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"After some quick investigation, I was only able to find only one possible entrance. The front door." Patrick Back, a bald man wearing a business suit with a green bow tie, pointed to his left where a large skyscraper that had the word 'SPECRE' written on it in neon red. "All the other entrances said 'Authorized Personal Only' so we obviously couldn't enter through there." Patrick explained as he reached into the trunk of his silver sports car and pulled out a giant parrot head that was a part of a mascot outfit. "But I have a brilliant plan to get us in to retrieve my satellite." He handed Bob the mascot parrot head and continued. "You will enter dressed as a parrot and go up to the receptionist's desk. Repeat everything she says to distract them as I sneak in and disable any security on the elevator so we can use it. Once we are in then we can locate where the computer that hijacked my satellite is and reprogram it so it is back in my possession." Patrick grabbed the rest of the parrot suit and gave it to Bob. Then he gave Bob a thumbs up and a smile as he leaned against the sports car, waiting for Bob to go in and distract everyone in the lobby. 
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*why does this sound familiar........* Bob takes the Mascot costume, and looks down into it, "Oh man this smells like Nerds and Egg salad, what you couldn't find a clean one?" Bob looks up at him to see if he is willing to explain his actions.....and he just stands there with a huge grin a thumbs. Bob realizing that there is obviously no way around it holds his breath and puts the costume over his Hydra uniform. "Well i guess if it is the only way for you to get your Satellite back I'll go distract the Receptionist so you can sneak inside" Bob begins his approach of the door *man this sucks, how come I can't get a cool Sports Car? Why do i have to be the distraction? I've seen all the Austin Powers movies I know what it takes to be a secret agent.* 
Bob walks up to the door to the door of the 'SPECRE' building *that is a long way up or down depending on your view*. Bob pulls the door open, enters, and waddles over to the receptionist. The Receptionist is a lovely woman with dark brown hair,  Tan skin, and is wearing a very lovely business suit that still shows her beauty. As Bob begins to engage the Receptionist, he see's her open her mouth *oh yeah here come the distraction. she won't know what hit her.* The Receptionist begins to speak, and Bob prepares "afirmativo, ¿cómo puedo ayudarle ?"...............*what did she just say? Darn you French class. uhhhhhh what do i do know? well maybe i can fake it*................ "afirmativo, ¿come pleado alyoudarlen?" 
the receptionist looks at the Bob with an expression he has seen far too many times, the look of confusion "¿qué ?" Bob hears her response * I can not believe she would have the nerve to say something like that to me, it really hurt. I'm gonna know how i feel about it* "YOUR GAY" *I wonder if secret agent man got in yet, should probably pay more attention to my surroundings*

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A minute after the parrot disguised Bob went into the building, Patrick entered the lobby to see him successfully distracting the receptionist. A small snicker escaped Patrick's mouth as he casually walked over to one of the elevators and pressed the up button. The elevator dinged as it opened. Patrick looked over at Bob and waved at him while yelling, "Come over here, Bob. This elevator is open." He walked inside and waited for Bob to follow. Once Bob made it inside, Patrick complimented his performance by kindly saying, "Good job, Bob. I am confident that we did that better with that than how any other spy would have handled it." Patrick pressed a random button and stated, "You can take the parrot suit off now."

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Bob puts his hand up to the zipper of the costume and tries to pull it down....and then he tries again....THEN HE TRIES AGAIN THIS TIME BEING SERIOUS......THEN HE ACTUALLY TRIES AND ISN'T MESSING AROUND ANYMORE. "uh Mr. Bald Guy the zipper is stuck and I can't get out of this suit. What am I supposed to do?" They both begin pulling at the zipper. Bob holding onto an arm rail and Patrick pulling at from Bob's back. The elevator dings and the doors begin to open. "Come on put your back into it you wuss" Bob turns and see's three men dressed in suits staring at them. Not sure of what to say Bob says the first thing that comes to mind "Wanna cracker?"

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The three men just stared at the sight in front of them. It wasn't an everyday occurrence to see a bald man trying to undo the jammed zipper of a parrot mascot. Bob looked back at the three surprised men and asked, "Wanna cracker?" The elevator doors slowly closed before anything more could be said and the two continued on their journey. After one final tug, Patrick let go and said, "I give up. That thing is stuck beyond all belief. You're just going to have to stay in there for awhile." The elevator doors opened on the floor Patrick randomly picked. He walked out, expecting Bob to follow, and said, "Okay, let's look for any evidence to point us to where that satellite hijacking device is."

