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In the inevitable aftermath of an appropriately successful incipient round of the martially prestigious KOV tournament, the Mercurial Maestro finds himself abruptly pitted against an opponent of ominous telekinetic potency. Circumstantially unaware of the presently absent challenger's martial attributes due to entirely distinguished universal origination, the Martial Arts Einstein waits in characteristically atmospheric patience for the anticipated arrival of his heroically altruistic foe. The calculated conditioning of intellectually peerless mental faculties combinationally coupled with the technologically accessible combat-oriented data boasted by the computerized futurism of the M.D.D.S. serve as the dominant dictators of Don Andres' impending battle-strategies and tactics of martial premeditation.

Fashionably differentiated from his initial bout in the illustrious combat tournament, the Poised Picasso's physically perfected frame is form-fittingly enveloped in a luxurious, three-piece, two-button Ermenegildo Zegna Centennial suit, flawlessly augmented by the stylish aestheticism of an accompanying vest of aristocratic flair followed by the joint inclusion of a captivating silk tie lightly customized by his prominent initials. The presented exemplification of sartorial excellence culminating with elegant cotton-silk, and a collar bar wordlessly speaking volumes of the Stylish Spanish Savant's habitual preference for classy attires. The Cultured Catalan's smooth raven hair, recently cut short and close to his head around the back enabling fashionable blending of the sides into the top layers with maintained length for a showcased back sweep and suave presentation further enhancing the Combat Scientist's visual formality, inappropriate for impending battle.

Situated in the peculiar House of Leaves, Andres Knightfall finds himself standing in his lonesome, an extended corridor of visual bleakness serving as his ambient surrounding. The unnecessarily stretched corridors culminating into distantly positioned passages of dark murkiness. Momentarily trapped in the maze-akin infrastructure until the determined conclusion of an inevitable bout, Rey Blanco waits, elegantly folding both arms behind his back, inherently mirroring the genetically-acquired regalia of his soft-spoken father. "This I hope, proves more entertaining than my last match", words conveyed by simultaneously positioned enthusiasm and composure. Impatiently unfolding both arms, the Don stylistically materializes his prioritized Beta-Trion bow and arrow from internally-implanted Trion reserves. Holding the artistically designed bow in his right hand while a selected triad of arrows are held by his left, the Martial Arts Michaelangelo instinctively anticipates the frenetic emergence of his mystery opponent.

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This place was dark, uncomfortably silent and heavy with a sense of foreboding. The prince of power walked slowly along the corridor listening intently for the sound of his opponents approach. Seeing no more than 15 to 20 paces ahead of him clearly and the unnatural cold of this room confusing the champion, the air felt like a stiff breeze yet there was no flow or draft just a resting a chill. This place seemed to contradict every one of Edwards senses this environment was a collection of mixed signals. Just the perfect conditions for fighting another unknown quantity to him, an unknown opponent is a potentially hostile and confusing location. "Great i feel like i'am in something from the Twilight zone" Edwards casual remark bearing no echo in the apparently endless corridor adding further confusion to the nature of his location.

Minutes of walking passed the environment no less hostile. The darkness still as all encompassing the air just as bitter and the silence still surrounding him. But whilst his other senses where confused he could detect a scent that wasn't there before, a powerful waft of cologne from the dark no doubt the first signs of his opponent. Stepping cautiously forward his opponents form started to slowly emerge from the shadows. His opponent well dressed and armed his abilities non apart from a sight. Considering approaching to offer a hand shake like with his previous opponent he paused for a second as his target had a weapon prepped to attack and he wasn't gonna risk getting hit with a surprise attack. Simply nodding his head his gaze fixed on his opponents hands as he completed this gesture. Standing a mere 10 yards apart the prince looked over at his opponent and assessed how best to approach in such a confined space.

Firstly he would have to gauge his opponents skills and powers, then he would have to try and exploit them to his advantage. First things first lets see how quick, strong and skilled this man is in H2H. In the blink of an eye the prince of power closed the gap his right arm shooting towards his opponents bow arm attempting to push it away towards the wall as his left arm canoed towards his targets heart. Dead center of mass the easiest place for a skilled martial artist to block if they where fast enough. His hands only the diversion to his real opening as he swung his head forward aiming at the collarbone of his opponents bow arm, having just recovered from a collarbone injury himself he knew that a successful strike with his armored head would render his opponents bow arm almost useless, if of course he could land it.

