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(I don't really have anyone as "friends" for Surreal yet, so if anyone wants to approach her or interact with her I am down! lol)


"Well, I can't help you much with that Mrs Shirao" the phone clunked against her earing as she tucked it into her shoulder, flipping through the newspaper in front of her "You're cat has only gone missing, I can promise you the demon next door didn't eat it" probably she thought "Yes Mrs Shirao, there are mutants in the world" she flipped through the description of the new act, she'd read it already, but wanted to find out where the registration stations were in Chicago. They had a list printed up in the paper, all handy and close. "I promise you Mrs Shirao, I will keep an eye out for pussmeow" she sighed as she hung up the phone. Her desk was cluttered with mail and newspapers, her fold out cut was mussed with sheets unmade and pillows on the floor. "I seriously need a shower" she muttered, sniffing her armpit.

The new challenge the world was facing was one that effected many of her clients, being part of the supernatural world also meant coming in touch with those that were "altered" both deliberately and genetically. She'd been getting calls all day, clients freaking out, clients asking for her help, most of them just letting her know they were going off the grid. She prayed to the goddess of fashion for all of them. Their safety was at risk, this ridiculous act would pit brother against sister and probably parents as well. The fairies were in a right state over it, for some reason they did not like the smell of the creatures that were "protecting" humanity from the unregistered, she'd already had several flowers dropped off with notes.

"What do they seriously expect me to do about it?" she leaned against the desk, her head in her hand. She had no powers, all of her "tricks" were magical gifts from clients and the other supernatural creatures she helped out. She was a demon hunter, only because they hunted her. She had no skill for this Political nonsense and no desire to get involved, but she could not help but feel it was just so wrong.

"Someone has to take a stand" she said out loud

"And get themselves killed" a voice replied from behind her.

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@Quintus_Knightfall said:

@SOULution: (hahaha badass pic to kick off your post)

Heh, thanks xD

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@Fantasy Hopewell: Decoy jumped back as the light projection of Fantasy blasted his way. Her plan had worked perfectly, he was completely off focused. He cursed himself for emptying him own gun, a pointless precaution for a plan he had no intention of using. He called to remaining Umen,but they were all out for the count. His formidable force was defeated, the battle was lost. Decoy gave a savage grin as one last plan came to mind. He wouldn't win this fight, but he'd sure as hell win the war.  
Decoy stood in front of Fantasy, rage filling his face. "You can't do this! You can't steal the world from them!" He said pointing towards the gathering crowd. He grimaced. "I..I can't stop you, but they will." Fantasy gave an evil grin, as she blasted Decoy with heat vision, his corpse soon fell the ground. The crowd scattered in fear.   

Decoy gave Fantasy a mad grin, as he cast his illusion. "I don't know if you can hear me, but I win because you might know it's fake, and I know it's fake, but they won't." Decoy laughed. "The court of public opinion is officially in our favor. Even a monster can't take on the entire world." Decoy tried to sound confident, but he knew that this was just another desperate plan, one last hope to get Fantasy to retreat. He couldn't keep her down with his telepathy and he sure as hell wasn't winning a physical fight. There's no way she could have known that cameras would see right through his illusions, could backfire just as easily as they could succeed. He had to pretend that he was safest man in the world, even when death was staring him right in the face. 
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(NICE! will respond after I get out of class)

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WAL will oppose you!

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New York

Fear…anger…internal conflict…if the City was a loathsome buffet of deliciously vile thoughts and feelings on a typical day, then today was the day that buffet had brought in a team of celebrity chefs, because the entire population seemed to be oozing with paranoia and intolerance. The Demon of Silence drank it all in, growing almost giddy with the energy.

He sat on the balcony of his rented room, a dozen stories up the famous Manhattan skyline. He had rented the room under the identity of his most recently acquired host body, a body whose name he had already forgotten in the narcotic glee of his feeding frenzy. He had been very deliberate in selecting his host, however. The man was a newcomer to the city, with no friends or family that would notice his absence, at least for some time. He had no criminal record, nothing that would cause the authorities to pay him any undue attention, and perhaps most importantly, the man had no metahuman abilities.

