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@zeon_liafador: "Well your partially right, I do enjoy having you to myself." Giving her a quick kiss as he put his arm around her slender waist, grabbing a large duffle bag from the back seat and slinging it over his shoulder. "This way." Leading her down an even small path through a small thicket of trees, stones in the ground overgrown with grass and moss indicating there had once been a cobble stone path there. As the walked the dense fog seemed to slowly dissipate away, revealing a large, and clearly ancient stone fortress carved into the mountainside at the far end of the valley...

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She listened to the world around as they walked, the distant birds chirping, the whistle of the wind, the rustling of the tree's as small animals ran along it's branches to catch a glimpse of the two humans making their way deeper into the fog. The two stayed quiet as they made their way through, words not needed to be exchanged between the couple as the fog slowly began to break away. Then, before the two, the shape of a building began to take shape through the fog. Zeon's eyes widen as the grip on Micheal's hand tightened just slightly with excitement. She turned to him, surprised.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed, as the two made their way closer to the old, abandon stronghold. Releasing his hand for a moment she briskly made her way closer, but never moved too far away from Micheal. She could only imagine the battles that had taken place on the ground they stood, the blood that was spilled to protect this once unbreakable castle. "Micheal, how did you know this was here?" She turned her body towards him.

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@zeon_liafador: "I have a history with it." As the two crossed a stone bridge that was erected over a large pit that formed a half circle around the front of the ancient fortress. The massive iron and wooden door was shut, the image of a black arrow over a full moon growing more and more visible the closer they got.

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The young cardinal stood, waiting for Micheal to catch up with her as she walked with his own pace. She began to wonder what he meant when she said that there was history between this magnificent castle and her love. But the symbol on the doors seemed to have withstand the elements of time, it became clear to Zeon. "This is the place of your ancestors?" she spoke in a matter-of-fact tone rather than asking real question as the two now stood before the massive door that stood above the couple.

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@zeon_liafador: "That it is..." Putting his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him as he gazed down into her eyes. "It seemed about time someone besides me knew this place existed."

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Resting one hand along his chest she stood looking up at him, her other hand gently reaching up and gliding along his jaw line. "I'm honored that you have brought me here bell'uomo." she softly spoke, she could only imagine how important this was to him, to be at the spot where his ancestors once stood, fought and spilled their blood, sweat and tears over. Slowly pulling her hand away from him she looked back at the Castle. "Can we go inside?" she asked, wanting to see more of Michael's history, where he came from, and maybe even get a story behind everything.

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@zeon_liafador: "Of course." Smiling down at her. "Watch your step, there are a few... surprises." Smiling down at her as he released her and walked towards a man-sized statue of an ancient Scottish Warrior, reaching up and turning the head slightly to the left. For a moment nothing happened, then suddenly the massive wooden doors began to swing inward, revealing the corridor within that lead into the mountain itself. "Mind where you step... we only have a few minutes before it closes." Taking her hand and leading her inside. True to his word, the doors began to close behind them, shutting out the freezing wind outside. They made their way down the stone corridor, various statues and other miscellaneous items lined the walls, all of it having clearly seen better days, a thin layer of dust on everything. "I keep this area so decrepit looking to give it the illusion of just an abandoned ruin, on the off chance someone finds it, anything in here is actually worthless. Here on the other hand..." Reaching a second, smaller door, the master archer reached over and pulled a old iron work candle holder, causing the doors to to slide inward on their own, the room within appeared the exact same as you might have found it a thousand years prior, except for the electricity powered lighting in the place of candles on the chandeliers.

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(sorry I totally fell asleep T_T)

Standing back she watched the master archer do his work in opening the path for the two of them. The doors opened and the Cardinal's eyes widen as Micheal's hand grasp hers, leading her into the secret fortress. Her eyes gazed upon the statues, most of them cracked and covered in cobwebs. Stopping at one of a man wielding a bow she looked at the detail, her gentle fingers touching the chilly stone, she could only imagine how they once stood for something powerful to the people who resided here.

