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As the title suggests, this will be a RPG thread where we can experiment with this, aka the noobie thread. We will do our best to follow the rules set out in the Official RPG Rules thread, which if you haven't read it yet I suggest you do before posting. The idea will be that is like we are drawing a comic book cell by cell, only its alive and their are many artists! Now, to get this party started...


Your Comic Vine character finds themselves in a "white space" (for example The Matrix loading scene), finding 1) the first thing they need to do is describe themself in appearance only. You find yourself without powers initially, except for one Power only that may be chosen from the Official list of Powers on Comic Vine and that Power will only do what the description says - more on Powers later. 2) After declaring your description (what others initially see) and power (example - POWER: Super Hearing), you need only say one sentence (sentence defined as can stretch across the screen), other's might hear this, and you pop into existence suddenly. 3) This is where you get to choose a single feature of the decoration of the "white space", which can be touched, smelled, or heard. The feature may not be another character but you may additionally describe briefly other characters already present to acknowledge their presence. 4) Then your character's first action will be to be standing/sitting down/lying down, observing their new enviroment and waiting for a response. This helps you make your first post, your introduction into this RPG.


One other poster must have posted after your last post before you may post again. Then 1) You may have one Talk Action which consists of approximately one page text wrap or continue talking at the expense of ... 2) You may have one action that possibly affects another object in play - more on Affecting Objects Actions later. 3) You should at the very least describe what your senses tell as a "thought balloon" in response to your surroundings and other's actions, and described as the type of facial expression or body language you are trying to convey for your character's mood. 4) After every ten posts by your character you may choose to witness a new feature (note: which may affect a current feature as long as it doesn't affect other characters, otherwise you may not be successful in witnessing a new feature - see: Affecting Objects Actions) of the "white space" (which may no longer consist of any white space as the story goes on), which if they don't declare outright that post may be used by another character, and this feature may be a NPC. 5) After every 20 posts by your character, you may choose only one more Power from the Comic Vine Official list - more on Powers later. If you don't choose to use it, it may not be used by other characters, and you keep it in reserve until another 20 posts by your character have passed.


Affecting objects in the enviroment is automatic if 1) You have the necissary Power to affect it in the manner you want to, 2) If you affect it in a normal (aka average human) way, 3) AND if no other character is interacting with that object. Interaction is that character has the object in any way in their possesion.

Special Consideration

If an object is being interacted with by another character, you may attempt to interact with it as well but your action must be open ended aka no conclusion drawn as to how successful your attempt is. The other character may use an action on their turn to determine its success and if they don't use an action then you may determine its success for a free action on your next post. Other characters may use an action to declare they are assisting your character, in which case you may use an action on your next turn to determine the success and if you don't then the opposing character may determine the success for a free action on their next post. This is also the manner fights between characters are determined.


Powers are from the Official list on Comic Vine and do only what that description says. Powers reveal any talent your character may have that is above average for a average human being.

Every Power is considered to be first Weak, then Adequate, Okay, Good, Great, and Super. To make a Power increase, instead of declaring a new power at your 20th post, declare an increase in an existing Power to the next increment. In game terms, this gives you only one extra action with that Power only every 2 increments. So Adequate (2), Good (3), and Super (4). Also, Power's whose description can be deemed as giving more time to a player (for example Super Speed or so on), recieve an one extra action with that Power - and any Power whose description gives more time to a player defending from a action's success (for example Danger "Spidey" Sense or Telepathy or so on) and they choose to use that in determining the success of Affecting Objects, in this case their character, receive one extra action as a result. Also, Power's that affect the enviroment only affect those objects already in play and do not act a free way to bring new objects into play - for example you may summon a other dimensional being or magic with a power but that demon only exists as a way to affect an object and then no longer exists unless it is your 10th post or someone using a 10th post that you have not.


1) Be clear on declaring ACTIONS.

2) Have fun!

