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London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, and the largest city, urban zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the European Union by most measures. Located on the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its founding by the Romans, who named it Londinium. London's ancient core, the City of London, largely retains its square-mile mediaeval boundaries. Since at least the 19th century, the name London has also referred to the metropolis developed around this core.

A multicultural city, London has a diverse range of peoples and cultures, and more than 300 languages are spoken within its boundaries. London is a leading global city, with strengths in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport all contributing to its prominence.

(You want to make a location in this thread go ahead, though be respectful ok!)

Important Locations

General tourism locations – Such as Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Downing street etc. These can be visited , interacted with but they will be rebuilt if destroyed.

The Grey Market- An infamous shopping venue for the less concerning customer. If you’re looking to find an item that’s gone missing, fence some less than reputable items of your own or browse Europe’s number one source of occult/mystical and downright dodgy wares. After years of moving around London to avoid the law, a group of vendors bribed some builders of the Underground to create for them a secret and well hidden place to continue their seedy deeds. Open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm.


The Front Door Inn- Former tube station come pub (located in Piccadilly). Access to the Underground tunnels is still available to those who know the right the person or pay the right price. A meeting ground for traders / criminals and members of the underworld collectibles scene. The bar is worked by underlings of the owners of the Grey market, you mess about in the bar you won’t make it to the market as they are paid to keep the riff-raff and the fuzz out. The staff has access to weapons and equipment to counter most forms of threat but if you play nice and simply enjoy the venue itself you need not ever see them.


1. No god modding, no-selling or any other cheap stuff please

2. You can destroy some minor buildings etc. but can't do anything prominent without my permission

3. Please sell the security here

4. Anyone can visit the market or bar, permission needed for the war room.

5. The War rooms location is near to but not known by workers of the Grey Market or The Front Door Inn ( so no NPC’s can tell you anything about it)

6. Police and underground forces will respond to threats accordingly. Consider you actions and sell the fact that people will attack you if you provoke them.

Any Questions or problems Pm Cassius Knightfall
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Nicely done man :)

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@Impero: i stole your rules and modded them , thanks lol

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@EdwardWindsor: Haha, its all good man :)

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I f'n hate Picky's lol looks awesome man.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Do it, make a pikey lol

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Great. Abigail can go home now.

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Sitting at the bar of the Front Door Inn Cassius looked at the people around him. He wasn't much of a drinker but he liked to be in crowded places it kept him sharp he could listen in on conversations, scope the exits and customers around him. "Another one of these please" tapping the edge of his empty glass the barman turns to the pump and pours the unmasked assassin another drink. "You know Cass, whilst you dad hasn't found me here he will move heaven and earth to find you" Looking up into the barman's eyes Cassius angry replied "Hes not my father, and if he comes to find me , i will kill him"

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"I'm home." Angel stepped off of his motorcycle dressed in fashionable civilian clothes and walked up to the front door inn,"It's been a while since I felt that ice cold air shock my skin, it gives me goosebumps but I'm not here for nostalgia, I'm here to find someone, Someone from my past, someone who took someone very close to me away, I heard he's back in town and I intend to find him, I just don't know what I'll do after that."

Angel slid into the Front Door Inn, loud current music booming in his ear, he strafed past drink spills and curved through crowds before arriving at the bar, he scams the faces of each and every man at the bar, none of them are him some of them seem very annoyed though, "Hi there can I get a Coke please.".

"Straight away sir" The barman swiftly poured out his drink into a lightly smudged glass and slid it to him. "So is that your bike outside.".

"Yeah" Angel replied nonchalantly.

Angel tuned out of the barman's small talk and looked around the room scanning faces, he came across a scowl aimed in his direction, He cut the barman off mid sentence "We might have some trouble pretty soon" The scowling man began to walk in Angel's direction purposefully reaching into his pocket.

Angel quickly finished his drink clutching it tightly as he constructed a plan of action. "This was not the welcome I expected."

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(oohh good job! :D)

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(Awesome really good idea my cvnu character is from the uk so this is perfect ^_^)

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@Zeon Liafador: @Alastair_Dean_: Thanks Peeps

@AmazingAngel: Cassius hears the dying roar of a motorcycle engine as it comes to a stop outside. As a keen biker himself he could detect the subtle notes of the sporty engine the bike sounded Asian to him. Most of his bikes where Kawasaki's and this one sounded similar to him. Still facing across the counter he heard the rider enter and walk up to the bar not far from him, ordering himself a drink. As Cass's friend handed the rider his drink he heard a ruckus over his shoulder movement towards the bar. One the locals reaching into his jacket as he approached. Watching and waiting the trained assassin waited for the reveal. Was the man reaching for a wallet a mobile phone? or was he reaching for a weapon. A glint of metal came appeared in the mans hand and then Cassius struck. Striking the armed man hard, open palmed in the back of the neck he jarred the locals head forward. Ducking under the mans arm grabbing his wrist as he turned he slammed the aggressors face onto the bar. " We gonna have a problem here mate?" holding the man down on the bar he turned to the bike rider " Do you always make friends this quickly?"

