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Enthusiastically opting to participate in an ostentatiously orchestrated fighting tournament, the undisputed Martial Arts Don's obsessive pursuit of perpetual martial arts excellence intrinsically coupled with his intellectual intention regarding the cabalistic collection of knowledge centered on the globe's premier combatants served as the combinational contribution to the capitalization of an opportunistically commenced objective. Circumstantially pitted against the physically potent Adhene in his incipient battle in the extravagantly cultivated tournament, Saint Andres' genetically originated composure seizes conscious influence over his mind, immersing his mentally fortuitous consciousness in a poised period of patience.

The impending battle's unorthodox establishment in an exotic world, aesthetically similar to that of Earth yet entirely composed of appropriately adaptive insects. Positioning himself in an open insect-infested field, El Caballero's artistically mesmeric, dark blue eyes studiously surveyed the fauna-congested world, Bugworld's resident sunlight aesthetically reflecting off of prominently captivating eyes. Atmospherically and naturally identical to Earth save for the insect-based composition of 'everything', Bugworld's cloudless blue sky warranted its only existent source of aestheticism. The technologically exemplified brilliance of the M.D.D.S. exponentially aiding Rey Blanco's evolutionarily augmented sensory perception. (Unquantifiable # of insects detected. Initiating construction of strategically advantageous battle-theories). Arms aristocratically folded behind the Dolce & Gabbana clad Rey's, inherently mirroring the emitted regalia of his father's nonsensical, gentlemanly demeanor, Andres' accumulative desire for combat instantaneously governed his proceeding actions.

With charismatic calmness, the Martial Arts Maestro's arms unfolded. Resorting to the tactical utilization of the anomalistically originating Zero Field in a frenetic fusion with his rarely relied on ability to adrenally augment himself, the Knightfall Gentleman's physical attributes experienced dramatic escalation along with the simultaneously stylistic generation of an optically piercing, fluorescent red hue in his eyes. Momentarily taking in the unorthodox yet strangely serene setting of his environment, the Don crossed muscular arms before a perfectly chiseled chest, a subtle smirk of atmospheric charismatic appeal, concealing arguable cocky intent. This was no serious battle, the Mercurial Morte's self-cultivated philosophy of silence during battle would be forsaken. Intent on verbally taunting and jestingly clown his opponent, Andres murmured in a moment of self-conversation, "Where is this nino?".

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Tournaments? Fighting for entertainment and joy. Something he had alway found beneath himself but here he was going for a fight. He was repeating the conversation he made with his 'savior' in that empty dimension. For the sake of the timeline. That was the reason young man had given him to join this tournament but the real reason he came was actually to pay a debt once and for all. He had seen these torunaments as a waste of time. For sometime he was used as a gladiator to entertain somepetty creatures and coming here was like living those bad memories again. He knew knowing your enemy was a big part and he knew he was missing that part here. Morte Knightfall was the man he was gonna face but he knew nothing more than a name. With lack of knowledge he had to rely on his strengths.

For a man who hears the world staying on a place made of bugs was like a nightmare. His brain was full off sizzles. He needed a minute to adjust his mind. Sound was overwhelming but he was getting used to it with every second. He flew far above to get a better look. Below him there was a world made of bugs. He easily located the man standing alone in an open field of bugs as he heard Morte talking to himself. Without a second though he dive in before slowing down and then stopping as he made the way. With all his might and fiery eyes he stood above the man, looking down at him. There he was in the posture of a god. ''The waiting is over.'' His voice had a serious tone.

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Atmospherically radiated amusement delicately blanketed the enveloping, ambient air, a tauntingly raised brow by the Mercurial Morte presenting itself for the catalyst of the supposed humor enjoyed from the analytical observation of his opponent's chosen attire, tights. "So, you're Adhene?", the Martial Arts Maestro begun, a soft chuckle of derision had escaped, "Senor, perhaps you would like my ponytail", gesturing towards his silky raven hair while simultaneously poking fun at his physically prominent opponent's receding hairline, "It will keep your hair from going south". Briefly transitioning mental focus from verbal linguistics to their ensuing battle, Don Andres was instantaneous in the appropriate adoption of a freestyle-based fighting stance, boasting no apparent, traditional evidences to historically documented martial arts.

