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@myrmidon_: "NO!" Higgins barley had time to exclaim let alone yell as his body was cast aside like a throw pillow. Myrmidon would no doubt notice the strange consistency of Higgins upon grabbing him, unlike a humans. His gaseous body proved useful when he hit the tracks, going farther to demonstrate no electrocution on a suit made of rubber and glass, no organics inside. Higgins's hands actually deflated, his upper arms becoming larger just enough to let the makeshift cuffs slip off.

"So be sir!" He leaped off with a battled shout, his metallic fists now carrying a small electric charge and went for a strike on Myrmidon's jaw. Agency training had to be occupying the mind if he even hoped of standing toe to toe with this man. Chop to the larynx, kick towards left shin, followed with quicker stomp towards kneecap. But this was the appetizer to a more peaceful solution.

Higgins extended his hands outwards, the metallic tips popped open to puff out a decent amount of ectoplasmic gas right on Myrmidon. It reacted negatively with the living, usually causing nausea and cardiac arrest.

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Higgins bolted forwards with a leap, skilfully managing to strike Myrmidon's already injured jaw with a very impressive strike, causing the Vespa Viper to buckle in pain as he was slightly electrocuted, and the another hit, aimed towards his larynx, causing Myrmidon to cough, "Grr" he growled, avoiding the shin kick prior to thrusting out a single palm and harnessing his metal bending for a third time, sending out a forwards pulse push aiming to take advantage of the metallic components of his opponent and send him flying backwards, once again, into the tracks.

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@myrmidon_: "!" Higgins was sent back once more, but a different result occurred when his body slammed against a train that just pulled into the station, the doors popping open. "Higgins, Stocks here, it's time we sent in the rest of the squad so stand b-" Higgins groaned and got to his feet, seeing civilians step out of the train. "No! Civies on ground, I repeat that civies are on ground. I have this!"

Higgins pulled out a sort of high tempered wooden baton from a back holster, it oddly enough sparked with electricity here and there. Advance, bee line to approach Myrmidon. Slap for the foot, slap on the shoulder/neck region then finally an attempt at sticking the baton right against his chest to deliver a strong shock.

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@_higgins_: I'll reply tomorrow (don't let me forget lmfao) as I'm too tired now lol

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The initial feel might be slightly off but it will meld in seamlessly after a week, by then he will have an eye that never stops. Cannot stop. Both as ex-human to ex-human, having a company would be good in this current temporal climate. Sawyer is built with amazing precision, and someday Ulther would like to learn how to do something up to that level. Now he plays with gears.

"I use similar mechanisms to the design of my new heart." The king of iron considers this a release, he likes to tinker with things and its not that often when a willing person shows up "No worries, but you might want to adapt to the ticking though." especially when both of them can relate when it comes to prosthetics, although the king of iron cannot compare to a near full conversion cyborg. "I will visit you shortly, and then we will have some fun." there is a guy that the King of Iron wants to see in the states, somewhat of a classic figure in the folklore that can do something useful.

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Sawyer nodded his head in agreement to the ticking sound that he is hearing right now."Yes the ticking sound would be getting used , that is for sure."The ticking sound was going in a nice beat that might help him in training or in a duel for that matter .When Ulther said that he had a similar design for his new heart remind him of the organic heart that he hand inside of him that was place there .

"Fun is a word that I rarely use Ulther but I hope that I have the cabin clean up before you get there."That is right he doesn't have anybody watching the cabin as of right now but when he get's there he would have to check it out and clean up any mess that would be there if there not he would need to install something to protect or at least keep it on lockdown when he leaves on big trips like this one he is in.

"Until we meet again Ulther, I hope you have a nice day."Sawyer gave another bow before he leaves.He walked to the door of the warehouse and open the steel doors to make his way back to his cabin hoping that nothing bad will happen to it.

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Nimbly evading Higgins' initial foot strike with a swerve to the side, Myrmidon's thrust his right arm into the air as his fist clenched, targeting the concrete structure above with his Earth Yoso and attempting to collapse the ceiling upon Higgins, however, not before the neck strike had startled his focus causing too much of the structures integrity to break, and horribly, the entire subway ceiling threatened to now collapse upon both of the fighters and crush them, protectively jumping backwards and evading the last baton jab and covering his face as the entire subway started to collapse.

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@myrmidon_: "Fool! What are you doing!?" Higgins shouted and his suit froze in place, slowly looking up at the cracking ceiling. Of course the agent gazed to the civilians who were thankfully fleeing in a panic, causalities could not occur during such a delicate mission. But this check resulted in a loss of valuable time, the ceiling started to collapse. Instincts kicked in, and the agent leaped towards Myrmidon, only to fall a few feet short.

