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@Uncommon: Frank stared at he Bartender and ignored him. Continuing his way to the white haired, smooth talking gentleman "Again, I'm not into that, I try to keep fit and not cough uncontrollably in a stealth mission." Frank refusing the offer in his trademark British accent with a hint of Cockney.

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@agent ace: Hudson grins and places a hand on Frank's shoulder "You have morals that's good, I know I can trust you to stay loyal to the mission. Right kid?" Hudson motions for another employee to lead Frank to the sparing ring "Follow this assassin to the advance sparing ring and pick out five weapons to defend yourself with. Son I hope you're ready for Les sept niveaux de l'enfer, as we call it around here, because each level will hit you cold and fast like a locomotive."

( Les sept niveaux de l'enfer is french for "the seven levels of hell')

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Another employee leads Frank to the sparring ring, Frank remains silent as he follows the assassin to what seems like an armory of some sort. Right off the bat Frank takes a katana along with a pair of sai's, two knives, one larger than the other and smoke pellets, despite the fact that he has never used pellets before. "My French is a bit rusty, but that doesn't sound too nice" He spoke.

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@agent ace: The assassin replied to his curious statement "Yeah I remember when I was in your position newbie. At the end of the match I really had to make a life effecting choice: what was more important? The mission or the man. And you will have to make that decision too. I heard that back in Hudson's they the loser of the level one match had there scalp cut off by the victor." The official assassin took two katanas, spiked nunchucks, and a hand full of shuriken (throwing stars) from the weapons wall and said enthusiastically "I sure hope you don't lose new blood!" He then entered the sparing ring and positioned him self to the far southwest corner. The stands around the ring filled with other ninjas dress in such clean white that it looked they were all forming a snow wall. Hudson watched the match from a room above the ring.

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@Uncommon: Frank entered the sparring ring, sheathed katana in hand, holding it by the middle. The sai's were visibly tucked like pistols in his hips, the larger knife was tucked at the back, utilizing his belt as holsters while the smaller counterpart was well hid in his boots. Frank fiercely but calmly stared at the assassins eyes, anticipating his first move.

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@agent ace: The assassin rushed at Frank with furious speed and right out of the gate was going for kill shots with his two katanas. As soon as the match had officially started the ring's corners were lit on fire so that no one could just back out. "You must be smart now. Death is staring you straight in the face young blood! I believe you can beat me but do you? Do you really believe?"

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Despite being born into the wealthy and proud Harrow family, Vincent was never made welcome. In fact, you could say that his biological family despised him from the moment his mother died giving birth to him. His first birthday party was spent at a funeral, his father''s to be exact. Since his uncle couldn't even stomach being in the same room with him. Vincent was shipped off to an old friend of his late father's. A man named Darren Crowley who resided in Belfast Ireland. Vincent's proud, and powerful uncle, Sir Declan Harrow would not waste a single pence on raising his nephew. After all, The Harrows prided themselves on their elitism, and Vincent's mother was nothing more than a common streetwalker who caught his father's fancy. So, Vincent grew up with very little, Darren saw to make sure the boy was always well fed, even at his own expense. Now, twenty two years later, Vincent stood outside the gates of his uncle's fortress. Unfortunately he walked past the massive slab of steel every night on his way to his favorite pub. "Piss on it!" Vincent spat as buried his hands into his coat's pockets and pried himself away. "They never even gave me a chance." Vincent thought to himself as he sat at the bar.

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@Uncommon: Within mere moments the assassin temporarily disappeared from Frank's sight and reappeared just as quickly a few inches in front of him, using the sheathed katana for defense, the assassin's momentum stopped as his blades made contact with the solid sheath, quickly unsheathing his own blade, he thrusts the katana towards the assassin, aiming for the ribs.

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@agent ace: The well aimed jab makes contact with the official assassin's ribs and the crowd around the ring erupts into loud chants. Hudson watching from above leans in a bit more to really watch the match closely now. "Good hit. You'll make a good addition to the team!" the assassin says with some sign of pain. The assassin then disappears again and then reappears close to the fiery edge of the ring. He quickly sheaths his blades and throws shuriken encased in flames at frank. Literally as soon as he is out of shuriken he lights the spiked end of his nunchucks on fire and charges with quick speed once again at Frank aiming for debilitating blows to his torso.