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As the elevator door opens again and Patrick walks out and into the hall. Bob stands in the elevator door looking to both sides frantically while hopping up and down, "Ok, ok let's hurry up and finish this i got other business i got to handle, and I got to really finish it quick" Bob hops down the hall with his Parrot wings down in front of him and opens the first door he see's. "Um no I don't think this is it, unless your looking for a room with a bunch of flashing lights and odd beeping noises?"  Bob looks over to Patrick, and pulls the Parrot head off "Is it?"

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Patrick looked into the room that Bob had just opened and shook his head no. He closed the door for Bob and pointed to another nearby room. "I'll check out that room while you check that one." Patrick pointed to another random door. Without waiting for a reply from Bob, Patrick went up to the door and opened it to discover that it was just the maintenance closest. He shrugged his shoulders as he closed the door and opened another one, which was just a room full of filing cabinets. It seemed like it might take a while until they find their clue.

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Bob looked to the room Patrick had pointed to and started making his way over to it, "ok, but i really got to go. Do you know what I mean when I say I got to go...." Bob opened the door, which is actually a lot harder when your appendages are now constricted in parrot costume "cuz what I mean is....." Bob looked into the room and saw a woman in a tight leather outfit with a wipe and yelling at a man that had handcuffs attached to the ceiling, "Tell me where it is now or I will remove all of your facial features....slowly" the woman looked over to Bob and drew back her wipe. "uh Patrick I have two things to tell you. One your costume has a new smell added to it, and I don't have to go anymore"

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As Patrick closed another unsuccessful door, he replied, "So you were able to open up your schedule?" He was pretty naive about what Bob meant by 'needing to go'. Patrick just assumed that Bob had another event he needed to attend at the moment. He casually walked over to where Bob was and noticed a furious looking woman glaring at the two. Without uttering a single word, Patrick just pulled out a pen and aimed it at the woman. Then, with a click of the button, a large net shot out and trapped the woman, leaving her unable to move. Patrick tucked his pen back into his pocket as he asked, "What should we do about that guy?

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Bob walked over to the woman that was now tied up in the net and began to bend over, as Patrick asked "What should we do about that guy?" Bob looked from the man tied up to the woman in the net then to Patrick "Him?....um oh yeah him. Well she was asking him questions about something must have been important" Bob walked over to the man and put his right hand into his left,  "Alright tell us where the computer is that hijacked his Satellite" The man was bleeding from his face and chest, he lifted his head and looked at Bob, "I will never tell you anything. My company does not negotiate with Avialae" Bob pulls his hand back and sends it at the mans head, normally he would have attempted to punch him but as his was having trouble making a fist in the costume all he could do was attempt slap him. Bob misjudged where his hand was and was only able to poke him in the face with one of the loose feathers in the costume, after a second of realizing he hadn't actually hit him Bob tried to make it look like he had to Patrick, "NOW TELL US WHERE IT IS!"

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Patrick admired Bob's interrogation skills. Anyone could look intimidating in casual wear but it took someone with true skills to frighten someone while they were wearing a parrot costume. Even though the man who was tied up looked confused but composed, Patrick believed that he was secretly hiding his growing anxiety. Patrick nudged Bob aside and kindly said to the bleeding man, "Hello there, I'm Patrick and my friend in the parrot suit is Bob. Now, I'm not sure how long I can hold Bob back from continuing his brutal interrogation." The man gave Patrick a look of utter disbelief. He was starting to miss being interrogated by the woman with the whip. "Now, please disclose where the computer is. Otherwise, Bob will have to get rough with you." Patrick looked over to Bob and nodded, giving him the signal to take over once again.

