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The Depths of Space...

If you are hearing this, then I am dead, and the weapon I have dedicated my life to protecting is in the hands of those I sought to keep it from. He has it. You know of whom I speak.

He will be almost unstoppable now. But you must stop him. The burden falls upon your shoulders, my apprentice. You know the history of the weapon, the Hand of God, as they call it. I have told you many times how I came to possess it and the power it holds. Yet of your enemy, you know too little. Allow me to assist you in that area.
Countless centuries ago, when life first flowered into existence, a race was born. They had no name, no identity, they had nothing. They were but children, savages, barbarians. Nothing but primal urges wrapped up in flesh and bone. They evolved at an astonishing rate, soon adapting to the high gravity of their home, which is perhaps the most powerful gravity field in existence, attracting hundreds of moons to the planet. This race developed impossibly tough skin and immeasurable strength, to cope with life on their barren planet. They had no need to eat, breathe or sleep, they generated their own energy. The perfect race.. Though their minds were still savage. Until one day, war erupted. There was no cause for this war, these people had no reason to fight for anything. They were simply bored. And in this great battle, one of the monsters stood tall on the shattered corpses of his enemies. He had slaughtered his entire race.
Then, the creature made a discovery. Some time after this war, those he had killed came back. As I said, they were the perfect race. Even death could not stave them off. They are totally self sufficient to the point that they reproduce internally. At the time of death, they clone themselves, and the clone is protected beneath their indestructible shell until it matures. The victorious alien was declared ruler of them all, and named. The first word of their language. Glucknar. His people were called the Glucknarans, though none of them have individual names. With little else to do, the Glucknarans continued to have their wars, fighting for thousands of years until they had become masters of combat. Then, they were invaded, by another race, with technology far superior to the crude tools of Glucknar's people. They didn't last long.
Thrilled at their victory over this other race and how easy it was, the Glucknarans immediately stole all the advanced technology of the neighbours and returned to their planet. They wiped out every creature they found there. And in doing so, they found more joy. They found entertainment. With space faring technology at their hands, the Glucknarans ventured further and further, destroying every race they encountered and adding more technology to their arsenel. After a few thousand years, the Glucknarans had become vastly intelligent, and grew tired of inflicting nothing but death. As the greatest race in the known universe, they saw it as their right to rule over all, for their Lord Glucknar to dominate all of creation. Instead of simply destorying other planets, they sought to control them. They established an Empire. Only the Green Lanterns stood against them. Glucknar had grown arrogant in the countless years he had lived, knowing that he was the most powerful being in all creation.
So when a group of Green Lanterns managed to actually kill some of his people, something only Glucknar himself had ever accomplished... He was enraged. He killed those Lanterns with his bare hands, but refused to stop there... No, Glucknar held a grudge. He left expanding the Empire to his underlings as he focused all his efforts on finding something to destroy the Lanterns... To eliminate light and cast darkness over the cosmos. He has found that now, the weapon. The Hand of God. The Green Lanterns will try to stop him in his conqeusts, but against the Hand, they have no chance. You must help them. Share your knowledge with them. They cannot do it alone, you know this. You know his weakness. Go, Igniar. You are Ungluck, Glucknar's Bane. Save the Lanterns, before it is too late.
Igniar gaped at the hologram as his master disappeared back into the remains of what used to be his home. "But I don't even know where he is!" 

Space Sector 2814, several Earth days later...


"Lord Glucknar." The Glucknaran responsible for piloting the great warship bowed to his master. "We have exited the warp portal and arrived. Welcome to Space Sector 2814." 
"Hrn." Glucknar grunted, flexing the powerful gauntlet which was now bonded to his hand, as he sat upon his throne. The Hand of God was decorated with seven gems, glowing brightly with the many colours of light. Green, blue, red, yellow, orange, violet and indigo, the seven colours of the emotional spectrum, the seven colours wielded by the many Lantern Corps. However, the Hand, unlike a Lantern ring, did not harness the emotions of the user. It drew its power from the emotions of others. By using the weapon, Glucknar was able to harness the souls of those around him and trap them in the gems, using the power of their emotions to fuel his own power. 
When he first found the Hand of God, Glucknar immediately returned to one of the many planets he had conquered and annihilated the native species, pulling their souls into the Hand. With this new power boost, he began hunting down and attacking members of the Lantern Corps, killing them all and harnessing their willpower to fuel his weapon. Still not content with this, he began to hunt down Lanterns of every colour, increasing his might with every soul he took. In order to prevent the rings of those he killed from finding new bearers, Glucknar seized them all, holding them in a heavily armored vault in his warship. "Is there any planet in this sector of interest to us? Is this 'Agent Orange' we seek located here?" One Lantern Glucknar had killed none of were those of the Orange Corps, because there was only one of them in existence, Larfleeze. Glucknar had hoped the creature would hear of the Hand of God and allow his greed to get the better of him, revealing himself, but no sign yet. 
"We are still searching, My Lord." The same Glucknaran replied, now making his way out of the throne room to return to his duties. "I will alert you if--" 
"My Lord!" A holographic projection of another appeared, looking incredibly distressed. Glucknar immediately leapt to his feet, causing the entire room to shudder beneath his might. His people had no individual names but he recognised each of them at a glance. He knew what this one's job was, and was pounding his way out of the throne room even before the hologram could exclaim: "There is a breach in the vault!" 
Activating a trap door, the behemoth hurled himself down into the depths of his ship, coming to a thundering halt as he reached the lowest floor. "LANTERNS!" He bellowed, his eyes narrowing in anger as he witnessed a group of three Green Lanterns fighting off two of his best warriors. 
"We really should have planned this better..." Grumbled one of the Corpsmen, who resembled a large Earth gorilla with orange skin. He was using various shifting constructs and was attempting to tear open the huge metal cube in the centre of the room. "Nothing is working, guys!" 
"Keep going Joahl! We'll hold him off!" A female Lantern cried, her antlers and blue skin the only indication that she wasn't human. The three Lanterns not occupied by the cube threw up a wall of pure green light, blocking Glucknar and his henchmen from accessing them. 
"Your wall cannot stop me!" Glucknar roared, as the Hand of God glowed a deathly yellow. "I sense Great Fear in your hearts, Lanterns!" Using the yellow light of fear, the warlord blasted the wall apart. "Go!" He commanded his two soldiers. "I will deal with these myself!" 
"Ha!" One of the Lanterns grinned, identical to the blue woman with antlers in everything but his gender. "We're the Green Lantern Corps, big guy! We've taken down worse threats than you!" Surrounding his own fists with huge spiked glove constructs, the young Lantern charged confidently at Glucknar. 
"You've never faced anything like me. Child." Glucknar spat, holding out his gauntlet as a yellow wave of light tore through his attacker, causing the constructs to vanish entirely. Then red ooze began to surge forth from the crimson gem on his knuckle. It rushed forward and blasted into the face of the shocked Lantern, tearing through his eyes and into his mouth, fill his entire body until he exploded in a red firework of flesh and bone. 
"Kamron!" The female Lantern screamed at the loss of her brother, as Joahl continued to work in the background, trying his best to tune everything else out. Her will was shaken, but she was a Green Lantern, and she knew that for the sake of the universe she must stand strong. "My name is Kamra, demon. And you will not live to regret that!" And Kamra, focusing her control of the green light, created three glowing Glucknar dopplegangers. The constructs attacked the original, throwing powerful punches at his face. But Glucknar stood, bathed in a Blue light, grinning like a maniac as he ignored the blows entirely. 
"You fill me with hope, Kamra." He mocked sarcastically, before his Orange gem began to glow and an orange construct burst forth... An exact replica of Kamron. Stunned into silence, Kamra's constructs faded as the orange avatar tore off the head of his sister. Slowly, the King of the Glucknarans stomped his way towards the final Lantern, Joahl, his eyes clenched shut as he tried to hammer his chisel construct into the cube. "Give it up, Lantern." Glucknar kicked Kamra's corpse out of his way. "That metal was forged on my home planet. Nothing is strong enough to penetrate it." 
Taking a deep sigh, Joahl muttered a prayer and then turned to face his fate. His face was devoid of emotion, save for the steely determination in his eyes. "I am a Green Lantern. Nothing is stronger than my will." And with a final strike from his hammer, the chisel tore into the vault, creating a hole. Like a swarm of insects, rings of almost every colour surged out of their prison, eagerly zooming away to seek new hosts. 
"NO!" Glucknar roared, attempting to catch some of the rings in a hastily formed construct, which was shattered as a glowing green fist slammed into his face. Turning his head, wide eyed in anger, Glucknar formed a solid yellow horn atop his head and leapt at Joahl, tearing straight through his gut before throwing the limp body to the ground. As the hulking lantern coughed up blood, dying on the floor, alone, he spoke to his killer. 
"We never dreamed to survive this mission... Kamron... Kamra... They knew this was suicide... They knew that doing this... Meant death... But death knowing that we have stopped you... That those rings will find new hosts... And you will meet an army you cannot stop..." Glaring at Gluckar, Joahl spoke his final words loud and clear. "Let those who worship evil's might, beware our power... Green Lantern's... Light..." 
Gritting his teeth in pure rage, Glucknar drove his gauntlet through the skull of the dead Corpsman, as the supercomputer integrated into the wall of the room had already answered his question before he could ask it. The computer had watched the trajectory of the rings and deduced the direction most were headed in, what planet they would arrive on. As the pilot Glucknaran wandered into the carnage, mouth agape, Glucknar pushed past him. 
"Set course for Earth."

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A yellow ring, one amongst many released by one brave Green Lantern as a last hope to save the coming doomsday soared towards Earth with several of its comrades'. It glinted against the bright yellow sun as it entered the atmosphere of the planet teaming with life, dominated by that of the Humans. As it entered into Earth along with several other rings of all colours of the emotional spectrum they all split up, determined to reach their destination. The yellow ring knew where it must go, it could feel the power of its future wielder, he was made to wield the power of this ring. It soared down through the thick, white, puffy clouds and into the blue sky as it neared closer to land. The continent known to the Humans as Africa came into view, an expansive and large piece of land.  
The yellow ring soared across the lush green tree tops seeking its future wielder and partner. Suddenly it make a quick dip down into the tree's and zipped around the thick brownish trunks and burst out into the open, warm savannah. Not far away was the rings target, a large muscular man running with great speed. He was chasing down what the Humans called a Zebra. It was clear he was no ordinary human as he kept up with the wild beast. In one flawless and quick motion he launched himself at the animal, rapping his thick, bare arms around the animals neck. He proceeded to drive a blade which had been hidden until know into the animals throat, bringing it down on to its chest. It skidded across the ground and came to a dead halt, a trail of blood left on the dry earth. The man raised himself from his prey as several Lions began to close in around him. He made no move, he did not fear them. You could tell by the caution at which they moved in that they were the ones afraid of him. He was proving to be a good candidate thus far. He calmly walked away as they slowly closed in...he has taken down this animal for them! As he walked away, the yellow ring zipped down in front of his face and stopped abruptly, taking the beastly man off guard. 
He regained his footing and confidence and glared at the object with interest and curiosity; clearly puzzled by the floating yellow ring. Suddenly he was astonished as the ring began to speak. "Rellik of Earth, your assistance is needed against a looming threat which may result in the end of all you know. Not only your Earth stands in the path of destruction but the entire Universe from the one we call Glucknar. We sense the power within you, the way you strike fear within others - use us and your power will become unlimited and you will strike fear into all that confront you. Embrace the power of fear and become one with us."

"Now who is this Glucknar bloke? And what do I care for Earth and humans, I hate humans" , Rellik responded coldly. However, the ring could sense the doubt in his voice. The ring knew Rellik wanted its power, he was just trying to play it off as if he didn't care.

The ring responded, "Glucknar is an alien who seeks total domination. This is him (show hologram), and it is not Earth that lies at risk of destruction as I have already stated." 
"That is one big you know what, but when have I let that ever stop me? I could never resist a good hunt...count me in. So what happens now?" , Rellik responded once more. The ring spoke again, "Good, just embrace fear and become one with it and I am yours."  
As the yellow ring finished speaking, Rellik instinctively held up his right hand and the ring floated ever so gently on to his middle finger. Almost instantly, Rellik felt the power surge through his body as he was engulphed in a blinding yellow light. "Lets see what you can do my new little friend." Rellik lept into the air, acheiving flight and soared above the beautiful savannah. He had found power, but now he had to use it for a good purpose; "So how about we get down to business and you take me where I'm supposed to go?"

"We must wait for the others to be choose and than we will gather our forces and than it will begin."

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Night passed over South Dakota. The newspapers still had it on their front pages, TANK IS DEAD. He'd launched yet another of his vicious attacks on civilians, using his power that no just god would give to someone like him to take lives and destroy Mt. Rushmore. One hero was on the scene and made a stand against the metahuman terrorist. They dueled into the dusk hours as their blood stained the ground beneath their feet. People watched in terror as Gearo, their chosen champion, was broken and systematically dismantled by Tank. With every second the fight persisted, Gearo's undeniable hatred of Tank  boiled over and finally, as the National Guard fired on Tank with artillery rounds, Gearo fired a blast that sent him through the mountain. The resulting collapse of the massive mountainside crushed Tank to death. The world remembered this event as if it were ancient history, but still, the uncertainty of Gearo's alignment left them uneasy. 
There was a humming of silence and the emptiness of the place nearly overcame the blinding darkness. The cemetery was over a mile round and the gates had been locked for several hours. There, freshly plotted with a  slightly brighter green sod over it, was a grave. The headstone was a basic square shape. The stone boar no name, for there was none to bury him with. Suddenly, there was a sound, a sound that overlapped the eerie silence. It was the sound that came from a swarm of hornets, wild and ready to attack. The source of the sound drew closer, a thin grey haze like a deathly shade of a soul returning to its residence. As it drew nearer to the ground, the object surrounded by the other-worldly smoke revealed itself to be a small, black ring. There was a whisper, a whisper that could only be heard by the dead and the ring plunged itself into the loose dirt of the fresh grave. The undertaker's flashlight peeked between the headstones as he roamed along the rolling hills of the cemetery, the keys jingling at his side as he went. He was an old man, gruff and whithered, with not much meat left on his bones and a thick white mustache with streaks of black clinging on as he did to his youth. He walked along, examining that everything was in order and that no one had come to bother the dead. Even now, in a pitch lower then his faint old ears could detect, the whispering voice spoke.
Kurt Tennant of Earth.... 
The undertaker passed by the unmarked grave, but suddenly, the ground shook beneath him and there was a deafening boom like the clap of thunder and the ground shot up all around him as if a bomb had hit. He fell to the grass as bits of rock and wet dirt rained to the earth around him. There were bits of old corpses strewn about and he looked up, seeing the crater encompassing almost a dozen graves, centered on the unmarked tombstone. He inched closer to the crater, smoke still rising as he kept his flashlight pointed down at the hole in the earth. Fear filled his clouded old eyes as he looked for anything through the smoke, any clue as to what had just happened around him. Suddenly, a hand took his throat and choked back the terrible scream that nearly escaped his lips. The hand was pale in color and partially decayed, but strong and with long, nimble fingers. The undertaker kicked back and forth, but his feet had lifted a foot off the ground and he looked at the face of his attacker. "What did you call me?" growled the walking corpse. "W-What?!" the undertaker cried, taking hold of the rotten flesh bound around the arm of the attacker. "I asked you 'What did you call me'?!" The undertaker was speechless and the man's grip got tighter. "That's not my name! Do you know who I am?!" There was no response and a low growl bellowed inside him before he barked again at the undertaker. "What?! You don't know my name?! Well let me tell you my name!" He pulled the undertaker down towards him, face to face with the sunken in eyes of Tank's lifeless form. "My name is Tank, bitch!" With no effort in the slightest, he hurled the frail old undertaker straight into the wall of a stone mausoleum. Dust clouded the place as it crumbled only moments after the undertaker had been thrown clear through the wall. 
For a moment, Tank stood there, looking down through his dead, rage filled eyes at his hands, his wrinkled, decomposing hands. There were black bands around his wrists and the ring around his finger remained aglow with a sickening black light. His clothes were still in rags and covered in dust, but his jeans, his jacket, his red undershirt, had all been turned a solid black. The only change in color was a series of white streaks over his shoulders converging on a triangular shape. "Okay..." he muttered to himself, "You're dead. Get that through your thick skull. Now... who killed you?" he walked among his thoughts for a moment, trying to uncover his last memories. At last, his mouth twitched a little bit and he began to smile. "Oh, yes..." he chuckled, "Oh, this is going to be fun! HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA!" he turned from the crater and strolled through the grassy fields towards the gate. "Get ready, kid. I'm comin' for ya."

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Night had fallen in New York City, a young woman with her purse at hand was walking alone in an alley, with no one around to see. As she continued walking, a large man appeared in front of her, blocking her way. "Excuse me" she said, but the man would not move. She then turned around to leave the other way, but another man appears. She sees the man have a knife at hand, presumably the boss. As she was about to scream, the boss blocking her covered her mouth and placed his knife near her neck, "Give us the cash and I won't give you a root canal." He then turned to his accomplice, "Yo! Take her cash!" His accomplice walked towards the lady, but then he dissapeared. "Wher'ed ya go?" His boss said. "You're here aren't you? Show yourself!" He turned around with the knife at the neck of the woman. "Show yourself or this woman will be tongueless!" The boss soon felt a pinch at his shoulder and he fell down unconciously. The woman was in shock, but soon looked up at the young man who saved her and said, "Thank you." "Not a problem, I just like to help out." The young man said. Before he flew off,  the woman asked, "What's your name?" He looked at her and said, "The Crimson Eagle." He flew off and droped the theives at the police station. 
 The Crimson Eagle then flew around New York, and looked for some more crime to stop. He soon stopped. That feels wierd. What's going on? He Thought.The Crimson Eagle had a strange feeling about something, something big. He then looked to the stars and saw them shining, but one of them was the brightest and began to close in at Eagle. What is that?  Eagle Thought. The light was closing in on him and soon a ring went on his finger. "What the-?"    The ring began to speak: 
Ryan Candan of Earth. A great threat comes to Earth. His name is Glucknar, he posessess the one weapon that may destroy the Universe. You must first find the others and then, you must team up to fight against this foe. For you have the ability to feel great compassion. Use it. Welcome to the Indigo Tribe. 
"What? How will I find the others?"  
You will know. May compassion guide you.

The indigo light covered Ryan in an aura. His former crimson red suit turned indigo and his former insignia was now the symbol of the Indigo tribe. "I'm a lantern...sweet." Ryan smiled. "Crimson Eagle? More like 'Indigo Eagle' now... Glucknar? Who is this guy? Well then, guess I have to find the 'others' to find out." Ryan flew off into the night, to accomplish the first task the indigo ring told him.


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It all went in circles. There was no progress, no nothing. Everything would always begin here. Everything would always end here. And Icarus was getting frustrated. No matter what path he took, it led back here…or somewhere so close that it made no difference. At first, he had been so free. He could fly, he could kill. The blood was always glistening on his blades. He basked in the sun, following it on its long journey across the world. When darkness fell, there were people he could rely on. In times when he needed to lie low, he had a position on the faculty of a very exclusive, top secret college. The peak was when he was on the New Age Outlawz. Icarus respected Darkchild. Julius practically worshipped him. Icarus faded from the public eye as he acted as a hero for once in his life. 
But then Darkchild had died. Icarus struggled to keep the Outlawz in line, but his own demons were haunting him. Heroism seemed hollow, once more he heard the undeniable call to action, the call for revenge. It echoed in his head day and night. Make them pay…Julius, who had gained some modicum of courage, once more became cowardly and meek. The decline was slow at first…but then everything fell away. As Icarus became more violent and unhinged, he was fired from the college where he was able to take refuge. And then the seizures began. Horrible fits, blood froth coating his lips, shaking and twitching. And during these fits he could see the future. Not as it was…but a twisted, paranoid version where all was subtly WRONG. It was in one of these that Icarus learned of Darkchild's return. Both he and Julius clutched at this straw, that Darkchild could restore things to the way they were before.  
And Icarus had found Darkchild, but it was for naught. He was only a hollow icon now, an idol who had been revealed to be made of only wood or ivory. In an attempt to save himself, Icarus made one poor alliance after another. Teams he could not stand, their petty goals meaning nothing to him. So he fled. Away from what he did not know. Nights he spent wherever he could find shelter. He did not eat. He did not sleep except when he collapsed from exhaustion. He never took off his battlesuit, afraid that the moment he did his imaginary enemies would strike. He never got to see the sun.  
So then there was Ventum. He promised Julius and Icarus the world, all he needed was a little technological help. And yet again, for a time Icarus/Julius were content. Until they began to suspect that everyone in the lab was against them. One day, Julius (yes, Julius) snapped. In a fit of paranoia, he attacked an innocent group of interns. Subdued, he was sent to the Minos Hospital for the Criminally Insane. This was not enough for the people who constantly tormented and hounded him. When Daedalus burned his mark into the world, they ran to Icarus for help. He told them what he knew, and how did they thank him? They left him in the Asylum to rot.  
So now the circle was complete. Julius/Icarus was strapped to the table, waiting for the cut of the knife. Just as he had as a child, when it all began. His dual personalities had not reacted favorably to any of the techniques: from drugs to electroshock. This left only one option. In the most extreme cases, when ALL options had been exhausted, the Minos Hospital's policy was to give a lobotomy.  
Icarus could hear the doctor preparing his instruments in the other room. He struggled against his bonds, raging at the world, the world that made him into what he was. Was it going to end like this? Circles…circles…circles…his whole life had been lived in circles. Would he never get a chance to break free? Or would he live the rest of his life a drooling vegetable, chunks of his brain in a jar for the curious. See, the treatment worked…one of the world's most dangerous psychopaths is now as tame as a lamb….it made him see red.  
The red light in Icarus' vision grew until it was all he could see. He could hear his heart beating in his chest, fast and loud, a war drum. Something slipped onto his finger, and Icarus could hear it in his head…<<Icarus de Flamme of Earth, you have great rage in your heart….>> His heart was beating faster, and faster, and faster, almost a constant drone. <<You belong to the Red Lantern Corps>> And his heart stopped…but Icarus could still hear the drums in his head. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Burning blood trickled from his mouth, incinerated his bonds. Icarus leapt to his feet, though he did not meet the ground. He hung in the air, suspended in a red corona.  
Hearing the commotion, the surgeon rushed in. Icarus dove at him, clutched his throat tightly. "With blood and rage of crimson red…" His chin dripped with the glowing blood, it stained his white hospital uniform. "Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead…" His knee on the surgeon's throat (his bones weren't breaking…he felt stronger than he ever had), he pressed his thumbs into the unlucky doctor's eyes, blood bubbling onto his white hands. "Together with our hellish hate…" More came running, orderlies and other doctors. Icarus crouched over his victim, the picture of ferocity. "We'll burn you all…" this was little more than a whisper. Then Icarus' eyes began to glow, the red of death and blood and untainted hatred. The blood-light erupted from him, destroying the hospital, and all who resided there. Rubble tumbled down, and steam rose from the ruins. From the middle of it, Icarus strode, a battlesuit of crimson light surrounding him. When Icarus spoke, his voice bubbled with the acidic blood in his throat "THAT IS YOUR FATE!" 