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@Uncommon: The well timed counter attack hit its target as Frank drew first blood, but as soon as Frank gained the slight advantage, four shurikens engulfed in flames were quickly gaining speed, Frank managed to dodge two of them, but the Ace agent had to block the other two with his forearms, piercing them like hot knife through butter, just as he yanked the blades out of his forearms, the assassin was already within critical distance, bobbing to the right, Frank manages to escape the nunchucks. Quickly removing his suit, he uses it to further defend himself against the speedy assassin and hopefully time the assassin's attack to disarm him.

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@agent ace: Before the assassin knew it he was unarmed with nothing left but his two already used katanas. With little other option the assassin sticks both of the blades in the fiery pits of the corners and shouts "Now it is do or die young blood!" He throws his fist to the ground below and at that moment the swords shot out of the ground in the form of intimidating oxes made of flame. The beast weren't dangerously fast but they were unbelievably wild and unrelenting against there target, Frank.

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@Uncommon: After trial and error, Frank managed to disarm the assassin, but with rage, the assassin slammed his fist to the ground and his twin katanas were summoned out of the ground and were engulfed in flames, the flames itself were formed into two ravaging oxes. Slightly confused, Frank puts his smoke pellets to unconventional use as he threw four of them to the ground, testing his theory that it might be able to extinguish the flames, but he couldn't rely on guesses, he quickly moved out of the way as the pellets did what they were suppose to do and provided cover for him. Throwing one more pellet near the assassin, he was able to reach critical range and thrusted his knife, aiming for the assassin's stomach.

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@agent ace: The oxen were wisely thrown off course by the smoke and disappeared when they hit the edge of the ring. The assassin rose to his feat and said loudly/joyfully "The time is now! Embrace your destiny. show your potential and claim your spot young blood!" The crowd around the ring shouted in unison "Finish it!" and Hudson made his way down to the ring so he could get the full effect of the battle

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@Uncommon: The attack was successful, the knife pierced the assassin's stomach, the older gentleman came down from his place at the balcony to witness the match closer. "I stabbed him with the small blade hidden in my ankle. I refuse to kill him. Taking this warrior's life is a waste." Frank spoke, slightly panting. "He will be of great use to your little club" He added, dropping the blade he held in his right hand.

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London was always a favourite visiting place of the ants before Charles, and the boy was no different in his taste in vacation spots. Having come as part of an M.U.N delegation, he took his time to sneak out from his class and deal some good old fashioned justice. Standing on a rooftop, Charles adjusted his goggles to zoom into the scene below, trying to look for crime to stop, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

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@agent ace:The stands immediately cleared and as Hudson approached the ring the fire died at the speed of light. Hudson has two towels and a pillow with him as he approaches Frank. Calmly he places one of the towels over the defeated assassin and hands the other towel and pillow to Frank "Well you won Kid! You beat the first level..." He then looks Frank dead in the eyes and says calmly "You're a really nice guy you know. My master ,bless his heart, always told me that. It's no good being nice when your young and naive. There's no good in that at all. You've got to do it all yourself, and you've gotta learn quick. And you can't look for sympathy either." Hudson then pulls out a pistol and shoots the downed assassin in the head "This assassin had already botched hit mission a day ago and was dying of toxin exposure... You put up an impressive show though kid. Learn from this what you can, clean yourself up, and find a place to sleep here in the ring." Hudson begins to walk away and says boldly "Tomorrow you will train with some of our best and then advance to levels Two, tree, and four. Sweet dreams"

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@Uncommon: Frank forgot that was only the first of seven levels. 'I came here to train, not to enter a tournament' he thought to himself as the older gentleman placed a towel on the weakened assassin. You're a really nice guy you know. My master ,bless his heart, always told me that. It's no good being nice when your young and naive. There's no good in that at all. You've got to do it all yourself, and you've gotta learn quick. And you can't look for sympathy either." He spoke as he calmly pulled out his pistol and shot the assassin. "Trust me, there are benefits in showing mercy buddy," Frank replied as he took his sights of the dead body. Before looking for a place to sleep.