Id was very aware of the Registration Act. He was more bemused by the legislation than anything else; having existed since the first nightmares, he’d seen such oppressive measures come and go with dull regularity. However, the Act was largely what was providing him with his current feast, so he certainly had no intention of taking any action that might undermine it, for the time being. He reclined on his deck chair, sipping at some Turkish coffee, and debated how he might make the most of this new opportunity…

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@Decoy Elite:

Perception was reality, even while she still had all the tools to defeat the illusion master, Fantasy couldn’t shake the looks of the camera crew, and reporters behind her, watching as what they thought was her murdered an “innocent” man. Still holding her arm in pain the blonde heroine slowly levitated out of view. The look of saddened citizens caused her to pull back; she was going to need time to think. Within the hour Umen shifted their focus for bringing down the hero known as Morning Star.

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I have to deside which of you I wana oppose and which I want to help. One character fits well with Surreal, but is more with registration. The other fits well with Legion, but doesn't feal as engaging(unless maybe her ship crashes into Legions?). That and idk if either of you wana put up with me :P
  @Surreal SaDiablo
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@614azrael: (more than happy to put up with you! My current goal is going to lean towards aiding WAL, but I am open to options)

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(That actualy works perfectly. My character wants to be on WAL n become a hero. But shes a bit of wayward teen with no clue how to go about it :3)
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@Fantasy Hopewell: (Shoo, I was ready to write Decoy death post there for a bit. Hope I didn't come across as godmoding or anything like that.)
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@614azrael: (So your not gonna join Frank and Pro registration team then? i see how it is lol)

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@614azrael said:

(That actualy works perfectly. My character wants to be on WAL n become a hero. But shes a bit of wayward teen with no clue how to go about it :3)

(perfect! I can bring Chevie in, she's also a teen. Well, as Surreal is a PI you're welcome to just come looking for her and maybe we get attacked or something...lol)

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@614azrael: Ship Crashes? What character are you referring to? I would love to do some RPGing.
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Shes like say Bishop or Spiderman in Civil War. Where shes more pro then anti but feals theres got to be a more better way to handle it
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@614azrael: so i can expect you to do a press conference and change sides halfway through then

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Washington D.C.

"Chicago" his voice unwavering as he ordered a status report. "We're having trouble confirming Sir." trembled an operator. One of many in a sea of headphone monitor watching officers. "It appears as though Illicit Illusionist, Henry Dolland, aka, Decoy Elite, was just murdered by the superhero we've tagged as the Morning Star." doubt and uncertainty resonating in the officers voice. Dressed in an engineering feat of unparallelled proportions, red cape and S decorating the otherwise golden colored 9th metal Superior Sapien armor, Charlemagne LeBeau stood with an authoritative presence while overlooking the day to day operational endeavors of his newly appointed position. "Well? Is the man dead or isnt he?" folding his arms behind his back. "Visually Sir, he was killed. However we are unable to substantiate these findings through loss of vitals......quite simply put Sir, we believe it was an illusion." the statement propelling the Ultra-Sapien to smile. "Excellent. Re-route another contingent of Umen to Chicago. I want this Morning Star captured. Immediately."

Walking along the extended metal platform overseeing the dozens of holographic monitors, Charlemagne paused yet again. "Long Island." Spinning around in a 180 degrees, a seated operator rapidly responded, "Sir we've captured the young Bravehart known as Black Solace. She's already been transported to the Super Max." But before anything can be said the frantic voice of a nearby operator cries out. "SIR! SIR! WE HAVE A SITUATION!" pointing to his screen drawing Charlemagne's attention to it. With no visible sign of emotion the human extremist simply slid the faceplate of his armor down covering his features. "Coordinates?"

(Wherever Meison made his courthouse speech)

@Meison_Calidus: A short time later flanked by an entourage of Uman thee, Ultra-Sapien landed in front of the courthouse steps. "Mutant! You are in direct violation of the newly instated registration act. Surrender peacefully or be put down!" he ordered.

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Surreal: will get something up shortly ^_^ Legion: Kayle is going to arive on earth ironically now when everyones paranoid of metas muties n aliens. Was thinking maybe her ship crashes into yours, instantly placing both basically in the last place they wana be :P dead center of trouble and dead obvious that their a target)
  @_Legion_@Surreal SaDiablo
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@614azrael: I like that idea.
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His thin lip lifts with a sneer as the U-men approach "Tt. I am the King of the Ocean, you petulant child. I have accomplished many feats in my lifetime, defeating your ilk will be only another mark in my ledger." Taking a foreign Atlantean stance with his left foot facing the courthouse, the right extended and bent towards the U-man with arms limply hovering ahead of him. I am apart of a non-united Nation affiliated empire. To provoke hostility is to court death." His thin frame begins to bulge noticeably with fine cut muscles condensed since birth leagues beneath the sea. "I give YOU one last option. Seek peace, or invite war."

