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@Uncommon: After the target was set in place, the old man shot him from a distance and executed the big time thief. "I was spotted on the way up to the target... Though I killed everybody... sorry sir. It won't happen again." One of the assassins spoke, the thought of everyone getting killed angered Frank. "We only had one target, and one target means one casualty." Frank replied to the news, trying to keep calm. Starting to doubt, how the highly trained assassin got caught, he and his team climbed back to the chopper as police sirens echoed in the background.

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@agent ace: Eventually Frank and the assassins find their way back to the hotel's underground. They are lead to the ring where Frank had previously slept and met Hudson in the center of the ring. One by one Hudson congratulates the assassins and frank, until he gets to the assassin who killed all the witnesses and alerted the cops. Hudson places his right hand on the assassin's right shoulder and pushes him to his knees. Hudson then pulls out a bamboo sword and hands it unsheathed to Frank. "You and the other three did pretty well out there kid. This one though, is your weak link, but he's also a part of your team and you'll be deciding what to do with him." Hudson then stood out of Frank's way clearing the path to the assassin on his knees.

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@Uncommon: After getting back to their underground base of operations, the old man congratulated everyone on the team, except for the assassin who almost blew their cover. The experienced, white haired gentleman forced the assassin to his knees and took out a beautifully crafted blade, handing it to Frank. "You and the other three did pretty well out there kid. This one though, is your weak link, but he's also a part of your team and you'll be deciding what to do with him." He spoke in a serious manner. "As I've said, showing mercy has its benefits" Frank replied as he gave back the weapon to his mentor. Helping the assassin back to his feet. "He may not have much use to you anymore, but he can still aid me in my future missions, with your permission of course." Frank added.

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@agent ace: Following Frank's decision, Hudson takes the sword and places amongst a collection of blades on a hidden wall. He then turns back to Frank and says "You've made your choice and completed the fourth level today. Three down in one day shows a lot of potential kid." Hudson takes a sip of a martini he had prepared earlier "Practice or whatever, then find a nice room on the first floor of the hotel. They're not the best rooms this place has to offer but they're still damn impressive. Tomorrow you will face far more strict training and complete the next two levels before your final test." Hudson then walks off while saying "Don't stay up all night worrying about those who were killed. You can only control so much at a time kid!"

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@Uncommon: Frank remains silent and nods and removed his mask, as his mentor finished giving him his last piece of advice for the day. After changing to his suit and slacks, he heads out of the location to look for a vacant room to stay for the night.

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"The man behind the calm and the cool is driven by ambition. You knew that as a child, my goal was to become Impero. My first attempt was miserable. I was defeated in the tournament. But I overcome it, with your help. Eventually, I did become Impero; but it seems that I am my own worst enemy. My ambition is self-destructive. You perhaps know more than anyone that I've learned to hide my pain with mastery. But all of my worst moments have been overcome because of your help, or the thought of you. I need you again.
There is a tyrant. He is unbelievably powerful, but I didn't care. I don't care. I had to kill him, but I didn't, I wasn't able to. Initially, I nearly did manage to accomplish it. But I recklessly used an experimental technique. But I didn't care, I had to be reckless because I couldn't allow him to live, he's an active threat to all things. But I failed, and I lost two of my most defining abilities. My second encounter with him was worse. I was accompanied by allies. We were defeated instantly. But these things didn't bother me much. That served as the catalyst was the resurrection of the Seven Daimyo by a malicious immortal. And so, I took a sabbatical from the clan. But now.. I feel purposeless. All I ever knew was being a clansman, and the clan's leader. Now, at this moment, I am nothing. I'm lost"

