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This is a fighting thread with me and anyone else. But only one at a time, please.

Frist up,

Sha, Training, Woods near a river. Late afternoon.

Lets dance.

((all RPG rules are to be fallowed to the T. If you dont know any rpg rules, get out of my thread!))

((Occ, can be in the Lexi bar, or the Wal. ^^))

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Lya tied her long hair back up in a black ribbon, as she moved though the tree's, on the ground. Her bare feet made no noise. She stoped short of the river and closed her wild green eyes. Her pointed ears,that could be seen now, Picked up every nose from the smallest heartbeat, to the sighing of the tree's as they sang softly to eachother. She hoped Sha would come soon before her mind would get lost in the world around her.

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Sha was sitting in a tree combing her blone hair watching Lilly jump from tree to tree then to the ground. Sha had no intention on a surprise attack because lilly was one of her cherished friends she jumped down from the tree also making no noise.ready lilly Sha had dawned a new out fit this outfit was red and blue it had a big royal family sign in the middle and a small cape at the back.

Sha's midsection was exposed and each piece of garment fit her tight revealing everyone of her curves. Sha had two gloves on,her wrist watch her garment grid and her two swords were just an arm reach away. She took a fighting stance and glared at lilly with her Blue eyes and innocently said i'm ready

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The girl kept her eyes closed as she heard the womans heart beating softly in her chest. She turned towards Sha with a soft smile on her faintly parted lips. "naturaly.."

She was clad in a skin tight shirt that left the shoulders bare but covered the arms, low cut and black. plan. Aswell as two black gloves, the fingers where cut, She had a skirt on, that was tied to hre wiast, a slit going up her left leg, She wore no shoes, and had nothing else but the ribbon in the back of her hair keeping her long flaming locks out of her face.

As she opened her eyes, they flashed with a wild light of green fire, Like to emeralds cast into the raging flames of her soul. Her face was emotionless, as it was everytime she fought a friend.

She was scared, she feared hurting her friend to bad, but with her powers, it couldnt be helped when she fought.

As her fingers opened as it to grab a ball, Energy, like green ribbon mist, moved fro her fingers, into an orb within the middle of her hand. Her face lowered but her eyes staid on Sha.

"Lets dance."

She brought back her hand to her shoulders, palm out, then thrusted her hands out, both of them, one orb in each, her hands met in the middle reaching out from her chest, Then the fingers looked as if to grip a pice of paper, then pulled back to the sides, The energy moved outward fast, then spreaded out to the sides, The force was strong, and it built streght as it moved though the air and wraped around the girl like the pics of stars exploding, Just not with that much force, more of the force of ten crates of TNT.

she could dogde the main attack, but the force of it moving though the air, will hit anything back, less she jumped about four miles up. or darted under the ground, but being on the ground, even the blades of grass was going to cook.

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Sha saw the attack coming gah! what power She cartwheeled out of the way but the force pushed her violently into a tree She got up a little shaken up but she was fine. Sha had no powers she relied on her brain and inventions,yes lilly was her friend but She couldnt go easy on her not with a attack like that.

Sha pushed the button on her gloves activating them She extened her her hand infront of her and a blue aura filled it the light got bigger and brighter and more terrifying as it stayed cradled in sha's hand. Finnally sha let out a yell Sonic burst! The attack ripped through the Air it generated a sound like a rocket only ten times worst. It had broke the sound barrier as it sped towards lilly.

Sha continued attacking She pointed her hands out towards the river a dark wava shot from it into the river it began to take form. Sha had manifested a huge beast from the water and it intended to splash down on lilly while the sonic burst was coming.

Sha extened her right and left hands out and two swords appeared. The sword in the right Angelslayer a ugly sword with an eye but had critical edges making it dangerous. in the left her Ninjeta Sword a pretty sword built for speed. Sha put one leg foward with the right leg bent back and crossed her swords taking a defensive postion.

ok do your worse

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Lya held her hands over her ears as she heard her friend say sonic. Her eyes glared at the blast as she waited only for a short time, She felt the ground rumble from the river, Not bothering to move out of the way, she gathered the spiritual and body energy, not just from her, but from the gass, the tree's the birds, and everything from the ground, Then she let it out all around her, behind her, infront of her, to the sides of her above and below her. The force was enough to tear grown trees out of the ground, The water left the river as everything was blown back, Like a comnet just landed where the small girl was. "..." She droped down to her knees and grabed the dirt with her fingers. Then she glanced up to see that the blast was knocked back to where it came from, and the beast was gone for now.

Lya was breathing hard as she placed her fingers deeper into the ground. Her eyes still glowing, showing that she was still using her powers. Infact, she was aborbing the energy from the ground, deeper, farther out, trying to aborb sha's energy. She didnt use power, so lya couldnt use the power's conetion to get her living energy. This only made it abit harder for lya.

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While lilly was on the ground, Sha the blast making it's way back to her She broke from her formation and swung her Angelslayer celestrial slash a red beam shot from the sword sending the blast back a lilly She then swung her ninjeta sword and yelled Sentai! beam a yellow blast followed the red beam towards lilly.

Sha Began using her gloves dark powers again jumping through portals attempting to cut and slash lilly before the Beams reached her.

As the birds began to fly away sha remember what it was like when she was a Heroine Fighting on the side of justice always doing what was right for the people. Some reason the birds made her relize that.

She took her postion again and watched closley.