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@Meison_Calidus: Tilting his head the Ultra Sapien was somewhat taken back by the mutant's sudden change of philosophy. "Peace?" he questioned. Rotating his arm over before typing along his forearm, Charlemagne smiled before playing back the Atlantians message out load for those in attendance to relive.

"YOU ARE HEREBY, AT WAR WITH THE ATLANTEAN RACE! If there is ONE who can dissuade my rule, let he or she step forward now, or damn your people to the deep!"

"Peace was no longer an option the minute you landed on American soil with your proclamation of open war. I repeat, surrender now or we will put you down." The Uman fanning out in a circular pattern around the defiant mutant. Arms folded cross their chest slightly hovering above the ground in their standard formation. "Your call....Atlantian." smirked LeBeau

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I badly want to crash my ship into Gambler. But Az's ideas make more sense.

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We Are Legend HQ, Los Angeles

Her eyes looked across the screen as one by one cities began to be under attacked by their own government. For over two hundred years super powered beings were living peacefully along side with your normal citizens, and were even able to dress up as heroes and almost worshiped by the public. But now... people were either terrified or angry at the sight of a hero, all because of ONE vigilante now the whole super powered being population was going to be punished. The phone rang, "Hello?" She turned away from the screen as she heard the voice of her sister, Zoe's mother. It was frantic, in a panic, Heather could barely understand. "Sis calm down, just go to the safe house in Canada, you and Jordan go there, I'll meet up with you two eventually." Her blue eyes looked back at the screen. "Zoe? She's fine, don't worry about her you just get to where you need to go." With that she hug up the phone and pulled the WAL Com-link to her lips.

"All WALlies, report to the meeting room ASAP, this is an emergency meeting."

Making her way to the meeting room she sat in her wheelchair, looking downward at the ground, this wasn't going to be easy... As the team finally made their way in, the former hero took in a sharp breath. "I hope most of you have already heard, the United States Government has issued a Federal Law regarding all super powered beings and masked vigilantes are to now be registered to them." She began as some members showed signs of worry. "Those of you who are from another Country, are safe from this, for now." She brought a hand to her jawline, trying to be careful with what words were to be spoken. "This also means that We Are Legend will be forced to register." Whispers could be heard from some of the members. "I, myself, will not be giving the government any information about this group. I've already wiped the system clean of any and all of your information." She took in a sharp breath. "But the choice if you want to give them your information yourself... that is all for you to decided, individually." She looked over at Feral Nova, recently healed by the powers of Izaiah. "You can either choose to go and register, go move to another country... or choose to fight." some of the members eyes widen at the final choice. "You can fight, for the freedom that you all so well deserve. The same freedom our fathers fought and died for when we first came to this country." She began looking at one of them one by one. "It wont be easy, and to be honest, the outcome of fighting looks grim."

Pressing a button on the wall a hologram showed men, armored and equipped with state of the art weaponry, "As some of you already know, these are 'Cape Killers' designed for exactly what you are thinking, to take down anyone wearing a mask or with powers who refuse to register and break the law." She pressed a button on her wheelchair and the picture changed to rather bulky powerful looking men. "This is a Uman, Cape Killers given powers to enforce the law... these are what we are most likely up against. Their powers seem almost limitless, super strength, super speed, laser eye vision, durability... those are just the one's I know about." She turned the lights back on and the hologram faded. "If you choose to fight, it wont be easy, but if you choose to register, you are giving up your freedom as an American citizen."It's only a matter of time before they arrive here, so my question to ALL of you is... what are you going to do? Leave the country? Register? Or fight?"

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So there Meta-humans are being hunted, all the while America is about to go to war? Niiice

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@Mr_LeBeau: "You were given one chance, one opportunity to dissuade the possibility. As of then I stood on neutral ground. A king does not invite war without hesitation.But I see now. I speak to a tyrant." Pulling a golden pipe from his back it ejects itself into a three pronged trident, spinning across his palm to land across his back arm, "It's pronounced 'Atlantean', child. " Turning the base of the advanced rod upward under his palm, a greenish blue orb of electricity shoots at the chest at one of the Umen to his left, attempting to reel his arm backwards and dig the spikes into the S of another at his six.