Phoenix tilted her head, shooting a mesmeric gaze upon Ishin's weathered features, listening attentively as her childhood friend recounted the chronicles of his life since they parted ways many millennia ago. Abaft the veil of peerless elegance and divine nobility was a melancholic glow mounting the windows of her pulchritudinous eyes. It thrived with every word he expressed, and rested on the brink of release as she discovered that he indeed became the Impero of the Keijijo after all; just as he had told her he would all those years before. Ishin's determination had always served him as his greatest asset. It drove him to heights unattainable for most, and with every obstacle he encountered, the Keijijo Messiah gained a stepping stone to higher levels of esoteric understanding; but Phoenix had always known that it would be his bottomless ambition that would eventually swallow him. The burgeoning tear that resided on the rim of her eyelids began to leak on to her soft, flavescent cheek with the revelation of the Keijijo Legend's doleful circumstances.

"Renxiong," she began slowly, sniffling quietly as her tear alighted on a blade of grass and trickled down to the soil beneath. "The Girl from Golden Summit will always have you." A deep inhale followed by a long release gave her the poise she momentarily lost. "Just as it was then, I will be your crutch until you are able to stand proud on your own two feet once more." Peering into his chakra system, a skill she had learned from the mysterious Emei Sect, but only perfected after further exchanging martial philosophies with Ishin, she could see his words to be true. Chakra blockages had sealed him off from some of his primary abilities, "Is there no way to fix your chakras? And what of Reisho, have the monastery and your clan fallen?"

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@Lady_Regalia: The brief break from her elegant composure came as a genuine surprise to the Metaphysical Messiah. In his youth, he had known Zhu to be a vibrant, lively girl, but one who rarely concerned herself with others, it was memorable that she had taken a liking to him, as he had to her. And for that brief period, as a tear trickled down her soft cheek, Ishin found himself altruistically tempted to wipe the tear from his friend's eyes. Just as she had always been there for him, by his side, he would as well. Gently wiping the moist remnants of the tear from her cheek, Ishin uttered, a rare moment of vocal softness, "Zhu-chan, do not cry for me". Her following assurance that she would undoubtedly aid him, encourage him until such time that his self-certainty returned, that his pride would once again render him the calm and collected figure that he had woven into the legendary fabric of esoteric history, was prompting enough for him to flash a brief smile of genuine thanks. And so, he began, to reveal his past actions, the root behind his ambitious nature. Ishin had never feared anything, there has only been one thing that he hoped he would never have to embrace. "I fear old age. I fear that I'll one day be reduced to a pathetic shell of my former self. I've seen the results of old age. The greatest Impero, Neji, once revered as even a god, even he was made a senile shell of fragility", and while Ishin's vitality have allowed him to retain his physical prime and appearance, he truly feared the day that age would finally defeat his metaphysical reserves. "I hated my humanity for that. It is why I want immortality", never in all his years has she shared this with another, however, even he could not deny that he felt most comfortable with Zhu.

"My chakras", he uttered, staring at his arms and open palms, recalling the events with Warsman that led to the unanticipated sealing of some of his chakras, denying him access to an invaluable degree of his techniques. "Even I do not know how to reawaken them. The clan, Reisho, it is all fine. The destruction caused by the Daimyo was unspeakable, I took responsibility for it all. Helped rebuild. I've asked a friend to watch over it all while I am out here", he paused, shifting his gaze towards the enchanting features of the Phoenix, "Zhu-chan, what can I do? For the first time in my life, I don't know what to do. I don't have the answers".

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@Impero: (Looks like Ishin could use some acupuncture treatment :p)

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@Inanna: Hehe, no doubt :P

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Frank makes his final adjustments to his black tie before leaving his room his mentor provided for him. The room itself was more than decent considering it is considered lower class, but what would you expect from a company who invents groundbreaking technology like they were assembling pieces of lego into very simple structures.

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"Zhu-chan, do not cry for me."

Phoenix lit up as his firm hand glided along her fine cheek. Ishin seldomly displayed such affection to others; it was a rarity even for her. She wanted so much to bring her hand to his own. To keep it there just a little longer, but alas, circumstances would see a union between them to be an indecorous romance. The Regal Lady watched as the Mystical Monarch's hand returned to his side.