The leg of his suit got caught in the rubble, no pinned to the ground. "No.." He pulled out his pistol and went to shoot for Myrmidon's kneecap when...*CLK!* happened. The gun seemed to be jammed, or broken. His glass helmet looked up to Myrmidon. And though he could not emote, a teeth grinding rage is what he felt. "This is the recklessness that has you hunted Myrmidon. It won't end until it's your own undoing."

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@_higgins_: (Soz for delay, got busy watching something on TV lol)

Nonchalantly removing the fallen pieces of debris and concrete from his body with a simple wave of his palm, Myrmidon stood up from the ground, indignantly stepped forwards and gazing down upon his hunter, his foot, idly coming to rest atop of Higgins' glass helmet as the Vespa Innovators voiced echoed through what was left of the tunnel, "This is not recklessness, this is indifference," The ancient immortal chuckled, breaking his stoic composure, "You attacked me. I merely defended myself. Not once, have I taken innocent life without a cause," Although it was a crude way of thinking, Myrmidon did not murder for no reason. Yet, it was still murder, by human standards. "By hunting me, you only propagate the thing you seek to halt" Increasing the pressure of his foot and attempting to crush the glass helmet, and squash the man. "Do not follow me," uncaring if his foot had squashed Higgins, Myrmidon turnt and began to walk off.

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@myrmidon_: *Crack! Crrrrrk...* Higgins's helmet creaked under the boot pressure, large cracks quickly forming and releasing some of his fog from the helmet. "You're wrong Myrmidon...Wrong!" Higgins placed his suited hand on the largest crack to suppress the leak. He had no choice but to let this masked man escape.

"Control..Going to need a team down here to get me out.." Higgins spoke in a raspy voice, letting his glass head lay on the ground and wait for a support crew.

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@myrmidon_: Don't be! Pretty badass of Myrmidon XD That head of Higgins is actually pretty durable, almost bullet proof. But sold just how strong M is with that size of his.

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@myrmidon_: Good scrap though! Had some decent establishment.

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@_higgins_: I enjoyed it too. Sometime today I'll drop a Satomi post if you want?

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@myrmidon_: Sure! I'll work off of it once you post.

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@_higgins_: Cool. Looking forward to finally using her again. Want us to be preestablished or they have not met yet?

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@connoisseur: Chuckling at his adamant disdain over Daemons nickname for him "Understood Kieran, I shall hope that soon we can be." Putting his hand out in front of him and balling it into a fist, the sky lit up with fireworks as fireflies flew all around. "I am capable of so much Kieran, I can turn the simplest thing..." The fireflies suddenly begin to tremble and then explode, popping sounds much like popcorn fill the silent night. Small sparks fill the midnight air "And turn them into something else, something akin to a weapon. But I need to do more, I need to know more. I can sense a coming tidal wave of hate, its going to tear our world apart." Lights blow out as Daemons emotions seem to take over him "And I cannot let it happen, this world has just begun. And it has so much potential...so Kieran, I need to learn something new. Will you teach me a proper way to combat Charlemagne?" He turns his body so that he is facing Kieran, his face showing the emotions that he now felt.

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[Has a reboot just occurred?]

*Elsewhere away from @connoisseur*

[Spoken in Japanese]

"You won't believe this Professor. In this world I haven't found any monsters. Instead it is full of people with and without powers. Poke-mans if you will." The white hair aged man on the other side of the screen nodded. "umhm. So we are dimensions apart but can still communicate."

"Professor can I transfer mons and medicine from both dimensions?"

"The only way to be sure is to test it. I'll transfer a potion to you." Red flipped his dex around facing the other way with a flash of light the item appeared. "Well it worked. The same should hold true with your pokeballs and apricorns."

"Professor. Do you think I'll ever make it back?"

"Well Red. Your best chance is to find a celebi and even then it's still farfetch'd. I was lucky to make it back to my own time when I was a child. While you're in the other universe please continue your research for monsters while I have one of my aide's look for celebi sightings."

"Alright Professor. I'll do my part as long as you continue to deposit dollars into my bank account." Red ended the call. He opened up his jacket looking at 6 spheres in his jacket. Charizard, Eevee, Blastoise, Raichu, Aegislash, Golem.

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@xanthos: I know it said 'Elsewhere' but did you wanna do something?