Just then she heard the second door open, turning back to Micheal she gasped in amazement walking slowly into the room and taking everything in, it was... breath taking. "How did you..." She didn't even finish what she had to say, statues in tact, paintings, clan flags with the symbol that was on the door of the castle hung along the room. She couldn't believe it, she began looking at the paintings, this was fantastic, she was so excited, she began speaking in Italian without even knowing it. "Questo è incredibile, guarda il dettaglio, la qualità, tutto questo deve essere migliaia di anni!" <This is amazing, look at the detail, the quality, all of this must be thousands of years old!"> She turned back to Micheal, realizing what she had just done. "Sorry," she cleared her throat. "Did you find this place on your own? Or did your parent's show you this place?"

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Armistice had been hovering in place for hours, maintaining a stationary low earth orbit under full spectrum stealth. Sometimes a change of scenery could have untold effects on pressing matters yet unresolved, a simple change in perspective making what was once shrouded among infinite possibilities the clear and definite direction to be taken. Most would have taken the view below him as breathtaking and otherworldly, Ian Pierce was not anything close to most people.

The unmitigated beauty of the planet Earth from such a vantage point was currently lost on him, his entire focus resting on the numerous points of interest that flickered like fireflies on his ocular based display system. Eight long hard years operating in the shadows had made him intimately familiar with the metahuman community, but it had been a very one-sided affair, outside of one Ellie Knightfall and the United Nations Security Council itself, his very existence was nothing more than a veiled whisper of a rumor.

The world below him was far different from the one he still thought capable of maintaining itself outside of his limited shadow involvement. Black Cell had broken away from any form of government support and legitimacy, now a covert paramilitary organization hellbent on shattering the metahuman community in order to bring the gods back down to Earth. The metahuman community had done nothing but help their case, disorganized and ineffective so-called heroes, and ambitious villains whose actions only emboldened the agenda against them.

As much as it pains me to accept it, my singular pursuits are no more than a stay of execution, the world is so far out of balance that subtle manipulation is no longer enough. Just as there is a time for the open hand, there is another that requires the closed fist. That and someone made the fatal mistake of giving me a reason to take something personally again, the last time that happened I crippled an international threat in a bath of nuclear fire. They should expect no less from me now.

The armor suddenly began a slow decent out of orbit, allowing a gradually accelerating free fall to gain speed before engaging the propulsion system to direct it's own course. It was time for the self proclaimed masters of their domain to receive their long overdue eviction notices.

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@zeon_liafador: (It's Ok Novy ^_^)

"My grandfather actually, my parents died when I was little." Walking over and putting his arm around her as she admired the various artifacts and statues scattered throughout. "This place has been in my family for generations, if records I've found are correct it was here before the Romans ever even thought to cross the channel."

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His parents passed when he was young, she didn't know that about him... she felt his arm wrap around her as she leaned a little into him. "Can I get a tour?" She smiled up at him.

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@zeon_liafador: "Of course." Smiling down at her before leaning over and affectionately kissing the top of her head. "Right this way Lady Liafador." Winking at her as he led her towards a hallway leading deeper into the sanctuary. The lighting was still electrical here, but as it had been in the central chamber it was set to appear more natural-like. Glass cases lined the walls displaying various trophies claimed from centuries past, perfectly preserved. The banners of Roman Legions, a Chinese repeating crossbow from the Qing Dynasty, a gold bladed scimitar with a jeweled handle, a U.S. Calvaryman's stetson and Repeating Rifle from the era following the American Civil War, and that was just the beginning, the cases continued deeper and deeper into the mountain stronghold. As they walked they past various rooms built for specific purposes, there was a library, a kitchen, an archer range, an armory, another hallway that led to living quarters, and others with their doors closed and bolted shut. "Well?"

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She stayed silent as he began explaining each room to her that they strolled in, her eyes taking in every aspect of the stronghold. It was amazing that after centuries, Micheal and his family had been able to keep it up and even modernize it, pride of the family history, it was something she was all too familiar with. "It's magnificent." She responded as she stepped away from his side for a moment, running her fingers against one of the many bolted doors. "But why are these doors closed?"

