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Two tombstones lodged into the wet moist soft ground; what laid in the burials were the remains of two great geniuses of this century. Rain pats the drenched red hair of Nelson who had been sitting there for over an hour meditating but also talking to his deceased parents. The grey darkened sky, bloated clouds and continuous soft precipitation only seemed to fit in with the occasion. “I’m going to be gone for a while. You two gave me the tools and raised me to be the best I could be. Now I’m going to manifest what it is you want me to be.”

Planting his knuckles on top of the grave that was his father he read the mysterious invitation aloud as if his parents heard what he was saying. “Fight in our tournament we have heard of your abilities. Show us what you are capable of and earn great honour and rewards. What do you think guys?” Smirking folding the paper back into his pocket he then looks up to the sky with determination but some uncertainty. He looks towards his parent’s graves once again for one last look closes his eyes. In sudden motion Nelson opens his eyes wide extending his right arm out to an open field in the grave yard. Soon rising from the ground purple and black flames erupt from the ground soil falling in as large overwhelming noise immerse the surrounding area. Nelson’s “King of Hell” statue rises from the earth opening its mouth. Nelson takes one last look at his parent’s grave he says “Goodbye” in a hushed tone. As the statues long tongue appears wrapping around him he closes his eyes the last thing he sees is the ever still tombstones of his parents.

The statue’s mouth closes descends into the spot it came from re-appearing in a vibrant colour filled bright stadium. It sprouts from the ground opening its mouth once again. Nelson walks out of the statue opening his eyes to be blinded by the differences of bright colours and patterns. “Well holy shit this wasn't a joke.” In utter amazement Nelson looks at the large arena of floating platforms and can only take in the dream like world for what it is unbelievable. The statue goes down closing the once ruined foundation of the terrain. Nelson quickly re-calls the purpose of why he was called to this battlefield.

Opening the letter to read upon his opponent he calls the name of the challenger his voice echoes through the stadium bouncing off its corridors and platforms “The one named Clara Mass shall we get this started?”

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@pro_nelson: Her heart profusely pounded as the voice of her opponent graced her petite frame. She's taken back by his blatant conviction, entirely amazed by his willingness to get down to business. And although she knows this tournament would present the best the world had to offer, the violet eyed vixen isn't at all troubled by her first round opponent. He doesn't seem like much. "Over here!"

Miss Michelle skipped out and onto the battlefield, truly transfixed by the beauty of her ostentatious surroundings. "I believe we're meant to start." She waved in his direction, happily showcasing her more gregarious persona. Her ambivalent acquaintance didn't respond. Well maybe he did and she just didn't hear, but it wouldn't matter. "Good."

She clasped her hands together. Violet eyed illuminated brightly. In this moment her mind became consumed with the most gnarly of thoughts. Her reality powers were at work. Her deviant plan had just begun. "Bye." From the ground erected tendrils of solidified soil as well as miscellaneous objects of absolute harm. Clarice thrust these four cylindrical behemoths in the direction her lofty enemy in hopes of destroying him completely. With a wicked smirk placed upon her flawless face, the brash brunette skipped around, awaiting the dissipation of insurmountable debris. "Can I get onto round two?" She giggled rather giddily.

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The day-dreaming Nelson walked around the truly dazzling arena mesmerized by it’s out of this world architecture. He pondered on the design and concept and ultimate creation of the arena. He couldn't help but jump on one of the floating platforms as it swayed back in forth his legs dangled above the floor. The kid in him enjoyed the moment but was suddenly interrupted by a feminine voice. "Hmph…its time." He jumped off the floating rectangle and turned around to observe his opponent.

He was quite surprised by the bubbly attitude she carried as if she was welcoming him to this soon to be hectic confrontation. He acknowledged her appealing figure she was good-looking. But he kept silent his fixed unemotional face didn't move he knew he was the loner in this tournament and the only person he could look out for or trust was himself.

