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To the metallic manipulators shock she managed to in fact move onto the next round. After fighting someone with a device designed specifically to combat rare metals, like what the transformed mutant was made of Sarina felt invincible. It seemed unlikely that someone else here would have the tools like that to contend with her so well. She was given time to recover and of course did so. Insuring her body would be fully capable to handle the coming conflict. Besides recovery though Sarina just passed time in childish ways. Hit what clubs the Symarians had learn about there tech and experiment with their off world foods. Instead of say watching the fights to learn what her opponents were capable of doing, learning strengths and weaknesses she played video games. In particular she played fighting games going from their original 2D formats to the latest 3D high res versions.

In time the teen dressed in violet and gold wears was transported to the next stage. On arrival though she could instantly tell things were out of place. In a two-dimensional game one usually has length and height so that the Side Scroller design is possible. That was not however the case in reality. A two dimensional universe is void of height but has length and width. Being transferred to this world came off as slightly weird. Her feet didn’t seem able to come off the ground at the same time. One could not jump or fly the dimensional law not allowing for an increase in height. In theory then Sarina predicted that she also could not go lower then the ground and even falling down would be faintly harder then usual. Everything felt as though it’s existing height could not be altered in any way.

From there Sarina began to try and figure out then how she could use this fact to her advantage. For example if the earth had metal in it like it always did then she could bring it up to her to use by her abilities. However if the object came up it would be conflicting with the laws of the dimension. So gravity would resist the action then? For Syapt and her opponent to fight they needed a ground however that ground was stagnant and flat. And the sky didn’t have some atmospheric height it was simply as tall as the two people here needed. This rose a curious question what then would be the result of her using her powers to pull an object up and angled it towards the opponent?

“They call me Syapt and it is my honor to deliver a fatality to you good sir.” Emerald hair brushed the ground as the teen bowed to her opponent respectfully. Then she reached for metal in the ground and pulled the 30 tons of steel up. Now that was sixty thousand pounds rising up to the height of Darkchild. Now all this metal was not suppose to come up it would rise with a speed that was equivalent to a rocket ship. Now this was all guessing but that put this crushing weight at a speed of roughly twenty five thousand miles per hour. The metal would shatter as the dimension allowed it to rise no higher. The numerous pieces of metal would then likely rain down at double that speed as the dimensional law demanded they return to the flat ground.

Thinking that was all she needed to do the young girl reached for her guitar planning to wait to be picked up. She had just pulled a physics and dimensional law breaking assault. That had to be enough she thought. Of course Sarina also had no idea who she was up against.

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Given that his last fight left no lasting damage other than a hit to a slight hit to his pride, Daemon asked to be transported to the next round immediately. He had days to look over the landscape and he did just that, taking in everything about the place. The laws of physics were out the window within this world, he was unable to move fully as jumping was an impossibility but he had found a way around this. Thanks to his new biology their were a few tricks up his sleeve he could use. He had hoped that his next opponent would prove more dangerous than the last, he ached for a sense of real pain. His body trembled at the thought of someone with real power. So he waited patiently for his opponent, and days later she arrived. Emerald hair shined in the "sunlight" of the dimension.

Smiling as she walked up upon him, Her name was Syapt and he grinned at her boastful words, but took no freight of them until she lifted what looked like literal tons of metal from the ground beneath him. Sliding slightly away as they rose up at speeds he had thought were only capable of rockets, he couldn't help but grin. His body trembled not out of fear but pure excitement, he watched the metal rise above him and then come crashing down. As the metal was closing in he just smiled, then looked directly at her waving goodbye as he disappeared into a cloud of locust. Reappearing high above he continued popping in an out of sight, trying to disorient her with his in an out moves. Finally appearing behind her he slammed a fist down into the ground, his own brute strength quadrupled as he slammed his fist into the ground. The gravity of this world boasted his own abilities out of sheer coincidence, as his fist slammed into the earth it shattered. The ground cracked and rocked from side to side, as the world beneath her feet wobbled an explosion of energy came immediately after the cracks. Erupting underneath her feet, he couldn't help but smile as this fight was going to be very very fun.

