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All of the bullets viciously collided with his body causing tremendous pain, time slowed down as his senses location a single projection moving towards of his face, utilizing his Vespa technique analyzing the atomic weak points within the stun around, a single yet elegant jab touch the shot causing it to viciously explode in mid-air. His arms folded across of his chest as he studied the mans request "You have three minutes to elaborate on this proposal?"

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He watched as his adversary punched a round causing it to explode. Fancy he thought. Xorion lowered his gun as he stood up. ''Brilliant idea.'' He pulled out the tie and threw it to the ground. ''The Court... Is a barrier that should be passed to reach peace.'' He walked slowly to the couch. Ignored the sizzling of his ankle and threw the shirt he was wearing letting out the sight of his armor. ''I don't know how much you care about this.'' Started in a calm and somewhat authorotive voice as he looked at the man's face an eyebrow raised. ''But I thought you may appreciate me...'' Specifically left out the people he was working for. ''... aiding you. Equivalent trade.''

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@jaegerjaquez @_strigidae_ (Home!)

Having acquainted herself with a long lost sister for a short but loving while. The older sibling of the Haraguni family felt an inner desire to visit the one place she'd thought would have been lost.

Her hearts calling was simply, to go home. Walking through the street where she had once grown up memories flashed before her eyes, cherished moments playing games with her siblings and not so pleasant memories all came into light. Currently no weapons on her person, simply wearing her purple archers attire as she walked to the doorway, the footpath in was filled with nostalgia and a mixed amount of feelings, touching the metal door handle with shaky hands caused a flood of tears to envelop the older sibling, the door was ajar as she put pressure onto it...it had been broken into, or long since abandoned by someone.

She quietly walked through the house like it was an ancient museum of memories, walking to her bedroom the fight which had caused the family to be abducted had even been forgotten, the place had been repaired - a banister she had fallen onto during the struggle was fixed, good as new.

In some way this pained the sister, knowing all reminiscent of the horrific tail had been long since lost, only her mind carrying such horrors, walking through to her room she pushed open the familiar door, her bed...virtually untouched for months, somebody had lived here once - but no more. She simply sat on the bed, holding her head in her hands as tears flooded the older siblings eyes...remembering, never forgetting such a horrific night when all of this had started...

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@myrmidon_"This bores me Myrmidon...When will you unleash me upon those Arcani weaklings?" The robot grumbled while moving his rook to take a pawn.

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Pressing a few buttons on a keyboard trying to energize the robots battle systems, his exterior was complete but the interior software had not finished uploading. He looked over "Calm it" His fingers then scuttled back to the keyboard frantically clicking...30%....40% uploaded....50%...66%...70%....

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@myrmidon_: "Hmmm..." He crossed his metal arms and cranked his head to look over at his creator. "These files you are uploading..They are of Arcani origin no? An alias has repeatedly shown up in my memory core...Strigidae..."

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@therumor: (ROFL)

"You would know the Strigidae are a group, not a person or an alias. Around 100 of these so called Strigidae exist, I was one of the first" He punched the monitor as it carried on uploading..80%..90%..."And your job is to eradicate them all"

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@myrmidon_: "And reign supreme of course..." The robot chuckled with his deep synthetic voice. "Any other simple task you want me to perform? Take care of the rat infestatio-" He suddenly shut down as part of the final stage of uploading, quickly rebooting and lifting his head slowly once more. "Ahh..That's much better.." The robot had finally performed a check mate against an A.I, his body standing up from the table it was sitting at and walking on over to where his head was hooked up to the computer. "Any other diagnostics?" He asked while his body gently removed the jack from the back of his head and lifted it up, clicking it into place on his body.

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"Reign Supreme? No. I've no agenda for personal gain - this is an eon long feud. Too long to calculate, too long to stop. In some ways, it's pointless. In other ways, it's got all the meaning in the world. Diagnostics? Give me a weapons report - What are you aware you're carrying? Or have inbuilt".

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@myrmidon_: "Sarcasm: a humor often used to mock the seriousness of a subject and/or peoples.." The robot chuckled once more before walking over to the test platform to display some of his weapons. "Online weapons report. Palm based repulsor beams, chest based repulsor beam, retracable tri-knuckle based claws, emergency flash-bang release system via eye ports, heat based laser projectile via eye ports, electrocution units via fingertips, tachyon partical generator via chest capable of synthetically mimicking both control and mapping abilities of Strigidae #23...I could go on Myrmidon but it really is quite a bore.."