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A handsome man with a lean muscular build, light skin, hazel eyes, brown hair, and about six feet tall. He is wearing a forest green tooke, forest green knit cotton shirt, tanned leather riding jacket, durable brown carhart working jeans, and a pair of black steel toed boots with worn soles. Most noticeable is his eyes seem to be green one moment then blue the next and his distinctive large side burns. With a grimace he grunts out, "Now where do I find myself today?" and observes that he finds himself standing in a field of 2 foot high green grass which seems to stretch off into infinity but the "sky" remains a bizarre nothing of white. There doesn't even seem to be wind.

POWER: Weak Healing

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Buckshot floated in the white sky aimlessly. He had no idea how he'd gotten there and no idea how to get out. He could see nothing but white in all directions and figured that if anyone could see him, he'd stand out like ink dropped on a white tablecloth. His holograms were currently generating the image of a full grown man clad in a very "Matrixy" outfit. He wore combat boots, long pants, a trench coat over a muscle shirt, gloves, goggles and a face mask, all black. He looked human except for his right arm, which was obviously that of a robot. Since he was in fact a robot, it wasn't that strange. His body was that of a tall, athletic man. His hair was black to match his clothes and his eyes (if they could be seen from beneath his goggles) were green. His systems seemed to be malfunctioning and the only thing he could get to work were his holograms, and even that wasn't up to snuff. He could only use them to alter his own appearance, he couldn't even project illusions with any kind of distance. Until he could get the rest of himself working it would have to do though. Of course he couldn't begin to do anything if he couldn't get around in the white space.

"You know what this place needs?" He asked to no one in particular. "It needs some gravity."

As soon as the words were out his mouth, Buckshot started to fall. He spun himself until he was facing what was "down" and suddenly green filled his entire field of vision. There was ground and it was coming up fast. Hopefully his metal body would still be in one piece when he landed.

POWER: Weak Illusion Casting
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"Ouch! Will you get off me, you weigh a ton!" He had no idea how this happened, one second he is floating in a sea of green grass and the next thing he knew he was standing in a sea of green grass, only to get to observe it up close and personal a second later. He was in a lot of pain but he seemed to be slowly on the mend. He wondered when the weight he felt pressing him into the grass would ease up and hoped that he could appeal to whatever it may be...

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"Ugh. What did I land on? It's so bumpy and...talking?" Buckshot quickly got up and noticed that he'd landed fallen on top of someone else. "I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was here." Buckshot held out his metal hand to the man he'd almost crushed to death and offered to help him up. "Need help? I'm Buckshot but you can call me Bucky. Wait, no you can't. Anyway, who are you?"

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The weight released, he rolls over and sits up to see a dark man. A very dark man indeed. "Buck, huh? Got a thing for black, eh?" Rubbing the back of his head, feeling the bruises and bumps, he grimaces. "Well, some call me Wolvie, but you can call me a pain in the ass. That was quite the introduction, do you usually greet people by dropping in like that?" Wolvie grins to take the edge off, trying to show that he is alright.

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"Black is a good color. Dark, mysterious, like a ninja, you know. Sorry for crashing into you like that but I didn't really have any say in the matter." Taking a look around Buckshot headed for a small hill not far away. Calling back he asked, "You have any idea where we are? No matter where I look all I see is green and white. If you're not injured we could walk around some, see if find anything or anyone."

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"Ninja? Nevermind, so you're saying that you have no idea where or what this is either?" Wolvie stands up, ineffectually tries to brush off the grass stains, and starts following after Buckshot. "Say, where are you going? Its green grass over there, just like here. Besides, I'm a bit on the sore side, we could just wait here until something happens. Hopefully it happens to you this time, though." Wolvie grins and cocks his head a bit to the side in a playful manner.

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"I'm not really going anywhere, I'm just trying to see if I can get a better view." Buckshot surveyed the land but continued to see nothing but more grass. He was getting a little frustrated. It's not like he had anywhere to be, but still, being trapped in some weird white-world isn't the most exciting thing. "If you wanna just sit here I guess we could do that, but if nothing happens soon I might go crazy."

