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It had finally been able to sink in why she felt so driven to go on. In the fight with Assault she had come close to death, in truth it was only the elemental giant the man made that led her to survive. Encouraged to up her game led to a response that allowed her to leave alive. If Assault had done anything less Syapt likely would have fallen. Then came the battle with Deamon her survival was only by him instilling a feeling all the metal available could be used by her. This provided the cover in the final attack, if the insectoid monster had been able to find her and made an attack surely the teen would have perished. In fact reflecting on that fight she could think of how Deamon could have found her. Twice she nearly died, she had lost the most valuable memento in the last fight. All this game appeared to be was a cycle of suffering and yet now more then ever the metallic messiah felt eager to go on. This was for one single fact, an undeniable truth she had learned while recovering for round three.

She didn’t know who she was, but this tournament showed her who she would be….

Asteroid 666

Approaching a landing zone in a small Symaarian air-craft the teenaged elemental could sense the metal as it grew closer. The meteor was no bigger then Pluto at best but holographic schematics showed it not only had gravity but air as well. What caught the jade haired heroes attention however was that there was flickering signs of life. They appeared to be in and out, the pilot said it was just a glitch in the system. Something told her though it wasn’t a glitch, to frequent. She had already fought a demon though so how bad could it be right?....Right?

There was enough metal she could use magnetics to keep herself from floating off in space. After all that would totally suck going out like that. Hardly the eventful match up a round three demanded. For the item instead Sarina went for the Gravitational reversal device. She had watched her understanding of her abilities grow as the tournament left on. And a new concept for battle tactics had come to her mind, which she thought was pretty damn clever. As for attire Sarina really wanted to have some fun with this match up and gave herself a very high tech design. Her outfit looked like a fusion of various science fiction games and movies. This match was in space after all why not look the part? Soon enough Syapt was on the giant asteroid and immediately welcomed by horrific designs.

The rocks didn’t look like rocks up close, but rather like the fossilized bodies of ancient things. It didn’t look like humans hell she didn’t know if it was even alien. Somewhere buried in the confines of these granite walls and environmental structures also seemed to be chitering and other earie sounds. A daunting ambiance to the suroundings that made the teens skin crawl. The longer she gazed into a fixture the weirder it became. Sarina could of even swore she saw a skeletal figure blink. “Keep a level head kid its all in your head. Focus on the game. Finally in a girl fight that should be a crowd pleaser. Yeah focus on the audience wants, not that creepy ass moth ant raptor thing that feels like it’s staring you down. It’s just a rock.” Metal was what she had been made of she had to be tough like it. Finally she saw another figure and smiled with glee, something to look at and focus on besides this stupid asteroid and its devil metal.

“Syapt here congrats on making it here lady! Please don’t take any of this personal. You seem cool and sht and not a demonic jerk like my last opponent. I did come to win though.”

The metallic matriarch gave the alluring opponent a few seconds to respond before Sarina attacked. Syapt was not a human at all but a hollow figure composed of a rare metal rivaling things like vibranium and adamantium. It was less rounded and balanced as the other two, but one thing she did know was it was just as sharp. The forearm of Sarina became a blade in an instant as a magnetic pull was established with a rock behind Risky. The objective being to be rapidly be pulled to the rock between Risky and herself. Likely resulting in severing a body in two if successful.

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She did not know how she had come here. Her memories of the evening before blurred and melded into a confusing vortex of blades covered in crimson, gunfire illuminating the dark and bloody violence. People had dodged for cover, screamed in fear and died in horror but still this did not explain this place.

A lovecraftian nightmare seemed to compose the surroundings. A stone labyrinth full of monoliths bigger than a man’s height, jagged and edged in lethal shapes promising painful injuries or even miserable death if one was too careless bending around the next corner of this doomed maze.

A short inspection showed large open places embedded in the structure and framed with the same bizarre stone shapes, as if someone had created them deliberately. As if to provide a fitting arena for a showdown of gladiatorial bloodshed. Above loomed a black, starless sky betraying not a single point of reference. A corresponding detail to the depressing scenery beneath, like a colossal monster had swallowed her whole and she had been somehow caught in its teeth only waiting to be picked out and disappear in that all-devouring maw forever.

But there was something even more unsettling. Worse than the death-bringing rocks, worse than the infinite blackness, worse than the uncertainty of her whereabouts was a thing that did not meet the eye in the first place. The dreadful shapes.

Cast into the stones they appeared to be a grotesque amalgam of various species, relics of a species long gone by. Feathers and scales, teeth and beaks, wings and fins combined to create creatures not native to this dimension or any other, their only home this small outskirt of madness. Whenever she turned her back on them or would even do so much as blink they would move and arise more clearly from their eternal prison. A tail arched in a different way, a head held slightly different, a talon pointing upwards instead of downwards. The proof was subtle but manifold.

Lady Luck herself did not like it a single bit. Ever more nervously she clung to her familiar weapons while wandering this strange landscape. Her mind raced even faster than her pulse to explain how and especially why she was here. And as the sweet kiss of adrenaline caressed her body it became more and more clear. Her whole life was a collection of it, it seemed to be her sole raison d’etre, she knew nothing else and it was the only thing she was really good at. Fighting. Something deep inside her told her with a seductive, whispering voice that she was mysteriously brought here to exercise her handiwork again.

The feeling found affirmation in the old tickling in her neck. It sat between her shoulder blades and ran up to her skull base going back and forth to tell her something was not right. She was in actual danger. Every step on the uneven ground let it grow more and more intense. A confirmation that this was not just an eerie aspect of nature but that she was in actual danger here.