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Offering a polite inclination of the head as his reactionary response to his visually hesitant opponent's tentative nod, Andres' perpetually prepared mental faculties and intuitive combat-oriented awareness served as a fundamental operator of battle-centered anticipation. Secondarily relying on the technological futurism exemplified by the computerized sophistication of the M.D.D.S., the Mercurial Master Arts Maestro's preparatory psychological control had mentally rendered him the premier presentation of composure. Evidently unaware of his wordless opponent's relentless physical rapidity, the Knightfall Don's subconscious utilization of evolutionarily acquired electro-perception served as a frenetically alarmed form of sensory precognition.

Instantaneously detecting the minuscule electric fields generated by the minute muscular movement prior to the commencement of his assaulting antagonizing, Don Andres' instinctively habitual preference for methodical counter-striking complimentarily coupled with preternatural reflexes and elusive physical acceleration were immediate in combinationally contributing to his defensive response. Sensory anticipation foreshadowing his armored challenger's attempted shooting grab had enabled the Poised Picasso's bodily transition into a sideways posture in relation to his approach attacker, nimbly mirroring the machinated footwork necessary for a swiftly executed sidestep further facilitated by the circumstantially absorbed momentum from his opponent's antagonizing push enabling the premeditated evasion of the subsequent attacks with decreased energy consumption. With simultaneous efficiency, Rey Blanco's countering leg had incited fundamental chambering, diagonally across his body prior to linearly extending it towards his opponent in coupled conjunction with flexed abdominal muscles.

Opportunistically exploiting the carelessly exposed openings of his opponent's approaching physical frame, the Charismatic Catalan Cobra was abrupt in pulling his toes back for the appropriate targeting of his challenger's unprotected temple with the penetrative heel of the foot. Intelligently capitalizing on his opponent's advancing head, Andres' countering sidekick exercises pragmatic maximization through the energy-amplification of internally inhabiting Trion components as well the augmentative force additionally accumulated by the implementation of blitzing acceleration, enabling the perfected execution of a countering sidekick characterized by prominent physical potency and monstrous force. Explosively transitioning from a previously utilized cerebral, conservative counter-striking style, Andres inherently channels the excellently conditioned muscular strength of both legs, bending both, culminating in an athletic aerial vault. Acrobatically tilting his body away from his previous position with artistic aestheticism, the Don's exemplified martial combinations of precision-based counterstriking and distance-control serving to hopefully frustrate his opponent into recklessly pursuing him and committing mistakes.

Perpendicularly positioning himself in relation to his target's location upon the creative conclusion of an elegant landing, Andres stylistically wields his Trion bow and arrow. Expertly holding the bow in conjunction with his habitually preferred eye, his left, the Melee Maestro jointly holds the bow in his right hand while drawing the string with his left. Placing his index finger above the positioned Trion constructed arrow, the Don draws the string hand towards his face, lightly resting it at the corner of his mouth, an instinctive practice of his selected shooting style. Relying on the peerless precision, magnifying telescopic sight and unrivaled ocular clarity of evolutionarily escalated vision for immaculate accuracy in the execution of his shots, Andres loads a solitary Trion arrow on the specialized bow. The entirety of the adoption of his stylistically exemplified shooting style occurring in the virtual absence of time. Mercilessly targeting the Prince of Power's exposed spinal cord, the lethally released nigh-unbreakable arrow targets the thoracic spinal levels with the intent of inducing paraplegia.

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The princes opening salvo produced much valuable information. But before he could utilize this new found intel his swiftly countering opponent landed a stinging blow to the back of his head. The strike jarring Eddy's skull within his armor bouncing it off if its metallic covering and sending him stumbling back as he shook his head. This man was clearly a skilled fighter, for a kick of that nature requires some serious agility. But the choice of the attack told Edward more about his opponent. This man could of landed a simpler strike and if he remained planet on the ground he could of continued to counter with ease if he so wished ,yet he choose flamboyancy and a risky move for a slightly larger pay off. Something he could work with, along with the rough assumption of his opponents physical attributes he could now come up with a legitimate game plan.