Suddenly he could make out her clapping her hands together; "Finally." In a light murmur Nelson went on guard his ocular powers were hungry for battle. Two projectiles rose from the ground, in somewhat shock he realized her powers are similar to his. His recognition for her abilities stopped he went on the defense. He extended both his arms out raising his powerful energy shield around him in a bubble like form. "Your insignificant pellets can’t hope to break my-" Cut off instantly as the first derby cracked the shield in disbelief he tried strengthening the shield but to no avail as the front of the shield caved in absorbing some impact but sending Nelson like a pebble skipping over water he flung into the wall of the stadium. The imprint of his body was made on impact as he fell face first into the floor. Slow to get back up; he managed to pull himself up from his own rubble dusting off his surprisingly still intact clothing. He looked back up to Clara Mass making eye contact with her "How magnificent!" He exclaimed in a sick smirk bearing the excruciating pain.

He then ran towards her, his arms floating behind him his upper body lowered while his head only focused on one thing. Nelson took off jumping off the ground he then thrusts his right leg positioning his heel towards her right knee. His main goal wasn't for the kick to land as he was sure she would dodge it. He slid a few feet then getting out of his own path he stands back up still going forward because of his constant momentum. He spins swiftly releasing his psyche disruption blades as projectiles .Four cylinder but razor-sharp edge weapons flew outta of his hands in the blink of an eye towards her. He then gathered himself extending both of his arms out his open hands were set on the many floating platforms in the arena gathering two separate epicenters the platforms gathered compacting into to each center creating two large and heavy circular objects "Get crushed!". He then flung both of the large derbies towards her that would result in a crushing annihilation he awaited on her next move.

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@pro_nelson: Her body remained still. Unable to react to this strange fellow's unbridled velocity, the seemingly catatonic mistress analyzed his movements. At first she's amazed by his initial nonchalance, his rigidity in the face of danger, and than reality sets in. This tournament wouldn't be as easy as she originally perceived. "Dammit."

Miss Michelle instinctively evaded his first maneuver, however her mind is unable to fully comprehend his tactical prowess. Without enough reaction time the brash beauty is taken completely off guard. From his fingertips came forth four blades of unimaginable powers. "Shit." And if it weren't for her unparalleled coordination, the violet eyed miscreant would of greeted defeat. Using her powers over reality enabled the disruption of these psyche intended projectiles. However, this action would in turn slightly weaken the feisty brawler.

Feeling a sense of nausea the jolly jouster found herself caught in trouble yet again. From the heavenly sky above came forth two enormous cylindrical objects meant for absolute devastation. Clarice Michelle could feel the animosity flow from her male counterpart, his unadulterated passion emitting so vibrantly, but she wouldn't falter because of his ardor. "I won't lose. I won't!"

From the explosive debris she still stood stoically, even if she were bruised and battered. Crimson blood trickled from her forehead, skin so fair had become so noticeably red, yet a sinister grin shone as bright as the stadium's translucent lights. She wouldn't molt. She wouldn't wither. She'd gladly stand against the waves of distress. "You will." Miss Michelle blew a kiss in his direction, appearing as crazy as one possibly could, and enacted her next attack. "Ah!" Her harpy like scream would hopefully disorientate her flimsy target, allotting enough time for her next move. She clasped her hands together. This time instead of molding the Earth beneath her soles, the benevolent beauty created a certain mirage. Twenty alternate versions of Clara Mass appeared from nothingness, each being minuscule variations of the original femme fatale. "When you're ready", each devious lady lunged forward withholding a single adamantium dagger, "Come and get it." Each whimsical woman focused on major organs, limbs, and even eye sockets. He'd definitely knock off a majority of the crusade, but one single nip was all she required. And while he battled her clones the original manipulator stayed at the wayside. Her violet eyes studied his physical responses, and upon the sight of blood she'd smile. Upon the sight of blood she'd attempt to control his body. It was a move she hadn't mastered yet, but one she wished to practice this early in the game. If she could get him on his knees...that's all she'd really need. Beheading the poor guy would be done by her (for honorable reasons of course).

