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@Zeon Liafador: He grins down at her, placing a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose. "I wouldn't dream of it." Helping her remove his shirt before before kissing her neck and working his way downward...


After an unknown amount of time he lay there with her in his arms, his lips locked with hers in a passionate embrace.

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Zeon pulled for a moment, gently running her fingers along the side of his face, tracing down his jaw line to his chin and up his lips. Her eyes following her own movement as was almost focused on him. She couldn't help but smile at him, the two of them tangled in her blankets as the sun was beginning to slowly set, the last ray's of light shining through her window. What time was it? She didn't even care. Nothing else mattered right now. "Stay here..?" Her voice was soft, almost like a whisper she asked.

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@Zeon Liafador: "Where else would I want to go?" He said with a smile, kissing her sweetly, his strong arms still wrapped tightly around her, never wanting to let her go. "I've got you, there's no reason to go anywhere else." Teasingly kissing her neck as his hand caresses her bare back.

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"That makes two of us.." Plant man said as he slowly landed on the ground, shrinking back down to six feet tall, his wings returning into his back. They were in a part of New Orleans, that was clear. But it was hard to tell with how ravaged it was, buildings torn apart and blood on the streets, Plant man closed his eyes and felt out the life force in the area. His face turned somber as he slowly opened his red and orange eyes. "All dead..This part of town has been massacred...Though I do not feel any sort of left over magic..At least not directly.."

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@Tanner_Brenkov: The destruction was breathtakingly devastating. Milo walked the now barren neighborhood of ashes with a vengeful malice. "They have to be close. What do they wanted?" He gritted through a clenched jaw with white knuckles.

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@Tranquil: "They feed Milo, feed on life force, it makes them young, and powerful." Plant man walked ahead of Milo, observing the destruction as well, his attention was turned upwards, his eyes narrowing. "Milo, are you prepared to kill and slay what was once human, and still may appear to be so.." He spoke while a root grew out of his back, grabbing on it and pulling it out of his body to reveal a sword made out of sharp roots.

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@Tanner_Brenkov: "I will do what I must," he said strongly, drawing the a single geijutsu kunai from a slot on his armor, holding it in the reversed position with the left hand. Blue energy encased the razor edge, increasing its ferocious cutting capabilities.

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@Tranquil: Plant man was looking at what prowled the rooftops, dozens of Un-men. These were what was left of a human after the life force is sucked out of them, eyes rotten out, jagged teeth, skin is warped and leathery. "COME AT ME!" Plant man shouted at the creatures while raising his arms as a taunt, the beasts screeching as the leaped down at the Plant man, slicing a good few of them in half. "MILO!" Plant man shouted as he pointed at the Un-men that were flocking out of the destroyed buildings, moving horrifically at the two.

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@Tanner_Brenkov: The Keijijo Bravehart, assessed the plant protector's skill in combat rather quickly before dashing off to face the oncoming force. A strong toss sent the kunai through three target's throats, severing the head clean. As it continued in motion the Air Apparent disappeared, closing the distance between himself and the projectile in an instant. Suspended in the air the tranquil sent a powerful ethereal enhanced spinning jump kick. A massive gust of wind cleared his immediate area of the virulent aggressors, allowing him to reclaim some ground. "We can't fight forever! We need to find the triplets!"

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@Tranquil: "Right!" Plant man shouted while shoving Milo behind him and extended his hands outwards. With aggressive breathing, the being shot dozens of roots out of the palms of his hands and fingertips, ripping apart and impaling almost all of the Un-horde. "I can feel them, down the street!" Plant man quickly retracted the roots and grew a tumor like plant on his chest, ripping it off and throwing it on the ground, this resulted in creating a wall of roots that slapped anything away that got close enough. Plant man started to sprint down the street, knowing Milo wold follow.

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@Tanner_Brenkov: The air apparent's fluid, graceful stride was able to keep pace with the plant man as the trekked across the mangled avenues and battered boulevards. "Your right, they are strong," he said unequivocally.