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Cities seemed to be a never ending light show at night. It was funny how people had that primordial fear of the dark. How people would shy away from it, not even knowing if it really was dangerous. Then there were people who would brave the darkness, who had the will to sort of shine a bit of light and enter the dark until they showed everyone there was nothing to fear from what had been unseen. At least that was how Marco liked to think about it. When he thought about it, that was sort of a childish way of looking at it. There was a lot more to the world then the shadows and light. There was also the grays that always seemed to show the simplicity of that thought. Although that wasn't the thing bugging the teenager. What was really bugging him was why the hell was he thinking about this in a metaphor?
Marco was snapped out of his dreamy state by a thunderous honk coming from behind him. He was on the roads of New Jersey on his purple motorcycle Umbra had let him borrow when Peter took his bike from him because he had gone a little bit over the speed limit. Marco was in fact doing the same thing on this bike that had gotten his old one taken away. The man who had honked at him had probably been cut off by him. Marco probably shouldn't be speeding, but there was something about the adrenaline rush and the power of the vehicle that made him feel free. Which was a big deal when you only have three hours of a day where you aren't controlled by another entity. No not his parents. 
Marco continued on cutting off cars and running red lights. Funny he'd just been thinking about light. He started thinking about what the different colors meant. They couldn't all mean the same thing. Maybe they were like the gray areas he'd been thinking about. Once again he managed to distract himself from the road and just about the entire world. Maybe if he had been paying attention he would have noticed two small glowing objects descending rapidly from the heavens, on yellow the other green. At a hundred feet up the yellow glow curved it's straight path and headed in a different direction. The green kept on it's path determined to get to it's destination. Out of the busy crowd on the street one rugged looking man looked up. His tired eyes lit up instantly as he saw one of the most powerful weapons in the universe descend to the height of the buildings in the city. 
The man desperately shot out from the mass of people and onto the busy streets. The green object was so close, just so close. If anybody had even bothered to crane their necks just a bit they would have been able to see what was now discernible as a ring. A glowing green floating ring. The one man who had noticed it could also be seen as ignorant. He'd run onto a road at night with at least one young driver not paying attention to the road. The ring fell like a feather. So slow. The man smiled eagerly reaching out for the ring, it was practically in his hand. And then reality struck with a honk piercing the mans mind. He looked to see a teenage boy he didn't recognize, on a motorcycle moving too fast to stop. The kid looked as surprised as he probably looked.   With his gaze averted from the ring, his mind was as well to the aspect of self preservation. The rugged man jumped off to his right and the boy pressed his breaks. He hit the ground and rolled to his feet. On Marco's, the boys, side of the event, he wasn't able to stop the purple bike at all. He skidded passed where the guy had been with his mouth open from surprise then gagged and coughed as he felt a fly or something go down his throat. With him distracted he shifted his weight and flipped the bike over with him on it. With Marco's crash, a domino affect was set. A truck released a moan from its horn as it successfully stopped. The car behind it and the car behind that car and so on were not so lucky. It was complete and utter chaos as metal hit metal, bumpers clashing and the sounds of glass breaking become the dominant sounds. The crowds on the street stared in shock.
Then silence for a minute or so, before sirens in the distance could be heard. The man that had caused all this had a scowl on his face. He'd been so close. Almost enraged he strutted across the street now filled with totaled cars straight for the teenager laying on the ground, moaning. He firmly grabbed Marco by the collar on his jacket and hoisted him to his feet then used his shoulder to support the teens weight. A few people had already begun to search for the possible wounded in the crash so he went unnoticed. Marco was too out of it to even know he was being carried let alone to know to ask questions. He let out a groan from falling on his face. "Shut up" the man hissed at him as he moved them off the road, into an alley.
Marco had a weird feeling in his stomach, like he was about to throw up, but couldn't. The man who had been his savior a few seconds ago threw him down hard onto the pavement. Now he had a little sense to ask "what"? The rugged man wasted no time in answering "Where is the ring"?! He snapped. Marco gave him a deer in the headlights look. "Huh"? The man kept a stern impression. "Don't act stupid. The ring a few seconds ago"! Okay now Marco was agitated. "Look man. All I know is that YOU randomly walked into traffic and when I tried to stop I swallowed a freaking fly so it's more your fault then mine"! he put a lot of attitude into that little speech. The mans eyes shifted from anger to realization then finally fear. "Oh god" he pinched the bridge of his noes. "Tell me you didn't". Marco gave him another deer in headlights look. "Seriously what?". The mysterious man turned away for a second trying to calm down. Then he turned around with a hopeless look in his eyes. "Tell me you didn't swallow the Green Lantern ring".

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 A Green Lantern ring,symbol of Will,flies through space and towards earth,it makes it way past Las Vegas City,already have selected it's target.
 10:23 PMLas Vegas Desert

Leo flies through the air,crashing into the side of a mountain.A huge Mechanical Beast standing opposite to him.Leo wipes the blood from his cheek.
"C'mon,you piece of tin!That the best you got?!?!"he fires a blue lantern blast at the Machine,making it fall back a bit.Leo tackled it and with enough strength he mustered,but to know avail.It threw a fist at him and sent him down to the ground,hard.Leo lifted his head and barely had time to lift his arms as it stomped it feet down on to him.He caught the metal,but strained.Leo's elbows make a cracking sound he begins to go down slowly as he yells in agony."C'mon,Leo,you....can.....Do this!!"he roars as he starts growing fur,bones reforming.He howled as he lifted it up.His ring glowed brightly as he flew up fast,causing it to trip onto it's back.Leo howled in the feeling of the will that was flowing in him.He went flying down,creating armor around his body with his blue ring.He crashed into it with a large amount of force.He pounds his fists down on it,making huge dents into it.The Tech-thing's head opens up to reveal a bomb."Oh,boy......"A huge explosion happens.Fire smoke covers the area.A couple of minutes pass.Tortured metal and machine parts studded the ground.A couple of minutes pass before,using his willpower,lifts a piece of the Machine's chest off of him and throws it away."Wow,I survived.....I must be lucky...."the ring finally reaches him.it merges with right hand's index finger(The Blue Ring is on his Left) and connects to him."You are not lucky,you did everything yourself.You,and your will."Leo looks at the all familiar sight of a ring."What is it this time?I've already gotten two of them and lost the other.Which one is it?" "The Green Lantern corps of willpower,which you have shown great ability over,but that is not the true reason you have earned this ring." Leo raised an eyebrow."What is it?Something urgent?" "Very urgent,Leonidas.An evil being of destruction is approaching earth and we need aid in stopping him we don't,the universe will be doomed." Leo fell silent.He didn't speak for several minutes."Leo?"  "Just tell me what I need to do." Leo says raining his new glowing fist.
With that,the view turns towards the stars.

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If she had to admit to one reason why she preferred human-made weapons to her own magical powers, Katherine Belmont would say it was because generally it was more fun to beat people up the good old fashioned way. In all honesty, though, it was more due to the fact Kate wanted to distance herself as much as possible from the powers granted to her by the Order of Six. They had done nothing but run her life into the ground since before she was even born.  
As much as she loved the Balance and greatly appreciated the abilities it granted her (along with keeping her alive) she would go out of her way to avoid the use of magic if at all possible. But when her "job" consisted of dealing with enchanted folks on a daily basis that rule was sometimes a little difficult to follow. Still, she did her best. 
"I'm getting a little annoyed here, Sid," she sighed, grabbing the slimy ooze creature by its shirt collar and hoisting him up high enough that his squid-like legs couldn't touch the ground. Slamming him back against the brick wall of the alleyway she smirked at the pained gasp he expelled. "Each time you do something stupid, I have to come and fix the problem. That not only takes away time from my more important tasks, but just really irks me in general." 
"I was...I was just trying to make an...an honest living," Sid choked and gasped. 
"Selling powerful relics to tourists, two of which have inadvertently killed themselves thanks to said relics. Right, that's good, honest money you're making, Sid." Kate let Sid drop back to the ground. He clutched at his throat, panting, and looked up at her timidly. 
"Humans are stupid. That's my fault?" 
Losing her patience, Kate moved to pull her swords out and Sid frantically waved for her to stop. "Tell me what else you sold. Now." 
"Just a few ancient urns. Demon and pixie ashes, nothing too world-ending," the demon explained hurriedly. "Is that it? Can I go now?" 
Reluctantly she nodded, and Sid oozed off down the alley disappearing into the shadows.  
Crying out Kate dropped to the ground, grasping at her chest. The pain was immobilizing, something so crippling she'd only ever felt once before, when the Balance was ripped from her. Now it was like the entity was trying to rip her in half and tear itself from her. In the back of her mind she could hear it screaming...or maybe that was her. She couldn't be sure. She couldn't hear anything but the rapid pounding of her heart.
Blinking, Kate felt one final pang in her chest before a massive electric current burst through her body. It felt like her flesh was being torn off in thin slices. She felt something dripping down her cheeks. Brushing it off she inspected her fingers. Blood. What the hell was happening to her? 
Katherine Belmont of Earth, you have the ability to overcome great fear. 
"Not...now," Kate whispered. She could feel every wound the Balance had ever healed begin to reopen, all those broken and fractured bones snapping again. Was the entity finally leaving her? It couldn't survive without a host. 
Katherine Belmont of Earth, you have the ability to overcome great fear. "Go...go away!" She swiped at whoever was talking. Wiping away the blood from her eyes, she looked around. No one was there. Just a ring. A green ring. Floating in front of her face. "What?" 
 Katherine Belmont of Earth, you have the ability to overcome great fear.  
"I don't understand," Kate wrapped her arms around her stomach. She was going to throw up. "What are you doing to me?"   
The entity residing inside of you is foreign, and is therefore being purged of your system in order to ensure that you are healthy enough to join the Green Lantern Corps in the fight against evil. 
"No...it...it's the only thing keeping me alive!" Moving to grab the ring, Kate was surprised to have it slide itself onto her middle finger. She tried to shake it free and tug it off, but the ring stayed fixed. 
Forgive the mistake. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps. 
In one overwhelmingly powerful burst of energy her pain was so entirely relived it was as though she had never been injured once in her life. Inside her she felt the Balance settle once again, but she felt ten times more powerful than before.  
Standing, she examined the ring. It felt like a weapon, but at the same time something more. A tool of peace. Perhaps it was meant to help her keep the balance between good and evil in the universe. Her clothes had also changed, no longer black but green and sporting a logo similar to the shape carved into the ring.
"How exactly am I supposed to help you fight against evil? I don't even know what the Green Lantern Corps is," Kate said sceptically. 
In time you will understand. For now you have more pressing concerns. You must become a capable wielder of your new abilities so that you are prepared when the time comes for battle.  
"Fine. What did you have in mind, exactly?" 
We will begin where all new Lanterns enjoy starting out. Flight.
Slowly a semi-transparent green aura poured from the ring, surrounding Kate. Going purely by instinct, she kicked herself up off the ground and into the air. She half expected to fall back to the ground, but instead she continued to rise into the sky. 
"Okay, so this is pretty awesome. I'm not gonna lie." Kate let a smile smooth across her face. 
You are quite a quick learner. That will be most helpful in the battle ahead. Just know this, Lantern Belmont, should you be unable to relinquish the anger in your heart, your ability to overcome fear will not be enough to save you. 
Kate's happiness faltered. In the pit of her stomach she new something very bad was coming, probably worse than the ring was letting on. If she had any weakness it would most likely be the end of her all together. 
"Alright, then. How do I "relinquish" the anger in my heart?"  
That is for you to discover on your own. For now we train and bide our time. When the rest have been chosen, all our fates shall be sealed.

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The Technocracy of Junon, Paese Di Tenebra
Upon a balcony's edge, The Gray Fox stood looking westward as the sun began to set over his newly acquired slice of "Paradise", as it were. His eyes would dart from one flying transport vehicle to the next and, on occasion, to one of the first newly constructed War-Castles or a fleet of Warships or both moving overhead. The wind whistled gently but blew strong enough to make the mythril cape with the symbol of Darkchild emblazoned in red attached over and around his left arm flow with it. Then, something that had not been in the slowly darkening dusk skies a second earlier blinked into existence.
A small golden stream of light was zigging and zagging its way through the typical pattern of heavy traffic that flowed throughout the whole of Junon, once known as Bordeaux in Old France, day in and day out. Fox's eyes remained trained on the stream of light, which appeared to be radiating from some kind of alien device, as it darted straight towards him at incredible speeds. Knowing it not to be a threat thanks to information relayed from the nearest War Net spire, Fox held his hand out towards the object and watched as it came to a jarring halt right above his palm and floated there.
"A ring...?" Fox mused as he studied it. Suddenly, without warning, the ring slipped itself onto Fox's right middle finger and sent jolts of cosmic energy, the likes of which Fox had never tasted, surging throughout his entire being as it sent him crashing to the ground and stripped him of his armor, forcing him to shut down. When Fox awoke hours later, he found that his armor had been replaced with a set obviously designed to properly regulate and harness the chaotic and potentially hazardous flow of cosmic energy flowing from the ring and into his body.
Before Fox could properly recover he was shown a recording of a recent incident involving a demonic creature called Glucknar and three young Green Lanterns as well as a brief glimpse at Glucknar's life and the threat he posed to Earth. After it was done with it's little "Spotlight On Glucknar Special" Fox synced his communicator with that of his Master, Darkchild and said. "My Lord...there is something we need to discuss."
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Champions of Peace HQ

Edward was sitting on the couch along with Over_kill watching the terrible newest indiane jones film, slating it mercylessly for its sub par plot and set pieces. " Pete  do you think Lucas just got bored off living off his good stuff?, so he just decided one day to realese the new star wars and this just show he can turn a good premsie into crap to."  Peter's responce was just a simple laugh followed by the word " Probably". As the two laughed the unmistakable sound of shattering glass filled the room around them, the power in the room seemed to dim and fade away leaving the two champions in a dark and breezy room.  Edward turned to Peter "What happened to the lights i thought we had several back up generaotrs in case of attck or power outage.?" as the words left Edwards mouth the room started to light up once more but not by the usual fixtures but two floating objects hoovering mere inches from Over_kill and Himself, two rings. The champions reached out to the rings one Green and one Bluethe blue to Edward and the Green to Peter.
As soon as Edwrad come into contact with the ring his synapses begain to fire and images and words flashed across his mind like someone had recorded a new braodcast and played it to him in fast foward. The information rushed through his mind and culminated with a brief personal message " Edward Windsor you have been choosen as beacon of hope to serve and protect your planet and the universe  itself from the threat of Glucknar. Go forth with this ring and seek out others like you whos hope burns bright. This ring will bestow upon you the abilties to use you hope for the good  of the universe including  giving yourself protection and the abilty of flight. Go where hope is strongest and you will find your fellow blue lanterns." as the message faded away Edward turned to Peter " let me guess your a green lantern right?, looks like we better get to work. Oh and get out of here before Redhead sees that the windows broken. I will come find you once i have found the other blue lanterns, Champion stick together right " As Edward moved away from Over_kill his ring begain to fade, thinking nothing off it  right now Edward shot off to the biggest symbol of Hope he could think of the statue of liberty.

Statue of Liberty

After a quick and rather uneventfull first  flight from Champions city to the big apple Edwrad now stood at the base of the statue of Liberty, for awhile nothing happened but after what seemed like about an hour or so the sky was bright with blue lights. Five other lanterns dropped to the ground in front of him some he recogised such as Scion of Light his new COP's team mate and War Killer another Champion of peace other he did not. Edward greeted his fellow lanterns " Well guys what took you so long?".
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The Colosseum- Rome

Angeni the daughter of Athena the goddess of wisdom and Hephaestus the god of fire, the forge, and smith's, stood on the ground with her face dripping down with blood. She lifted her head up slowly at the mighty Hercules who had a big grin on his face. He approached her and lifted her up and slammed her down on the hard solid ground. The princess of Athens shouted with pain, and tried to get back up to stand up fight but fell right back down on the ground. Hercules laughed and turned to the cheering crowd and shouted. " HA!!! I the mighty Hercules has defeated the princess of Athens, and now I must finish her for my father, ZEUS!!!". Angeni got back up on her knee's and smirked still blood dripping down from her beautiful face. " You are wrong, Hercules. I've defeated you at the age of five, you we're beaten by a child. You should be embarrassed." Angeni laughed as she got back up on her feet and picked up her sword. Hercules turned away from the crowd and cracked his knuckles. " You're going to get it now! I will claim the throne for myself as King of Athens and KILL YOU!". Hercules slid his hands through his gauntlets which is known as the Nemean Cestus, this weapon of Hercules only increases his super strength making him surpass a Titan. The mighty Hercules then created a powerful shockwave and sent Angeni flying halfway across the arena with a single blow using the Nemean Cestus. Helena in pain got back up on her feet it was like getting tossed by Atlas himself but even painfuller. Even though she just wanted to give up, she couldn't. Her people, her mother and father were depending on her and she was not going to allow a man to defeat her. Angeni with anger ran up to Hercules with speed dodging his punches, and suddenly without any warning stabbed him in the arm's with her sword which was made by her father Hephaestus. The mighty Hercules dropped his Nemean Cestus on the ground and roared with anger like a lion who was wounded. Helena smirked and took the pair of Cestus one by one. Hercules then fought Angeni unarmed and after a long and fierce fight, Helena traps him underneath the battleground, brutally smashing his face with the Cestus. As, Angeni was about to finish him off with the final blow she felt like a monster, a killer. She looked at his face which was brutally beaten and got up from the ground sparing the foolish Demi-God life. 
Angeni turned to the crowd and dropped the gauntlets on the solid ground and shouted. " Return to your home's at once!". The crowd exited the Colosseum with excitement and terror, and no doubt Hermes would soon find out and send the news to Zeus of Hercules defeat. The princess turned to the body of Hercules and approached him. " You have failed to defeat me again, Herc. Next time, I will not spare your life." The goddess turned away from his body and walked towards the exit but before she could leave the mighty Hercules shouted with laughter. " What's wrong, princess of Athens?! You're afraid to kill a Demi-God?!". Angeni shook her head and turned to him. " When the time come's I will come for you and Zeus and the others who will dare side with him." Angeni exited the Colosseum leaving the body of Hercules brutally defeated alone. 


After defeating Hercules at the Colosseum. Helena flew miles and miles just to return to her city still covered with the dry blood of Hercules which was all over her face and breastplate. As, Angeni was about to reach her city she could see smoke coming from, Athens. The beautiful princess quickly flew over her city and noticed a big crater in the middle of the Pantheons. The princess landed down on the ground next to her fellow, Athenian soldiers and her most trusted best friend who was the Chancellor of Athens. " How did this happened?". Helena said with a curious look on her face. Diana sighed and turned to her best friend. "It fell from the sky. Do you think it's a gift from the god's, my princess?". Helena shook her head and noticed a glowing violet ring which began to float in midair. Angeni approached the ring and grabbed it, the ring then suddenly slide itself onto her middle finger and began to give her a brief message in her head. " Helena Troy prince of Earth. You have great love in your heart. Welcome to the Star Sapphires. Angeni felt reborn and love in her heart something that she never felt before. The people of Athens circled around their princess amazed how even more beautiful she looked. The goddess pupil had changed to the color violet, her entire body was glowing violet, her body armor shined with gold mixed with violet, and also the star of tiara had changed to the color violet instead of it being red like always. Angeni smiled. " I shall return, but for now. I must go find Argus in Champion City and also the others." The goddess then took off into the sky with the ring towards Champion City.
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Space,10310 Miles from earth

Damian flies through space,looking for any substances to feed his internal,astral hunger for energy.He had just finished feeding from a meteoroid that was starting to form life.Their energy's were such a delicacy.
He passes through a small star,taking some of the energy with him as a snack.He sees strange sight up ahead.Thousands of body's and pieces of what he thinks used to be a planet cover the area.
He sees a yellow spark up ahead,which he senses a huge amount of energy coming from.This,of course,draws him like a Moth to the Flame.
He flies towards it,tasting sparks of energy coming from it.As he got closer,he realized that it was much smaller then what he originally thought it was.
He sees now that it is was actually a small,yellow ring.It was glowing with a huge aura,strangely radiating energy.It seemed to be trying to move violently,as if being held.
Damian puts his hand into the aura and feels the delicious energy.He starts absorbing his way to the rings.
He reaches the ring after no less than a mile of solid aura shelling.He looks at it for a minute before reaching out to take what he wants.
The ring suddenly are released from whatever is holding it and flies into,and through Damian's chest.
Damian turns to see the rings flying circles violently.They then stop and violently sped towards him. 
The ring reaches his finger in a flash of power.He is engulfed in the force of the ring's power,so much power......
He felt an wave of power wash him in delicious,golden energy flow through his body.Nearly limitless,all-powerful,amazing!
He looked at himself.He was wearing golden armor with a symbol on his chest.He looked at the glowing ring.
"Damian Baltia of Earth,you have shown the ability to instill extreme fear.This leads to you being deemed worthy to not only wield the weapon of the Sinestro Corps,the heralds of fear itself.But there is something of great importance that threatens our existence.Glucknar,an evil being of immense power,is threatening all of existence.We need YOU to aid us in ridding the world of him."
"Well,ain't that wonderful."he says through his fangs.After a bit of feeding on the ring's power,he looks at it and says:
"Anything,as long as I get to keep it."
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"Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name." Aaron spoke the Lord's prayer quietly as he bowed his head and closed his eyes, even though he was the only person in the church besides the priest, who was cleaning. Today he had stopped a murderer from escaping, but he had failed to save the victim's life, so he simply felt a need to pray on behalf of mankind. As Aaron continued his prayer the priest approached and placed a hand on the young man's shoulder. Aaron opened his eyes and looked up at the man who held his shoulder, smiling when he realized who it was.

"I hope I am not disturbing you Aaron," the middle aged priest smiled and sat down, "but it looked like you were doing some deep thinking over here. I decided that it would be far more entertaining to come talk to you instead of cleaning. Especially since you decided to show up in your hero gear." Aaron was indeed in his hero garments, and his sword was right beside him. Father Matthew was someone that could be trusted, so Aaron had no problem showing up in his hero garbs.

"No, it's fine Father Matthew." Aaron patted the priest's hand and chuckled, "and yes, I was doing some very deep thinking." he looked down towards the ground and sighed as the smile vanished from his face, "Do you mind answering a question for me?"

"What troubles you friend?" Father Matthew removed his hand and moved closer to the troubled Aaron, "You know that you can ask me anything. Shoot your question and let's see what I can come up with."

"Well....it's just that no matter how hard we pray or how hard we try, people are still running around and doing whatever they can to ruin someone's life. I'm trying to figure out the point of me praying, because no matter how much I do nothing changes! Where is the power of prayer when someone commits the sin of murder? I just need something to hold on to Father, something to help me keep faith in humanity."

The priest ran a hand through his light brown hair, and a soft smile came upon his weathered face as he tried to formulate an answer to this difficult question. After a good thirty seconds he came up with something he thought would satisfy Aaron's spiritual needs, "You're forgetting a very simple fact Aaron." the priest poked him and pointed up at the giant cross, "Jesus died on that cross because he knew humanity wasn't too nice, but he died hoping that one day we would change for the better. Just hold on to the hope he brings us all, and everything else will unfold itself eventually. No one's asking you to be a saint, just have a little faith in your fellow humans."

Aaron smiled and stood up with his sword in hand, "I guess that's a good enough answer for now, so I'll stop complaining and head home. Thanks for the inspiration Father Matthew." The priest stood up as well, and they shook hands before moving out of the pew and into the main isle. As they began to say their farewells a blue light erupted outside, and a small object broke through one of the church windows before flying up to Aaron's face.

"Aaron Kingsly of Earth,"the small blue ring spoke, "You have the ability to inspire great hope, but your own hope has dwindled. Join the Blue Lantern Corps and have your faith restored." The blue ring shone brightly as it slipped itself onto Aaron's finger, the two men simply watching in amazement. Once the ring was on his finger, it began to pull Aaron towards the door while he struggled against it. Once he was outside the ring began pulling his hand up into the air. "Time is of the essence Aaron Kingsly, you must master the skill of flight and join the others. The dark one approaches, and the light of hope must lead the way."

Aaron decided to simple comply with the rings demands, and as he willed himself to fly, a light blue energy surrounded his body and lifted him into the air. Aaron began to hoot in excitement as he moved through the air, having the time of his life, but soon the ring began pulling on him again. He began flying in the direction that it was pulling him, shining through the night sky like a beacon of the hope to come.

Statue of Liberty

After what seemed like a few hours, Aaron arrived to his destination and to his surprise it was the Statue of Liberty. He landed at its base and was even more surprised to find someone already there with what seemed like a ring of their own. It was none other than Edward, a fellow COP, who welcomed him. Aaron waved to him and stood there waiting for others to arrive.
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 Earths Moon

  Cold emptiness hung around the strange pair like a cloak. The goddess of chaos she sat at the table in front of her, her legs tucked underneath, boots pressing against her thighs as she leaned forward in concentration. A soft blue glow emitted from the small ring on her right hand, orange and blue light bonding and shining upon the Chess board its three layers glowing as the pieces jumped around. The creature across from her sat in a similar position, his eyes focused on the ring on her hand while his mind moved the pieces, his hands twitched under the table leaning as he watched the ring move with her hand “Itttsss   youuurr turrnnn goddesss” his spittle crossing the board landing on the red queen as she hopped across several spaces “CHECKMATE!” Rina exclaimed her hands clapping in front of her happily; Larfleeze’s eyes followed the ring as the board in front of them waved gently with her hand.

The game itself had taken almost 10 days to complete, the pair happily entailed in a game of strategy the end goal being an exchange of rings, but neither party intended to give up what they desired.   Larfleeze thought he was playing to win the beautiful ring on Rina;s hand, the bright blue denied to him so long ago by that horrid Green Lantern. A great mystic, Rina had created the ring out of a stone she found on Krypton it was not a blue lantern ring but a simple bit of engineering on her part, a little blood magic, a little mystic regression and bam she had a ring that entitled her to control the ever powerful creature across from her.