Then the voice of her opponent, a dark, soothing timbre, reverberated in her ear and she knew she had been right all along.

Syapt here congrats on making it here lady! Please don’t take any of this personal. You seem cool and sht and not a demonic jerk like my last opponent. I did come to win though.

This was a battle arena through and through, designed by malevolent beings of a higher order to their own amusement. To see insects battle each other.

One of these insects charged at her right now. A beautiful hornet with a widely extended stinger. It had the guise of a lovely teenage girl whose green hair waved behind her like a cape, her slim curves clad in a shining example of high tech armor, defying the common laws of gravity in a vertical fall-bull rush . The shining blade replacing her right hand promised a quick and exceptionally messy demise, one the Mutant Secessionist was not to keen on.Be it the nice yellow and black stripes of the hornet or the beauty of this girl, both could not belie the danger that literally oozed out of their every pore.

As the knowledge of what the odd devise on her wrist was capable of suddenly flooded her mind Risky’s war trained mind instantly formed a formidable battle plan. The complex pattern of the ongoing confrontation already formed before her inner eye. It did not need more than a single mental command to teleport her behind the same construct Syapt had anchored her gravitational pull to. A few bullets from her high caliber handgun freed the already loose structure from the rocky bottom. The next step was to put both feet firmly against it and activate her own gravitational pull.

Her stomach revolted as the gravitation out of a sudden toppled over. Right became up and up became right. Forced by the irresistible force of gravity the stone was ripped from its century old resting place to go on a collision course with the lethal youth. Risky used the pull to ride the unorthodox projectile like a surfboard, firing her two pistols at the same target and yelling her signature war cry.


Only two seconds before the impact Risky would use another teleport to reach a place in the air diagonally across from the Evolutionary Empress. With dexterous fingers she would grab hold of a special little gift she had kept from the previous night. A vial full of white phosphorus. Originally it had been intended to serve a few mutant hating fanatics burning justice but now it would serve another purpose. An underhanded throw would send the small glass container towards the Apex Adaptor only seconds before the last bullet of the pistol in her right hand would shatter it to send a burning cloud her way.

Risky herself had no illusions either the rock or the fire would damage her highly formidable, heavily armored foe. Much more was it thought to keep her busy, to soften her up for the following attacks and most importantly obscure her vision through the flames once her whole body was burning.

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There was a nervousness to the raven haired beauty, she seemed to clutch her weapons in the same way Sarina had talked to herself. A sort of personal insurance that they could overcome this demented place. The various statues and or fossilized skeletons had to be illusions, they were contained. None of this could be real just a trick on the mind. Of course if she was pessimistic she would of realized her hollow nature makes her immune to most things like illusions and tricks of the mind. All of it was real something of a dimension not her own or out of the bowels of that most demented inferno was clawing at the very surface of this domain. A psychological profile could be turned inside out just by being on this asteroid for to long.

The metallic nature of Sarina was pulled towards the metallic containing rock behind the raven. Speed greatly influenced by magnetic attraction. It was not as dominant as what could have been done. Truly the abilities of the adaptive combatant had showcased a much greater speed. Sarina however favored playing the game by the expectations of her foe. Style and excitement held more sway to her mind then simple victory. This was a competition a game, it called for a show after all. Her arm extended into a elongated blade, her gravity defying metallic rush seeking to paint the floor red. Her target however was better trained then her, there was never any denying it. And the execution of her escape was brilliance. High hopes of another exciting and life changing match came to Sarina’s thoughts.

In a split second the dare devil of mutant greatness brought herself behind the rock Sarina had targeted. The fem fatal had been completely missed by the metal manipulator. Sarina’s blade burying itself into the rock and then it was set loose by the powerful gun of the warrior of black. Stone rocketed towards the teen in respondence shifted by the gravity manipulating device. Syapt quickly reached out to catch the metallic rock as it slammed into her hand. Her abilities over metal allowing her to absorb the steel into herself metal flowing into her hands. It did however flood her hand with kinetic energy. She would have to be cautious to much energy could lead to explosively discouraging work. This distracted her however making her open to the following attack. Teleporting behind the emerald haired girl the gun blazing beauty delivered a vile of white phosphorus to the back of her head. The searing chemical flame covering the metal manipulator. Chemical burns and fire cascaded over Sarina. Her body absorbing the energy and she was thankful she didn’t feel like others do. That would of hurt like hell if she could. It also halted her vision flames dancing along her porcelain features including her eyes.

Syapt reached her senses out using the metallic surfaces to identify where her target was sense her eyes were being manipulated by the youthful lass. Syapt leapt into the air aiming herself towards Risky her arm then transferred weight. The absorbed metal was translated to the girls fist. This amplified the weight to being almost two hundred pounds. Her fist a heavy dead weight as she dropped from the air with a powerful downward fist. The powerful impact likely to crush whatever it dropped on. To absorb metal also allows her to distribute its mass though this was her first time testing it. Landing she would then manipulate gravity as she lunged in the air and brought herself down with even greater force. Mass dropping from a hight was sure to be impactful. Using gravity to amplify it even more she was confident the second falling fist would leave smeared craters in its wake.

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The impact shocked her whole body.

From above her green haired nemesis dropped down on her like god’s wrath with the irresistible power of enhanced gravity behind her. Her wonderful green hair blew in the breeze, locks and strands of it reaching out like additional spikes to injure her even further. Her flawless shining armor subtly and paradoxically reflected the soft light of darkness around them, the last smoky remnants of the raging fire that had surrounded her only seconds before but now had been put out by the rapid descent formed an ephemeral trail behind her showing where she had started her lethal way.

