mentor.

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@agent ace: "Keeps them in their place." Hudson laughs and then enters a code to gain access to the training area. When the doors open they reveal that the room was now much larger than when Frank had to pass his first level. Not only was the room larger but it also looked like an average city street: skies, stores, people and all (complements of Winter Tech: Holographics). "You along with 5 other trainee assassins will have to blend into this fake environment, find your target and bring him or her back to me." Hudson hands Frank a list of details describing the target:

  • Average height and build
  • Expensive dresser
  • Jet black hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Small scar on his left cheek
  • Not a hologram like everyone else

"Every other assassin wants to win just as much as the other so don't be surprised if your attacked. Or shot." Hudson hands Frank a silencer. "You'll want this by the way."

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@Uncommon: A big, solid steel door concealing bigger parts of the room slid open, revealing a holographic display of a city. "You along with 5 other trainee assassins will have to blend into this fake environment, find your target and bring him or her back to me." His smooth talking mentor gave the instructions calmly. "Wish we had this little toy back then." Frank spoke, admiring the technology. "It could have made training a lot easier" he added.

"Every other assassin wants to win just as much as the other so don't be surprised if your attacked. Or shot." His mentor added, "Great" Frank replied with a sigh. With that, he equipped the suppressor and headed to the virtual city.

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@agent ace: Unfortunately for Frank the other assassins that were searching for the target in the fake city were the same ones that gave him bad looks earlier. So as soon as they are clear to hunt freely three of the trainees temporarily teamed up to take Frank down. Fortunately for Frank though, of those three none of them were proficient in stealth and blending in. So when their plan to just rush at Frank causes a havoc they are immediately disqualify and labeled dumb asses.

Of the two remaining opponents, only one was actually close to finding the target. The other wasn't even trying to find the target. She was more favorable of ambush and was patiently waiting to stealthy kill the others when the target is located.

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@Uncommon: Frank began hunting down the target, making his way through the virtual city, his competition consisted of one woman, three arrogant d!cks if Frank were to describe them and finally a skilled assassin whose very close to the target, and this was who Frank followed closely avoiding obstacles but keeping his eye on him as if he were the target. Agent ace was closing in after a few minutes of tailing the lethal killer. Taking a shortcut, he took a right to cut the assassin off, but was blocked by the three men who had a bone to pick with Frank. "Fellas" The smooth talking Frank Martin spoke, eying the three men. "Why don't we put those down and negotiate" He added, referring to the pistols they carried and pointed at Frank. "What's the matter, afraid of waiters?" The man in the right spoke, tightening his grip on the pistol grip. "Come on, you didn't really take that personally did you?" Frank spoke softly, slightly tilting his body sideways. "Of course no-" before the man could finish, Frank lunged at him, incapacitating him by tightly putting his arm across the opponents neck, placing him in choke, using his opponent's own suppressed firearm, he shot the remaining two in the legs, forcing them to collapse to the ground, with his opponent still under his control, they made their way through the shortcut just in time, the other assassin had his weapon drawn, indicating the target was relatively close, pushing his hostage towards the other assassin forced the assassin to fire two shots at Frank's hostage, giving Frank his window of opportunity to shoot the assassin in the legs, once again forcing him to collapse to the ground in pain.

Frank then nabbed the target the well built assassin was following and used his hand to cover his mouth, freeing his other hand for his silenced, Taurus 9mm pistol.

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The Grey Market. The freedom to buy and sell nearly anything made it, and markets like it, vital resources for the Court. Currently Amaranth was concluding his payment for several shipments of osmium. At around four hundred USD per ounce, it was the densest known non-exotic substance, and far less expensive than heavier exotic metals. The Court's funds were not unlimited and osmium served Amaranth well. Its high density caused its molecular destabilization to be exceptionally powerful, making it his preferred material for bullets.

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@Amaranth_Strix: In his usual walks around the architecturally brilliant city of London, Ishin's perceptive eyes were quick to catch sight of a familiar figure. Unmistakably, he had spotted the veteran combatant, Amaranth, a respected member of the Court of Arcani that to his knowledge, was now being led by his ally and friend, Shiho. Clad in his iconic dark hooded attire, his symbolic alabaster mask tied firmly to his left bicep, enigmatic Ishin approached the previously absent Amaranth with characteristic poise and composure. "Amaranth-san, I'm surprised to see you've returned", he stated, halting his steps two feet from the grey-haired swordsman, arms instinctively crossed before his chest.