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"Tell me why I inserted a humor and boredom chip into your software again?...so. You're focusing on 23 I take it?"

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@myrmidon_: "Because you admire wit.." He put up his green hood and walked on over to the seat beside the platform, a jack hooking into the back of his neck so he could access the computers to start searching for 23. "And how could I not go hunting after 23? Most of my combat and tactical software came from the motherboard of her personal computer..I need to show my..Hmmhmm..Appreciation..Starting with all possible new bunkers she might acquire after losing her most recent.."

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@satomi: (We’re two for two in my almost trying to skewer you during meetings)

Even as she prepared to trim down on the many responsibilities she held with varying aspects of her life, Shiho always managed to find time for home. Telling no one of her visits, it proved the perfect place for solitude, her time spent in mental and physical training without interruption.

Having purposefully lost track of her sister since seeing her safely out of the mutant-infested country Venezuela, she hadn’t planned on seeing her again until hostile matters had settled for the time, not counting on nostalgia bringing the elder sibling to the home. Having previously finished off the last moved-in family at their picnic in the yard, the sound of footsteps inside the house alerted her to yet another presence. Assuming one of the family still lived, the Arcani Apostle exploded through the wall, blades drawn, prepared to skewer what was, for the second time since they reunited, not an enemy, but her sister. The blade halted mid-air and Shiho straightened her posture, staring silently at crying Satomi. Her eyes, previously glowing brightly, began to slowly dim with her calming.

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@_strigidae_: (Let us say it's an extreme form of a sibling rivalry :P)

Tears streamed down Satomi's pale face as memories enveloped her fragile mind. The thoughts of past horrors and horrific screams of her family being stolen. Losing contact with her beloved sister Shiho and remembering the cries of anguish. Satomi could only help but break down like a little girl. She'd been kidnapped, abused and beaten to extremes worse than one could imagine, but the worst form of torture was simply...the memories, the painful memories - Trying to kill Shiho was the worst thing she had ever, and would ever do in her life.

It made her sick, sick to the core suffocating her very existence. Suddenly without any notice a tremendous disturbance exploded through the wall causing the older sibling to dart her head sidewards gazing upon the terrifying sight of Shiho, her petrified eyes widened in shock her breathing became erratic as she backed away into the corner of the room, clutching her sides shaking violently as Shiho simply watched on, the sinister silence worse than anything as Satomi extended a trembling palm forwards almost trying to grab her sibling even though there was a distance "Sh..Shiho?" Her shaky hand stayed outwards, almost hoping her sister would hold it, hold it forever and just never leave again.

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@satomi: (I have no rival. Definitely not in the sibling category)

After a brief pause to allow her sister to recover from the shock she was obviously feeling, Shiho gave an apologetic bow. "My apology." Placing her blades back under cover, she reached out and grasped the hand that was offered to her, pulling Satomi in closer to her, letting her stand as she would. She allowed a brief moment in case her sister wished to give her a hug, then proceeded attempts to dissuade her presence. Not for the dead family in the yard, but for her own safety and peace of mind. "You...should not be here."

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Grasping her sisters hand tightly as a flurry of emotions hit her once again, this time more passive and happy as she embraced her beloved sister in a sign of sibling affection. The older sibling almost being like a younger sibling for a second as she happily hugged Shiho, for a few mere seconds she was at total peace with the world, for a moment she could forget everything. The tears started to subside as she backed up slightly, her purple sleeve being used to wipe the tears of sorrow from her face as her brow creased up in confusion, "This is my home too..." Her eyes started to well up again before she held it in, inhaling in heavily stuffing back the tears "....I had to visit" She looked down, almost defeated knowing it was dangerous to visit this place, her weary eyes looked up, connecting with her sisters "I'm happy you're here...It feels, nice" She feigned a shaky smile.

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@satomi: (You know she's shorter than you, right?)

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@_strigidae_: (I was looking at the floor, then my eyes looked up off of the ground)

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@satomi: Although the hug would not be reciprocated, the sentiment was somewhat mutual, though there was a part of Shiho that would continue to look at Satomi as a burden, thoughts which she hated in herself. She considered her sister's words carefully, recalling the last of her time there, and all the ways she had been treated in that very place leading up to the incident which separated them. All along, she had been an outsider in her own house, a thought which lie dormant in her mind every previous visit, though not brought to light until just then. And then she regretted telling Satomi to leave. "Hai...Your home. Live here." She almost motioned to speak, to kick herself out of the home, but an expression of supposed joy tethered her body to the spot where she stood. "Like seeing you as well," she stated, albeit entirely vapidly.