However, one discrepancy would ruin this play. If he emerged unscathed. If all her replicates were disposed of. She'd be open to further assault. Something she was willingly to risk. "This is gonna be good." Her empty gaze would come off disturbing, and for those in attendance the sight of Miss Michelle sent chills down their spines.


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"Amazing" Nelson was astounded by the woman’s will. She resisted his psyche blades and even withstood the two compiled make shift boulders. He kept on guard trying to figure out what she would be able to pull off next even in the face of total adversity. She blew a kiss to Nelson he still didn't react to any of her gestures his mental fortitude wouldn't allow him to.

Just as his blank stare towards Clara Mass got deeper a sudden erupt noise filled his ears with major displeasure. Grabbing both ears he cringed in disgust. "What type of cheap trick is this?!" His rinnegan actually reacted to the vocal attack. He threw his head down quickly hoping she didn't see what was happening and possibly make an observation of it. His eyes shook back and forth in his sockets violently. He shut his eyelids trying to concentrate on resisting the attack.

But she then stopped he slowly opens his eyes and releases his hands from the grip of his ears, but encounters something just as challenging. Clones of the woman circled Nelson attacking him; He then readies two of his disruption blades in hand. The overwhelming horde closes in on him two of the clones stab nelson in the abdomen. Brushing off the sharp pain he angrily stabs the two clones in there chest leaving them lifeless as he lifts them both up he spins off throwing the clones in too the crowd. Jumping in the air he thrusts both of his arms into the sky yelling at the top of his lungs "Shinra Tensei!!" Nelson becomes an epicenter as a medium but powerful repulsive force blasts from him sending the clones flying in all directions.

He floats back down to the ground floor like a leaf falling from a tree branch. He observes the destruction caused by his overwhelming powers the once vibrant arena is dismantled "I need to end this now before I do something to drastic." He thought to himself. Suddenly he found himself on his knees but not by his command. "Whaa- What is this!" yelling towards Clara Mass in a worrisome tone. He couldn't control his body movements anymore but he could still control his ocular power. His Tendō powers that he had just displayed had a five second interval he could only hope she would take her time with whatever she had planned.

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One Second. Two Seconds.

Danaus plexippus. That's how I feel. Like a butterfly in the wind. Carefree. Unrestrained to confounds of stress and responsibility. One might assume I'm not in my right mind. I would disagree. I'm happily content. Wanna know why? Tell me why. Well it's quite simplistic. I've one the very first round. I do hope I'm rewarded.

Three Seconds. Four Seconds.

Miss Michelle impassively stepped forward, unwilling to present her displeasure for his lack of homicidal artistry. In fact the prevalent princess looked at her victim very much indifferently. Her carefree persona instantaneously evaporated as the final moments of this bout had just begun. "What is this?", she's genuinely amused by his perplexed countenance, "You're about to lose."

Five Seconds. Checkmate?

With her acrylic nails as sharp as stainless steel, the violet eyed monstrosity swiftly slashed downward, aiming for the jovial dimwit's precious jugular. She had hoped to end his breathing. Mister Nelson wouldn't perish (or would he?) so long as the poor oddity was medically cared for. "Sweet dreams." Afterwards she parted her lengthy brown locks, adjusting her imagery for the sake of her audience. She knew victory would be hers. She hadn't a single doubt, but if for some reason he evaded this generic assault. If for some reason this was some form of masterful trickery, she'd enact a desperate contingency. Miss Michelle would use her telekinesis to create some room between the two, giving her enough space to rework her next plan of action. She'd have to think quickly. In all her years, she had never faced an individuals lasting more than five minutes. How quaint.

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"Will these honestly be my final moments, have I come here to fail this easily. I barely made an impact in this event…" As Clara Mass reared closer to Nelson the steps weighed heavy to him. Each step his heart pounded like thunder in his silent self-conscious. His eyes began to close as he prepared for the inevitable. He could feel the overwhelming presence standing over him as he waited for his executioner; He fought back tears even in his death he would try to show no emotion. With his eyes shut he braced for his own demise…

Five Seconds!