"I fear old age. I fear that I'll one day be reduced to a pathetic shell of my former self. I've seen the results of old age. The greatest Impero, Neji, once revered as even a god, even he was made a senile shell of fragility.
I hated my humanity for that. It is why I want immortality.
My chakras. Even I do not know how to reawaken them. The clan, Reisho, it is all fine. The destruction caused by the Daimyo was unspeakable, I took responsibility for it all. Helped rebuild. I've asked a friend to watch over it all while I am out here. Zhu-chan, what can I do? For the first time in my life, I don't know what to do. I don't have the answers."

"The clan is safe.." she was relieved to hear that the Keijijo had survived the incursion brought by the malicious immortal. Averting her attention back to the individual chakras that Ishin had damaged with his newly developed technique, she adopted a pensive stare and gave them a second examination. "I'm going to try and fix your damaged chakras. The blockages have instilled dysfunction in them, they no longer produce or even receive the proper Jing essence to fuel their respective Qi; yet there may still be a chance to repair them after all. It will cost a considerable amount of time, and I will need my herbs before we can begin." A graceful wave of her hand brought forth two Emei Acolytes from their obscuration, a young man and woman, both clad in traditional Emei garb. "Yǔ bì. Fu.. Nín jiāng chéng chē fǎnhuí gǔshèngdēng, bìng cùshǐ liánhuā sānbǎo. Yǔ cōngmáng, wǒ de xuéshēng, shìjiè yǐjīng zāoshòu xīn de wēixié, wǒ dānxīn wǒmen méiyǒu tài duō de shíjiān.."

"Shì de, wēnróu de nǚshén." Obeying without question, the Emei Disciples departed with haste. They would head to the Valley of Holy Lights of Mt. Emei and procure the Lotus of the Three Treasures.

The Allochruous eyes of the Tiger of Reisho were greeted by a mesmeric gaze from the Gentle Phoenix of Golden Summit, "Your immortality will have to wait, Dear Renxiong." Although anathasia was a shared desire between the Keijijo Paragon and the Emei Luminary, mending his broken vital points would hold precedence over any other consideration.

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@Lady_Regalia: His uncommon display of affection, even for a close friend such as Zhu, was undoubtedly, a memorable occurrence. Her tears stemming from her concern for his suffering, it was undeniably, touching. A fact that even the former Impero admitted to himself. Consistently perceptive and elusively observant, he was not oblivious to the potential underlying romantic feelings she may have for him, and truthfully, he would be lying to himself if he did not acknowledge that prior to his destined meeting with Fan, he perhaps, viewed her similarly. Had it not been for his fateful encounter with the Eastern Enchantress, perhaps circumstances would have altered the progress of his reunion with the Phoenix. "Zhu-chan", he began, altruistically compelled to voice what he once felt for her, "There was once a deeper reason why the thought of you helped me overcome certain difficulties. Deeper than our friendship", he admitted, briefly holding her hand with a caring gentleness prior to returning it to his side, "Our reunion sadly came after I met another", he concluded, referring to the love of his life, his dearest Fan.

Transitioning his focus from the emotionally-relevant topic, he returned his interests to the more important discussion at hand. Could Zhu potentially aid him in returning his former, sealed abilities? "To heal my disrupted chakras", he paused, "I'll be eternally grateful Zhu-chan", unable to offer further verbal elaboration of his genuine gratitude, making clear his thanks with a soft peck on a close friend's cheek. "Perhaps, with my chakras restored to their former glory, I will be able to regain my ability to properly examine my inner dilemmas".

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The thought of another woman holding sway over Ishin's heart was utterly heartbreaking to Phoenix, but she had not expected him to save his love for her after so long. His hand was rough but warm on her own. His lips had only grazed her cheek but their soft embrace was gratifying; and though the affection did not last, it would be cherished for many more thousands of years; perhaps even until her death. With the topic of discussion shifting back to his vitals, Phoenix began to cerebrate. It would be days before her loyal disciples would return with the proper materials to begin her work.