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We Are Legend HQ, Los Angeles

Zoe sat there in the meeting room as she listen to what her Aunt had to say. She was furious after all their hard work and dedication to protecting the human race, what happens? They get screwed over. When Heather was done Zoe stood up, her eyes gazing at the other members. "I'm going to fight." She declared "I may not be the strongest person in this room, but I refuse to give up my freedom and live in fear because of the poor choice ONE person made. We've come TOO far and have done so much to just throw all this away." she balled up her fists in frustration. "I'm not going anywhere." She gave a smirky grin as Mr. French walked into the room.

"Excuse me, but we seem to have a problem..." he pressed a button on the wall that showed a hologram image of dozens of police cars and cape killers closing in to the HQ.

Zoe looked at her team. "It's time guys to make your choice, I won't think of you any less if you go and register, this is a tough choice, and its only going to get harder from here on out. So go with them and register, or stay and fight for our freedom!" She looked over at her Aunt and gave her a nod as she quickly began making her way out of the room. "Those of you who are going to stay, I suggest you suit up and get everything your gonna need, its gonna be a long day."

Zoe ran off as she went into the equipment room, looking at a newer version of her suit that Heather made shortly after her injuries. The suit was made entirely out of nanobots, giving her some durability, insulation form the elements, slightly enhanced strength, wound stabilization, and increase in agility, speed and reflexes. Slipping on the suit she then went into the weaponry as she grabbed her bo staff and a few new toy's that were made for her. Smoke pellets, flash grenades, flash freeze pellets, electric pellets and explosion pellets."Oh man... what did I just get myself into?" She asked herself as a screen dropped down, the police and cape killers surrounded the front of the HQ, demanding that the heroes would come out and register.

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@Lethal Weapon said:

So there Meta-humans are being hunted, all the while America is about to go to war? Niiice


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@Meison_Calidus: Charlemagne watched as two Umen were put down with alternating levels of combat proficiency, armed and unarmed in that order. However verbal insults from the leader of the fallen fabled society did little to sway an emotional upheaval. Instead, using the full capabilities allocated by his suit, the Ultra Sapien blitzed up the steps with blinding speed attempting to overtake the mutant ruler of the sea with pure acceleration. Aiming to drive his shoulder into his opponents midsection before flying him through the concrete walls of the courthouse.

(you dont have to say attempted or tried, against the Uman. You can just NPC the hits)

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“I hear people ranting about living for eternity; we shall turn them to soil…that will be their eternity!” Kelly was one of the most ruthless Cardinal administrators; her ability to look like anyone made her a top prospect to usurp Ziccarra if she ever needed to.

“The order has come down from Cain, we are to search and destroy the Phantom Knights…any and all of them” she said, marching before the Ruby clad assassins, with her hands positioned behind her back. “I want every Knightfall in Supermax…before dawn”

Dismissing the clan, the jumped out of the warehouse every which way, and once again dawning a “Knightfall persona” Kelly began to use lure tactics. Heading towards Coney Island, dressed as a darker version of

Ashley Knightfall
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@Mr_LeBeau: (Noyce. I try to avoid it if I can)

Meison's stomach indents at the off guard attack of the political juggernauts assault, surprised by the sheer power of the blow. Hurling through the courthouse wall, rubble falls on the previous trials spectators as they scatter with screams of panic towards the judge's chambers. With unfettered resilience the King stands with the blurred curtain of black dissolving to regain the image of the armor clad officer focusing in before him. "Impressive boy..." Spinning the rod in his hand more as an intimidation tactic the Oceanic monarch jumps with his natural flight giving an added lift, aiming to bring down the blunt end of the rod into the crevice of the man well known as Lebeau's armor around the rim of his neck. If injected he would fire a propelling electric blast inside to crack the suits hull from within

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@Surreal SaDiablo:

Like many offices she didn't like this place it was void of emotion and personality. Perhaps she loathed places like this because they reminded her of herself. It had been a few months sense that night she was left on her own and the emptyness that seamed to define her was haunting. A night would come by to stalk the monsters of the night, she would corner them. From there that glittering moon was met by the eyes of the dying as she took another fiends life. Each kill before their death however seamed to always say somethhing to her. An impressionable teen always hearing "you know theres two monsters here." And as each time the words were acompanied by the cough of the broken, the garggle of the bloodied apart of her fealt it had to of been true. Sarina was in the pursuit of aiding the world, of bringing a more tranquil world. It was hard to pursue this dream however when every night, whenever she clossed her eyes to try and sleep she heard voices. "You're the very thing you hunt" the wolves would say "might as rip throats out with teeth" would come the canite. "Your a hollow husk of a being." And that was the most chilling, for while she never faced it subconciously she knew those green eyes that stared at her, were hers. The voice her own as a child.