"You know, I tend to warm up to people really quick anyway but we'll see mate, we'll see", a soft chuckle adjoining his charismatically issued jest as he reclines further into his seat, his nonchalant, flippant demeanor evident, an insouciant smile bedecking his august features. "Well you're going to need much more than a few insects. Tell you what, you seem like a nice, decent looking chap, and your objective it sounds like something I'd agree with. I'll help you, but can you tell me about this Charlemagne a bit? Like how he fights and how good he is", pausing prior to addressing Daemon's request for combat training. "I'll teach you how to fight, don't worry. But I'm going to teach you how to fight like a loser. But don't think too much of it. I say loser because I'm going to teach you to fight like the second best fighter in the world. I'm the best, but I'll make you number two, but again, the second best is a loser, that's why he's second best", he temperately laughed, "All jokes aside, yes I'll teach you as much as I can".

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@connoisseur: Becoming a Loser, the concept was both odd and made sense. If Keiran was the best, then Daemon was soon to become the second best. The prime pupil to a master of many things, but Kierans question of Charlemagne took him back. The way he watched as he ripped the very powers that made them special from their bodies, as five young mutants were forever and permanently stripped of the very abilities they were born with. Sighing slightly he began to speak of Charlemagne "He comes from wealth, and because of this wealth he has been able to learn some of the best abilities a human can achieve. He also has an uncanny healing ability, something I believe he did to himself. I believe he is jealous of what we are born with, what gives mutants there gifts...an X-Gene. His ability has its limits, a man is still a man and his healing cannot heal wounds beyond reconstruction. The trick is to get in close to him, to deliver that blow that will spread his body across the winds as ashes. A feat no one as yet has been able to achieve, on the outside he seems to be a precog but he is not. He has been trained very very well, to sense and notice the slightest of changes in a persons body and react to them." Daemon struck the air with a fist "I hit him once, only because he struck first and I could read it. I aim to do more than that, If I can land a single powered blow he will feel it." He looks to Kieran and smiles "If it sounds like I am impressed by him, its because I am. I am not a fool Kieran, I notice what this man can do. But what I cannot stand even through being impressed is that he squanders these abilities. He could help so much more with these abilities, yet he wishes to burn what he envies most. Does that even make sense to you?"

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@_higgins_: @strongarm: @darkchild: @connoisseur:

@conno I would like to do something. At the moment your character seems to be preoccupied with @Darkchild character.


Red didn't have a home anymore. He was living in the streets of a city trying to make it day to day. The young Japanese man couldn't communicate with the English speakers around him. The giant city reminded him of the giant commercial city of Celadon back home. Red walked from the park to a department store where he had looked for a bathroom. He did his best to keep his appearance clean under his circumstances. There was no shame in using a public bathroom to get cleaned up. He dispensed the liquid soap and rubbed it against his hands and arms. It was a lavender scent. He ran his arms through the water streaming out through the faucet. Then he washed his face. <Should I go to the police?> he said to himself. <Can they help me?>

I'm going to need a map. He gathered his belongings and left the store. "Keisatsu!?" he yelled out. No luck. Were can I find a policeman? Red walked down an alleyway to an unfortunate scene. There were screams of a homeless man getting stomped on by 4 men. He couldn't make out the words any of the males were yelling. One turned to Red and yelled. "You want some of this!?" and gripped his crotch.

"Anata ga jikkō suru tame no 5-byō o motte iru."

The dark skin male picked up a brown glass bottle on the ground as Red counted down from 5 "Go. Yottsu. San. Futatsu. Hitotsu." Red tossed a red and white pokeball into the air. "Raichu Borutekkā!"

A flash of light, an orange rodent 3 feet tall, and full of electricity bounced out of the ball. Little lightning bolts sparked along his puffy yellow checks. Its tail was thin and brown until the tip which was a large lightning bolt shape. The large electric rodent growled in response of Red's command. Raichu spiralled down from the air and tackled the man about to attack Red electrocuting the thug with 500 volts. Raichu bounced thug to thug gracefully like a gymnast and paralysed each one on contact. The rodent ran back to Red waiting for his treat. Red gave his friend an apple. "mawwale." Raichu chomped down on the delicious red fruit.

"Nihongo shaberu?"