Minutes had passed and the sun had already fallen behind the hills in the distance. Night was encroaching, "I have a private lodge just outside of London," she finally said; her gentle voice carried a trace of sorrow then. A sorrow that was brought on by the bittersweet experience of their long awaited reunion. She feared that if they remained together any longer she would break down completely. To maintain her elegance and poise, Phoenix began to dismiss herself, "I will wait there until my pupils rejoin me. They shouldn't be longer than three days. Once I have the Lotus of the Three Treasures I will send them for you.. will you be at Reisho?"

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@Lady_Regalia: Instinctively, as the elegant Phoenix seemed to have commenced an abrupt dismissal of herself, Ishin had set it upon himself to deny Zhu such an opportunity, she represented a nearly incomparable figure of sentimental significance to him, one of such influence that the very thought of her has enabled him to overcome even his darkest hours. Quickly, his hand reached out to rapidly grab her's, his grip very gentle as the warmth of his hand radiated all about her smaller, softer hands. Rising to his feet, his warm, almost intimate hold of her hand remained as his uniquely colored eyes met hers. "Zhu-chan", he began, "I have not seen you for thousands of years", he continued, "The amount of care I have for you is almost without peer. I hold you very dear to me. The mere thought of you has helped me overcome my worst moments", he paused, very briefly indulging in the desirable presence of a recently reunited friend, "Don't leave", he said, "Only now I've been given the chance to see you after so many years. Don't leave me", indirectly admitting to his desire for her company, having not felt her presence for an innumerable amount of years. "Stay here, with me".

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Hearing the footsteps behind him Cass ducked into the shadows and looked back down the ally behind him. Spotting the same guy he just rescued in the bar Cass called to him from the shadows. "You know, you shouldn't be following people like me around. If i thought you would cause me trouble you would already be dead." Stepping out of the shadow with his guns pointing at the stranger " a thank you isn't necessary, now do yourself a favor and leave me alone. People are after me , bad people and your just collateral damage to them" Spinning his guns back into their holsters Cassius did his jacket up and walked towards the stranger between himself and the market. "Watch yourself, people will think you know me now. You may be targeted." Brushing past the crimson assassin headed back into the market making sure he wasn't followed this time.

Back at the warroom Cassius places his weapons on the table and turns on the TV. The voices helped him feel less alone.

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: Angel stood in place as the assassin moved through the crowd, "Dude" Angel yelled at the stranger "this is not the end of this." Angel decided not to follow him but to scale to the top of a near by building, he was able to spot the assassin from the higher ground, when he smashed that guys head on the bar their was a splash of beer that got in his hair with the sun beaming down Angel was able to see his glistening hair, his coat being filled with all the protection and weapons it is makes him seem too bulky for a man of his size. He notices as the Assassin clears some debris and opens a trap door.

"I don't have any girl scout cookies to sell today." Angel decided not to step on anyone's toes, he knew the location of this place that was enough for him...for now.