The enormous, mass-increased fist met the wily mutant in the front as she was in the process of turning around to face the new threat in mid air and pressed all air from her lungs. The force of the hit sent a terrible tremor through her bones, nerves and sinews, let her bones vibrate, her teeth clatter, her muscles strain to absorb the power and her ears ring. Long time had it been since she had been hit so hard. The only thing that kept her conscious was the adrenaline that enhanced her body to slightly superhuman levels to dull the pain. Only later when the surge of the loved chemical component in her body subsided would she be able to tell if anything was broken or damaged in another way. Her body would hate and torture her with pain the next few days, that for sure. And it was only to become worse.

With insane speed they continued their way downwards, Syapt on top. Gritting her teeth Lady Luck tried to grip the arm that pinned her down and wrap her long, trained legs around the limb in a well practiced Sambo move while the draft went through her raven hair blowing a few strands into her field of sight. An all-too familiar reflex brought her left hand up towards her opponent’s face weapon still in hand. The menacing black metal of the H&K ACP.45, only a slight bit lighter than the eternal darkness around them, promised a quick, decisive death to most other beings but not this tough, cunning combatant. Like before the purpose was another. Aiming for the eyes with unerring accuracy supported by incredible luck to blind the dropping death-bringer and catch her off-guard Risky pulled the trigger only millimeters before the enticing green eyes of the Hollow.

Attempting to use the possible surprise the Mutant Merc used the mysterious devise on her wrist to invert gravity once more. But she did not try to halt the fall, quite the opposite. The resulting momentum was supposed to be used to aid her own Sambo move to get on top herself only to then enhance the gravity into the direction of the creepy asteroid even more adding even more power to the deadly dive. No matter if she succeeded she was aware she would have to leave this doomed train roughly five meters above ground not to get squished like a pesky insect. Uttering the first part of a mean curse she teleported.

The second part of that curse disappeared into eternity once the Femme Fatale came back to reality the next moment. A giant crater graced the rocky surface where her attractive enemy had ended her attack but where was Syapt herself?

The answer to that essential question followed immediately when that friendly, life-saving tickling in her neck caused her to look up once more. Again the Adaptable Assassin intended to bring death from above. Risky’s mother would have been disgusted by the way her daughter obscenely expressed herself during the following dodge maneuver as she hurled herself to the side. Not without a little souvenir for her attacker though.

Where the fracture of a second before the alluring fighter had stood now her last four armed grenades awaited a victim. Three standard grenades and a special one. While the three frag grenades were just intended to obscure her tactic, maybe even damage her opponent and test her absorbing abilities the real heart piece of this multi-faceted explosion was the EMP-grenade from which she hoped it would somehow severely mess with Syapt’s own magnetic powers or enticing metallic form.

Once the detonation would have happened the neutral badass would employ her adrenaline enhanced leg muscles for a powerful sprint through the explosion cloud. Faster and faster she became using the gravity manipulator once more to gain more momentum till she managed to surpass her top speed that was even impressive under normal circumstances. With that much pressure behind her she planned to deliver a brutal double-legged dropkick to the other combatant’s chest. Like a terrible demon she would tear through that cloud. The Evolutionary Empress may have been stronger and harder than her, nearly invulnerable but still she only had a certain mass that could be moved with enough force. The low gravity of the battlefield and Risky’s high momentum would only make that easier. The plan was to hurl her into one of the strange stones hoping that the dead-and-not dead creature within would somehow react to the sudden contact. She hoped her luck would be enough for that but if there had ever been one thing she had an abundance of, it had been luck.

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With frightening force the youthful teen dropped from the air her hair dancing as she plummeted down. The fire had dampened by her speed though energy had flooded into her eyes. With daunting force and much even to her own surprise she managed to actually strike the alluring beauty. A gasp of air escaped from her lips from the impact delivered by Syapt. Risky would proceed to tie her legs around Sarina’s arm. The heavy pistol being brought up to the youths face before the trigger would be pulled. A series of rounds slammed into Sarina’s eyes. She had done her best to stay on a level playing field. And with the energy from the several bullets the absorption properties of Sarina would be overwhelmed the fire combined with the bullet impact let to Sarina’s eyes literally exploding. A bright almost blinding flash of emerald light spawning from the impact.

With her alluring green eyes now gone even further harm would be done. Using the gravitational device to further her remarkable move the positioning of the two were reversed. The raven haired beauty would teleport to avoid any harm being done. Meanwhile Sarina was left to slam into the ground with crater inflicting force. Despite the small web of cracks in her armor however Sarina proceeded to get up and ready another daunting downward attack.

However that attack was a total miss the acrobatic and brilliant Risky dodged the attack. This left Sarina completely open to the barrage of attacks a series of explosions rocking the teens body. Cracks and fractures was now running along her porcelain looking body as she was tossed upwards. However the EMP had failed to wound Sarina, she had abilities tied to electromagnetism so an electro magnetic pulse didn’t phase her. A muttered thanks came from Syapt’s lips those grenades had been rather effective it would of sucked if the other had been explosive. What the explosion had done however was further hinder Syapt’s vision. The EMP wave hindered Syapt’s ability to sense things by using the metal. This kept Sarina open for the drop kick that was amplified by gravity manipulation. Landing into the rock was not that harmful however it did lead into a troubling moment.

