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@pyrogram: Oh..............well, eh.........I need to get some backstory, I'll do a story about it later.

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@amazingangel: LOL. Did you realllly think I would RP with myself? >.> Shame on you xD

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@pyrogram: Hey! it solved the mystery of how you got top poster so quick........urgh let's never talk about this again :P

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@amazingangel: Just a load of OOC posting, and you know...having a whole location thread and being involved in everything kiinnddaa gets you posts :P

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@pyrogram: Yeah I'll just do a blog post instead and hey I've seen you bump with alts before, I do that too though. :P

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@amazingangel: I only bump with Alts because I can't post due to the double posting limit. Not my fault the Vine is a b!tch xD

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@xenon_: Just RP with yourself to make me feel less like a douche please. XD

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@xenon_: Okay Imma hit my KOV post, see if I can make it long enough.

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@pro_nelson Mark, the Golden Man, was roaming the streets of London. He had no business to attend to so he decided to take a minor vacation. That does not mean he will not fight a hero or rob a bank. Quite the opposite, he goes on vacation to these things. He began to feel a presence was following him.

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Jordan was in the country of England searching for the man known as "The golden man". He had a vision this particular man was a part of an old criminal society. The kid wanted to test his fighting ability against such adversary to see how much he had improved. Near the grey market citizens passed Jordan by while he sensed everyone’s inner chi, suddenly he sensed an abnormal power level in a person and begun to walk towards him.

He knew right away this was probably the man he had been searching for. Channeling chi in his hands he clustered a small but powerful fire and wind blast. Looking back at the man oblivious to him fired the nature projectile as it went full throttle towards him. "YO!" Jordan at least wanted to let the golden man what he had in store for him.

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@pro_nelson: Mark heard something coming towards him. "Holy shi-" He turned intangible before the blast hit him. Finally a battle, now Dawn will be proud of grandfather. He turned and faced his attacker. "So you want to test your might? Well you might want to test your sight". Mark teleported into the sky in costume. Luckily for him it was a bright and sunny, thus meaning his power was at its highest.

Mark created a light constructs that surrounded him. Each construct glowed a bright yellow. "Yo, yourself!" A bright yellow beam came from his palms and was aimed towards Jordan. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch! Most of all my child beware the Golden Man who's light burns like the sun itself!"

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In utter confusion he retorted immediately, "Enough with the stupid introduction; what are we in medieval times!" Suddenly he could make out a bright sentinel beam fire right at him, "Ah Shi-!" Trying to dodge the beam he failed to realize the power held in such attack and was sent flying crashing into a corner stand of the market.

Slowly sitting back up he rubs his head and realizes his headband was still intact. But what was not was his prized Buddhist necklace. It had been shattered into pieces on the ground before him; standing back up coughing into his right arm, "Hey I can’t believe it’s not butter; that cost twenty bucks at the flea market you jerk." Clasping his hands together he levitated off of the earth and flew towards the golden man with much animosity. Unleashing a barrage of open palm pressure blast that could break down bone marrow; to finish off the onslaught he channeled a large amount of chi and sent a high pressured tidal wave blast towards his opponent, capable of ripping through human flesh. He waited how his brutal assault would pan out.

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@pro_nelson: Mark saw the boy levitate towards him. He saw what would be considered a gravity "punch". The onslaught of this attack was liike the rounds from a Gatling gun. He dodged the first attack, but then was hit by two more. He turned only for his concentration to break causing him to face a water like blast. He landed on the ground hurt, but not broken. "Nice karate moves, here's mine!" He teleported behind Jordan. Golden constructs formed around Mark's arms and he began to throw his own barrage of attacks. These hits had the force of a fighter pilot aiming to hit someone, kamikaze like; or so said the lab tests he did.

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The offensive aggression Jordan had displayed worked to a certain extent. He was successful on landing a combination of his attacks. In the spur of the moment however, Jordan turned around still in mid-air facing the golden man. Putting up his guard he tried fending of much of the brutal beat down. His forearms are immediately bought down and he is punched many times in his face. He flies to the ground violently and is put in immediate shock. His red and black cloak was still intact and so was his head band. The golden man did a number on him facial scars where prevalent and his own body imprint on the concrete matched that of a man who was just murdered. He struggles to get back up but pulls himself together.