Giggling happily she stretched out her arms and stood up for a moment, creaking out her long legs, Larfleeze stood beside her as she offered out her hand to him, they walked for a time across the moon a gentle silence over them. His longing for the ring hovered in the air as they walked, his heavy breathing as he focused on the simple thing, clasped around his own hand her pale flesh touching it, he longed to slip it off her finger. He tried repeatedly to speak to it, to call it too him, to offer it a new life with him, but it refused to speak to him and he was becoming more and more agitated as they walked.  Rina had presented herself to him hours ago challenging him to play in exchange for her blue ring, Larfleeze had accepted happily knowing he was smarter than she and knowing he could win and finally have the thing he so longed for.

Her long black coat flicking with her steps Rina turned to him and smiled “I know what you desire you ugly little thing” his eyes narrowed as he stared at her focusing out of the connection to the ring for a moment “Youuu giveee it to mee” he urged, his desire for its possession outweighing his arrogance his voice stretched with his longing he hated the way he sounded a desperation overcame him as he swung out at her leg, feeling only air.

A giggle sounded from a purple cloud appearing behind him, a long white hand reached out to slap at his face before disappearing again inside the cloud “BAD LARFLEEZE I won the game, I get YOUR ring” Rina giggled as she rematerialized next to him. Rage overcame him as he rose his hand the orange ring on his finger, it glowed as sounds from the souls trapped within echoed out his voice clear and strong “You may have power princess but I have more” the ring glowed as it began to work, Rina evaporated again into her cloud a hand with a top hat appearing as a long glowing sword was pulled out from deep inside it, the hand stretched as the top half of her body appeared a large black lipped smile covering her face as her purple eyes glowed bright “I have even morrrreee” she screamed as the Sword of Souls taken from her father so long ago swung high, bearing down on his hideous body, his powerful barriers glowing around him as he arrogantly stood there seeming to mock her attempt, the smile shattering as the blade sliced down through his head and down his long body blood spurting from the wound as the sword slid through him like a hot knife through butter, his mouth spluttered as he fell dead to the rocks below, his body split in two, the ring on his hand slipping off and rolling along the floor, its orange glow lightly glowing.

The long heeled boot stepped forward, crushing his hand as the Goddess of Chaos reached down and slipped the orange ring off his hand, it hummed as she slipped it on her finger, she felt the power concealed inside and smiled “a new toy” dropping the fake blue ring on the ground beside the body of the once great Larfleeze she evaporated into air, a loud giggle echoing behind her as the body of the alien bled out on the moon’s surface.

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Champion City, Present.

Queen Frost, they called her. Queen Frost, she called herself. She truly was the Queen of all things cold. Some say her heart is as cold as her kiss, but no one shall ever know what lies beneath the hard surface of Jessica Mercer. Former CIA Agent, Super villainess, Member of the Vine Syndicate. She took pride in being a villain, and a rather good one too. There was no regret when killing, no looking back when destroying and certainly no guilt when viciously attacking a hero. So of course, the perfect place to satisfy her desire to destroy was in the heart of Champion City. "These so called innocents wonder freely through the streets. Families to go back to, home's to rest in and heroes to protect them. I'm sure they'd like a little taste of what it's like to live on the colder end of life...Where it hurts most," Queen Frost softly chuckled. She had refused her usual flamboyant robes and instead wore a guise of a normal human. Her clothes consisted of a white blouse with a frill neck line, a loose white pant suit and killer grey stilettos. A gal always had to look her best when she was out on the town.
She stood tall on a high roof top, her fingers slightly curled. Her eyes squint and lock on a small group of people. Should she cease this chance to reign her ice cold terror? No heroes around, just victims. She could almost feel her finger tips scar the faces of the people, hear their screams lingering in her ears. "It's unfortunate that you must face the wrath of Queen Frost..." She whispers, quiet yet smooth like silk. Her voice is cooling, which contrasted her rather extravagant actions. Her legs had sprinted off the roof top edge, and her body had slowly begun to flip forward in the cold sky above the city. "A touch of Frost is just what you need!" She cried, her rather conservative clothes almost shredding to pieces. A slick sheet of ice conjured around the pale beauty, slowly forming in to Queen Frost's usual garments. 
The crowd of people instantly dispersed, letting out loud pleas for help, shrieking, crying, and screaming. The Queen took no regret when she blasted her first full on attack. It was a sharp poniard of ice, slicing through the air and heading towards two young females. The poniard dug through the youngest female's shoulder, a long trail of blood exploding on her friend's olive skinned cheeks. Slowly moving on, she created a large bubble of water, toying with it slightly. She chuckled, throwing it like a football towards her next victim. It was a young man, around her age. He wore a sharp business suit and slick blonde hair. If he wasn't about to die, perhaps the Queen would of spared him for his cute looks. "No!"  What a cowardly way to die. Queen Frost lowered herself, licking her teeth and walking towards the man. He seemed to be encased in a long cylinder of water, drowning from the inside. Soon, his eyes had rolled back and his mouth had dropped. "Oh deary me, what a mess..." Her sharp heels echoed through the streets, silence soon looming over the area. 
"Ri-Richard?" Queen Frost whispered. At first it was shock, then disbelief, then remorse. Her gloved hands covered her mouth as her eyes lay sight on her former lover, her former fiancee. Richard Price. Vivid memories flashed within her mind, images of her and Richard dancing in complete darkness, their lips meeting, their hands sliding against eachother. Love. Something she hand't felt since Richard. It was only her duties the dark side of evil that had consumed their relationship and ultimately destroyed it. And now, her one true love, the man she hoped to start a family with, was dead. Deceased, murdered. Call it what you want, he was no longer living. "What have I done...?" Ice cold tears filled up within the crease of her eyes, but did not find their way down her cheeks. She clutched her heart, almost feeling sharp, painful daggers pierce through her chest. The ice cold shield surrounding it slowly melting and fading away. Finally, her heart was opened...open to the world....
Jessica Mercer of Earth. You have great loss in your heart, yet undying love. We, Star Sapphires, select you as our embassador for what is soon to come. Do you accept the power of love, Jessica? A calm, soothing voice bounced back and fourth through her head. The blonde ice mistress turned to face the innocents she had just engulfed in pain. She felt no desire to destroy any more, only harness the power of love. But for her self, and only for her self. To feel better and become stronger. "I accept the power of love..." And with those words, her pearl white corset, lycra pants and knee high boots soon shifted in to glowing, pink, flamboyant garments. An unusual symbol evolved right in the centre of her chest, and her gloved hands soon had a pink ring placed on her right index finger, with a glowing star in the middle. 
"This shall be fun..."

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"I'll see you next week" Blair told one of the Champions as they left her office. Being the counselor Blair is spending most of her time helping out the members that need someone to talk to, and everything was kept confidential. Most of the time Blair just listened to what a person might have to say, only sometimes she would really feel what they are talking about, which was something she wouldn't want to do if she also got upset while someone was crying. 
Ever sense becoming a member of Champions of Peace her life has changed for the better, not only is she a counselor for Champion City, but she is Mistress Redhead's second for the Young Champions Squad, roommate's with one of the most dangerous members of the team, and now the girlfriend of a really hot superhero. 
Blair now leaves her office to take a walk to think about things, about the many problems she is facing herself. Ever sense she left Chicago her group of friends slowly split up, even moving away, now she doesn't no where some of them are even at. She is even worried about what would happen if her ex broke out of prison, that wouldn't be good because she'd know he'd hurt the people closet to her, even killing someone like he did last time.   
Looking to her left Blair saw a cat that was stuck in the tree, she could see that it really wanted to come down, but fear of getting hurt. Blair levitated herself to where the cat had been, taking it into her arms she let it go once she got to the ground. "Welcome Kitty" 
Blair then stared at the sky, wondering how beautiful something could be. Squinting her eyes she saw something flying towards her. "Crap." she said as she ducked to the ground, looking over her shoulder she saw a ring with an indigo glow around it. "Blair  Świerczyński of Earth." The ring oddly spoke. "You have been chosen because of the strong compassion you have, which is unlike any others on this planet. Welcome to the Indigo Tribe" Extending her left arm towards the ring, it slipped itself onto her ring finger. 

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Champion's Tower...

Peter sat with Edward and watched the newest Indiana Jones movie.  He kind of liked it.  Sure, it wasn't nearly as great as the older ones.  But it wasn't that terrible.  Edward on the other hand was tearing the film to pieces about how bad it was.  He would have told him that he made the decision of the movie and if he was going to complain about it then he should have picked a different movie.  He instead chose to sit out of Edward's line of sight and play with his iPhone.   
He was texting Blair for a short while, but once she said she was about to meet with someone, he had to wait until she was done.  His games bored him, so he decided to look through his pictures.  Most of them were junk, things for him to swend to other people in certain points where it would be funny.  He stopped on the ones that were actually of people and smiled at the memories.  His friend Noah choking their other fried Tom, The old band picture from his and his friends, Jack and Spencer, brief period as the metal/comedy band known as (p)CUBEd.  He almost laughed out loud at the picture as he saw a younger version of himself with his Squier P-bass standing next to Spencer who had his cheap guitar and Jack who held a microphone in his hand and wore a Darth Vader voice changer.   
The pictures of his past continued, bringing back memories.  Now, recent pictures began showing up.  Him and Ozzy at Loner's a few weeks ago, Kierkess getting slapped by Cassandra, Kier at Peter's apartment hooking up the microwave, Pete and Blair before the Champion's Ball.  He let out a short sigh at that picture as he looked at it.  He moved on and saw him and Blair at the tower listening to music, the two sitting with each other on a couch, Blair covering her face as Peter tried to take a picture of her.  He went back to his home screen and saw his background which was a picture of Blair smiling.  He was so happy to be with her.  The time he spent with her was the best that he could remember for quite some time.   
He snapped out of his lovey dovey world when he heard Edward direct a question at him.  He only hear the last few words.  When He began to laugh, Peter laughed at well and simply replied "Probably."  He hoped that it would be a good answer to the question and when Edward kept laughing, he knew he got away with it.  Success.  He put his phone back in his pocket and turned to the screen again.  Glass shattering tore him away from it immediatly and he jumped up in a fighting stance.  He saw two objects flying towards the pair.  A blue one to Edward and a green one at himself.  He looked at it puzzled.  A ring?  He settled down and looked at it as it spoke to him.   
"Peter Matthews of Earth.  You have the ability to overcome great fear..."  He watched as it slipped itself on his right middle finger and felt a sudden rush of energy.  "Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps."  He watched as his clothes were enveloped by green light which turned into a green and black suit with a symbol in the middle of his chest.  He looked over at Edward as something similar began to happen to him.  He looked at the ring and heard Edward in the background.  He would have listened to him if he could hear him over the voice of the ring.  "Power levels increasing.  103%...110.4%...119.6%..."  He wondered what was going on and Edward flew away.  As he faded into the distance, the ring said something new.  "Hope empowerment out of range.  Power levels at 132.75%."  "What's going on?"  "You have been chosen as a member of our Corps to combat an enemy that threatens all life as we know it.  Should you accept, You will be taught to use the ring's power effectively.  Do you accept this honor?" 
Peter smiled as he replied.  "I accept.  Now, tell me what I have to do." 

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Archeron threw the demon like a frisbee. The 12 foot tall being crashed to the ground and rolled over several times. It started to get up and looked at Archeron. Its face was horrificly disfigured, as though it had been scarred with acid, or burned. It rushed the white haired son of Angelus, delivering powerful crushing punches, then grabbing him by the abdomen. The demon slowly increased the pressure of his hold, a sick smile on his face as though it were some hilarious game. Just when it seemed hopeless, Archeron made his move. The demon loosened its grip momentarily to adjust itself for the kill strike. Archeron's slim figure came into play here, as the grip loosened, he arched his back and threw his arms above his head, sliding out from the massive fist as though he were thoroughly oiled.

He hit the ground with a thump, powering two massively strong blows into the things knee. He looked deeply into the demons deep lifeless eyes and smiled as though he were enjoying himself, despite the broken knuckle he had recieved a quarter of an hour earlier, and the more recent three cracked ribs. With a yell the demon slapped Archeron with a heavy foot, arching him into the air. This fight was taking every bit of his power, and he wasn't getting anywhere. The thing stomped nearer, and Archeron could see bone and muscle pulsing in the bits of face that weren't covered by skin. "Give up yet, motherf#cker?" It asked in a deep gravelly voice. Archeron thought, his three personalities clashing. Run away, One said. Move the fight where people can't get hurt. Advised the second. Transform. Said the deep, rasping voice of his most ruthless personality. His foe had wrapped both arms around Archeron and was slowly administering a super strong bearhug that threatened to collapse his lungs. Keep fighting. The personalities said as a chorus, his demon personality adding, Motion carried. Pressing his hands against the demons dry, leathery body, Archeron applied a blast of bright blue hellfire. The demon dropped him and stumbled back as the hellfire worked its way through his soul, every sin making the blaze more powerful as it damaged the spirit of the unholy monster. Archeron drew his katana and said simply as he crossed the distance of several feet separating the two warriors, "I never give up. You should have killed me an hour ago."  
With the slightest remorse in his heart he raised the katana, and it swooped down, cleaving into the things evil brain. The moment the iron touched its innards, the thing went into convulsions, flames spreading throughout its body. It let out one final sound, a high piercing death scream, as it dropped to the gorund, a charred pile of bones all that was remaining. Archeron wiped the katana on his coat, making sure the black blood was all off, before he sheathed his blade. "I would hate to be the clean up guy." He smirked, picking up the forearm of the monstrous being, and stowing it in a hidden pocket in his coat. He dragged a hand through his hair as he examined the shapeless lump of metal embedded in the wall of a nearby building. "I ain't getting home in that."
Without warning, something small, hard and round struck the hero's temple. "Agh!" He looked around with a feral snarl. He stopped himself transforming, but only just. He spun in a circle and stopped, shocked. Floating before him was a ring, just suspended in the air, emanating a blue glow. "Archeron Zarek." It said. Archeron's eyes narrowed as his hand reached for the butt of a handgun that was at his right hip. "Your hope in the face of hopelessness is like no other on this planet." Archeron scoffed. "Gee, high praise from something that probably costs twenty dollars to make." The ring paused and let him finish before it continued. "For these qualities, you have been chosen to defend your world from the darkness that comes. Glucknar comes to destroy your world and this universe. Join the Blue Lantern Corps and help to stop this menace before his plan can come to fruition." Archeron's eyes softened and he dropped his hand to his side. "Well ain't that just peachy." He said, extending his right hand. The ring slipped onto his middle finger, and a strength he had never felt flowed through him. "Keep your hope when all other's has faded, Archeron Zarek. With this in mind, you can help to defeat Glucknar." The ring said simply, and God help him, even though his hand hurt, his lungs burned with pain, and his ribs felt like extremely painful splinters, he smiled.

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Standing atop the highest building he could find Michael looked down upon the crowds in New York City. The rain pletted down and the moon was high in the sky shining a sliver pool of light apon the city. Police Sirens could be heard throuhout the City from everystreet corner to the highest rooftops. Freefalling form the higgest point the wind rushed through his hair and at the last possible moment before he hit the ground the wind caught him and from the gasps of onlookers he floated his Jacket moving with the wind. 
Following the sounds of the sirens voices could be heard on the wind *..we have a robbery in progress....Three armed men note their is a hostage. repeat their is a hostage all units get there double time....*  Hearing the police call Michael took off as fast as the wind could carry him. landing outside the first national bank the police hadn't yet arrived *Phew thats give's me a bit more of a chance without others invloved* 
The sounds of bullets pounding through metal. Backflipping out of their path a man yelled from inside the bank "We saw ya land Hero you take one step closer we blow this girls brains out ya here me
*Damn it* Michael thought to himself *im gonna have to do this on the sly*  Getting out from behind his hidding spot Michael fronthand springed three time's towards the bank dodging the assult from the criminals. Landing with his back to the wall he caught the voice's on the wind from inside the bank "Ok you guys when this wacko walks through those doors take him out" *Wacko i resent that* Smirking to himself Michael concentrated and with that flesh and bones altered themselves to his will transforming him into a Diamond substance completey indistructable and strong enough to lift a bus. 
Standing up and walking into through the doors the men let loose bullet after bullet bounced off of Michael's body and when they had finially ran out of ammo they stood them eyes wide with shock. Raising one eyebrow Michael sighed "Looked listen im in a good mood tonight so i'll cut you a deal drop the weapons and ill give you a five minute heads start or i'll kick the crap out of you and hand you over to the police"Not noticing the one of the men moving the lights went out. 
Slience.................KRACK......WHAM.....KRACK and with that three thuds as the theives feel to the ground. The headlights of the police were shining through the door and only now did Michael notice the hostage and elderly women perhaps around he late 70's was shaking in the corner of the room walking towards her Michael shifted back into his human form not wanting to scare her anymore placing his arm around her she jumped "Are you okay did they hurt you" with a slight nod of the head she showed him her arm it was covered with blood and there was a very deep slicing wound running from the wrist to the elbow "Come on lets get that fixed there's Policemen outside and paramedics are on there way" slowly she got to her feet and shaking tried to walk she stumble and fell to the floor the woman was clearly in shock "Here let me help" Reaching out she took Michaels hand and he lifted her into his arms and they both made there way out.
Standing out with this woman the street was alive Police cars and sirens were everywhere paramedics were taking one of the theives off in an ambulance for medical attention the other two were being handcuffed. A female nurse came up and took the elderly woman on a strecher similing at Michael as she was being carried away she mouthed the words*Thank you* Looking up into the sky ready to take off a light was blinding Michael getting closer every minute it stopped just in front of Micahel it was a ring it glided smoothly on to Michael's finger and then a voice spoke out from no where 
"Michael Ivy Frost of Earth by showing this  great act of Compassion you have been chosen as a member of the Indigo Tribe this is a great honour that fate has destined you for"
"May Compasion forever guide you"
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Every single ring burst out of the ship, except one. Joahls carcass still present on the floor, no echo of life came from the great corpsman, for a moment at least. His hand jolted up, was it a sign of life? No, not from the Green Lantern that is, his ring slowly wrestled off of his hand and flew out of the ship. This small ring was the key to victory, it had manifested Joahls willpower and allowed him to break open the vault allowing all the rings to escape and find people worthy to stop Glucknar and now that Joahl was allowed to rest, with his fellow corpsman that fault valiantly against the monster, his ring would not, it would fly to earth and find a suitable and worthy bearer.  
EARTH 12:32AM "Abandoned warehouse" 
"Oh god damnit, my head is killing me!" Umbra yelled out, not really sure where he was, he didn't care at the moment. His head was throbbing, it felt like someone had cracked open his skull, poured razor blades in it and shook it around. Well there was one good thing about this pain in his head, it took away from the pain in his body. What the hell happened to him? Well to be fair, his body always hurt. That's what happens when you decide to be a superhero and go out there with no powers, just fighting skills, intelligence and a thick skull.....a thick skull that really hurt right now. His vision blurry he realized his arms were restrained and his feet weren't touching the ground, what the hell happened to him!? He looked off into the distance, his eyes started to clear and he saw a big mech robot walking towards him. Oh yeah...that's what happened to me! He thought as the man in the suit started to speak.  
"Hello Umbra, my name is Doctor Dead....exactly what you are going to be in a moment! HA-HA!" Ozzy sighed hearing this evil "genius" try to use witty banter, he hated villains like that. Oz ignored the man as he started to fuse with the ropes that held him up. "You are a smart one, I must say. You destroyed my lab, defeated my henchman and fought off my Deadbots, but now you have slipped right into my hands." Ozzy wasn't really listening to the man and Dead noticed this, "Hey! I'm talking to you, you insolent little bug!" The Doctor bellowed leaning his glass dome piece inches away from Umbra face who only glared back. "Your a tough one for having no powers!" *SPLAT* Ozzy had hocked a loogy hitting the glass on the doctors dome. "YOU LITTLE!" The doctor yelled cocking his hand back and turning away for a killing blow, he swung around and hit nothing but air, ropes floated down like feathers on Dead's head. 
"Yano I always wondered something."  Ozzy said rubbing his wrists on top of the beam that was holding him and the rope up. "Why do Villains always explain there plan when they could just kill the hero?" *WACK* Ozzy's foot hit the dome piece shattering it instantly, he then flipped back grabbing onto the pole and kicking off on top of another beam. "WHEN I GET YOU I'M GOING TOO-" The Doctor was interrupted by two tiny spheres flying at him *beepbeepbeepbeepBOOOOOOOOOM* The mech flew back smashing into the wall and falling hard on it's butt. Ozzy laughed flipping off the beam towards another, then another and then landing right in front of the Doctor. "So nice try Doctor, but better luck next time." He laughed giving a boyish smile as he brushed his black hair from his face, he grabbed the doctor tearing him out of the suit and throwing him to the ground, "I'm going to sue you!" The doctor screamed, Ozzy smirked proceeding to handcuff the man. "Good luck with that, I have a good lawyer." He laughed at his own joke, considering he was a lawyer, but his laughter was interrupted by a green light flying right at him. 
"Oh what now!?"  Ozzy dove out of the way, but it was too late, his hand was sent back and he hit the ground. He fell on his butt and looked at his hand, a green lantern ring present. "Uh wow, I didn't ask for an upgrade though..."  "Umbra hero of earth, this ring is only temporary. You are needed against a common threat of the universe, his name is Glucknar and he will destroy us all without the help of the heroes." The ring spoke. Ozzy thought about it for a moment, would he really make a difference? He was meant to fight for the little guy, not go out and swat bugs in space. "So uncool!" His thoughts were interrupted by the Doctor, "He get's a ring and I don't!? I'm the genius here! I could save the world! He's just a friggen pretty boy that can fight!" *WACK* A green aura fist punched Dead in the face knocking him out. "Yano what? I accept." Ozzy was engulfed by a green aura and his costume turned into a green lantern uniform with an Umbra spin. "Okay with Greenlanterns might, ya-da ya-da let's kick Gluckars @$$!" He yelled flying out of the building and through the air. 

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 The sun was setting and the light was fading. Inside his New York apartment Duke Niles was throwing fists at his punching bag. A big puddle of sweat was under his feet you could tell he was there for a while. He might have seemed like just another person exercising, but he was staying fit so he can fight drug dealers and super humans as his alter ego Cicada.

The sun was almost completely set. Cicada is usually a pretty tough guy who was reckless and thick headed, but whenever he hit the old punching bag he would always be deep in thought. He had been exercising too long, but he needed a way to take out his frustration. “Why have I been so angry lately? I have been thinking so irrational?” Cicada was kind of disappointed in himself after his last confrontation with a thief who pointed out his weaknesses. “Mom I hope I’m making you proud.”

He started to think about his mom and that’s where his inspiration came to him. His mom gave him good moral values and had always been there for him. When the bills were piling up his mom always told him. “Don’t be afraid son we will get through this,” the voice of his mother echoed in his head between punches. “Yes we will mom,” Cicada said to himself before finally collapsing to the ground after over working his body. The sun was now set and just as it seemed to be its darkest a green light was coming from a distance. Smashing through the window a green ring appeared with a message. Was he hallucinating from dehydration?    

“Duke Niles of sector 2814 you, one of many, have been chosen to take part in the upcoming events. You were chosen because Duke Niles, you have pure will. Your strength will be a great asset to the Corps. If you do not accept I will move on to another. Do you accept the responsibility,” and there it was. Finally something Cicada always wished for, an opportunity for him to be a part of something great.   He knew that this was his chance to clear his head and do a great good for the world.

“Let me get this straight, you tellin’ me this or you ring are gonna give me all sorts of powers and become a part of this space opera of a battle?” “That is correct Duke Niles,” the ring replied. “I will accept,” Cicada said enthusiastically. “Very well,” The ring replied “Repeat this saying,” Cicada did as instructed and slipped the ring on and repeated the chant as every line was told to him. “In brightest day in blackest night no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my power green lantern’s light!” A flash of green and Cicada was now wearing an ironman like suit only in green. “I don’t look much like a cicada, but it will have to do,” Cicada now flew in the sky. “What’s next?” The ring replied, “We wait for the others.”  