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@zeon_liafador: "It's not important." Smiling down at her reassuringly, gently caressing her cheek before taking her hand and leading her towards a spiraling set of stairs. "Come on, you'll want to see this."

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She arched her brow as the two walked away from the doors, she'll have to look around a bit here longer. But she turned her attention back to Micheal, a smile beaming off her face. "Show me!" she followed closely to see what her love wanted to show her.

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@zeon_liafador: Taking her by the hand he leads the lovely Liafador up a spiraling stone staircase, at the top is an ornately carved wooden door. Pulling a chain on the wall beside it, the heavy oak and iron door slides open, revealing a balcony beyond, offering a spectacular view of the snow capped mountains beyond.

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(I'm liking the interactions between these two.)

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(I'm liking the interactions between these two.)

There seems to be a trend of extended interactions rather than short one-offs

this is a good thing

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She could see the rumbling, the massive output of energy that ended the love of her life. There was always a strategic darkness upon her face, even when she moved into the light; fated sent more darkness to cover her often melancholy face. Though no one had visual confirmation, hundreds of people from Morocco traveled the African continent to see what they believed to be La Malaguena.

Pregnant with a child, she instructed the citizens of present day Mali, on society.

“There is a saying…that history is written by the victors; history…is a lie” she said, sitting on an iron chair with a padded pillow behind her back. In her audience children from the local town, as well as numerous religious leaders.

Ziccarra was no longer the “Queen of Cardinals, but she still held sole ownership of the religious portion of it; there was no one inside the organization better prepared to do what she did for the Cardinals.

“Most of the western people believe this continent to be nothing but desert, jungle and poverty.” She said, standing to full form revealing her baby bump. “They believe you to be poor, they believe you to be inferior, and they believe you to be pitied.”

Her voice hit every person in the room, even managing to make it to the outside, so that those standing could hear.

“But they are to be pitied, they know more of Harry Potter, than their own Presidents. The Egptians, The Indians, The Incas all developed early mathematics and phonetics, but we credit the Greeks and the Romans.”

Taking a step down, the bottom of her chin became illuminated. “History is written by the liars” As she walked through the sea of guest; they quickly parted allowing her to walkthrough without as much as someone breathing on her. “This part of the world…is the most dominant part of the world…and the media will never allow anyone to see it”

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(I'm liking the interactions between these two.)

daww thanks Andy xD


(Sorry I did post like two hours ago but it seems the vine is eating my posts left and right. This is my fourth time trying to post this -_- sorry for the wait)

Zeon watched as the heavy doors opened, the chilly air nipping her at her face as she shivered slightly from the cold, grasping onto Micheal's arm for a second, as if he was to protect her from the sudden chill. Her eyes looked out to see the majestic mountains before the two. She stood for a moment before letting go of his arm, taking a couple of steps forward. She didn't know what to say, everything here was so beautiful, but she was sure she was sounding like a broken record by now, what was left to say. "Micheal, this entire place, is amazing... I can't believe this had managed to stay hidden from the rest of the world for so long..." She stood at the balcony edge, her hands touching the seemingly frozen railing. She couldn't help... but get the feeling something bad was going to happen soon. It always seemed like it was a pattern in her life. Something good would happen... followed by something horrible. She stood silent for a moment, was this... him showing this to her.... a sign that something bad was about to happen? She slowly pulled away from the railing and looked back at him, a slightly worried look on her face. "Bell'uomo, you would tell me... if something was about to happen right?" The tone of her voice showed she was slightly worried about something, but didn't want to fully express it, worried she may look paranoid. But in the life of a Liafador... you can't help but live on the edge of paranoia.

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@ziccarra_liafador: He had watched with an intensified focus as the widowed Knightfall addressed the impoverished crowed with an almost hypnotic authority. Her words held more meaning to them in that polarizing moment then all the Red Cross infomercials ever produced. Dressed in his imperial Arashikage garb, yellow waist sash lightly dangling off his hip, he hid the uniformed attire beneath the trappings of a stylishly framed black hooded cloak. Waiting until the recently resigned Cardinal Queen stepped down from the podium helped by a new congregation of local citizens loyal to their new domina. Her belly visually extended. As she cut through the parting crowd he stood in the middle of the path, face lightly shadowed with a mysterious darkness. "Ziccarra Liafador." his deep commanding voice rumbled. "My name is Asaad Khan, I once knew your fallen husband." he proclaimed while removing his hood. Revealing his iron cut chin and dignified presence. "Is there somewhere we may speak?"