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Cid hated Genestealers. His first experience with aliens was with Genestealers, and Peacekeeper command, in it's infinite wisdom; deemed him to be an expert in fighting them. SVRT! His sword crackled as it neatly lopped off the head of a Hybrid as it rushed at him with a knife while he sidestepped and then backstabbed another with his gauche, kickflipping to avoid an RPG-7 shot before throwing his Gauche dagger at the Hybrid's head, stabbing right through it before he tore it out of it's head and rushed into another mob in the confines of the sewer system. A purestrain genestealer snarled and hopped down from the ceiling, Adamantium shearing claws digging into his skin after clawing through his armor, but the frankenstein managed to hurl himself backwards and slam the genestealer into the walls of the sewer, crushing the four limbed tyranid into a bloody paste as he stabbed another hybrid in the chest, the shrieks of dying aliens and spanish curses going throughout the sewer systems.

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@The_Timely_Assassin: ( interesting i don't know what to do with this really since the underground is kind of important lol)

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@EdwardWindsor said:

@The_Timely_Assassin: ( interesting i don't know what to do with this really since the underground is kind of important lol)

((Think of the peacekeepers as MiB, they keep the aliens and demons out of sight and mind...by brutally murdering them.))

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@The_Timely_Assassin: ( will sell seeing some odd liquid or something then probs)

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@EdwardWindsor said:

@The_Timely_Assassin: ( will sell seeing some odd liquid or something then probs)

((Care to explain?))

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@The_Timely_Assassin: ( i have an underground market and team location in the same sort of area, so i could notice something you may have missed cleaning up whilst down there.)

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@EdwardWindsor said:

@The_Timely_Assassin: ( i have an underground market and team location in the same sort of area, so i could notice something you may have missed cleaning up whilst down there.)

((Ah, I see.))

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Nice work! I'm going to be coming here a lot : )

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Winter technology Intentional/ London location

Unlike other Winter Technology locations, the new London location is not specifically used for developing new technology, but instead for showcasing how well new designs can be integrated into your life not only on the go, but also at home. The London location is the product of fine hotel living and new technology. Away from home or just want a good night out? Why not pick you stay at Winter Tech Inn.

But it's also the mask of yet another assassin league that only Hudson and smart or trusted individuals know about. The base of operations for these assassins is under ground so it's not exactly very easy to find. Though if you want to train here just contact an on duty employee with the code: IceBreaker
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Days after the inevitable commencement of his sabbatical from the Keijijo Clan, the former Impero finds himself roaming the streets of London. Having cleansed his face from the prominent scar that once defined, the unmasked Ishin directs his attention towards a nearby cafe. With a hood casting an enigmatic shadow over the top-half of his face, the apparently composed Keijijo Legend seats himself, requesting a refreshing beverage, "Some water please", he calmly responds to the waiter's question.

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@Impero: August rushes into the cafe wearing a flat cap on his head and scarf around his mouth so admittedly he did look a bit suspicious at first but he quickly adjusted his appearance so that he fit in better with the environment. He asks the Keijijo star almost out of breath "hey can I take a seat here son?" he is pointing at a vacant chair in front of impero.

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(Neat! Don't know how I missed this)

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@Uncommon: Tranquilly taking a sip from his cup of steaming hot water, Ishin calmly pauses, directing his attention towards the weathered old man, briefly examining the stranger's physical form with perceptive, uniquely colored eyes. Wordlessly, he allows the man to sit, silently gesturing towards the seat with his empty hand prior to resuming his composed sips.

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@Impero: August takes a seat and places his cap in his lap. He lets out a sigh of relief and tells the young Messiah thanks. Then orders a latte and looks back to the young man "You know, when I heard about your old man at first I refused to believe he was real!" He laughs and rests his newly received latte on his left knee.

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@Uncommon: Gently setting his cup of hot water down on the table, he calmly removes the hood casting an enigmatic shadow over his recently cleansed face. "Well, it is interesting to know that you know believe that I am real", he concluded, transitioning his attention towards the waiter, "More hot water please", he requested.

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@Impero: August grins "Well a good bounty hunter must know his targets like the back of hand shouldn't he?" Then he takes a good sip of his well prepared latte.

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Ooooh, interesting

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@Uncommon: Previously informed of the supposed bounty by one of his more peculiar allies, Ishin had quietly anticipated such a situation. With the utmost composure, and apparent disinterest in the bounty, Ishin simply resumed the drinking of his hot water. Mentally and physically conditioned from innumerable years of experience and rigorous training, Ishin was instinctively ready to respond to any potential attack. Calm and with undeniable self-certainty, he waited.

