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@zaniel: The Author strolled into the room past Zaniel: "You shall have your knife soon, but when I deem you ready to have it returned, in the meantime you would do your lady friend a service, by using your wits instead of your trinkets." He said sharply, but then suddenly his tone changed to a softer tone as he looked back at him and smiled, "You're an angel after all I'm sure you can figure something out." With that the Author took the first step into the next part of the story.

@madame_techia: The Author stared up at the marvelous creature. To many, the "butcher" would be seen as grotesque and vile, but in the end, life was life. Life was something that should be deeply valued despite the fact that all of existence belittled it so. The Author watched as the combat took place. Normally he would stand back, pull out his notebook and begin scribbling away at everything taking place, but he had business here. There was another in the room Namoi Ramsbottom. A little dust speck in the great vastness of existence. Still she had something he wanted. He moved forward and glared directly into her eyes, and demanded of her.

"Where is it? Where is the Grimoire?"

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@the_author: Zaniel saw the man walk away..He thought sorry in his head.. The knife was a cursed knife..He was a fool for holding onto it. A brick fell down - Directly above The Authors head. Zaniel pushed him out of harms way, the brick hit Zaniel in the leg, Great. He now had a broken ankle. "YOU'RE AN IDOIT, I WILL NOT SAVE YOU NEXT-TIME"

( Make this happen just before he talked to that thing... )

@madame_techia - ( Waiting on authors response to me )

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"This is neither your fight, nor your concern. Mind to the matters of your world little man, while that option exists." General Ramsbottom sneered at The Author. She wondered briefly who this fellow was, and what his connection to Techia was, if any.


The Butcher chieftain lifted her by her neck, and began to squeeze. Madame Techia drove her robot arm into the creatures chest, but it seemed unaffected. Bloody mutants! The Inventor alone knew where its heart was. and she didn't have time to play barber...

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@madame_techia: ( Still waiting on author..After this interaction Zan is so getting a gun xD )

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@zaniel: (ooc; He was talking to the other woman in the room besides Techia, Ramsbottom.)

It was rare for the Author to get angry, but when someone interfered in a matter of great importance, he often found that his patience grew thin. He stood quickly to his feet grabbed Zaniel by the collar of his jacket and slammed him up against the wall. He looked down and saw the fallen brick, and sighed, "You imbecile, you have no idea what I am do you. Your concept of luck does not apply to me. You think yourself so powerful, yet you are still bound by the rules of your realm. I've seen your story though, you still have potential for greatness even though you believe greatness was taken from you by those you consider above you." The Author released Zaniel and reached in his pocket and pulled out Zaniel's knife. "This knife is merely a trinket, a tool to extend what you currently do not have access too. When you achieve your true potential " The Author motioned with his hand, and the Author's chain from his watch crawled up his arm and wrapped itself tightly around the knife. "After that the chain will release the knife." With that the Author placed the tightly bound knife in Zaniel's pocket, and turned away.

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@the_author: ( replying with this )

Zaniel watched on with...intriguing thoughts..This man. He reminded him of somebody...He erased the thought. No. Not him. He looked into the mans eyes "My concept of luck is not a concept. It is ingrained into everything around us. You may not realize, But you are not above it. Nobody is. Not me, Not you - Not even the great Zeus himself. Never forget that." He patted himself down and laughed "It was good enough to get my knife back" He smirked and hobbled away..But secretly he was intrigued by the man. This was a strange turn of events.

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[ This has been an excellent read. ]

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@pyrogram: [ Yeah yours :-) The angel / steampunk combination has been a great read. Are you both from the Fanfiction boards? ]

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@amaranth_strix: ( Yes, She is a FanFic veteran who I persuaded to RPG, as you know I am a FanFic writer also, But she is much better )

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@pyrogram: [ I'm glad to see the influx of Fic writers, brings in some new styles that I enjoy. ]

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@amaranth_strix: ( I am trying to bring in a load of FanFic writers , I have made it a personal challenge >_< )

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@pyrogram: [ Lately I've been thinking about writing a bit of fanfiction myself, because of all the FF peoples. Gets me interested in the idea. ]

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@pyrogram: [ Sure thing! Question though, what all CAN you write about in the Fan-Fiction section? ]

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@pyrogram: The sad truth was that he was above it. He was above luck, at least Zaniel's concept of it anyway. Not saying that luck played no factor in the Author's life, but Zaniel, as powerful as we was and would be would never truly be able to comprehend what luck, love, fear, truth, or even death really meant to the Author. The true meaning of these things for him lay in the possession of one who should not have it: Naomi Ramsbottom, a feared and powerful woman in the world in which she was meant to exist. To the Author though, she was just another stroke of pen or a button being pressed on a keyboard.