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@zeon_liafador: (It's alright Novy ^_^)

A look of concern crossed his face as he gently pulled her to him, his dark blue eyes locked on hers. "What do you mean?" Brushing a lock of hair out of her face before removing his own jacket and draping it over her to stave off the cold. "Is everything alright?"

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Letting out a small sigh she nuzzled in his jacket, the warmth from his own body now keeping herself warm. "I just..." she broke eye contact for a moment. "Every time, happiness comes into my life... a dark cloud tends to follow." she looked over at Micheal. "I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't think like this, and I should enjoy this moment, it's just... a earthshaking feeling I have." Little did the Liafador know, her brother in-law had passed and her Aunt had now left the Cardinal's in her hands.

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@zeon_liafador: "Hey." Wrapping his arms around her affectionately. "I'm here for you Zeon. I love you." Leaning back ever so slightly to lift the petite Liafador off her feet, smiling down at her for a moment before kissing her lovingly.

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The cardinal couldn't help but smile as his lips pressed against her own, she reached up, running her slightly chilled fingers along the sides of his jaw before pulling away. "I love you too Micheal." she whispered before her feet planted back on the ground. She tried to change the mood of what had just happened, even though she noted he never answered her question. "I've been meaning to ask you." She began as she hugged the jacket around her as she looked down at the bag he had been carrying around all this time. "What's in the bag? you haven't set it down once since we got here."

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@zeon_liafador: Taking her hand and leading her back inside out of the cold into the small room that la just within, promptly setting the bag on a wooden table. "I thought..." unzipping it and removing a handcrafted recurve bow from the bag. "... you might like it if I taught you how to use one of these." Smiling as he held the bow out to her.

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Her eyes lit up as she saw the bow in his hands, he wanted to teach her how to use the bow? A technique that had been perfected and passed down in his family for centuries "Oh Micheal..." she gently grasp the bow from his hands, it was a bit heavier than she thought as she held it up with both her hands. It felt a bit awkward to hold as she adjusted it over and over again in her hands, trying to figure out how to hold it just right. "Are you sure you want to teach me?" She looked back up at him. "I mean... this belongs to you're family." She knew all about family honor and tradition and how it worked, she knew that sometimes, teaching family technique to those who are not blood ruffled feathers with the others in the family. "Not that I'm not honored you want to but... wow." she couldn't help but smile.

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@zeon_liafador: "I don't think anyone will complain." Nodding towards the staircase leading back down to the otherwise empty fortress below, before giving her another quick kiss. "Personally I can't think of anyone else I would rather train." Zipping up the bag and slinging it over his shoulder once again.

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Walking to the staircase the two walked down, Zeon holding onto her bow as she looked at the detail of it, it was literally a piece of art. "So I guess this will make you master, wont it?" Her voice slight alluring as she gave a sly grin, partly joking as the two made their way to the archery range.

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@zeon_liafador: "No need to be cliche." He said with a smile as he put his arm around her waist. After a few moments they reached the archer range they'd passed before, setting the bag on the table he extracted a handful of practice arrows from a rack on the wall. "Try hitting that target" handing her one of the arrows before gesturing to a target roughly forty yards away.

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Zeon looked at the arrows and then at her target. It seemed easy enough... just aim and shoot. She was a master at Shurikenjutsu, how difficult could THIS be... right? She picked up a practice arrow as she held her bow out with her left hand while her right hand attempt to put the arrow in place. Fumbling a bit the Cardinal bit her lower lip in concentration her eyes focused on the target as she pulled the string back, trying to keep the bow still as she let go of the arrow and...

Completely missed! With a slight frown she looked over at Micheal. "I guess it's much harder than it looks."