His eyes opened back up in his head he could make out the harsh scold of familiar voices. The hand of Clara Mass swiped down but before it could land Nelson cried out
"Banshō Ten'in!" He used his own technique upon himself thrusting backwards. He could feel the slight brush of cold metal like sharp edge brush against the outer skin of his neck possibly clipping small particle of skin or hair. Sliding back he planted his hand on the floor to stop his own momentum. He stood back up calling out to his opponent once more "You haven’t won anything yet!"

He clasped his hands together appearing around him he summoned three creatures of his design. A four headed self-replicating giant wolf was placed to his left, behind him was his giant chameleon, and above him circled his colossal drill-beaked bird flying above the arena. Each animal shared Nelson’s rinnegan increasing his field vision tenfold. The chameleon opened its mouth grabbing its master with the large tongue it possessed.

In that moment the chameleon stored Nelson in its jaws; it cloaked itself disappearing along with its master the creature climbed along a stadium wall without being detected. Then the two extra animals would make their move, The four headed wolf split into four individual creatures but still each relatively large (abnormally larger than any wolf should be) they charged at Clara Mass with rapid speed each looking to make a meal of the woman. While Nelson anticipated a possible counter he commanded the bird to attack Clara as well, the creature dived towards her spinning in a violent funnel caving in the arena floor leaving a immense cloud of smoke.

Each attack was a large diversion he had planned out. While still in hiding Nelson re-summoned the “King of Hell” statue. Heavy dense purple and black flames circled where the statue was coming from; the ominous figure rose from the ground the eyes it also shared with Nelson were focused on Clara Mass but it kept idle awaiting further direction. He was preparing a final blow in which would take him capturing the woman he awaited on how his large attack would pan out.

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@pro_nelson: "This." For the last fifteen minutes everything had become entirely unorthodox. "Wasn't." From the fingertips of madness came forth unfathomable creationism. "In." Her bottom lip quivered as three ginormous behemoths charged forward. "The." This wasn't fair. Miss Michelle hadn't prepared for any of this. In fact she was very much perplexed. "Brochure."

If she knew dirty tactics were permitted she would of ended his life prematurely. Than again that'd probably incite some sort of technical foul (unfair!). Regardless the show mustn't end so soon. Miss Michelle would play this game even if it meant ruining her carefully hand picked wardrobe. "Oh well." And so she licked her honey bee lips, awaiting the arrival of four fearsome wolves. "Come here boys. Come to mama", she snickered at the sight of their unimaginative presentation, yet respected their unified thirst for her heavenly blood. "I'm ready." If it weren't for her blessings the swift kiss of death would be certain, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

"Perfection." An elegant swift avoided the jaws of quietus. "Personified." Following this basic maneuver she pressed dainty palm against its' dignified jawline, decimating the first target instantaneously. Without warning the remaining three dispersed, and so she shamelessly giggled as if the round were finite. Sadly, the violet eyed vixen thought wrong. "No!" From the ostentatious skies above did destruction dive down. Without warning the gargantuan figure spun counterclockwise, generating an tremendous smokescreen.

Miss Michelle unintentionally inhaled these awful fumes, coughing uncontrollably as her advantageous opponent enacted his next assault. In the midst of incoming defeat she could feel ferocious flames dancing in the distance. "I will not lose!" Clarice Michelle frantically cried out in a panic, her underestimation had resulted in anxiety. As a result a multiplicity of doppelgangers erected from the walls of this crackling stadium, rocky imitations of the original habitually lunged themselves at this hectic humanoid in hopes of stalling whatever he had planned. Blinded, battered, and utterly frazzled the brash beauty refused to lose. If he even touched her fair skin, if he even tore at her flawless flesh, the vindictive vixen would shoot sharp canine teeth into the depths of Nelson's chest cavity. Clarice hadn't a clue for his next move, but regardless it had to connect. And even though she'd fall onto her already bloodied knees, the crazed lass remained hopeful. Miss Michelle hoped her rocky augmentations did their job, she hoped her wolf bite worked, she hoped she delayed defeat, she hoped.........and she hoped again.