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Champion City: Private Living Quarters of Cass and Ethan: 3 AM 

Her eyes shot wide open as she woke abruptly from her sleep. Her first instinct was to reach for Ethan. She was still suffering from nightmares and flashbacks, she did her best to hide them from him, she didn't want to appear weak. But he knew and he comforted her without making her feel uncomfortable about it. Cass' hand landed on the empty mattress next to her, snapping her out of her reverie as she reached for her lover. He was gone, which wasn't surprising. There had been times at five AM where she had woken up and his spot had been cold and empty because he was still in his work shop working on modifications for something or other.  
Shoving the covers off of her she rolled out of bed, her feet hitting the carpeted floor softly. Walking over to the closet she slowly ran her fingers over the hangers, stopping when she reached his dark green sweatshirt that was about five sizes too big for her. She slipped it off it's hanger and pulled it over her head, shoving her arms through the sleeves. Looking down at herself a small giggle escaped her mouth. God, had it come to this? She was a trained killer and here she stood in the apartment that she was sharing with Ethan looking like a high school girl. The sweatshirt hung nearly down to her knees and she had to keep pushing up the too-long sleeves as she walked into the kitchen.  
Going up on tiptoes, she opened up the cabinet where all the mugs were and grabbed one. Cass nearly dropped it, but managed to catch it against her chest before it landed on the floor. The stupid long sleeves most certainly weren't helping matters. Placing the mug on the counter she shoved them up her arms once again as she got all the makings for hot chocolate. She carefully wrapped her hands around the mug after she was done and walked over to the leather couch in the living room. She bent over slightly, placing the mug on the coffee table and grabbing the remote for the television.  
Clicking through the channels she finally landed on CNN. "The relief effort in Africa appears to be going quite well. Jean-Luc LeBeau is being considered for several prestigious humanitarian awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize." As the words 'humanitarian" and "LeBeau" were used in the same sentence she could feel the anger levels rising. "What the f*ck. These people are literally insane." She was about to flip to another channel when a photo in the top right corner of the screen caught her eye. It was her killing his guards. S#!t. The photo quality was poor, all you could make out was her silhouette, but damn, it was still a photo. "The only hiccup in the relief efforts seems to be the unwarranted and merciless murder of five government-appointed officials. We are assured that the case is being looked into...." before the annoyingly chipper anchorwoman could say another word Cass chucked the remote at the television. It did nothing but bounce off the screen."DAMMIT JEAN." She was so frustrated, so fed up, so angry.   
She surged to her feet and stormed out of the room, slamming open the glass sliding door that led to the balcony overlooking part of the city. She was tired and hurt and god was she angry. The anger that was consuming her, god it was unreal. Nearly her entire life she had been lied to by a man that she had placed trust in, had thought of as a father. She had thought that she had found a family with Vis Vires. That had been a lie. She had found love with one teammate and lost it, lost him. She had been brutally raped and nearly broken at the hands of another. Bile started to rise in her throat as she attempted to suppress the memories that still haunted her. Cass had found some form of salvation in Ethan. He understood that she was damaged and he loved her for it anyways. He got her quirks and he embraced her for who she was. He didn't pick and choose pieces of her he loved them all and he understood the way her mind worked, the way that she thought. He sympathized with the fact that no matter how much they may disagree, dislike or even "hate" their fathers, they still tried to live up to their expectations. To put it simply, he got her. So you could imagine her surprise when she landed near Gambler's Utopia to assess the situation and found Ethan there.  
"For the love of god, what was he thinking?" She muttered the words to herself, still not quite able to believe it. She had been aware that Jean was training him, she was uncomfortable with it to say the least, but she understood. Ethan had made a good argument for her being more than a little hypocritical about it. But he was falling into a deep and dangerous trap. He was a grown man yes, he could take care of himself, yes. But this was Jean. Mind games were his forte. Rage began welling up once again as she thought of the entire situation. Had killing the O'Rourkes not been enough? Had training her as his apprentice, as an heir not been enough? Now he was messing with the man she loved and she couldn't help but feel that it would end in disaster.  
She let out a wordless yell as she slammed her fist down on the railing of the balcony, winching as her knuckles smashed against it. It was then that a small red light in the night sky caught her eye. Looking up, she tried to decipher what it was. It looked oddly similar, akin to the ring that Light wore.....her eyes widened as it dawned upon her. It was a Red Power Ring...and it was there for her? "Cassidy Lockheart of Earth. You have great rage in your heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps."The words echoed in her head. She thought that Lanterns were supposed to get a choice, weren't they? As she watched in both horror and awe, the ring slid itself onto the ring finger of her left hand, claiming her.  
Cass fell to her knees, clutching her stomach in pain, her eyes filling with tears. It felt like her blood was on fire, like she was burning up from the inside out. It was a similar feeling to the times she had been poisoned before, but this time...oh god. She wanted to die. She just wanted to escape the pain, but that wasn't her nature. She had been through too much to just give up. She tried to fight through the pain, but it only increased. All of a sudden she started vomiting. But this wasn't normal vomit by any means. It was blood that immediately started burning through whatever it came into contact with. She fell over onto her right side and then rolled to her back, laying there prone on the cold floor of the balcony. She would have sworn to whatever god may be out there that she was dying. Looking straight up at the stars, she closed her eyes as a final word escaped her lips. "Ethan."
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Gearo sat on a bench in a park in a small town in Canada, enjoying the scenery. He’d spent so much time in WAL Tower and San Francisco that he needed to go someplace new. Not very far away, two kids were playing with a Frisbee, laughing as they ran to catch it. One of the taller kids threw the small disc a little too high the other kid to catch, causing it to hit the teen right in the head. The two kids gasped in fear as the teen turned to look at them. Bending down and grabbing the Frisbee, Gearo got up from his seat and began to walk towards the kids. The kids began to back up in horror with every step the adolescent automaton took. The smaller one stumbled and fell on his butt, eyes wide with horror as the teen gained ground on him. Within moments, the teen was standing over the fallen child, looking down on him with glowing white eyes. A small urine stain started to appear in the child’s pants as he looked at the teen with pure horror. Getting to one knee, Gearo held out the Frisbee to the child, a kind smile on the visible part of his face. Grabbing the Frisbee quickly, the kid rushed to his feet and began to run away, crying as though someone had scared him. By now, the taller kid had gotten a crowd of people to come to the park. They all began to throw whatever they could get their hands on, garbage, rocks, and sticks. They also began to yell out things like, “Get out of here robot!” “We don’t want you here!” “Leave us alone monster!” The trash, stones, and sticks did nothing to damage the teen, but he still covered his face with his arm reflexively as he activated his rocket boots. As he took off into the air, he could hear the people cheering, thinking they’d driven him away. Gearo flew south until he reached North Dakota, and he didn’t land until he reached the lake behind Mt. Rushmore.

On a stone bluff just on the edge of the lake, Gearo sat with his legs close to his chest, staring at his reflection at the water below. He’d just finished cleaning the garbage that was stuck on him and now he was reflecting on what had happened in the park not just an hour ago. This sort of thing had been happening to him ever since he’d killed Tank two months ago. Everywhere he went, people would cower in fear of him, throw things at him, even shoot him if they had a gun. One guy was even bold enough to set him on fire with a cocktail. Even though the police didn’t take part in throwing and shooting him, they didn’t stop it either. Even the other heroes treated him differently. They would talk to him and help when asked, but they looked at him with disgust. Coming to places like this, where people weren’t around allowed him the chance to get over everything. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working this time. “I wish I hadn’t of killed Tank. Everything I’ve worked to build, the trust of the people, trying to get them to see me as something other than a war machine, all of that gone.” Suddenly, he heard a branch break behind him. Turning around, Gearo looked and saw something horrible.

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Archeron was shocked by this mysterious alien ring as he flew at an incredible pace. If one looked into his eyes, they'd see an inky blackness seem to leak outwards from his pupils, covering his irises and the whites of his eyes until they were pure blackness. Through his eyes, the world now looked a different place. Everything that had previously seemed solid was now seemingly grey, wispy smoke. The ring pulled him through the air, shocked at the sheer speed he was going. He looked down, spots of colour indicating souls far below him. He wasn't sure where to go, the sheer exhiliration of flying overcame his entire being. Then he saw a soul that he couldn't ever have mistaken. A uniform grey, behind the ruins of what had until a few months ago, been Mount Rushmore. Sideslash had never liked that heap of rock anyway. He veered off the current course he was on, landing a few feet away from Gearo.
Archeron stood there, the blackness receding back into his pupils, a normal scene meeting his view again. Gearo stood a maximum of ten feet away, looking in another direction. He imagined Gearo wanted to be alone, but maybe the teen just needed a friend at this time, since he was seen as a murderer, something he was most definitely not. He started walking over, calling to Gearo as he approached. Once he had reached his friend, he turned his head in the direction Gearo was looking. "That's...but he's...oh f#ck." Archeron went for the closest weapon, his hand closing around the katana as he slid it from the scabbard.

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"Who are the 'others" Eagle wondered. He flew around the night sky remembering what the ring had told him. Find the others and team up to fight against your foe. The ring stated the Ryan would know who the    'others ' are, but now, Ryan was not sure. In his new indigo colored attire, he flew around the skies of New York. He flew and flew around the sky until he sensed something. Ryan stopped in midair and looked down. Ryan saw fire trucks and abulances racing towards a high way that was being blocked in traffic, he flew further to see the cause of the delay. The expressway was connected to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in Queens. At the bridge, there was a collision. Four cars were being held by the wires of the bridge and further up a truck was on it's side that blocked the cars going in and out of the bridge. One of the cars got into a horrible car accident and was on fire.  
Ryan rushed to the scene to prevent the suspending cars from falling. He went under the cars and used his Indigo ring to create a bubble construct that fitted the four cars. The people inside of the cars were horrifed. "No worries" said Ryan, "I've got you." As Ryan was pushing the cars back onto the bridge, he heard a loud SNAP! A cable snapped and Ryan got distracted by the loud noise, which made him lose focus and the construct dissapeared. The four cars fell, and out of desperation, Ryan caught two of the cars with his hands and the other two fell past him. "NO!" Ryan yelled. He then heard a voice, "Don't worry, I got them!" Ryan flew up with the cars and put them on the bridge. "Thought you needed help." said the voice again. Ryan turned around and smiled, "Thanks Blair." He sees his fellow Champions of Peace teammate, CellPhone Girl, with an indigo ring and placing the fallen cars on the bridge using an indigo construct of a hand. "No problem Ryan." she said smiling. Ryan then looked around and said, "We have to get these people out of here." 
"I coudn't agree more" said Blair. "Wait, what's that smell?" 
Ryan smelle the air, "Oh no... gasoline." He soon turned to the truck, it was leaking gasoline near the burning car. "We got to get these people to safety! Or else the explosion will trigger a reaction with the other cars and it will be worse than armaggeddon." 
Blair nodded and tried to fly off to save the people; Ryan tried to do the same, but the gas reached the flame. They looked horrified and they shut their eyes to prepare for the worst, but all they heard was a muffled Boom. They both looked at the truck, it was covered by an indigo colored box. They soon heard, "I got the people out of the truck and the flaming car, they're all right." Ryan and Blair looked up and saw their good friend and fellow Champions of Peace member, Tempest wearing a indigo version of his uniform.  
Soon, all the people were evacuated from the bridge. "So, I see that both of you got a ring too, huh?" said Tempest. 
 "Yes," said Ryan "Guess so, the ring told me to find the 'others,' and I guess it means you guys." 
"That's what the ring also told me," said Blair. "It told me to find you guys soon after the ring inducted me to the Indigo Tribe. 
"So, since we all have the same mission, who is Glucknar?" said Tempest. 
"I was hoping you would know." said Ryan. Soon, the trio's Indigo rings glowed and spoke: 
 All of you have completed the first task, congratulations. But there is still one more task to accomplish, and the second task will not be an easy one. 
"Yes we know," said Blair, "So who is Glucknar?" 
Glucknar is an evil conquerer and possesses the Hand of God. The Hand is a powerful weapon that derives from the emotional spectrum and is able to control any emotion. We have chosen users to combat against this threat. 
"Wait." said Tempest, "He's coming to Earth?"

Indeed, Michael Frost of Earth. Glucknar is coming and the three of you must unite against the forces of evil and combine your powers with others emotions to truly defeat your enemy.

 "There are more rings?" asked Ryan. 
Indeed, Ryan Candan of Earth, they have found their users as well... Now go and complete your second task. For the world depends on it and a warning for the future. Do not get close with the Hand of God. It will put your life in great danger... Your rings are low in power, summon your staffs as they are for the use of charging your ring. You will know the oath, for it will come from your compassionate hearts. Good luck young lanterns. May Compassion guide you.


The ring stopped talking, and the trio looked at each other. Finally, they summoned their lantern staffs and said the oath as their bodies began to be illuminated by the indigo light:  


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Location: New York City, NY….

“Mommy, mommy, look! I just saw a shooting star!” Walking through the middle of Central Park, a little boy cried out with joy, tugging onto his mothers arm violently as he jumped up and down, pointing up into the night time sky as a bright red light flashed across the cloudless night. “Oh wow! Look mommy! There’s another one!” The little boy cried out once again moments later, his mother now looking up into the sky as well, only to be taken back as she sees now as a bright yellow light zips across as well. “Wow! Look at all the colors mommy! It’s like a rainbow just exploded!” The boy yelled as he began to laugh, continuing to jump up and down as he and his mother simply look up into the sky in amazement as it was now filled with dozens of brightly colored lights, from red and yellow, to green and pink, every color a person could think of raining down from the heavens, bringing a light to that dark filled night.

 But a few blocks away, not everyone was looking to the stars that night. Racing across the roof tops, the hero known as War Killer moved swiftly across roof of one of the city’s many building complexes, his mind only focused on the mission at hand. For the past two weeks, Charles had been tracking a small terrorist group that have been smuggling illegal weaponry in and out of the city, but having little to any luck is his investigations. But thanks to a small tip he had received, he had narrowed the group’s operations down to a business complex within the city. Now not willing to risk losing their trail again, he chose tonight to shut down their operations once and for all.

Making his to the side of the building’s roof, he broke open a hatch in the roof that lead into the building’s elevator shaft. He had spent the last hour staking out the whole building, the building was a seven story business building, or at least it was made to look like one but in reality was just used as a cover to hide the shady operations that were truly going on within from the public eye. Pinpointing Most of the operations being held on the fourth floor, Charles quickly made his way into the elevator shaft, thankfully though the elevator was already on the top floor of the building, and by making his way into the elevator itself, he would simply ride the elevator down. Pressing the down button, his body could feel as gravity began to pull the elevator down.

His arms crossed behind his back as he listened patiently to the elevator music that was playing, he quickly noticed as the elevator suddenly stopped, his eyes looking to see that he had stopped on the sixth floor, his was surprised when the doors open to two armed thugs who were surprised to see him as he was to see them. Not wasting any time, Charles quickly grabbed the two men, pulling them into the elevator with him, as the doors then closed on them. Moments later, a ding sounded as the elevator doors opened on the fourth floor, making sure the hallway was clear, the young hero quickly made his way down the hall, as the elevator quickly shut, and leaving the two thug on floor within the elevator, unconscious.

Sneaking up behind a guard at the end of the hall as his back was turned; Charles wrapped his arm around the man’s neck, his hand covering his mouth and nose, his grip getting tighter until the man lost consciousness. Dropping the man’s body to the floor, he slowly peeked his head down the hall, spotting two more armed men who were both guarding one of the offices. Pulling his shield, which had been strapped around on his back, and sliding into on his right arm, he quickly charged down the hallway. The two men caught off guard began to open fire upon the Star-Spangled Hero, his shield held in front of him as he continue to charge forward, bullets bouncing and ricocheting off his indestructible shield, his legs bent in slightly before then springing out as his body leaped forward as Charles rammed into the two guards, fiercely knocking them backwards to the ground.

Standing over the now two unconscious guards, he turned to the door and with a shift kick, busting the locked door upon as he then leapt into the room, rolling across the floor as he dived to avoid the men who were within the room as they began to quickly open fire upon him. Ducking down behind a large wooden crate, Charles took a quick glance around the room, what was supposed to be an office was now cleared out   and was filled with multiple wooden crates and boxes which all held illegal weapons within them. At the end of the room there was a large table that was cluttered across the surface with more weapons such as guns and knives, as well as stakes of money. Peeking his head out slightly, he counted four men within the room that were in the room with him, all armed. Pulling out his plasma pistol, he made a quick leap out from behind the crate, rolling across the floor as he began to fire back at the men, hitting one of them in the leg, causing the man to scream out in sheer pain as he fell to the ground, before rolled behind another of the wooden crates for cover.

Bullets pelted against the crate, sending pieces of splintered wood everywhere as the sound of the men’s gun fire echoed through the room. Knowing that his cover wasn’t going to last much longer, he had to act fast. Pulling out a smoke grenade from one of his pouches on his belt, he sent it rolling across the floor as it then busted open, filling the entry room with a thick smoke. Noticing that the gun fire had stopped, Charles took advantage of the moment and jumped over the wooden crate he was just hiding behind. Leaping through the smoke, Charles pounced onto one of the men, tackling him to the ground before sending his arm backwards, slinging his shield behind himself, and flying straight into one of the men who was behind him. The shield nailing the thug straight on the head, most likely cracking the front part of his skull open, sending his falling back as the shield went fly up towards the ceiling.

“AH!” Charles suddenly yelled out in pain as he felt a knife being stabbed through his upper thigh. Looking down at the man he had was still lying on top of, the man’s hand gripped around the knife that was imbedded into the young patriots flesh, the thug grinning as he began to turn the hilt of the knife, causing the blade to twist with in Charles’ thigh as blood began to flow to the floor. Gritting his teeth as he tried to ignore the pain, he gripped his hands across the man’s shirt, jerking him forward, and slamming his head into War Killer’s, knocking the thug out instantly.

“Okay…maybe that wasn’t the smartest idea….” He said mumbled while holding his hand against his head, as he now was slightly dizzy thanks to the head-butt he had just delivered. Trying to shake off the dizziness, he stood to his feet as he gently pulled the blood drenched blade out of his thigh, causing only more blood to run down his leg and onto the floor. He was lucky though, if he had been stabbed just a few inches over, the blade would have hit a major area in his leg, which could have caused him to bleed out. As his mind began to come back to focus as the dizziness faded, his eyes quickly searched the room for the last thug. His eyes looking hard through the smoke as it slowly cleared, he could make out another figure standing across the room from where he was standing. But as the smoke was almost if not completely dissipated, the young hero’s eyes widen with shock as he found the fourth man standing across the room from him, who was now holding a small missile launcher over his shoulder and was aimed straight for War Killer! With a sick grin, the thug pulled the trigger, fire a rocket across the room. Not having time to avoid it, Charles quickly held up his shield as the rocket exploded on impact. The room was then consumed with the explosion, Charles’ shield taking the damage for him, but not the force. For as the rocket exploded against the metallic shield, Charles could feel as his body slowly begin to lift off the ground, ferociously begin sent backwards and crashing through the window that looked out onto the rest of the city.

But high in the sky, a blue streak of light began to break its way through the planet’s atmosphere, the blue beam of light streaking across the midnight sky.“Well this sucks…” He thought as his body was thrown smashing through the glass window, pieces of shattered glass flowing around his body as it began to plummet down towards the city street below. His eyes look towards the few cars that were now stopped at a red light, waiting for it to turn green. “Come on! Think man! Think!” He began to scream in his mind as he knew that unless he wanted to go splat onto the pavement below, he had to find some way to stop his decent…but how? As his body began to come closer and closer towards the ground below, his body spinning uncontrollable and he began to search frantically for something to latch onto, like a flag pole, or a lamp post, or anything at this point! Just something to stop his fall! But suddenly, as his clamped his eyes shut, the same blue streak of light came flashing down from the sky, the beam of light flowed around his body, until it came to rest upon his hand.

Feeling as his fall suddenly came to a halt; the young hero slowly opened his eyes, finding himself only just a few inches away from meeting his path upon the black pavement. Completely astonished, he began to look around frantically, seeing as people on the sidewalks began to point and stare at him. Looking up at the rest of his body, he was surprised to now find his whole body covered in a bright blue aura. Looking at his hand, he then found a bright blue ring now placed upon the middle finger of his right hand. [Charles Barnes of Earth, there is great hope in your heart. Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps.] A voice spoke from the ring as Charles continued to look it as it glowed brightly upon his finger.

His body floating in midair, just a few feet off the ground now, his body spun in the air as it turned itself right side up. And to his surprise even more, the young patriot suddenly found his suit begin to change, as the ring began to overflow his body with a bright blue light, causing his red gloves to turn blue, as well as the red stripes on his chest. The two stars on his shoulders changed to match the symbol that was on the ring. The star on his chest remained the same, except now glowing just slight over it was the same symbol. “What the heck?” Charles said out loud as he looked over his newly designed uniform. But as his mind began to overflow with questions, as the sound of a fire truck could be heard, he quickly looked up to see smoke rising from the building he had just been thrown out off.

Slowly rising through the air, he came to where he was now floating just outside of the building, but now only finding the room he was just in completely destroyed thanks to that fool’s suicidal action. He slowly floated into the room, his feet touched down onto the ground, as fire surrounded him now. Looking around, all he found were the new burnt corpses of the men he had just taken down, all of them dead now. His eye looking forward, only pity filled his eyes as he now walked into the hallway, which was also partly on fire, finding the man who had fired the missile now splattered up against the wall, his body burnt and crisped as he was also caught in the same explosion. Shaking his head in sorrow, he knew this mission was now over and that it would be better to just leave this mess for the authority’s to handle. Walking back into the room, he clenched his hand which now wore the blue ring, his body then become engulfed with the same blue aura once more, he looked down towards the street below, seeing as fire truck and a few police cars were now parked out in front of the building. He took one last glance at the ring before turning his attention to the sky, now seeing other beams of light streaked across the sky. Something was going on, he could figure this much out, but what? Leaping out into the sky, his body slightly fell a bit before it caught itself in midair. Holding out his hands, as if to balance himself, he nervously began to hover up and down in the air; taking a deep breath, he then looked up, throwing his arms into the air as he began to rise higher and higher into the sky. Ascending higher into the sky as he began to make his way back to Champions City….

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“You’re a Weapon; it is what you are and what you were made to be. Becoming something else is like asking a bird to become a fish: not possible. So I suggest you get comfy in your current statues because it won’t change.”

“What if I want to change it?” “Change what? Who you are? Your very self? Please forgive me but that seems like a foolish embankment all for the price of a meaningless reputation.”  “Reputations are not meaningless.”  “Of course not, but what is a good reputation to someone like you? You’ve never cared about it before and you’ve never even attempted to even retain a decent one, so why now are you trying so hard to form it, even when your outlook of getting it is so bleak?” “Because, I want to change.” “We’ve already been over this, you can’t change.” “Yes I can” “What proof honestly do you have to support this, wild accusation?”  “…..” “See you don’t even have a way to justify those outrageous comments” “Because…if there’s a God there’s a way.”

That was the mental conversation part taking within the mind of young Laura Chabot. After her absence from COP for a month she had returned to discover the base empty and the world in turmoil. A Recent Light Wars had taken place and almost every team member had taken up a light. The rest of her team mates where now locked in an epic struggle of good versus evil. Talon could not help feel a bit out of place in all of this as she scanned through the Champions of Peace archives that contained all the updated information on the team and the current event.

She hadn’t alerted anybody of her recent arrival for it had only been a few hours since she managed to pry her ways through the shut doors of the base. After searching several minutes for War Killer she soon discovered with the help of Nurse Jane that the team was locked in the struggle as well. Her heart yearned to find him but she knew her desires were pointless, for in truth only those with a ring to could fully play their part in what was happening. Though she wasn’t filled in the details she knew something more was taking place, and she desperately wanted to be part of it. So she would stay here, until someone returned and hopefully would fill her in. Cause out there, she’d only be a nuisance and already by absence she doubted she’d receive the welcoming party.

Now she sat bored out of her mind as the tips of her fingers beat against the metallic desk while she stared at the computer screen littered with words. War Killer’s last known location was off base, it appeared that once the Light Wars took place nobody bothered to update any of these computers systems. The silence was beginning to torment the young Lycans mind as images flashed of the previous War of light. And the only way to keep herself occupied was recounting the first time she engaged in a Light War of sorts. In truth her Light War took place before the one mentioned in the archives. For her first encounter of any light, was the Light of rage when King Hyperion set out to pre-corrupt her for the battle he knew was soon at hand.