Today Sarina stood before the woman handling the registration process of Chicago. The young blond and black haired teen answering each question, name "Sarina Valentine code name Hollow." The standard things "seventeen years old, five foot seven, hundred twenty pounds, natural blond with green eyes. Powers thats when she paused.

"Its complicated, I call it hollow. I have eyes and tongue but those are the only real 'muscles' I have. My body doesn't run on blood a heart or brain, its all empty inside. And if its not empty its because its filled with various energies. I absorb energy and powers and can replicate it, along with have durability and superstrength." The woman did her best to classify and continued then asking origin. "Unsure either curse or mutation which though I can't say at this time." This was stressful Sarina tried not to focus on the negative though. Soon came the question of did she want to essentially inlist. Her answer yes, she wanted to be called to help.

Having been given a phone that would contact her if something came up Sarina left to find a PI she had heard rumors of. Known throughout the more ocult and magical community Valentine had come to know the name and so she went to try and find her. Sarina however was not a well dressed business type nobody planned to place her at the front of the line, no guitar on back jeans and pink toped teen was going to just get a meeting with the busy official Sureal Sadiablo. Ofcourse Sarina was also not the patient type and sort of ignored people and walked up to the private eyes desk. When cars can run into you and do nothing, and your just a seventeen year old teen you tend to think what could the security here do to me.

Sitting formally she smiled her most friendly of smiles trying to ignore the fact she probably looked like a total btch. "Evening my names Sarina Valentine and I just registered. I try not to be intrusive but where all in a rather like pressing time here ya know? This law is for the good, I'm a monster I need a leash" her voice shook a bit but she was incapable physically of tearing up."I'm not the worst of them either, I've heard of you a bit and am confidant you know this. The measures being taken though are like concentration camps, the steps taken border on sparking a war in time. Im a highschool drop out and I fcking see that. Couldn't happen that I'm the only one.....what do we ehm I mean I do?" Every word seamed to aim at being this inteligent conversationalist trying to assess a better solution. However anyone who could hear the tones or see body language knew the truth. Hollow was lost, alone, scarred and unsure.

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Felix strode into the meeting room, Rhino's Horn in hand. His eyes were full of apathy as he took a seat, and looked around, examining every inch of the room carefully. As Heather spoke, he nodded. Although his opinion on American law was, at best, apathetic, he paid attention to anything that could affect not only him, but his home as well. This could do both. He grinned as she spelled out their options, and laid the large wedge blade on the table before him. "I'm not from this country, but I will be made subject to this Registration Act, should the powers that be have their say in the matter. I could run away from all this, but that would be, at best, postponing the inevitable. This Registration Act will spread to other countries. And what will happen when there's nowhere left to run? I will not run, but nor will I surrender. I will fight this, and anyone who tries to coerce me into registering." He fell silent for a moment as Heather brought up the image of the U-Man, a Cape Killer. He thought about it for a moment. Surely they had a weakness. He would have to research them. Perhaps even gain a specimen to study.

As Heather fell silent, Zoe, also known as Feral Nova, stood and announced her intentions, to fight the Registration Act. Felix smiled warmly at her. And if she was fighting, Gio, Brickhouse, would surely follow. "You see? Me and Zoe are going to fight. Who is with us?" He raised the Rhino's Horn with a single hand, turning to Zoe. "If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword." He smiled and nearly burst out into laughter at the quote stolen directly from the Lord of the Rings.

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Having plowed through walls, doors, and support columns, the mutant ruler of the sea put a sudden and abrupt halt to Charlemagne's assault through his own superhuman strength and fortitude. Displaying a level of tactical dexterity whirling the deadly javelin like weapon in his possession, surgically embedding it between the division of the LeBeau Legacy's armor. A quick and sudden burst of electrical energy violently sending the mutant hating protagonist through the thick layer of drywall lining the Judges chamber. A crash landing in the center of the main courtroom fabricating a canal like trail of destruction at the end of which small streams of smoke slowly rose from the fractured armor towards the ceiling. At which time the remaining three Umen breached the large wooden double doors of the courtroom, flying past the motionless body of their commander focused purely on the blitzkrieg attack in which the Umen were rapidly becoming noted for. Utilizing blinding speed coupled with sheer unmitigated power the set upon the heroic herald of the Ocean.