(Pm if anything o.o)

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With the circumstance of the battle coming to its climax; Nelson could see he had the mere slim upper-hand in this conflicts ending. While still in hiding from his opponent he could see the damage he inflicted on Clara Mass. The fight had taken a toll on him mentally he had never reached that point of being close to death. But he prevailed last second through a large counter-attack. The large attack he sprung on the woman was successful. The physical damage was done but Nelson sensed the mental wall, her mentality of never giving up. It amazed him even if he was defeated he would take away much from this hard fought battle. "This will come down to only one of us…"

He drew the other beasts from the battle but keeping the chameleon in play; the creature leaped down re-appearing before the crowd. It rapidly crawled towards the "King of Hell" statue while its master was prepping the final attack. But suddenly a barrage of clones scattered near Nelson; the chameleon hissed opening its mouth spitting Nelson out. Nelson stood in shock of how much power his opponent still possessed even in this overwhelming situation he readied his tendō abilities but was almost sure of the incoming bombardment may be his defeat. But instead of Nelson being the target of this desperate onslaught. He turned around to see his very statue being attacked, it swallowed the clones whole but Nelson knew his statue’s reaper ability could not be used in rapid succession. "DAMN IT!" He gripped his hair tight almost ripping it from his scalp; Nelson watched as the statue descended back into the ground his ability was taken from him once again for a long interval. He turned around back to Clara, her resolve still keeping her standing as if that is what Nelson was battling instead of the woman herself.

Looking into her in her eyes one last time he slowly closed his eyes smirking. "You know I never felt fear before until that very moment. When I was at the mercy of you… Even now I still feel the sensation. I want to say I am honored you where my very first opponent you showed me something even if I lose or win I’ll carry it for the rest of my existence…" He didn't reveal what it was Clara had showed him yet. In that moment Nelson commanded the chameleon to stand ready in the middle of the two. He re-opened his eyes extending his left hand out towards Clara Mass. "However what you showed me is something that will eventually break no matter how great the will is.…Banshō Ten'in!" Nelson with all might sent his attractive force towards Clara; the chameleon opened its large mouth sticking its tongue out Nelson planned on Clara Mass colliding with the strong constrictor like tongue the chameleon possessed. Capturing her leaving her immobile; he readied a psyche disruption blade in his right hand and ran towards Clara Mass even if she some how resisted his attractive force or evaded the tongue of the creature he ran at full speed aiming for the very heart of the woman as a last attempt to finish off his opponent. "LET’S FINISH THIS SHOW ME IF YOU’RE WILL CAN RESIST THIS!!"

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My condolences.

"You are nothing!" Wrapped by the tongue of this sinister serpent, entrapped by its' unholy constriction, the lavish lady hollered in terror as death approached rapidly. It wasn't difficult. It wasn't preposterous. Her inability to take anyone seriously had resulted in this hogwash. Because of this her incalculable powers went to work yet again, actively deflecting yet another psyche tendril. However, this wasn't the finale. "You will not win this!" Mister Nelson darted forward, tearing through steady winds, the entirety of his being cleverly aimed at her precious heart. "Because you are stupid." Miss Michelle hissed as his bloodied fingertips tore into her chest. As a result her panicked contingency plan activated, which resulted in a set of canine teeth shooting into his hefty heart. And because of her powers over reality the vindictive broad ensured each tooth weighed more than forty tons, guaranteeing death regardless of her own fate. "If." Clarice Michelle became woozy. "I lose." Reckless behavior resulted into disoriented actions. "So will." And if she were to proceed onto the next round, she'd have to act far more carefully. Until than violet eyes glimmered once more before they sealed shut. Her impure thoughts thought of various choices that could of resulted in a more pleasant ending; not this sacrilegious swan song. "You." In the end she smiled a wicked smile. It's a picture worth a million wordings.