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Roots of The Umbra

The League of Shadows is a sect of fact and fiction, mesmerizing myth and terifying legend. What all stands true and what lingers as a lie is a forgotten element forsaked by the sands of time. A pedestrian on the street might say they are a folktale, while a old seasoned man might say they were tied to the assassins of Abraham Lincoln or something even further back. For that is the meaning of the shadows forever unknown on some element. And if you think you know the depths of the darkness it is only because you've ventured so far down that you have lost all sense of direction. What does remain sertain however is that the Lebaue's were apart of its creation from the start and rarely were they ever not apart of the Shadows of true conspiracy. Only twice has this been the case, when Surreal DiaBlo ran her own orchestrated foundation of these assassins and the one who reighns as Grand Master now. DiaBlo was one of the best martial artists in the world and the most likely to be the actual best. It's said that she died but to one so astute in body and mind and when they lay in bed with secret weivers who are we to say that her death is true. As that chapter closed on the League though it was only a matter of time before they were reformed.

LeBau and the legacy of their family reconstructed the reforming of those who hide in the apsense of light. In effort to return them back to the original nature the team became one with the shadows. The places below kingdoms waiting for rulers to slip, that most obscure hiding place the corporate leaders fail to see. Families by black mail and deception believing themselves bound to the League. Like all good uncertainties though many of these people do in fact owe them. Where the facts and fictions stand is never one clear. Jean lead them well as he always had, very first mission targeting the Justice League and causing much harm before they could ever get a proper footing. Caught up in other matters more pressing however Jean had to step down from his place as the King of Assassins. So it was that a new Grand Master needed to be set in place. The last foundations went back to being memories when Lebau stepped down this group refused however. Blades clashed, walls painted by bloody arcs and when it all came to a end Alezra Blair Roxom had claimed the seat. How though like all good legends is unclear left for the mind to wander upon. From the Himalayan Mountains spreads a new layer of shadows, one seaking to eventually uproot the world into a new age.

Belief of the Clan

Slavery was not abolished by the shaking of ones hand. The Holocaust and the events around it were not halted by words. Free nations were not formulated on soil of diplomacy alone. Throughout the ages what was deemed best for the world was found upon bloody earth. To keep these cherished walls held up more lives had to be ended, strength proven. From first glance perhaps you see murderers, in truth we are the foundations of revolution. The darkness is necesity for the rightfull solution. It is our objective to keep balance, our objective to strike from the night and drown cities, empires and yes even nations if we must for the brighter world. We are not monsters we are the trail of black that follows every living organism.

Tiers of the Family Besides the League Members

Tier-1: The Novice of the family the ones with little more then twenty marks under their name. Skilled are they but nothing to the higher ups, they are earning their stripes. Never the less still formidable black clad light armored servants of the Shadow.

Tier-2: Skilled and no longer deserving of being ranked a novice. The Elevated are adept in their trade. For some it is the range kill, for others silence, some can level buildings with their explosives that are seamingly to small to even notice. Their trades vary all though are clad in red and exceptionaly deadly.

Tier-3: The Umbras are the ones you simply don't know of untill time is quite likely far to late. Skilled in stealth, espionage, their weapon of choice and the trade they picked up from being Elevated. Uniform they do not have, if they do you wouldn't know because that is their reason of existance. To catch you unaware.

Tier-4: They are really more between two or beside three. These are the servants the added fire power, the Facade of a clan. They might be a Keresh guard, a bet or guardian of a member. Maybe they are the Symaarian on a seemingly obscure patrol, a mercenary aparently just looking for work. What ever the origin be it a obvious soldier or a young child playing with your daughter in the drive way they are the added element seen or unseen further backing the misdirection that is the family.


No difinitive religion resides in the walls of the clandestine Monastery named such by the locals. Regardless there are a great many tales hinting at the mists and electronic disruptions around this place. How it happens to be that its so hard to locate by most means remains a mystery. Some think they know, some actually did. Note the past tense of did, they took the secret with them as they were buried or atleast that is what the legends say. Cloacked in many ways and by natural snow many died trying to see just the majestic insides. Historical art, and lavish design of various nations and societies make it a splendor to behold. This is the home for the many rooms modified to owners liking and a gratifying haven for the secretive sect.

Garden Sancta Camisa

Sacred is this landmark its reviving properties provided by meditating are mystic, quite posibly supernatural. It is open to all members, it is excessable to select few. A part of the rich mythology of Camisa is lost and so its not always welcoming it rewards though with the constitution to listen however.


It is not one place but rather many, rings arenas and various stages where all train and elite ascend. No hour, no sight is ever not in use by somebody from the elite members of the League to the other members of the family belonging to the Tiers all use these back drops as a place to fine tune the arts of war.


