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When they came to Daemon in a chance to fight in a intergalactic tournament at first he was reluctant to go along with the idea of traveling many miles to show off his skills. But soon was given quite the insentive to battle, the man known as Mattersuit was to be his first opponent. The man had similar powers to his, able to transform various elements into energy within his body.

This too was an ability Daemon had, able to transform the very energy of life into something his body could use. He smiled taking the messenger by the throat, a sinister smile crept onto his face "How would I go about getting to the tournament kind sir?" the brave soldier sneered and barked "If you answer yes to joining, you will immediately be transported to the arena." With his smile still on his face he snatches the comm link from the soldiers vest. With his hand tight around the soldiers throat he began to drain him. The soldiers body began to show signs of rapid decomposure, shriveling up into nothing but a dried husk. Daemon breathed in the healing energies he had drained from the man, and dropped the husk. It shattered like glass and soon blew away with the wind, bringing the comm up to his face he smiled.

"I am ready." As a bright light surrounded him, the insects within his body hummed loud. Chittering noises echoed from within his body, echoing out his mouth as he laughed. An instant later he was transported into the arena. Surrounded by miles upon miles of skulls he looked around, taking in a deep breath the stench of death filled his nostrils. The darkness was soon erased as a bright glow came from his hand, a green orb hovered from his hand over his head. He looked around as insects began to circle him, cockroaches and various nasty critters filled the catacombs.

He smiled as the insects inside his body spoke to him, and the larva buried deep in his body echoed one word "Home"

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The messenger had done as he had asked, and now Adam feasted on his entrails. Slowly, he stood up, and grinned. "Sure, I'm not doing anything right now." In a bright flash of light, Adam was transported to a strange world. Alien air burned his lungs, and he turned all around. It was an arena. No, not an arena...An operating table. And Adam was the surgeon. As he completed his turn, he faced another man. No doubt his opponent. "So...you figured you'd rock up in here and face the one, the only, Adam Mercer?" Adam shook his head. "Big mistake, mein freunde."

Adam grinned, showing bloodied teeth. "You came all this way just to die at my hand." He raised a clawed hand."You aren't sht to me." Alien dust shot from his boots as he pounced like a giant cat, a lion or a panther. He aimed sharp claws at his opponent's throat. "Just the opening course in my personal all-you-can-eat-buffet." He grinned like a madman.

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Walking through the catacombs DAemon watched as the insects of the long tunnels began to converge on him. Slowly they crawled around his body and joining him and the colony of demon insects within his body. Bending down he lifted a large cockroach into his hand, as he stood back up the man known as Adam Mercer appeared behind him boasting about, showing off his inflated ego.

He looked to the man an spoke not a word, petting the cockroach he stared at the man looking him up an down. "Pity the man was an idiot, or this fight might actually have been fun" he thought to himself, he was letting his ego get the better of him and it showed as he lunged at Darkchild. Attempting to attack his throat a thick layer of exoskeleton appeared around his throat and then covered in metal, the claws scratched ferociously. Looking at Mattersuit with an unimpressed glace he knocked the mans hand up and leaped backwards.

The cockroach slowly burrowed into his palm as energy began to crackle around Daemon "I was hoping anxiously that this would be more fun...alas they were not." Suddenly the walls burst to life as skeletons came to life, the very insect life moving the skeletons and bringing them to life. They surrounded Adam and sent punches and kicks towards him, Darkchild knew they wouldnt do much damage if any but they were a distraction.

In such an inclosed space Darkchild knew both could unleash blasts that neither could avoid enetirely, but he wanted the battle over quickly. Holding his arms out a energy began to circle around him, turning into long cresant blade formed constructs. Swaying his body he started spinning the constructs in the air as they floated around him. As they picked up speed he thrust his arms forward and they launched, digging into the walls and kicking up bone and dirt as they hurtled towards Mercer.