If it had not been for the ICE Dragon Simon Williams she’d be lost to it but he saved her. After that once the inevitable first Light Wars occurred she recalled Paragon, Nighthunter, and several others like Kiara Sullivan a Sapphire Star, and Precise burning bright with greed. That was so long ago, and now new people taken their old mantles, but Talon she was still here. With the fire rage burning strong with in her she managed for the first time to separate herself from the entity of X-23 and for once was able to chose her own fait and become well a Star Sapphire. But that was so long ago and hence she had lost her ring, and she didn’t desire to be controlled by her rage any more, that anger that so desperately desired to consume her soul and over run her heart.   Defenseless  

Out of aggravation Laura slammed her fist into the desk letting out a silent cry. She knew now what she was feeling: Useless. While her friends and comrades took up arms she was left playing babysitter. “Why don’t you take action?” Nurse Jane’s voice rung in her ear as the emerald eyed assassin rose to her feet.   Miss Jane oddly enough always knew what the young assassin was thinking, and always could solve any of her dilemmas. Her green eyes now stared at the young nurse in curiosity desiring for her to finish and get to her point. “So you have no “light powers” that does not render you useless my dear. You have abilities, you can heal and you contain claws and most importantly you have a love burning bright for the young man that has taken up a mantel of hope. Go find him, and protect him.”

The woman’s words hit the young teen hard as she let out a deep sigh pass through her pastel colored lips.  And though it came as a shock from a woman who had never had powers every word that processed out of her mouth was true. Talon couldn’t sit around here moping because she hadn’t been chosen to wield a stupid ring, she needed take control of her actions to take the initiative and something with the powers she possessed. Smiling slightly at Miss Jane Laura approached the woman and thanked her with a warm embrace but as she was making her way out of the computer room more words stopped her pace. “But remember child, be careful.” With an assuring smile Talon nodded stating she understood before hastily leaving the room.

Laura swiftly made it to her room as she swung the door open not bothering to close it. The young Lycan pulled from her draws literally everything that lurked within it. With her hair messily strung over her face her emerald eyes danced from one end of the draw to another before closing it and unraveling the next. After several minutes of ravaging through draws, in cupboard and under her bed she couldn’t find any singe of her Sapphire ring that she so proudly had wield previously, and once again she was  in the slum thinking that the only way for her to have a ring was for it to call her, and it had not done so. Sitting on her bed once more she laid down staring at the placid sealing her heart torn in two, a part of her telling to go find the man she loved, and help him. Yet another part said that she would only get in the way and cause the hero more bad than good.

Taking in a deep breath Laura sat up as she brushed aside her messed up midnight blue locks. Pushing them aside she ran her hands through her hair with a gloomy look of depression creeping up her face. That facial expression soon changed to shock as she noticed the glowing light coming from under her bed. Like a child would on hearing noise from under the bed, she laid on her stomach and peered down. To her horror it was a crimson color and she thought she must have been dreaming. The ring that she contained from being a Red Lantern she tossed aside on the re-merging of X-23 and her true self. She fully recalled throwing it into the ocean…but it wouldn’t be the first of her old ghosts to once again haunt her.

But just as it was there she blinked and the light dissipated in an instant. Now officially curious she sat back up in an Indian style glancing around the four corners of her dorm finding no sight of that reddish glow. Letting out a small sight of relief she shut her eyes for a moment admitting that she was highly stressed and needed to calm down. But like a reoccurring nightmare when her emerald eyes opened the ring stood within inches of her face its blood like glow consuming her vision. Like being inches away from a burning fire Talon breathing became shallow as her eyes narrowed on the ring. Her scent lingered on it filling her nostrils with each inhale.

“Why don’t you take it” that voice of negativity once again rung in her ears. Just when she thought she had won against it, its words like a poison filled her mind. For a moment Laura’s thoughts were silent as she considered the question, why wasn’t she taking it? “NO!” As if she had been wounded she cringed moving her right hand to slap the ring aside. The crimson ring did so move in great speed and slammed against the wall dropping to the floor its glow dimming. Breathing heavily the young girl tipped her legs off the bed as now were now hanging off it. Her pupils dilated as her eyes never left it. “Because…” her mind began speaking “I don’t want to be what I was.”

Out of fear she casted her emerald eyes away shutting them tightly. She wouldn’t be the monster that, that thing made her, she wouldn’t go back to being who she was. She couldn’t she wouldn’t ! “Your life is plagued with rage, and hate why won’t you admit it, anger comes the easiest of all emotions.” Taking in one breath after another as if she had run a race around the base five times over she felt exhausted. Her mind like a computer began playing the moments in her life that had brought so much pain and anger.

First marking the death of her adopted brother XL, second was the moment of her losing what little humanity she had. For when William Greystoke bit her that is what happened. She became Lycan immortal and now she was forced to watch those she loved age with time while she remained eternally youthful. As her memories progressed she had the pain of enduring the loss of man she loved, and the betrayal he placed upon her after leaving her with child. The pain of falling in love once more and losing that love being it if had time to fully mature. The Wars on ninjeta, she was forced to be killed by her team mate Akwa in order to stop X-23 from fully awakening. Through time and times itself she had been a mere puppet to those of greater power. She had been oppressed and ordered around by legends and those more experienced.

Though as these memories of usage twirled around in her mind a small flame of anger ignited as the ring once again grew in its burning glow of red. Talon wanted to deny that voice, oh how she wished she could but the fact remained: she was always being used. Wolf Pack, Hidden Lotus’, Crimson Rose, her brief time on Zero Squad along with ICE well even Champions of Peace to an extent had been using her. Putting her on Shadow Squad a black opps team, closing her off from her other team members and swearing her to secrecy just like that. All them at one point had used her, her friends, enemies they had all played their part in her game pushing her around like she was a mere pawn on their table that could be placed in any position and moved just like that.

It angered her she had known this for a long time but denied it. She wanted to think she had a choice in life, she wanted to believe that she was here because she wanted to be. But it wouldn’t have surprised her if Sovereign Son had planted the trigger scent in that hospital causing her to go rogue and kill everybody in that vicinity. Leading to her capture by the government and ultimate execution and then he appeared like her savior. Who knew how far that went, War Killer might have even played a role in the ongoing conspiracy of getting her to willing “chose” to be a part of this team. Her fits tightened as she her canines grew to a point. Her own Lycan ferocity was beginning to take hold as she got to her feet. Her eyes flashed a feral yellow as she slowly approached the now brightly burning ring that laid on the floor so placidly.

Crouching down she picked it up and let the thing roll around in the palm of her hand. She glared down at the glowing light that reflected off her own eyes giving them a reddened tinge. “They had all used you, not one of them showed any kindness; they only manipulated you to get what they wanted.” Tightening her fist she clasped tightly a hold of the ring before opening her hand once more and picking the red ring up with her other hand. Slowly she positioned it perfectly, ready to slide it onto her ring finger and finished this long internal conflict once more with an abrupt action. “Using you like a puppet, like pawn, they never cared. Nobody has ever cared. William Greystoke, even your father they’ve all deserted you because you lost your purpose in their eyes.”

So much convincing truth hung on those vinegar tipped words as they poured into Laura’s empty mind. “But what about War Killer?” Instantly all functions in Laura’s hand stopped as her mind froze gnawing over those words. “What about the boyscout?” she thought over and over again. Her eyes dropped to the floor as the ring so slowly slid off the palm of her hand and fell to the floor rolling into a corner. “He never used me, stayed with me even when I could only bring him more trouble.” And so slowly the doubts that at one point had been pouring into her mind started to be sifted through Laura’s mind. The lies that once whispered so seductively into her ears now were nothing but the tolling of bells. Taking in a deep breath she pulled her hand inward placing its tightened fist on her chest. Bending her head a moment finally out of her daze, she could let truth have its way in her.

Breath after breath she calmed herself and cleared her mind of the lies that filled it. Thinking over the words that had been pushed into her mind she was able to decipher them between true and false, and once again managing to stop her carnality that hungered due to her Lycan nature. “Once again hero, you seem to save me without even knowing it.” She thought to herself before silently chuckling and shaking her head in astonishment. But the feeling of rejuvenation passed as her eyes glared down to the crimson ring laying so silently in the corner. “Not today.” Mouthed before turning aside and slamming the door of her room behind her.

Now with a new sense of purpose she strode down the empty hall way of Champions base, she knew what she needed to do. She needed to secure a jet, once again without permission but it wasn’t her fault she couldn’t contact anybody. And with that she’d join up with Eclipse, and War Killer; Nurse Jane was right, just because she didn’t have a ring that didn’t render her useless and she would rather be powerless than have the ring of rage. “Laura” at that moment she stopped, another voice another internal monologue? No that was the voice of a friend, a dear friend in truth her first friend but she was having a hard time accepting that he could call out to her, for he was dead.

Stopping in her pace she spun on her heel her blue hair battering against her face as her emerald eyes searched the empty hall seeing no person in sight. Not fooled by this one bit she opened be mouth and called out a name. “XL” to astonishment sound resonated from that call as her voice echoed down the halls. Her eyes widened in shock as she turned around but as she did her claws were instantly unleashed and sent flying through the air but just like that were stopped by the tight grip of her adopted brother. His boyish grin on his face enraged the young assassin as she wondered if this was another elaborate trick of her mind, or if this was something else.

“Hello sis.” His Australian accent strongly bearing on the words that he spoke. Swiftly retracting her arm like a viper she hesitated but eventually spoke “What…what are you?” she said as she then brought her hand up and slid it across her throat feeling the scar that curved around it, it was still there but if so how was it possible she could talk again? “I’m a ghost!” he said as he brushed aside his golden locks to try and make himself look more vivid. A look of disappointment and slight annoying feel upon the young assassins brow as she folded her arms not taking his joking exterior lightly.  “I don’t have time for this.” She mumbled as she shrugged him aside continuing to walk down the hall. But he followed “Come on…your dear old brother returns from the dead and you don’t have time for him.”

Stopping once more she pointed her finger at him saying through grit teeth “Adopted brother, and you’re not real. I do not know what you are, but I know that I need to find-“but just like that he cut her off finished her statement “War Killer? Boyscout?” In mid air her pointing arm lingered as she stood there now in shock. How was it that everybody seemed to be able to finish her sentences? Were her thoughts truly that loud so that others could hear? In her silence the person claiming to be her brother spoke “I don’t have much time to give you any logical explanation which you so dearly desire sis, but I can give you this.” With that he pulled out a small box and flipped it open revealing a burning pink ring like that she had worn in the previous Light Wars.

There was a moment of silence as Laura stared intently at the pink ring but shook her head shutting the box as insecurity overcame her. “No…I can’t. Last time…I did not..I was unable to save-“ “Everyone? Come Laura you can’t do that. No one can, but at least you can save some. The boy needs you, and you need him.” Her eyes then moved from the ring to her brother’s bright blue eyes as a reassuring look was on his face. Slowly he placed his other hand on her shoulder giving her that same smile that he would always give her whenever she was about to do something she knew she couldn’t do. And just like that like always her insecurity melted away as a smile slowly crept up her lip. In one quick movement her hands snagged the ring out of XL’s hand as she clutched it tightly.

Casting her eyes down at it the light burning from it began to glow as it started to consume her hand. Staggering backward her breathing became erratic as just like Peter she lost the courage as she considered the possibilities if she was to fail. “XL I can’t…what if I mess up? What if…I can’t…can’t do it?” her voice was now quivering as the light itself did also silently dimming. Her brother only stood there shaking his head as his figure started losing resolution. “You can do it.” Was all he said before his entire body instantly disappeared. Laura now stood there in her own silence as the pink light was barely burning. But then like before the ring spoke “Laura Elysian of sector 616 you have great Love in your heart. You are willing to die for those you care about and your love for them overcomes all hate.” Gulping deeply she started recalling the pledge that she said the last time she was in possession of the ring for in truth it was the exact same. How XL or whoever he was, found it was beyond her and not really in her mind.

“For hearts long lost…” she paused considering backing down, leaving this ring and simply taking the jet. She couldn’t do this! Love? What did she really know of it? All the love she had ever had so swiftly died, or was blow out like a flame on a candle. She couldn’t love, all her life she was told she was incapable of it. But then the question arose, if she was incapable of it, why was the ring glowing at all. Swallowing and inhaling deeply she picked up the ring as she slowly cautiously slid it on her middle finger. The burning sensation of heat soon resonated on her hand as she cringed slightly rethinking her tactics and preparing to remove it. But just as her hand started sliding it off she paused a moment staring at it.

But what about War Killer? Didn’t she love him? Sylver, her soul sister, didn’t she love and care for her? Even William Greystoke, adopted father she had loved, Emiel Chabot her father she still loved. Eclipse, though he didn’t know she cared deeply for him, he was one of her closest friends in truth she’d think he’d be astonished to know that but it was true. Gosh even CellPhoneGirl. No she could love, and with War Killer he had reawaken the love that could burn in her heart that did burn in her heart. She had fallen in love with him, which was the truth. As much as she wanted to deny it and she tried denying over and over the truth could not be so easily extinguished. And just like that a smile curled upon her crimson colored lips as she licked them before nodding her head fully ready for what was ahead.

The ring on her finger started to glow as the burning sensation faded and now she felt as if she was out of breath. The radiance spread from her hand to the rest of her body consuming it in the burning pink that now engaged itself around her. As it did she stripped off her attire just as it stared to be replaced with more fitting clothing. Her body illuminated the hall ways with pastel colored violet and Laura’s midnight blue locks flowed behind her in a zero gravity form. It took her a few moments to realize that her body was now floating above the ground and as she started taking in all that was happening to her she couldn’t help but laugh out of joy. She was capable of love, though many said otherwise she at this very moment was able to prove them all wrong.

And now a Sapphire Star Laura would embark on her tedious mission, figuring out what her role was. But in truth that could wait, because right now the young burning Sapphire had first another duty she needed to tend to, the duty to her heart which called upon her louder than any order or priority she might have previously had. She needed to find War Killer, and tell him she loved him.

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Champion City

Angeni the daughter of Athena and Hephaestus hovered above the high building's that took half of the sky. The Champions, an icon of peace and prosperity, their island built over time by the leaders and people involved has finally finished completion. A Utopia of peace and home to every member of the Champion team, some live and work there some call it a second home, each member has their own home or room in the classically designed Champion Tower a monument to design and technology.  
MR alongside Eclipse worked together to build up the island using contractors that once worked on the ICE Compound. Using the technology at hand the entire city is wired in to Mistress Redheads creation EVE a fully functional Artificial Intelligence that runs the whole island and protects them from danger. The Island itself is fully protected using the latest in equipment and weaponry.  
The City itself is built on water, with its depths penetrated with beams that contain further areas for housing, training, building anything that requires further protection from the rest of the world. The Young Champions school rooms are housed in these underwater areas. Citizens of Vine City were offered places amongst the heroes for safety and protection.
Both enclosed and submerged, the underwater area of Champion City is a home for any member who is water based while also offering a safe place for members to socialise, an underwater club run by one of the members is a hot spot for socialising with other members as well as the people offered homes in Champion City.   
Command Centre of the Champions, the building itself is a masterpiece of technology and art, combined to create an inspiring and beautiful home to the leaders of Peace. It also holds ICE Dragons aeroplane that has been left to them as part of Andfernes heritage.
The beautiful goddess Angeni is apart of the Champion's and their home was located in the Hall of Champion's. The home to the Core Team of the Champions, a prominent and powerful signature of peace and heroics, its interior houses memorabilia of past heroes as well as offices and training rooms for the main squad. Its a welcoming place for any to enter who wish to seek out help and support or simply be inspired by the glory of past heroes. 
Angeni thought about when she first arrived on earth. She was confused, betrayed, and felt unworthy to everyone. But that all changed when Sarah Lockheart also known as Mistress Redhead had found her fighting a bunch of Mercenaries. At first, Helena rejected Sarah about joining the Champion's because she was confused and didn't know what to do but just be a princess of Athens. After awhile of getting to know earth and the people, she grew to become a hero and the mortal's began to love her. Angeni remembered it like it was only yesterday, she flew to the Champion's tower and spoke with Sarah about joining and it happened. 
Now the princess of Athens represents female empowerment and teaches positive female traits such as honesty and kindness, and has inspired women over the years to believe in themselves ever since she's been in Vine City and Champion's City. Originally intended to be a feminist symbol, she represents a clearly stated message that women do not need men to be happy and successful. She is a contrasting picture of haughty royalty and an innocent girl that has issues with her own mother, imposing, aristocratic goddess with little respect for men. Despite her domineering exterior she is in some aspects quite sheltered and unprepared for the greed, oppression, and cruelty that she observes after first arriving in the patron world. Even though she seems out of place at times she is still proud of being a member of the Champion's of Peace and helping others from evil. 
As, Angeni was thinking about her past, her glowing violet pupil eye's glanced over at a woman with blond hair who also wore the violet ring similar to hers. The goddess then noticed it was the villain known as Queen Frost, one of the members of the Vine Syndicate. Angeni knew this meant trouble and she was not going to allow this villain to use the ring for destruction. Angeni flew towards the villain direction and stopped in front of her. " Stop right there villain of the Vine Syndicate?! I shall not allow you to harm anybody from this city with that ring you are holding. I will give you one chance to surrender to me, if not you will have to deal with a goddess and the wrath of my lasso". Angeni said with a seriously look on her face while placing her hand on her bright glowing yellow lasso."  


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Champion City

 Her terror begins. Her mind pictures powerful images, that seem to project out from the ring. She's never felt more in control. As long as she thinks of her passion for love, the ring will forever shine. Queen Frost rises up in to the sky, leaving four dead bodies behind her. The bystanders watch on in horror, running away, crying for help. The Queen sends blizzards across the skies, icicles across the streets, and floods across the buildings. No one can stop her now, not when she is armed with the most powerful weapon a villain would of ever laid hands on. "I love that pretty face of yours...Too bad I'll have to ruin it," She licks her teeth and chuckles, constructing a pink prison cage over a rather extraordinary looking female. The female wimpers, tears rolling down her sharp, pale cheeks. 
The cage then hovers up in to the air, Queen Frost raising her hands up high to keep it there. Telekinesis, comes in handy. She curls her hands in to a fist, releasing various shots of poniards, a shining violet aura surrounding them. They shift out of the ring and straight up towards the cage, slipping through the bars and tearing across the girl's face.  A thin streak of blood is released from the girl's cheek, followed by violent attacks from the daggers. The Queen just laughs, enjoying the destruction of a poor girl's face. Once the attack is over, the pink cage retracts and slowly disappears. This, of course, leaves the young girl falling to the street below, blood gushing out everywhere.  "Ouch, that must hurt..." She chimed. Her eyes glowed as the young girl hit the floor, her neck snapping and her arms breaking. She was engulfed in the pool of blood that grew beneath her. This was sure to cause a stir. And of course, it did. Various citizens ran up to the deceased girl, cradling her, crying for her. All the things that a normal grieved human would do. But of course, Queen Frost showed no sign of regret. She walked towards the body casually, blasting all those surrounding the deceased girl back. God, it was good to have TK. 
Her pink booted foot slid under the body that lay face down, softly kicking it over to reveal her blood consumed face. Those watching the events cried out in horror, pain. Some vomitting, some fainting. Oh, the weak. Queen Frost was glad to be strong. Stronger than ever. Enough to take on most of these darn heroes in Champion City. Maybe even turn on her VS team mates and go solo. It was a possibility. She took one last glance down at the girl before flicking her wrists, a violet bubble shrouding her face. "Enough is enough..."
She jetted off high up in to the sky, leaving behind a burning bright violet trail. She took some time to think, her thoughts trailing off whilst the villainess hovered carefully in the sky...She thought back to those moments of recruitment. When the Star Sapphire voice inside of her head menitoned something about what is to come. Perhaps a war? A great reign of terror? Would Queen Frost really be prepared for something greater than her, that could defeat her so easily? Was she trained enough by DaggerKlutz to take on perhaps one who wields all rings? She had only joined the VineSyndicate back in September and has grown immensely since then. But perhaps not enough to the greater force that is soon to arrive.  
Her eyes lowered back down to the grounds. She slowly lowered herself, back down to the deceased body of her former lover, Richard Price. She almost instantly blasted the paramedics around him with powerful constructed fists. She engulfed the ambulance in a shield of ice, and bent down beside the man. She was alone with him, at last. She rested his head on her lap and looked down at his lifeless eyes. Her hand brushed against them, closing the eyes once and for all. Her ring seemed to be glowing passionately, a small heart shape slowly beginning to form from the centre. "Come back, Richard...Come back..." As she lowered her knuckles towards his chest, she heard a loud, yet annoying voice call out from behind her. 
" Stop right there villain of the Vine Syndicate?! I shall not allow you to harm anybody from this city with that ring you are holding. I will give you one chance to surrender to me, if not you will have to deal with a goddess and the wrath of my lasso". Angeni said with a seriously look on her face while placing her hand on her bright glowing yellow lasso."  Angeni. The so called 'Princess of Athens'. She really, really pissed off Queen Frost. And most villains over at the VS. The Queen had been longing to punch this girl and give her what she deserves, but now wasn't the time. All she wanted was tranquility. Not some annoying hero barking down her throat. 
"Leave me alone!" She roared, constructing a strong fist from her ring and swiping it across Angeni's face. Finally, she had the strength equal to this hero. She would now not rest until Angeni paid for distrupting her tender moment...
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Leo flew through the air over Champions City,thinking someone there might have gotten a ring as well.
The Ring's seem to have been talking to each other through energy fluctuations.Leo was fascinated but there was more important work to be done.
Leo sees green flashes,red sparks,and pink auras and knew that some rings had made it here.He landed smiling but was welcomed with people running and screaming.
He looked and saw several body's on the ground,with horrible cuts across their faces and torsos.
If Leo was still a member of the Syndicate,he would of taken delight in it.But those times were behind him.He was a hero and he was going to stick to it.
He looks over and sees two star sapphires in a strange predicament.
One was yelling with a furious look on her face.He knew her as the Princess of Athens,Angeni.A well known member of the Champions of Peace.
The other was laying over a dead body.She was one of the members of the Syndicate,Queen Frost.
Leo was about to try and interfere when a pink fist punched Angeni across the face.
Leo stood at a safe distance and helped any citizens out of danger and watched the sapphires with great interest.
If he didn't know the current situation with Glucknar,he would of probably yelled "Cat-fight!" or something of the like,but he did.
So he kept himself quiet and helped the citizens as the two yelled.

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Mickey walked along the construction site, gravel crunching beneath his feet. He carried a bag that he'd gotten from the food truck up the street. Taking a seat on a stack of steel beams, he took out two boxes and handed one to his friend, Dave, who was several years older and walked with a wider girth. "Thanks, Mick." said Dave, taking the box and taking a bite of its contents. "Don't mention it, man." Mickey replied. They both ate for a moment before their skin began to crawl, the hair at the back of their necks stood on end and they practically jumped and spun around to see a man who seemingly arrived out of thin air. He was gnawing away at his sandwich and swallowing it in big gulps as gobs of drool shot from between his teeth. They couldn't see anything other then his decrepit teeth. Everything else was hidden by his hood. "Hey, buddy." Dave said in a friendly, but uneasy tone. The man took no notice and simply kept feasting. "Don't wanna eat all at once. You'll choke." Within seconds, he was finished and licking the food from his lips. "Hunnngryyy..." he groaned. "Uuh... Mickey, I think we oughta...." Dave was interrupted when the stranger lunged closer, wrapping his arms around both of them. They struggled to get away from his rancid breath and the icy grip around their shoulders, but he was bafflingly strong. A grin began to stretch across his face and he flipped back his hood. They cried out as they looked on at Tank's decomposed face as he growled, "I... am so... HUNGRY!" Suddenly, he plunged a hand into both their chests and effortlessly crushed their ribs, tearing their hearts from their chests.  
Tank knelt down on the ground, licking the blood from his hands and laughing in a low, malevolent baritone. Suddenly, he stopped and grunted with a bit of confusion. "What?" he asked, waiting a moment as if there was a silent half to his conversation, "Who the hell is Glucknar?! No. No, I've got a score to settle." He got to his feet and held his hand above his head, turning aglow with a soulless black light, taking off into the sky.  
With an other worldly roar, Tank called out, "GEEEEARROOOOO!" His heart had no beat and yet, he felt a throbbing intensity run through him. It didn't come from his chest, instead, from the black ring round his middle finger. It felt good to be alive. It felt good to be dead.

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London, England...