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@Mr_LeBeau: (Responding soon need to figure out which way I wanna go)

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@Meison_Calidus: (no rush. I'm fit to bounce for a few anyway)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (Cool.)

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New York City

@Ashley_Knightfall: @TheRumor: (moved you guys quite a bit. let me know if it needs to be changed)

It had been a few hours since Ashely had asked her question. Simple, direct, and to the point, it resonated with a poignant grandiloquence that could only be answered with action, not words. Loitering in his thoughts, "What in bloody hell do we do first?" His fist penetrating the bulletproof visor of an unsuspecting Cape Killer. "What in bloody hell do we do first?" it repeated as his elbow drove down on the back of a Cape Killer's neck. "What in bloody hell do we do first?" His size 16 boot cracking the sternum of yet another Cape Killer as he was thrust kicked out the front window of the Registration Office. Now standing on the front steps with open defiance, while behind him the acrobatically stylized Aussie Knightfall dropped two Cape Killers with a dazzling vaulting split legged kick. Instantly knocking them both out. Just off to her side the enigmatic Rumor added the final touches of to his reality warpering cloak of madness, infecting the last in a long line of armed Cape Killers. Assaulting their consciousness with fabricated dreams of horrific proportions.

Small blazing patches of fire decorated the once mighty Registration stronghold. Like graffiti the unconscious bodies of the stations Cape Killers peppered the ground and steps leaving a trail of destruction in the wake of the Knightfall's revolution. Outside in front of the building astonished crowds of people had begun to gather actively cheering as media reporters and cameras rushed towards Quintus. Who simply held up his hands while the live feed broadcasted to millions of homes across the country. Letting out a deep sigh, lowering his head while pushing back his cowl, Quintus began, "When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce the people under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. Thomas Jefferson." Shadows still concealing his identity until he stepped forward. "My name is Quintus Knightfall, I am not a mutant, I am not an Ultra-Sapien, I am not an alien, I am.........an Outlaw. They will call us terrorists, traitors, but let history show that when our Government failed the people, it was the people themselves that saved the nation." then suddenly, dropping one of his trademark smoke capsules, they were gone.

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Durn. I have to wait.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Simply fantastic, well put ^_^. Also since you just exposed the Knightfalls, I offer up Club Nexus clubs lower levels as the new H.Q since the freighter is potentially compromised.

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@TheRumor said:

@Quintus_Knightfall: Simply fantastic, well put ^_^. Also since you just exposed the Knightfalls, I offer up Club Nexus clubs lower levels as the new H.Q since the freighter is potentially compromised.

Figured we'd go open up a mutant soup kitchen at the museum :P

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@Gambler: If you insist! Just remember I can't hold everyone back with all of the attention XP

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@Mr_LeBeau said:


Having plowed through walls, doors, and support columns, the mutant ruler of the sea put a sudden and abrupt halt to Charlemagne's assault through his own superhuman strength and fortitude. Displaying a level of tactical dexterity whirling the deadly javelin like weapon in his possession, surgically embedding it between the division of the LeBeau Legacy's armor. A quick and sudden burst of electrical energy violently sending the mutant hating protagonist through the thick layer of drywall lining the Judges chamber. A crash landing in the center of the main courtroom fabricating a canal like trail of destruction at the end of which small streams of smoke slowly rose from the fractured armor towards the ceiling. At which time the remaining three Umen breached the large wooden double doors of the courtroom, flying past the motionless body of their commander focused purely on the blitzkrieg attack in which the Umen were rapidly becoming noted for. Utilizing blinding speed coupled with sheer unmitigated power the set upon the heroic herald of the Ocean.

