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Nurse Clarke

Never have I ever seen such darkness in a child so young.  There's so much you don't know but let's get this thing straight, Rachael.  We came to this frozen shit hole to discuss matters pertaining to Joseph Johnson away from the grasp of mighty MONARCH.  I don't like this recent obsession with him but understand the threat he poses to humanity.  I want to help; not feed whatever carnal desires you may have.  I-I suggest you start writing cause I wont repeat this stuff twice.  You got that?  
  • June 28, 1983: O-Okay.  His mother was a freaking train wreck.  And I'm not even trying to be insulting.  Decades ago she was found on the outskirts of Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia.  Two days after my application had been accepted so I remember the day vividly.  She wore tattered clothing.  Obvious signs of rape or some type of wicked foreplay.  I never understood why she wasn't reported to the authorities.  I'm sure someone could of helped this poor soul but I-I was young and couldn't afford looking for an occupation elsewhere.  I needed the money so I shut up.  This lady however she kept babbling about seeing the devil himself.  
  • March 11, 1984: Don't get me me wrong I felt overwhelmingly sympathetic for the trauma she may have dealt with.  However, she acted so entitled.  Like I had to take care of her or I would be punished.  At first she seemed helpless in need of moral and emotional assistance.  I understood the ramifications physical abuse could have on a woman but as the months progressed I literally became a mid-wife.  It didn't help that she would have these psychotic episodes throughout the course of her pregnancy.  I kind of assume she was right.  Carrying a demon spawn within her belly.  On the eleventh of March she gave birth to this perfect little boy.  I'll never understand why he wasn't sent into child services but the institution kept him.  They named him Joseph Johnson.   We were his family.
  • January 5, 1995: His mother's been dead since his fifth birthday.  I kind of considered him a little brother.  Always quiet.  He never spoke much but when he did the sheer intelligence was astounding.  Without education this boy already knew so much but acted so indifferent to others.  Joseph never could emote feelings of any sort.  I blame his fascination for the Zeraz family.  Bunch of egoistical maniacs trying to rule the world with their fancy weapons and drug induced food.  Their genetics alone left me wondering if they were truly human.  You know with so many damn heroes running about nowadays my theories feel so spot on.  Yellow eyes, fancy clothing, bunch of monsters that infected Joseph with glitz and glam...calling themselves heroes.  He wanted to be like them.  You know heroes but they gave him the wrong damn definition.  A hero would never take money from those they're trying to save.   
  • December 25, 2008: His mental health has been dissolving after each year.  He keeps telling himself he's a super-hero.  T-That he can see who's human and who doesn't belong in the mortal realm.  Joseph showcased angered for the first time at the age of twenty-four.  He was frustrated with me of all people.  Frustrated that I couldn't believe aliens and demons existed.  H-He outlandishly called me a pathetic excuse of flesh.  Blatantly categorized the head of the psychiatric ward as an alien in sheep's clothing.  I should of believed him but my mind wouldn't allow it.  Joseph lashed out.  He was so thin but attacked me with brute strength.  And than I knew it had to be true.  Those things his mother would say to me every Sunday.  Her child wasn't human but I could never really grasp that concept.
  • December 26, 2008: Everyone's dead.  Patients as well as staff members.  I took the day off after scheduling an appointment for the fractured nose my little brother gave me.  Wearing some protective gear until the doc's called me in.  Y-Yet loved that little bastard but he was the monster his mother said he would become.  I never did see the bodies but I did see Joseph wrapped up in those mental jackets.  He never did appreciate solitary confinement.  I wonder if he would of killed me as well.  
Once I realized the urgency of the situation it was already too late.  There were these men and women dressed up in spiffy gear taking him away.  After watching the news reports in recent times...it was MONARCH who took him away; correct?  They've been a public organization lately.  Crazy how shit changes in a decade or two.  So, you wanted to know his beginnings.  There you have it.  A tortured soul from the beginning.  He went through so many mental examines, poked, prodded, acted as a lab monkey for my superiors.  There are other tests he went through.  Things I couldn't see due to my pay grade.  I was his anchor to humanity but I f#cked up.  I should of took him away.  I should of saved him.  If there's any way to prevent Joseph from reaching a psychotic episode that could result in catastrophe...I suggest finding out who the hell is father was.  B-But I gotta ask what became of Joseph when he was taken away.  Why did MONARCH of all people take an interest in a fragmented soul? 