Instantaneous in his explosive eruption of iconic, high-speed movement, the Charismatic Catalan's rumbustious rapidity mirrored the aesthetic presentation of teleportation, founding the incipient generation of faint, deceptively-positioned after-images. Perpetually exercising his nigh-peerless martial arts perfection, Rey Blanco's antagonizing initiation of the assault originated from his exemplified exercising of unorthodox striking. With a quick turn of the heel, he further augments the momentum cataclysmically collected from kinetically-enhancing high-speed movement for the impending execution of his commencing attack. Masterfully turning his core muscles and back, the Stylish Spanish Storm Shadow swings his left arm, bending it at an angle approximate to ninety degrees in a simultaneous horizontal arc into his opponent. Utilizing the adjoining bones of the humerus and forearm as the prioritized attacking force of his ensuing elbow strike, the circular movement of Don Andres' antagonistic elbow encounters combinational support from the fundamental shifting of his body weight to his lead foot, enabling the pivoting of his lead foot and generation of necessary kinetic energy through the hips, torso, and shoulder for the absolute maximization of striking power. Targeting the right side of his opponent's exposed chin, Andres' elbow-hook strike is performed at a precise speed of 67,915 miles per second. The lethal combination of his perfected muscular strength, telekinetic and adrenal augmentations, flawless striking technique, overwhelming speed, and the energy-amplifying qualities of the Trion perpetually present in his body, enables the Polite Picasso to strike with unmitigated force and physical potency superior to that even of those proclaimed to be "gods".

Exercising immediate transitioning from his elevated position by athletically arching his back in simultaneous execution of a backwards somersault, nimbly positioning himself behind the physical imposition of his opponent. Upon footed, physical elevation, the Catalan Knightfall opts for an internal approach as opposed to his initial external strike. Utilizing his lead fist, Andres explosively extends the arm in a straight path towards his opponent's unguarded right arm, moving his index finger forward for an impacted strike reliant on an extended knuckle. Concentrating force onto a smaller area, the Knightfall's approaching knuckle targets the unprotected ulnar nerve running posterior to Adhene's elbow, if successful, permanent nerve damage will follow the discomforting paralysis experienced by his opponent. Intentionally avoiding reliance on habitually utilized grappling techniques for the time being, Andres opts to exercise distance. Materializing a bow and a series of arrows stylishly strapped to his back from the internally-implanted Trion metallic compound in his body, El Caballero abruptly leaps considerable meters from his opening challenger, his feet landing with effortless elegance, his mind already engaged in the fierce formulation of a following series of attacks and counters.

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''You can call me that. Cloan ny moyrn. A good describe'' Upon answering, the elegant looking man continued in a non elegant manner. ''Rudeness is the weak's imitiation of strength. Don't fall into that, my friend.'' he spoke with a contempt of the man's attitude. It was ovbious that the man adored physicality and off course his own image whereas Adhene had seen physicality as a distraction from the reality. A non factor. While the man prepared himself to the coming battle with gettin into a fighting stance, Adhene gave an evil grin. Watching Morte's posture he tried to make an observation to what his move would be. He stopeed flying as his foot has met the ground.

Morte moved with a speed that matched no other men Adhene had seen. Following Morte's moves would be impossible for most people but he wasn't most people. Morte's speed and moves were spectecular and even with Adhene's fast perception following the way he moves was hard. As Morte threw his first elbow strike towards Adhene's chin, Adhene moved with an immense speed. For the instance was too unpredictable and he was not the person to use full force in a battle who is not on par in strength with himself, he didn't use his super speed on an immense level. As he Moved his leg as if he was trying to draw a circle on the floor his body started floating while making a spin around himself. He looked like someone was pulling his strings from behind. he was not quick enough to react therefore the elbow strike had found his chin but with both of them moving the same way and leaving the elbows expected crashing place, the power of the strike was lowered. Adhene took a step back with the pain coming from his chin and grinned with joy. Even after the impact his opponent kept going. Adhene sees his opponent getting behind him after a quick glance. As Morte moves he moves his body with an exceptional speed and coming let's his eye beams go loose towards his opponnent who comes with the hopes of making another impact. The second the heat waves goes out from his eyes Adhene's body floats behind as if the beams are pushing him back.

(Side note: I AM NOT GONNA BE BALD :'()

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Upon his opponent's frenetically-formulated heat-based counter, the Martial Arts Intellectual's anticipatory combat skill perfectly coupled with his evolutionarily escalated sensory perception had appropriately gifted him with an experimentally constructed, combinational precognitive system. Further aided by the technological potency and methodically cataloged combat-based data of the M.D.D.S., the Spanish Michaelangelo was realistically capable of predicting his superhuman opponent's energy-based counter-attack, intellectual analysis by the Charismatic Catalan founded his determining of Adhene as an individual of superman-like qualities. With the accumulative addition of his blistering speed, he 'could' have exercised an effortlessly executed evasion, he however, did not.