@madame_techia: "Oh I am attending to the matters of my world Naomi and I am no man." The Author reached out and touched the tip of the barrel of Naomi's gun. When he did it glowed brightly before dismantling in her hands. The components of the gun floated in the air, in front of them and the Author reached out and took the firing mechanism and held it in his hand. "You beings and your guns. You think yourself so powerful. In the end your all just specks of dust." The parts stopped glowing and they all fell to the ground clattering about. "Now I will ask you one more time Naomi before I do the same to you as I did to your gun. Where is Albert Walsh's Grimoire?"

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Zaniel watched as the man dismantled the gun. He was nothing like a human..He seemed above the normal realm of things. But he had one flaw - He had a superiority complex. That would not suffice.

He looked at the man and coughed "Please, Never call somebody a speck of dust"

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Naomi was afraid for the first time, and took a step back. "I don't know what you are talking about." She took another step back.


The room was growing dark, the voices becoming distant and faint. Far away. Unimportant...

She was looking for something.....what was it? She had trouble thinking for the first time in her adult life. Her robot hand brushed a throbbing thing. A heart? Why was she looking for a heart? Oh, right! She desperately clutched the Butcher Chieftains heart in her robot hand, and crushed it to pulp. the monster shuddered once, then felled onto of her. then the room went black.....

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Zaniel hobbled up to her "Sorry I went..I had to get my knife back , I did not know he is apparently immune to curses, If he was not the knife would have killed him" He patted her on the shoulder "Sorry I left you"

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Mark strolled through the streets of London. He'd heard tell of an underground market that might have what he was looking for.

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"Which time?" She tried to snarl, but was simply too tired. She shook gore off her robot hand.

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@pyrogram: [ Yeah yours :-) The angel / steampunk combination has been a great read. Are you both from the Fanfiction boards? ]

Oh, thank you! ^_^

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@wildvine: "I do not have time for your petty games, Naomi. If you won't tell me what I need to know I will find out myself" The Author reached into his pocket and pulled out the watch. I popped it open, closed it back and wound it. "It would have preferred you to tell me the truth, but you don't have to speak to tell me what you know." The Author reached forward quickly and grabbed her by the head, his thumb and pinky gripping tightly at her temples, while the remaining fingers positioned themselves along her forehead. The Author and Naomi, a look of horror etched onto her face, remained frozen for a moment. From the outside one might not make much of this, and think that the Author was performing some sort of pressure point technique on Naomi. This wasn't all wrong though, but the reality of it was much darker. The Author was breaking down every memory, thought, and feeling that Naomi had ever experienced in her lifetime, even the ones she fought desperately to hide. All for the purpose of finding what he was looking for.

A few seconds pass, and tears stream down Naomi's face as her eyes roll back and she collapses at the Author's feet. The Author let his hand down by his side, and sighed before muttering under his breath, "Another dead end."

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"I only left you as I thought he would die, Would you want that?...Don't answer that" He turned around.

@the_author: "May I ask...What are you looking for? You seemed like a good man..But now.." He turned his head in discontent "Not anymore"

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"As much as I enjoy a good torture session, I must interrupt." She strode over to Naomi who was kneeling on the ground and sobbing, and pulled out her gun.

"Go ahead! Do it!" She yelled at Techia.

"One day." Techia smirked, and slammed the handle into Naomi's head, knocking her out cold. "Now you owe me." She reached down and picked up the small device.


"Angel, I dare say your company has almost become tolerable. Not that I will miss it in the least...." She lifts the unconscious Naomi over her shoulder, and extends her left hand to him.

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@wildvine: ( Did she wana shake his hand? Or am I getting at it wrong? )

"Dare to say? Well.." He grinned "I knew you would come around" He shoot her hand, light enveloped them again "Take a little more luck, I think you deserve it..." His brow creased "Is this our parting?"

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"It....is. I have an empire to run. Enemies to destroy. Immortality to to find. Plus, I find your world a bit posh. What with your non-acidic rain an such. That was a joke." She explained. "I have never been very good with humor....fare thee well....Zaniel." There is a flash of light, and they disappear.

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Zaniel stood and watched as she vanished. He...He felt sad. He had grown attached to her, she was one of his first friends on earth..But she was not from this earth..Nor was he..Strange. He sighed and hoped this was not their last meeting. "Bye" He said to nothing. He looked down saddened...This was not over.