Professor Jones

Mister Johnson has the acquired ability of knowing the genetic heritage of any being he sees whether it be through handhelds or face to face confrontation.  It probably explains his fascination with the Zeraz family.  A bloodline known for not being entirely humanoid.  MONARCH took interest when we were alerted of several alien deaths in the state of West Virginia.  So many casualties needed to be covered in order to prevent media disaster.  Once the discovery of his powers were realized, Mister Johnson was given a position.  We than bestowed him with the name Agent Dream because he was finally leaving the life he always prayed for.  Protecting the world from beings not of this world.   
You see I was tasked with learning the truth behind these so called psychotic episodes.  He's been under contract for MONARCH for the last four years and is known for his short temper.  Which resulted in the classification of psychotic episodes due to his habits of blood lust.  Recently, Joseph escaped MONARCH headquarters in hopes of making his dream of becoming a hero more prominent.  I must thank you for helping me complete the holes in his past.  It'll help me deduce how to save him before MONARCH corrupts his mind even more.  If I can solve his past...maybe I can save his future.  I'm so afraid if the rumors are true that MONARCH will cause the next cataclysm.  Too think there's so much I still don't know.  Like who the hell controlled the facility?  I-I'm sorry I've already told you too much.  I can't allow my boss to know of this meeting.  She'll kill me if realizes I'm seeking answers to past incidents.  I-I'm so sorry! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! 

Living Dreams

My name is Joseph Jordan Johnson.  It's definitely a tongue twister but it's my name.  I lost my mother at the age of five.  Never knew who my father was but I sure as hell know he isn't any good.  Raised in a mental institution since youth.  Not many know this but MONARCH ran the facility.  I didn't talk much because I knew they were everywhere.  Bunch of inhumane humans and aliens teaching me the different categories of living - Alien, Supernatural, Human, etc.  They even hired Brandon Clarke as my guide into humanity because they needed me to be the perfect specimen.  I never showed emotion.  Didn't like sadness or the concept of happiness.  Feelings get in the way of progress but MONARCH got me angry.  Took away my life in hopes of making the perfect weapons against those who'd dare takeover mother Earth.  They knew who my father was and never told me!  So I had to kill them.  Had to find a way to escape.  Broke Clarke's nose so he couldn't witness how monstrous I really was.  December twenty-sixth I killed every damn one of those creatures.  Life inches away from my fingertips but they found me. 
  • July 30, 2012: Rachael Jones is a beautiful woman.  I think she likes me but she's probably pretending like the rest of my "friends".  I kind of freaked out during a mission in New Sydney.  My only real friend didn't listen to my orders and I had a tantrum.  It was my fault.  I have an OCD issue and he never listens to me.  Those illegal aliens got away and numerous casualties happened on my watch.  Professor Jones as she insisted on be called acted gentle when in my company.  Maybe it was the drugs inside my system or maybe my heart actually skipped a beat but I found myself telling her things I normally don't like discussing.  I couldn't tell her why I'm always so angry.  Can't contaminate her mind with my contorted conscience.  If I corrupted her than MONARCH would surely murder this beautiful gal so I kept quiet.  Didn't tell the truth.  Didn't tell her I'm so angry about never having a childhood.  So angry that I'll never live my dream.  And than a black out occurs within MONARCH headquarters.  Its an opportunity I've prayed for and when I escape, what I find is a miracle, a woman with hair as red as the blood inside waits for my arrival.
  • August 12, 2012: The Iberian Empire.  A palace I've never graced before.  A new found country ruled by Emperor Impero and his lovely wife, Clarice Michelle.  I know her all too well.  She's that chick from the television screen.  I've learned a lot from her family.  Watching their mannerisms.  A liar could pick up a trick or two by keeping an eye on the way she moves.  I don't criticize this woman at all.  It must be hard living as a tormented demigod.  Not to mention her nephew being half-symaarian.  I feel like a geek meeting my heroes.  Meeting Noah and Clarice is kind of spectacular for a West Virginian boy like myself.  I'm offered an actual chance at being a hero.  Like the one's on the magazine.  I don't question their motives.  I know I should but I don't.  I get to finally live my out dreams and I'll do it proudly.  She calls me collision course because I've crashed into a well deserved destiny that'll shower me in heavenly bliss.  Kind of wonky but I take it.  Maybe my mother was wrong.  Maybe I'm not a demon after all.  I'm an honest to gosh hero in the making.

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That's a lot of reading... But it was a good one.

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@_Sojourn_: I know. I haven't written lengthy in some time but thanks ^.^
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@Clara Mass: Would you believe I asked Mercy to do something similiar to that in my rpg (The psychiatrist)

A lot of character growth and explaination, I enjoyed it man

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@Surkit: Thank you. These one post threads have been more progressive than some rpgs xD
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Awesome, loved this!

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Victor and JJJ need to meet up SOON!

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@Sicarius_: Thank you.  And they will.  It'll be EPIC. 
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@Clara Mass: damn right it will be...but when!!!

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@Sicarius_: Time will tell I suppose =P This is week I guess. 
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I'm going to have to step my writing game up to this guy's level won't i?

Well done man ;)

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@OxeRed : I started on this site very much inexperienced. You're in a better place than I was four years ago

And thank you very much kind sir :D

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@Collision - Course: To Iberia and Impero? Of course!

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@Kratesis: hehe there was one more. Should I tell or leave you wondering? =P

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@Kratesis: I'll tell you through pm >__>