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@Impero: Hearing the voice of the iconic grandmaster Amaranth turns. His thumbs hooked into his utility belt, his seven foot frame in its customarily calm posture he offers a respectful nod and greeting. "Impero Ishin."

He chuckles, the sound a rumble from deep in his chest. "We could not leave Shiho entirely without support, at least not for long. This is a critical period in history. Or so I'm told."

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@Amaranth_Strix: (Sorry for the wait girl, had to feed my pups :))

Nodding in response to Amaranth's formal greeting, Ishin brow raised calmly in apparent curiosity at the statement. A critical period in history? "A critical period in history? Would you mind elaborating?", he requested before briefly allowing a chuckle to escape as he spoke of Shiho, "Shiho-san hasn't handled the position quite well".

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@Impero: [ No worries :-) ]

"Of course. The reason is simple, and inevitable. Demographic tectonics. The human race is close to three hundred thousand years old. At least anatomically modern humans are. Two hundred years ago there was roughly a billion humans on the earth. Now there are seven billion. Within the lifetime of most normal humans there will be ten billion."

"This is a population explosion unlike any other in the history of this planets sentient species. And more mutants are born with every generation. Mutants that will demand their rightful place in society. This century is a powder keg. The registration act is just the beginning. The first shot in a struggle that will decide the fate of the human and mutant races."

"It cannot be stopped now. The most fundamental forces, reproduction and resources, drive it. These are the gravitas of societies."

"This century will determine the course of human history."

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@Amaranth_Strix: (Well aren't you sweet ;))

The exponentially escalating numbers in human population were undoubtedly staggering, however, Ishin himself had already devised a plot to ensure that his prioritized clan, the esoteric Keijijo maintain their exclusivity, seclusion, and most importantly secrecy. The innumerable collection of higher ethereal planes of existence accessible to the clan via their peerless spiritual expertise will ensure them a world where they will be able to resume their progress and growth without interruption. Due to the current sociopolitical tension between mutants and humans, the Impero feels almost ethically compelled to offer Amaranth the same alternative. "Then it would be wise for mutant-kind to devise a plan. In general, humans are not fond of mutants, should this prejudice increase, mutants will either have to retaliate, plan beforehand, or find a new place", he suggested, "I'm certain, Amaranth-san, that you have prepared for this".

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@Impero: He nods in agreement with the enigmatic Impero. "That we have. In fact we have been preparing for this for a very long time. Each part of the plan is separated each player knows only their own part, save Kratesis who designs our long term stratagems."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Hmm I see", briefly adopting a pensive expression, he becomes aware of the benefits to maintaining those integral to the plan, focused only on their part, cleverly preventing several complications. Returning his attention to the veteran swordsmaster, Ishin continues, "I'd ask what your plan is but, I more than anyone, understand the value of secrecy", he pauses, "Where is she?", he asks, referring to the undeniable death-dealer, Kratesis.

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@Impero: He reaches up to rub his chin, the stubble where his goatee once grew. "There has been a complication. Our Fortress, the gold and ivory paradise we have constructed in the early ages of human history is under attack. No minor invasion, it is an assault from several alien races, the Between People, and a cosmic being. This was... unexpected. It is also a crisis, should the Fortress fall before its appointed hour the timeline will be altered.

History may change, the court may never arise. If the Court never arises then we never build the Fortress, it is never attacked, and never destroyed. If it is never destroyed then the very event that caused it to not be built never happened, therefor the Court arises and builds the Fort. Thus, a paradox.

This is.. bad. To say the least. It could be all of our worst fears come true. Kratesis has gone back to ensure the timeline is protected and remains their now mustering our defenses. She is the only one with the cognitive power to calculate every possible event that could alter the timeline and what to do to prevent it."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "A cosmic being you say", he paused, "Well, I understand how annoying they can be", Ishin stated, referring to his encounters with the cosmic overlord, Warsman. "And you're certain that she can prevent this from happening?", while not as concerned with the Court of Arcani as Amaranth must be, he was to an extent, he however, was far more concerned of the possible alterations to the timeline that could change the course of not only human history, but most importantly to the Impero, the history of the Keijijo. "I wish her the best of luck".

