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Silent night, all is calm, not everything is bright. The moon shines down on the land and draws the shilouette of the Zero Tower in a silver and black. For as long as people could think the Tower was a symbol of safety and stability. One reason for this is the massive genius-level computer in the mid of the tower where it can’t be accesses easily neither from the ground nor from the roof.


Silently like a guarddog the device lies resting and its many lights cast a multitude of colours on the walls of the security room. Untiringly the big computer works for the safety of the Squad never asking nothing for return.This night this will change. A shadowy figure approaches it unhindered and starts typing with used and skilled fingers. The changes it does to the system are minor but fatal. Subroutines are reconnected, directives changed, goals of the programming inversed.


The results prove to be desastrous. Without the knowledge of the sleeping Zero Squad the tower goes into defense mode. Doors are sealed, weapons armed and the deadliest devices known to man activated. Gas chambers, pit traps, self shooting guns and many other things invented to take out intruders. Nothing unusual in itself. In its history the Zero Tower has experienced many attacks and the security system was built to defend from intruders from the outside as well as from the inside. But this time there’s a difference:


Zero Squad is considered THE INTRUDERS


<<start defense programm alpha:


Non lethal devices


If not successful: start beta


Lethal devices


If not successful: code omega


Self destruct Zero Tower to guarantee data security


Code Omega will start in T – 12 hours>>


Twelve hours are not a big deal of time but can be an eternity when you are struggling for your life. None of the Zeros knew what would come towards them when they got up. This morning should prove to be a:


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The morning began with a shrill "BEEP BEEP BEEP" For a short violent moment she she considered grabbing her shotgun from her nightdesk and blasting the digital alarm clock to pieces hoping it would be reborn as a trash can in its next life. But instead she decided to give it the 1.000.000th chance and get up. She had never been one for mornings and even her brother in arms Ronin knew not to approach her before she got her first three coffees.This was usually the reason why she got up one hour before the rest. No one really wanted to endure her morning moods and for the sake of team harmony she had decided to prevent that by starting the day earlier than the rest. At least when on duty and not able to sleep tilll she awoke. To get her body and mind awake there was only one way: Get it busy. And is there a better way to get your body online than to swim a few rounds? 20 or 30 perhaps? For her certainly not.  So she made her way down to the basement where she would swim some rounds in the pool.

Some minutes later she stood at the edge of the pool and took a deep breath. The water surface glistened in the golden light of the morning sun and gave the whole situation a fairy tale like atmosphere. For a moment she thought about how it was to live in a fairy tale, a perfect world, and her thoughts got carried away but then she disposed of this thoughts as pointless. "A perfect world would be a world without work" Strange how cynical her thoughts had become lately. Or maybe this was just the morning. With this last thought in mind she jumped. The cool clear water closed over her and she was totally engulfed in the wet element. It caressed her skind and blew the webs out of her head. It's cool touch just felt great as she dived to the bottom and back up to the surface to appear out of the water like a dolphin. Waterdrops would fly through the air, reflectinng the sunlight further like flying diamonds and whirled around as she tossed her jetblack hair back like a nymph from old legends.

Would... If she had manged to break the surface. A sharp pain flooded her mind and she released all her saved air as she hit her head badly. What was going on here? Her hands reached upwards to feel hard steel. Her fists beared up against the unwavering material in an attempt to find a way out. There was none. And she had used all her air. Adrenaline flooded her system, made her stronger and more durable, gave her the sweet powerkick that she usually craved for and gave her some precious seconds to hold out and find a solution. But those seconnds were useless if she didn't use her brain. Something had happened for the pool to close while she was till inside. She could care later about what had happened, her main concern was surviving at this point.
"Think girl, think!"