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@Tranquil: "Then lets show them how powerful we are hmm?" Plant man laughed as he started sprinting towards the cinema he felt the energy from, his arm growing massive, becoming more wood then moss, more dense then steel. Like a locomotive, Plant man crashed through the brick wall of the cinema with ease, quickly halting in his track to let the dust settle. "I feel them, they are close no-GAAH!" Plant man shouted as he was struck with orange energy, making him fall to one knee and stay there, his body was locked. The same energy went to strike at Milo. "Oh boys, this is just too cute!" A female voice cackled, the dust finally settled to reveal a beautiful woman, flowing orange and black hair and skin like a goddess. "I am sorry to disappoint you and your friend Plant man..But it will be just me killing you both this evening.."

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@Tanner_Brenkov: Debris fell as the living herb knocked down the wall of the cinematic display center. His proclamation was interrupted by a blast of orange flavored magic. Milo's danger sense allowed him to preemptively evade a burst of the energy with an artful dodge, now placing him in front of his paralyzed comrade. Dust parted to unveil the striking witch as she made her threatened with a symphony of sardonic cackles. "I'll hold her off while you reclaim your strength." The hero charged the wily witch, mouthing a magical chant under his breath that would place a barrier of energy over himself. He then lashed out with a controlled burst of wind from an outstretched palm, directed at the witch's entire form, trying to blast her across the multiplex and through one of the support beams.

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@Tranquil: "Do you take me for a weakling, mortal?" The buxom witch hissed as backhanded the gust away with her own talents of air bending, she casted a few fierce bolts of red energy at Milo but no avail on breaking the well constructed shield, she started to back up while casting a few more. However, she backed up right into the Plant man, looming over her. The roots in his fist hardened as he gave her a brutal strike to the ribs, sending her sliding across the wooden floor. The witch quickly recovered, her face know looking more demonic.

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@Tanner_Brenkov: The insanity of the woman was apparent as she rose from the devilish strike executed by Brenkov. While her body slid Milo was converging on the location with a leap. Rasenkaze in hand he tried to deliver the powerful chakra sphere into her body with surreal speed intent on incapacitating her. If possible the two could capture her, forcing the others to come to them in search of their sister. "Try to hold her down," he yelled as his body plummeted from the sky, directly above the less alluring visual of the witch.

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She let out a soft moan as his lips pressed agianst her slender neck, chills going down her spin. But then her cellphone went off, a certain ring tone echoing through the air, letting her know it was something Family related. She clicked her tounge against her teeth, a sigh escaping as she reached over to her phone on her nightstand. I'm sorry... this is important. She said sitting up from her bed, adjusting herself so she was sitting at the edge, using part of the sheets to cover the front of her body while her back was still exposed. "Hola?" She switched to Spanish, a language she was fluent in. Zeon sat silent for a few moments, nodding her head to the preson to the other end, even though they couldn't see her. "Sí, lo entiendo. Estaré allí tan pronto como pueda." She hung up her phone, looking down at it for a moment.

Turning to Micheal she gave him a concerning look. "My aunt want's me to go to Spain for a meeting.She puased for a moment. "I've never been summoned by her before... she couldn't understand what would be about, but if she wanted her there quickly, then it must be something important.

With a frown she stood up, letting the sheets drop off her body, grabbing a rob instead, wrapping it around her slender body as she began going through her wardrobe. She didn't know how long she was going to be gone for... she didn't want to leave, she just wanted to stay in bed, be with her bel'uomo, but at the same time, she couldn't ignore her aunt's summon.

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@Zeon Liafador: Climbing out of bed he crosses the short distance to the bathroom, wrapping a towel around his waist as his beloved Zeon began to pack for her trip to Spain. Walking up behind her he wrapped his arms around her slender waist, using one hand to toss the garment she held into the waiting suitcase, pulling her backwards so her back rested against his chest. "Things come up, plans have to be changed, but we got to be together. Whether it's a month or a minute there's nowhere else I'd rather be than with you." Leaning his head over her shoulder, his slightly stubble covered face rubbing against her soft skin. "Mio amore." Before kissing her on the cheek, taking the lovely Italiana by the hand and spinning her around, still holding her close to him.