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@zeon_liafador: As she readied and then took the shot he watched her like a hawk, watching the arrow miss the target. With a reassuring smile he walked over and removed the jacket he given her to keep her warm, casting it aside onto the table beside the duffle bag, removing her own jacket next, tossing it on top of his own. Next he circled around behind her. Moving in close, pressing his chest against her back as he adjusted he form. "Do the same thing you did last time. One last thing..." Kissing her on the cheek. "A kiss for luck."

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@the_last_arashikage: Hooking her fingers before her she exhaled gently, before motioning to her office behind the podium. She walked with a slight waddle towards the office, before disappearing around the corner. Taking a seat at her desk; the pregnancy taking a toll on her face.

Her once slim jaw-like had rounded out, weight gain visible in all areas of her facial features still she acted in her usual manner. "I only ask that you refer to me as Ziccarra Knightfall, or Mrs. Knightfall; or just Ziccarra" she said, wiping her hair from her face.

"What is it, I can help you with Mr.Khan"

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@ziccarra_liafador: Before answering, Asaad squinted his eyes silently invading the pregnant Knightfall's midsection with his x-ray vision making sure the next generation of Knightfall Arashikage was healthy. A subtle grin unconsciously arching in the corners of his lips. "Mrs. Knightfall, let my express my deepest sympathies and forgive me for being blunt, but I have no time for ceremony. Your husband's killer. His identity is not foreign to you correct? I have heard rumors he is of a esoteric nature, leader of a martial arts congregation of so called Grandmasters and Elders." placing both his hands flat atop the executive size desk before proceeding. "In fact your husband's assassin is a former Sifu or yours, no? So I must insist that you forfeit any and all knowledge of the Keijijo clan, including the location of its fabled monastery."

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@the_last_arashikage: Martial arts superman vs the Keijijo Clan? Yeah, I look forward to this one. Going to be awesome.

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@amaranth_strix: I'm glad you added the martial arts part in there lol For some reason it makes all the difference to me. They should have kept the H2H direction they were taking in New Krypton.

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@the_last_arashikage: Yeah it doesn't make sense for Superman to get into fights every day and twice on Sunday, yet somehow learn nothing. But they probably just wanted to head off the screams of 'overpowered' lol.

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@amaranth_strix: Yeah and I kind of understand that. Yet at the same time I think he would actually gain more popularity if he did use actual technique in his fights. He spent all that time around Wonder Woman, Batman, Karate Kid, ect, but yet he's still fighting with haymakers and overhand rights. But your right about the overpowered thing. Plus, he's already so powerful that 60% of his fights have to be jobbed cause other wise they'd be over on the first panel, comic over lol

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@the_last_arashikage: Yeah adding martial arts skills wouldn't radically alter his effectiveness in my opinion. Most of his foes would fall to one blitz after all :-P

But the only thing I'd worry about would be stepping on Batman and WW's toes. They already do the 'martial arts' thing. Giving him martial arts might make them too much alike.

Still, I think they should have done it. Clark needs to change every now and again or he gets boring.

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@amaranth_strix: Most def. H2H combat is like the one thing that her fans can point to and say, "sure, Superman is stronger but she can hang with him based off her combat prowess." You give Superman pressure point striking and Batman level kung fu its game over lol

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@the_last_arashikage: I thought about that actually. Kinda depends on what level of martial arts they give the two of them and how they write it.

For example they could actually write the fights the same way, just depict Clark using martial arts in the artwork. The implication would be that Diana is just that much more skilled than him, and it would end up being a pretty good feat for both of them.

But instead they wimped out lol.

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For example they could actually write the fights the same way, just depict Clark using martial arts in the artwork. The implication would be that Diana is just that much more skilled than him, and it would end up being a pretty good feat for both of them.

That would be Beast Mode.

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@the_last_arashikage: Yeah it would. The way they were drawing his martial arts looked right for his character too.

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A bird flew into a window towards the man's table, delivering the promised goods. One black water chalice, one note attached.

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Meditate in peace at least three times a day

Drink well

Please go to astral sleep if any symptoms appear

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