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After a prolonged and very eventful stay in the United States of America, the Aensland heir thought it necessary to take a small vacation back home.  Exhausted by the recent events which had put considerable strain on the entirety of her body, she deserved that much. Besides, she'd been missing her mother and butler. Her luggage, as per request, would arrive separately and be delivered directly to her house. Already on the plane she scheduled an appointment at a local health spa for later. For the moment she debated stopping at a cafe or a bar, deciding on the latter, since it had been a while since she'd had a drink. Once in side, she ordered a strawberry daiquiri and laid back in her booth, letting out a deep sigh.
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Cassius strolls through the Grey market its cacophony of scents and sounds almost overwhelming the assassins senses. The stalls around him sending forth a mixture of sweet and acrid flavors a combination of scented candles from the occult section and the heavy smelted iron scent from the smiting area. Cass looked around at the wares amazed at what was so freely available to those who had the money. Custom build weapons, stolen artifacts and advanced technologies this was truly a one stop shop for a man in his business. But today he wasn't shopping he was simply moving through the ground and watching the people. Spending alot of time alone in what he had affectionately called the war room his current hidden home e needed to be with people, a life time of living with a large family of assassins meant he craved human interaction regularly he missed simple chatter and sparring.

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Since last encountering a bounty hunter attempting to claim his life, Ishin has once again returned to London. With his trademark hood over his head, casting a characteristically enigmatic shadow over the top half of his composed face, the former Impero finds himself in Primrose Hill, a location of sentimental value to him, having visited it thousands of years in the past. It serves as the location where he first met a distinct childhood friend of his. Since last seeing her thousands of years ago, he visits the location once a year to recall his first encounter with who would be his first non-Keijijo friend.

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@Impero: An elegant red dress embroidered with traditional hanzi billowed out around a feminine anatomy as the regal woman wandered the smooth grassy terrain of Primrose Hill. Her mind replayed the convivial memory of her first visit to the hill; the first time she met him. A royal smile formed on her face under the vintage black British wide brim hat she adorned. Every step came with grace even in the cork high heels she walked in. Trailing behind were a pair of co-ed pages with matching outfits. In contrast to the vermilion lady of nobility, their faces were creased with scowling countenances which bore witness to their ever alert nature. It had been a long time since her elegance had visited the hill, and she was in for a pleasant reunion.

The trio delved further, passing a trellis when the oriental aristocrat sensed a familiar presence nearby. Off in the distance she could see the figure of a shrouded masculine frame. It couldn't be. Could it? Feigning listlessness so as not to alert her disciples to the presence they had yet to apprehend, she motioned her pupils to make themselves scarce with simple wave of her hand then advanced on the hooded man who stood poised.

"Ishin Keijijo," her voice was mature yet subtle. "Hm-hm-hm, what brings you to London, old friend?"

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@Lady_Regalia: With his uniquely colored eyes gazing off into the distance as his mind immersed itself into fond memories, the former Impero's esoteric senses abruptly alerted him of an approaching presence. Initially disinterested in the approaching individual, as their distance lessened, a familiar sensation had overcome the analytic senses of his ethereal third eye. "...", skeptical, his doubts were quick to dissipate as a faintly recognizable voice uttered his name. With instinctive composure, he turned round to face the woman, and to his genuine surprise, it was the very same individual who's memories of had brought him to Primrose Hill. "Zhu-chan", he calmly smiled, addressing her with an endearing honorific, one applicable between close friends. He had last seen her during his mid-teens when the overwhelming training schedules of the Keijijo had swiftly terminated the potential growth of their friendship. "You've grown", he pointed out, "I come here once a year, to remember when we first met", he was not an emotional person, but this place and its memories were a source of great sentimental value to him. "What of you?", he asked, silently curious over her reasons for visiting London of all places.