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Despite the grey darkening sky threatening the otherwise beautiful day with mighty rainfall he casually made his way through the grey market, the mesmerising witch's eyes darted from vendor to vendor continuously searching for someone selling genuine and often dangerous mystical equipment but it was his first time in this part of the market and he had no idea who was real and who was fake. This however didn't discourage the young man strolling along to a female vendor to his left, he gracefully leaned against one of the stone pillars and spoke with politely but with a clear threatening undertone "Im looking for something.... specific I was wondering if you could perhaps point the way?" the woman face was stern and clearly not very welcoming "What?" she said rather rudely, controlling his temper he explained further "Im looking for a pendant with a gem, sapphire specifically, quite small with a sliver symbol and rim around the edge?" her eyes looked down trying in vain to seem interested in her stock "Never heard of it" she said quickly with a extremely shaky voice. Nik smirked and knew instantly she was hiding something, she clearly wasn't cut out for lying. Leaning in slowly his hypnotic seductive voice lowered to a whisper "Really? cause Im pretty sure you do and I'd hate for things to get out of hand" her head slowly rose to meet his eyes which upon sight dilated she was easily under his thrall "You'd tell me If you saw it wouldn't you" her reply was a weak babble of words which were unfortunately incomprehensible but she did nob. Again his voice drew her in "Where is it love I know you wouldn't keep anything from me so you'll tell me where it is right, do for me won't you?" Clearing her throat she spoke up clearly though her voice did waver slightly "D....down the street" she pointed to left "Old man was selling it but..but he's gone now left yesterday". Smiling "Thank you my dear" turning quickly on the spot he laughed at the middle age woman but was simultaneously annoyed at how close he came to getting that infernal stone still it was closer that he'd got in months now all he had to do was find the coffin dodger that had it, of course someone in this hell hole had to know where he went it was simply a matter of making them talk which was easy enough as long as someone had the right....persuasion.

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@agent ace said:

Frank makes his final adjustments to his black tie before leaving his room his mentor provided for him. The room itself was more than decent considering it is considered lower class, but what would you expect from a company who invents groundbreaking technology like they were assembling pieces of lego into very simple structures.

Hudson takes a sip of his martini before addressing Frank "Your dressed pretty nice today kid. Got any special plans other than training?" Some of the other trainee assassins in the hotel cracked their knuckles and gave Frank menacing looks out of jealously.

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@Impero: She melted from the warmth of his hand; and as Ishin rose to a stance, she arose in sync. As he worded his sentiments, Phoenix offered her ears dotingly; but with the tension of this tragic reunion weighing down on her delicate heart, the waterworks of sorrow were threatening to start up in her eyes once more when they met with his. Still, Ishin belonged to another, and for the last few millennia The Vermilion Phoenix of Golden Summit had carried herself with undeniable grace and divine elegance. She would not allow herself to shed another tear for a lover that was not her own. So, with a new resolve reinforced by the acknowledgement of the impropriety of a romantic union between them, the Regal Lady remained, but only to cosset her broken friend.

"You're too kind, Renxiong. Very well, I'll remain a while longer with you here, in your time of woe." Rather than provide an unnecessary addendum to a book's worth of dolent tension between them during their long overdue reunion, Phoenix chose to end it immediately with a tactfully placed segue into another, less saddening topic of discussion. "I must admit, after all, I do wish to hear more tales of your life after our last meeting."

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@Lady_Regalia: Affectionately, he gently placed a hand on her cheek, expressing his gratitude, "Thank you, Zhu-chan", he smiled, briefly engaged in a warm stare with the Phoenix's captivating eyes, planting a very gentle kiss on her forehead. Calmly breaking from the escalating intimacy of the moment, he gently relinquished his hold over her hand, turning away from her to face the distant horizon. His focus redirected towards the the struggle with his inner conflict, and away from the remnants of what feelings he once had for his childhood friend, Ishin exhaled. "Where would you like me to start?", he asked, once again seating himself on the grass. Unknowingly, his recent marriage to Fan coupled with his desired reunion with Zhu had steadily commenced the slow but existent restoration of his former mental and spiritual fortitude.

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@Impero: Perhaps unbeknownst to the Enigmatic Ishin was the Elegant Phoenix's intention of invigorating his hardened spirit through recounting his greatest feats, along with introspective examination of his emotions and thoughts during his greatest and weakest moments. "Your rise to power," she replied as she, too, peered out into the distant horizon.