This impact had proceeded to awaken one of the demonic things lurking in the metallic rocks. One of the hands tied around her throat attempting to choke the life out of her. Thankfully Sarina did not breath and as such that attack didn’t work. The other hand however jabbed into her eyes and mouth continuing to attempt to end her. Angered the teen spread her arms while metalicly taking hold of the creature. The result ripping the creature apart, in a shower of limbs and black gore. Sarina proceeded to then gag “THAT WAS DISGUSTING! Uhm I know you’re trying to beet me and all but please don’t EVER do that again!” Angered the electric part of Syapt’s abilities would attempt to cast a barrage of lightning at the raven. This method would be further aiding her by retracting energy from herself. This halted her from suffering from a risk of over load.

Following her short play of electricity Sarina would then attempt to bring a wall of metal from the ground to block Risky from retreating from the fight as she charged forwards. Her goal being to tackle the assassin into the wall, if successful she could proceed to make the wall erupt with spikes impaling the woman. Then Sarina would attempt to get a hold of the gravity shifter on Risky’s arm. Composed of metal Sarina tried to crush the metal into a small single ball. Because of this the likely conclusion was the breaking or complete loss of the hand. Sarina could use metal to recover, her beautiful intelligent opponent though didn’t seem to recover like her. So it did seem like a good call to disarm her.

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„What more does it take to take this monster down?“

Those were the words that almost reflexively pearled from Risky’s ruby red lips the moment her green haired opponent disposed of the bizarre demonic being. The whole scenery became even more grotesque as fossilized bone and a strange black ooze covered the surroundings bathing Syapt and her into the macabre remnants of whatever had rested in this ancient stone before. The Deadly Demolisher had given her best but still the Apex Adaptor was standing. Whatever she was, her fortitude was intimidating.

Mysterious green lights danced over her armor and shone from her alluring green eyes. It took Risky a moment to realize the creepy teenage girl did not have eyes anymore. Instead of the mysterious windows to a bleak soul there were now green abysses framed by jagged sockets. This menacing energy that flooded out came from deep within the enigmatic, greenly energized core of her very being promising quick and painful death upon the slightest contact. It shone through her eyes and, as the Mutant Maestro noticed only a fracture of seconds later, through the myriad of fine cracks all over her armor. After all there was hope, she was not indestructible, maybe she could be beat.

Although the Evolutionary Empress looked like a creature from hell, a fallen angel illuminated by her own emerald light, as she stepped out of the trap Risky smiled her impious little merc smile ™ an almost insane plan already forming in her head.

The smile was wiped from her face the moment Syapt pressed both her feet into the ground and clenched her finely sculpted fists. In less than three seconds Lady Luck felt how the little hair in her neck stood erect from the rising ambient electricity. She felt it tickling on her skin, it made her eyes dry and something inside her vibrated synchronously to the shivering of the tense green haired beauty. Little sparks danced over the Hollow’s skin only to grow into lightnings in mere seconds playing around her female forms sending little offshoots into the blackness around them lighting it up for a few moments before they died. The thin lightnings evolved into majestic thunderbolts coloring the scene into a pale, eerie blue. Almost mesmerizing.

Then the all tension was released in one epic, cathartic scream. The ground around Syapt cracked as it could not endure power on such an almost divine level. Myriads of electric discharges raced towards Risky on their azure paths. One slammed in right next to her, another went over her head before she even started her dodge maneuver.

Like a dancer the Femme Fatale jumped, leaped and somersaulted to evade the dangerous energy. At times the outbursts came close enough to hair and skin to smell the singed material but through a combination of reflexes maxed out by adrenaline, an uncanny danger sense and incredible mutant luck not even one hit. How long this artwork of movement lasted was unclear to her, time lost its meaning in the artistic struggle for survival. When she was done the stench of ozone and slightly singed tissue stung in her nose, her own heartbeat thundered in her ears and her breath came fitfully through her mouth but she was otherwise unharmed.

A fact that the Emerald Enemy thought to change. Another charge at her meant to change that. Suddenly massive metal walls sprang out of the stone behind, right and left of her forming an almost inescapable prison. Along with them a sarcastic smirk appeared on the Militant Mutant’s beautiful face.

Precise timing. Precise, she exhorted herself. Like an unstoppable juggernaut Syapt thundered towards her ready to squish her like an insect. Came nearer. And nearer. And nearer. The earth trembled beneath her from the powerful assault. Little rocks vibrated and she could feel every mighty step in her bones. She counted the steps.

Five till the deadly onslaught had reached her.



Time to act.

Bending over she placed the hands on the wall behind her and then used the low gravity of the asteroid to bring her lower body up cartwheeling into a vertical crouching position on the same wall that was supposed to limit her. Utilizing her strong legs she jumped. But she had underestimated the Escaped Evolutionist once more. While her left foot was still on the surface it suddenly sprouted spikes that were meant to impale her. They mainly failed but one managed to pierce her sole reappearing on the other side. A scream accompanied Risky’s goodbye from the wall as her foot painfully slipped from the metallic structure leaving a bloody smear on it and drawing a bloddy arc in the thin air behind her. Gritting her teeth once more she got her old sawed off, double barreled shotgun out and pointed it at the back of Syapt’s head once she had passed over her. Not another word was spoken in the moment she pulled the trigger to use the force of the shotgun to drive her would-be-killer into her own multi pointed trap.

She did not see if her attempt had been successful but the moment she landed she felt a strong hand around her arm, around the useful devise on her wrist to be exact. Instantly she felt the pressure and teleported.

Only to miss the technical miracle when she re-entered reality. Looking for it she saw it reduced to a simple ball of metal slowly falling to the ground from a smiling Syapt’s hand. The sudden knowledge of reduced tactical possibilities entered the Sentinel of mutantkind’s mind the same second as the throbbing of her left foot. But like a wild animal Lady Luck was the most dangerous when wounded and out of options. Playtime was over.