With the studious intent of analytically assessing his challenger's power-based potency, Mercurial Morte willingly succumbed to the brunt of the god-like being's luminescent heat beams. Even with the furiously fused efforts of the energy-absorbing properties of internally implanted Trion, the subsequent Beta-Trion of his white stylish light body armor coupled with the telekinetic and adrenal augmentations, the sheer kinetic force of Adhene's powerful beams further knocked Andres into the distance, his equilibrium forsaking him as unrelenting force willed him off his feet. Instinctive aerial re-positioning in a period of poised acrobatic artistry contributed to Don Andres athletically tilting his feet towards the ground, fundamentally arching his back for the immaculate completion of a flawlessly executed backwards flip, concluding a gentle landing of nimble elegance. Visibly sustained burns wounds however, did little to affect Rey Blanco's taunting demeanor. The Trion fundamentally found in his person was largely successful in the defensive absorption of the heat beams' energy, substantially minimizing its previous potency. Smirking whilst indulging in momentary verbal linguistics, Andres continually taunted his opponent, "Come now nino, is that the best you can do?", he paused, a cockily escaped chuckle intrinsically following his previous words, "At this rate you'll be on your back more than a pornstar with a mortgage".

Physically positioned in a perpendicular manner in regards to his target, Andres stylistically wields his bow and arrow. Dependently holding the bow in conjunction with his dominant eye, his left eye, the Martial Arts Maestro masterfully holds the bow in his right hand while drawing the string with his right hand. Placing his index finger above the positioned Trion arrow, Andres' mentally opts for a more fluid motion of shooting. Drawing the string hand towards his face, he lightly rests at the corner of his mouth, a habitual exercise of his preferred shooting style. Relying on the peerless precision, magnifying telescopic sight and unrivaled ocular clarity of his evolutionarily enhanced vision for absolute accuracy in the execution of his shots, Andres loads a triad of Trion arrows on the specialized bow, his the adoption of his shooting technique and form occurring in the span of virtually nonexistent time. Expertly shooting the deadly trio of arrows, the virtual indestructibility of Trion coupled with the speed (87,332 miles per second) of the targeting projectiles, render them a nigh-unstoppable penetrative force, capable of forcing their way into virtually any barrier. The energy-amplification of the Trion in the arrows' composition further augments their boasted kinetic force to a mathematically unquantifiable degree. Targeting the exposed vital points in Adhene's body suck as joints, the throat, and the eyes, Andres instantaneously fires yet another wave of arrows, narrowly faster than the initial wave.

The secondary wave of his arrows, while harboring an equal degree of physical potency, exercises a more unapparent manner of lethality as well. Containing his biologically specialized synthetic 'God Virus', should the arrows successfully pierce through Adhene's body, the synthetically constructed virus will seek out and rapidly destroy the telomerase in Adhene's DNA, forcing it to speedily unravel, exponentially accelerating the aging process in his opponent to the point of reverting him to physical dust. A complimentary effect of the destruction of the entirety of Adhene's telomerase would follow as the abrupt robbing of his body's ability for cellular regeneration, rendering him unable to heal from anything, particularly, the wounds inflicting upon him by Andres' arrows. As his rapidly projected wave of arrows are instantaneously surrounded by an atmospherically ignited cone from their blitzing speed, the Don mentally readies himself for an intellectually formulating tertiary wave of arrows followed by arguably the deadliest blood-bending style in esoteric history, Corporal Influyen.

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As the beams went he stood still, floating near to the ground. His opponent was more than he tought. He saw Morte as a normal man but Morte was stronger, faster and seemingly more resisstantant. After flying a little Morte with the help of his fancy moves stood up with near to non harmed. Adhene took a deep breathe while his opponent started his tauntings again. ''You talk much and you say you want to see what I can really do.'' his body slowly got closer to the ground. ''I misjudged you. I Accept that and your offer.'' Adhene grinned but inside he was angry. His chin itched a little as he grinned, giving Adhene a reminder of Morte's capabilities. The man knew how hard he should have hit. The man knew how to survive the heat ray. Even if not completly, Morte had some ideas as to what Adhene is capable. Only thing Adhene had to offer is the element of surprise and heating the battle to not let Morte go thinkering. ''I will show off a little, too.'' The glowing of Adhene's eyes has gotten brighter as his grin gotten bigger and more evilish look. His body seemed more tough as with his anger and trying to let loose his powers, he subconciously manipulated the matter to get more stronger.