Dusting off his clothing and clearing his throat, "Enough of this Dragon Ball Z shi- , you’re going down Mark!" Reluctantly while having his face pulverized in mid-air Jordan had kept enough eye contact, retrieving some minor information from the man. Extending his left arm out towards Mark still floating above him; Jordan sent a gravitational pull force towards Mark. If the golden man couldn't resist, Jordan would fling the man to the concrete with an overwhelming force. The momentum would be so harsh the golden man would also cave in the concrete just as Jordan did; He couldn't help but return the favor. He was just getting started; if Mark was left vulnerable he would continue the attack channeling nature chi in his hand’s he would thrust a large fireball projectile towards him capable of surpassing third degree burns and would inevitably result in a fatal ending…

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@pro_nelson: The golden age villain was pulled towards the ground and landed. He felt pain move up his back. He had enough time though to create a wall construct in front of him, blocking a fire ball coming towards him. "That was a good hit my friend, but you have to try harder than that. I think you are just too slow". Mark smiled a little. He created a multiple spike constructs next to him. With a snap of his fingers the constructs were sent towards Jordan.

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Golden sharp edged projectiles darted towards Jordan at high velocity. Opening his palms he gathered as much chi as possible and prepared for the inevitable. He hit the first wave of projectiles with gravity pressure blast sending them flying in all other directions. A rather large one came into Jordan’s vision and he made an “X” shape with his fore arms. The large cone like construct split into halves flying past Jordan. Confidence arose and a smirk slowly crept cross his face, "That’s all you got Trinidad James?!" But all the while he hadn't taken note of last incoming projectile. It had made instant impact lodging in his shin, "GOD DAM- IT!" The excruciating pain surged through the nerve endings of Jordan’s shin. Quickly removing the golden man’s construct from his leg; blood had rushed down the front of Jordan’s leg leaving an obvious spot of red on his lower karategi (Pants).

It had become apparent to Jordan he had gotten himself into fierce fight. He had a low pain tolerance and was suffering a bit. But he wasn't going to leave without a victory no matter if not fair. Channeling chi through both hands he mixed the elements of water & wind. Gripping his hand together tightly he created a dangerous mixture of nature. He would then swallow the concoction of power; gargling the water/wind assimilation he then violently regurgitated the combo. Shooting out four large mixture projectiles that shot out in high acceleration due to its wind influence and had the fire power of a “Challenger 2” battle tank and were headed right for the unfortunate golden man…

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@pro_nelson: Mark watched as the boy shot out the projectiles. He was like every other poor soul who they believed were a Demigod or god. Their powers are amazing, but their are mutants who can warp reality and control time; hell even some humans. What is to say Mark isn't the god of light? These "gods" and such are no different than the common villain or hero.

As the projectiles came towards him, Mark turned intangible and then teleported behind Jordan."So are you ready for round 2?" He then waved his hand and a construct in the shape of a gorilla jumped at Jordan.

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Having been using up much of his inner chi; Jordan had fallen into somewhat doubt. He was obviously facing an opponent more experienced then he was, sure Jordan may have had the power advantage; but throughout this whole fight he had been the one being injured and beaten down. The assimilation of water/wind blast had made its way to Mark. This was it Jordan thought, suddenly the man was gone, "He Teleported!" Looking behind him a golden construct of a gorilla pounced on Jordan. The conjured mammal crushed Jordan with its gargantuan palms; pounding Jordan’s skull. The gorilla’s overwhelming force may be enough to kill him, "Not today Caesar!" Jordan warped the construct into another reality using Samasara’s eyes; sending it into an unknown zero dimension.

Slow to get up Jordan pondered that moment to keep fighting or retreat with some dignity. He decided bended on his throbbing right knee, "Ok, you got the best of me old man. There is no point to keep getting smacked around by someone like you, BUT THIS ISN'T OVER!" Standing back on his feet Jordan clasped his palms together and his body took cloak teleportation form. He disappeared from the confrontation leaving the scene of the fight and the golden man…

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@superstay Leon waits on top of a building watching the people in the night, waiting to attack his next victim

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A door bust open, before a man runs out in a bloody, grey suit. He clawed at his face, which was covered in ink. The ink clung to his lower face, covering his mouth as he tried to scream for help. He was covered in bullet wombs and knife slashes, that poured blood.

Shadow nonchalantly walked out of the house a few feet behind the man. He watched as the man franticly clawed at the ink while clumsily tripping over all that the pitch black, night’s sky shielded from the average eye. Shadow held a black Taurus Revolver in his right hand. He followed the man through the alley. Muffed screams filled the small, little side alley, echoing off the walls of brick and metal.