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@Impero: "Zhu-chan.." Phoenix recast. A mature titter escaped her ripe lips as the name left them. She responded in kind to Ishin's endearment with the Chinese equivalent, "still using honorifics to address your associates, dear Renxiong? Indeed, I have; I'm no longer the vibrant young girl you knew then. Living as long as we have can certainly dull one down, no?" She settled in a poised stance next to the Keijijo Messiah and peered out to where his alluring eyes gazed, "so you come here every year? I must say, Renxiong, I'm quite flattered. I was unaware that I held such influence over you." She gently placed a hand over her mouth for a moment to conceal her smile, "but truthfully, I have returned to reminisce of our time as well."

Though Ishin's words were delivered calmly and his face feigned neutrality, Phoenix could see through the ruse. It was the same expression the Keijijo Legend had adopted on the day they parted ways. "I know that face, Ishin. What troubles you?

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@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: Angel kept his head down and bided his time before, 'DOOF' "What the?" A man at the bar grabbed the strange assailant bar the hair smashing his head into the bar. "Do you always make friends this quickly?" The bar patron said to him, "Maybe I'm too loveable for my own good", While he was mid sentence the strange man slipped through the crowded bar and pushed through the door, "Hey wait up." Maybe he was trying to avoid the bouncers, maybe their were some police coming that he didn't see but Angel knew it was something different.

He managed to catch up to the mysterious stranger but still kept a distance, following him through the London market, he was curios at what a trained assassin was doing here, he noticed a knife, two guns and some body armour under the man's overcoat while he was taking out the trash back at the inn, Angel thought that he could have hidden it a bit better maybe there was a reason for that maybe he knew.

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@Lady_Regalia: As his eyelids calmly shut, his distinct, mesmerizing eyes closed for a brief moment, a genuine smile overcoming his largely expressionless face. "Its a habit", he admitted with an innocent shrug. Reopening his perceptive eyes as both reunited companions seemed to be facing the same visually stimulating horizon, Ishin replied, "True, you're no longer a child, Zhu-chan", he paused, "You now seem to carry yourself more like a lady with much regalia", he pointed out, calmly crossing his arms before his chest. "Well, you were my first friend outside of the clan. You know what kind of person I've always been. I don't like to admit to these things but it was memorable when we meet", briefly flashing a smile of tranquil happiness, at both his uttered words and Zhu's equally flattering revelation. Sighing as she was quick to realize that he was internally troubled, Ishin responded, "Heh, you haven't lost your touch", pausing as he calmly seated himself on the grassy hill. "A lot", he answered, "A lot of things", unsure how to begin.

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@Impero: As Ishin lowered himself on to a smooth patch of grass she shared a proverb in response to his outwardly elusive equanimity, "the ones who don't care, once cared too much, dear Renxiong." Taking a seat on the lush pasture next to Ishin, Zhu faced the descending sun from atop the hill. It's crepuscular rays shot across the azure sky and clashed with the mellow clouds. The Vermilion Phoenix of Mt. Emei's Golden Summit recalled what she had learned of the Keijijo Messiah from the brief times they had shared thousands of years before their reunion, "when I first met you, Ishin, you were young but you held a fearsome composure that rivaled the mightiest warriors of your clan. If I hadn't spent so much time with you here I would never have been exposed to your vulnerable moments; I would not have known that there was indeed a young man with emotions behind the artifice that was the Ferocious Tiger of Reisho. Your quandaries then pertained to the tribulations set upon you by the strict jurisprudence of your esoteric society, but now they are a mystery. Still, your barrier of stoicism is riddled with pain and I can see it. I told you then that I was willing to listen, and I tell now that I still am."

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Frank looked at the marvelous technological gadgets Winter Tech had to offer. After yesterday, he is now beginning to feel doubt if there actually is training or he has entered in a tournament only for the old man's amusement.