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Bob was pulling at the zipper of his parrot costume again trying to get out of it so he could really do some damage to the man that was ties up and defenseless. He heard Patrick talking to their prisoner. "Now, please disclose where the computer is. Otherwise, Bob will have to get rough with you." Bob made eye contact with Patrick and saw him give him a nod, Bob looked around and saw the lady dressed in leather. He walked over to her and began frisking her. Bob was quite relieved the net had knocked her unconscious, because he doubted that she would have approved of him doing this. He found a lump in her leather outfit and a pocket nearby, He pulled a key from it and turned to their captive. "Alright, I have the key to let you out, you tell us where we can find the computer. Normally I would be happy to torture you some more but Leno is going to be on in a few hours and I don't want to miss his opening monologue." Spinning the key around on his finger he waited for the prisoner's response.
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It seemed strange for Bob to be dangling a key in front of the man who was tried up, persuading that he would free the tortured man if he disclosed his information. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing but the guy was wrapped up in rope, not a lock chain. As Bob twirled the key, Patrick noticed something on the key. "Stop twirling the key, Bob!" Patrick gleefully yelled out as he snatched the key from Bob. His grin grew as he glanced at the neck of the key. "Look, this key isn't for this man's restraints, its a door key. And look, it says F-23, that it a room number. All we need to do is go to the sixth floor and find the twenty-third room. Leave these two here, we have a super secret spy mission to attend to." Without another word, Patrick waved a 'follow me' gesture at Bob ran over to the closest elevator and pressed the button for the sixth floor.

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Bob followed Patrick to the door "Well good thing your so clever I would have tried to let him out" Bob stopped in the doorway, slowly turning to face the the restrained man. "Sooo what was she trying to get from you, that was so important" The man looked up at Bob with the same expressionless face he had used before, then a smile began to cover his head "Well..uh you know" Bob looked from the man to the unconscious lady, slowly piecing things together, "OH you are sick, I'm glad I'm leaving you here" Bob left the room in disgust and found Patrick waiting for him at the elevator.

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The elevator slowly began to go downwards as the two 'super spies' quietly waited to reach their destination. The elevator made a soft ding as they reached the seventeenth floor and continued downwards. Patrick folded his hands behind his back and hummed along with the elevator music. Suddenly, Patrick casually looked over at Bob and asked, "If the enemy learned that we were in the building, wouldn't it be dangerous for us to be in an elevator? After all, it wouldn't really be safe for us to be in an elevator because who knows what traps they have in it."

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 "If the enemy learned that we were in the building, wouldn't it be dangerous for us to be in an elevator? After all, it wouldn't really be safe for us to be in an elevator because who knows what traps they have in it." Bob slowly turned his head towards Patrick, you couldn't see his expression due to the large Parrot head he was wearing, but given his eminence trembling it was clear that Bob hadn't even thought about traps. Bob looked around the small elevator quickly to see if he saw anything that looked different from other elevators *Oh God, we are going to die! They are going to cut the line and laugh as we fall to our death! They probably set up gas tanks on top and are filling us up with cyanide right now! Oh God i can't breath...They cut the air, they are sucking the air out of here and are going to do an autopsy on us AHHH!* Bob turned his face back to the door of the elevator, "Yeah, I wonder what kinda traps they got" Bob looked up at a he heard another ding from the elevator * We're only on the 15 floor this is unbearable*. "I like their elevator music, classic stuff"

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"Yeah, elevator music is kind of nice. It helps you slow down and relax." Patrick commented. Suddenly, the elevator doors opened on the fourteenth floor and a large, very intimidating man walked in. He glared at Bob before squeezing through both Patrick and Bob to menacing stand behind them. The elevator doors began to slowly shut but they were no closed just yet. Patrick continued to hum along with the elevator music, not paying much attention to the huge, muscular, and intimidating man directly behind him. He seemed more concern with the music he was humming.
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 The tallest, biggest, hairiest, smelliest, and itchiest (due to his incessant scratching), Bob stared at the man as he stood in front of him *oh no they have sent an assassin after us, I'm too pretty to be decapitated. I hope Patrick knows what he is doing, lets see if he's worried.* Bob takes his eyes away from the 'assassin' and looks to see how Patrick is handling the newcomer, *What the heck he's just humming along with the stupid music. Oh no the assassin is reaching for a knife...* the 'assassin moved his right hand across his stomach and scratched the left side of it. As the elevator made a ding on the 13th floor. *I have to get out of here. Patrick is a serious spy he can take this guy. I'll just casually get out so I don't draw attention to my self* the elevator door began to open, and Bob wasted no time he. As the door began to creek Bob tried to push the 'assassin' out of the way (he tried the guy didn't move at all) and Bob got out of the elevator and began running down the hall of the thirteenth floor "I LIKE MY HEAD WHERE IT IS, LEAVE ME ALONE"