Ramming new clips into her 9mm handguns she started a flurry of teleports around her opponent not only to confuse her but also to shoot four precisely aimed bullets at her knee- and elbow joints. The plan was to jam or even shatter them to prepare the next attack from which Risky hoped it would be the final one.

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Black fluids coated the emerald haired beauty as the fiend was ripped apart. A pleasing smile upon her face as she watched the raven haired beauty be somewhat taken back by the attack. Emerald light flickered around her battered body from the previous attacks against Syapt. There was no disputing the prodigious talents of Risky however as she simply readied herself for the coming assaults and would unquestionably respond in kind. Crystal blue sparks danced along the metal shifters presence before lightning was cast in a thunderous storm. Despite this remarkable display of Sarina’s abilities though it failed to land on the porcelain skin of her target. The young teen couldn’t help but feel envious of Risky’s abilities of athletic perfection. Time after time lethal arcs were evaded by simple meters it was almost enchanting. It made Syapt really feel like she was the inferior force here even if her powers suggested otherwise.

Sarina’s tactics had changed in her forward charge, walls being erected on the left and right in hope of boxing her foe in. The nimble execution of physical excellence far surpassed the notion of just a single wall. Dust kicked up in wake of the emeralds charge as she tried to pin her foe into what would soon be a spiked trap. However she was a fool to think such a simple tactic would work against the parkour prodigy of ravenous allure. The very same attempt to constrict Risky would allow her to propel herself over the evolutional fusion of mind and metal. The spikes mostly missed both women, control saving one and skill saving the other. One blade however landed piercing the sole of Sarina’s foe. Dropping from the brief climb of the walls a shotgun had been leveled at the back of Syapt’s head and with the sound of thunder the gun was fired. Her flowing green hair fell to the ground in a shower of sparks and brief explosion. The metal maniacs hair losing its structural integrity and thus bursting and falling to the ground. It also annoyed her taste in style, it was totally uneven now. Demons had made a attempt to defile her and now her hair was cut. This day was total bs.

On the bright side the gravity shifter was able to be destroyed that had to be some sort of plus. In respondance to Sarina’s attacks the mutant bad ass would begin to teleport randomly releasing a potent salvo from the dual pistols she used. Her mastery over metal would however allow Sarina to warp the path of the various bullets to her right hand. Again and again the bullets impacted lessening the durability as more kinetic energy flooded the appendage. Something of which Sarina wanted. A new idea had come to her deviously inquisitive mind. Thousands of cracks ran along her shattered hand the entirety radiating light. She could increase and decrease mass of metal and that raised a question in her mind.

Sarina magnetically accelerated herself with frightening bullet like speeds towards the designated target. Her fists would from then proceed to fly in a pattern of hooks and upper cuts. It wasn’t impressive really she just wanted her right hand to hit mass. The density of molecules had been thinned in the fist making it less durable. Upon impact the kinetic energy would over load the molecules absorption properties. In short her fist would explode like ten pounds of C4 on impact. If or when this happened the metal shards left over not blown apart entirely would shoot forwards like a shotgun blast of metallic slivers. Like a storm of knives the shards would move forwards to dissect the inspirational mutant. Sarina refused to end her attack there however.

She was reliant on external sources besides vision, which was better. The detection skills of the electromagnetic range far surpassed those of the eyes and ears. Using these she would try and pin point where Risky would teleport to. That was a go to tactic of the raven so Syapt would attempt rely on this. When she thought she knew for sure where her opponent was a effort would be made to manipulate the electrical currents in the body. Forcing them to flare up before vanishing likely dropping muscle activity to almost a complete stop. Theoretically using a manipulation of this electricity could of led to being brain dead comatose or fried from the inside. Sarina really did like this gun blazing beauty though and didn’t want to cause such harm. Perhaps though that was the teens weakness, Risky was firing dual barrels at the back of a head while Syapt still attempted to keep her foe alive.

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With horror Risky witnessed how the Magnificient Magnetic Manipulator used her potent power. Like taken by a god’s hand the metallic projectiles left their original path to orbit around the seductive female form of the Evolutionary Empress. Higher and higher they whirled in a deadly tornado to culminate in her open palm that was stretched towards the sky above them like a divine command.

More and more of her bullets followed that dictation till all of them lay there in a small heap and a shocking revelation came to Risky’s mind: Not a single one had hit! For someone with her considerable skill and highly effective powers a rather rare experience. Her respect for the Emerald Evolutionist grew once more. She had aimed to dispatch her as quickly as possible for that was her way of dealing with all opponents, in the end it is usually not curiosity that kills the cat but the urge to play with its prey after all. It was her way of showing respect for her enemy: Not underestimating them. But only now did she realize the true formidability of the young girl on the unfortunate end of her weapons.

Here, somewhere in a god-forgotten sector of the universe, on a cursed rock possessed by demonic beings probably more ancient than earth itself these two cunning combatants clashed in a colossal confrontation. Stone was pulverized, gravity was inverted in this titanic battle, sometimes reality itself seemed to fold around them as the strange shapes cast into those mysterious blocks changed position to follow the battle with empty, black eyes.

The epic conflict went into yet another round as Syapt charged at her anew. With frightening speed and force super-charged strikes hailed down on her like bombs. Years of combat against super powered foes had taught Lady Luck better than to even try to block them.