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@_strigidae_: (Wonderful post Zaubs :)

Slowly shuffling towards of the bed she comfortably sat down, her hands on her lap simply gazing towards of her sister, unsure what to even say - albeit not the first time they had met one another since the "incident" which tore the family apart so long ago, but this was the first time they'd ever been in a mutually familiar place, new memories and thoughts enveloped both sisters minds, possibly a pivotal moment in their lives, undeniably one of the most important in the older siblings.

Her purplish eyes radiated nothing other than pure happiness in contrast to the vapid mannerisms of the younger sibling "This was...is your home too." She motioned for her sibling to sit besides of her, this would probably be refused "We have so much to talk about" She played with her pale thumbs wanting to know why and how her sister had become so...dis-attached to the world.

She wanted to ask intrusive questions but knew her seemingly powerful sister was still a fragile little girl. Experienced maybe, but still young "Come..." She stood up off of the bed, walking outside of the bedroom hoping her sister would follow.

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@satomi: (Danke. But again, I don't see how it falls into the "wunderbar" category. You were probably still reeling from the PM thing I told you)

Obediently, Shiho moved over and sat on the bed right next to her sister; although, typically taciturn unless something important was to be said regarding an immediate matter, she couldn't quite fathom what there could be to talk about "so much." She didn't care to talk about her childhood. Such talk would only strengthen the feelings of alienation due to mistreatment at the hands of chichi, ostracizing or otherwise misuse at the hands of other children in the neighborhood. At second thought, however, there was one topic which came to her mind, but before she could express the thought which had occurred, Satomi was on the move yet again.

Like a lost puppy, Shiho followed, pulling her facial mask over her face. "Who...hurt you?" she inquired suddenly, mimicking her final words before the last time Satomi passed out in the hospital bed again. That issue had not yet been resolved, they likely still lived, and she wouldn't forget it in her list of vengeances any time soon.

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@_strigidae_ (It's a bit longer than expected >.>)

Walking through the deserted house with her puppy-like sister shuffling behind, almost as nature had intended the younger sibling regardless of personal power followed along obediently without dispute, this making the older sibling feel warm inside, knowing even though she'd missed out on her siblings childhood and had her teenage years stripped away from her, she'd still share moments like this. Moments to cherish, to remember and relive all over again. The older sibling ignored her sisters remark, not wanting to defuse her own current happiness. But she would answer such question soon.

The two sisters entered the memorable room, Satomi first with Shiho trailing behind shortly after, the older sibling looked around for a few seconds taking in the atmosphere realizing the place had changed slightly, possibly due to new families moving in but one thing was the same. One dresser, and on one corner of the dresser sat a small, square blue jewelry box.

Atop of the box lay a cherry colored toy bear, the bear having stitches on it stomach from when Satomi had accidentally ripped it on the family fireplace while chasing Shiho. A warm smile crept up onto her now enlightened face knowing whatever family had been here before, had never moved this bear, or maybe the children living her before had played with it. This made her feel good. She moved in closer, looking back quickly at her younger sibling gesturing her to stand and watch.

Shuffling herself towards of her mothers oak dresser, she peacefully picked up the cherry bear as a happy tear trickled down her pale cheeks. Her face eclipsed in nothing other than joy grasping the bear in both hands before carefully placing it down besides the blue jewelry box, her fingers moved onto the box clicking a button as it flicked open with a weary creek, her hands falling into the box almost instantly removing her mothers prized necklace, a golden plated beauty with a ruby red gem placed on the pendant, clicking open a lock on the pendant, a picture of Shiho and Satomi was visible Shiho as a baby, Satomi as a teenager.

Walking over towards Shiho, she knelt down comfortably onto one knee coming to her sisters eye level, peering into her sisters young eyes, long since jaded beyond their years "Shiho...I want you to have this" Kneeling down she showed the necklace to her sister, the ruby shinning in the light "Mother would want you to have it" Whether she agreed or not, the older sibling lovingly placed her hands behind of the sisters neck, clipping the pictured pendant onto her as it swung freely.

She then picked the pendant up and opened it revealing the picture inside, gesturing with her head "That's me and you..." She looked at Shiho, beaming a pained grin, but happy as she rest her forehead onto her younger sisters chest, almost succumbing into tears once more "I love you Shiho..." And then silence, she feared speaking would turn into tears.