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@Lady_Regalia: His most defining moment seemed to strike her with the most interest. "You already know about the training", he began, recalling the intense schedule that resulted in the indefinite termination of their childhood friendship, an event that briefly left the Metaphysical Messiah wondering, what would their friendship have transcended to had his ambition not driven him to continuously indulge in training. Recollecting his thoughts, he continued, "The Impero of the time, Neji, he was still alive. The monastery seemed to be heading for a path of prolonged peace. But it did not last. In Neji-sama's old age, a war between various clans broke out. We were tasked with fighting a war, I was inexperienced, but I was confident. What Neji-sama did.. or couldn't do during the war was what drove me to do what I did next. After leading some of my people to the front lines, I met with Neji, but in his old age, he was miserable. Eventually, we did win, we planned extensively for it. But as it seemed that Neji was destined to live on longer, I killed him. He was old, the decisions he was making were impaired by his age, and he could no longer fight. The clan needed a new leader, they needed me", he continued, "Come the tournament. I won. But I was young, I had no idea the weight of the responsibility of the Impero had. It caught me by surprise", he admitted.

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@Impero: (Hold on I can't leave kuma far hanging for too long. I'll be back.)

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No worries LR :)

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@Impero: She could have listened to Ishin talk all day. His voice was deep and powerful, as it always was, but the low rumble it gave off as he spoke with a casual tone was both appealing and soothing. The confidence he exuded when describing his own youthful vigor and boldness brought a smile to her face as well as a medley of fond memories of the brash adolescent he once was. His divulging of the great war reminded momentarily brought a frown to the corner of her mouth. An event that undoubtedly had its tragedies. The mention of his predecessor, the great Neji, had only painted a faceless picture in her mind of the previous Impero, as Phoenix had never traveled to the legendary Reisho Monastery, let alone laid eyes upon any of its Legendary Imperos. As he continued to highlight the major points leading to his eventual killing of the miserable age-induced inept precursor to his rule, and his initial assertion that the Keijijo needed his leadership, the Metaphysical Messiah revealed to Phoenix, and perhaps himself, a portion of the personal strength and courage that had helped him overcome his fellow clansmen vying for the same head position. In his many years of living, his many successes both large and small, perhaps the Keijijo Legend may have become desensitized, in a sense, to the gratifying feeling of accomplishment, big or small. Perhaps recounting his first major successes would inspire him in these new times of darkness.

Rather than explain out loud her attempt at psychology, Zhu merely smiled and cast endearing eyes upon Ishin as he spoke. He had admitted that the thought of her had often helped him regain his composure when faced with uncertainty. She was hoping that he'd remember the feeling of gratification from retelling his own glorious exploits and hoped that her being with him at a touching distance would furthermore rekindle his youthful fire.

"I could tell very early on that you were destined for greatness, dear Renxiong. You possess a vast pool of Jing then, an indication of great destiny and good karma; and with your mastery over qi as well as your tireless cultivation of it throughout the eras you have only elevated your Jing to unfathomable levels. You are truly a Metaphysical Messiah. Your enemies will not be ready for you when you fully realize your potential." She paused briefly and sighed, "My only fear is that your unwavering determination will cloud your judgement once more, and perhaps, the next time it may be for the worst.."

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@Lady_Regalia: At a seemingly instantaneous rate, various spiritual sensations had overcome him, the recalling of his greatest triumphs coupled with the intimate reunion with his closest friend, Fan's memorable acceptance to his abrupt proposal, his own spiritual searches, and his much needed sabbatical seemed to have subconsciously restored his legendary self-certainty. "You're too kind Zhu-chan", he smiled, having unknowingly become the man he once was. "I've missed you", he admitted, the full realization not only of how much he valued their closeness, but what she sentimentally represented. "For thousands of years, I've missed you, Zhu-chan", he continued, calmly shutting his eyes, his esoteric senses harmonizing with the spiritual qualities of their serene environment. "Thank you", he uttered, reopening his eyes, gently meeting hers as he offered his undying gratitude, "I know what I must do now", indeed, his inevitable encounter with the Keijijogaku prophets, the Seven Daimyo was to soon occur. "Please, Zhu-chan, come by the monastery soon", he requested, not simply so that she may aid him in the restoration of his prized Wood Yoso and Water Yoso, but to simply be in the presence of one he has long desired to reunite with. Prior to his departure, he very warmly wrapped his arms around her gentle frame, planting an affectionate kiss on her cheek, before very gently stroking it as he rose to his feet, waving towards her as he departed. A rarity indeed, for the Metaphysical Messiah to show such care for another.