As the King steps forth to land a penetrative blow into the Lebeaus' corroded the Umen attacked in nearly overwhelming force, pistoning punches mixed with unencumbered speed cracking into his chest, tenderizing the Archaic Atlantean's body with each blow. Bluish blood turning red as it contacts the air within miliseconds, the wounded ego of the king was nursed by the bile of rage building in his stomach, stained teeth showing as the trident generates sparks, slashing open the nearest Uman's chest plate and sending him stumbling backwards. Without taking note of the super soldier's condition Meison spirals with a water bred fluidity to strike the second to his left with an open palm in the helmet, neck shaking uncontrollably as his trajectory skews in mid flight. Turning back to the second the sovereign son puts his open palm to the Rod of Calidus barrel, shoving the three spikes into the plate and feeling the change from metal to the soft thudding reverberative flesh, the soldiers arms going limp as he falls backwards beside Charlemagne. the third remained a mystery until his chest plate opened on it's own. The cocky King smirking as he runs forward with a vaulting stance to decimate, only to be blasted with a sonic boom that screeched like nothing his sonar sensitive body could of thought possible.

Cusping his ears, every reserve of his mind indisposed ith the attempt of remaining awake from the mind numbing explosion of tonality, every other faculty of his body in shock.

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I can either crash my fighter into LeBeau's face or bring in another character entirely. Grr.

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3:00 am, Arlington Va. The White Raven.

"It's been a while since we've seen you around here" The nicely dressed bartender begins to pour freehand drinks for his customers. Visage sits at the end of the bar. Staring off into space, her genuine COACH bag resting before her, acting as a pillow. Finally the tender comes to take her order. "I'll have something... Strong." It's been a long night and I wanna forget some stuff."

As he pours, she feels a tap on her shoulder. Turning to see a very petite Asian boy standing behind her. Exhaling as if it took everything for her to acknowledge his presence she greets him. "Yes hun" he seems to excited to see her. "I just wanted to say that I loved your show tonight. I thought you were the best performer if the night. I'd love to be a queen some day, but I'm not exactly out yet." V turns completely, to face him, sipping on a patron margarita. With the gentlest voice she speaks frankly. "Listen. A little twink like you doesn't need to come out. Everyone already knows. Second, you don't want to be a drag queen. The hours are sh!tty, and everyone thinks you wanna be a chick." He seems unperturbed by her comments, and then his face changes from absent to elation. "Oh my God. You just shaded me. That was a good one girl, high five"

Normally she'd love this sort if attention, but this hour, focus remained on what she was here for. The twinky Asian continued to go on about his love of makeup and sewing. V's mind however was focused on a man opposite her. "V, when are you gonna let me take you out?" The bartender questions, Visage ignores him, leaving them behind.

Five minutes later, there is a slam in the bathroom. Lipstick is smeared all over the strangers face, as V presses her lips to his. "I've had my eyes on you for a long time" she says, in a whisper. He tugs at her dress, and she allows part of it to swoop off of her shoulder. His hand slides up the inn of her leg. He feels something strange, a Velcro band, but his inhibitions released, his state altered by four shots, he dismisses the thoughts of expectation. She slides his hand up a few more inches before, in a flash V slashes at his jugular, killing the man with a small knife set to the Velcro strap. Leaving him for dead, she transforms into him. Her motives unknown.

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@_Legion_: ( patience :P here lol)

The violet haze of traveling through a wormhole dissipated like leaves to the wind. The strange particles fluttering in and out of real space as the craft exited. A planet of mostly blue and green filled most of her vision, astronomic charts labeling it as earth and inhabitable. Wasn't a very attractive name but at least it was functional. A crucial element as there was no say in the matter as L.A.W verbalized needlessly. "Engines are a mess, fuel is runing on fumes at this point. Instilation 01A was not so curdious as to let you have a full tank." That was funny full tank, this thing was a pretty mech with no fuel soon as she got it. Escape was almost litterally just a gamble of luck.

The TM700 rocketed through the air hurtling downwards with a trail of smoke behind it. "Radio trafic suggests the planets leaders whoever they may be have issued forth a new law. Regletaing anyone with powers of any kind, your droping into a war zone in waiting thief." Fantastic things had gone as she hoped they wouldn't. Escape the galactic prison, wind up on a back water world heading into war. Thats when a to her opinion crude aircraft flew into her own 'flight path'. Which really was more the sirens trajectory as the mech was little more then a falling brick. The two collided almost head on, like a spear raming into the blunt side of a swords tip. Smoke and fire from her craft that was damaged and breaking orbit only grew in size. The sound of metal twisting and grinding flooding the cockpit. Along with an annoying array of flashing red lights and warning alarms. Kayle having been in crashes stayed calm "L.A.W when I eject use the weapon systems to try and aim this rock towards the ocean. Fire fast, however try not to give any indication of threat we need no extra attention on this." Before the A.I could confirm Aurorez hit eject as the two craft parted enough that it was safe.