Catching up to the man, Shadow grabbed him as pulled the man towards his black GTO Judge. “Eric Bateman, raging sociopath; Murderer of over twenty three women, seven men, and fourteen children, You’ve been a bad man…” He said as he forcefully threw the man over the driver seat into the passenger seat. He then sat in the driver seat before shooting the man repeatedly in the lower gut, before starting the car. “We’re going for a long ride…” He calmly stated as the man screamed, staring at his blood sprayed around the passenger seat.


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@superstay: Leon jumped off the roof and landed on the car roof and then pulled out a gun of his own and shot through the roof where he suspected shadow would be at. "how about me? what's my record?"

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As the engine heats up, Shadow stares at his phone. As he dialed a number into his phone, a load bang hit the roof. The roof immediately caved in, slightly. Shadow quickly opened the door and launched himself out of the car. As he turned in midair, while falling to the ground, he caught the one who bent his roof.

A pale figure stooped down on the roof. Firing a gun through the metal, he was dressed in black coating fabric, and armor of the same color. His skin, fully white with paleness, gave off a cold feeling. The moon’s powder blue light shined over him, revealing his long wilted white hair. His face, cold and filled viciousness, was covered by his hair, which was as pale as he was.

Shadow aimed his Taurus Revolver, while spawning another in his free hand, and fired at the chest of the man. He hit the damp, brick alley ground, while firing repeated rounds of ink bullets that could push the attacking man off of the roof.


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Serinah enters the streets of Liverpool... A woman if flying down from the heavens with an Umbrella. Serinah rolls her eyes and uses her Qi powers to send a bolt of lightning to roast the tart.

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The Paragon idly walked through the streets of Liverpool having a fun little holiday after so much trouble within the "United" States of America. His right hand holding some ice strawberry cream, his eyes squinted as a woman flew down from the sky with an umbrella, smiling to himself at this sight his eyes suddenly widened as she was roasted mid-air by a random women who'd sent a lighting bolt.

Regrettably dropping his delicious ice-ream the Paragon ran over shouting "What the heck!" Having no weapons other than his cheap ass Nokia he started to dial 999...The British police number.

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@pyrogram: Serinah sensing that a man had discovered her actions decides to use her self manipulations technique changing her appearance to that of a red haired woman that she has seen frequent the Hellfire Club of NY. She then takes her mask off, before making eye contact with the Paragon. After that she starts to run down a near by alleyway before scaling a building and transforming into mist... She waits about fifteen minutes before transforming back into her original form and walking back out onto the streets like nothing had happened at all.

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Standing still watching the woman take off her mask, a brief moment of eye contact was all which was evident before the woman tore off down the street leaving hims slightly perplexed. He would have chased but was tired, 72 hours of no sleep partying was enough to rattle anybody's cage. Walking away down the street sitting on a bench opposite simply admiring the Liverpool liveliness before turning his head around 15 minutes later, the same alleyway (A dead end) which the woman had walked into another one seemingly nonchalant walked back out. Squinting his eyes followed the woman as she walked, quickly placing down his Nokia forgetting about it he followed the woman to wherever she was going, trying to remain incognito.

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Serinah is aware that this man is shadowing her... She knew it would most likely happen. She decides to walk down some bad streets until she reaches a group of hoodlums, she pretends to walk past them playing the part of the helpless victim. The sheep. The wolves key in on it, and they decide that she is a ripe target for a good ol time. They begin to stalk her.

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The street the'd walked down was well known for being a breeding ground for criminals and rapists, the emerald Archer knew this in his short time in the UK and was worried for the woman's safety as he moved slightly faster trying to coin in on their conversation. Evident they were up to no good looking for something which would land them a long...long jail sentence. The heroic archer swiftly increased his pace coming alongside the lone woman "You'know, you're in a dangerous part of town" his eyes darted backwards giving the predators his own vicious stare "You should not be out here alone, in a street like this" unaware the woman was possibly stronger than he was.

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Serinah decides to play dumb. "What the sh*t?" she says in Chinese as she finally looks around and makes it evident that she had noticed the gang of men. "Please... Help me!" She says on weak legs, as it looks like she is going to collapse right there on the spot.

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@serinah_pao: (Damn damsel in fake distress :P)

Sighing to himself the hero knew the drill, placing his hands inside of his pockets getting his phone out ready to call the cops before realizing he'd left his phone on the bench. Sh!t. His training had not even been completed yet and he was about to face off with a dozen men? Stupid Paragon. Placing his hand upon the woman's shoulder his voice was quick and impatient yet caring "You'll be okay ma'am" Eyeing up the gang of men his stare being deadly enough to tell them to back off, he grasped the woman by the sides and hopefully walked them away from the group...if they man did decide to continue stalking, he'd be in for a fight.