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@Impero: (Whew! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders lol this character came with a lot of pressure..)

Phoenix relished in his warm embrace, "I look forward to seeing you then, Ishin." She said endearingly, prior to watching her beloved Renxiong make his departure amidst the moon-lit night.

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@Lady_Regalia: (Haha I know the feeling :P)

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Ivan sat at the bar, the cat and the fiddle. His usual spot had it's usual ashtray, filled to the brim with cigarette butts. His cold blue eyes glared at all the hell that was America on the telly. "Bloody hell, crazy yanks and their registration, proper f*cked that government is..." He spoke aloud, most people sat a few seats away, all from what they heard about the trench coat clad sorcerer.

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@The_Puzzler: "Ah f*cking crap..." Were the words of the blonde haired huntress as she stumbled across the London streets. An attack on an underground boxing club for bounty money left her in pain, a broken arm and large amounts of blood pouring down her face, murmurs in agony as that sensation of pain managed to leave her breathless. Not to say she was the loser of the battle, Leaving two of the three men decapitated and one with a push knife pinning him by the hand to a wall. Still writhing in pain, she walked outside a simple pub where none other then the don of the trench coat mafia himself, Ivan Que was sitting with his ever so cynical attitude and words filling the smoke stained bar. Her blade still in her hand, eventually Taylor collapsed outside the bar, falling as she grabbed her wounds, her sword next to her. Surely someone would hear her pounding thud?

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@Kamikaze_: Ivan swung the door open to the pub and went out for a breath of night air, not fresh exactly due to the aroma of nicotine that clung onto him like a ghost. The sorcerer stepped over the woman, not even bothering to care at first. He got about seven steps before he sighed out cigarette smoke and turned around to kneel over the girl. "Bollocks.." He muttered while taking some of the blood from her face, drawing a symbol on the palm of his hand after removing the brown glove. He took his hand and placed it on her heart, his body glowing red as he hum ritually, within seconds, she was notched down to reasonably healthy.

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@The_Puzzler: "Hey...what the fck are yo-...Ahhhhhh" as Taylor writhed on the ground for a moment, she felt a feeling of her pain healing quickly as the blood began stopping flow outwards. The cuts pulled together, and the arm snapped back into place as she got up on her hands and knees, looked at Ivan for a moment before saying with heavy breaths "Jesus christ...what did you do?"

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@Kamikaze_: Ivan stood back up and lit up another cigarette, putting his collar up to brace the cold winds. "A little home made blood magic, wont last longer than three hours, so go see a doctor or some bullocks yeah?" He said while waiting for her to stand up.

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@The_Puzzler: Finally getting up to her feet, the Kamikaze killer grabbed her blade and sheathed it "Ah christ...Thanks, is there something I can do to repay you?" She said, brushing herself off and trying to process what just happened

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@Kamikaze_: "Just owe me a favor I guess.." He shrugged while looking at the empty street. "Ivan Que" He stated plainly, hands in pockets, not even out for a shake.

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@The_Puzzler: She replied, taking one deep breath "Taylor Livingston...so how the hell do you know magic?"

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@Kamikaze_: "How do you know how to use a blade?" Ivan smirked slightly. "Just like your talents luv, anybody can do magic".

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@The_Puzzler: She grinned for a moment, looking back at him "Eh, some days I can use a sword... other days I just close my eyes and swing it."