A bone-pulverizing right swing came from the left side. Instantly dropping into a split the Female Merc evaded it. From above came an all-destroying fist. The split became a life saving roll over to jump to her feet again. When the right delivered a potentially deadly straight she gracefully dodged the line with a side step that nearly looked like an elegant dance move. The air swished as a potent uppercut parted it on its way to her chin strong enough to rip her head off with a single strike. In her wish to keep it Risky swiftly bent back till her hands touched the ground. The rest of her body followed in a fluid movement to get out of the way of another right swing. She could feel the pressure of the hook moving her raven hair as it passed her head less than an inch away. That was when she noticed the right glowing in the same menacing green as that cursed blasts her opponent emitted.

The world turned over and over again in rapid succession, a consequence of the flic-flacs she used to bring as much space between herself and the Apex Adaptor as humanly possible. Every time her damaged foot touched the ground again a painful hiss escaped her mouth, a short sun of pain flared up her leg but she pulled it through. Had to or face a ghastly ddemise. She came to a halt on one knee, the other leg set firmly in a 90 degree angle before her. She held one of her pistols in both hands forming a stable shooting platform for what was to come now.

At this point of the battle the Risk Taker was already hyped to the maximum, the adrenaline kissed and enhanced every fiber in her mutant body, pushed her beyond the natural limits of what a normal human could hope to achieve. Her muscles were more capable, her reflexes faster, her senses more acute. Everything seemed to happen in bullet time. She was already one with the target. She saw every little crack on the fist, how the green energy shone through the wafer-thin surface, how it radiated the pure promise of pain-perdition. And then she shot. The purpose of this attack was clear: To let the attack prematurely explode while she was still in a safe distance and hopefully tear the Hollow’s arm off.

Suddenly her focus shifted. She had been too immersed in that moment to shift her perception back in the right second and an almost monomolecularly sharp shrapnel had ripped a deep trail in her left shoulder, quite superficially but still painful and hindering causing a deep red gush to stream down her side. More metal shards followed. One grazed her right leg. No time to check if she had hit. Time to get away. Teleport.

She used the cover of one of the unusual prisons of the nightmare creatures to rematerialize. And though she did not know it, her unworldly luck had saved her once again. What seemed to be a simple shield against the projectile proved as an adequate defense against the potentially deadly electromagnetic waves of Syapt as well. The high metallic share of metal stopped most of the attack and what it could not hold back hit the creature within.

Risky could have never imagined the fossilized monster in that stone, be they beings of themselves or just expression of a part of a higher entity, could scream but as a horrible wailing, a cross between nails on a chalkboard, a tortured cat, a hyper frequent death scream and something that went deeper, defied reason and called to man’s atavistic fears, echoed over the bleak surface of the asteroid she hoped never to hear it again. Upon the death of one more of their own the other members of the species became obviously more agitated.

Hoping to use the unexpected diversion the Femme Fatale came around her hiding place in a whirling, blurring motion. One hand held the same pistol she had used to target the Metallic Mistress’ arm, the other an almost tiny revolver, a .38 Saturday Night Special she had just plucked from her left boot. Normally the trained soldier would not have bothered with a weapon like this but the highly unstable quicksilver-nitrate bullet she used for it made up for a lot of shortcomings. Setting one foot before the other with each painful step she would shoot two incendiary bullets at Syapt's head to further obscure her vision, two more before her feet to use the instinctive reflex of fleeing from fire to push her back and the last two at her chest. The other weapon spat death and vengeance to the fire of its counterpart concentrating on her left body half. This way the master strategist hoped to use the low gravity once again to her advantage forcing her opponent in a position that was desirable. Following this preparation she would teleport behind Syapt to reach for her gravity changer. One quick grip was supposed to turn the devise to its maximum, which direction she did not care as both high and low gravity would give her an advantage, only to set a well placed bullet in the hope to destroy it making it impossible to reverse the effect.

As a grand finale she reached for the pouch on her left thigh getting a special present out. A wonderful claymore mine that was supposed to find its new home on the artificial lifeform’s back before Risky tried to teleport away with the splint leaving the destructive devise to explode.

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When Sarina was thinking on her feet things like bullets were laughable. Not a single round landed anywhere but into her land like she wanted. However Sarina was still a child, rash and reckless her foe a veteran of numerous wars battles and conflicts. In many ways it was arguably a matter of two questions, when would the metallic matriarch slip up and would the raven-haired mutant pack the necessary punch to put the emerald down. A grand battle of an episodic magnitude would soon go on though unshakably not as well as Syapt wanted.

Experience made the dare devil know full well not to fight the woman with blocks and counters. Intuitive and alert sense of combat told her subliminally to try and just evade every attack. The very notion was one that might have been the saving of her life. Nimble, athletic and precise the alluring mutant savior dodged every risky blow. Again the youth found a sense of envy in her watching these actions. This marvel of physical perfection in many ways seemed naturally better. Despite all her strength and power, her clever mind and many tricks, Sarina honestly felt inferior to the opponent.

In artful backflips portraying the immense talents of the lady in black managed to acquire the necessary distance. Her adrenaline led to a perfect shot at the fist of Sarina. There was no evading it, no way of being prepared. The arm was structurally unsound and thinned out to make it a potent weapon. The bullet hit a hair thin crack in the middle knuckle perfectly centered. Flawless execution that led to the sound of thunder. Syapt’s fist exploded in a sea of emerald light the integrity of the metal torn asunder by the bullets impact. The rest of Syapt’s body and arm absorbed the energy with ease. However it showed how dangerously foolish of a mistake the emerald elemental almost could have made. If her energy reserves had been fuller or density thinner that one mishap could have made Syapt a bomb. Thankfully the teen’s mishap was not a fatal one, and her plan to lash out with the shards of her hand lingering managed to be carried through. Detection based on metals told Syapt her opponent was bleeding, but the iron wasn’t flowing out onto the ground in mass, the wounds were not critical. Syapt had to use the vibrations in metals and the metals presence to paint her a mental picture. Her actual vision was gone thanks to the incendiary rounds from before.