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He felt the bones striking him, they stung at best. With a roar, he fought back. Fists shattered bones, claws ripped through keratin, and teeth crunched down the bone material as he sucked down the marrow. After a long moment, he stared at the man, and dropped the bone he held in one hand. "Not bad." He grinned. "But not gr-" The blade constructs tore at him before he could finish his sentence. Bones, skulls, dirt and rock hit him at incredible velocity, but he healed almost as fast as the damage was dealt.
"I," He began, bringing his arms up, "was..." He felt the rhythm to the attack, and fell into it. Slice, slice, slice, slice, interval, rinse and repeat. "TALKING!" He dodged to the right, the blades flying millimeters to his right. With a feral roar, he dashed at his opponent, silvery blood spraying everything in sight. This time, though, he leaped with a roar, aiming a double-footed kick at his opponent's chest. In this kind of environment, everything could be used as a weapon. Not just the bones that lay strewn around, but the dirt that was the floor, the rock that was the walls, and everything in between. "Come on." He growled. "Let's step it up a notch. I'm just getting warmed up." He grinned that evil, blood-flecked grin.

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He was stunned as Mattersuits land solid, slamming into his chest and sending him skidding backwards a few feet. He could feel a few broken ribs, and he looked up to Mattersuit feeling more entertained now. The man had pushed it up a little bit, going from a scratching female to a man who uses his strength. "Lets do just that." Replying to Matter's suggestion of stepping it up a notch. He goes to swing his left leg around for a round house kick to his head, only for the walls on either side of him to stop him.

He was too tall for such a maneuver, his legs far too long. He looks around and smiles wide "Looks like we dont have the best of room. Let me change that.." Flicking his arms out to his sides they enlarge as more insects come to the surface and create a thick coating over his forearms. He then plunges them into the walls on either side of him "Let me show you what a true king can do!" His body glows bright as energy flows through his body, and then out through his arms. Energy ripples through the walls before exploding in a massive eruption, spraying debris and skeleton fragments everywhere an startling speeds.

As the dust fills the hallway of the catacombs Daemon bursts forward his arms still engorged, he unleashes three waves of punches hoping to catch the man off guard. First wave aiming at Mattersuits shoulders hoping to render them useless, the second aim at his chest and midsection hoping to break ribs and puncture organs, and the final wave is all aimed at his face hoping to either kill Mattersuit instantly or at least leave him too unbalanced to retaliate. Daemon finishes by leaping backwards and preparing himself for Mattersuit to counter if he survives the attacks.

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Adam smirked. The man slid backward, then stopped. Adam breathed heavily. The man was too big, too heavy. Even Adam's strongest hits seemed to be having no effect. He paid no attention, and instead prepared to attack, only for the man to hit the walls. Adam was able to 'see' energy in ways humans could not, and as such, he was shocked by the sheer volume of energy the man was pumping into the walls. But perhaps he could use this. He prepared himself, and moved, just as the explosion sounded, deafening in his ears. Rubble flew everywhere, and blinding, choking dust filled the immediate area. Adam sprinted and leaped to the right, starting to move through the deeper tunnels.

He breathed heavily, clutching his chest. Some of the rubble had broken bones. They began to knit back together even as Adam entered the tunnels. "Marco..." He whispered, his voice echoing down the tunnel. "Polo..." He moved further down the tunnels, until the darkness got so bad one could barely see. He grinned and said "Marco!" Slightly louder. He focused on the sounds he could hear. When he heard the buzzing sound of his opponent, he would punch through the wall, and try to catch the monster around the neck. "Poooolooooo!"

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His punches were ignored as Adam disappeared into the fog of dust and debris. He was much faster than Daemon had predicted, he knew that this fight would go from physical confrontations to full out offensive attacks. As the room settled and the debris stopped falling it had gone silent, even his bugs had stopped chittering waiting for the sound of Mercer. Daemon circled where he was turning 360 degrees slowly taking in everything, he had the ability to see in the dark yet he did not have the ability to see through walls. Or he would of seen Mercer's attack a mile away.