What could she do? For teleportation she didn't have enough oxygen or concentration. This was a new power of hers and too untrained to use it under such stress. But what remained? The valve! Of course, the f***ing valve. With a single stroke from her long muscular legs she managed to get to the right bottom again. this was not the first time she was thankful for her enhanced mutant body. But she knew she was already drowning. Dangerous blackness creeped into her line of sight from the edges. Half numb her fingers found the valve and attempted to use it. BLOCKED! DANGIT! This left only one way. Rip it out and activate the emergency deflooding system this way. With her feet firmly placed onn the ground she pulled. Her muscles were tested to the maximum as she tried to rip it out. Normally this wouldn't work even if she was fully enhanced but with some luck it was already damaged from rust and... With a nasty sound the valve was ripped from the floor and she could feel how the water was sucked into the resulting whole. It was only a matter of seconds before the whole water was pumped out of the pool and the metal cover was retracted to allow easy reapair access. Not a second too late.

Risky lay on the bottom of the empty pool, half dead and gasping for breath, only slowly regaining her sight and her body control after such a feat of strength. If it had not been for her luck she would be dead by now. The thought how much she loved her original powers crossed her mind again. But there was another thing to do now. Still spitting out water she asked:

"Com..." cough cough "... Computer... what's going on here?"

Only silence answered her and Risky suddenly felt pretty alone. A bad feeling overcame her.Before she concentrated on regenerating the damage done to her system by the lack of oxygen she uttered a single sentence into the silence.

"What the..."
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Prima rolled over for what felt like the thousandth time, that night.  She’d already gotten water, watched T.V. , and opened the window.  It was just going to be a sleepless night, which is what you get when you chose to sleep all day.   Her head turned as she faced him.  Prima rolled her eyes at Acer, and smiled.  Why did he get have sound sleep?  The room had been pitch black, enveloping her in a blanket off comfortable darkness.  Now, the window panes let through thins streams of low light. Pretty soon the Zero Tower would be bustling as it usually is.  Prima always woke up late, unless told before hand not to.  She wasn’t worth much in the morning, but today she had way to much morning energy.  Quietly as not to disturb, Acer she slid out from under the covers, the pads of her feet hitting the cold ground.  She tiptoed to the window looking out.  It was so still, and the signs of morn were barely showing.  The silence added with the stillness of nature, cast an almost unnervingly creep air around. 

Turning around she set off away from the window, as she whirled around her toe abruptly collided with the nearby chair’s leg.  FUUUUU, uhh udge. She said lowering her voice yet again, as to not wake him.  She quietly made her way to the bathroom adjacent to the room.  Might as well get ready, seeing as how sleep was impossible and she was already up.  She took a moderate shower and got ready.  She wore a simple outfit of jean shorts and a purple tank, today she just felt like relaxing.  Sighing quietly Prima poised her hair dryer over her head pushing the button, only for nothing to happen.  This aggravated her, seeing as how it was brand new and wasn’t cheap.  “Whatever,” she said nonchalantly.  She wasn’t going to dwell over the little things today,it was way to early to fight with hair care products.  She ran her hand through her damp wavy hair, It was no big deal, plus she hadn’t worn her hair wavy in who knows when.   Bending down she fiddled through a messy bathroom door, her hand producing a small tube of lip gloss.  Sighing in the mirror she began to apply, she usually wasn’t so tedious with her morning routine, but insomnia and boredom can do that to you.  A weird sound echoed from the window, Prima dropped her lip gloss applicator watching it roll into the shower.  What the hell, she said quietly she huffed into the shower.  She went to the far corner of the shower picking it up. 