The following attack of the electromagnetic enchantress would falter immensely in part do to the quick planning and intellect of her opponent. Various monsters taking the bulk of Syapt’s targeting the conclusion being the destruction the creature screamed and shrieked in a way that would plague the youth’s minds for many nights. She wouldn’t let this notion of fear however sway her hand she was driven. This tournament granted a discovery of ones self and she didn’t think her journey over yet.

Thoughts of drive and motivation were cut short as a pair of bullets slammed into the head of the metal shifter bursting into searing flame on impact. Flames were absorbed swifter this time the aim was true but the effects were not as apparent as times before. Naturally the skull is one of the sturdier bones and similarly it was so for the metal hollow. Granted Syapt was in her head giving thanks to the apparent lack of feelings of pain. It registered in her mind that she was doing terrible and felt like crap but she didn’t suffer as much from the pains. Two bullets hit at the adaptors feet those did nothing. An absorbing conduit of the energy of heat left metal not wanting to flee. Two more potent flame-spitting rounds hit the teen directly in the heart. Her torso lighting up with red and orange flame and jade green light. As the energy was absorbed, sensing a coming storm metal from the ground began to flow into Syapt’s chest as more bullets slammed into it. The porcelain skin and violet and jade attire seemed to ripple like water as pullets entered and metal flowed in. By the end of the bullet storm she had a rejuvenated chest and back though it looked soft and vulnerable. Something soon exploited.

Gravity Manipulating electronics were dialed to the max and as the hand was pointing down Syapt was glued into her position. If not for being metal herself she would have been crushed. The gravitational pull was of such magnitude that matter higher up was being pulled down. If Sarina were made of flesh her spine would have been pulled out of her chest cavity. As spine collided with sternum the skeletal mass would be pulled downward into the ground leaving flesh and muscle above as skeleton dug into the ground. This ghastly scene was evaded though as magnetic manipulative properties allowed Sarina to keep herself topside. This did however leave Syapt paralyzed as a claymore was angled at her back. Gravity forces forced the explosive to go off and accelerated its activity to ruinous heights. In a devastating crater causing explosion mixed by military grade weaponry and atomic deconstruction Syapt’s torso exploded. Her entire legs vanishing in the blast as she slammed into the ground.

Maybe the explosion would turn the beauty of accuracy into a vapor of bloody mist. However Syapt doubted it and readied a counter offensive. As the explosion ended Syapt quickly switched the gravity manipulators direction and latched herself to the wall to her right. Left wall pulled Syapt and the erect wall from earlier on the right together. Using the previous cage tactic Syapt attempted to now use it to squish the gun blazer. Walls would close together with enough force to make them shatter on impact. Gravity and magnetism aimed to make the two walls collide with mountain obliterating forces. To increase the attacks potency upon impact Syapt would launch the metal shrapnel every direction. The air would become flooded with metal blades and debris. Syapt all the while was safe, as the metal would flow into her shattered frame. A healing process flowed in direct context with the attack. Gravity tricks were now out of the window as was fighting how she was. It was time to resort to the lands.

Reaching below a large skeletal creature was taken hold of. Supernatural forces tried to claw into the mind of the metal matriarch. Where the shattered and battered teen lay she began to float. Her body twitched and spammed looking like something out of a drug addict’s hallucinogenic nightmare. A creature was starting to surface in hands that reached up looking to tear open flesh. Bones of steel erected like maniacal spears. Success could be a ticket to victory facing fears to exert a power of almost divine or perhaps possessed nature. All the while though Sarina Valentine was screaming tears of silver running down the shattered glowing cheeks. The warrior summoned the nature of this cursed meteor wanting to fight; the teen was desperate for escape from the mental anguish she put herself through.

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Risky did not have a small amount of vices. Wrath being the most prominent and obvious. Occasionally hubris when she delivered another flaming speech about the superiority of mutants over humans. Gluttony, sloth and fornication where things to be enjoyed in her spare leisure time. Despair was not her issue. But in the moment the Mysterious Metallic Marvel disappeared in the explosive cloud once more she reveled in yet another mortal sin:


Standing there she cherished how the deep red fireball rose up against the blackness of the interstellar backdrops only to collapse in itself from extreme gravity and direct even more energy against the Emerald Enticer. Two silvery legs spinned into the dark eternity above them quickly gaining momentum and taking off into the void. The Militant Mutant could not hold back from admiring how those perfect female limbs vanished into the eternal light. Her impious little merc smile ™ began to grace her ruby red lips once more.

Only to freeze as she observed how the Evolutionary Empress crawled out of the crater using both arms to drag herself forwards. Horror crept into her body mixing with the cold kiss of adrenaline to create a sound feeling ofmalaise from watching a creature fight for survival long after the last logical point of struggling had been reached. Her opponent’s will to survive was astounding, almost intimidating, transcending any biological urge any organic being might have. If an artificial life form clung to its existence with such tenacity who, human or mutant, could ever hope to beat it? Evolution was adaptation was survival. An easy but essential equation.

The Hollow’s alluring face glowed with determination. Perfect pearly whites visible between seductively shaped lips, emerald eyes wide open, bangs of sea green falling into her face with every driven motion. Her fingers left tiny holes in the stone of the asteroid every time she put one hand forward to pull the remaining rest of her body out of the newly created hole.