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Much to the awe of the metal maniac her opponent managed to side step the tons of metal lifting upwards at rocketing speeds. Curious, super speed perhaps or maybe just blind luck either way she had figured her action would have killed him. She was busy playing a random melody on her guitar in confidant victory before suddenly hearing the sound of insects above. He appeared and reappeared again and again rising higher. The very air seemed to be in agonizing flux as the teleporting metallic opponent rose higher and higher in a confusing pattern. Not good, instinctively the metal that had reentered the ground was drawn to the teen and added to her mass. The increase in density to the metal would allow her to survive what her body knew was coming. Granted Sarina Valentina herself had no clue what was going on herself. With earth shattering force Darkchild slammed a fist into the ground an explosion of energy coming with it. The gravitational like pull of the planet spared the youthful figure of being sent flying. Instead she slid across the ground several feet her body smoking as energy absorbed into her being. If she wasn’t made of that mythic metal that defined her body she would have been reduced to ash most likely. “Could you not do that, you almost hurt my guitar.”

And to think this man hadn’t so much as introduced himself how rude. It was time to play the same dirty and rebellious way. No need try and put on a show of combat just show off, that was the confident, lack of a memory, electromagnetic enigmas point of view at least. Even when teleporting one thing remained in that fast travel, the person she was against was metal. Sarina she had a complete mastery of metal. In the round before she had targeted the very iron in the human body. Her adversary was made of metal, a metallic like skin composed his being. Reaching her left arm out with a theatric closed fist she tried to get a grip on the man.

Confident she had a solid hold her hand stretched out each finger meant to send a limb flying from the rest of the figure. Her pinky would send a left leg one direction miles away, as her thumb was seeking to send the right leg the opposite direction. The ring finger and index finger, respectively, targeted the left and right arm trying to similarly send them miles away. Lastly the middle finger had targeted the head in attempt to pull it clear from the torso. Now the young anti-heroine figured there was no way a metal man could survive being torn to pieces. However she was a repetitive player of ultraviolent video games. She believed in overkill with all her heart, well whatever the equivalent of a heart is for a hollow being.

The guitar became the Evolium axe the magnetic messiah favored as she used magnetic fields to attempt to pull herself on a true course to the opponent. Using the energy she ‘syfered’ or absorbed and ‘adapting’ her ability she continued the blitzing speeds of four hundred fifty thousand miles per hour. Sy(fer)-(ad)apt that was where she got the name and the attack was a testament as to why. Using this policy she launched herself at blinding speed with a triple swing of her axe designed to cleave a body in three segments. The metal of the weapon alone could cleave through almost anything, add to it the devastating speed and the damage on a body should be catastrophic. Despite it all however, Syapt was also obviously oblivious of what her opponent could do. There is always ways to survive and the unknowing teen had no way of knowing what the insect instigator had as far as options went.

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As the Emerald haired vixen spoke to Daemon he wondered exactly what she could do, she barked at him in a mocking fashion telling him he hadn't introduced himself. Smiling he replies "My name is Daemon Matthius child, but its only a short time our meeting. Because soon I will be moving forward, this tournament will be mine to win. You are no-" As he attempted to goad her even more he was cut off. She stretched her arm out and balled her fist, his body suddenly and violently was stricken with atrophy. He couldn't even blink and he was actually feeling a bit....hesitant about his belief she was weak. She smiled as each finger popped up from her balled fist, each time part of his body being pulled violently outwards almost to its limits. As each finger popped his body was stretched outwards, and as the final finger waited to be popped his gaze never left her. As the final moment came he began to laugh deep and loud. His laughter filling the semi-2d dimension they were placed in, looking up he grins and belts out "This guy really has some genius ideas." pointing up with his finger.

As his words left his mouth the unthinkable happened, his body burst into millions of bugs. Each with flesh tearing jaws, as the ax that followed her last attack flew at the swarm. The swarm moved around the ax, and the weapon slammed into a nearby car cutting the paper cut out like butter. The swarm formed a large smile even showing off a wide toothy grin, in unison the insects attacked. Chomping as one at the Emerald Vixen. Hoping to take her apart with each bite, as the swarm chomped at her arms and face it began to split into two large swarms. The other slowly forming a thin vine like appendage, slowly and softly wrapping around Syapt. As the last attack from the hungry swarm slammed down, the second vine formed swarm solidified. Daemon was back whole again, his arms attempting at squeezing the life out of Syapt while keeping her immobile. As he moved in closer hoping to squeeze her like a cherry, his body began to glow bright "I siphon off energy sweets, what makes you think this dimension isnt filled with the same life energies our world is. This time though, I have no care for its citizens." Torrents of energy filled into Daemon and as his body glowed he released it in a violent torrent of energy outwards from his body. If his grapple of Syapt worked, he would explode at point blank and she would be at ground zero within the blast.