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@Lady_Regalia: Her altruistically-driven words proved sufficient to subconsciously coerce the former Impero into a brief moment of introspection. Recalling the arrogance of his youth, and how it convinced him of his then fabricated ability to compete with the greatest among the Keijijo in the ceremonial Kami no Ken tournament, which inevitably, led to the most unforgettable defeat of his life. It was his initial source of pain thousands of years from present time, an agony that Zhu had helped him overcome. Perhaps she would again prove vital in his future triumph over his current inner turmoil. A calm sigh came prior to his worded response, "The man behind the calm and the cool is driven by ambition. You knew that as a child, my goal was to become Impero. My first attempt was miserable. I was defeated in the tournament. But I overcome it, with your help. Eventually, I did become Impero", he paused, recalling his last moment spent with the elegant Zhu, countless years prior to his rise to the apex position of his esoteric clan. "But it seems that I am my own worst enemy. My ambition is self-destructive. You perhaps know more than anyone that I've learned to hide my pain with mastery. But all of my worst moments have been overcome because of your help, or the thought of you", he revealed, calmly exhaling, "I need you again", he admitted, having to combat his own pride to utter such words.

"There is a tyrant. He is unbelievably powerful, but I didn't care. I don't care. I had to kill him, but I didn't, I wasn't able to", he began, informing her of his encounters with the tyrannical Warsman, "Initially, I nearly did manage to accomplish it. But I recklessly used an experimental technique. But I didn't care, I had to be reckless because I couldn't allow him to live, he's an active threat to all things. But I failed, and I lost two of my most defining abilities", he continued, "My second encounter with him was worse. I was accompanied by allies. We were defeated instantly", but he soon revealed, "But these things didn't bother me much. What served as the catalyst was the resurrection of the Seven Daimyo by a malicious immortal", detailing the spiritual, and moral exhaustion and pain of having to kill the most highly regarded mind-controlled religious prophets of his clan's Keijijogaku philosophy coupled with the guilt of witnessing the destruction done to Reisho during his brief absence as he gathered the spiritual essence needed to defeat the Daimyo. Combined with his failures against Warsman, and his growing disenchantment with life as the clan's Grandmaster, Ishin revealed, "And so, I took a sabbatical from the clan. I find that I'm doubting the quality of my leadership, my ability to protect my people, but I want to do it, it is my ambition. But at the moment I can't, I'm not good enough, I'm not who I once was. Now.. I feel purposeless. All I ever knew was being a clansman, and the clan's leader. Now, at this moment, I am nothing. I'm lost".

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@Impero said:

But now.. I feel purposeless. All I ever knew was being a clansman, and the clan's leader. Now, at this moment, I am nothing. I'm lost".

Hmm...Deja vu.
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@_Strigidae_: LOL. Considering their current positions, wouldn't it have been kinda fitting for Shiho to have been asked to be his temporary replacement? :P

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@Impero: Just say the word. I'll step up and steal the life away!
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@_Strigidae_: Hehe, I seriously should've made you fight Quintus :P

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@Impero: And like Kratesis before me, I'd run a train on that bitch. No disrespect.
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@_Strigidae_: Hahaha, that's probably the best thing I've heard all day :P

Ishin'll need Shiho when he returns to the clan.

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Try going through me first

@_Strigidae_ said:

@Impero: And like Kratesis before me, I'd run a train on that bitch. No disrespect.
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@Impero: Always. ^_^
Comes full circle. Now I'm beating on the whole family?
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@_Strigidae_: :)

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@Impero: Speaking of which, what's that like, anyway? Like a competition or do they fight to the death? And outsiders?
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@_Strigidae_: Its a competition, there are really no rules other than the fact that victory is either by KO, death etc.

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@Ellie_Knightfall: I'm sorry! You came first and I was in mourning/emulating K mode. 'sides, it's not like we'd be killing each other. That's Tranquil. It's the Impero comp!
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@agent ace said:

Frank looked at the marvelous technological gadgets Winter Tech had to offer. After yesterday, he is now beginning to feel doubt if there actually is training or he has entered in a tournament only for the old man's amusement.

Did you actually want to write the training sessions or just skip to the next level?

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@Uncommon: Skip. :)

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@agent ace: K

Hudson enters the training room and all of the assassins except for Frank immediately put on there assigned masks. "Report to the rendezvous now assassins. Frank-" Hudson puts his mask on which is essentially just a fancy skiing mask "I hope you have something to hide your face with kid, because we're going out in public. Meet me at the rendezvous with the others... That's the roof of the building in this case. Make sure you don't disturb any guest on you way up." Hudson gives Frank a pat on the shoulder and walks off.