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@Impero: He chuckles a little, lifting his shoulders. "I assume she already has, otherwise the timeline would already be altered and we would not be here." He chuckles somewhat ruefully. "But the exact details of temporal paradoxes are beyond me to be honest."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "I see. So she's already succeeded", genuinely impressed by Kratesis' apparent success despite not knowing the circumstances of her supposed victory. "Does she plan on returning? If so, will she allow Shiho-san to remain as the Court's leader?".

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@Impero: "I assume she will return at some point. It is likely she already has returned, but arrived further down the timeline than I did. We travel in time via her Quantum Sorcery, and it requires traveling several hundred thousand years through time, and hitting a planet whipping around a star which is zooming around a galaxy that is flying through an universe that is itself expanding at the speed of light, and on top of that space itself is expanding."

"When her time and our time connect again I assume she will take over the leadership of the Court once more."

"Tell me, how has Shiho done?"

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@Amaranth_Strix: "It seems that we travel through time differently my friend", a composed chuckle escapes him, taking notice of the dramatic difference between their methods. Ishin's were more infant and largely experimental, relying on the ethereal particles of higher spiritual dimensions to pervert space-time, an action that very much requires his specialized Keijijo Geijutsu scroll to act as a medium. "Although I do not indulge in it as frequently as you do", the experimental nature of his methods rendering it ridiculously risky. "Shiho-san has done well. Like anyone thrust into leadership at an early age without anticipation, she struggled at first. But she's grown into her role".

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@Impero: Unaware that Ishin utilized time travel Amaranth files that information away. Without Kratesis Ishin was the only being he knew of that could accomplish such a feat, should it become necessary.

He nods at the report on Shiho. "I'm glad to hear that. The Court will need proven leaders in the coming century."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Most factions will", Ishin pointed out, "Even we can't be around forever". "Have you heard of the tyrant, Warsman?".

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@Impero: Amaranth the Once Immortal nods gravely. His time too would end. "Warsman, yes I've heard of him. But I'm afraid I don't know much about him."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "He's a problem", Ishin was quick to reveal the threat that the Iron Tyrant posed, "But, from my encounters with him, I've learned that while very very powerful, he does not have mastery over the more intricate things that one can use", he continued, "I've recently been told that he intends to start a war".

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@Impero: His brow furrows. Someone who could cause problems for the Impero was clearly a major threat. And if he intended to start a war, how many mutants would die as casualties in his mad plans? No, that could not be allowed. "Mm. I see. Powerful, but he lacks both subtlety and wisdom then."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "What can be exploited is an area one has more knowledge than him over", he began, "Mine being the metaphysical. I was able to harm him from there, I had sealed his cosmic energies from him by targeting his chakra-points. But, I did not account for his magic and psychic powers. While he has most certainly grown since then, I've developed a series of contingency plans. The casualties that this war might cause, it isn't something I'll allow", Ishin concluded, "I'm sure it is something you will not stand for as well".

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@Impero: "Indeed. He is simply a threat we will have to deal with." His deep voice rumbled through the market place. "If we are to face him in battle I should study him carefully. How much information do you have on him?"

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@Amaranth_Strix: "A large amount", he revealed prior to his explanation, "His cosmic powers are centered around destructive energy projection and manipulation. During our encounter, he generated a tremendous amount of energy. He also seemed to possess the power to restore things and generate copies of himself. However, now that I know that he possesses sorcery and psionic powers, I can learn to counter them", he paused, "My wife Fan, she can tell me of ways to deal with those two abilities. That is her area of expertise".

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@Impero: Amaranth listened in silence. Impero and Fan seemed to have the correct abilities and information to counter this "Warsman's" abilities. "I take it he focuses on the use of energy? Not physical combat?"

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@Amaranth_Strix: "No, no physical combat. He was neither fast nor skilled enough to engage me in that manner so he exploited his greatest advantage which was peerless destructive power", he continued, "I tried to overwhelm him with speed but his use of force fields prevented me from exploiting that disadvantage. In any case, I'd recommend that you think of ways to deal with him as well. An encounter with him again, is inevitable if there's to be a war".