Turning around, she was about to walk out of the shower when her face hit the door.  ACK! She said her mouth hitting the door.  I just applied this lip gloss!!!! And This DOOr was not closed! She yelled. Pushing at it, she expected to be let out, but the door wouldn’t budge.  This sparked a thought in Prima’s mind but she pushed it away.  The door was just a little stuck.  She pushed at it again this time a lot more forcefully. Still it didn’t budge, or even make a sound.  OK THIS IS NOT FUNNY, ACER , MOONSHAYDE, OR WHOEVER!, she said.  Suddenly just as easily as she had been locked down, she heard a shift in the shower. Stumbling back, she hit the wall.  Only to be pushed in back to her spot.  Her eyes focused on the wall in front of her it was moving straight at her.  She turned the wall behind her was moving too.  Just as soon as she noticed they moved with more speed, until prima couldn’t even stick out her arms.  This made no sense as prima thought.  She turned to the side pounding on the door that wouldn’t budge, trying to find a crack or make it give.  It was no use, her pounding proved fruitless and now the walls were pushing into her shoulders painfully.  Prima turned again facing one of the imcoming walls to relieve some of the pain.  But she didn’t have much time, soon the walls were pushing up against her chest and back. Nothing was coming to her.  Looking up, she saw the shower head above her.  This was her last chance and she needed it.  Reaching up, her body was the only thing right now stopping the walls from crashing into each other and in a minute even that wouldn’t stop them.  She reached.  Her arms hurt so badly though, but she carried on.  Finally she got it, turning it slightly, she turned on the shower.  A burst of water came through the shower head, soaking her.  Jumping into action got into her aqueous form.  Panic causes her body to stop its rapid production of Water molecules which help fuel one of her most important forms.  But, with the help of the water from the shower she’d be ok.  Her body became to produce the molecules rapidly once again quickly pushing at both sides of the walls that where pushing on her.  Controlling the temperature of the water, she caused it to freeze.  The freezing of the water caused it to expand, just as fast as it froze she heard a crack in the sliver of the shower door on the side of her.  She repeated the process only this time melting the water and producing more only to freeze it again.  The walls that where shoving into her already stopped moving, the pressure of the water hitting them equally as hard.  Freezing the water one more time, The final crack was heard in the door.  Prima shifted slightly her shoulder now touching the door she pushed will all her might hoping the cracks with give. 

Promptly, the door cracked and gave as prima fell out of the death trap she was in onto the bathroom floor.  The water came rushing on top of her but prima quickly evaporated it.  Her breathing was heavy and her body ached from the intense pressure of the walls hitting her on either side.  This was no little prank.  She knew the Zero tower had tricks and a damn smart computer to do it, but this was downright scary.  She braced herself pushing off the ground, reaching out on the counter for support.  She needed to find someone, something was up For Sure.

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As the gentle rays of the sun shined through the window, they landed upon the face of the young Julia. The blue mutant grumbled as she tightened her eyes, trying to keep any light to enter as she pulled the covers over her head and turned to the opposite direction of the sun. Julia didn’t hated mornings, but she was more of a night person, even though Risky and Ronin would try and get her to go to bed early. Sure she may be only 13, but come on, she had seen more than most 13 year olds would EVER see in their entire lives. Not long after trying to avoid the sun the radio flipped on, the sound of high-energy rave music filled her room.

With a long and loud yawn Julia sat up as she rose her right arm high in the air, as if reaching for something that wasn’t there, and arched her back a little. Feeling her muscles, tendons and ligaments slowly stretching and joints popping as she did so. With a sigh she brought her arm back down to side and looked to her left were the radio was at, with a small smile she then pushed herself up from the bed and began to do her morning stretches, something that Acer got her into doing. Reaching over to her right with her left hand she bent over slightly while spreading her legs apart slightly. Moonshayde then sat on the ground and placed her feet out in front of her, reaching out she touched her toes with no problem. After a few other stretches she then jumped back up from the ground and began to do some jumping jacks as she made her way to her closet, the radio still pumping with music, as she then opened it, grabbing some cloths, a black tank top with dark blue jean pants and her small red sweater. She quickly stripped her red pjs off and slipped on her cloths, tugging on her shirt to make sure it was on right she then slipped on her converse shoes as she then reached under her bed, pulling out her black skateboard with its white skull on it.

“Lets go do our thing!” She said with a smile as she opened the door and walked over to the bathroom, realizing she had to brush her teeth, comb her hair and wash her face, but as she reached it she found it to be locked. “Gahh, come on guys, you all take forever, and I’m the teenager here!” She said as she pound her fist on the door, only not to get a response. “Fine, I give up!” She said as she began to make her way down the stairs, she slowly went down step by step until the steps suddenly collapsed on themselves. “AHHH!!!” Julia yelled out as she was sent down ward to the bottom level, sliding all the way down until she slid off the end and hit into a wooden table in the TV room. With a loud crash she stopped, lying on the ground with her face looking upward. “Oh man… what was that about?” She said she got herself up from the ground, picking her skateboard back up she looked around for a moment. “Maybe Jinx is trying something new with the security system?” She said to herself as she began to make her way to the back door, she took off, becoming only a blur as she approached the glass door and as soon as she was suppose to open it to go outside, she ended up slamming into it, and fell back down on the ground on her back.