He changed his pose to what looked like crouching on the air while Morte readied and sent his first tree arrows. The arrows tear the air at an immense speed and from Morte's body movements it was ovbious there were more arrows to come. Adhene had no intentions to see what those arrow were made of. His crouching position changed as his body moved like a bullet. The bugs below had splashed their juice and the ones that didn't came up. The ground broke and Adhene moved towards the sky as a red light. First arrows caught his leg however change in density also changed their position making them inflict nothing more than a few scars. The scars were there but there were no bleeding nor any sign of the scars for these happened in an instant not even a second past while the other trio were on their way. The red light went up to the darrk skies leaving the athmosphere. Then on the sky what looks like a shining star showed up as Adhene changed his course down. Unleashing his eye beams towards Morte he flies with an immense speed. Keeping the beams to stop Morte from sending anything towards Adhene and hopefully making him stop thinking for a second and if Morte can't find a way to avoid he would go for a full brawl in his full strength.

(You shouldn't have taunted him first. Adhene even worned you not to do it >:P )

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A subtle smirk of perfectly veiled pleasure conveying apparent cockiness was instantaneous in responsive manifestation towards Adhene's verbal admission of restrained effort. Theatrically raising both arms in the air in a mock surrender, the calculating Catalan further indulged in his bout of continuously exercised worded taunting. "Oh my", he began, "Ominous for a man wearing colorful tights like a second rate power-ranger". Instinctive in his transition to combat-concentration, the apparent failures of his previous attacks were rapidly noted by the combinational pairing of his intellectually superior mind and the M.D.D.S. The existent potency of the Trion-constructed arrows was undoubted, their speed however, while stylistically substantial, remained beneath the Spaniard's presented god-like opponent.

Predictably, the physically imposing Adhene was an extensive user of the gravitationally-defying ability of flight. While rarely showcasing his plausible ability for telekinetically-reliant flight, this was undeniably an apparently appropriate occasion. Having readied a tertiary set of Trion arrows, Andres' studious observations of Adhene's apparent effortlessness in the excellent evasion of his incipient assaults imbued within him the knowledge that his maximum speed would be required to induce significant damage onto an otherwise physically untouchable opponent. The deadly duality of his evolutionarily superior eyesight and the technological-augmentations of the internally-implanted zepto-bots innately inhabiting his body rendered possible the visual capturing of Adhene's aerially elevated form despite the dramatic shift in altitude. Targeting his atmospherically displaced opponent with yet another wave of Trion-composed arrows, Mercurial Morte utilizes his perpetually peerless precision-based shooting technique for the spontaneous conjuration of immaculate accuracy. Opting for persistent implementation of the 'God Virus', he incipiently unleashes his initial tertiary wave of basic Trion arrows at characteristically overwhelming speeds.

Tearing the ambient air asunder as violently ignited flaming cones envelops their metallic form as they exponentially generate unmitigated kinetic energy from their increased high-speed path (137,401 miles per second), the initial wave of arrows serve as an intelligently perfect counter for Adhene's generated heat beams, their energy-absorbing properties substantially robbing the heat beams of their thermal energy, dramatically reducing their heat while simultaneously exercising Trion's energy-amplifying qualities to further augment their potency as the nigh-indestructible arrows target the speedily incoming Adhene's unaccounted points of vulnerability, his throat, exposed joints and visible veins. With iconic rapidity, Don Andres fires a secondary wave of arrows, these imbued with his specializes synthetic virus once again, seeking to mercilessly cleanse Adhene of his telomerase for the simultaneous stripping of his cells' regenerative ability in conjunction with the forced acceleration of his biological aging process. A final, single arrow served as the final projectile whilst the Knightfall Don relied on his physical resistance and implanted Trion to reduce the damage sustained from the dramatically weakened heat beams, unfortunately, severe burn wounds found their way onto the surface of his skin, leaving him visibly wounded.