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“Daemon like demon but with an A how original” the teen jested as she attempted to rip the man in half. She was more then content with a notion of cutting the arrogant individual from going on. This was her tournament to win. Only way she figured she could learn who she was. This came before the vicious response of attempted dismemberment. Her focus was not on necessarily the kill so much as performance. She wouldn’t admit it extensively but she was a teen, a child, her performance in the ring was focused on show. The goal was to make her look good in her opinion and do that by delivering what she thought the audience wanted. By skill or more likely luck the Daemon was not torn apart like planned and intended. Each limb was almost plucked from the body but like a malicious monstrosity the name implied, her target just laughed.

Previously the opponent had exploded into insects to basically teleport herself away. The motion halted the metallic manipulating actions of Sarina. The lethal weapon went a wild miss as the insect alteration bypassed the ferocious series of attacks. A hostile swarm of insects molded a toothy grin. The insects covered her body she could feel her skin seem to practically crawl as the swarm climbed over the entirety of her being. Then they attacked, and the scared almost panicking girl went back to being combat centered. They tried to bite her, to devour flesh. Sarina was not made of flesh she was constructed of the special blend of metal called Evolium. Pins and needles work good on flesh you can’t produce such results however with pins and needles on say a car. A insect that bites Adimantium will get nothing but a broken jaw, same results nipping at Sarina. Then the insect terror was back to his physical form. Fascinating that this individual could go from a single metal humanoid to being thousands of natural insects. His arms were now around her in a grapple that could crush any teen her size. Again however that was under the notion that she was human and she was not.

Squeeze as hard as he might a grip from this person wasn’t going to pop something made of stern stuff like her. And her durability by now was set to withstand nuclear barrages. When Syapt had made that high speed attack her body had readied herself to withstand that kind of attack she presented. And as such the composition of her durability was ready for volatile explosions, which was good for her. Then it came and the insectoid energetic shifter burst into a powerful display. It left a crater in the ground a energetic blast devastating the earth. This very act was a testament to the power behind the display. The dimensional fabric had strained itself under such an impact. However the results of the display may have been less then desired when it came to Syapt.

The eighteen year old girl found the skin revealed of arms legs and most of her stomach. The explosion of powerful energy had retracted a lot of metal just to try and keep the girl intact. To much energy in her body could result in a catastrophic turn of events for the emerald haired rocker. One of the very benefits of the fight in itself was each contender absorbed energy. The mutant gene of Daemon led to him like he said siphoning energy. Meanwhile the jade eyed Syapt absorbed energy. This attack was brutal and perhaps if it was anyone else it would of left a person dismembered. Sarina however showed some skin and shook it off. That was when she realized her eye was gone. A shattered opening made up her eye socket. This entire thing looked probably like shattered glass, not broken skin but glass. For Sarina was hollow, though the opening did emit a neon green glow.

“I absorb energy what a coincidence this should get interesting. This competition is galaxy wide affair you got no honor.” She couldn’t help but chuckle at the remark. The jest being that by taking in the energy of the population on this planet he was killing his fan base. With that though the teen went instantaneously into the confrontation. Imagine if a person could absorb the muscle and bone marrow of a person. Now that would be exceptionally painful and there wasn’t much recovery from that to be had. Now Daemon was made of metal that and Syapt was in control of metal. She could absorb it alter it mold it metal belonged to her will. And she was about to try the equivalent now of absorbing flesh. Syapt’s body began to pull in the metal of the adversary. To pull flesh bone and marrow of Daemon and make it her own stripping her foe of all that he was. Energy seemed like a wasted talent here as both used it to a degree. Speed seemed hard to manage as well because as fast as the metal manipulator could go the insect horror would teleport. So she figured get creative this was phase one in that process.