She laid there for a moment as if trying to make sure what just happened was real. “What the hell?” She asked as she pushed herself back up, touching her nose she felt a warm thick fluid slowly running down from it, she used her right hand to touch her nose to find blood. “I… I think I just broke my nose!” She blurted out as she walked back to the door, slamming her small fists into it, using her super speed to punch it multiple times in only a few seconds. Becoming frustrated she then kicked the door with her right foot and yelled out again. “Come on, OPEN!” She then got a good grip on her skateboard and pulled it back then shot it forward slamming it on the door, only to receive a massive wave of electric energy to be smash into her. She grit her teeth as her head was thrown back, the electricity rushing through her body for only about five seconds but felt like an eternity Her body shook violently as her small sweater caught on fire in the back and she began to foam at the mouth. As soon as the energy stopped its flow, Julia fell back down on the ground, small puffs of smoke rising from her body as she laid passed out on the ground.

She had second-degree burns on each hand as her fur on her hands and fingers became as black as night and her cloths were filled with patches of burn marks. She was still breathing, but it was very shaky she continued to lay there, her healing factor already taking place on her body as her burns slowly began to heal.

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Acer laid there sound a sleep, the world was just a canvas of complete darkness. No thoughts ran through his mind, no dreams came into play that night, he was so submerged in a peaceful sleep that any images that tried to enter his mind were quickly knocked away as not to disturb his sleep. The alcohol as always played it part in helping him have a great nights sleep. This was perhaps one of his favourite parts of the day; he always tried to stay up as long as possible, staying awake until the early hours of the morning. All he would do is stay up with the older members and get drunk, have a good time and play video games. Usually he was the last one to get up in the morning and the last to hit the hay. Known not to be just one of the laziest members on the team but he was probably the laziest person in the world, well i mean come on just look at his three best friends, he was always going to be the hero that would get someone else to save the world if he couldn't be assed.

The room was warm, keeping his body in a relaxed state, a soft breeze from the ventilation shaft made it so he wasn't constantly turning in his sleep. It was just the right temperature for a pleasant night. His head rested on a cool fluffy white pillow. The soft huggable covers wrapped around his body, only covering his body halfway. One leg was stretched outright, while the other curled up into his body. He could feel her tossing and turning, not letting that get in his way of having his rest he simply put it to one side. The sound of foot meeting wood was also not enough to wake him from his eternal slumber, her reaction did however cause him to open one eye, with that he was up. Once he was awake Acer could never get back to sleep no matter how hard he tried. Only one eye was open, it would take the other a while before it joined its twin. Acer didn’t not move, he did not want to disturb her or let her know she had woken him. Watching as she got ready and made her way to the bathroom, he was a little pissed that he was awake so early but waking up to her was worth it. Smiling as he checked her out.

Drawing the covers away from his body. Acer slid from off the bed and placed his feet firmly on the ground, sitting there composing himself for the day ahead, his head rested in his hands as he massaged his temples. Rising to his feet, all he was wearing was a pair of navy blue pyjama pants, they didn't even reach his feet. The air was warm, while the floor was chilled, sending hot down his body and cold rising up, the two meeting halfway. Rubbing his back, his hands grazing the scars all around his body. Looking into the mirror, his hair was a complete mess, quickly something caught his attention, it was complete horror, the most terrifying thing he had ever witnessed, it was a fate worse than death. Even the devil would scream in terror at the ghastly sight, the world was screaming it was so scared at a sight worse than death. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what the fu" stopping he touched his shoulder, there it was a tattoo of Ronin pointing and winking just like fonzy, with the caption, Ronin is the best. "Great, how the hell, did i lose a bet". He couldn't believe it, this was the consequences of drinking, and rubbing his shoulder trying to see if it was a fake but it was real.