Shaking off the vicious scorpion tail like curved kick Edward could no longer see his opponent. No doubt he utilized the momentum generated from the kick to traverse the wall on his left and land elsewhere in the battlefield his landing masked by the body shock in reaction to the blow. Feeling a small but sudden gust against the still cold air an alarm went off in his mind ARROW. Instantly his mind reaching out towards the projectile focusing on it from tip to fletching fighting its flight from all directions. Compressing its kinetic energy back into potential as it came to a stop with a "TAP" against the infamous union jack armor. "Shoot a man in the back would you?, fine i see no further reason to be gentlemanly about this" Turning and facing his opponent Edward gestured with hand snapping the arrow in several pieces and firing them back over his own shoulder into the cold endless dark of the corridor.

His hands shooting towards one another sending a shock shock wave radiating from his palms , what little light that once glew faintly in the corridor extinguished leaving the two opponents in absolute darkness the cold dark air closing in on them both. Focusing his keen telepathic mind he launched a torrent of energy at his opponents mind, striking at it from all directions clouding the area around his head with his own mind. His telepathic presence like a storm cloud around the fridges of his opponents brain sending a barrage of lighting like mental probing bolts. Each bolt aiming at a cluster of nerves prepped to send vast amounts of surging energy into them. Its affect similar to putting a mans mind into a microwave. The explosion of telepathic force could overload his targets nervous system and cause enough trauma to easily put a lesser man to his knees or to the grave if Eddy focused his thoughts for long enough. Edward was not going to kill this man but he needed a lesson in manners and his mental assault was held a little longer as a result.

As his he pulled the lingering fringes of his mind back within his own head the prince gestured with his right hand. A torrent of telekinetic energy freeing itself from him and shooting towards his opponents chest. The arena around him vibrating in the dark as his attack shot towards the man who once again he could only smell.

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The evolutionary acquisition of biologically sophisticated combat-centered anticipation rendered possible the expectation for his initial countering sidekick's encountered success, the subsequently fired Beta-Trion arrow however, was the precision-oriented product of ostentatious gambling and while potential success harbored realistic plausibility, his opponent's intellectual evasion boasted the equally potential failure of the attempted gamble as well. "Bueno", a lightly manifested smirk of intrinsic aristocratic flair serving as his most prominent response to his opponent's verbal discontent with Andres' extravagantly executed assault of long-ranged lethality. It seemed, just as he had incipiently intended, that his combinational coupling of a cerebral counter-striking style of atmospheric conservatism, and the spontaneous transition into a more intensive approach had successfully commenced the necessary frustration in his opponent's mental integrity.

Clever creativity had abruptly governed the Prince of Power's tactically sound eradication of existent light sources. Indeed, had he been presently engaged against an opponent devoid of preternatural sensory perception, the Brit's intellectually logical maneuver would have undoubtedly encountered accumulative success. Unfortunately, the Poised Picasso was no habitual spammer of genetically escalated vision. A merciless telepathic approach soon followed however, his opponent's ruthlessly displayed psychic potency stinging at Andres' apparently exposed mental faculties and central nervous system. Abruptly enveloped in momentary agony and physically impairing pain, the Cultured Catalan's instinctive reaction was the unmistakable clutching of his head. Fortunate defensive mechanisms ensured by the technological futurism of the M.D.D.S. appropriately coupled with the subsequent aid of physically interior Trion and indomitable mental fortitude of esoteric origination had enabled the necessary defensive response to a vicious assault of telepathic ominousness. Temporal rapidity dictated the M.D.D.S.' efficient replacement of damaged nerve-clusters with the technological superiority of zepto-bots. Quickly, the energy-absorbing properties of biologically interior Trion reserves readily absorbed the bulk of the antagonizing psionic energy prior to the metallic compound's secondary property of energy-amplification subsequently escalating the attack's telepathic potency dramatically beyond the Prince of Power's original assault. Smartly redirecting the telepathic attack towards his opponent's mind with even superior potency, the Martial Arts Einstein was quick to transition to his offensive maneuvers.