( Awww...Well Wv. This was much fun! Can I thank you for agreeing to RPG with me ^__^...Sad it has to end by hey, all good things come to an end.. )

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(ooc: Author reached his post limit)

@wildvine: The experience had not been very rewarding, but at least it would make for an interesting tale to be placed within the pages of his notebook. What he had seen within Naomi's mind had nothing to do with Albert's Grimoire, but nevertheless, her story had been a rather sad one. As he had delved through the mind of Naomi Ramsbottom, he learned of her world, the Monocle, the butchers, and the truth of just who Madame Techia was. He almost felt sorry to let the broken woman leave with such a monster, but he could not interfere. Naomi would have to go back to her world. He traded one last glance with Techia. A look that said that they would one day meet again.

@pyrogram: "Ah, No worries, I didn't kill her obviously. She'll just have one hell of a headache, and she'll probably urinate on herself in a little..." the Author stops to sniff the air, "Oooh, nevermind." The Author took a deep breath and rubbed his hands together, "Well, ladies and gents it's been fun, but I must be on my way." The Author turned and began to walk away.

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@delphic: Zaniel looked at the man vanish. He was on his own..Again. He took out his knife and saw the chain that was placed on it. In some ways he knew he would meet that man again..Hopefully - He felt he could learn from him, Or teach him about what makes you superior.

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(OoC) Lovely end. Bravo.


The pleasure was mine. Looking forward to future adventures.

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Puzzler sat at his usual spot in the cafe, however he was not the puzzler at this moment. He was his alter ego, Patrick Reese. The only allusion to his true self was a green tie, other then that he was garbed in a tailored brown suit, enjoying a cup of tea along with a warm spring afternoon.

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Vincent aimlessly drifts through the darkened streets of London all by his lonesome. He languidly exhaled a haze of cancerous smoke as some woman hit him up for a light. "Where you headed?" She asked as he lit her cigarette with his trusty zippo. "No where in particular." Vincent answered her with a shrug. "There's a nice pub around the corner if your interested?" She replied, her lips curling into a seductive smirk. "Eh...ya know I don't think I'm really up for anything tonight. Maybe next time." Vincent quickly took his leave of the woman. "She's just letting ya on Vince. She's probably got a few blokes lounging around that corner waiting for some poor sodding mark. I'd probably get mugged and spend a few nights in the hospital. Can't exactly afford that at the moment." He mutters to himself aloud.

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Nelson's column. Midnight.

"Hey! get back here, I know you can hear me!" The streets were dark and rain poured down heavily, like coins dropped of of the empire state building, a figure is seen running through alleyways, small but fast, his breathing can be heard loudly, his orange jumpsuit shines almost like a tracking tag, the shouts and frenzied activity can be heard all through the night time streets.

"Sir, we've lost him."

"Ahh sh**"

"Can I ask you a question sir, why did you make a hyper intelligent, super soldier, with all the knowledge to destroy the whole corporation."

"Because sometimes you need to set an example, teach others not to F*** with us.'

"Fair enough but why make him a Rabbit."

"I Dunno......Kicks"

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The date is december twenty twelve, Angel before he was Angel walks home from pouring coffee and making small talk, he'd taken a late shift to get more money to pay a new TV......he didn't know at this point how futile all of his saving would become.

"What the fu*k" Angel gazed confused and perplexed by the sight of a rabbit in what looks like a shirt and tie, "Hey hey, it's okay little guy." Angel pulls the carrot he didn't eat for lunch and tries to coax the Rabbit.

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Dodger looked over from behind the turned over rubbish bin, at the strange man trying to give him a carrot, he doesn't look like one of the scientists , in all honesty Dodger though he looked a bit dense, well meaning but dense.

Dodger slowly approached the man with the carrot, "Hey I think he went over here!" Dodger ran back round another corner, it was a dead end.

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Angel followed the Rabbit round the corner and down the ally, he crouched down next to it and spoke quietly, "Are those guys trying to hurt you"

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Dodger crawled out from behind the rubbish bin and started to bite the carrot, "Hey I think I heard something, over here." A scientist loudly yelled near their location.

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"Quick get in here" Angel opened up his bag for the Rabbit to jump in.

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@xenon_: Hey you did it and I WANNA GET ON THE DAMN TOP POSTERS BOARD!

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@pyrogram: Really.....Zaniel and Killer Rabbit

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