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@satomi: (O_O Very long. I'll get back to you later)

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@satomi: Aww, that's really sweet!

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@andres_knightfall (I kinda got an idea!)

Carefully placing down an ancient artifact from eons ago atop of his metal surgery table inside of his secretly hidden lair, underneath the iconic New York city inside of the subway hidden in plain, but invisible sight due to the unlikable characteristics of the underground. Hands precisely planting down said object upon the table, knowing any movement could, and would trigger a cataclysmic episode changing New York from prosperous to devoid of anything in a matter of seconds. The final stages of renovating his VESPA long-shot weaponry was a lengthy process involving activation of a metaphysical absorption unit to charge the devise with enough energy to effectively transfer the pressure point system of VESPA into long range projectiles, but the process was long and dangerous, any fault in the weaponry would cause a loud, and obvious explosion.....

~ Some time later ~

The artifacts had been done, the weapons were ready. Clicking a button atop of the cubed box storing the balls of VESPA energy as they rolled outwards, using his precision and skill to quickly snatch each and every ball before it rolled onto the floor. Using this as training also, knowing if any ball touched the ground without having cooled down would cause danger, he "could" have let them cool down and then picked them up, but where was the fun in that? Having finished safely he walked back to his desk, sitting himself down looking into a computer screen as a single ball had been missed, rolling off of the table and crashing into the ground....the following explosion had Myrmidon barely escaping alive and rippled throughout of the city, much of the road above the sewer had collapsed inwards as he escaped barely alive from the blast. Standing in the street now having used his Metal Yoso to clear the debris looking like a true bomb survivor, his armor worn and damaged, leaning onto a wall he sighed, realizing he'd never do that again. In the distance police sirens and ambulances started to arrive. But he ignored then and leaned onto the wall catching his breath, unaware his presence had probably alerted of one the most prolific Knightfalls in the world.

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@myrmidon_: Momentary isolation from consistent scientific endeavors, pursued martial arts perfection, and his obsessive crusade against Charlemagne LeBeau, the Knightfall Don, perpetually dapper and Armani-clad immerses himself in the environmental serenity of Central Park's calming atmosphere. Unfortunately, Don Andres' present indulgence in necessary relaxation experiences abrupt interruption as an unforeseen explosion ripples through the alarmed city.

With destructive immediacy, the ground rumbles as topographic alteration occurs, at the mercy of the explosion's unrelenting shock-wave. In an attempt at retaining equilibrium, Andres rapidly vaults into the air, relying on genetically perfected Pink Muscle percentage to channel the necessary power with his legs. Executing a graceful landing on an approximated patch of flat land, the Martial Arts Einstein's mesmeric, dark blue eyes shoot upwards, taking immediate notice of the enveloping cloud of smoke prior to the identification of a peculiar individual of unorthodox attire.

Synthetically augmented ocular clarity enables his pinpointing of this stranger's location within the smoke-congested air. Maneuvering himself past panicking civilians, he reaches within a meter of the stranger, "The explosion seemed to come from you", he pointed out, his bold disposition dictating his words, "You could have killed a lot of people senor", Andres continued, "Come with me, unless of course, you want to explain yourself to the authorities", gesturing for the masked stranger to follow as he acrobatically re-situates himself atop a distant rooftop.

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Hearing Knightfalls imperative alarmed him slightly, not wanting to be located by the authorities as he agreeably pointed his fist into the air as a metal cable attached itself to the roof, using the momentum as it propelled him upwards coming atop of the building alongside Andres, once down the metal cable unnaturally slithered back into his fist, looking down at the destruction his eyes rolled behind of his crimson mask, knowing how dangerous that could have been. Folding his arms across of his damaged armored chest he spoke "Sorry about that..." He loosened up unfolding his arms and extending his right palm for a shake "...The names Myrmidon".

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@myrmidon_: "Andres", firmly shaking Myrmidon's outstretched hand in a moment of socially obligated politeness. "Let us keep the introductions brief, Senor Myrmidon", the Don paused, his hand retreating to his side, "I'm more interested in what you were trying to... accomplish if you will, with this explosion".