Red shook his head. He returned Raichu back to its pokeball with a click of a button. I'm back to square one. That's right

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@xanthos: [FYI not all interactions happen at the same time. Interactions are relative on the vine]

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@xanthos: [FYI not all interactions happen at the same time. Interactions are relative on the vine]

[aright. Excuse me if I suck in my writing, I am trying to improve ^^]

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@the_puzzler: Mach continued running at high speed, pushing himself to hypersonic speed. He arrived at the Sahara desert. Waves of sand split into two massive waves, creating deep trenches in his path. Slowly his mouth began to get dry. Within a few minutes he arrived at the Nile River. He bent down slowly and cupped his hands together, drinking the water from the famous river.

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@mach_: In the water, a small golden glow shimmered on the surface. That glow would get more and more intense until finally, Puzzler would float out from the water rather subtly, not even wet from the river. His body would hover before Mach, arms cross as he gazed upon him with glowing eyes. "Mach, I presume..." His voice was humble and calm.

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@the_puzzler: A small glow began to illuminate in the water. The Doctor began to look at the glow with curiosity? It wasn't gold and the light was growing. A figure emerged from the water, he wasn't even wet. The figure floated in the air as he grew closer to the scientist. Dr. Frost slowly stepped back and the figure spoke with a voice like Morgan Freeman, "Mach, I presume..."

"Uhhhh... Yeah but.... How did? I was-. I didn't tell anyone else...Who are you?" He was confused and shocked at the same time.

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@mach_: He chuckled at the man's slight awe, it was usually the initial reaction. "Who am I? The Puzzler. But you are of more interest to me, Mach. I have been watching you for some time now, waiting for the right time to approach you. Seeings how you have some sort of grasp on your new gift, the time was now..." Puzzler floated down just a bit, his boots just barely touched the surface of the water.

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@the_puzzler: "The Puzzler? Well that doesn't sound ominous at all..." He quietly said to himself. The Being soon touched ground, well, water.

"Okay... What do you mean the time is now?"

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@mach_: "...Let me show you..." Puzzler paused for a moment before his eyes glowed even brighter from his helmet, raising his hand suddenly to unleash a sort of bright flash upon Mach, consuming both him and Puzzler....

The flash finally faded away, the two now standing side by side. Surrounding them was fire, screams and other terrible noises emerging from the unknown city around them. It was as if this place was ravaged by the apocalypse, or a apocalypse. "This is Cairo in three weeks time Mach..." He gestured over to a woman running for her life through the wreckage, a small demon scampered after her, advancing quite quickly.

"Don't bother. This is all but a vision, and we are not here..."

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@the_puzzler: Light glowed from his eyes and soon there was a luminous glow that consumed the duo. "Wait! What are you doing?!"

Mach opened his eyes to the sound of screams. Fire ate the city and demon like creatures attacked civilians. "This is Cairo in three weeks time Mach."

A demon was about to rip a woman apart. Dr. Frost was about to run. "Don't bother" The Puzzler spoke, This is all a vision, and we are not here..."

Mach turned to face the Being, he pointed at the destruction and shouted, "WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS? I'M JUST A GUY WITH A SUIT!"

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@mach_: "I am showing you what needs to be stopped my friend. Two weeks before this madness, a week from the present. An evil will awake from an ocean of sand, the Sahara. This evil is one I faced many years ago, and I was the one that banished it to the sand. But something, someone has gave it enough power to awaken. If we do not stop this evil and the ghost army he summons? Well..." Puzzler turned to face the flames once more, then looked to the skies. Fire, started to reign from the sky like droplets...

Another flash, and the two were standing where they were before the vision had occurred. "I have been selecting heroes to join me, join me in taking the fight to this evil under the sands before it has the chance to rise. And you, that guy in the suit will be one of them. For it is the man in the suit who has the courage to use it."

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@the_puzzler: Mach turned to the destruction once more after what the Puzzler mentioned. One day the world was normal and the next it becomes chaos. Was this life for a hero? Was this what he wanted? With all that pressure? In a blink of an eye, the duo returned to the Nile.

"I have been selecting heroes to join me, join me in taking the fight to this evil under the sands before it has the chance to rise. And you, that guy in the suit will be one of them. For it is the man in the suit who has the courage to use it."

Mach looked at him, he was swayed a bit with that voice. "Fine..." He said, "I'lll... I accept."

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@mach_: "Then take this.." Puzzler created an orb of light, no bigger than a coin. With that he sent it in front of Mach for him to take. "That is so that you can call upon me, and I can call upon you Mach. If you ever require my skill, my magic, then I will be there. So is the Puzzler's way...Is there anything else you wanted to ask before I depart my friend?"