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After a long night of drinking Mighty Magneto wakes up a little hung over. Standing at 6'2" and weighing 190 lbs almost all muscle. Opening his Bluish-gray eyes he sees only white, wondering whats going on he trys to stand. Only to find he is floating in the air and not by his on power of Magnetism. Hes long dark blue cape floating behind him he adjust his black helmet showing his bluish-gray hair an indicator he is not as young as he once was. He wears black body armor to protect him in melee combat. He can hear two people talking in the distance one of witch named buck and they other wolvie.

"What the hell is going on" he whispers

He suddenly falls hard on to the ground. He stays quite hoping he had made no noise. He decides to hide inside a near by cave until he can learn more about what is going on.

POWER: Weak Magnetism
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Fourpower woke up floating in the sky. He had long blonde hair, blue eyes, good build, and a slightly evil grin. In the sky, he wondered-"What's happening to me?", and fell down to the ground. He heard two characters talking, but wasn't sure whether or not to approach. He also noticed movement in a nearby cave, so he went to learn what was happening.

Power: Weak Fire Control

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Mag hiding in the darkness of the cave felt a cool air blow from deeper inside. He looked in the directions of the breeze but heard someone coming towards him. He spun around to see what appeared to be a man coming towards him. It took a second but recognized this man as Fourpower and waved him over. Trying to still be as quite as possible.

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"Hey Buck, looks like we didn't have to wait long for something to happen! Look over there!" Wolvie points to where another dark man and a blonde haired (possibly naked?!?) man just popped into existence and seemingly dropped into the grass and out of sight! At seeing this he just combs his hand through his hair rather dumb founded. "This day just gets more odd by the minute..." he grumbles while shaking his head.

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Fourpower was wearing a long red cloak, with gold streaks. He noticed that the grass was tough and sharp, and it stung his legs. When he saw Mighty Magneto in the cave, he strode quietly over. "What do you think is going on?" asked Fourpower.

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"Not sure pal, but i think one of those guys over there saw you coming over here" Whispered Mag to Fourpower He pointed towards two men over on a hill. Mag turned away from the entrance looking into the darness of the cave. He remebered that Fourpower could control fire and asked "Fourpower can you give us some light not to much i rather not be see anymore then we already have been."
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Suddenly, the grass doesn't seem as lush and inviting to lie down in anymore. Feeling very uncomfortable in these surroundings now, Wolvie begins to step very carefully towards where he noticed the two figures disappear from sight into the grass to investigate what just happened. "Buck, I'm going to go see if those folks know anything that might help." He adds sideways over his shoulder so that he doesn't lose sight of were he thinks he saw them. It only seems to take a few steps and he is now looking down into a hole which seems to expand into a larger gently downward sloping cavern from what light there seems to be shining into there. He can just barely make out the shape of the blond man from the color of his red-gold cape as he strides further into the cave, but the dark dressed man is no where to be seen in the gloom of the cave.

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Buckshot let Wolvie go closer to the cave without following right behind him. He wanted know what was going on but he wasn't going to run blindly into a dark cave, he'd watched too many movies to do that. Besides, he currently wasn't equipped to handle himself if he had to fight. Instead of coming straight at the entrance of the cave, Buckshot came at it from an angle so anyone looking out wouldn't be able to see him. He walked slowly and quietly, no one would hear him coming.
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Mag noticing that one of the men was now peering inside the cave and the other man had disappeared. Decide to wait inside the darkness to see what would happened he readied himself for a battle but since he still had a hangover was hoping it would not come to that.

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Crusader woke up suddenly in a grassy field. "Where am I?" he wondered, "I don't remember anything that happened before this very moment." He suddenly shivered realizing that he was only wearing black spandex suit. He seemed to remember something about a sword..."Where's my sword!" he screamed to no one in particular, "I need my sword." He quickly jumped up and promptly forgot what he was screaming about. "That cave seems inviting," he said to himself, "perhaps I will find the answers I seek inside of it." POWER: Weak Unarmed Combat
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Mag now quickly recovering from his hang over senses a metal object close by outside the cave large enough to be a person. Mag thougth to himself perhaps using his power of Magnetism he can bring this thing into the caves opening for him to see.

Mag attempts to pull the human shaped object to the cave opening.