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@Impero:August takes one last sip of his latte before throwing it in impero's face. He then pulls out a knife and says "This is nothing personal son!" before throwing a few quick slashes Ishin's way.

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@Uncommon: Instinctively using a set plate on the table to shield himself from the latte, Ishin calmly resumes indulging in his beverage. Consistently reliant on his nigh-peerless speed, the former Impero effortlessly blocks the attempted slashes with the high-speed movement of his left index finger. While the bounty hunter's skill and clever combination of attempting to impair his target's vision prior to the commencement of the assault was commendable, it was simply too slow an attempt. Directing his attention to the confused waiter, he calmly speaks, "More hot water please", almost entirely disinterested in the apparent attempt on his life. Had he been an ordinary individual however, there remained no doubt in his mind that he would fallen victim to the bounty hunter's attack.

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@Impero: "I like your style son. Allow me to make things more exciting." Hudson says after Impero receives his next cup of hot water. The old ninja makes a few sophisticated hand motions and encases his fists in frozen brass nuckles. The frozen bludgeoning weapons were only the first part of his attack. He then pulls out a smoke bomb that helps him quickly disappear and throws ridiculously quick (especially for his age) punches at his target from all directions.

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@Uncommon: Perceptive eyes elusively study the unexpectedly displayed capabilities of the deadly elder. Entirely indulged in his steaming beverage, Ishin remains unfazed by the abrupt use of a smoke bomb, his uniquely enhanced eyes enabling him to retain perfect vision in the expanding cloud of smoke. As the visibly impairing smoke seemed to envelop his physical form, the bounty hunter's ruthless assault, while admittedly impressive for one of his age and near-physical normality, was dramatically below the preferred base speed of the former Impero. As the smoke dispersed, the enigmatic Grandmaster had vanished, having departed seconds prior to the commencement of his brief opponent's assault, his cup empty, the money left resting on the table. While clearly formidable, a target such as Ishin is perhaps a task too difficult for a single individual.

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@Impero: An old and tired Hudson stood quietly in the cafe. He pushes the communication device in his ear and reports "Mission success. Requesting evacuation at rendezvous immediately. Several witness. Prepare to clear there memorize of the last 30 minutes to an hour. Hudson out." A distressed waitress starred at Hudson in terror. He says to her kindly "You make a great latte by the way darling."


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@Uncommon: Haha I loved the last part with the waitress :P

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After trying his luck at the Lub Cardinal's for training only to be left unattended he fly's back to London, visiting the architectural masterpiece that is Winter Technology. Sitting at one of the tables at the back of the bar, he asks for a glass of water.

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@agent ace:Hudson was visiting his second favorite part of the London location really only planning to enjoy a martini and organize some mission details but when he saw the ace sitting in back he had to ask "Do you minute son? I've got a question for you."

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@Uncommon: Frank saw an older gentleman approach him and asked in a warm, welcoming voice "Do you have a minute son? I've got a question for you" Frank looked at him and took a sip of his water before answering. "Depends on the question"

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@agent ace: Hudson laughed "Okay son. Allow me to be more punctual" Hudson leans close and asks quietly so no one else can hear. "How many people have you killed in your life kid?"

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@Uncommon: "I don't count" Frank replied, slightly clenching the glass of water if something bad would go down.

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@agent ace: "I asked you that because you remind me of my youth. Almost too much kid" Hudson notice the movement of frank's hand "Relax son. I'm not about to attack you just going to extend you an offer to the more... risqué side of Winter int. You smoke?" Hudson offers a cigar before returning to his files and martini.

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@Uncommon: "No thanks, suicide's not my thing" Frank replied. "And what does that place offer?" Frank added, slowly relaxing his grip.

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@agent ace: "Well said son. Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics. And let's just say that we here at Winter technology offer a lot more 5g wireless smart phones and nifty tools, we also Dabble in the bounty hunting business."

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@Uncommon: "I'm looking for new tricks mate, not toys"

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@agent ace: "Great, that's what the vigorous training is for anyways. But no pressure kid just think on it. If nothing else I wish you good luck out there son." Hudson then begins to further organize mission plans at the bar.

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@Uncommon: As soon as the word training was utilized Frank quickly realized, this might be the break he needed. Although highly trained, Frank thinks he needs to better himself and learn more as targets become more skillful and missions more difficult. "Humble yourself Frank" He said under his breath. "I..." Pausing for a bit, mustering up courage before continuing. "I would like to learn more" He said, slightly clenching his teeth.

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@agent ace: Hudson finishes his martini and tosses the empty glass to the bartender who catches the glass on two fingers. Hudson then points to Frank and the bartender makes his way to him. Once they are face to face the bartender gently asks Frank "Please report to the backroom sir."

(assuming Frank follows the assassin to backroom/dojo)

"Your first trail will be to take this pack of cigarettes and be done with every stick in 2 hours flat and remain completely sober. Prove your devotion to me."