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Certain that telling the man about this VESPA innovating would either be lost in translation or stolen for himself, he opted to...not lie, but withhold the full truth "I was recharging something..." He looked into the distance ready to leave before turning his head back to Andres "And I did not cause the explosion on purpose, it was my mindless mistake" His right palm grasped his left wrist behind of his tattered back "Why are you not handing me over to the police?" His eyebrows raised behind of his mask, staring at the mans perfect attire and highly impressive mannerism, obviously being more socially and possibly intellectually superior to most "Have you ever heard of Metaphysics? I was channeling that...energy, if you will" Nothing which would reveal his technology or weaponry, but a little information if the man was as smart as he assumed.

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@myrmidon_: "Recharging what exactly?", instinctive scientific curiosity contributing to his verbal pressing on the enigmatic origins of the abrupt explosion. However, the subsequent mention of metaphysics temporarily swayed a portion of his attention elsewhere. A corner of his mouth curled upwards in a smirk of arrogant panache, "My friend, I have heard of everything", he continued, "So, you were channeling chi?".

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@satomi: Aside from the bother of not receiving her answer, a well of emotions stirred within Shiho. In contrast with Satomi, who took silent joy in venturing through the former home, Shiho felt only the weight of her father's rejection and, in one particular instance, reflecting on the gravity of nearly killing her brother, the initial manifestation of her ability, though no one knew it at the time. <Death happens. It just does. I am good at making it. Always, only.> Although initial pangs of guilt still rang through, a part of her thanked the matter, for it was the first step in learning to harness her gift, and the skill of making death, and thus, solving problems.

Standing idly by, she made no personal connection of immediate importance of the bear, concerned more with her inquiry being ignored. Only when Satomi touched the jewelry box did Shiho ever change. Her eyes widened ever so slightly and her mouth opened a bit, almost as if to gasp and complain, but she said nothing. In her mind, it was still not to be touched; not out of a fear for trouble, but a courteous gesture. Even still, she considered Satomi's words carefully. Would okaasan really want that? After a moment's thinking, she removed the pendant herself, shoving it into her sister's chest. "Iie. Rather...Yours. Longer life." Even knowing Satomi as weaker than herself, the life Shiho led was not conducive to longevity, and in truth, with her actions and the nature of her fighting, the pendant would be destroyed long before then, or otherwise serve to hinder her in being careful not to destroy it. And thus, her refusal and return of the pendant serving as a silent manner of saying "the feeling is mutual."

But in love, she could not rest. Love would not fix their troubles, tie up their loose ends. Only power and killing could. While releasing the necklace back into Satomi's care, she stared meaningfully into her eyes and spoke again. "Oshiete. Who hurt you?"

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"Precisely - I was using a device which pulls in ambient energy into the area" He continued "But the...items after being charged need time to "cool down" as it were. I dropped one...and-" He pointed down towards of the ground where the explosion was "You? You're familiar with chi?" His arms removed from his back folding across of his worn chest armor, his head tilted to the side studiously "How exactly are you familiar with this concept? You don't like look an average monk".

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@myrmidon_: "Your technology has flaws", Andres pointed out, aristocratically folding both arms behind his back in an instinctive showcase of genetically ingrained Knightfall regalia. "I'm familiar with most things, Senor Myrmidon", he continued, "Tis true, but that is because I am no monk. I am an intellectual. A scientist. A futurist. An innovator. A martial artist. Chi was a natural curiosity of mine once".

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"Everything has flaws" Rather abruptly pointing out, he corrected the man "I could fix this technology...but when you've been alive as long as I you learn to love the thrills of danger sometimes" He sighed looking to the ground before peering back up, wondering how the man would interpret such thing, understandingly or as an act of stupidity?

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@myrmidon_: "But a flaw so apparent that it could lead to an explosion is ridiculous", Andres' unapologetic verbal referencing of unforgivable technological designs apparent, "Are you certain of that?", he continued, "Because honestly my friend, tis almost stupid how you endangered the lives of many just for the thrill of danger. It is reckless. This type of experiment should have been performed in a place devoid of people, in the wilderness, not in one of the most densely populated cities on this planet", implicitly questioning Myrmidon's intelligence.

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"Ah" He realized this man would possibly be a moral man unmoved by the thrill of utmost danger, regardless of civilian lives, but he opted for a response based upon deceptive agreement "I was indeed reckless - but this was no experiment - I have performed such procedure countless times over the many years I have resided on earth" Casually forgetting some may have have never lived on another world or planet as he refereed to earth like something you could come and go from "You also make it seem like..." He chuckled slightly "...I am actually considerate of civilians" He however, did perform such test underground, not inside of an abandoned building showing some albeit unorthodox care for civilian demise.