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Buckshot watched as Crusader appeared out of nowhere. "I'm never going to get used to that." He mumbled to himself. As Crusader made his way to the cave, Buckshot crouched down and remained perfectly still in the tall grass. With a quiet beep that only he could hear, he activated a hologram that would change his appearance. He now looked just like the grass he was hiding in and since he wasn't moving, someone would have to step on him in order to know he was there. As he hid he felt a little tug. He didn't know where it was coming from so he stayed still. "There must be some kind of magnet close by. I'll be fine." Though Buckshot was metal, he couldn't be affected by affected by magnets thanks to the unique kind of metal that formed his body. However, he still had a little normal metal in him that could be affected. It wasn't enough to leave him at the mercy of a magnet, but enough for him to be detected by powerful metal detectors.
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Autowoman appeared in a strange place. It seemed to be just --blank. All white, and no way to tell which direction was which. She was a beautiful woman with shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. Thick bangs settled on her forehead as she looked around her. Her body, however, was red, and covered in a sparkling, red starfield. Her entire body glowed a bright, but soft red. Whenever she moved, one could hear a tinkling sound, like crystal being lightly struck.

"Well," Autowoman said aloud, "it looks like we're not in Los Angeles any more, Fae."

POWER: Weak Telepathy (with computers only)

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Crusader wanders toward the cave in no particular hurry. It seems obvious that he is muttering to himself and small snatches of words like "fight...water...hungry" can be heard. The words are seemingly at random and they seem to have no meaning

As Crusader approaches the cave he realizes that there are other people around it. He stops, looks puzzled, and asks "what is going on?" in a loud voice.

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Mag after trying and failing to bring the object to the opening wondered what kind of metal could it be that he had no power over. Giving up on that thought he notice a third man coming towards the cave. He thought to himself i wonder if my powers work in this place if i am unable to move metal objects with me powers not even alittle what can i do. He decide to wait until someone else made the first move.

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Crusader, slightly rebuffed because he did not recieve a response decides to formally confront the people outside of the cave. As he approaches he feels a slight shiver as if the metal in his blood was being touched. It soon vanishes and he continues on the way toward the cave. However, he decides that the inhabitants may be hostile so he tries to imagine how he would fight.

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Post Deleted.

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With no one really doing anything, Buckshot thought that he should. Standing up and deactivating his grass hologram, he appeared as he had before and looked as if he had just materialized out of thin air. "Anyone know what's going on around here? We got people dropping from the sky and no buildings in sight. Where are we?"

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Mag seeing one of the men begining to enter the cave braced himself to attack. He jumped out off the darkness and said as loud as he could.

"Halt what is it that you people want"

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Crusader, shocked by the sudden apperance of the two men, stopped short. "Where am I?" he asked, "does anybody know how we got here."

Suddenly he stopped..."I am sorry, I seem to be forgetting my manners. My name is Crusader...I think...actually I'm not sure, but that is what I would like you to call me...What are your names?"

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Autowoman now found herself in a large, grassy field. Not far away was a group of men near a cave. They were a strange bunch, each dressed in strange clothes. Then again, she glowed in the dark.

I wonder who they are, she thought to herself.

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"Sup Crusader. My names Buckshot and the guy over there is Wolvie." Buckshot pointed at Wolvie as he spoke to Crusader. Before he could say anything else he noticed something red in the distance over Crusader's shoulder. "Hey!" He called at it, "Are you a person? Come over here!"

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"Very nice to meet you Buckshot," Crusader replied and then looked over his shoulder to see what he was talking about.

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"See that, what is that a woman, over there? She's just standing there watching us." Buckshot turned to face Magneto, "Hey helmet guy, wanna go check this out?"

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Mag looked over buckshot thinking something did not seem right but decide to go along.

"sure why not names Magneto yall are"
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"Alright. Let's go talk to that red chick." Buckshot walked past Crusader and headed out and away from the cave again. He didn't want to leave the other guys but he figured he should meet the new person. Another beep went off in Buckshot's head and his hologram created a name tag that read, "Hi! My name is Buckshot! What's yours?" and made it appear on his coat. This way he wouldn't have to keep telling everyone he met who he was.