It was one of these hands, the right, that gave the command to another devastating attack. Slowly the hand rose and closed with a barely visible shiver. The asteroid would answer to that silent call twisting, reforming and subverting its own body to the will of the Evolutionary Emerald Empress once more.

With breathtaking synchronicity four metal walls rose around her forming an inescapable death trap. Black metal to the right, black metal to the left, black metal infront of her, black metal behind her and above loomed the blackness of never ending space, a depressing and perilous impression at the same time. Death seemed inevitable as the confines of her prison rapidly moved towards her promising a quick demise by crushing. Inevitable? For everyone but a teleporter perhaps. Lady Luck’s luck combined with innate timing was once more flawless saving her the moment the first metal construct touched her skin. It needed only a fracture of a second and the Lucky Liberator was gone before the walls came even close to connecting.

Her luck came to a sudden end as she rematerialized in a true metal storm. The small moment she needed to reenter the real word had been enough to miss how the Magnetic Mistress had caused the compressed mass of metal to explode in millions of deadly fragments. Hanging there in the air Risky’s maxed out reaction speed gave her just enough time to cross her arms before her face to protect her eyes and pull her knees towards her body to give a smaller target. Almost in a distant manner her brain registered a sliver entering her right abdomen, two others striking through her already injured leg directly next to her shin, still another being stopped by the light armor in her right shoulder pad and countless small needles sprinkling her forearms without intruding too deep into the flesh. More were too follow but being the true Enchanting Evasionist was already at some other place.

Breathing hard and landing on her knees she celebrated yet another successful escape with coughing up a gust of blood that formed an alarming puddle of crimson on the ground. She felt a familiar strain in her guts, maybe her newly acquired wounds were worse than she had initially thought.

A slight trembling brought her senses back to the ongoing fight. At first she thought it was an usual consequence of excessive blood loss but the shaking dance of tiny rocks near her told her otherwise. Serious concern clouded her mind as she looked towards her opponent while the force of the quake made her own bones quiver. What she saw made her falter in fear.

Syapt had done the unthinkable. She had called out to the very monster in the core of this rock. And it had answered. The ground did not only quake, the whole mass of the asteroid almost broke in two as the skeletal anathema rose. Claws like swords rose from beneath followed by hands large enough to grab trucks and arms strong enough to topple houses. Large wings, leather and flesh gone eons ago, unfurled again after untold millennia to soon carry the mythical beast to a campaign of conquest among the stars. A titanic torso freed itself from the shackles of imprisonment, a broken ribcage not housing even the remains of long rotted organs anymore. Legs strong enough to crush whole empires under their gigantic clawed feet finally set on earth again. And a horned draconic head was raised to let out a testament of coming destruction in the form of a thundering bestial roar that emanated from a seemingly endlessly deep blackened maw full of death bringing, sharp teeth of her body size while a whip-like bone tail lashed over the stony surface. But the worst note in this symphony of doom was an almost tiny silver spot between the abyssal holes that were the beast’s eyes.


Like a fallen angel the Bisected Beauty throned there digging her sharp nails into the osseous mass on her journey ever upwards. The quality of how she sat there struggling with quicksilver tears running down her perfect cheekbones was almost poetic. Angel and demon interwoven in all-deciding conflict for domination. Her screams that spoke of her internal battle against the malicious influence of the otherworldly being were even visible to Risky so many, many feet below.

Like an unstoppable colossus the monstrosity towered infront of the petite mutant threatening to forever vanquish her with but a single motion. It was of no consequence if the Evolutionary Empress won this battle of will, Risky would have to do something against this entity or perish. Another daring plan formed in her head.

A titanic effort pushed the pain, exhaustion and internal damage into the back of her head. She would pay, pay dearly for this crime against her body but better to hate herself for that and deal with the extensive toll on her body later than never to feel anything anymore. Again a foot was set before the other, again and again. Slowly at first, then always faster and faster. Her iron will got the best out of her leg muscles till she had reached her complete maximum, twice as fast as the world’s greatest sprinter. The blood rushed through her body at the same speed, her pulse thundered in her own ears so loud she thought her heart was going to burst. The rock hit against her injured sole faster and faster. Then she jumped.

Sarcastically she remarked to herself to let this jump be acknowledged by a Olympic committee if she ever made it back home. Then she just told herself to screw it. It was more probable that she would never see earth again, even if she survived this suicidal maneuver.

Her goal, the lashing tail came closer and closer. If she would be hit by it she would be simply squashed like an insect, not even noticed by the gargantuan skeleton.

It was her unearthly luck that saved her again. She had not even noticed she had held her breath but the moment her feet connected with the rough texture of the upper side of the tail she released it. A roll over to cope with the movement energy. No time to stop. Picking up where she had left she came to her feet again and ran up the legendary being’s spine, every vertebra like a giant’s step that had to be overcome with the strenuous effort of another jump or pull up. A female Hercules’s way to Olympus.

Underlaid or rather accompanied by constant pain and Syapt’s screams the ascend lasted a subjective eternity butcould not have needed more than a few seconds in reality. A time that was wisely used by the Mutant Maestro to load two massive armor piercing rounds in her old shotgun. Then she had finally reached her destination.

The central vertebra where neck, arms and torso connected. Unshakeable, almost monolithical it lay beneath her feet holding together whatever the ancient threat was. Normally something as simple as a bullet could not hope to even scratch it but Lady Luck hoped to find a structural weakness that would enable her to break up the physical frame.

And there it was. A fine crack. Not big, a bit shorter than her foot. And still her only hope. Screaming Risky took the weapon in both hands, flexed her trigger finger and unleashed a double-barreled dose of destruction.