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She stood at her dresser as she felt his strong arms wrap around her waist, she smiled as she tilt her head slightly to the side, his head on her shoulder as she turned her head, kissing the temple of his head.

“I know, and we will be, I promise.” She stood there for a moment, enjoying his embrace. “Why not come with me?” She turned around to face him. “When my meeting is done, we can stay in Spain for a few days before I have to come back for my Cardinals The Italian Liafador was trying to make the situation better, she didn’t want to leave him behind.
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@Zeon Liafador: "I don't see why not." He said. smiling warmly down at her before placing a loving kiss on her lips. His hands slipping off her waist to rest on her cheeks.

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@Tranquil: Plant man shot vines from his hands, violently constricting the witch, making her screech like a banshee. She managed to cut free from the vines with razor sharp nails, quickly getting trapped in Milo's energy field. "AAAAAAAH!" She screamed while wildly pounding on the shield with his magic laced fists.

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Pulling away with an alluring grin she let out a small chuckle. “You… are going to make me very late.” She slid her hands slowly up along his chest before going on her tip toes to give him another kiss, giggling as she did before pulling away again. “Come on bell'uomo, the faster we leave the faster we can have some more fun.” She whispered coyly as she gave him a playful wink, pulling away as she went back to packing.
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@Zeon Liafador: "Yes dear." He said with a smile, giving her a quick but loving kiss before he started walking around the room, seemingly looking for something. "Zeon..."

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"Hhhmm?" She picked up a pair of shoes before turning around to face him. "What's wrong Michael?" She asked as she placed them in her suitcase.
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@Zeon Liafador: He scratched the back of his head and grinned across the room at her. "Have you seen my pants?"

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She blinked a couple of times, thinking… what… did they do with his pants? Her eyes darted around the room. “You know… you could just go in the towel…” She teased Walking over to her bed she crouched down and looked underneath, her bed where she spotted them. With a smile she stood up, walking over to him as she held them out before him. ”What’s my reward for finding them? she jokingly spoke as she handed them to him.
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@Zeon Liafador: "Well..." Taking hold of the robe's belt and pulling her in for a quick but passionate kiss. "I was under the impression you were in a hurry to get to Spain..." A smile spreading across his face. "But if you want it now..." winking at her.

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With a wide smile she slowly pulled away, turning her back to him. “We’ll save it for Spain.” She slipped her robe off, her olive skin exposed as she began slipping on her panties and bra. “We don’t want to tire you out before we get there.” She turned her head slightly in his direction with a playful smile.
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@Zeon Liafador: "You should know by now from experience I don't tire out easily." Winking at her as he began to dress himself as well, looking around the room for his shoes.

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“Oh, I know you don’t.” Pulling her causal white dress over her head, tugging on it and smoothing it out along her slim body. Standing for a moment she watched the deadly assassin looking around the ground. “It’s one of the many things I love about you.” She picked up one of his shoes that were laying by the door and motioned to him that the other one was by the window. “I just have to survive my family reunion.” The Italian Cardinal half joked to herself as she gently tossed Michael his shoe.
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@Zeon Liafador Pulling his jeans on and fastening his belt, the archer picks up the second shoe and walks over to her, taking the shoe she held out to him. Dropping them to the floor and sliding his feet inside before turning is attention back to Zeon, admiring the dress she wore. "You look beautiful." Smiling down at her.
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Her cheeks slightly turned pink at the complement he gave to her. “Thank you bell'uomo.” She responded as she grabbed her suitcase. “Ready?” She smiled. “We’ll take the family jet, it’ll only take us about two hours to get there.”
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@Zeon Liafador He kissed her sweetly before gesturing towards the door. "Lead the way mio amore." His suitcase. More of a Duffel bag really, sat by the door where he'd placed it when he entered
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Gently grasping his free hand into her own she smiled up at him, leading him out of her home and to her car where a man in a white suit was waiting for them, one of her Cardinals. Walking up to the two of them he bowed his head, never looking at the two in the eyes as he grasped their bags, opened the door for them; put their bags in the trunk and then made his way to the drivers seat. Slipping into the back of the vehicle she patted the seat for Michael to come in with her. When the two were in the Cardinal began driving the two to the airport.