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(OOC: Autowoman only saw the cave. She hasn't moved to it. But she's about to.)

IC: Autowoman walked over to the cave to join the five men. She saw they wore everything from regular clothes to outlandish costumes. As she approached the men, she greeted them.

"Hello," she said. "I am Autowoman."

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While everyone was focused on the girl Mag went back into the cave and ran deeper into the darkness.
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The red woman had reached the cave before Buckshot had had a chance to leave. When she introduced herself he pointed to his name tag. "Hey, do you know what's going here?"

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Mag went deeper and deeper into the cave using a ball of magnitic energy to guide him to small for anyone else to see. He turned left then right and continued to run forward. He came to a large metal door witch he opened with his powers and went inside locking the door behind him and sealing it shut with his powers.

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Autowoman looked at the name tag and saw the name, "Buckshot". She looked up and saw that he was entirely metal. A robot, prehaps? Or armor?

"No," she answered. "I don't know what's going on. I just got here, myself."

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Buckshot noticed Autowoman looking at him funny. What's wrong with her? Can she see that I'm no human? That doesn't make sense, I have a hologram up. It's gotta be something else. "Well Autowoman, it looks like no one knows what's going on. We all just appeared here for no reason. I haven't really talked to the others but I get the feeling that we're all equally confused."

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Mag now feeling safe once again alone. Looked around to see where he had ended up at, it appear that the only way into the room was the way he came in. Mag using his powers of magnetism lite up the room and was amazed at what he saw.

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Buckshot was getting fed up with the situation he had found himself in. First he had thought it could be fun, a learning experience for the relatively young robot, but now he was just getting bored. He decided it would probably be best to head out alone and search for something, anything, that might be out there. Turning to face those in and around the cave he said his goodbye. "Alright guys, I'm heading out. I don't know if I'll find anything but I know that I won't if I stay here."

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Autowoman looked around and noticed that one of the men was missing. It was the one in the blue costume and black helmet.

"Where did the one in the blue outfit and black helmet go?"

(OOC: I don't think she was introduced to Magneto...was she?)

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Crusader blinked, the past few minutes had passed in a blur and he had not uttered a word during the whole conversation. After Buckshot said that he was going to find out what was going on Crusader made the decision to follow him, whether he liked it or not.

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While Autowoman looked around for Magneto, Buckshot found himself wandering over endless fields of green. He'd left as soon as he'd finished speaking and had gotten a little distance between himself and the others. He could still see the cave but he was far enough away that he was comfortable dropping his hologram. Now "naked" save for his coat and goggles, Buckshot looked almost like a T-100 robot. He wasn't as bulky as one of the Terminators but he had the same human shape. With nothing to do but walk, he decided to start running his self-diagnostic to see if he could figure out why parts of him were malfunctioning. Though he didn't know it, his sensors were obviously broken too since he had no clue that Crusader was following him.
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The place mag had entered had a living area kitchen dinning area and some weird room with a computer in it. He went to the computer and saw a note the note read:

Who ever finds this place beware. There are a great many mysterys unknown to you still you have all that is here to use. But know you where not put here for no reason you must find a way......

At witch the note ended and Mag scratched his head a little more confused. He looked over towards the kitchen and remember how long it had been since he last ate. Running to the kitchen he open the ice-box and got out a beer and some food sat down and ate.
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Post Deleted.

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Crusader began to wonder what was talking the helmeted man so long to return from inside the cave. The logical part of his brain told him that he had run away, but he didn't understand why anyone would run away from him. Crusader began to practice what he hoped were very intimidating martial arts moves...

He began with a simple punch in the air which quickly progressed to full on kicking and screaming. He looked around adn realized his surroundings and suddenly stopped as he saw Buckshot leave and began to follow
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After eating and drinking Mag found him self heading towards the living area of the room. Where thank the heavens he found an Xbox 360 hooked up to a hugh 62" TV. he decided the only thing to do was to play some NFL Madden 07.