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@the_puzzler: "Then take this." A small orb formed between the Being's fingers and pushed it so it floated in front of the Speedster. It was a phone... Sort of. Mach looked at him and before he departed, Dr. Frost spoke, "I have two things to say. One, How does this work? And two... When will i know this "team" is formed and what happens if I die?"

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@mach_: "One, all you need to do is call my name, and I will hear it. Two and three? Trust me when I say you will know quite quickly when it is formed. And if you die? I certainly hope that doesn't happen Mach." Puzzler gave a nod with his golden helmet before his hands started to glow. With a clap of his gloved hands, Puzzler was consumed by a bright light and seemingly vanished.

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@the_puzzler: He vanished before the speedsters eyes. "Certainly hope that doesn't happen?' Wha-?" Mach was in awe. He grabbed the glowing orb and held onto it. "Ugh! I could've asked him to improve the suit!" With a deep breath, he ran back to the lab; but not before stopping in China for Chinese food.

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@the_puzzler: (This takes place Prior to the Invasion of Paradiso. So Daemon isnt all crispified lol)

Daemon sits alone within Central Park, the night air filling his lungs as he waits for the night hours to pass. His meeting with Kieran still in his mind, even more so his thoughts on Charlemagne. A man who at one point could of been considered a friend, if things had gone differently the two would have made a pact. But now he has initiated the end to that, Daemon respected his power but he would not allow it. The many scenarios that flow through Daemons head of how to deal with such a man fill his entirety, taking his attention away from what or who could be coming out of the darkness.

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@darkchild: The nightly silence was broken by a large golden flash before Daemon. That light would behold the Puzzler, master of mysticism. "Greetings, woeful tyrant..." He spoke to Daemon with much prejudiced, for his past actions has stained Puzzler's opinion of this troubled man. "I am to understand that we have..A common enemy.."

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@the_puzzler: The darkness around him was cast away as a bright light shined before him, as the blinding light slowly dimmed a tall golden clad man hovered before him. Slowly the man began to speak, instantly garnering irritation at the word "Tyrant" Daemon smirked slightly. "I am not a Tyrant....not anymore that is. An what do you speak of....Wait a minute. You seem to know who I am, but who would you be? I am sure I cant call you Buckethead..."

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@darkchild: "You may refer to myself as The Puzzler. You will come to find that I have a vast knowledge of many things, for it is my curse. As for what I speak of?" Puzzler created a golden mirage of Charlemagne LeBeau before Daemon, only to step through it and have it vanish. "He seems to be everyone's enemy these days. A man who seeks destruction out of his own vision of purity.."

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@the_puzzler: Smiling at the mans display of illusion he scoffs slightly "I was never one for illusions. Nothing against yourself Puzzler, I seem to believe in allowing people to see the truth. Do you hide the truth or do you show the world the truth?" Daemon wanted to swipe at the image of Charlemagne like a rabid dog. But he had grown past those baser instincts, become something completely different from those earlier days. Days where he vowed to kill all those who forsake him, now...the world needs him and his abilities. His ability to craft words to turn even the most vile into creatures of heroics, he knew that soon he will have to show the world the truth of Charlemagne. Something that filled him with glee it almost showed physically "Purity...Purity is a form which no creature on earth can ever reach. Only thing we can reach for is Peace of Mind, something I wish I could admit to having. But these days the bane of Mutantkind has made that troublesome." Moving his fingers slightly a void opened above his hand dropping a soda and a bar of candy, he looked up to Puzzler "I eat junk when I'm thinking...want any....oh for gods sake can you please tell me your name..Calling you Puzzler would be like me telling people to call me DARKCHILD."

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@darkchild: "I show the world what they need to see, but it is indeed all truth. Sometimes it is just hard to translate my friend. And that is my real name, Puzzler. Asking me to label myself otherwise would be like a person requesting you to be called Darkchild..." He crossed his arms, always with a tall posture. "Though we jest and squabble, there is the problem of LeBeau. I came here tonight in hopes of turning you to our cause, our community.."

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@the_puzzler: Showing a moment of anger Daemon replies "Problem? No a problem would be a mosquito bite that wont stop itching. Charlemagne has single handed become the worlds greatest threat, he wishes to "Cure" my people. Hell OUR people, not just return them to humans but change them mentally. He has already warped the minds of my fellow mutants on his Reservation, a place I have yet to locate. He is a cyst that needs to be removed." Breathing slowly to calm himself, his hate for Charlemagne is more than his respect for the man. "As to your cause...I have begun my own cause. Maybe we can both work to achieve our dreams, what is this community you speak of?"