The wall behind Daemon erupted as Mercer wrapped his arm around Daemon's neck, squeezing tight he heard him shout "POLO!" Daemon had been able to put a hand next to his throat as Mercer wrapped his arm around his neck. His strength was considerable, and his grip was vice like. Instantly filled with rage as he was tricked so easily. His fill controlled him and he opened his mouth discharging a beam of energy from his mouth, in hopes of forcing the two through the walls and hurting Mercer a good deal. As the blast died down he slipped out from Mercers grasp, breathing hard his neck felt sore from the squeeze. Still running on rage Daemon's body began to glow, their trip had brought the walls down around them and given both more room to move. Daemon's body grew bright before hundreds of beams of green energy shout out from his body, each moving faster than 100 mph slamming into walls and shattering cement and hopefully Mercers body as well. Not wanting to give Mercer the time to recover if he was truly hit, his body trembled before exploding as thousands of insects erupted from his skin and firing off like bullets from his body.

The insects themselves were hungry and their chomping jaws hurtled at Mercer, intent on tearing the flesh from his bones.

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His enemy ripped free, nearly wrenching Adam's arms from its socket. Then his opponent began to glow. "I'mma fcken kill you, ya Edward Cullen wannab-nph!" He was cut off as a handful of energy beams struck his torso and arms. He flew back, smashing clean through a wall. He lay there for a moment, then began to stand.

A series of white hot searing pain erupted across his chest. He looked down and several insects munched happily on his chest, stripping flesh from his bones. He grinned as they ingested it, coated in silvery blood. "Ya know, this blood in me is like mercury." He said, pulling an insect from his chest and crushing it in his hand. "Toxic." He spat a wad of silvery blood. "Lethal, if ingested." He grinned, and tore the rest from his chest, his flesh rapidly healing. His ribs began to knit back together.

He smirked. "Knocking down walls. Opening up the battlefield. Giving yourself the advantage. A lovely idea. But the dark is my home. Come get me." Stepping back, he darted to the left, and slid into the shadows once more. He lay a hand on the stone, and he became camouflaged against the background. Stepping into an alcove, he waited, eyes shut, listening for his foe.

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@mattersuit: Breathing hard still from the connection of Adams feet, and then his vice like grip still made the catacombs almost as deadly to him as they were to Mercer. A place like this it had a certain amount of breathable air, many of the tunnels they now were in were closed off at both ends. Only accessible through small holes, or now big holes in walls. But his breathing wasnt life threatening if their was still life down in the catacombs, and his own body would be their for energy if he did eradicate the insects in the catacombs.

Watching Mercer pluck the insects from his flesh, filled Daemon with a sick and twisted joy. Even if he healed quickly, it still hurt an almost unbearably amount. Pain it was what gave Daemon the most joy, especially pain in others. As his breathe returned he watched as Mercer disappeared into the darkness once again, this time taking on the properties of the bricks and mortar around them. Making seeing him even in the dark difficult, smiling wide Daemon chuckled. "With my powers Mercer..." His body charged again and began to glow bright red this time "I don't need to see you.." And as his body glowed bright he launched through every part of his body a beam of energy hotter than molten lava outwards "TO HIT YOU!" he screamed the last three words as a barrage of energy fired in all directions.

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@darkchild: The tunnels crashed and rumbled as the walls were destroyed. Heat ripped through Adam's body, stripping his flesh. He was sent flying, and lay on the floor. He tried to get up, and then the ceiling fell in on him. Slowly, the pile of rock rumbled, and a fleshy fist punched through the top of the pile of rubble.

"Mein Gott, that was an overreaction, no?" He asked, then struggled to his feet. He wobbled uncertainly, silvery blood coating his entire body. He began to heal, but didn't stop, sprinting at his opponent. If he could get close enough...He attempted to get within arm's reach, and spat a wad of mercurial blood at his opponent's eye.