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"Three-thousand dead men on my fraggin' lawn, get them a match and some gasoline."

His fist wrapped around a guy's neck, squeezing it until the bones snapped and cartilage was being pulverized into a new shape, and then some more. Blood foamed from his mouth and it was only through sheer boredom that the psychopath threw him straight into some sissy-ass pawn shop that wouldn't sell any fraggin' guns. What kind of pawn shop doesn't sell guns?!

Fires blazed, no, it wasn't like that. Smoke collected in the air, choking whoever else was there and making the fires even more pissed off; most of 'em were already leaping out at random to engulf some miserable frag in flames. Blood collected in the streets and ran into the sewers like a gout of rainwater, the source of which being no cloud, no, HELL no...but the unblinking mounds of death scattered everywhere and anywhere, littering the sidewalks and highway as if placed there by some giant, sadistic, filthy baby. Warsman's eyes flared and his neck popped - there was no one else to kill!

Everyone was dead, burning or just there, bludgeoned. Buildings were ransacked, with his fingerprints all over the damned place, and the older of the bodies left without a fire to be encased by were starting to collect scavengers.

"C'mon, c'mon! Fight me fight me fight me!!!!! COME OUT WHEREVER THE F#$% YOU ARE!!!! I'll just have to fraggin' hunt you all down!!!"

His cries were like a mental patient, but stung all the same, echoing through the lifeless streets and back again. He swore and fire behind him, thinking someone else was there when all he heard was his own damned voice. The explosions from the emptied rocket launchers caused bodies to fly and Warsman's heart to leap, but as they slumped back down to the chorus of broken bones, he just smirked and jerked his head to the left with a violent motion, making the vertabrae crack and pop with the stress of being alone in an evironment that was full of people all but five hours ago. The ports were clogged with 'em and the stupid boats they tried to leave on.

"Warsman gets all the fun he can handle and if his playmates can't handle it, they can just fraggin' die!!" He yelled out, as if challenging some invisible opponent left unscathed.

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Sebastian walked through the now lifeless cities streets flame erupting from building with more people dead then running. Flames found a home in a small pawnshop where dead bodies flew out of lifeless. Inside an uproar of screams were taking place normally Sebastian wouldnt care but the damage caused was too much and Sebastian was aching for someone to kill.

Imagine his suprise when he spotted one of his first arch-foes: Warsman. heh this will be fun Sebastian thought to himself as he pointed both of his open palms at the shop. In the center of both palms lay a force feild generator. Almost instantly two a clear blue colored force feild blasted out of Sebastian's palms encasing itself around the inside of the pawn shop. Enclosing the force field in such a fashion that it caused almost everything in the shop to break and reguler human beings too almost digentigrate with the sound of bones cracking and blood being squeezed out of the bodies like water out of a kitchen towel. The foundation of the building had also been destroyed causing the whole thing to collapse dust and and brick mixed with cracked bone and crimson liquid to pollute the air.

Knowing the russian cyborg he would have withstood it or gotten out before the damage was done. Sebastian reached for two pistols both loaded with bullets that could easily punch through metal but it made no diffrance like all encounters with his nemesis this battle would no doubt go on and on and on...

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No sooner than this random outburst of anger, channeled into a breakfast food, strangely, and a building toppled to the ground in a blue flash and shockwave of thunder. The pawn shop, where Warsman had collected the better-off of victims to play with later, had just been destroyed and his vintage toys broken. Now, there wasn't any reason for Warsman to stay other than to utterly dismember the frag who ruined his stash!! A human head landed near his feet and the cyborg only felt the need to crush it into pulp with his boots, but instead, he pulverized it into a fine paste! In the few seconds of bone-snapping, blood-gushing horror that was "BOOT", Rated R, Warsman fantisized that it was the bastard who wrecked his toy chest underneath his foot instead of some, backwoods-retarded tourist from The Bayou.

A string of curses that even the most coldhearted of prisoners would shudder at and Warsman was off, speeding with blind and furious power toward the nearest and only living thing in the city besides himself: a man he hated beyond all reason and one that he wanted to kill more than anyone else. That man's name was Sebastian, known to some as Platinumwarrior, and he had a habit of pissing the Man O' War right the f#$% off. Yelling at the top of his lungs, Warsman would crash into the guy at speeds that tore the asphalt underneath his feet into a trench. This wasn't a fight, not a war, but a fraggin' death match! The two of them would go in, but only one would come out.

In Warsman's feral and animalistic mindset at that instant, it was only a matter of time before Sebastian became witness and guinea pig numero uno to all the sadistic, mind-numbingly gruesome, bloody and gory, Rated AO violence Warsman had planned for him. Reaching out for a hook tied to his waist by a chain, Warsman's face could've turned purple, red, green, or every color in the fraggin' rainbow as long as Sebastian died!