Acer knew he was a mess, needing a shower but knowing all the others were probably occupied, he carefully made his way across the room, placing his hand on a certain part of the wall, a secret door opened leading into a private room that was for him and Prima only, not taking any notice of what was in the room, Acer got undressed and got into the shower. The warm water splashed off his body and flowed down his rough skin, it felt like heaven, tilting his head back as the warm liquid soaked his hair. Washing him, the long shower was enough to wake him completely. Finishing washing, Acer got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. Allowing his body to dry by it self. He made his way back into the main bedroom, to notice Prima was still in the shower. Walking out of the room and down the hall, only a towel covering him up. Suddenly the floor beneath him opened and Acer fell straight into the training room. "What the hell" he hit the floor with a thud, looking around the training robots suddenly activated and surrounded Acer; there shape was that of a normal man. "Compy what is going on" waiting for a response, the robots were closing in on him. "I’m sorry sir, have a pleasant day". The computer spoke in a polite manner but the sinister output was there.

Acer looked as ten robots began to show a shining red from the palm of there hands, the lasers quickly made there way to Acer. Reacting quickly Acer created a force field around his body, the lasers deflecting back at the robots and even managed to take a few of them out. Now there was only seven, the rapid fire did not stop, back flipping away from the fire, Acer sing his telekinesis lifted all the robots in the air. Closing his hands the robots body mimicked the movement as there bodies closed in on themselves. "Great its just like 2001" he walked to the door and tried to open it but noting happened, trying to use his powers but nothing. Acer began to cough as he could feel a gas entering his lungs. The walls began to open, revealing a series of guns placed in strategic positions. The gas stopping his powers, he had escaped on crazy hell only to find himself in another.

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Having spent a good night of sleep Nighthunter slowly got up and went to clean up his face in the bathroom, as he was finishing he looked at himself in the mirror and noticed that a small red light was pointing him, without losing any time Nighthunter jumped to his right side just before the bullets were able to hit him, he looked at the attacker and realized that it was one of the machines of security that had attacked him, without losing any more time, he sent a telepathic order to his power suit and in just a few seconds it covered all of his body.

"Suit access the central computer and enter code ANGK-011-BTR-22, codename Nighthunter, verification password: The daring young man on the flying trapeeze" ordered Nighthunter as he grabbed his gun and started to shoot to the machine, as he got closer showing a great display of agility and acrobatics, Nighthunter was able to get close enough to be able to cut it with his just recovered sword, quick and without the problem the machine was cut apart and the threat stopped...or was it?

Soon after Nighthunter got rid of the machine he received a message from his power suit that said that he hadn't been able to access the main computer of the tower, that something was keeping from accessing it. "What? That's impossible..." said Nighthunter with a confusing tone, there had only been one computer he hadn't been able to access in all these years and it wasn't the one of the Zero Squad, in fact if it was still the same one from the time when he was leading the team, it had been designed and created by him.

Nighthunter's thoughts were soon interrupted as more machines like the one he had just beaten started to appear, all of them appeared at the same time and started to shoot at Nighthunter as they did, the number of bullets that went for Nighthunter were too much for him to dodge them all, however with the help of his sword he was able to not only avoid but also block most of them, however some of them were still able to hit him. As the first bullet hit his shoulder, Nighthunter looked at it and noticed that the bullets were non lethal, the same ones used when the team was training meaning that as much as they hurted, they wouldn't be able to kill him.

A smile was formed on Nighthunter's face, the fact that the security system wasn't attacking them with lethal weapons meant that it was still following the pattern for which it was programmed, that information though for many useless had given Nighthunter an edge in the situation, he knew that no matter if the attacks were random, they would follow a pattern and an order which meant that he and the rest of the team wouldn't be going blindly into the battle, that is if Nighthunter could find them, for that he would have to leave the room which was probably locked.

"Damn, I really liked this room" said Nighthunter to himself with a mocking smile, soon after that he charged against the machines and started to make his way to the bathroom by cutting the machines that were on his way, one by one each one of the machines started to fall and as they did Nighthunter kept running to the bathroom until he finally reached it. Jumping into the shower, Nighthunter put one of his explosives in the wall and blew it away, most part of all rooms was indestructable, however one wall of all bathrooms had been left vulnerable on purpose in case that someone needed to escape on an emergency.