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As the elevator doors to the thirteenth floors dinged, Patrick nudged the large man with his elbow and gleefully said, "That guy in the parrot suit, he's my friend." The large man politely smile and nodded at the comment but didn't take his eyes off the door. After another ding, Patrick said, "He is a pretty funny guy. I bet he only ran out of the elevator to try to use the stairs and beat me to the sixth floor. Yeah, it seems like everyone has some good quality about them. Bob is funny, I am great all around, and you are a pretty good listener." The large man's smile grew to show his yellow teeth and he nodded more enthusiastically but not too much to take away from his silent calm nature. "So which floor are you heading for?" The large man held up four fingers with his right hand. Patrick nodded and said, "That's cool. I'm going to the sixth floor myself. I'll be meeting up with Bob there." The elevator continued to slowly descend as the two patiently waited and listened to the catchy elevator music.

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Bob continued running down the halls of the 13th floor screaming like a man on fire. there were much more people on this floor, and some even tried to tell him to stop but he just kept running. He took a left another left saw someone down the next left so he took a right. The new hallway was much longer than the others and Bob started to get tired form running at full speed and yelling at the top of his lungs, "Ahh...Ahh...Oh yeah look the news". For some reason this hallway had a lounge with a TV, "Thats weird, that looks like this building, why are there search lights all around this building? Oh god the cops know that me and Patrick are trying to steal from this place and they called the cops. I can't go to prison, I'm too fragile and pretty. i got to find Patrick so we can get out of here." Bob walked around the floor til he found some stairs and began carefully running down them to the sixth floor where he knew he would find Patrick.

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Soon enough, the elevator finally reached the sixth floor and Patrick got off after bidding the large man a good day. The moment the elevator doors closed behind him, a man wearing a ski mask came out of nowhere and wrapped his arm around Patrick's neck while aiming a pistil at Patrick's right temple. A handful of cops came around the corner and immediately aimed their guns at the man in the ski mask, who had Patrick in front of him in order to protect himself from the cops.
Even with all this going on, Patrick was in high spirits. Politely, and almost oblivious that the man was aiming a gun at him, Patrick asked, "Excuse me, would you know where room twenty-three is?" The masked man anxiously said, "Shut up or I'll shoot!" Patrick glared at him and replied, "You are not being very polite, are you? Not only did you rudely tell me to shut up but you also yelled it. I am right next to you." The ski-masked man looked at the cops, fearing that he choose the worse person who put in a hostage situation.

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Bob ran til he got to the 7th floor of the building when a helicopter with a spot light whizzed by him, he was terrified that it was the police trying to find him. Bob ducked inside the and saw a lounge similar to the one he saw earlier. On the TV was Patrick being held at gun point by an assailant, the caption on the bottom of the screen read "Man held at gun point on the 6th floor of the SPECRE building Police are trying to negotiate with him", Instead of trying to figure out how TV magic allowed them to fit all of that on such a small area, he began to panic. "OH GOD Patrick is going to die. I gotta find a way to save him, thats what a Superhero would do, thats what Feral Nova would do. Ok let's see what we got". Bob looked around him frantically for something he could use to save Patrick from his impending doom. "Ah this should work".
"Hello this is Amber Siren, at the SPECTRE building where someone was attempting to steal from the SPECTRE Corp., The perpetrator has been cornered by the police, but has a hostage. The hostage seems to be pleading for his life with his captor, lets show you what is happening first hand. Now you see the police have him pinned here on the 6th floor and the man has the hostage in front of him. Oh that poor, poor man isn't it bad enough that he is bald. WAIT move the camera a window just broke on the 7th floor. There seems to be a large Parrot standing in where the window was broken. Wait he is going back inside. If this guy wants to be a Superhero he should probably get a better costume. WAIT he seems to be running back towards the window. What is that in his hand? It appears he is holding a fire hose. OH MY GOD he just jumped out the window and threw himself into the window on the 6th floor. I'm not sure but I think he said, "STOP TRYING TO SHOOT MY PAL".
As Bob collided with the shooter and Patrick he sent all of them through a nearby wall. "Ugh, That plan seemed better in my head." Bob rolled off of the other two and looked up at a sign on a nearby wall *Sixth Floor Room 23*, "Hey, Pat found Room 23"