During the ride she kept her hand with his, gently holding it as she looked up at him. “What did I do, to deserve an amazing man like you?” She smiled at him, she honestly haven't felt this happy in a very long time.

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@Zeon Liafador He let go of her and put his arm around her, giving her an affectionate squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. "You're the one that's amazing." Kissing her lovingly.
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Pulling away from the kiss she smiled as she ran her fingers along his stubble chin as they rolled up the airport. The two got their bags through security no problem, never having to have them checked as they made their way to the families private jet. “When we get to Malaga,” She began. “I’m going to have to go directly to the meeting. So you get to have some fun exploring without me for a bit.” They got into the jet, it was roomy, seats made of soft leather. TV, computers and a bar for them as she sat down, patting the seat next to her. “Hopefully it wont take too long and we’ll be able to pick up where we left off.” She leaned her head upon his strong shoulder, wrapping her arm around his.

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@Zeon Liafador: He settled in the seat next to his Amore, kissing her cheek as she explained the plan once they arrived in Spain. "You're sure you have to go straight to the meeting." He said with a grin, resting his hand on the olive skin of her bare leg. "You can always tell Aunt Ziccarra that it was my fault." Winking over at her.

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Looking up at him she gave him a playful glare. “You want my aunt to kill me don’t you?” She then smiled, gently grasping his hand into hers. ”Plus the faster I get there, the faster I can get it over with.” She could only imagine what the meeting might be about. Probably about that Knightfall she has been with. “And then we can have all the fun we want, for as long as we want.” she lift herself up a bit as she whispered sensually in his ear before reaching over with her other hand, gently turning his head to her and lightly pressing her lips against his.

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@Tanner_Brenkov: The rotating wind blades mildly damaged the witch allowing her to be encased in a magical prism, via Milo's quick chant of the archaic language Warsman instructed him upon briefly. "Let's go. With one of them in our possession all we have to do is wait," he proposed confidently.

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@Zeon Liafador A grin slowly spread across his face as she whispered into his ear. "Watch what you say Mio Amore, I have a hard enough time controlling myself around you as it is..." leaning over and kissing her neck teasingly to add emphasis to the statement.
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@The_Assassin_ said:

@Zeon Liafador A grin slowly spread across his face as she whispered into his ear. "Watch what you say Mio Amore, I have a hard enough time controlling myself around you as it is..." leaning over and kissing her neck teasingly to add emphasis to the statement.

A soft moan escaped from her lips as she felt his lips press against her bare neck, the stubble on his face brushing against her skin made it even more difficult for her to keep her mind focus. "As do I with you bell'uomo." She spoke out, biting her lower lip as she forced herself to pull away."Tu sai che ti amo. <You know I love you.> but I have to be focused when I go into this meeting, something that's already going to be hard for me to do knowing your waiting for me." The plane began to descend down to the ground, landing on the runway. "Siamo qui." <We're here.>"

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@Zeon Liafador "That was a quick flight." He said glancing past her out the window. "Must have been the exceptional company..." leaning over and kissing her lovingly as he laid his hand on top of hers and intertwining their fingers. "Do your best to forget I'm waiting for you... then when you come back to the hotel and I..." looking left then right before leaning over and whispering something into her ear, giving her hand a gentle squeeze as he did so before sitting back up. "... you won't be expecting it." Smiling and winking at her.
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Japan; Somewhere

Post making the journey down from the mountain upon which she had manifested, Olivier wandered many days, aimlessly searching for civilization. She rested very little, her body's enhanced condition allowing her to push on through what would've been impossible for a normal person, and thanks to her unique metaphysical aura protecting her absolutely from the natural elements. After an unknown period of time, her ears picked up the sounds of society, though sounds she was completely unfamiliar with. At once she accelerated, effortlessly outpacing any sound, making a direct path toward the noise.