A few months ago, Earth was invaded by Skrulls, a group of shapeshifting aliens. The Champions of Peace, a team of heroes created to fulfill the final wishes of the departed Andferne, lived up to their namesake and preserved peace, halting the invasion. Though not without some losses... Constantine, Scott Wallace, the immortal defender of the United Kingdom, was one such casualty. In his death, he left an ornate golden watch to one of the leaders of the team, Jason Dodd, who went by the name of Eclipse. Constantine said that the young hero would need it. Using the watch, Jason visited England and found the Wallace estate. The magical watch then led him straight to the Con-Cave. 
"Had I known you were here, I would have prepared lunch." Albert remarked as he entered the Con-Cave through its connection to Wallace manor. Albert was the butler to the Wallace family, he served the present-day incarnation of Scott Wallace, before he was thrown back to the beginning of time itself and became Constantine... It was a time travel thing and Jason tried not to think about it too much, and hence avoided too much contact with the young Scott. 
"There has to be something else here, Al." Jason sighed, moving through the cave on his crutches. "He left me the key to this place when he died, said it was important... So what did he want me to have so badly?" He pulled up his sleeve to stare at the watch for the millionth time. 
"Well, have you not already used the technology here to construct a power suit?" Albert raised an eyebrow, arms crossed behind his back as he stood, ready to serve. "Perhaps that was Master Scott's intention?" 
"An awesome suit that needs about a month to recharge between uses? That can't be it." Eclipse shook his head, leaning back against the wall of the cave. He felt a tingling in his wrist, but ignored it, closing his eyes and resting his head against the stony surface. 
"Jason." Albert smiled. "The watch." 
Looking down sharply, Eclipse was astonished to see the watch glowing brightly again. It hadn't done that since he originally located the cave. Almost automatically, he pressed his wrist against the wall, and the entire surface began to glow a golden colour, before melting away. With a grin, Jason jerked his head towards the opening. "Shall we?" His feet lifting off the ground as he levitated, Eclipse soared through the gap. He continued in darkness for a short distance, before eventually entering a well-lit cavern, where his jaw dropped. Mind boggling weapons decorated the walls, he didn't even know where to start. 
Albert caught up with the teen wonder, a laugh bursting forth as he noticed a long sword in a glass case. "Ah, I was wonder where he had hidden that... Excalibur." The butler explained with a smile, as Jason's eyes widened. "I believe you wield a similar weapon? Excellent, this should fit your style excellently. This is all yours now, after all." Albert moved over to open the case as Jason's eyes studied the rest of the armory. Of all the marvelous weapons, he found it strange that his attention was drawn to a dull green box. Nearing the small chest, Eclipse exercised caution as it started to rattle and shake, as it something were trying to get out. Albert watched on curiously, as Jason unlatched the box. 
At that exact moment, a green light soared through the entrance to the cavern, and an identical light burst out of the box. And an instant later, there were two Green Lantern power rings levitating before Eclipse. "Jason Dodd of Earth." Both rings spoke simultaneously in the same voice. "You have demonstrated the ability overcome great fear. You are needed." Staring in awe, Eclipse held out both of his hands, as both rings slid onto his middle fingers. "Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps." 
"I believe this will come in handy." Albert grinned as he carried a heavy object over and heaved it onto the table next to the now empty box. Blowing the dust off the object, it was revealed to be a Green Lantern power battery. Nodding, Eclipse pressed both rings against the lantern as it began to blow a blinding emerald. Instinctively, he spoke the oath of the Green Lanterns. 
"In Brightest Day, 
In Blackest Night, 
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might, 
Beware my power!
Green Lantern's light!"
"Power levels at 100%" The rings echoed, as Eclipse grinned, feeling the power flowing through him. He let his crutches fall to the ground, as the green light passed over him. It took the form of his usual superhero costume, but replaced the yellow and blue colour with green. Taking to the air, he waved to Albert and blasted out of the cave, leaving a green streak of light behind him. "You have a mission, Green Lantern Dodd." Only one of the rings spoke this time, the one on his left hand, which had come from outside the cave. Eclipse continued to soar through the air as he listened. "A great destructive force comes to end this world and all others. It is called Glucknar. You and the other residents of Earth are the only creatures capable of stopping this monster. His reign of terror must stop here." 
"You hear that, Charlie?" Eclipse grinned as he arrived in Champion City, to find his friend War Killer also levitating, bathed in a blue light. "Looks like we've got a job to do."

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Darkchild was a man who held very few things close to his person, his powers were themselves worth every penny he had to protect. But they did that all by themselves, he never needed protection but he did know of one thing that did. Because if it was left into the wrong  hands it could her turned into something weak and worthless. Because of this Darkchild kept it on him at all times, sometimes drapped around his neck and other times hiding within his very body. Today he wore it on his finger, his ring finger glowed bright with the yellow energy of fear. In this world everyone knew fear, because of his new world order in what used to be France the world now feared him. His ring was at its most powerful now, with a world full of fear it fed him. The energy the ring exuded was overwhelming at times, even he himself had to keep its power in check by using it periodically so that it would not grow unstable. Since the end of the Light Wars his was one of the few rings to survive that day, and thus it was charged with so much power from his fallen corps that it needed to be unleashed. On one of these days of energy usage a visage appeared to him, his ring glew brighter than it had ever done before in the mans pressense.

The man was known as Gluknar, he was speaking to Darkchild telepathically. Thinking loud enough that Darkchild was able to pick up on his thoughts. He was close, in the Milky Way close. Very few people sought out Darkchild themselves an those that did meant business. Darkchild showed this man no attention “Speak quickly, I do not wish to have my time spent with wannabe’s. I have places to be…” Gluknar showed Darkchild his plans for Earth letting his imagination fill Darkchilds mind. Darkchild knew the man meant every single image, his plans for Earth meant Darkchild too. Darkchild smiled wide as he hid his own thoughts from seeping into Gluknars mind as he spoke “Fine, let my little toy seek out those worthy to your cause. Then we will prepare to intercept you an continue your war, I never turn down the chance to eradicate all those who oppose me.” Gluknar was pleased with these words an soon faded from Darkchilds mind.

The Obsidian King stood looking to the stars with a bright smile on his face. He balled his hand then opened it again, inside his hand a pile of yellow rings formed. They each shot off in different directions, hopefully finding suitable bearers to induce fear an pain through the cosmos. Suddenly his com link echoed with the voice of his trusted ally Gray Fox. He spoke of Gluknar for few moments before Darkchild interrupted him “Yes I know of the man, we will side with this man in his conquest for Earth. But do not worry my friend, the moment the tides of this war shift in his favor we will turn on him. Rip his powers from his chest, the energy he was exuding when he spoke to me…it smelled appetizing.” Darkchild smiled wide “Prepare for teleportation.” Darkchild told GF before he disappeared from the empty field he was in an then reappearing directly in front of GF. Gray Fox stood in attention a ring on his finger, Darkchild smiled “Looks like you found the little memento I left sometime ago, was wondering when you would find it my young warrior.” Darkchild turned his attention to the skies “Prepare for war Fox, soon others will arrive to our cause. Then after them others who will oppose us will follow, then and only then will we show them what true fear really is.”

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Deep in the heart of the Bosawas Rainforest

 Czin, captain of a Cuotl exploratory vessel that crashed landed in Central America some 4,000 years ago slaved endlessly over the central engine of the largest fragment of his once glorious vessel, at one point he was the lord of death to the Mesoamericans, he and his compatriots were worshipped as gods by every mesoamerican culture from the Olmecs to the Aztecs, and even the Incas.   At one point, he even created new pantheons of gods by taking the DNA of the deities of the Natives of Northern America and splicing them into willing subjects, giving them the powers of true gods.  But those days were long since over, now he has been in hiding for hundreds of years, and worked by himself; with the exception of a few drones on the central engine.  Try as he might, he simply could not get the device to run once more.  "Xik'val'tra Tor'mar'kal." he spoke as he turned to one of his accomplices; a bipedal member of his species whose armorsuit gave him the likeness of a Mayan jaguar god, his speech translating into "The engine death, Cannot be reversed."   "Tro'val'kra Czin'xik'val.  Tiv'mar'sok" responded the jaguar headed entity, it's speech meaning "You must try, Czin'xik'val, We must return."Xil'kra'var, tro'vin'zak"  Czin bitterly responded, though his facial features were hidden beneath a cloak of darkness and a death-mask, one could tell he was mildly angry from his tone, if one could understand Cuotl speech, one would know that he meant "Xil'kra'var, you're overly hopeful."   
"Czin'xik'val, xal'var'mok." Xil responded with a deep rumbling tone, his speech meaning "Czin'vik'val, you're lacking hope."  If literally translated.  "Kil'kra'kan, xip'vra'kma."  Czin shot back, translating into "You are engineer, you fix it!"  When he finished the alien stepped out of the engine chamber, his four spider like legs carrying his bulk throughout the dark confines of the wrecked ship.  But as he walked throughout the secret hallways of the long since buried vessel an group of biologists and archaeologists who were determined to unlock the secret of the Bosawas rainforest were fumbling their way through the halls of the vessel.  As Czin walked through his ship, he stopped and listened; hearing the excited chatter of the scientists who were wandering through his vessel.  Working quickly, Czin teleported in front of the scientists by tearing a hole through spacetime, emerging in front of the scientists with a great thunderclap from the displaced air.  "TUWOOOOONG!" Czin droned in his incredibly deep, and rumbling, yet almost digital voice as he lowered his darkness obscured face to the scientists, filling them with such fear that their hearts failed entirely.  This act of terror had attracted the attention of one object that was now making it's way towards him, one small yellow ring, which slipped through the airways of the arcane ship and squeezed through the gratings and flying at the Cuotl's face, stopping just a few feet from him.  "Czin'xik'val of planet Xephoria, resident of Earth, you have the ability to instill great fear.  Welcome to the Sinestro Corps.  You are needed to save the universe from the great threat that is Glucknar"  it said telepathically to Czin, managing to communicate with the utterly alien mind of the Cuotl with it's advanced inner mechanisms.  
"Yes...a yellow ring...I have heard...many tales about...your kind and...this Glucknar entity...I shall accept..."  Responded the Alien turned death god, and with that the ring flew upon the middle digit of his right seven fingered hand.  The dull earthy yellow of his form brightened into a true primary color, and the symbol of the Sinestro corps etched itself upon his chest.  Where his splotches of glowing light-blue once stood to mark him as a follower of the Cuotlian death god, black now took it's root, and paradoxically; it still managed to glow.  The ring also attempted to magnify Czin's aggressive tendencies, but it only managed to succeed in the smallest way, for Czin's mind was a truly bizarre thing."I find your...choice of colouring...interesting ring but...I suppose that...it will do...." Czin then used his ring to summon forth his personal portable power battery, and like Sinestro himself; he sealed it in a pocket dimension that he could always keep close at hand.     
"Master your ability to beget fear in the minds of others, and you shall surely best all who oppose you." the ring informed him,  "Now I shall teach you how to fl-" the ring continued before Czin interrupted it midsentence "I do not need...to be taught...how to fly...I am well...versed in it's...mechanics..." he retorted as he teleported outside of the ship and used the ring's energies to lift him skyward, the sight being so odd that more than a few birds did a double take, for something that so flagrantly violated the laws of aerodynamics taking flight was not often seen in the skies, in fact, his spider like lower body made it look more like he was jumping very far rather than actually flying.  He landed himself at a mountain overlooking the whole of the rainforest, having finished with his practice session.  "I suppose that...I should locate...others who have...found such rings..." Czin mused, his voice deep and rumbling with a very digital sort of tone to it.  He eyed the ring one last time...and if he did indeed have a mouth, he probably would have been grinning...
"Perhaps...I shall start...my search in...this so called...champion city...My sensors detect...a high amount...of energies associated...with other...bearers of the rings...there..." he thought to himself as he used the ring to open a gateway to the city, preferring to teleport rather than fly throughout the sky with all the grace of a hurled brick.  He inhaled deeply as he stepped through, exhaling a mouth full of sand when he crossed through to the other side, which was atop a rather tall skyscraper, whose concrete ceiling immediately began to take issue with his 25 ton weight, cracking slightly beneath his immense form, but still, the ceiling was solidly built and could withstand his bulk for long enough; he took a moment to observe the city, looking at the primitively designed architecture of humanity with no small amount of disdain.  So much unneeded artificial light being poured into the streets, drowning out the natural starlight which he preferred...but still...until he could relocate his home planet, this ball of silicates would be serve as his residence, a residence that he would protect, if only so that he could rebuild his ship....it would be hard to rebuild that thing if this planet was turned into a second asteroid belt.  With this rather amusing thought, Czin allowed himself a small chuckle before turning his gaze skyward, fixating an ogle at space as he reviewed his scanners, yes there were other lanterns here...lanterns that would probably come to him, thus eliminating the need for him to unnecessarily expose himself to the rather skittish natives of the planet. As he stared at the heavens, he his ring to broadcast his position to others wielding lantern rings, regardless of color, he figured that even if someone hostile came to him, he would be able to fight them off, and finding an ally would be more than worth that risk.  
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As the rings which escaped from Glucknars grip went searching for new saviors a single Indigo ring veered away from the rest. It was searching for a great protector of Earth, a noble, brave being filled with compassion. He was no human but he chose to live amongst them, helping them where ever he could and however he could. He could be described as a symbol of good, and peace. He was a god among men, a savior for the weak; he was compassionate for what he did - it made him feel like he was accepted among the humans. Even though he was born on Earth, he still felt some what alien but the humans welcomed him with open arms, embracing his quest for good.  
That single Indigo ring has made it far past the Earth's lowest part of the atmosphere and was now soaring slightly above the tall buildings of one of the largest cities in the World for humans. It was searching, looking for him. Than, it saw him. Not far off in the distance, a plan plummeted towards the ground, fire and smoke spewing greatly from the two turbines and there he was. He was flying along the left side of the plane, and was no more than a blue blur to the occupants inside the plane and those watching. The ring just hovered and watched the spectacle as the man flew to the front of the plane, positioning himself in front of it. Slowly the plane began to slow its fall as the man strained; muscles buldged through his blue and red suit, veins on his head buldging out under his skin.

The plane was nearing the ground now, threatening the lives of those below and if this truely was the real weilder of the Indigo ring he wouldn't let it hit the ground and risk the lives of so many innocent people. They were nearing a wide bridge and just as it seemed to late, the mans feet touched the asphalt on the bridge, making deep impressions under the pressure but he had stopped the massive plane. He lowered it down on to thr bridge and proceeded to fly over to the exit and rip the door off with ease.  
After waving good bye and recieving much praise he flew off, his red cape flapping in the soft breeze. It was time for the ring to meet its new owner. He flew towards him, and the man stopped just a few feet away from it; the two hovering in mid-air. The ring began to speak; "Edward White of Earth, a threat looms over your planet by the name of Glucknar. Accept us as a gift to help protect your planet and seek out the other ring bearers in your quest, you will need their help." 
The hero spoke, "Your a lantern ring, I know of you and your incredible power. However it is not power that I seek, but I will accept you if it will help me protect those who need it against those so called threat. So let us be one and seek out the other lanterns" 
The ring did not reply but simply drifted over to the already outstretched right hand of the hero and slid over his middle finger. There was an instant flash of Indigo Light and when the light died down lay a different hero. His suit changed from blue and red to indigo and white and in his right hand he held the staff of the Indigo Tribe.

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The blue aura that consumed his newly formed Blue Lantern uniform glowed brightly as he soared high above the clouds, “Wooohooo!” He let out a shout of joy and freedom as he started to get better at how to steer his body to where he wanted to go. His arms stretched out to his sides, his face gleamed with a joyous smile as he allowed his body to fall backwards, causing him to begin a slow decent downwards towards the world below. His body disappearing within the white clouds, with only the blue glow that covered his entry body shined out, like a blue streak zipping within the cloud as his body continued to plummet further and further down.

But just as quickly as he vanished, he reappeared below the clouds which now blocked out the sunlight that was just beaming down from above, casting a dark shadow over him which only allowed the blue light around him to burn even brighter than before. Letting out another cry of happiness, the hero directed his body to where his head was now pointing down towards the earth, causing his body to accelerate in speed as he began to free fall quicker and quicker towards the blue waters of the ocean below. But in truth he could help but enjoy himself, for he loved flying, loved being able to soar high into the sky, towards the stars, defying the very gravity that held him down and giving him that feeling of pure freedom that he could do anything.

His eyes narrowed in on the waters that were quickly approaching, but with a cocky smirk he quickly jerked his body forward, causing him to pull up at the very last minute as he was just inches away from splashing into the water. Looking ahead, he could see Champion City, home and headquarters of the Champions of Peace off in the distance. Flying full speed, his body just inches from the waters that he could literally see his own reflection. Smiling, he turned to his side slightly as he slid his hand into the warm water, destroying his reflection completely as he now left a small streak of water splashing behind him as he came closer towards the city.

But even though he was enjoying his time, his mind could only wonder why he suddenly was wearing the ring in the first place. Remembering his short encounter with Light, who also wear a lantern ring similar to his, during the King of the Vine Tournament, he knew that the rings continued information after seeing Light speak to his own, but upon returning to Earth, the young hero did his own research on the rings himself. Out in space, there were groups known as the Lantern Corps, there was one for each of the emotional spectrum, such a green for willpower, yellow for fear, pink or violet for love, red for angry for example. And blue represented the emotion of hope, which in truth Charles still didn’t understand why he was chosen to wear a ring that represented hope, sure he wore the American flag on his chest like his father, which represented hope and freedom, but himself, the man under the flag, he honestly didn’t believe he had such hope within him to bare the ring. Why was he chosen?

But quickly he pushed that thought to the back of his mind as he remembered the other fact about the rings. He had learned that each ring was connected to larger power source somewhere else in the universe, one on each planet for its Lantern Corps; this also made the rings a source of pure information that was gathered from all over the cosmos and sent to the rings themselves for their respected Lantern to access. “Ring, what’s the situation? What happened to this rings former bearer?” He asked the ring as he lifted it slightly to his mouth to speak into. [Blue Lantern Bu-Zar of Sector 2343 is deceased.] The blue ring suddenly spoke in English to the hero, the glow of the ring blinking slightly as it spoke. “ What was the cause of death?” Charles continued as the ring then answered him once again as it began to blink blue, [Lantern Bu-Zar was killed at the hands of the creature known as Glucknar.] “Who is this ‘Glucknar’?” [The tyrant known as Glucknar is a being of monstrous proportions. You are one of those who have been chosen to fend of this monster before be destroys the universe itself. Hope burns deep within your soul, and for that you have been chosen to become a member of the Blue Lantern Corps.] The ring finished.

Lowering his hand on which he wore the ring, he turned his attention forward once more as he was now approaching Champion City. Guiding his body between buildings that littered the city itself, he came to a stop to where he was now levitating just a few feet above Champions Tower. To his surprise, the whole city seemed to be empty, whatever this Glucknar was, it seemed to have gotten the attention of the whole team. But seriously, there had to be at least one person arou--"You hear that, Charlie?" But suddenly a familiar voice spoke behind him, cutting off his train of thought. Turning to his side, he began to smile as he now found Eclipse hovering behind him.

Looking upon his best friend, he could see he had been chosen by a ring as well as his uniform was now changed to green and black, along with the emblem of the Green Lantern Corps glowing on the front of his chest. "Looks like we've got a job to do." Eclipse spoke once more. Nodding his head, he floated over closer to Jason, “I know, whoever this Glucknar guy is, he seems like trouble.” He said as he quickly turned to back towards the city. “But if you’ve got a ring as well, that may mean that some of the other Champions have one now as well.” Charles said as he held his ring up to his mouth again and began to speak. “Ring, can you do a quick search around the surrounding area for any signs of other power rings?” [Searching….] His ring replied into return to his question. Charles knew that if this Glucknar guy was as bad as his ring described him to be, he and Eclipse were going to need all the help they could get if they had any hope of stopping this thing.

After a moment, his ring lit up once more, but this time it created a small map above the center of the ring, producing a blue holographic layout of the whole city, showing two colored dots of blue and green which of course was himself and Eclipse, but also showing a pink dot not too far from where they were. [One power ring detected.] The ring answered. Turning back to Eclipse, Charles gave him a quick nod as seriousness now filled his eyes. “Come on, and try to see if you can locate anyone else on your ring. I’m betting we’re going to need all the help we can get now.” He said as he guided his body down from the top of the tower and towards the city below, towards where his ring had located the other power ring.

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"Prepare for war Fox, soon others will arrive to our cause. Then after them others who will oppose us will follow, then and only then will we show them what true fear really is.” When Darkchild had said others, Fox never realized just how many beings would be recruited to their cause. From all over the planet...no...the Universe, they descended upon Junon ready to be trained in the art of ring-slinging and it was up to him to make sure they did.
"Mobilizing all of Junon for war was non-problematic, but training all of these recruits at once even with help from my subordinates will take a very long time. If only they weren't fleshlings..." Fox mused. "Wait...the rings...of course! I can simply upload everything I know about wielding these infernal things into theirs and then just send them off to practice on prisoners of war in the Bloodworks."
"<Hey! Someone promised that we would get to kill something. Lots of somethings! So let's get to it!>" K'lk, a monstrous Man-Spider from the eight planet in the Rivendra Star System, roared.
A wave of "Yeahs!" in hundreds of thousands of different alien languages echoed throughout the massive crowd of recruits. In that time Fox had already uploaded everything they would need to know about ring-slinging into their own rings. "Silence! I will have silence! This is my Kingdom and as long as you are here you will heed my every command! Now, I have uploaded everything you will ever need to know about wielding the rings into your own rings. 004578 here will lead you to the Bloodworks where I keep prisoners of war that I have no intention of giving back. There, you can practice the techniques being transmitted from your rings into your tiny little brains on as many prisoners as you want. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my voice box?!" Fox's voice boomed from each recruits ring in their respective languages, causing many of them to fall over in shock from the sheer power his voice commanded.
After a long moment of silence, the recruits began bobbing their heads up and down in understanding. "Good. Now go. I don't want to see any of you again until your training is complete." Fox said, his voice dripping with venom. And go they did, with 004578 at the head of the pack, so to speak. Once they were all gone, Fox leaned back against a wall and let out the closest thing to a sigh that this new Lantern Armor of his would let him. "I wonder if the remaining rings can be programmed to seek out more...intelligent recruits. If we are going to seize Glucknar's power and fight off the six other Lantern armies amassing out there then we are going to need brains as well as brawn."
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The teen looked at the being flying towards them, bellowing with rage. Turning to the blue Sideslash, the teen said, “Get out of here! You’re no match for him!” Before the demonic do-gooder could argue, the teen reached into his chest and pulled out a rocket programed to head to Pierre, South Dakota. Pressing it against Archeron’s chest, four straps extended across his chest and buckled together in his back. “Go!” yelled Gearo with a look of pure seriousness as the rocket activated, taking his friend to safety. He then turned to face his old foe, transforming into his Armor Mode as his jet boots activated. With the transformation complete, the adolescent automaton rocket off toward the deceased Tank roaring as he did. With every foot the two came closer, the teen could see the differences in both the human bomb’s costume and body. Tank’s ragged clothes were now solid black, with a strange white symbol along his chest and shoulders. The body itself was gray from decomposition, with his veins bulging out from beneath the skin. Bringing both his hands together, the teen prepared to smash the zombie demolisher into the very stone that killed him months before, yelling as loud as he could the name of the ghost from his past. “TAAAAAAANNNNNNNKKKKKKK!”  

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“The weapon is an extension of the body” Azrael remarked as she stepped to the side avoiding a young child’s swing. As she passed behind him she tore a gash into his back. The room they stood in was a living room decimated from the burning house and fighting. The roof exposed the moonlight from the location the demoness came in from. The TV screen was shattered from a corpse rammed into the device. Another two corpses were on the floor their blood seeping into the floor. Another foul blood bath for a woman who thrived on the violence of the world. The child looked up at her in disgust. Hate was in his eyes his pain was pushed aside from wrath and adrenaline. The anger was exquisite; a young scrawny kid no older than nine was swinging a blade furiously and filled with distain. His hair a mess blood running down his jean legs he fought to claim vengeance.

He charged yet again, the crimson haired woman stepped idly to the side. She cut the young man’s heal in response. “Hate is what courses through our blood.” Was her remark as her pray fell to his knee. The rage was coursing through his veins and though barely able to stand he lashed out again. A wild swing at her midsection, after catching the edge on the broad side of her blade she twirled the weapon afterwards severing the hand. “Rage allows us to spawn a red flood” was her words as her sword left the bloody stump. He was trapped backed into a corner against a monster he knew he couldn’t win. His strength was fading fast but still he fought. Yelling incoherently into the night he charged forwards stumbling half way as he tried to punch the woman. She caught the fist with her free hand. With a sharp twist the bones shattered and pierced skin. “With this wrath we sever the light” she commented as the bones shattered. Twirling her blade artfully she stabbed into the right knee cap before the spiteful adolescent made another move. “The corpses of the fallen show are crimson might.”

Her blood red hair whipped about as she quickly got behind the near dead innocent. Holding his dyeing body in one arm and blade in another she whispered in his ear. “And it is your dead body that I now kiss goodnight.” Her lips touched his forehead almost motherly as her sword punctured his ribcage. A quick spout of blood from his mouth and then he was limp. Dropping the remains she looked to the night skies a hunger for bloodshed still on her tongue. A flashing streak of light heading her direction caught her attention.