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@Impero: "I will assign the scientists of the Sophiornithidae to study his powers, and order the Choir to begin telepathic and precognitive sweeps for whatever information we can find. However upon first glance it seems only his force-fields prevented him from experiencing an ignoble defeat at your hands, so that is an area I will focus our research toward."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "It might have gone differently. While far more powerful than I, he used the barrier to prevent me from using my sword to absorb all of his energy. Had I succeeded, perhaps it would have gone differently", Ishin admitted, Warsman's command over energy and his ability to conjure nigh-indestructible barriers proved a strenuous obstacle. "I will see you soon Amaranth-san, or perhaps on the day we see this war begin", he concluded, nodding politely in the veteran's direction prior to departing.

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@Impero: Inclining his head in a respectful nod as the Impero departs. "Indeed. Best of luck until then."

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"Come onnnnn...Say it!" Creed said while holding a blade against a crime bosses throat while both in his office, surrounding them was a bloody mess of corpses that were formerly his henchmen. Building up the strength to perform Creed's request, he finally spoke. "I-I am so British...I sh-sh!t the queen..." He barely managed tp say. "YESSSS!" Creed laughed while raising his hand in the air like a great victory had been achieved, letting go of the boss so he could run away. however after three steps, Creed swung his blade expertly without looking and sliced the man's head clean off his body. Easiest 40K we made in a while! "Your tellin' me!" He shouted while pulling out his Galaxy smartphone (which he bought at Milo's request) and snapped a photo of the bosses head, a text reading that the money would be wired to his account within the hour.

The merc got back out onto the nightly London streets and strutted along while whistling the kingdom's national anthem.

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Sitting on the Embankment Cassius looked at the houses of parliament and big Ben. All lit up in the nights sky a lowing symbol of diplomacy shinning brightly for all to see. Whilst he could understand the sentiment, he was never much of a fan of the architectural. The flick of a button and a burst of light of his own bathed the building with something he appreciated alot more.

"Now that's better" and with his job done the red headed assassin strolled away, happy with work done.

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@_Creed_: "Well, wasn't that a pragmatic display", Ishin pointed out, leaning against a wall, arms characteristically crossed before his chest as he greeted his peculiar H.A.R.D. teammate.

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@Impero: "So do you just wait around London with your arms crossed until you come across someone!?" Creed jumped at the sight of Ishin, still rather pissed he didn't let him into the temple.

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@_Creed_: A calm smirk manifests for a brief moment, "Hmph, perhaps", taking notice of the underlying anger in Creed's voice, he however, took no interest in it.

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@Impero: "Well isn't that just swell.." Creed said while crossing his arms and raising his brow. "Well what is it you want from me? You got a contract? Someone that needs some good ol' fashion dying done?".

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@_Creed_: "How perceptive of you", he continued, "Yes there's someone I need dead. He's called Noah Addams", Ishin revealed with characteristic composure, "I'm very very wealthy Creed, I can make this worth your while, if you succeed".

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@Impero: Creed's eyes widened just a bit, it was only a few weeks ago when he had the meeting with the person Impero spoke of, this could work out perfectly. "..Like how much worth my while? master regal stance".

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@_Creed_: Smirking calmly, he answered the manic mercenary's question, "Because you are my teammate, forty million if he's dead. Thirty million if you bring him to me alive".

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@Impero: "...Your paying me more..To kill him? Your the best contractor ever!" Creed hopped in the air "Freeze frame!" He shouted, his body literally freezing in time, credits rolling onto the screen while playing "Eye of the tiger". However, in reality, Creed was simply standing on the ground while trying his best to look frozen, humming eye of the tiger.

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@_Creed_: (I almost wanted to make Ishin go "Wait! How did you that? With the letters" :P)

"I have my reasons my friend", he replied, "You know where to find me once the job has been completed", the enigmatic Impero concludes, dissolving into a flock of eerie dark crows, rapidly taking off into the grey skies.

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Aww to think I was chasing Creed just twenty-four hours ago but now I might have to run.