However, his opponent's assault had not encountered conclusion, and thus, Andres was intellectually forced into yet another defensive approach. Circumstantially, the Brit had wrongly selected a telekinetic course of action, one that would undeniably favor the Combat Scientist. Relying on the provided telekinesis of the Zero Field, Andres too was a manipulator of the versatile force. Opting for a premeditated defensive counter due to mental rapidity, Rey Blanco calmly positioned both palms forward, fully extending both arms, enabling his open palms to face his opponent in visual darkness. Allowing the telekinetic energy to explosively wash over him, sustaining only minor superficial damage due to the energy-absorbing properties of multi-layered internally implanted Trion as well as his existent telekinetic expertise, the Knightfall Rey was quick in utilizing Trion's energy-amplifying properties for the subsequent counter, redirecting the telekinetic blast with exponentially greater potency than his opponent's previous attempt, generating an enveloping telekinetic wave of physical enormity and unrelenting energetic potency, intent on violently rendering his challenger an externally dismantled individual. Finally commencing his offensive approach, arguably the globe's most lethal blood-bender instinctively adopted the necessary stance of his personalized, Corporal Influyen, blood-bending style.

Exotically constructed hand shapes and rigid arm movements, not unlike a puppeteer controlling a marionette soon followed as in this instance, Andres opted not for the rather basic attempt at hydrokinetically controlling his opponent's internal bodily fluids for violent contorting, but rather opens his deadly assault by seeking to disturb the Prince of Power's blood supply to the brain with the intention of inducing a series of strokes while subsequent blood-bending transition governs his following targeting of the Brit's unprotected red blood cells, intent on bringing forth their abnormal breakdown for the biological inducing of hemolytic anemia. The creative culmination of his deadly blood-bending assault locating itself in his concluding attempt at disrupting his challenger's blood pressure, intent on rendering him vulnerable to the crushing force of atmospheric pressure, confident that while his opponent's telekinetic aptitude might enable a crude defense against certain blood-bending assaults, that would largely depend on his opponent harboring not only knowledge regarding the lethality of blood-bending, but a combinational awareness and biological expertise to identify the exact, ensuing effects on the presently antagonized body.

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Edward could feel his opponents consciousness fighting back from under his telepathic reach, he could tell its wasn't a form of telepathic resistance but some form of redirection of his abilities effect, like some sort of ethereal sports helmet cutting off a portion of the attacks potency. His keen perception of telepathy sensing a surge an amplification of his own attack building around the epicenter of this resistance the force floating for a second its reach growing as it drew in this added power. The sudden release sending the surge through the plane between the two fighters. The force of this telepathic shock wave stunning the champion as the force merged with his mind, a brief moment of pain followed by the realization that no real harm was done.

His opponent was skilled but perhaps he was unwise to the subtle sides of how telepathy works ( though Edward was far from orthodox) this power was an extension of his thoughts his will. A catalyst from his own mind able to alter and interact with the waking world. A redirected hit of his own creation could do him no real harm unless he willed it to. Redirection of a mans thoughts cannot harm the man who thought them, sending his own energy back at him just resulted in its re-absorption. The nature of the attack itself but a simple stutter on the mental level of a seasoned telepath the rest of the energy striking his own telepathic energy and dispersing after a short shock to the system like a short but severe brain freeze. But without time to delve into the how's and why's within his own head much longer the prince felt a huge surge in air pressure. The walls and floor shaking violently as they creaked and cracked screaming aloud as if in pain before crumpling under what he could only assume was the redirected energy from his second attack.

Falling through the abyss, segments of the corridor dropping past ,memories of a sturdier time when they was one. To much of the corridor with him plummeting for his opponent to be spare of the fall the prince assumed as the ground struck its heavy blow across the champions back emptying his lungs and sending a shock wave of pain through his spine. Pulling himself up onto one knee the prince of power felt an unnatural twitch within him. His body tight, his heart racing and then it struck. A concerto of agony as his veins began to contort and twist sending this symphony of agony throughout his nervous system. Edward knew this was his opponents work and he had little time to make it stop as his body was already trying to shut him down,trying to spare him the pain. With no other choice he focused in desperation on his opponents mind once again this time without subtlety and finesse just his full unrelenting power aimed at striking hard on the opponents brain stem, a telepathic nerve strike at the bodies link to the brain. A venomous strike stabbing out at his targets epicenter of his his brains ground zero, no mater how this agony started it surely wouldn't be able to continue without the function of the brain even if it only brought him seconds.

Reaching for his left boot the champion pressed a switch releasing a syringe of adrenaline slipping it into his shaking hands and jabbing it home into his neck, it would by him the few extra second he would need. Looking up at his opponent as he stepped closer a faint light above his opponents head what only he could assume through the blurring fringes of his agonized vision was another segment of the corridor about to strike down on them both.