A deep red glow pierced the skies much like the gore that now coated Blair. In a heartbeat she sprouted her wings and flew towards it. Almost if lured by the source subconsciously. As she approached she realized how small it was. No more than a blood red ring and yet she craved it more then she had most things. Jewelry was never her thing but she felt urged to rush towards the glowing ring. Stretching her hands out to catch it, it instead instantaneously went on her right middle finger. A surge of anger and furry washed over her mind. Her unyielding desire to cause chaos seemed to heighten even more. Though that sounded impossible she could feel the change. The bloodlust stronger still. Then the typhoon of aggression dwelled down. Her rationality clear while her body clinched eager to be active.

Then came the pain. It was delightful her veins seemed to be burning. She dropped to the floor and coughed up blood. As it touched the pavement it sizzled and popped. Acid eating through the surface. Her life fluid was now a fiery toxin it would seem. Azra could be found in the middle of the street laughing manically as her body convulsed. “You made a well put vow and the furry in you is alluring. We seem a natural fit, your body is going through the changes.” The words echoed in her head. At first she thought maybe she was going over the deep end, well for her that is. Then she realized it had to be the ring. Asking what her body was going through was her next question but the voice answered before she could even ask. “I am your life line simply” Blair was going to ask but again was cut off. “Yes that means I’ve replaced your heart. Your body rejects this fusion somewhat and that’s why you have the luxury of acidic blood vomit.” She kept her comments on that to herself and told the voice to stabilize her.

She created a small blade through the altering of hellfire. Taking the scalpel to her chest she carved an opening. Her healing factor masochist behavior and new source of life allowed her to stay awake. A wet snap could be heard as her heart was torn from her flesh. The blackish organ dripping in a glowing fiery blood beat still trying to stay alive. The deviant kissed the organ and then crushed it. A brilliant red light replaced where the heart was, a sphere the color Azrael favored. Her red and black clothing took on a glossy sheen and her flesh began to mend itself. Soon it would be time to see what all this lantern business was about. How many lives could she warp through hate and pain?    

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A bright pink light engulfed the emerald eyed assassin’s body as she hovered above the ground. Her midnight locks now shaded deep purple slung over her face. Her fists were clenched as she continued staring at the bright ring glowing from her hand. The burning sensation had faded and now she was feeling over overwhelmed. In truth she had no Idea what was going on, what War was raging but she knew that if War Killer and Eclipse were fighting the good fight, along with the rest of the members of Champions, she would sure put her own personal plans on hold and take part. It took her a few moments before she took in a deep breath readjusting to the feeling of being able to talk again. “Ring…what is the status of…our situation?” she asked in curiosity diverting her eyes to the ring on her finger.

“A creature of immense power known as Glucknar had recently set his eyes on earth, even now he is gaining allies of beings in this world, and his intentions are ultimate control.”   Laura’s eyes for a moment flashed pink as she clenched her fist. Biting her lower lip her mind ran through the possible danger’s she might face. If she was able to receive a ring such as this she knew for a fact that the ring of black, or midnight as she called it was also able to prey upon dead victims. A deep shiver coerced through her body as she shook her head in denial pushing such dark disturbing thoughts aside. Taking in another deep breath she looked down the empty passage ways of Champions of Peace base, before she made her choice.

Turning her eyes to the roof she adjusted her hand awkwardly at the roof. Gulping out of concern she finally let out a blast of bright pink energy that tore through the ceiling of the passage way. As debris and wood fell around her she could see the clear darkened sky above moonlight now flooded the halls while the lights flickered. “Ugh….Eclipse will cover it…” she whispered before angling her body precisely and with lighting speed she flew into the heavens. For a few moments there was excitement, the feeling of being able to fly was something she was strongly deprive of. The feeling of the wind in your face, as your body was literally depriving the very logical laws of gravity.

“Laaarrruuuaaa” a voice hissed causing the young girl to stop in her tracks. Her eyes searched the cloudy sky as the light of the moon reflected in her own emerald eyes. Her ears didn’t decive her for even now the words of her own name being called echoed in her ears. Her eyes violently shifted from right to left, from above to below but she knew someone was there. “Ring…” she said moving her closed fist to her mouth   her eyes cautiously looking around “Tell me…are there any we alone?”   “No, two being located to your right half a mile off”. Her eyes fell in that direction, “Power level?” she asked “Minimal.” A confident smile appeared on her lips as she whispered again “Do you think we can take them?”

The ring was silent as Laura rolled her eyes. “I shall take that as a yes…” she murmured before she flew higher and higher into the heaves, the clouds passing like a blur. Eventually the little pink map appeared and showed she was several yards above the two UHO’s (unidentified hovering Objects.) Clenching her fist a moment the map disappeared as the light around her faded to a much richer and darker pink. As her body floated she focused her eyes upon two glowing lights below. Taking in a deep breath she flew with brilliant speed like a shooting star toward the deep blue light. Everything happened so swiftly she managed to wrap her hand around his shoulder as ringed hand formed a fist against his chest.

She would have continued flying downward in her attempt to crash the individuals’ back in the ground if not she had noticed his shocked emerald eye staring at her. Instantly her body came to a halt as she used both her hands to grab onto his shirt before leveling them both in mid air. Breathing heavily with her tangled mess of lock hanging over her face she stared directly into his eyes as if she was trying to figure out who he was, but it didn’t take long for the embarrassment of what she just did to settle in. “Laura…?” his confused voice managed to muster as she let go of him slowly realizing he also had the ability to fly. Her cheeks burned red as she realized she didn’t know what to say.

As the awkward silence started to set in she finally took in a deep breath as she grabbed him by the top of his shirt and pulled War Killer into a kiss. Her hands slid around his neck as she continued the passionate moment her tongue playing around in his mouth. Though it only lasted a few moments as she let go and smiled nervously at him as she finally started saying something. “Hi..Charlie.” Waving her hand awkwardly she waved before continuing “I…I love you.” The timing was totally off and it wasn’t exactly how she indented to tell him, but before she said anything she had to tell him that. The ring had given her the ability to speak and she wasn’t going to abuse it any more.

By now a green light lowered from the heavens and to her joy it was good ol’ Eclipse. It appeared that he harnessed the ring of will power, and Charlie no doubt hope but she wouldn’t dwell on that she was on a mission. “Taylor.” She said flying up to him and hovering a few feet away. “I love you too…” she paused a moment rethinking how that might have sounded before she swiftly corrected herself. “…Like a friend.” She blurted out her confidence severely shattered. Now with an annoyed expression on her face she moved in between the two teen heroes before glancing at them both. “Moving on we have a job to do, time is limited and I have no intentions to waste anymore time due to you twos…ignorance. “ She glared at them both holding them responsible for her little incident of embarrassment.

“But anyways…what’s the plan, frontal assault or sneak attack? Shall we get more reinforcements or shall we go as a trio? Though whatever plan you two come up with as I said time and all the other elements are against us, so better think quick.” She said staring up into the darkened sky as one question remained. If they hadn’t called out to her….who did?

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Judgment Day

Glucknar sat on his throne, the red gem on his gauntlet bubbling with the rage of a hundred angry souls. His soldiers hurried around as their great warship surged towards its destination. When Joahl the Green Lantern had made his great sacrifice and released the Lantern rings, they had mostly all headed in one direction in particular, the planet known as Earth. Clearly the place had an abundance of emotion and the most worthy beings in the Sector were to be found there. This pleased the Lord of the Glucknarans, as it would also give him a great amount of fuel for the Hand of God. Yet he could not help but be angered at what the Lantern had accomplished... The great warrior was overconfident in his abilities, he should have killed the ape before he could make his final move, but he hesitated, in arrogance. Glucknar was not only furious at the Corpsman, but at himself... Though he had made a mental note to hunt down and destroy every member of Joahl's species when the Rings were recovered. 
"Lord." One of the warriors bowed. "We have neared Earth." 
"Excellent." Glucknar replied, though he did not appear to be pleased in the slightest. The Glucknaran warship came to a halt, deep in space, just beyond the moon orbiting the planet. The ship itself was about a fifth of the size of Earth, big enough to contain the entire Glucknaran species. Their home planet was destroyed long ago, and the ship served as a mobile substitute. Leaving his throne, Glucknar strode forwards, until he stood on a circular pad with flashing lights on it. His soldiers ensured that his ceremonial armor was properly secured, along with his flowing red cape, before the machine hummed into action. A holographic image of Glucknar was then projected down to planet Earth, appearing before every person in the world. 
"Citizens of Earth." Glucknar boomed, as his voice echoed clearly into Earth's atmosphere, thundering throughout the entire planet as each hologram spoke, in the native tongue of whoever was listening. "I am Lord Glucknar. I control a vast intergalactic empire, the most powerful empire in the known universe. My people have never failed to conquer or destroy a planet in the millenia we have existed. It is my understanding that your planet has often come under threat of invasion, or destruction, so you may presume that we pose no threat to you. You would be mistaken." Getting down to business, Glucknar clenched the Hand of God behind his back, gritting his teeth. "A recent surge of Lantern Rings has recently bombared your planet, seeking new wielders. These rings belong to me, and I have come to take them back. I do not seek to harm you, merely to regain what is mine." Studying a display in front of him, Glucknar noted the time-keeping methods of this planet. "You have one hour to surrender all Rings to me. If you refuse, then this world will burn. Use this time however you choose: surrender, seek an alliance with my empire, or prepare for battle... But know that your decision will affect the fate of your entire race. Choose wisely." 

One Hour Later

The choices had been made. Few Lanterns had surrended their Rings to the Glucknaran leader, and those who had were slaughtered, their souls consumed by the Hand of God. Of course, Glucknar did not mean half of what he said when he addressed the citizens of Earth. Even if all the rings had been given up, he and his army would have destroyed the planet regardless. A fair few of Earth's people had sided with the alien warlord, for various reasons, though the army of Lanterns of Earth held the numbers. Glucknar and his allies were backed up by a battallion of 39 Glucknarans. This could be seen as a disadvantage, but each Glucknaran had the power of a thousand humans. While it was a small army, it was the most effective and powerful army in existence. Almost indestructible, with astronomical physical strength, they also had the power to survive in the vacuum of space and even maneuver through space naturally with ease. Not to mention, each Glucknaran was armed to the teeth with incredibly powerful and diverse alien technology, of various civilizations. 
Each and every one of the 39 soldiers had lived since the dawn of time, every one of them was a seasoned professional of the art of war, to say nothing of their leader, who also wielded one of the most powerful known weapons, the Hand of God. Without their Lantern Rings, Earth wouldn't stand a chance against the Glucknarans. Even with them, the hope of success was slim. Each soldier on the invading side would be one of the most difficult opponents the humans had ever faced, able to take on dozens of them at once. This would be one of the toughest wars Earth had ever seen... One they may not survive. 
As Lights began to pop up all over the planet, Glucknar grinned with the anticipation of battle. He and his allies from Earth stood atop the front of the hulking warship, awaiting battle, while the army of Glucknarans were positioned further ahead, ready to intercept the initial attack. A sea of colour erupted as the citizens of Earth surged forward to defend their home. Hundreds of humans had been chosen as worthy of the various colours... Now it was time to prove their worth.

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The door to the room swung violently open as the rugged man used one hand to open it and the other to keep a firm grasp on Marco's arm. Needless to say Marco didn't appreciate being dragged around like a five year-old. "Hey leggo! I know my rights"! he shouted even though he really didn't know his rights. He pulled, trying to free himself from the mans iron grip, but let's face it, even with the weight training from Wildcat and the exercise he got as BC he was still kind of scrawny. With one heave from the man the teen was thrown into the room, almost loosing his balance when he turned to face his adversary. The man shut the door then turned to Marco as well with a stern expression. The man pointed to another door in what Marco assumed was his apartment. "Here's how it's going to go.You stop being a punk, get into the washroom, use the washroom and get me the damn ring"! Since Marco was a teenager and not one to look through his own excrement his answer was obvious. "No! Uh uh. Not in a million years!" he waved his arms like a referee announcing there was no goal. "Did I say it was optional? Did I say I gave a damn what you think? NO! So get your ass in there before I give even less of a damn about your rights"! the mans voice boomed in the small room. Marco folded his arms looking adamant " Hell n-" the teen was cut off as the man's fist dug into his stomach. It knocked the wind out of him, but not his lunch as the attacker had intended. Marco stumbled backward and bumped into the wall thanking Ted for teaching him to take a punch. He should also thank the room for being so tiny as to stop him from falling over. 
He pushed off the wall and got into a boxing stance, "Bring it crap shack"! Marco yelled, referring to the mans room, which only made sense in his head. After a second of holding his dukes up he saw the mans eyes widen in shock. "What? Recognize this stance? Yah know why? Cause I trained under one of the greatest fighters out there". He rushed the man ,pulling his fist back and preparing to form a powerful punch. Confidently he shouted "I was trained by Ted freaking Wildcat Grauuuugh"! Marco's confidence and line shattered as his adversary sidestepped him to the right. The result was Marco's own force carrying him past his target and causing his fist to smack straight through the drywall, dust scrambling up in the air. There was a mixed feeling of just how awesome it was to break stuff with his bare hands and the pain of a really scraped knuckle. He pulled his fist out, now a lighter tanish color from the wood turned sawdust. "Dammit" He muttered under his breath as he turned to face the guy. The man was still staring at him with amazement and Marco was getting sick of it. "Okay I get it. Wildcat's great, but not that great. Are you some kind of boxing fanatic or something"? In Marco's head that seemed to be the only logical answer or the only one he could come up with at the moment. The man gave a look of disdain then pointed to Marco's  chest. Marco gave him a deer in the headlights look then looked down. To his amazement he had a weird symbol on his chest. That had NOT been there before. It was in the shape of a lantern except with a hole in it. Let's not forget it was green too. Didn't the guy say something about a green lantern ring? Suddenly he was hit with a rush of energy. Marco's body was surrounded with a green aura. His usual attire was replaced with black and green spandex, then a long red coat. Most peoples words after this incident might be along the lines of "What just happened"? or " Does this mean I'm a green lantern"?, but Marco had something different to say. "Ah come on! Spandex? Green lantern powers suck"! he complained. The man pinched the bridge of his noes "Lord just shoot me now... You can change the look of it by just thinking". Still Marco was confused. "So... Wait. If I think it then I get-" As he talked his clothes quickly changed themselves to the thought in his mind. Now he wore a green T-shirt with the green lantern symbol and black jeans. For some reason he was wearing long, black gloves that went up to his elbows and knee-pad boots.  He still wore the red coat, it was just shorter now. "Oh cool" Marco mused looking over his new costume. The rugged man sighed "Well I guess that's that then. Get the hell out of my apartment. You can have the ring. I don't care anymore" he flicked his wrist lazily in the direction of the door leading outside, indicating for Marco to leave. Now Marco looked surprised. "Aren't you gonna teach me how to use this thing? I don't know crap about it and you do". "I just told you. You think it and it does it". "Come on. You think I'm dumb enough to think it's that easy"? Marco asked. "Yes. Now go away". "No". The man glared at him. "Kid if you don't get out right now I'm going to hit you worse than that Wildcat guy that you've been boasting about ever could". Marco glared back, more determined then ever to get his way. He crossed his arms and stood his ground, still keeping eye contact. "N- O-". They stood there, not talking or fighting, they just stood there for a long time glaring at each other. Then the stranger pulled his hand back and curled it into a fist. The teen immediately closed his eyes hoping that he really couldn't punch harder than Wildcat. He waited, but the pain and force of the solid fist hitting him in the head never came. Marco wished he would just  get it over with. Maybe this was part of it. Get him anticipating a punch so that the pressure would build. A voice penetrated his thoughts. Like Ball always does to him, but this was less malevolent, less violent. >Marco Smith of Earth< the voice began.  Finally he opened his eyes to see the man who had threatened to punch him shocked. He was hearing it too. It pierced through his mental defenses again > You do NOT have the ability to overcome great fear<... Not the nicest ring out there is it, Marco thought to himself. >However there is no time to change to the right bearer. There is a dire threat coming to Earth and the Green Lantern Corps needs more manpower to combat this threat. Do you accept this honor"? Marco looked to the man and smiled. "Well"? He asked. "Do we"?
Marco and the rugged man walked into the mall, with civilian clothing. Inside the first floor was huge, but was still crowded with all of the shoppers. He and the man had both agreed to aid in the defense of Earth against Glucknar. Marco was a little more willing then the other guy. He'd only agreed because he didn't want the Earth to get obliterated and apparently knew how to be of more assistance. Marco had to admit he wanted to know the guys name. The plan right now was to get a yellow ring that the guy had seen veer in this direction. It had probably already found a user. Apparently it went for people who inspired great fear so this would probably turn into a fight. It was Marco's will, which according to the ring in his stomach was very far from great, versus the yellow lanterns fear. Funny. It was his first time with actual powers that he controlled and he was going up against somebody with the exact same powers only stronger. He could just laugh out loud.
He followed the rugged man, who he had decided to call Dick because he felt that name suited him best, through the heavy crowd and into a Toys 'R' Us. The store was about as crowded as the mall by itself. Except it was easier to look over people, since most of them were little kids. Marco yawned, bored. "Why are we in here? I doubt someone able to inspire great fear would come to a Toys R us". Without turning around or stopping Dick answered. "If I had a weapon that fed on fear I'd be thinking about who are the easiest people to scare. Most kids are scared of the dark and most kids are here. It's like a predator thing. They pick on the weaker, easier prey". Marco nodded understanding the logic. "That's kind of cruel. Using one of the most powerful weapons out there to scare little kids". "The Sinestro Corps don't recruit people with well tuned morals kid. What kind of people do you think inspire great fear? Most worthy ones are locked in cells on prison islands". Marco gulped, so this guy might be an insane mass murderer who would kill him without remorse too? was there a way to be more screwed?
Their walk through the store was interrupted by high pitched screams. Screams of little girls and boys being haunted by an unknown attacker. Both Marco and Dick turned their heads toward the horrible sounds. "Like I said. It's a predator thing" Dick mumbled. Marco bolted passed him before he could do the same, not really thinking about a strategy. He ran passed shoppers who were either running away or frozen in disbelief. His cloths changed to his lantern ones with a thought and he jumped up thinking one word. Fly. At first it felt like he was still jumping, then it felt like he'd made a very long jump until he didn't feel the pull of gravity at all. "This just turned into the best day of my life" he grinned hovering in mid-air. Then he heard the blood curdling screams of children again and flew over the isles until he located where it was coming from. Marco could see kids in an isle screaming at nothing. There was nothing there for them to be scared of, it was like it was all in their heads. Marco floated down into the isle, planting his feet on the ground. He scratched his head, with no idea coming on why these children were screaming. He walked tentatively towards the closest child and picked him up. Marco shook the kid gently. "Come on kid there's nothing here" he whispered. The boy still continued his screams and sobbing, oblivious to Marco shaking him. Marco could see continuing this would be in vain. He set the kid down, hoping that he wouldn't hurt himself. Scanning the area, he could see that no one was hurt. All that was there were gawking onlookers and worried parents carrying their petrified children out of the store. None of this was what he was looking for. Scanning the growing crowd of onlookers, trying to single one out. He didn't know how or who was doing this, but he was willing to bet it was the yellow lantern. Dick finally caught up and took his place beside him. "Kid. You have to have a plan before you bust the baddies. You're lucky that the loopy lantern was already gone" he scolded. Marco wasn't listening. He had just noticed a hint of a yellow aura around a man in a trench coat and fedora, his back towards them.
With no notice, lantern Marco blasted off the ground and swooped into the crowd. He swooped out and over the crowd after the millisecond it took him to grab his suspect. He held the man by the collar making sure that they stared each other eye to eye. "Seriously?! What kind of screwed up guy attacks little kids in Toys R freaking Us?!" Marco yelled in the yellow lanterns semi hidden face. The man didn't reply, but had a sneer on his lips. "Take off the ring. Now" an irritated Marco ordered. The demand was met with a blinding flash of golden light then Marco being blasted back through and out of the store. He smacked down on the tiled floor. He lay there in the crater that had been formed from the force, still a little blind from the light flash. He slowly used his knee to prop himself up. Marco could hear the screams of people using the proper protocol when a villain and superhero fought. Which was to get as far away as possible. As his vision cleared he could see a blur of a man floating in the air, looking down on him. There were only two people that could fly here so it was easy to figure out who it was. Marco got up from the ground and glared at him. "Yeah yeah. Big man! Scaring little kids! Well let's see you inspire fear in me"! Marco blasted of from the crater, ready to slam into the man as fast as he could fly. "No you little twit" the Yellow lantern murmured. A a blast of energy came from the yellow lanterns hand, solidifying into a clamp. It met Marco before he could get to the lantern and slammed him back into the crater. The clamp pinched down into the ground, pinning Marco. "Not fear" the yellow lantern continued. Two more yellow constructs crawled out of his ring slowly morphing into eels with glowing eyes and long, razor sharp teeth. The pair slowly slithered up to the trapped Marco, hissing, almost calling out for their meal. One was so close it snapped at him impatiently. Panic ran through Marco's mind. He tried to use the energy had to break the construct and free himself, to get a fighting chance, but the green energy seemed to have faded. The yellow ring on the lanterns outstretched hand made his face emanate with a hint of yellow and shadow, making his grin look almost as sinister as the power he commanded. With that grin still on his face he leaned in toward Marco and let one word escape his lips. "Terror".

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The soft sound of DaggerKlutz fancy shoes hitting the metal haul echoed across Glucknar's ship. DaggerKlutz, who wore his trademark business suit, was confidently walking on the space ship as if it was his property. His walk was even more dramatic since his arms were weighed down by a pair of gray bulky gauntlets that looked out of place on him. 
Suddenly, two Glucknarian warrior's turned their bizarre shaped skulls and instantly noticed DaggerKlutz. They quickly spun around and aimed their spear shaped weapons at him. With a simple squeeze of the handles, the Glucknarian's blasted two large blood red beams at DaggerKlutz. But he just stopped walking and smirked at them. As soon as the energy beams reached DaggerKlutz, he turned his hands around so a palm would face each Glucknarian. The beams hit the wrists of each gauntlet and were absorbed, causing no harm to DaggerKlutz. Just after the beams were absorbed, the gauntlets fired the red beams back at the Glucknarians. While it wasn't powerful enough to even scratch the aliens' armor, the force of the beam was enough to knock them off their feet. DaggerKlutz began to chuckle as he witnessed the Glucknarians get back on their feet with an agitated look on their face.
Before anything more could be done, DaggerKlutz announced, "Lower your weapons." He spoke as if he was in full control of the situation. Even though these aliens were powerful enough to eliminate him with ease, even without their advance weapons. "I am here to speak with your leader, Glucknar. I am a preposition for him that I believe we could both benefit from." The two aliens just looked at each to silently think things over between the two. After just a moment, the larger one nodded.
Glucknar had a snarl on his face when he saw DaggerKlutz walking before him. "Glucknar." DaggerKlutz said with a friendly attitude. He talked as if he was talking to an old friend. "I heard your declaration and I must say, you've caught my interest." The intensity of Glucknar's glare grew. He did not like the confidence DaggerKlutz had. He seemed foolish but at the same time he had to be intelligent on some level. Somehow the bald man with the gauntlets had gotten on board and bypassed his guard without getting a scratch on him. So Glucknar decided to listen to what the man said. If he had something of value then he would control his urge of blasting him away. But if he was useless to him then he would take him out, there and then.
"So you are planning on getting back all those Lantern rings. Well I could help you out there." DaggerKlutz advertised. "You see, not only I am just the best evil genius the universe has ever known but I have useful assets to your operation. I have a team of villains working under me who are willing to help you and I have information on some of the heroes who have gained a power ring. I can provide troops and information on the ring wielders that could be very helpful to you."
The frown on Glucknar's face did not disappear but it lessened by a small degree. He was liking what he was hearing. Glucknar decided that even though DaggerKlutz annoyed him a lot, he could put up with him until this was all over. "Fine." Glucknar's deep voice said. "I will allow you to ally yourself with me but if you are going to be on my side then you are not allowed to have a ring yourself. Your teammates may, but not you." Glucknar sense that there was some trickery that DaggerKlutz was planning but now that he wouldn't be allowed a ring gave Glucknar comfort. If he had a plan then it would certainly be ruined now. But DaggerKlutz didn't look the least bit disappointed. He just smiled at Glucknar and said, "Sounds fair with me, evil partner Glucknar. Mwuhahahahha!" Glucknar sigh was hidden in DaggerKlutz's loud laughter. He was beginning to regret allowing DaggerKlutz to be on his side.