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@Uncommon: Fortunately enough, Frank brought his 'work' suit. A highly advanced piece of fabric, tailor made to adapt in different situations. Rolling his mask down his face and making a few adjustments, he follows the team of highly skilled assassins to the rendezvous point.

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@agent ace: Hudson stomped on his cigarette as Frank made his way on the roof "Consider yourself lucky kid. Not many before you have gotten an opportunity like this during training before." Hudson hands Frank a pare of binoculars and points to the north distance "See the 12 story building over there? The owner of that building has a second life job of robbing banks... He has a hefty bounty on his head now and you're going to capture him." The compelling sounds of a helicopter's blades usher in the rest of the machine "The helicopter will get you close enough to repel into the building along with 4 other assassins that you will lead with what you've learned lately. I'll be handling sniper work from a distance. Signal me when you want someone sniped."

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@Uncommon: Frank utilizes the binoculars his 'Mentor' handed to him to scout the location of the target. Dust and other small pieces of trash began to float violently as a chopper hovered on top of Ace and his new team of highly skilled assassins. Leaving the binoculars behind, he climbed up the chopper along with his team. Arriving at the location, the chopper halted as Frank repelled towards the building, leading his team of ninja like killers to the scene, their transportation looked like a big bodyguard gracefully floating in air waiting for the last team member to reach the building.

Wondering why they weren't given earpieces, Frank only assumed that radio silence is necessary for this mission. His team waiting in anticipation for Frank's next order. "Big guy, take care of those two watchdogs" The experienced agent gave his first verbal command, referring to two bald bodyguards. "I don't know any of your names, so I'll call you based on your physique, clear?" Frank added as they waited in the balcony for the biggest man on their team to execute his mission.

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@agent ace: The assassins at Frank's control reply as if they were one person "Affirmative sir." and the biggest of the group pulled out a series of shuriken "Kill or silence sir?" *

  • *kill
The large assassin chucks a pair of shuriken at each of the guard's heads. The small multiple sided blades hit their skulls with dead eye accuracy and they are dead before a sound can be made. As their bodies fall, two smaller and faster ninjas catch them and gently lead them to floor
  • *Silence
The large assassin throws two fake and dull shuriken at the guards which causes them to turn around. As soon as they do a full 180 degrees the large assassin hits them both in the center of their chests which knocks them both out cold for the moment. Two of the smaller assassins tie them up and place rags in their mouth just in case.

An assassin close to the size of Frank approaches his leader (Frank) and reports "It's begun to rain outside which will make it slightly more difficult to order a sniper shot and we have approximately 15 minutes until the cops become aware of our operation sir. Awaiting your command sir."

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@Uncommon: "Temporarily disable them" Frank gave the command as the big man quickly incapacitated the two well positioned bodyguards while two other assassins worked together to put rags in their mouths. "It's begun to rain outside which will make it slightly more difficult to order a sniper shot and we have approximately 15 minutes until the cops become aware of our operation sir. Awaiting your command sir." One of the member of Frank's elite squad said calmly. "The old man can handle a few drops of water, secure an escape route with the big guy, order the other two to find two more security guards, let them wear their uniforms and let them bring the target out in this spot, let's have the old man have some fun and let him shoot this guy." Frank replied in a commanding voice.

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@agent ace: The assassins nodded and broke off to do their assigned roles. Within 9 minutes the assassins where all back on spot, in disguises, and had the target under their control. When Hudson got the signal he took the shot form miles away and the bullet found itself in between the man's eyes. The sound of the shot was silent. The large assassin picked up the body of the target and looked out to the raining terrain outside and heard police sirens in the air "The law is quicker today than usual sir. We must evacuate now." The assassin that was the same size as Frank punched a wall and said with fear in his voice "I was spotted on the way up to the target... Though I killed everybody... sorry sir. It won't happen again." The helicopter pilot waved for them to board the vehicle immediately.