Saint Andres' concluding Trion-constructed arrow exercised a different approach, scientifically transitioning from Rey Blanco's previous preference for biological warfare to the expert exploitation of physics. Imbued within this aesthetically crafted arrow was a series of gravitationally-altering zepto-bots, fundamental to the Stylish Spanish Storm Shadow's impending assault. Again holding the bow in a fashion complimentary in regard to his dominant eye, flawlessly drawing the string with his left hand, relying on his right to maintain his masterful hold on the bow. This time however, the Martial Arts Aristocrat transitions his habitual selection to the Mongolian favored "thumb release", using his left thumb to draw the string while his fingers offer additional support by curling around his thumb. With masterful execution, he proceeds to release the string, opening his fingers out, allowing his thumb to relax, enabling the string to slide off it. Shooting the final arrow at an elevated speed of 156,022 miles per second, the aerial projectile viciously targets the center of his opponent's forehead, it was however, slyly unnecessary for the arrow to achieve contact with Adhene. Upon approaching within three inches of the physically imposing meta, the arrow's implanted zepto-bots will proceed to exponentially decrease the outward pointing forces of Adhene's internal body pressure, rapidly allowing the inward pointing gravitational force to cause his opponent to gravitationally collapse upon himself, the intent was merciless death. As Adhene draws closer, a now unarmed Andres relies on his Corporal Influyen, blood-bending technique in the potential possibility that his attacks fail. Performing rigid, puppeteering hand movements, the Polite Picasso seeks to considerably alter Adhene's blood pressure, effecting rendering the god-like being vulnerable to the crushing force of Bugworld's atmospheric pressure.

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When he left the atmosphere everything became better. No bug noises. No arrows. No opponents. He thought about leaving the place but he wasn't done with Morte. He couldn't leave. His body changed his course slowly and then he dive in his super speed. Passing the atmosphere spheres The flames covered his body. Sending his heat waves he locked on Morte. As expectable Morte was sending his arrows more and more with high speed. So many thoughts and so many ideas had past through Adhene's mind untill finally making choice. He started spinning around himself with his super speed. With his flight speed and his spinning a hand made tornado teared the sky. While spinning he tried to avoid the arrows. Most of them changed their course and flew around with the tornado. Adhene was angry and he was eager to finish his opponents. With the winds around himself and the speed he was going, his eyesight wasn't clear. An arrow scratched his arm and dirupted Adhene's concentration and with distraction came the other one which had passed him with taking his left eye. Anger he felt made the pain unimportant. He could feel only anger. He was bloodlusted and without knowing the virus the arrows carried, Adhene accelerated.

Bloods splattered from where his left eye were and then the blood started to evaporate as the heat came out. Where there were an eye once, now there was only a bright, shining light. He was now going faster then before and his non stop spin had created a massive tornado surrounding him. He had no idea what was happening inside his body. He could feel something, happening inside his body but he gave it no thought. Only important thing for him was his foe now, everythingelse could wait. The god virus was fighting against Adhene inside his body and Adhene's subconcious was fighting back with manipulating every atom in his body. If he weren't be using his power to fight and to do so altered his body he may have stopped the virus but right now he was using it more then before and because of that the virus was getting stronger with every second while Adhene could only slow it. Adhene had no idea that with every passing second he was getting near to his end. With his self made tornado he flies towards his foe with an uncalculable speed. The winds surrounding him and his movements would help him from any incoming arrows and he would go to the limits to catch the guy for a close combat with his immesurable strength and with his heat waves at their full power.

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Upon the observational realization that a circumstantially selected virus-imbued arrow had encountered exceptional success in not only exponentially wounding the god-like challenger, but intelligently injecting the synthetic techno-organic virus into Adhene's internal system, the Spanish Michaelangelo's strategically-oriented mind embraced the advantageous possibility of opportunistically capitalizing on the abruptly manifested period of offensive success. An inappropriate lack of acknowledgement regarding the fruitless results of his subsequently shot arrows and somehow Adhene's miraculously conjured invulnerability to the premier potency of his Corporal Influyen blood-bending technique, the Poised Picasso's immaculately tactical mental faculties frenetically fused with the technological superiority of the M.D.D.S., utilizing combinational intellectual augmentation for the methodical formulation of plausibly sound follow up.

