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This is a RPG for Hawk and Lady Mani. If you would like to join ask Hawk please.

The day started just like any other, she woke up and rolled out of bed, trying not to wake him as she did. She could tell by the way his sword hung off the bed post that it had been a long night for him. She could still seem the blood in that had come off his clothes. How she wished he would leave them outside. She knew that he had only time to take a shower before passing out on the bed.

As she looked over his naked body, looking for any signs that he might be hurt she almost laughed knowing that they wouldn't be there. It was still dark out when she started to make breakfast. Today she knew would be hard on the both of them.

As the family started to wake she couldn't help love the dualality of her life. Her little ones made their way into the kitchen, still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. She made their plates and got them ready for school just like everyday. She got ready putting on a pinstripe pant suit and pulled her hair up, adding glasses just to throw off her beauty.

Her husband walked in looking like a train ran over him. "You meeting with the senators today?" He said as he kissed her cheek.

"Yes I do. How do I look?" Knowing his wife better than anyone he answered perfectly. "Smart and Confident." She smile at him and kissed him as her daughter ewwwed in the background.

She was off to drop off the kids and make her meeting. Today she lived both her lives.

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sha awoke to the noise of her alarm clock she swatted at it a few times missing it finnaly she fired a small magnetic pulse to bring the clock towards her and then she crushed it. darn it thats the 5th one this weak she woke up and walked down the steps she let her pet ferret out of the cage and it ran up her arm ewww gambie you stink! she put on her cheerleader socks the ones with the funny ball on the back of them and started down the steps.

Sha put a cup under some type of machine and coffee instantly fell into the cup. She walked over to the window and opened her blinds

awwww it's pretty outside

she walked outside to the mail box and heard her neibor say hello shayla

she smiled and waved to him and got her mail she took a deep breath of the morning's air and began to walk back towards her house.

a smile was brought on her face as the news paper read: Sha saves the town again!

she smiled and went back into the kitchen and sipped her coffee

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"Mister Senator, I thank you for meeting with me. We have alot to discuss." Mani held the attention of the Senator with her wits and good looks. She takes full advantage of that, make her case. "We need to come to a peaceful agreement with all parties involed Mr. Senator."

"Agreed yound lady, let's discuss this further at a later date." The senator got up to shake her hand. With a fury in her eyes, she push her thoughts onto him with a slight mental suggestion. Yes we will met again, and you will be more open to us! She left the room leaving the senator blank faced and smiling. "What a lovely young woman"

As she drove home, in here convertable, she called her husband. "Hey baby, yeah the meeting went well. He has agreed to push our cause higher through the ranks of the senate. Where are you?" She looked up into the sky, to see him swooping down into her car. "You love to make an enterance!" Laughing at her husband now sitting next to her. He kissed her at a stoplight then took to the sky once again. He never like being in a car. When you are that free to fly through out the sky you don't liked to be contained. "I'll met you at the gym ."

Time to hit the gym. As she walked in to the locker room she changed into her work out gear and pulling her hair into pigtails. She walk out past the treadmills, and a spinners class where most of the women where working out. Entering a bare room with a hard wood floor and several heavy bags, she slipped off her shoes. A couple of men stood over at one bag staring at her as she walked up to the far bag. The larger of the two men approached her, with slight smirk on his face. "You need me to show you how to use this?" 

She smiled and excepted his wise guidence. "Let this she said hitting the bag very lightly?" Watching the man look her up and down he smiled and said "yeah now hit it a little harder." With that she kicked the bag with all her might. Breaking the chains and knocking the bag and the man against the wall. With a smile and a wave she turned to another bag going through her work out alone.  She smiled only when a large man with a mohawk walked in. He looked down at the men working out on the far heavy bag, making them shake with fear. Her husband had that effect on men who tried to hit on her.

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He laughed as he approached his wife in the gym. "There is always someone hitting on you isn't there?" He kissed her then went to work. Hawk had strength that was almost unmatched, lifting weight or hitting a bag never help him in his training. He work doing isometrics, pushing himself sweating with his eyes closed. He punched and kicked his invisible combatant, until his body ached with the tenison he put on it. He wiped the sweat away from his face and sat down on the wooden floor and watched his wife strike her heavy bag, pounding it into submission. With a final blow she turn to see her husband starting his yoga. "For a big guy you sure are flexible." Hawk tried not to laugh, about his butt sticking up in the air. "You would know!"

As the headed out of the gym and back home, Hawk recieved a text on his phone, He was needed. All ICE members report to the lair. With a sigh and a look at his wife Hawk took to the sky. With a loud crack of the air he was gone. She thought to herself that he didn't remember to kiss her goodbye. A rush of air came out of no where, and she was lifted high into the sky. "You know I wouldn't forget." He kissed her and dropped her over her car knowing that she would land in it with grace and skill.

Every mission was one that tested his life and his skill. They both put their lives on the line every time they were called to duty. It was the life they lived, the life that was thrust apon them. They were moms and dads, a husband and a wife, but they were more than that. They were heros.