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@myrmidon_: "Hmph, of course you were", his nonchalant disposition in relation to Myrmidon's apparent confession regarding his exercised recklessness. Directing the ocular attention of his perceptive, dark blue eyes elsewhere, fixated on the distant horizon, Andres resumed conversational banter with the peculiar individual. "You clearly aren't. You're not even human", the M.D.D.S. gradual identification of the man's extraterrestrial biology coupled with the alien's own odd reference of the planet as 'Earth' considerably supporting his following statements, "To presume that you understand humanity would be as stupid as the design of your... heh, items", implicitly taunting the fact that no competent designer would commit such an atrocious technological mistake. "What are you doing on Earth? Surely a planet this unremarkable, with chemical elements found so abundantly elsewhere in the universe could not have been your reason for being here. No, there was something else that has brought you here. Tell me, Senor Myrmidon, what is it?".

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"Stupid.." A soft, pleasant chuckle escaped through his mask as he stepped forwards ever so slightly, almost without realizing so "... is not the word one would look for" He continued "When one has faced fear, and survived" Backhandedly referring to his previous face offs with the demon of death, Shinigami "When one feuds with the greatest faction this universe has ever know" Another reference, the Arcani "And betrayed the greatest godslayer know to man, and survived" A reference to Kratesis "You would be unwise to call me, or anything relative to me , stupid" He folded his arms, smiling underneath of his elusive red mask "I'd take reckless though".

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@myrmidon_: "What you believe it to be is irrelevant, senor", Andres' verbal dismissal conveyed by characteristic nonchalance, "Call it what you want. But it is stupid. It is idiotic", a smirk of narcissistic flair gracing his immaculate facial features. Calmly crossing his chiseled arms before his sculpted chest, the Don continues, "... Godslayer, faction, heh, you were a victim of the Arcani", recalling the informative combination of the previously transmitted information from Kratesis coupled with his own acquired information from past interactions with close friend, Amaranth. "How interesting".

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"Victim is...another incorrect word" He folded his arms behind of his back as he started to pace around of the rooftop but still easily audible "My name is Myrmidon, one of the first strigidae to have ever existed" He carried on pacing up and down "Undeniably one of the most dangerous" His face darted towards of Andres as his eyes glowed red being visible behind of the mask, as they did when he started to seriously think about anything "I was saved by the Arcani after being trapped for...an incalculable amount of time" He stopped in his tracks and walked back to Andres "You see my friend, I am the last known survivor from what was...before" He waved his hand around "Before all of this, before all of man, all of creation, there existed another universe" He walked towards of the end of the roof, his foot resting onto the ledge his arm resting upon his right thigh gazing outwards into the street, his eyes starting to glow back into normal shades his tone of voice slightly more reminiscent "I am the last of my race Andres. I have seen much. I have known much. The universe will collapse again in time..." He spun around and pointed towards of the man as he started walking forwards to Andres "I could not save it before, but I WILL save it now" Stopping a mere meter away from the Knightfall A-Lister he looked down "That SLAKE weaponry Kratesis has contradicts my entire life...my entire ideology, such power to remove existence entirely is simply, utterly NOT to be allowed" He looked back up "My war with the Arcani goes on and on, without stopping. I will never stop, I can NEVER stop - not until I know Kratesis lies dead and the universe is safe from her reign of terror" He concluded his converse, possibly having gone of track and started to monologue.

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@myrmidon_: "It seems like we agree on one thing", he pointed out, highlighting Myrmidon's inherent objective, his goal of bringing forth Kratesis' destruction. "SLAKE is a cosmic anomaly, one that shouldn't exist. Anything that exists, it can delete", implicitly voicing his disdain of the anomalistic weapon. "Depending on how this universe may end, I may have devised, a solution. That is, if it ends in the Big Crunch. Vacuum Metastability is another one that I am close to learning how to prevent, but the others", the Don paused, conscious pensiveness overtaking him, "Are a different matter entirely. But if my current research is any indicator, I may have found the answer. The mathematical formula of imagination, the answer to everything. For every problem, I would be able to devise a mathematical solution", a softly escaped chuckle wordlessly implying his belief in the potential impossibility of the apparent task. "We'll speak soon, senor. Provided of course, you don't threaten cities with explosions", a concluding jest terminating their conversational exchange as the Knightfall disappears via high-energy particle teleportation.

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@andres_knightfall: hah, that was awesome. Only in the CV universe we can go from blowing up sewers to talking about the destruction of the universe xP

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