A foreseen occurrence of predictable anticipation however, potently presented itself as the exemplified existential disruption of his formulaic battle-centered follow-up. Before him, physical imposition of unmitigated rage approach, his one remained eye emitting the atmospherically blanketing vengeful venom in Adhene's violent intentions. An energetically erected vortex of exceptional enormity had enveloped his opponent, frantically fueled by awakened, unadulterated anger. Regardless of the raw power boasted by his ominous opponent's aesthetically appealing showcase of pyrotechnically-altered winds, Andres' intricately constructed counter-tactic unexpectedly encouraged a risk-infested gamble. Shockingly opting to remain stationary, the Catalan Don proceeded with the collectively crafted incipience of his creative counter. Cleverly relying on the considerable quantity of Trion internally inhabiting his person in conjunction with the externally oriented Trion of his stylishly fitted light, body armor, Andres experimentally extracted the virtual entirety of the metallic compound from his physically pinnacled body. Crudely enveloping himself in a thickly layered, bulky Trion-based armor, the Knightfall Rey boldly braced himself for the impending impact.

Violently bombarded by the collective power of not only Adhene's scorching heat beams, but the overwhelming physical force of the god-like being's combinational strength and kinetically-generative speed, Andres had inevitably been forced into the insect-congestive ground, explosively generating a crater of colossal extremity. Evidently struggling to his feet, the Martial Arts Maestro had despite severely sustained injuries, channeled the existent power to rise to his full height. His cockily-driven persona, unfazed by the agonizing shredding of his muscular tissue and shattering of bone, the Trion armor acting as his prioritized vertical support. Internally injured and bleeding profusely, the Combat Aristocrat issued a defiant smirk of regal smugness, "Not bad pretty boy", verbally mocking the unappealing receding hair sported by his opponent prior to conversational resumption, "But so what nino? Do you want a medal? Because you need a chest to pin it on". His sustained injuries however, mattered little, the virus had been successfully injecting into his opponent, it was undoubtedly robbing him of his ability for cellular regeneration and accelerating his aging process, nearing the point of possible death. However, Andres' counter had not experienced its conclusion. Having cleverly utilized the energy-absorbing capabilities of Trion to absorb the bulk of the energy from Adhene's collision as well his heat beams, the Cultured Catalan was immediate in implementing the zepto-bots' energy-regulating properties in conjunction with the secondary energy-amplification of Trion to not only redirect the absorbed energy back to his ominously imposing opponent, but Trion's energy-amplification properties had exponentially escalated the redirected energy's potency past even the original attack. In the form of an exceptionally enormous beam boasting even greater energy than his opponent's previous attack, Andres' intellectual redirection of his opponent's own energy served as his final attempt while the internally-inhabiting zepto-bots utilized an extracellular matrix to heal his wounds. The pulsating beam, targeting the entirety of Adhene's body and traveling at approximately 172,000 miles per second.

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Adhene had gone with no mercy. He punched with his unrelenting force. He heard the bones cracking, armors shattering. Nothing stopped him till his opponent met the ground. He wouldn't stop if not for the virus in his body. He was tired for the first time in his life. His body was getting weaker from inside. He stepped back leaving Morte on the ground. He felt as if his chest was burning. Holding his chest he yelled with anger. His hair was loosing it's colour his face was getting pale. He didn't even notice when his foe stood up untill Morte spoke. His anger was the only thing that kept him up and strong and the taunting of his adversary was giving him more power to stay strong but in truth nothing was important. Even if he had found the power to stand his body was dying from inside. His reflexes had gotten slower and he could only fire a weak heat beam against the redirected energy of his impact. The beams that Morte sent had crushed with Adhene's heat beams and then with Adhene's body. An explosion followed the impact. Surroundings burnt, the smell of burnt insects and leather infected everywhere. When the smokes got thin Adhene was there standing at the middle of the flames. Adhene stood without showing any expression. His left eye was lighting up the dark smokes. He was looking older then before as if years had passed since the explosion. His now white hair had a messy look but even now he had the posture of a god. ''I am not...'' He started talking with an elderly voice but stopped before finishing his sentence. He closed his eyes with an immense pain. Loosing the strength to stand he fell on his knees. He didn't move. He was sweathing and hardly breathing. He had accepted the idea of death but his body was still fighting with the virus. His subconcious was trying to find a way to stop it with what's left of his powers. Manipulating the matter to find a solution his body was changing shape. The continous changes in his body was giving him pain. A pain that he never felt before. He tried to hold but couldn't stopped the coming urge to scream. The scream teared the silent atmosphere. He collapsed to the ground, closing his eyes he waited. hhe was ready to what comes next, he was ready to die. But ovbiously it wasn't the time. A black hole opened between him and Morte and disappeared with Adhene's body.

I'll kill you for doing this to me!!! >:P