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Watching as the Emerald Vixen reconstituted herself from almost nothing, she was made of something Daemon had never seen before. This fact brought a endless amount of thoughts through his mind, but the thought at the front of his mind was that of excitement. He held his ground as she began to put herself back together, an instantaneous healing ability. Seemed that she was a being with no internal organs, let alone any blood within her body. This meant that she was a being of very literal life energy, he couldn't drain her even if he wanted to. His mind raced with thousands of scenarios where he could take her, or in the very least do enough damage to take her body apart at the atom. Causing a single point explosion so vast that it atomized her was the only solution he could come up with.

But two things prevented him from achieving this, this place was almost void of any life now that he had drained majority of the population with his last attack. An the second was she controlled metal, on a subatomic level she could control the Beast with no effort. An he needed to be rid of that part of him, now and forever but that problem was soon to be rectified for him. She began to slowly lift him up and he went without a fight, lifted high off the ground his body began to churn as the metal within him was explosively ripped from his body. Screams filled the air, but these screams were soon turned into a loud and bellowing fit of laughter. His body a bloody mess pieces of skin hung from his body, and bone could be seen. He fell to the ground as his metallic properties were taken from him forcibly, he got to one knee and looked at the Vixen before him. His lips were gone and only his teeth could be seen in his mouth, but clearly his words could be heard "Thank you." As if a demon from the very bowels of hell, his body thrashed as his skin was soon replaced with a moving swarm of insects. Soon these insects solidified, creating an even thicker exoskeleton more like skin but still armor like.

Standing slowly he looked at the woman, he wasn't going to show his pain but he was in an almost unbearable amount of pain. That procedure he had just been forced into was something he never wished to feel again, the very mutant ability that he was born with was ripped from his very soul. But in return he was allowed to fully use his demonic parasite to its full potential. Taking in a deep breath he screamed and a swarm of insects spewed from his mouth outwards towards Syapt. As the swarm washed over her he flew through it fists glowing with power, each blow he siphoned off more and more life energy from the living things around him. The environment around them began to wither and die as each punch draining more and more. He aimed precisely, hitting her at every vital point on her body. She had no blood nor organs to damage, but she still was a humanoid and her body needed joints and bones to function or at least a frame to base off of. Each blow nearing the destructive properties of a nuclear bomb he continued pummeling the woman as if it was his last ditch effort.

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Cracks in the body began to mend as metal was taken in. The hollow openings that made her body look like broken glass regurgitated to a more complete form. Metal of the world flowed into the body and mending her into completion once again. And surprisingly she learned that apart of the energy that defined how she continued on wasn’t being absorbed. A lot of the energy she absorbed could be drained but enough to keep her going would stay in her body. That still raised a question however of how was she going to best the fiendish monster before her eyes. Lifting the monstrosity in the air driven by competitive spirit and anger at the violence committed Sarina began to take the metal away. Why should she even shy away from killing when the opponent was a monster like this? She tried to be a heroic individual but things like Daemon shouldn’t live. He had just butchered arguably an entire world to get energy for attacks like the one he had just done.

The sound was maddening, as if hundreds of nails were dragging down the chock board. The metal in flesh and muscle and bone were being pulled from the entire body of her devious opponent. It smelled like blood and iron mixed into the most atrocious aroma. And from the looks and sounds the pain had to be unfathomable. She imagined that being skinned, with every bone having been broken and muscles peeled and twisted, that was the equivalent of what she had done. It should of killed the man, should have dropped him then and there. But somehow like the terror he was the man stood to his feet, could he even be called a man anymore. The fiend phenom began to reform as he became a home to thousands of insects. If Sarina had a stomach to throw up she would have done so. Daemon now looked entirely like his name implied, a horrific visage of insects personified in demonic form. If Sarina survived this confrontation she would likely be haunted forever. On this dark day in a dizzying dimension she had looked terror in the eyes, seen a true face of hell. Not a masked horror meant to deceive but the real thing of nightmares.