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Staring back at himself in the mirror Andy could not believe how nervous he was. It had been a long time since he had just relaxed and had a night off. Longer even since the last time he had gone out on a date. His hair was brushed back and parted on the sides as the ruby glasses rested comfortably on his nose. Spraying on some cologne he then exited his room and waited in the parlor of the Ice Mansion. Months back when he was searching and training new recruits for Ice he had felt a connection to a gypsy. The two of them had battled in this very mansion and she had more than impressed him with her magics. Over the following weeks of her initial training he found himself spending more and more time with her. Even looking for excuses to come and see her and enjoy her company. As time passed he finally built up the nerve to ask her out. The night he had been waiting for was tonight.

Since Arcana had joined The Ravens and helped at the shop her time was split from the mansion and there. He had seen her less and less because of her duties there. It was another reason why he was so nervous this night. As a little more time passed he heard a door from up stairs open and shut. It was her, she was ready. His gaze locked on the stairway he awaited her arrival and there mere sight of her had stolen his breath. One step at a time she walked down the stairs, her slender leg escaping from the slit in the dress with every other step. The eloquent evening gown was gorgeous, wrapping around her bodily curves like a firm fitted glove. The sparkles in the dress shined bright against the lights, dazzling.

Offering her his arm his eyes drifted over her body as he took in her entire beauty. "You look absolutely breath taking darlin". With a heart felt smile he escorted her towards the mansion doors, opening them for her as they walked out of the mansion together for the first time as something more than just team mates. His fully restored 67 Mustang was already parked and waiting for them outside as he helped her slip into the passenger seat. The roar of the engine coming alive as he turned the ignition key. He had the night already planned out, he just hoped that things went according to plan. As the lives of super heroes hardly did.

Once the arrived at the French restaurant he kissed her cheek softly as he pulled out her chair. The scent of her perfume was intoxicating. Her long dark locks seemed to just bounce off of her shoulders as she moved effortlessly. The area around them was lit by candlelight, soft music filled the air as he took his own seat across from her. His eyes locked with her emerald greens, the aroma of her perfume still enchanting his senses. The two passed the time with small talk as they waited for the waiter. Andy had then took the liberty of ordering for them in French. He had been practicing all week to learn what he could in an effort to try and impress her and show interest. However he knew that he had fumbled some of the words as he heard her giggle while ordering the appetizer. The sound of her giggle made him smile, a smile that grew even larger as he felt her foot brush up against his leg.

Dinner had been perfect, the food was prepared flawlessly and Andy had spared no expense in the authentic French cook. He wanted this evening to remind her a bit of home. Reaching over the table the two clasped hands as they relaxed after their meals. His fingers toyed with her many bracelets that circled her wrists. He knew that many of them were charms for various Wicca ancestral rights. Each were inscribed with runes or characters, and he loved to listen to her as she described them all. The passion that was in her voice as she talked about magic was inspirational. Each time she seemed to spark alive and it was clear that it was more than something she knew. It was a part of her soul, of who she was.

As they left the restaurant he once again offered her his arm. "It's such a beautiful night I thought that we would take a walk while the night was still young". The two walked side by side underneath the night lights. Slowly making their way towards a little park that was just around the corner. When they turned down the path he heard her gasp for air, her hand tightening around his as she caught site of the blanket laid out on the ground with a basket placed in the middle. Helping her down on the ground he then started to take the contents of the basket out. Four candle sticks were set on each corner and then lit ablaze. Two crystal glasses were pulled out next as he set them down and reached for the cooled bottle of wine. Popping it open he heard her squeal in happiness as the top blasted off. Pouring them both a glass he offered a toast "To living life to its fullest" he waited until she sipped at hers before doing the same.Finally pulled out a covered container he revealed the desert. Andy had enjoyed teasing her with bites of cake covered in chocolate, watching her fine wined lips. The two were sitting practically atop one another as they stared up in the sky. His strong hands slipped through her raven dark hair.

Before they knew it the entire bottle was empty, hours had passed with them just sitting there and talking. Standing to his feet he pulled her up towards him carefully. Their bodies brushing against one another as there was a moment of silence between them. Breaking the silence he spoke up "It's late, we should really get back". The drive back to the mansion was not as talkative as before. Walking her to her room he was reluctant to say good night. In fact he did not want it to end. For the first time in what seemed forever he was relaxed, the weight of the world was not on his shoulders and the only concern he had, the only thoughts. Were of her. He went to speak but stopped himself, one of his arms slid around her delicate waist as he pulled her towards him. Once against their bodies were pressed together, just inches separated their faces from one another as his free hand came slipped up her arm. Then it slowly caressed against her cheek, cupping underneath it soon to raise her head just a little. It was then that his lips touched against hers. He felt his heart race as he tasted her. His eyes closing shut as the kiss lingered more. Releasing her body he pulled away gently. His eyes were still closed for a while as he chewed and licked his lips. Savoring her flavor. Finally opening his eyes he gazed deeply into hers. Those green orbs causing him to get lost and forget all things. Then coming back to he realized how much time had just passed as they stood there. Smiling he leaned in and kissed her cheek once more, his voice a soft whisper "Good night".

He waited there until she had gone into her room and closed the door. As he turned to walk down the hall to his own room he saw a mirror, it was then that he could swear that his face was a red as those ruby glasses. But the smile never left his face. That night his thoughts were still filled with her as he laid there awake in his bed. He knew for him, there was magic in the air.