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Lady Nightmare and Psysis stand across the Japanese temple with only air and tension in between them. Though the both of them were good friend both of them wonder who was truly the best. The temple it and ancient wooden fight ground. Lady chooses this place because it was her former home and created a fighting sprit. Great warriors have fought in this very place and now it was there turn.

Lady was over whelmed with anticipation; much like a couple waiting on a pregnancy test. She was finally going to fight her true equal. Psysis was not as powerful as her but still possessed great inter strength. She gazed at her opponent that stood across from her. Lady studied his features then peered at his face. Her mind wondering if he was reading her mind  She dare not plan her attack for he would know before she did. This fight was going to be based on total instinct.

Now she and Psysis would discuss the terms of the fight.

No telepathic attacks said Lady Nightmare

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Lady smirked at her friend’s remark. Her hands loosen as she took a defensive posture. She teleported behind Psysis as quickly as she could. Lady tapped her tattooed opponent on the shoulder.

Don’t  i worry hurt you… badly

A soon as those words came from her lips; she was ready to fight her adversary.

Lady teleported in front of Psysis and quickly gripped his shoulders attemping to shove her knee in his chest. There were no cheap shots in her book.

Hiya! she yelled

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Lady Nightmare teleported just in time, allowing Psysis to breath againa and remind himself that he wuld never aunch an attack like that against another friend, no matter the stuation. Not knowing where his opponent was, he decided to scan the area with his mind even though they both agreed on no telepathy. Searching through the area, he located her thought patterns and discovered that she was right behind him, but something else startled him. "Are you hurt?"  He turned around to face her, and noticed a small stream of blood run down the side of her body and arm, dropping down into a small puddle on the ground.

He quickly drew his attention to her movements which gave him his answer as she seemed fine. As she lifted her leg, Psysis had already crouched down suspecting that the attack would come sweeping down and around towards his legs, not even reading her thoughts. As her attack swept down, he smiled as his suspicisions were correct and blocked the attack with both of his arms pushing him backwards. "Alright, i think its time to use the weapon that i have been saving up for this...."

Psysis jumped into a nearby chamber and pulled out a backpack, opening up the bag, he pulled out two paintball guns and tossed one at LN's feet. "I wanted us to have a little fun in this, the guns are already loaded.'" He quickly aimed at LN and rapidly fired dozens of paintballs towards her.