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Czin stared into the starry void as Glucknar's ship approached.  By human standards, the vessel was absolutely massive, being just a little smaller than the Moon and a lot more massive at a fifth of the Earth's diameter.  But for a member of the Cuotl species, it wasn't especially impressive, he had seen much larger constructs before.  He looked at the vessel as it dominated the night sky; being second only to the full moon that was hanging in the celestial sphere that night.  From his perch atop the skyscraper in champion city, he analyzed the vessel and the situation, thinking up of battle plans and strategies, but as he started to get lost in his thoughts, a hologram of the Tyrant himself appeared before the Cuotl Overlord. 
 "Citizens of Earth." Glucknar's hologram boomed with flawless audio quality. "I am Lord Glucknar. I control a vast intergalactic empire, the most powerful empire in the known universe. My people have never failed to conquer or destroy a planet in the millenia we have existed. It is my understanding that your planet has often come under threat of invasion, or destruction, so you may presume that we pose no threat to you. You would be mistaken." Getting down to business, the hologram of Glucknar clenched the Hand of God behind his back, gritting his teeth, a display clearly meant to intimidate; though Czin wasn't moved by it in the least. "A recent surge of Lantern Rings has recently bombared your planet, seeking new wielders. These rings belong to me, and I have come to take them back. I do not seek to harm you, merely to regain what is mine." The hologram's focus shifted, apparently studying something before continuing. "You have one hour to surrender all Rings to me. If you refuse, then this world will burn. Use this time however you choose: surrender, seek an alliance with my empire, or prepare for battle... But know that your decision will affect the fate of your entire race. Choose wisely." 
"I do not...believe Glucknar's words...they are false...through and through...he would not...have brought this...vessel all the...way here if he...did not intend...to use it...merely using it...for gunboat diplomacy...wouldn't make sense...I shall reject...his deceitful offer..."  Czin mused to himself.  He then decided to contact Shok, Ix, and Xil who were still inside the shipwreck all the way in the Bosawas rainforest.  " Xil'Ix'Shok Tro'xiv'kar Tar'val'she Jaz'Kil'Yar Kal'nak 'rax."  Czin said through his communicator, which translated to "Xil, Ix, Shok...I go to...fight against Glucknar...you absolutely must...defend the shipwreck..."   "Xal" Xil responded, which simply meant "Yes..."
Czin decided to make use of this hour afforded to him to summon forth every lantern in the city so that he could formulate a plan with them to heighten their collective chances of success, as well as to prevent them from simply rushing headlong at Glucknar.  He raised his seven fingered right hand, which was adorned with his newfound Qwardian power ring skyward and used it to create a massive incredibly bright yellow construct that spelt out "All lanterns of all colors in this city, come to this location" in the sky and pointed to Czin's location.  
As Czin's beacon glowed with a ferocity that could be seen throughout Champion city, much of it's civilian populace turned to face it, and those who were close enough to make out Czin's figure and see it despite the overwhelmingly bright letters in the sky became the first in the entire observable universe to see a Cuotl in over 500 years.  But Czin had weighed the risks of revealing his presence on the Earth vs the benefits of forming a battle plan with the other lanterns in the city, and he believed that this would be more than worth it.  If they all rushed at Glucknar one at a time, Czin had little doubt that they would be slaughtered; but if they came as one with a clear and well thought out battle-plan, their chances of success would be greatly improved. 

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In less time then he had expected, Tank heard a reply and the boyscout blew his trumpet. They flew at each other with blinding speed and a clash of light against darkness lit the sky like fireworks. Tank held Gearo by his wrists and grinned through rotted lips. "Serendipity." Tank said in a hushed voice like the far off sound of drums, "We were determined from the dawn of time to fight until we both die. And then keep fighting." Tank tilted his head and continued to smile at Gearo's enraged expression. "What's the matter?" he asked, "Ain't you gonna welcome me back? You killed me and I still came back for ya, kid. I thought you'd be touched. Heh heh heh..." Tank had a strange way of processing things, rage filtered into joy and joy into rage, it was a loop that created the perfect murderer.  His power combined with his mind made him a genocide machine, and now, all that power and rage was directed at one man, one boy, amplified by the Black Lantern ring. Suddenly, in an even less human tone, Tank growled to Gearo, "Give me your heart." as he clawed towards the blue armor of Gearo's breastplate. 
As he reached for his enemy's heart, an image appeared before them, the towering hologram of an alien humanoid, decked in ceremonial armor and glorious attire with weapons strewn about. Tank liked this stranger already. He spoke of rings, power, surrender and un-equaled extermination. He demanded that all the rings be returned to him. As the hologram disappeared, Tank turned and snarled to Gearo. "We'll finish this later, boy." And without warning, he took off into the sky, leaving a trail of black light behind him. He raced into the sky, hardly noticing as he escaped the atmosphere. He had no need for oxygen anymore. He had no heart.  
Racing around in space just above the world, Tank came to a ship, a massive warship that sparked his interest. This Glucknar guy knew how to travel with class. He flew up to the front of the ship and pounded his chest. "I seek council with Lord Glucknar!" he bellowed out, "I have a... proposition."  

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Kate tucked her knees into her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. The sunset was beautiful, the way the sky shimmered in a starry transition from blues to reds to purples and blacks. This was the first break she'd had seen the ring had fixed itself on her finger. It had been drilling her for hours, preparing her for the looming threat of  Glucknar and his forces. Apparently he and his goons were supposed to be unbeatable, unstoppable, forces of destruction. Kate had dealt with some pretty bad heavy hitters in her time so she wasn't too scared, but the ring's constant nagging was starting to niggle its way into her subconscious.   

Calming her mind, she closed her eyes and felt the cool evening wind wash over her. She had missed nature so much, it had been so far to find a chance to escape back to it even if it was just a scenic rest stop just outside the city.  
When she opened her eyes she smiled at the sight of glowing green birds chirping around her. She'd been working on her mind-made constructs for a while now and found that they were coming to her much easier than before. There was less strain on her when she willed the ring to create a form than there had been and it rarely disrupted the Balance anymore.  
Your anger has slowly, but steadily receded. However, if you are to wield your powers to their full potential you must release the hatred in your heart. It is the only way you will survive Glucknar's attack. 
"You know, you make him out to be some kind of serious badass, but I'm not really convinced. I'm sure I've seen worse." Kate watched the green birds blink out of existence as the sun finished its descent behind the hills.  
Your attitude is not appreciated or productive. Glucknar has ended hundreds of races, destroyed multiple worlds and will not stop this reign of malicious devastation unless he is himself ended permanently. 
"So we have to kill him? You said he was unbeatable and all-powerful with that decked out bracelet of his." Kate adjusted her hat and stood, looking up at as the first few stars began to glisten to life in the sky. Something else was shimmering overhead along with the celestial bodies. Probably one of the most intimidating figures Kate had seen since her time in Limbo.  

"Citizens of Earth." The voice of the giant hologram thundered so loudly and powerfully it made Kate flinch. "I am Lord Glucknar. I control a vast intergalactic empire, the most powerful empire in the known universe. My people have never failed to conquer or destroy a planet in the millennia we have existed. It is my understanding that your planet has often come under threat of invasion, or destruction, so you may presume that we pose no threat to you. You would be mistaken." He paused and adjusted his fancy wristband with an air of self-importance and took on an all business tone. "A recent surge of Lantern Rings has recently bombarded your planet, seeking new wielders. These rings belong to me, and I have come to take them back. I do not seek to harm you, merely to regain what is mine." Kate looked down at the ring on her finger, glowing dimly as night crept on. She had a terrible sinking feeling in her stomach that maybe she had been underestimating this guy's powers. She should've listened to the ring. "You have one hour to surrender all Rings to me. If you refuse, then this world will burn. Use this time however you choose: surrender, seek an alliance with my empire, or prepare for battle... But know that your decision will affect the fate of your entire race. Choose wisely."   

"Who would be stupid enough to side with that...that thing?" Kate motioned to where the hologram had been. It was dark now, the only light around emanating from the ring's soft glow. 
Those who are easily seduced by evil and it's pull. That is of little importance. Now is the time to take action. You are as ready as you can be to face Glucknar's threat. Your survival rate has risen from 5% to 35% since you undertook your training. 
"Well, I guess a 30% increase is better than nothing. Still it'd be nice to know I'm not going into this just to get caught with my pants around my ankles. Can I at least be sure I'm not the only one going up against this guy?" Kate pushed up off the ground in the air. Propelling herself into the clouds she took one last glance back down at the ground before continuing upwards. 
Glucknar is the bane of the universe. Of course you do not fight alone. 
"Great. So who exactly am I getting chummy with for this?" Scanning the heavens, Kate imagined that hate-filled face glowering down on Earth from some fancy space ship somewhere hidden in the inky abyss of space. 
Turn left.  

Glancing over her left shoulder Kate nearly dropped out of the sky in surprise. A smallish figure, glowing green like herself, were approaching fast. The red lizard-like alien came to a stop in front of her and waved, showing off its own green ring. It was spotted with deep crimson and gold and had a long tail that flicked back and forth. Its giant blue orb eyes stared at Kate happily. 
"Lantern Belmont, pleasure. My name is...well, it's unpronounceable to your kind. But you can call me Spike." The alien grinned, tapping the tiny horn on the tip of its snout.  
"You're my backup? So I guess my survival rate has peaked at a jaw-dropping 35.5%" Kate moaned, pinching the bridge of her nose. 
Spike chuckled. "Any backup is good backup the way I see it. But trust me, Glucknar's got more enemies than he does friends and that will be his downfall. I've lost friends and loved ones to that monster and so have millions of others." He surprised her with his suddenly serious tone. 
Lantern Spike is a veteran. His experience will be exponentially helpful in our endeavour. 
"In that case, Spike, we have an hour to get acquainted before flying of to fight the bane of the universe," Kate said with a friendly smile, gesturing for Spike to take the lead. "So what do you say we chat on our way to the biggest, baddest battle of our life and say a small prayer to our respective deities. After all, poor Gluk's gonna need all the help he can get."

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In Orbit above the Atlantic Ocean

Stars glittered and reflected off of the freshly painted surface of the Thundercaller, while the mirror image of Earth far below could be seen reflected on the ship's underside. The ship's only occupant sat in the newly rennovated lounge. He held a nearly empty bottle of whiskey in one hand, and was leaning forward in his seat, reading over a long checklist of upgrades. Marcus had come into quite a small fortune of money very recently and wasted no time in spending it on his ship. The evil genuis Daggerklutz had provided Marcus with a very, very good reason to join his Syndicate, and the Crimson Dragoon had also recently turned in one of the galaxy's largest bounties. Though he only managed to keep half of the bounty to himself, it was still enough to repair the ship completely, and overhaul it's weapon's systems. The money Daggerklutz had provided had been more than enough to upgrade, repair, or outright replace everything else on the ship. Marcus's frigate had always been a decent warship, but now the Thundercaller was a luxury warship. 
The drunken outlaw looked over every detail of his ship's upgrades with a smile. The beloved vessel had been on the brink of being retired before, and now look at it. It was now faster, more maneuverable, more efficient, and more powerful. Not to mention far more comfortable to live in. It had all of the luxuries of a five million dollar mansion safely nestled in raw cutting edge millitary power and technology. "We'll put you through your paces soon enough girl, don't you worry." Marcus soflty said to his ship. He took a large gulp of whiskey and got to his feet, swaying a little. "Funny, I don't remember drinking quite that much..." the outlaw muttered as he steadied himself. Marcus started to pick up the lists and reports of the various new features and improvements when a female voice chimed, "Incomming transmission." The drunken outlaw was caught off guard by the voice for a moment, but then he smiled. It was yet another new upgrade, now he wasn't just some drunk who talked to himself. Now his ship actually could talk back thanks to a small AI that had been installed to help regulate the ship's functions.  
"Very well then let's hear it." At his command a hologram flickered into existance in the center of the room, hovering above the table. "Citizens of Earth." The creature in the hologram spoke, it's voice boomed around the room and Marcus flinched slightly. "I am Lord Glucknar. I control a vast intergalactic empire, the most powerful empire in the known universe. My people have never failed to conquer or destroy a planet in the millenia we have existed. It is my understanding that your planet has often come under threat of invasion, or destruction, so you may presume that we pose no threat to you. You would be mistaken." Marcus dropped the upgrade lists and the bottle of whiskey. He had heard of Glucknar. Out on the fringes of space some of the deepspace traders spoke in terrified whispers of the Glucknarian Empire. They were apparently completely ruthless and unstoppable. "A recent surge of Lantern Rings has recently bombared your planet, seeking new wielders. These rings belong to me, and I have come to take them back. I do not seek to harm you, merely to regain what is mine." Glucknar continued on in his commanding voice. Even through the hologram transmission Marcus could spot a bluff when he saw one. Whatever Glucknar wanted the rings for, he certainly had absolutely no intentions of not harming the human race. He was planning something very, very bad for Earth. "You have one hour to surrender all Rings to me. If you refuse, then this world will burn. Use this time however you choose: surrender, seek an alliance with my empire, or prepare for battle... But know that your decision will affect the fate of your entire race. Choose wisely." After Glucknar had delivered his ultimatum the transmission ended sharply. 
"Well, I think my time here on Earth has really been fun, but I've overstayed my welcome. I think it's time to head back home once more to Eternity's End." Marcus said as he hastily gathered up everything he dropped. He didnt care what Glucknar had planned, because Marcus didn't plan to stick around and find out. "Um, ship... computer... AI thingy? Ok what do I call you?" The AI's actual name was something they had failed to tell Marcus when they had installed it. "I was not given a name upon my creation, however you may call me Artemis." Marcus scowled. His AI had already named itself after a god, well godess technically. That was either a really good sign, or a really, really bad one. "Ok then, um, Artemis. Set a course for Eternity's End. Let's break some speed records getting as far away from Glucknar as possible."  
Marcus grinned as he felt the ship move and react to his command. It was going to be nice having this new AI, provided that her god complex wouldn't get any worse and she ended up trying to kill him. He shook those unpleasant thoughts out of his head, there was already an intergalactic conqueror poised to rain doom on the human race, Marcus didn't want to add to his worries with what-ifs right now. He then turned and left the new lounge of his ship and decided to go inspect another new addition: the vault. After Bloodstone had called him out on his various trophies laying around the ship (and then proceeded to relieve him of a few as she left) Marcus decided it was necessary to have one secure place to store all of his usually illegaly obtained keepsakes and valuables. 
Ten minutes later Marcus had finally managed to make it into his own vault. "Stupid thing is so secure I almost wasn't able to get into it, and I've got all the codes for it!" He complained to himself as he gazed around the room. It was lined with shelves and cabinets, most empty, though a few still had trophies of past exploits resting carefully on them. However one item in particular caught Marcus's eye. It was sitting all alone on a shelf, and it was something that the outlaw didn't remember ever stealing. "Why hello there little thingy. Where did you come from, I wonder?" Marcus curiously whispered as he approached the object. As he got closer he recognized the small object as a ring, glowing slightly green. He reached out one hand to pick up the ring, puzzled by it's presence. He would have remembered getting this thing, it wasn't like anything else he had ever seen. Especially since it was sitting around in his vault. That was a bit more of a quandry. This little glowing green ring had appeared inside his vault with apparently no issues, and yet Marcus had barely managed to get it open. 
As Marcus picked it up, he suddenly dropped it. He scrambled to catch the ring as it tumbled towards the ground. Then, just as suddenly as it had been dropped, Marcus found the ring firmly wrapped around the middle finger of his right hand. "Marcus Korah of Earth, you have the ability to overcome great fear." A voice spoke, it seemed to speak directly into Marcus's mind, but it also seemed to come from the ring that was now glowing even more strongly on Marcus's finger. The drunk gunman was still trying to get used to his ship talking back to him, now there was some mystery ring that was talking back too. "Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps." That caught the Crimson Dragoon's attention, "Wait a minute, you're a Lantern Ring? You mean the Rings that Glucknar is after?"  Power was starting to wash over Marcus, and the vault was slowly being filled with intensly glowing green light. "Yes, and he cannot be allowed to succeed in his goals." Marcus didn't know what was going on, but he felt.... powerful. Like the ring had just given him the ability to shape his will into reality. Which is, of course, exactly what it had done. He let out a long sigh, before finally saying. "I suppose that means I really don't have a choice then do I?" Glucknar would not rest until he had tracked down all of the rings. If Marcus turned it in, he knew Glucknar would kill him as soon as he was no longer useful. If he stuck to his original plan and ran, Glucknar would track him down and kill him just for sport.  He had no choice but to stand and fight, even though that too was very likely suicidal. The ring spoke once more "Do you accept this honor?" Marcus frowned at the green ring on his finger.  
"Well it's like I said, I really don't have a choice in the matter do I? Very well, I accept. Now let's go show Glucknar that he's not nearly as invincible as he likes to think shall we?" As the outlaw turned and left teh vault he caught sight of his clothes. They had changed from their deep crimson, to a bright emerald green and black. Furthermore Marcus caught sight of the Green Lantern symbol that had appeared in the middle of his back, and on each shoulder of his now green overcoat. "I'm very quickly starting to not like you little ring thingy. Did you ever consider that just maybe I liked the way the red looked on me? Make my will reality my @ss. First thing that happens is I turn green against my will." Marcus continued to grumble out various complaints about the ring and the situation it put him in all the way to the cockpit.  
Then with a devious smile Marcus ordered his AI. "Right then, Artemis, cancel that order to get to Eternity's End. Change course to Glucknar's ship. Bring all weapon systems online. A ship that massive is bound to have something vulnerable. We may not be able to really do any lasting damage, but I'd bet we can really mess up Glucknar's pride with a few well placed shots." The ship's AI was quick to respond, "Recalculating course. All weapons online and operational. I must advise you that the Thundercaller will not be able to survive conflict with the Glucknarian vessel." Marcus grinned, "Don't worry, I don't plan on going toe to toe with them, we're just going to be doing the starship equivalent of running up and slapping him in the face and running away before he can figure out what just happened. We should be long gone before they can really bring any weapons to bear against us." 

Marcus Korah sat at the helm of his newly rennovated warship and prepared to do the one thing he was certain nobody in the galaxy could predict. He was about to launch a hit and run raid on the most powerful race in the galaxy just to annoy them. The Crimson (now Emerald) Dragoon grinned. "No better way to test what my ship is capable of is there?"

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DaggerKlutz was looking outside the window of the warship, admiring the view of Earth. He wondered which hero would get which color ring. "I bet Eclipse would get a green lantern ring." DaggerKlutz mused to himself. Suddenly, a dark silhouette swooped in front of the window, pounded on his chest, and then seemed to be saying something. But since he was in space DaggerKlutz had no idea what he was saying. 
DaggerKlutz grinned at the silhouette and began to anxiously wave at it. He turned around to face the nearest Glucknarian and said, "That's Tank right there. He's on of my teammates who I talked to Glucknar about. Though, he seems... different." After a moment of silence, DaggerKlutz snapped his fingers and said, "He hasn't taken a shower in a long time. That's it. I mean, look at him; it looks like he just came out of the ground.Come on, let's allow him inside. But don't mention anything about how dirty he looks, he may be a little self-conscious." The nearby Glucknarian guard sighed as he pressed a nearby red button. In an instant, Tank appeared next to them in a bright orange flash. DaggerKlutz grinned at the Glucknarian guard and gave him a thumbs up, "Nice teleporting ray." 
Returning his attention back to Tank, DaggerKlutz said, "How are you doing Tank? I haven't seen you for a while. You just disappeared without a trace for a moment. Where have you been, under a rock?" But before Tank had a chance to answer any questions, DaggerKlutz explained the situation. "I just enlisted the help of Glucknar, the guy who is here for those Lantern Rings. And guess what, he wants your help. All you have to do is take down as many Lantern wielders as you can. So rally up any available Syndicate mission and go spread as much evil as you can. Mwuhahahhaa!" 

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 Cicada continued to take flight with his shiny new ring. “Wait for the others?, but how many other people get to have one of these sweet rings?” The ring responded “The entire universe is at stake from an alien race that is nearly indestructible and you think the Corps has chosen you a single soldier to do all the work. I’m sorry I didn’t know I was on the hand of a god.” “Yeah, and I didn’t know a ring can be sarcastic and have an accent that suspiciously sounds close to the butler on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” “As much as I love to sit on your cheeto covered finger all day we have work to do.”

          Cicada now gazed at the sky and can see different colors from a distance moving and flying like a display of fireworks. Cicada than wondered how come there were different colors and not all green.”Obviously the colors represent different factions.” Cicada now shocked looking at the ring on his hand “How did you know I was thinking that?” “I thought I already went over this, but I will repeat. In order for my services to be fully effective and as much as it pains me to say it your insignificant mind must be synced with me in order to have the upper hand in combat and I will react to any simple shape you can think of.” Underneath Cicada’s helmet his vain on the right side of his head started to come out and he began to yell. “You know you’re really starting to piss me off for a ring.”  He got so loud that the local New Yorkers opened their windows to see the shiny green armored man yell at his hand. Distance yells of “I’m trying to sleep.” and “Go back to Jersey.” could be heard. Cicada flew away so he wouldn’t bother anyone and get frustrated.

          As he glided through the sky the ring began his chattering again. “That kind of attitude will earn you a nice little red ring” Cicada tried to calm himself down. “Do you treat everyone like this?” A quick pause and the ring retorted “No just you.” Cicada continued to fly and ignored it. “I remember my last partner now he was a true gritted warrior. He cleaned up his planet and even saved it from genocide and a giant creature trying to absorb his planet. Oh the stories I can tell about him, but sadly he passed.” Cicada had to work with this ring so he might as well make conversation. “Did he die in battle?”“Well no actually the sad truth is my former wielder worked for the health department as his day job and died from food poisoning. After that I went to go find a new wielder when I was snatched away by one of those beats.” Forgotten questions now came back to Cicada’s head. “You said each color had a different faction?” “Ah yes each color is a different emotion and as I said before green is courage and will power while other hold different properties. Some factions will aid you in combat and other will want to destroy you.” With sarcasm “Great I get to make new friends.” Cicada was over central park and saw someone in a pink leotard with long blonde hair. Cicada stops to look with a smirk on his face. “And what color is pink?” “Pink is the star sapphires who have the power of love” “Love huh? I’ll show her some love.”

          Cicada flew down behind the star sapphire. “Hey I know what you are thinking. I have all these crazy powers and I don’t know what to do. You must be scarred, but don’t worry I’m here now.” The star sapphire turned around and hair was pushed back from HIS face. “No worries here dude.” he said throwing up the peace sign. The ring of course comments “Oh you sure know how to pick them.” A giant figure in the sky appeared it was Glucknar. He began his threats and message to the world “ But know that your decision will affect the fate of your entire race. Choose wisely."   The hippie in the pink leotard started to fly. “Hey what do you think you are doing?” Cicada questioned. “Hey man I love earth too much to see it harmed I’m just gonna give Mr. Glucknar his ring back he probably needs it more than me.” That famous vain under his helmet again “Listen we need to work together and fight!” The hippie looks back at him “Sorry dude I’m a lover not a fighter.” The ring comments “Charming fellow isn’t he?” The hippie was than swatted by a giant yellow hammer. “I will strike fear in your hearts.” a yellow lantern appeared.


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Champion City

Queen Frost screamed,"Leave me alone!" as she formed a large purple fist with her lantern ring. Before Angeni could react, the fist swiped across her face but it did not have enough force to push her to the ground. Angeni placed her hand on her jaw and began to rub it. "You challenge me, the daughter of Athena and Hephaestus?!!" Angeni questioned with a tone of spite in her voice. She cracked her knuckles and fired a violet blast in retaliation. As the beam soared towards Queen Frost, Angeni said, "You better stay down after this." 
Just then, a bright light appeared and lit up the entire sky. Angeni looked away from Queen Frost, unaware if her attack hit or not, and stared at the sky with wide eyes. It seemed to be a hulking warship approaching. Something that she had never seen before. " Great Hera! Why is this all happening? I don't understand what's going on. And why is everyone wielding a ring?" . She asked curiously turning to Queen Frost. " Women are the wave of the future, and sisterhood is stronger than anything!". She extended her hand and sighed. " I'm giving you a choice to help me discover what's going on. If you do not accept my request then we shall battle to the ends of the earth."  She said with a serious look on her.
Angeni knew if she continued to battle with this villain it would not solve anything, it would just lead to death and destruction. The princess of Athens turned back to the sky and noticed the warship was getting closer to the city. It was only a matter of time before the world discovered what was coming. Angeni sighed and turned back to Queen Frost. " So what's it gonna be villain?". She asked curiously yet again.