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Half of the group backs off, if only to gather more forces. The few who do decide to follow show off their pieces with smug looks upon their stupid faces. These are a pack of heartless idiot brutes, that enjoy taking advantage of the weak. They smell fear like blood in the water as they key in on it... Staying three paces behind the whole way.

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Knowing this would only be a long night if he kept playing possum not fighting back it was evident they were going to run into a dead end sooner or later, and once that happened they'd be dead. Pushing the woman behind of himself speaking while raising his fists towards of the group "Stay behind me" Darting forwards like a cheetah attempting to punch one man in the throat, swivel kick another in the face before performing a hard shoulder check smashing a third man into the ground, leaving the others hoping a display of aggression would subside any other attacks, most criminals were cowards.

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As he faces the men using his attacks, Serinah uses her Uni presence to morph into a 12' tall demonic nightmare, but only for a moment when she is absolutely sure that the Paragon cannot see her. Then she shifts back into her normal form. That moment of clarity was enough, however as their eyes widen... Too afraid to scream they run away, praying that she does not follow.

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Grasping one man by the throat repeatedly smashing him in the face before the other attacker all ran away trying to scream like children but too scared, dropping the man to his feet who also ran away he turned towards Serinah perplexed "The heck just happened?" Looking around he'd seen nothing that freighting himself only being five foot seven he was nothing scary "Well then...threats over" Chuckling he offered his hand for a shake "Names Pyro"

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Serinah wraps her arms around him, practically tackle hugging him. "I am Serinah." she says with a giggle.

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Embracing the tackle hug he joined her in unison, feeling slightly awkward but his 72 hours of no sleep partying had desensitized him from all social bounds, whispering into her ear "Cute name" Having met nobody called Serinah he felt it was a particularly elegant name. Pushing off the woman softly his arms rested to his front casually "So what'ya doing in the UK?..." remembering her Chinese converse from earlier.

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"On tour." she says. "Holiday." She kisses him on the cheek. "Thank you... You save me." She reaches into her backpack and pulls free some money offering it too him.

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Waving the money down not wanting it having done this from his heart, but knowing he should take the cash being virtually broke. His sense of pride was too much for a sense of need "Put the money down, I helped because it was right" Nodding to the cash he folded his arms "But...that cash could be used elsewhere, wanna grab a bite to eat?" Smirking he gestured towards the high-street "I've heard England has a good rep for diverse eating places..you pick" He grinned.

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Serinah wants to laugh... But she keeps it inside. Diverse eating? England? Fish & Chips... And spotted dick... or Blood pudding that is pretty much all they have to their credit... Still she smiles. "Okay. You lead the way... I will feed my hero." she says as she walks beside him, holding his arm tight.

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@serinah_pao: (England is diverse! Foreign food everywhere <.< :P)

Smiling happily he led the way through the busy streets, noticing the way English people rushed around everywhere like the world was going to end soon, businessmen in suits and farmers in strange clothes littered the streets of Liverpool. Walking up to a traditional fish and chip shop his face turned into a joyful smirk, before pointing to another Chinese take-away on the other end of the street "Fish and chips - Or Chinese?" He pointed at both with his free hand his face beaming with delight.

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@pyrogram: (England is not known for food love... It is known for many things but food is not one. )

"Fish and chips" she says... Knowing that the Chinese place would most likely be serving things that she would not eat if she was back home. The thought of some dim sum does make her hungry however. "I like the beer." she says with a smile. "And the sports."

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@serinah_pao: ( Fish and Chips dominate hence the massive amount of obesity :P, you're right! - I'll reply soon, just gotta do something :)

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@superstay: Leon dodged The ink bullets except one which hit his mouth. he tried to open it but found it was far to potent to give in. luckily he was already between the world of life and death so he did not need air. however this would become annoying after awhile. He drew his shining black bladed knife and slit his own cheeks open, which allowed him to open his mouth wide enough to make the ink become less potent so he could slash it away. Then his cheeks healed thanks to his healing factor and without hesitation blasted black flames from his mouth at Shadow. The flames would disintegrate anything they touched and continue to burn until they destroyed the thing or person they burned.

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"Beer's good" Putting his arm round her shoulder without thinking he walked towards the fish and chip shop, opening the door for her waiting to go in first with a smile "Ladies first"