Using the hole in the wall, Nighthunter left the room and started running across the hall in search for the rest of the team, they had to regroup in order to stop the threat that was at hand, if they didn't there wasn't many chances to survive this experience as there wasn't much time before the defenses changed to level two and then things would get uglier. As Nighthunter started running to the closest room, he was intercepted by robots who usually pretend to be statues in the mansion.

All of them had been programmed to imitate the fighting skills of any member of the Zero Squad, past or present, not only that but they were also armed and had a strength above the one of any human, in other words Nighthunter was in alot of trouble, grabbing his sword he started to run to where the robots were and charged on them, displaying the best his agility and swordmanship could offer, without knowing if he could win, but sure that wasn't likely without help.

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The world came back with a blur and... pain. Her lungs were bursting, her head nearly exploding. A groan escaped her throat as she struggled to get back on the knees. Oxygen loss can do horrible things to a body and her recently gained rudimentary regeneration factor only worked slowly. She didn't know how long she had been without sight but it couldn't have been long but it felt like an eternity nonetheless. Unending darkness all around her. A horrible feeling. The pain as the healing worked was excruciating. What had happened here at all? The steel cover of the pool had suddenly cut her off from the surface. This was not supposed to happen. Something went terribly wrong. And then the computer hadn't answered also. Nervosity crept in her mind and led to another burst of adrenaline in her system that accelerated her healing factor. With a seemingly legendary feat of strength and endurance she pushed herself to her feet. Her head still felt like she had partied for three days nonstop and a nasty cough brought up small amounts of blood. She felt really miserable and didn't even want to know how she looked. As she moved small flashes of pain told her of the massive muscle ruptures that she had taken while ripping that vent out. Her perception cloudied and her head ringing she made her way up from the bottom of the pool to the now newly opened opening. No capacity to think about anything but moving, setting one foot infront of the other, slowly making her way through the room to her clothes and even more slowly donning them. She didn't even have the strength for cursing what told a lot of her recent condition. Almost stumbling over her own feet she made her way out of the room.As she exited the door something made her stop.

What was wrong here? She didn't know but her senses were suddenly alarmed. She didn't know what but something was definitely wrong here. A strange feeling overcame her like she was being watched in this steel hallways.  Like knowing eyes that sucked in her every move and turned it into a strategy that was used against her. But her new found danger sense didn't tell her anything. On the other hand it had not warned her of the pool as well. As useful her new powers were she still had to get used to them, learn how they worked. So she had to rely on the old things, the ones that she was used to. She had now regained most of her perception and watched the corridor closely as she proceeded through it. Another door only strenghtened the feeling and it grew worse and worse with every other door she went through. A weak tickling in her neck that sent shivers through her spine and set her senses on alarm. Now it was clear. Something wasn't right. Almost panically her eyes shifted around and looked for something tha might be there but she didn't find anything. This was how a paranoic must feel. How could she... Oh no! That was it.

The corridor number was totally wrong! It told she was on the 3rd floor but wasn't she supposed to be in the basement? How was that possible? As she went through the next door she looked on the sign again. 5th. The next one told 1st. Then 12th. Then 17th. Then 9th. This sh1t was creeping her out. Was she moved or did Zero Tower move, which was technically not possible? She started to run. Numbers rushed past her in a blur and every number told a different thing and had a different colour, it was as if they were laughing at her, 9s and 6 with wide open mouths and 7 benindg down in horrible laughter. She had enough of this. With the living room on mind she teleported away...

Just to land in the girl's locker rooms. What the heck was going on here? Was she going insane? Was she loosing her mind? Were her artificially added powers freaking out on her? Was someone playing tricks on her? In despair she let a deafening scream echo through the room.


But then it all came clear to her. The oxygen loss! Of course. Her brain had received some damage and was plaing tricks on her till the damge was repaired. That was the explanation for everything. And also why she had landed here. When she was fully recovered everything would be right again and she would be able to meet Jinx to tell hiim of the problems with the pool. He could certainly take care of it. But now she needed a little refresshing. She walked over to the sink to refresh herself with a little water. As she looked up into the mirror she already expected her image in the mirror luaghing at her for being so silly but what she saw was far far worse...