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@Kamikaze_: "Hey.." He grinned back. "..Me too". The mystery started to walk down the street, not knowing if she was going to follow.

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@The_Puzzler: Immediately Taylor burst into a storm of later with the joke, parting ways as she walked towards any nearby hospital, no particular direction, but still looking to not die in the piss covered alleys of London

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@The_Puzzler: Having scheduled a meeting with Ivan at the Cat's Fiddle, an unmasked Ishin enters the British watering hole, rapidly spotting his old comrade. Seating himself across the expert exorcist, he ordered a cup of hot water from the waiter. Returning his attention to Ivan, he began, "You do seem to like this place".

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@Impero: "Sealed up a hell gate in the cellar a few years ago, decent discount on pints..." Ivan said while gently setting down another empty pint glass on the bar counter, picking up his cigarette and slipping it between his lips.

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@The_Puzzler: As his requested beverage arrives, the enigmatic Grandmaster briefly indulges in it, taking calm sips before responding, "Hmm I'm not surprised", he paused, exhaling, "I need information on someone. Warsman".

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@Impero: "The cosmic figure? Yeah I can get him figured, but it will take time, the bloke is no sucker" Ivan said while stamping out the cigarette in the ashtray, turning his attention to his mate.

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@The_Puzzler: "Well, it shouldn't be too difficult", he paused, taking another sip, "Your honeyed words have tricked the devil", a chuckle escapes him. "The boy you saw at the monastery. Milo Archer. Whenever you can, I want you to keep an eye on him. He's got that thing inside of him. Can't have the little fox seizing control of the boy's body".

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@Impero: "I already made an introduction to your apprentice, caught the vibes offa' him from all around the temple...Your sitting on a time bomb with that lad Ishin, he needs help, before he bloody kills us all..".

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Sitting on an old abandoned underground stations platform the crimson headed assassin was throwing stones at a line of beer cans he had rested on the track. Trying to keep his body busy so his mind didn't have time to dwell on its current predicament. Deep within his grey matter the continued conflict between his two sides the one he was raised with and his true nature. Having been raised a slay he didn't know how to be a Knightfall, could he ever truly be one after the fights and the hostility he held for so long. A flick of his wrist sending one of the cans into a somersault spinning from its perch, as the can span in the air a bolt of realization hit him through his clouded mind. Justice where was it for him ?and his parents?. The Slays have gone unpunished for their crimes, the same crimes he was sent to deal with in other families. A spark of bitterness clearing his clouded mind its target found its new purpose decided. "I need to kill Richard Slay and i need help to do it." pulling out his pistol and shooting the rest of the cans down he then stood up listening to the chorus of gunshot echos his mind and body one again focused and ready for war.

(Going to catch up with audio soon)
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@The_Puzzler: "He has us all concerned", referring not only to them, but Quintus and the entire clan as well. "The Zenku beast", he began, certain that Ivan knew very well of what he spoke of, "I had sealed it in an urn I created. The fool touched the urn and was infected. He would have nearly revived the monster had I not bonded the foreign chi to his chakra-points. As small as the fox is in comparison to Zenku, its still quite a problem", taking yet another sip, "Soon I'm going to have to deal with this. In the meantime, watch over him but don't let him know. He's young and stubborn".

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@Impero: "I'll babysit Ishin, sure, but hear this..If that boy gets out of hand, I will deal with it accordingly, even if that means lethal methods.." Ivan's eyes were filled with a promise when he stated that, he may be patient, but he is no push over when it comes to his word.

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@The_Puzzler: "I wouldn't blame you Ivan-san", he paused, calmly finishing his cup of hot water, "I would very much do the same", indeed, he was no sadist, but the enigmatic Impero was not known for his mercy. Should lethality be necessary, then the pragmatic Grandmaster would have no qualms with Ivan's course of action. "He hungers for power. That is what worries me most about him. And it is also what disgusts me about him".