Again the teen in her the girl in her would of broken then and there. Fortunately she was not just a girl the Evolium of her existence granted a warrior like resilience to the youthful mind. It was a byproduct of the evolved mutant. When the mutant fell into the situation leading her to be altered into the advanced thing she was the culture was soaked into her being. Evolium was a metal used by a clan of warriors and its symbiotic like nature meant that some of that drive and memories had passed onto Syapt. A warrior’s will pushed the girl to ready herself for the coming attacks. Insects again swarmed over and around her body. They nipped and bit, and even though insects could not pierce steel the sounds were abysmal. As if a locust swarm was buzzing in her ears. It was like insects were crawling in her brain. She had to keep telling herself ‘it isn’t real they cant reach there’ to stay sane. The world seemed to crumble around her decaying as the essence was sapped away. This world was dying under the methodology of Daemon. Apocalyptic horrors were being committed all done just to try and end the metallic matriarch.

The slender youthful was knocked back a good few yards shards before being punched off to the right side several more. A powerful fist knocked the teen into the air literally defying the physics of the very world. All before a teleporting swing slammed the emerald metal shifter to the ground. A silver fluid oozed from her lip and arms like blood. A metallic fluid from Sarina began to pool along the ground like the ichor of the dying. Cracks ran all along the woman her eye, her skin, her clothes they all looked like a shattered panel of glass. A soft neon light seemed to pulse from the openings of the various wounds. Even still Syapt lived, for as energy was pulled away from the world and to an extent her, it was being absorbed when she was struck. In a cycle of brutal blows that made Sarina’s body feel like trying to stand on broken everything. In short she survived in part because of the very attacks to have nearly killed her. Now however it was her turn.

Every living thing has energy in it, after all these organisms do maintain a steady state of thermodynamic energy. That’s part of how living things live. Thankfully the mysterious difference in Syapt helped her not be entirely drained and instead keep moving. However this brought a sudden thought. She absorbed energy, could manipulate some energy, if it fell under the electromagnetic category. These energies included ultraviolent, gamma. visible lights, infrared, microwaves, radio raves, and the most obvious electricity. Living organisms had in them electrochemical energy, electro is electric that places it under the electromagnetic spectrum. Sarina had robbed her opponent of his original flesh and muscle now maybe she could take a part of his life energy. The body is a constant source of energies but if you take even one it would be disastrous. One doesn’t just rip wires from a machine and living organisms were one of the most complex machines to exist. Syapt pushed herself away from the opponent gliding along the ground to escape the range of the insectoid horror she confronted. And as the teen flew along the ground she tried to use her mastery over electrical energy to rip a power source from the monster. Right now this planet had very few sources of energy and one of the most common energies on any planet was electrical. Presuming the pull of electromagnetic energies and radiation was as successful as Sarina wanted the damage would be grievous.

The attempt to take this energy stole a power source from the opponent. Not only that but removing the electrical energy of the insects and the demon they were apart of would make them all nearly immobile and brain dead. This planet also had no need left to be sparing or cautious just focus on slaying the creature she fought. Metal from all around came in from every direction even the ground. Only direction it didn’t come from was the sky which the dimensional laws just wouldn’t permit. From below however could be forced, and these thunderous walls collided on one mile radius. For one mile up down left right, every direction slammed together to make one giant solid construct. The speeds it moved at continued the speed of forty five thousand miles per hour. The size of the attack especially during such close fighting, with only seconds of a gap between clear skies and a giant solid container, were likely to get beneficial results. The results of course being aimed to turn that insect terror into just smears of gore.

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Her body flailed in the air as each of his punches landed, cracks spider-ed along her porcelain body and he felt the emotion of pure excitement as she rag dolled along the earth bringing up dirt and debris with each slam into the almost grass less earth. He felt a feeling of sorrow as he had wished the child had been someone else, she was a real fighter to the very end it seemed. If only it had been a different time and place he would of taken her into the Vine Villains alongside himself. Maybe have her be his queen, but now he had to focus as her death was his only way to make it to the next round. As this tournament would be his crowning achievement in the universe, if he won this battle and the ones to come he would be the King of the Universe. This thought revitalized him as his wounds from earlier were healing even faster than they had been, he watched as she stood up and flew towards him.