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Having methodically redirected the ostentatiously generated energy of psionic origination towards the psychically potent Prince of Power, the Martial Arts Einstein's tactically prioritized objective regarding the meticulous execution of gradually reducing his telepathically dependent opponent's physical endurance had commenced. Previously implemented defensive protocols in response to the British Challenger's incipient psionic antagonism experienced technological adaptation. The intellectual replacement of biologically organic substance with the escalated efficiency of computerized Trion-constructed zepto-devices served as the appropriately utilized strategic action in precognitive suggestion for inevitable telepathic assaults. With artistic acrobatics and nimbly executed footwork, the Mercurial Maestro elegantly dodges and evades incoming debris, the collateral product of destructively erupted telekinetic force from previous counter-attacking redirection.

With instinctive desperation of evolutionary incipience, his universally differentiated opponent was quick to counter with a secondarily manifested telepathic assault of intellectually lacking projection. Previous computerized actions of combat-oriented precognition stemming from a duality of studious observations and historically cataloged martial data logically governing the M.D.D.S. subsequently defensive resort. A prominently overcoming series of violent mental stings jointly accompanied the brutal decimation of the Knightfall Don's targeted brain stem, successfully accomplishing the intended impairment of organically founded cognitive activity, motor functions etc. Despite the existent suffering and unrelenting agony, the Charismatic Catalan Cobra's frenetic replacement of vulnerable biologic substance with internally-implanted technological components for escalated pragmatism had enabled his resumption of the ensued battle in the aftermath of an indulged pause, a resultant occurrence of the previously unaccounted for motor damage. Presently relying on the robotic futurism of M.D.D.S. zepto-bots for elevated conscious functioning while simultaneously operating Trion-influenced devices rapidly absorbed antagonistic psionic energy, Don Andres' perpetual immersion into offensive approaches encountered potent continuation.

Relentless indulging into the undisputed lethality of his personalized blood-bending style, Corporal Influyen, the Knightfall Rey's ruthless series of intended strokes found no impending conclusion. Plotting for accumulative offensive effect, Andres' peerless blood-bending potency governed his merciless intent to continuously disrupt the blood supply to the Prince of Power's brain with irreversible spontaneity, the fundamental objective, to induce a violent series of strokes that would not stop until the fated conclusion of their battle, a tactic constructed for the further impairment and deterioration of his opponent's physical condition. Simultaneously, the graphic boiling of his opponent's bodily fluids would be attempted via the frantic heating of the challenger's internal liquids, the entirety of the internal attack originating from the esoteric deadliness of Corporal Influyen. Heightened sensory prowess was instantaneous in detecting shifted airflow generated by the approaching debris, instinctively prompting an athletic, aerial vault, culminating in an elegant landing upon successful evasion of projected structural portions.

In the aftermath of nimble evasion, immediate action occurred. The Poised Picasso's habitual adoption of his favored 'Mano de Dios' fighting system serving as a testament to his current desire to exercise unrivaled martial expertise in close quarters. A manic step operated as the precursor to Andres' immersion into characteristic high-speed movement, approximately 55,209 miles per second. Within closing distance of the Prince of Power, the Martial Arts Michaelangelo's antagonistic attempt was made. Reaching for his opponent's legs with both arms while simultaneously maintaining close distance between his sculpted chest and opponent, the Stylish Spanish Scientist would subsequently utilize obtained positional force to lift and slam his challenger onto the ground in a power-boasting double leg takedown, hoping to exercise the acquired momentum, his potentially superior physical strength and speed-augmented force to slam his opponent into the ground with unmitigated physical power. Hopeful that his blistering speed would function to render his opponent's attempted physical reaction ineffective, Rey Blanco, should the intended takedown find logical success, would methodically transition into full mount prior to the materialization of a virtually unbreakable Trion constructed Delta Arrow in his left hand from internally-contained reserves. With inherent pragmatism, Andres would rapidly move to pierce the arrow into his opponent's exposed shoulder for the underlying purpose of using the projectile's technological components for the manipulation of the Brit's Delta Brainwaves, the conclusive intent, to induce schizophrenia, and ultimately render him incapable of accessing his overutilized telepathy.