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"I'm serious, I'll do it." The ski masked man nervously said. Even though there was half a dozen policemen aiming their guns at him, the masked man and warning his hostage, Patrick Back, who was giving him more problems then he ever expected from a hostage. "Sir, please use indoor voices. There is no need to yell." Patrick replied. He seemed more concerned with the man's lack of manner than the fact that there was a loaded gun pressed against his temple. "Urgh! I can't take it anymore." He was just about to pull the trigger when the noise of a crashing window scared the criminal into halting. Suddenly, Bob came swinging through the window, yelling, "STOP TRYING TO SHOOT MY PAL!" Bob crashed landed on top of Patrick and the man with the ski mask. Needless to say, the cops were speechless to the scene in from of them.
Patrick was flat on his back, laying next to the man who held his hostage. He heard Bob groan in pain, "Ugh, That plan seemed better in my head." Bob mentioned as he got off Patrick and the ski masked man. Bob looked around and exclaimed, "Hey, Pat found Room 23!" Patrick quickly sat up while tightening his bow tie. "Good job Bob. I knew you were the right man for this job. But call me Patrick." He got on his feet and inserted the key into the door. Meanwhile, the cop were trying to stop them in order to see if either were harmed by the criminal. But Patrick quickly closed the door after he dragged Bob in. The nearest police officer tried to open it but it was locked. 
"Looks like we'll have to go down." Patrick stated. He was expecting a room with a computer but there was just a metal staircase instead. It only went down so if they wanted to investigate then they would need to go downward. "Follow me, Bob." Patrick said as he began his descent. "This staircase looks like it goes down a long way. I can't even see the bottom."
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Bob followed Patrick's lead and went down the ladder after him. "Man, it's really dark in here, i can't even see your shimmering bald head in here."  They continued down the ladder, eventually Bob started to feel the fatigue of taking himself and two other people through a wall. There were a couple of times where he almost slipped and fell on top of Patrick, but luckily he recovered before Patrick had noticed this. Bob began to think that if he would just let go they would both get to the bottom in a much more timely manner, but Bob figured a fall like that would leave him in too much pain for him to be much help for Patrick so he kept on going down the unlit shaft. After what seemed like an eternity to Bob, "Hey Patrick do you hear anything, coming from the bottom of this ladder? It sounds like squeaking or maybe squealing, I can't tell." Bob stopped on the ladder and looked down at Patrick for his response.

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After climbing down the ladder for a long time, Bob commented, "Man, it's really dark in here, I can't even see your shimmering bald head in here." Patrick grinned but didn't say anything. He didn't want to talk since it would show how out of breath he was. A short moment later, Bob said, "Hey Patrick, do you hear anything coming from the bottom of this ladder? It sounds like squeaking or maybe squealing, I can't tell." Patrick tilted his head so his ear would point downward. Suddenly, he realized what it was. "We're here!" Patrick joyfully exclaimed. He continued down faster and reached solid, concrete ground. A click echoed across the room and a bright light came on, Patrick had just found the light switch. 
Without a word to Bob, Patrick quickly went up to now-revealed super computer. He typed in a few things before turning around to face Bob and triumphantly say, "Mission accomplished. The satellite is now back in my control and I disabled the computer so it will never be used again. Now lets get out of here." Patrick turned to the side and saw a limo with the keys on the hood. They were in a garage. Patrick grinned as he walked up to the limo and tossed Bob its keys. "Now you can drive me away, Bob."

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Bob caught the keys, well short of they hit his hand and he juggled them a bit and picked them up off the ground. "Yes sir, it would be an honor. Hopefully we can do this again, but next time let's leave the parrot costume at home, ok."  Bob got into the drivers seat started the car, put it in drive. As the two spies were leaving Bob rolled down the dividing window, "So Patrick, where to?"

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"Washington D.C." Patrick replied as he leaned back in the limo seat. The mission was successful and he stopped a terrible crime. Now all that was left was for him to go back home and scheme something sinister for some heroes. "You did good Bob, real good. In fact, I would like it if you helped me for one final thing." He deviously said as the car drove towards the sunset.