His body bulking up in size and growing more an more as the remaining life on the small planet siphoned into him, as she neared her fist began to glow and he could feel it. Inside his body something was being pulled from him, a type of energy he hadn't thought she could control. But it was energy nonetheless and it was his, as it began to drift from his body invisibly he reached out and grabbed it. The energy wrapped around his arm and sprouted hooks, they dug into his forearm and he pulled hard "That is mine you little whore!" He screamed, she was moving at sonic speeds and his pull moved her even faster towards him. As the two were on a crash course for each other he began to tap into an energy he hadn't thought of before, his own life energy. Suddenly as the walls hurriedly began to close in on both of them his body burst as eight arms sprouted from his midsection, each with a glowing fist. But this energy was a different color from the rest of the worlds energies, it was crimson red it was his very own energy his soul. "This ends now!" As she hurtled towards him he swung in one unified punch, as his fists came together they combined into a large beam that hurtled towards Syapt. Then the walls came crashing in, the blast blowing through the wall directly in front of him the others still slammed into him. His body slammed against each and was tossed out through the cloud as the dust began to form.

He looked up into the cloud not knowing if Syapt survived the huge blast he had unleashed, he put his fist down into the ground only for it to crumble away and he fell back down to the ground. He could feel his energy within his body, it was sparse he only had enough for one single blast. The insects were catatonic and he was falling apart, he slowly stood trying to keep himself together. He appeared to be falling apart, majority of his insects were laying around him in piles. He was alone for the most part, the only insects that still attached to his body were over his arms and legs. His body was bare meat, still showing the after effects of Syapt pulling the metal from his body. His eyes still glowed red with anger and excitement as he waited for Syapt to appear through the dust.

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Her mind was a scattered mess a confusing cluster of thoughts both her own and ones that were not. And all of it was mixed in at an extremity where she couldn’t tell what was she and what was Evolium. Where in this mind of hers was she and where was the additions of Evolium. To proceed in this quest of understanding fame became an objective. A chance to give herself a name so that she could have resources and so on to learn her past. Apart of her had started to change from this self-serving game, a piece of her perhaps coming back into fullness. In this universe there were demons like the one she faced, they needed to be stopped. Going on with letting these people act the way they did wasn’t acceptable. Even if this ended up her last fight she had to do everything in her power to put the Daemon back into his damned hell. Her attack was brutal and cold aimed to squash her foe like an insect. No plan goes accordingly however and unsurprisingly neither did this one.

In the last match out of sheer survival she had learned how to create a force field out of electromagnetic force. This taught her the full extremes of the energy aspect that came with the remarkable ability. Regretfully the energy manipulating properties she had paled greatly in comparison to the monsters. She really didn’t like his language either she didn’t so much as remember her first kiss rude to say she made money selling her body. Why cant monsters ever have a semblance of class? Suddenly a series of fists burst from the insect spawning fiend. It seemed to hiss and cackle more then cracks every aspect of the new energy seemed malevolent and foul. The guitar was snapped up in effort to block the beam. It was all being focused in a powerful blow but that also meant a singular point. Energy flooded into the axe made from the guitar and the teen flew backwards all before the axe blew apart. Sarina and the back wall of the metallic cube became one as the two collided with earth shattering force.

Metal fell like rain mixing in with the dust in a massive crater from the explosion. A portion of the earth had glassed over from the immeasurable heat. That was only for it to crack and shatter as the attack had continued. However Sarina still lived. This world was dead she could use the metal, all of the metal at her leisure. The very impact with the metal let her spread herself out and avoid over load. A cube two miles in diameter had been used in her attack before. That left almost that much metal left for her to recuperate. Rising to her feet Sarina looked to see both of her arms were gone. Perhaps she underestimated the man she expected to crush him, he mustered enough power to simply break free from the blast radius. She anticipated an easy block, now her hands were gone. The other segment of the limbs fell leaving her with just elbow sockets. Ok so now her arms were gone…. and her guitar.