She came to a stop in the middle of a paved road, right in the path of a moving bus. The voluminous vehicle collided with her petite frame and sent her sailing through the air. Onlookers stared on, baffled, as she stood up effortlessly, almost immediately, without being any worse for wear. Olivier looked on in wonder at the large...whatever it was that had hit her. Filled with odd-looking people, with their thick black hair and squinting eyes, she was just as confused by them as the....she really didn't know what to call it. Others swarmed her, speaking the language she didn't even know she understood, touching her, inquiring as to her health. Even more still, were concerned with the state of the...massive thing, and the people trapped inside. Olivier stared for a moment before making up her mind. Obviously, it must be some sort of monster. Staring at what appeared to be a face, the flickering lights registering as dizziness.It is but barely conscious still. This is my chance. Swatting away those surrounding, she drove Durendal into the front of the vehicle and began carving her way through it, freeing those trapped inside. Eyewitnesses cheered and a camera captured her accidentally heroic deed, broadcasting her over a large screen on a nearby building. Befuddled herself, Olivier stared at her image and, thinking she was facing another visual rift like Ishin the Impero had shown her, she averted her eyes to avoid seeing more of what pained her in the first place, now stomping briskly down the street with a shove for anyone who got in her way.

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@Chevaliere: Hahaha, I love it.

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@Amaranth_Strix: A thousand appreciations, my master.

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@zeon_liafador: The sun was just starting it's decent, partially obscured by the naturally cloudy day and the heavy fog that covered the area, a lone Land Rover making it's way down the A87. No other vehicles were visible, the surrounding area was mostly wilderness. Suddenly the driver veered hard to the right, a path that would seemingly take the vehicle straight into the river running alongside the road, a relatively shallow section of the river allowing the land rover to cross with little effort onto a concealed unpaved road. "Didn't scare you did I?" Smiling over at Zeon, who sat in the passenger seat beside him.

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Zeon sat silently in the passenger seat, enjoying the time away from her Cardinal's and family drama. The two have been spending more and more time together, their relationship growing stronger with every minute they had together. The Italian beauty was suddenly shaken in her seat as she grasped the side of the door, her body veering towards the left as the turn was made. Her amber eyes widen, darting over to Micheal who had a smug grin on his face.

"You did that on purpose!" Her voice a bit tight as she playfully smacked him on the shoulder, returning the smile.

Her eyes looked out, they seemed to have been out in the middle of no where. "So, am I allowed to ask where we are going now?" Curiosity in her voice as she watched as they passed by lush green trees and colorful flowers.

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@zeon_liafador: "That would ruin the surprise." Leaning over while holding the vehicle steady, giving her an affectionate kiss on the cheek. "But I'll give you a hint..." As he returned his attention to the road. The road before them narrowing and growing more rugged due to years of disrepair. "The road is so narrow because it was made for horses, not vehicles. Actually this may be the first time a vehicle has traveled down this road... I could be wrong though..." They drove on for a short while, nearly half an hour before they reached a narrow valley wedged nestled in between a pair of mountain ranges, the dense fog obscuring the opposite end of the valley.

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Giving a slight glare at his answer she couldn't help but smile as she felt his lips press against her cheek. She listened to what her bell'uomo had to say, looking at the roads she didn't notice them to have narrowed. She began looking at the detail around her and remembering where they were at, in Scotland. But the fog was so thick, it was impossible for her to try and see ahead. But the mountains were breath taking. Slightly leaning forward in her seat she squinted her eyes, as if trying to see pass the fog.

"Bell'uomo, how do you know where to go? The fog, it's so dense. I can't see anything ahead."

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@zeon_liafador: "Now there's a mystery..." Smiling as he pulled off to the side of the road, or rather, pulled over because the road had ended entirely. "We're close, but we have to walk the rest of the way."

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Zeon looked ahead, even though she could kill a man with a single strike, didn't mean that she didn't feel uneasy at times. Her eyes looked back at Micheal, and then realized... as long as he was by her side, she could do anything. With a soft smile and nod she unbuckled her seat-belt and opened her door, her feet planting on the soft earth as she took a few steps away from the car. "I'm beginning to think this may just be a wild goose chase to keep me away from my Cardinal duties... not hat I mind." she gave a alluring smile as she walked back over to him, gently grasping his strong hand into her own. "Lead the way."