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It had been a strange couple of days for all the Mobb Deep Affiliates. After all the fighting in the Civil War and the members taking on their own personal battles and missions they have been going non stop with little to no time to rest. With the recent reappearance of one Renegade Lantern, Kurrent the successor to the Mobb Deep helm taught it wise that his team  took a little  R&R for a week or so. This was not only for them to get their much needed rest but for the Mobb Mansion to be empty in case The Renegade Lantern decided to show himself there. His intention were not yet known and their was no telling what he would do after so much had changed in his absence.

The Warrior of Warriors took his holiday at a Hilton hotel making sure that the name under the room was unmarked as if no one was there. He wasn't really resting as he should have been though but plotting and planning. In his always cautious frame he tapped the hallway with small cerchi  that were used as improvised camcorders given to him and the rest of the team by Morte Rapida for their safety away from the group.

After he got out of the shower he began to put on his street clothes in order to blend in and not give off his superhero persona. When he put on his second shoe he looked at his laptop and  suddenly he saw a figure carrying a duffel bag approaching his room from the serchi cam that was down the hall. Dead center of the zero in the 109 number that was pasted to the door of his hotel room,  Kurrent had placed a cerchi cam.  In order to get a better view of the strange individual who was at his step he switched to that view from his laptop that was monitoring all of the cameras activities. Keeping a watchful eye on what the man was doing Kurrent noticed that the man pulled out machine guns. The heroes eyes opened wide and quickly thought to himself......SH!T an assassin and quickly crouched down on the side opposite of the door before the man that was outside the door began to open fire.

Hot lead was flying everywhere and it made short work of the door out side. While the ravaging bullets massacred the room Kurrent was hidden but at the same time thinking out how he would react. He is using guns so he must not have powers thought  Kurrent as he heard the weapons fire stop and the man kick the door in. The man continued to fire with the door now out of his way and like a mad man began to holler KURRENT.

The hero thought quickly what assassin makes his presence know this way by causing all this noise. Perched between the bed and the wall that was giving him cover. Kurrent began to crawl to the edge of the wall that lead to the door to see his attempting assassin. Keeping a low profile to the ground he peeked  his head over the wall and saw the man. With a rapid flick of his wrist Kurrent fired 2 blasts from his hand up towards the barrels of  the guns. This was done in order to send an electric jolt through the weapons and to disarm the frantic hired gun.

After the disarmament  tactic. The Most Electrifying Man jumped to his feet and turned the corner in a rapid motion. He had briefly covered his body in an electromagnetic forcefield in case his last attack had failed and charged the man with malicious ambition. Closing the distance and breaking the threshold of the door Kurrent took to the air with a flying right knee aimed at the assassins chin. By this time he had withdrawn his forcefield only leaving a charge constantly moving about his legs.

The knee was thrown desperately and the landing was not calculated properly which lead Kurrent to fall on the ground into a roll into the hallway. Quickly gathering himself he faced his antagonist and planted his left hand on the ground. In a fluid motion his electrically charged legs went over his body into a K kick towards his foes neck that he was able to balance with the grounded hand. Using the recoil of the kick Kurrent snapped back to his feet into a  Ginjga (capoeria) to prepare his body for anything that the assassin had to offer.

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