Her spacecraft headed for the ocean in a blaze of flame exaust and weapon fire. It tried its best to avoid hitting anything crucial though there would be some damage without question. The pirate was in freefall, a towering white pillar filling the left flank of her vision. Golden eyes kept a lock on the other craft spiraling downwards. Self preservation guided her to gain enough distance that no debree would strike to hard. Besides that however Kayle cared at the time little what the effects of the crash would be for the armored individual. Arms and legs got tight in lock head tucking in as much as managable, knowing the ground was fast aproaching.

For a moment Kayle bounced like a pebble skiping along a lake bed untill rolling to a halt. Her armor cushioned the blow allowing to easily despite the fall roll to one knee and bring her rifle up at the ready aimed at the aircraft near by. Blood ran from her brow, as well as from a few gashes on her arm though nothing critical. She as such focused simply on the condition of the environment. Small brawls and riots were prevelant in sevral spots, armed officials and men in capes seeming to try and quell them. The thought of how morronic capes were crossing the space pirates mind as she waited to see if the armored being in the vehicle was friend or foe.

(set in DC so perhaps some stuff with Lebaue and Cad could eventually happen as you showed entrest in as well :3)

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@Kayle_Rez: Sorry lol,dis a habit. I'll get a post up soon.
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@_Legion_: Its ok, hell I had this done three hours ago...but had to go before could drop post lol

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He flew in the air violently with the only thing stopping him being a large trash bin. "I think this bastard broke some damn ribs" he said under his breath with a grimace as he stood up clutching his left side with his right hand. He began to walk toward the U-MAN that was in front of him and said "Sir, I am not who you think I am, I am a citizen of the United States. I am a lawyer, look I am wearing a suit and tie not a costume, please stop this" The U-MAN said loudly "you displayed the power of flight, you must register or face the consequences.

Looking at the U-MAN he said, "I have no idea what you are talking about" before the U-MAN began to charge him. With a swift punch. Kurrent went flying back again. This time into the brick wall of the building they were next to. He moved in agony and managed get on all fours. He heard the foot steps of the U-MAN that just attacked him coming towards him as a pool of his own blood began to from as it dripped from his nose and mouth.

With the U-MAN about 8 feet away from him he quickly reached into his left pocket and suddenly an explosion was heard about a block away from their location. As the U-MAN looked at he direction of the explosion it bought him the time he needed. In a rapid motion Kurrent shot up into the air to the roof of the 8 story apartment building his body had just been acquainted with.

"Holy Crap" he screeched as the pain dished onto him was difficult to bear. He reached into a bag and the was expecting him on the roof and pulled out a syringe that had a white substance in it. He shot it into his left arm and began to breath heavy but he didn't stop moving. In the same bag he pulled a miniature laptop. The screen displayed different camera angles of what had transpired between him self and the U-MAN. After a few strokes of the keys he closed the laptop and put it back in the bag then he started pulling a rubber like substance from his face and ripping the business suit he was wearing off as best as he could to reveal his standard costume.

By now the U-MAN would probably be looking for him and he was no match for him so it was time to go. He pulled out the rest of his gear that included his weapons, donned his mask and packed up the bag with the ripped clothing. He took off into the air when he noticed the U-MAN's attention on the gathering crowd and flew over the exploded car that was improvised by him and dropped the bag over the still blazing fire destroying any and all evidence.

After a few second he put his WAL ring that was allowing him the ability to fly to his mouth ans said "Team this is Kurrent, I have upload the footage of the U-MAN kicking the ever living crap out of me onto the internet. Don't worry I shot up some "mothers milk: so I'll be all good in a few. By now thousands if not millions of people are seeing a U-MAN beat up a defenseless civilian. I am getting the hell out of Brooklyn and heading to my phase 2 location"

The plan that Kurrent had come up with was a sound one. By implicating the U-MAN like he did he had hoped that the people would not fully buy into what this new corrupt government was trying to sell. The plan was full of uncertainties but it was a risk worth willing to take. The only thing that was sure though, was that the leadership of the Registration Act would be forced to take notice of the opposition.

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@Kurrent said:

I have upload the footage of the U-MAN kicking the ever living crap out of me onto the internet.

control the net, control the propaganda :P