Beneath the monastary and within the mountans is a labrinth, and a tomb. Many have died in the existance of the LoS and it is here they lie. Scripture's writen for each telling of what they did and who they are. Of course a maze is this place there is much here that contains secrets of a time long forgoten.

Bangledash is excessable trough traveling the caves of the mountains. Following them would lead to the underbelly of businesses. A hidden place where the best weapons and measures of stealth and intrusion can be found. As a global organization they need somewhere not constantly suffering the disruptive fields of the mountains. It is here that they house acess to sevral satelites as well. The world is said to have a ever watching eye, they have the eye that never blinks. From the coast is also merchants and shipyards ever providing more.

The Pits

Located at both the front and back of the monastary is a whole reaching a mile down into the earth. Constructed by an orbital laser shot and then with sevral pounds of glass dropped at the bottom Alezra hopes for it to one day over flow with the dead. The walls are perfectly smove making climbing out almost imposible. At the top of Mount Everest somewhere dug into the side is a similar hole dug in though much wider and built into a prison. It is said in legend that some are forced to climb out of the prison if they betray the League and wish to continue with life. Its an extra mile deep however with walls just barely climbable to make it just short of imposible to escape. Nullifying feilds ment to shut off all abilities forged of magic and science.


Only a fool tells every place they dwell and only a fool thinks that a assassin lingers there for long. How many ties dose the grand master have, how many does she know with ties? What about all the other members of the clan? Only one thing can be sertain they are likely somewhere close and you just aren't seeing them. The closest friend may often have your back, you can never part though with your shadow. And that shadow, the darkness it is us.........


We are not exactly a lovable bunch, fight if you wish just don't go blowing everything up.

To join just pm me we have rather open doors here. It makes more sense to be evil or a neutral leaning that way. That doesn't mean we cant spin it so a hero is in decieved by us.

With labs and means to keep a cloacked apearence we except more then mercenaries and assassins. Don't shy away just cause your not a ninja

Most of all have fun

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Fowler arrived with some ninjas as they practice hybrid combat arts on the foyer


good to be back

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@Rumble Man: Observes from room

bed soon lol its 4am

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nite dear

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If ever asked how many ninjas dose it take to do *insert something*? The most probibal answer is....no you dont :)
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Better subvert assassin guild stereotypes ;)

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  @Rumble Man
  Well Rumbles I must depart, I asure you its not for sleep. Im just stalking a target ;)

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Kovak slowly sharpened his sword, a ringing sound of metal on metal reverberating around the base.

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@614azrael: Go get em tiger

@Kovak: The bioborg stopped the training as he asked the ninjas to go for a small errand, namely an assassination of all the rats within a small village in tibet. On his gesture they all vanished to leave with most pesticides and rat traps from the base "Well hello there, is that a katana?"

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@Rumble Man: Kovak stopped, looked up and stared. although his helmet hid his eyes, he raised one eyebrow. "It is." he stated simply, his voice sharper than the sword.

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"Can you do that thing where the ninja walks past an target, and when he says something cool the target splits in half?"

Fowler is curious because those blades looked like something out of a gillette razor design. Also that he watched cartoons with those kids at Tritonian elementary.

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@Rumble Man:"Define 'cool'." kovak said with no emotion. The modern day vernacular was all too alien to him.

(Gotta go now, my gf will be here in a few minutes. I'll continue when I get back. Feel free to reply for now.)

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"A nice word to replace that will be amazing, awesome or just plain 'great' whichever it is that suits you"

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@Rumble Man: "You ask if I can run past an opponent, striking him, stand beyond my target, and, as I utter a dynamic phrase, my opponent may be cut in two?" Kovak asked simply, his grey eyes showing inspiration as he understood. "You know how to find out." He spoke flatly as if he was merely stating facts. His hand tightened on the handle of his katana, and he tensed, ready to drop the sharpening stone. He did, however, continue to sharpen the blade, albeit more cautiously than he had before.

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@Kovak: [gtg for a while, will reply later]

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@Rumble Man: (No problem bro. I'll be here chilling.)

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Residing on the top of the roof of her room the Grand Master of the clan watches. Below in one of many court yards her daugher is being observed mixing abilities and energy blades against many of the younger less experienced killers. Imbued with a order to be the victor however the tiers would fight to a point just short of death. For that was Alezra's way, true growth in the art of conflict could only come by a edge of death encounter.(complete with pretty typhoid pic fo no reason lol)

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@Experiment_50: ^.^ i tries

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@614azrael *Shark hugs* ^_^
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@Experiment_50: @Experiment_50: >.> <.< hugs then has ten ninjas spar with him :P

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I like the detail you put here. 
*Destroys base* 

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@614azrael *Eats ten ninjas* >_>

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Kovak stands in the courtyard, moving through katas seamlessly. His sword danced through the air as he moved with the pure liquidity of a cat.