That’s when she napped, the guitar was destroyed, that last real shred of life she arguably had. Sarina didn’t remember much but she did recall that guitar being the singular memento from when she had just been a mutant and a teenager without a care. Forget memories, forget heroics this ass hole needed to perish. The entirety of metal from the flat ground to the depths of the core Sarina reached for metal. For every atom of steel and iron she reached. An entire continent worth of metallic compounds was being called to the surface and the field of battle that had been this almost warzone like local of the fight of these two. Screams cries and curses flowed from her lips almost as constantly as metal appeared from the ground. Lost to rage and pain however Sarina hadn’t even noticed the noise she had made. When all was said and done an almost city the size of a continent, was the amount of metals brought in. She was oblivious to the strain her body was under. Granted she was apart of the metropolis of steel perhaps the limits of what she could take had drastically changed. Whatever the case is she herself physically week or strong now was the time for violence, the last ditch effort to end this nightmare.

Step one, leave no ground left to go to. The metal covering the nation did its best to reach into the skies. Spears of Evolium shot skywards at least a thousand feet into the air went the blades; the gap between points was inches at most. It was a sea of edges attempting to leave nowhere to teleport to, to run to, make a pincushion out of the Phenom of Insects. Step two, was to use sheer overkill. The Metallic Matriarch took to flight a tidal wave of metal behind her. The massive sea of silver began to disorientate, as it became thousands of car-sized fists. What looked like the rage of the sea done by metal had become an almost comical amount of fists. Or at least it would be humorous if it weren’t a serious act of violence. From the last round it was discovered that something of a mass like a human body moving at forty five thousand miles per hour was almost equivalent to a nuclear explosion. So a car projected at those speeds into something would impact like a nuclear bomb, the assumption seemed fair to say. And each of these overgrown fists had just one target the battered Deamon. They would try and find him and then drop, one by one in a rain of blind wrath. Sarina however wouldn’t stick around for the blinding storm; instead as the first fist fell the emerald haired metal messiah would try and move herself as far away as possible.

That was phase three of the plan. Stay on the move and away from Deamon, to outlast him. With all the metal around the battlefield she could stay on the move for constant hours if not days. There was enough metal to keep up the barrage for the same time. The longer out of sight meant the better chance of regenerating. Right now her body was laced with fractures, one eye gone and both arms blown away. In a frontal conflict she might be condemned to fail. So logic dictated attack from a distance in a blindingly furious way. She would not let up, victory or defeat this was the end game for her. A pure force of destructive unwavering nature against a demonic entity that scared the hell out of her.

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His body weak from the ordeals of the fight he struggled to stand, his body falling apart he could feel the insects inside him slowly waking up. But they were not fast enough, as he watched as the cloud of dust an debris blew away he saw her standing and screaming. As the last of the cloud blew away he saw hundreds of large fists hovering above her. Each amassing into the size of a continent, his eyes widened as they hovered above her. With a tidal wave esque movement they all came crashing down aimed at Daemon. He screamed inside his head, ordering his body to move "Move!" and without a second thought he ran towards her. She too was running away, her body nothing more than legs now she was attempting to escape.

His eyes filled with rage as she ran from him, as he ran trying to catch up with her the fists were raining down. The ground exploded as he dodged as many as he can, the fists were tossing up debris everywhere. He felt as the dirt and rocks pierced his skin, cutting deep into his body he continued to gain on her. He was pushing the pain as far down as he could, but soon his strength was failing and one single fist slammed into him. He would of been splattered like the bugs that make up his body, if only his body hadnt given up on him and he fell apart. The insects were crawling along the ground as Syapt vanished into the distance. Slowly the piles of cockroaches and ants slowly were beginning to form body parts, a hand shot out from a pile and grabbed earth trying to pull itself out from the abyss. Slowly he was able to pull himself together just enough, a swarm was all that was left a constant buzzing of insects as he reformed. Looking into the distance the fists had scattered all over the planet, large mounds of metal scattered all over the plains that remained of their fight. He was still only composed of insects, his body had yet to reform. He knew he could catch up with her, but he no longer cared. It was now up to the powers that be to determine the outcome of this fight. Both were reduced to their weakest forms, and he knew that if the two fought again they would simply just kill themselves.

Turning around he walked in the opposite direction of Syapt, contemplating the fact that this one woman could do so many things. He almost lusted for her, but not her body her power he wanted to fight her again. But this time he would choose the battlefield, he walked with a grin forming into the swarm of insects "We will see each other again, my Emerald Vixen." And with that the swarm fell apart and the insects flew off into the sky.