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@Experiment_50: note to self shark people arent good sparing partners

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"yes like in the cartoons" Fowler prepared an apple "Here" the bioborg tossed the apple his way as he is eager to see the results. Will the apple smack the floor, will it be eaten or will it be severed into pieces.


Kick 'em in the claspers azzcats

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@Rumble Man: Kovak moved like a shadow. His sword swung up with such velocity one would have been forgiven for thinking it was made of liquid metal rather than being a straight-backed razor. The gleaming metal passed through the apple six times so quickly Kovak didn't even need to wipe the blade. In an unexpected turn, he caught all twelve slices neatly on the flat of his katana. As he finished moving, the sharpening stone landed on the floor with a crash.

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"Well, that was different bug it was still amazing that you used a tech to make your blade appear liquid. I can do that anime trick but your master over the blade almost made me think that you can do magnetism" Fowler picked up the six pieces and ate them as he determines the smoothness of the slices in his mouth, they are down to a cellular level. To say the least he is impressed .

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@Rumble Man: "My efficiency is rivalled only by my humility. You honour me with such words." Kovak said simply as he sheathed his sword.

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"So how exactly did you manipulate your blade so it moved in a mercurial manner?"

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@Rumble Man:"I have my creators to thank for that. My masters." Kovak answered, a small gesture with one hand showing his loyalty to the Tenebrasque In elite.

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"Ah I see, so you are just like me but in reverse. Good to meet another cybrid being, if you ever need a place to stay I know somewhere where everyone is just like us"

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@Rumble Man: Kovak nodded, and, in an incredible display of compassion, embraced his brethren in a powerful hug.

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Fowler hugged him back

"there there, you can rest your worries now because a place exists for our kind where we can live in peace without human tyranny"

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@Rumble Man:"Indeed. I was crafted with a particular blend of hatred for humans." Kovak mentioned nonchalantly.

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What was the reason for making a new thread?

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@DarkSorcerer said:

What was the reason for making a new thread?

I think that Az couldn't get access to the team account. There was a technical error or something.

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@Madam_Jade: The cold soul known as Kratesis flickers into visibility beside her, likewise upside down from a ornate wooden rafter. She had observed the jaded servet of the league for a time unnoticed and found her driven by some powerful inner fire which propelled mortals to surpass their limits. To reach the peak of human ability, and then crawl further. To do what could not be done.

This intrigued her.

Kratesis says nothing for a time, simply observing the exotic amazon with eyes as silent as her voice. Eventually she speaks. 'Why?'

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@Kratesis: Startled, the archer's legs slipped over the rafter and she plummeted to the distant floor. She quickly broke her fall and rolled across the bloody mat, snatching her discarded bow and coming to a stop on her knees, arrow drawn and aimed for the stranger. "Why what?" she asked sternly.

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@Madam_Jade: Kratesis lets her legs slip from the darkly stained wood rafters, falling through the air casually. Waving a hand at Jade's fists, and speaking even as she plummets. 'Why do this? Why the-' She lands on her feet, knees bent at exactly the right angle, muscles flexing and controlling her landing to such a degree there is no humanly audible sound. '-drive, the sacrifice?'

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"We provide life for all nonhumans, but at the moment we prioritize machine life..." Fowler responded calmly in a soothing voice

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Thanks Curb. N Mery's right we couldn't switch up acount n such so made new one.
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@Kratesis: "My reasons are my own." Jade answered coldly, standing up and easing her pull on the bow string, but keeping the arrow nocked.

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Kovak smirked, spinning his sword as the ninjas who so desperately wished to spar with him leaped forward. He watched as their eyes betrayed their rage, their fear, their hatred. He tightened his grip on his own sword. He swallowed, feeling his Adam's apple bob comfortably. He shifted his weight ever so slightly.

Then he moved.

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@Madam_Jade: What reasons could propel a mortal to such accomplishment? Each day must be a day of grueling training, each night a time of short and painful rest. Of all the things that made up a mortal Kratesis respected the drive the most.

'Ye are an archer, as just as the one known as 'Longshot'.' A slight touch of admiration flickers in her violet eyes, Longshots accomplishments demonstrated the true strength of a mortal. 'Are ye as skilled?'

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@614azrael: Curbside prophet wasn't part of the conversation lol.
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@Kratesis: Jade's eyes went bloodshot, a surge of anger swelling inside her. Without warning, she lunged forward and set her arrowhead against the girl's neck. "Don't you DARE compare me to him!" she shouted, breaking her quiet and contemplating tone.

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Clad in black. Adorned with gold. The blood red Queen sits upon a thrown of bones.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth Dat Naamah ;)